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FAQ/Strategy Guide by Typh

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/14/09

                         Lips FAQ & Guide
                             V. 1.0

By: typhlosion5555 (Typh)
Copyright 2009 Jorge Eduardo Gomez
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

This guide may ONLY be posted at:


Table of Contents:
1. Welcome to Lips!                                     (LIPSINTRO)
2. Game Modes                                           (LIPSMODES)
   2.1 Sing!                                            (LMODESING)
       2.1.1 Original Video                           
       2.1.2 Virtual Music Video                     
       2.1.3 Time Bomb                               
       2.1.4 Kiss                                 
       2.1.5 Vocal Fighters                                
   2.2 Jukebox                                          (LMODEJUKE)
       2.2.1 Faves
       2.2.2 Playlist
   2.3 Get Music                                        (LMODEGETM)
       2.3.1 DLC
       2.3.2 Import Songs
   2.4 My Lips                                          (LMODEMLIP)
   2.5 Options                                          (LMODEOPTN)
3. Strategies                                           (LIPSSTRAT)
   3.1 Medals                                           (LSTRATMED)
       3.1.1 Pitch
       3.1.2 Rhythm
       3.1.3 Performance
       3.1.4 Party
       3.1.5 Stability
   3.2 Infinity Rank                                    (LSTRATINF)
   3.3 Star Power Multiplier                            (LSTRATSPM)
   3.4 Vibrato                                          (LSTRATVIB)
4. FAQ                                                  (LIPSFAQXS)
5. Song List                                            (LIPSSONGS)
6. Lips Patch History                                   (LIPSPATCH)
7. Achievements                                         (LIPSACHVM)
8. Credits                                              (LIPSCREDS)
9. Version History                                      (LIPSVERHI)
10. Contact                                             (LIPSCNTCT)


1. Welcome to Lips!                                     (LIPSINTRO)

In an attempt to compete with Sony's famous Singstar platform, Microsoft
along with Japanese developer Inis, launched a singing platform 
exclusively for the Xbox 360 on November 2008. While received with 
mediocre ratings, Lips has been constantly improving in the form of 
patches and upgrades.

What this guide plans to achieve is to show the aspects of the game that 
seem unknown to everyone, such as how to get certain medals or how to get
the coveted Infinity rank.

2. Game Modes                                           (LIPSMODES)

Obviously, the main beef of these type of games is singing, but Inis went
one step above that and provided gamers with many fun challenges tailored
especially for party themes.

2.1 Sing!                                               (LMODESING)

In this mode, all songs are presented inside a grid which you can sort
by song or artist with the Y button. You can also manage playlists by
pressing the back button.

If you select a song, you can choose either to sing it, add to a playlist
check your ranking online, rate it, or delete it temporarily. All modes
can be played with one player or 2 players. All songs have the option
of using different noisemakers, attempt to reduce the singer's voice,
apply an audio filter... or apply a timing offset.

By choosing to sing it, one is presented with 6 different options:

2.1.1 Original Video                                   

Sing it without any gimmicks, just plain old Lips fun. 

Similar to Rock Band or many other rhythm games, Lips has what it calls
Star Power. By singing correctly or shaking the mic, the meter is filled.
Once it's full, you can use it to turn the karaoke line into a bar full
of stars, which give you a score boost.

The rank you get at the end depends on your performance, but songs do not
have the same score cap, so you'll need different scores to reach the
maximum rank in all songs. For example, it is very easy to score more than
1.5 million points on Young Folks, and even then, your rank will be lower
than if you score 900,000 points on Where Did Our Love Go, which has a
lower cap because it is a shorter song.


Super Nova
Big Bang

For more details on the coveted Infinity rank, (and some strategy
insight to boost your scores) please check Section 3.

That's it for the plain singing mode, now let's review the gimmicky
modes that Lips offers.
2.1.2 Virtual Music Video                           

Perform gestures with the motion sensing Mic to change the background color
and the dancers movements. Great for parties, I guess. There's nothing
special in this mode.

2.1.3 Time Bomb                                        

Attempt to stop the time bomb by pouring water at it. In this mode you
must fill your glass of water by singing at a correct pitch, then
pouring it by shaking the mic. Timing and cooperation with your
singing partner are the key to win this.

When you use your star power, you fill your glass faster and the
effect on the bomb lasts longer.

2.1.4 Kiss                                                  

See how compatible you are with your singing partner! Both of you
must fill your star power bar so that you unleashed it at the same
time to kiss. Do it the other way around and well... the couple
will not be that happy.

At the start, each singer is randomly presented with a character that
will represent him or her on the Kiss mini-game.

This is just a fun mode, nothing special about it either.

2.1.5 Vocal Fighters                                       

In this mode, all songs are divided in several rounds. The goal here is
to beat your opponent in a truly special VS Match. It is not about
points, it is about the number of 'rounds' you win.

If you win the next round when you use your star power, it will count
double, giving you an edge against your opponent.

2.2 Jukebox                                                 (LMODEJUKE)

Jukebox Mode is Inis' attempt to provide a party environment in which,
if someone like the song that is currently being played, he or she
just needs to shake the mic to start singing it. However, this mode
is poorly executed, because songs will only play for 20 seconds before
they fade and start to show another song.

There are two options in this mode: Faves and Playlist.

2.2.1 Faves

Faves will play only the songs that have the same rating or higher
than the setting you choose. For example if you choose the 2 star
rating, it will play all songs that have been rated 2 or higher.

2.2.2 Playlist

As the name implies, this shows the playlist that you created in
'Sing!' mode but in Jukebox mode. It's impossible to choose this
mode if you have not created a playlist.

2.3 Get Music                                               (LMODEGETM)

Get Music serves as the Song Import function, but it is also the place
where DLC is displayed. If you deleted a song in Sing! mode, it will
also appear here in case you want to import it again. 

By pressing the back button, you can select which source to use to
import songs:
-Hard Drive (Downloaded DLC songs)
-DLC Songs
-External Media

If you select the CD option, you're able to re-import songs that you
may have deleted in the past.

The hard-drive option will select your downloaded content (DLC).

2.3.1 DLC

The third option of the 'Select Source' option will show all songs 
currently available for purchase. This option is turned on by
default. The price of songs ranges from 160 to 180 Microsoft Points.
Here's a list of the current DLC available (plus April's upcoming 

*Please note that all available DLC will sometimes overlap with a
country's on disc songs, in those cases, it is not available for
purchase in that respective country. Example: a-ha's Take on Me
in the United States.

*Holiday songs are no longer available for purchase.

The Sign                                   Ace of Base 
Take on Me                                 a-ha 
Bust a Move                                Young MC 
Chasing Pavements                          Adele 
Violet Hill                                Coldplay 
No Substitute Love                         Estelle 
The Remedy (I Won't Worry)                 Jason Mraz 
All Star 	                           Smash Mouth 
Give a Little Bit                          Supertramp 
A Thousand Miles                           Vanessa Carlton 
Blue Christmas                             Elvis Presley 
Hannukah Blessings                         The Barenaked Ladies 
The Dreidel Song                           Sister Hazel 
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year   Andy Williams 
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer             Gene Autry 
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree          Brenda Lee 
A Holly Jolly Christmas                    Burl Ives 
The Christmas Song                         Nat King Cole 
Santa Baby                                 Kylie Minogue 
White Christmas                            Bing Crosby 
Over My Head (Cable Car)                   The Fray 
Every Little Step                          Bobby Brown 
Prisoner of Society                        The Living End 
Virtual Insanity                           Jamiroquai 
What's Love Got To Do With It              Tina Turner 
New Shoes                                  Paolo Nutini 
What Is Love                               Haddaway 
Somethin' Stupid                           R. Williams & Nicole K. 
Where Did Our Love Go                      The Supremes 
Be Good Johnny                             Men At Work 
Let's Groove                               Earth, Wind and Fire 
Superstar                                  Jamelia 
People Are People                          Depeche Mode 
Suddenly I See                             KT Tunstall 
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'            Righteous Brothers 
Erase/Rewind                               The Cardigans 
When I Grow Up                             Pussycat Dolls 
Thnks fr th Mmrs                           Fall Out Boy 
Look What You've Done                      Jet 
Hate That I Love You                       Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo 
Sunday Morning                             Maroon 5 
Take a Bow                                 Rihanna 
Water Runs Dry                             Boyz II Men 
In My Place                                Coldplay 
Fallin'                                    Alicia Keys 
Building a Mystery                         Sarah McLachlan 
Buttons                                    Pussycat Dolls 
Magic                                      Olivia Newton-John 
My Happy Ending                            Avril Lavigne 
How to Save a Life                         The Fray 
Swing Life Away                            Rise Against 
Speed Up                                   Funkerman 
In the Shadows                             The Rasmus 
The Adventure                              Angels and Airwaves 
Amber                                      311
Shake It                                   Metro Station 
Hook Me Up                                 The Veronicas 
Lips of an Angel                           Hinder 
The Scientist                              Coldplay 
Speed of Sound                             Coldplay 
The Great Escape                           Boys Like Girls 
Down on the Corner                         Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Won't Go Home Without You                  Maroon 5 
Reunited                                   Peaches & Herb 
Who'll Stop The Rain                       Creedence Clearwater Revival 
I'll Make Love To You                      Boyz II Men 
Bound for the Floor                        Local H 
Sugar We're Goin Down                      Fall Out Boy 
Bad Moon Rising                            Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Wish You Were Here                         Incubus 
Looking Out My Back Door                   Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Closer                                     Ne-Yo 
So Sick                                    Ne-Yo 
Kryptonite                                 3 Doors Down 
All My Life                                K-Ci & Jojo 
Sing                                       Travis 
Love Today                                 Mika 
Ocean Avenue                               Yellowcard 
Linger                                     The Cranberries 
Dance Floor Anthem                         Good Charlotte
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?             Travis
Hard to Handle                             The Black Crowes
You Get What You Give                      The New Radicals
Turning Japanese                           The Vapors
Clocks                                     Coldplay
Take Me Home, Country Roads                John Denver
Mr. Telephone Man                          New Edition
Cool It Now                                New Edition
If It Isn't Love                           New Edition
Lollipop                                   Mika
Achy Breaky Heart                          Billy Ray Cyrus
100 Years                                  Five For Fighting
I Miss You                                 Blink 182
Life is a Rollercoaster                    Ronan Keating
Chasing Cars                               Snow Patrol
I Alone                                    Live
Somewhere Only We Know                     Keane
Joey                                       Concrete Blonde
Shake the World                            ForeverGirl
Love You Anyway                            Boyzone
Freak Like Me                              Sugababes
Spiraling                                  Keane
Take Back the City                         Snow Patrol
Radar Love                                 Golden Earring
Love Like This                             Natasha Bedingfield
Ice Ice Baby                               Vanilla Ice
I Want You to Want Me (Live at Budokan)    Cheap Trick
Shut Up                                    Black Eyed Peas
Baby Got Back                              Sir Mix-a-Lot
The Next Movement                          The Roots
Get The Party Started                      P!nk
Don't Let Me Get Me                        P!nk
So What                                    P!nk
Just So You Know                           Jesse McCartney
Hey Mama                                   Black Eyed Peas
Can I Get Get Get                          Junior Senior

For a more comprehensive list of songs, visit Lips' wikipedia page.

2.3.2 Import Songs

With the help of an external media player (PC, Mac, iPod*, Zune), you
can import songs to your Lips playlist. These songs must not have copy
protection in them (DRM).

*except iPhone or iPod Touch

When the songs are imported to the Sing! mode, you get to sing them but
with certain limitations:
-You are unable to be ranked online.
-No medals are awarded for your performance.
-Performance evaluation is kinda sketchy.
-You are not able to see the lyrics.
-The music video is replaced with a custom video tailored for
the songs' genre (make sure to have the correct genre of the song
in the database the game is going to use).
-You cannot unlock achievements this way.

However, you're able to play any of the 6 game modes with your custom

2.4 My Lips                                             (LMODEMLIP)

'My Lips' is kind of a statistics area of the whole game and its

'My Profile' offers you a brief description of how many stars and
medals you've gained, as well as how many songs you've played
and how many challenges you've won.

'My Friends' shows a list of your XBL Friends. You can challenge
them in Lips by selecting their name from this list and then
choosing a song to challenge them in. It's a simple score

'Top 10' shows your 10 most played songs as well as how many times
that song has been played worldwide. 
As of July 2009, two most played songs are Take on Me and Coldplay's
Yellow. (Checked this on another profile as I do not have Yellow
on my Top 10 played)
Yellow     - 465,115
Take on Me - 414,565

2.5 Options                                             (LMODEOPTN)

You can change the game's theme if you're tired of hearing the same
song over and over again. You're also able to change the color
of the mic's LEDs or to turn the lights off.

Miscellaneous options include deactivating SFX, Noise Makers
and Help Display, as well as the game's credits.

Lastly, as of April 2009, the game now includes an Automatic Mic
Calibration tool. 

3. Strategies                                           (LIPSSTRAT)

Below are some of the most eficient ways to boost one's high score
as well as getting the seemingly impossible Infinity rank.

3.1 Medals                                              (LSTRATMED)

Since it is impossible to fail a song in Lips, iNiS rewards players
by fulfilling certain conditions on a song. Some are very easy
to get, such as pitch and rhythm, but some are confusing to most
of the player base, such as the party medal.

3.1.1 Pitch Medal
How to obtain: Stay on the correct pitch more than 50% of the time.
Tip:           If you are unable to reach the pitch in a song,
               sing on a lower octave. That, or try to use your
               falsetto. Falsetto is a singing technique commonly
               used by males to fake a very high voice.
               Example: Coldplay's lead vocalist.

3.1.2 Rhythm Medal
How to obtain: Start to sing in synch with the karaoke bars.

3.1.3 Performance Medal
How to obtain: Shake the mic for an ungodly amount of time (at any 
Tip:           Try to do it at the beginning of the song or when 
               there is a pause/instrument solo.

3.1.4 Party Medal
How to obtain: Listen carefully to the song and shake the mic with
               the same beat as the song's. 
Tip:           It helps if you use the noisemakers on a controller
               at the same time.

3.1.5 Technique Medal
How to obtain: Use vibrato constantly.
Tip:           Vibrato is a singing technique which delivers waves
               of sound instead of a single burst of sound.
               Think of it like this... instead of singing:
               'OOoooooh', you must 'cut' that sound and sing:
               Oo-oo-oo-oo-oh very fast. If you still don't know
               how to do it, just mimic any American Idol
               contestant, lol.

3.1.6 Stability Medal
How to obtain: Do not sing when you are not supposed to.
Tip:           Don't even talk to the mic!

3.2 Infinity Rank                                       (LSTRATINF)

Infinity Rank requires the following:

-95% of bars filled with the correct pitch.
-Mostly 'Cool' ratings on all pages.
-All 6 Medals
-Have more points than the previous rank, Big Bang.

As far as I know, Infinity Rank is very hard to achieve. I did it on
Take on Me. Here's a list of songs people have managed to reach it:

Artist              Title                       Points Threshold
1) Songs Available Worldwide:
Coldplay         - Yellow                              N/A
Roxette          - Listen To Your Heart              1,700,000
2) Songs exclusive to a region, but available as DLC worldwide:
a-ha             - Take on Me                        2,500,000
Young MC         - Bust a Move                       4,000,000
3) Songs exclusive to a region
American Songs:
Taylor Swift     - Only When I'm With You              N/A
R.E.M.           - The One I Love                    3,000,000
Not available in certain regions:
Sheryl Crow      - Soak Up the Sun                   2,750,000
4) Songs available as DLC worldwide
The New Radicals - You Get What You Give             3,000,000
Coldplay         - Clocks                            2,200,000
Hinder           - Lips of an Angel                  2,600,000
Boys Like Girls  - The Great Escape                  3,000,000
Cheap Trick      - I Want You to Want Me             1,600,000
5) Songs no longer available as DLC
Brenda Lee       - Rockin around the Christmas Tree  2,000,000
Andy Williams    - It's the Most Wonderful Time ...  1,750,000

Full credit goes to pseudotsuga over at the Xbox Forums for helping
me compile information in regards to the Points Requirement on
all songs listed here, except for Take on Me.

If you've gotten this rank and would like to share how many points
you needed to get it, please let me know via the Contact section.

3.3 Star Power Multiplier                               (LSTRATSPM)

Tips for getting Star Power quickly:
1. Perfect Pitch
-Sing with perfect pitch.

2. Shake it!
-With one hand, grab a controller and press A to the beat of the 
-If possible, at the same time that you're singing, shake the 
mic at the beat of the song.
-This will make you earn a lot of star power once you have gotten 
the beat of the song (noted by the red light at the top of the 
Note: This will also earn you the Party and Performance Medals.

Additional tips If playing co-op:

3. Star Power 2x Multiplier:
-Get the beat going by shaking both mics at the same time 
(you can also use a controller as well to speed up the process).
2. Once you're both full, unleash your star power by wiggling 
both mics hard once, at the same time (don't try to do the 
gesture that's shown on-screen).

3. If done correctly, you'll earn a multiplier that will earn
you double the stars while the power is in effect.

3.4 Vibrato                                             (LSTRATVIB)

Vibrato is a singing technique which delivers waves of sound 
instead of a single burst of sound. By using this technique in 
Lips, you are able to gain a multiplier. 

*Easy way to practice Vibrato:
-Sing the following in any pitch

-Cut that sound by saying it many times

-Cut it further and sing it faster

If you are unable to do it or my poor explanation did not help,
check some Vibrato videos on Youtube.

*Fake Vibrato Trick:
Sing an octave higher, then immediately sing on a lower pitch
the same note.

Remember, the longer the phrase, the more points you'll earn
with the multiplier. The following are some examples in which
you can use it to gain a lot of points:

 Verse                                   Song

'I'm' (coming up)                      - Get The Party Started

(Hey) 'Oh' (Here I am)                 - The Adventure

'Hook' (Hook Me Up)                    - Hook Me Up

'Yeah' (how long must you wait for it) - In My Place

'Your skin'   
'Turn Into'                            - Yellow
'You Know'    

'Oh, oh'                            
'No sleep'                             - In the Shadows
'They say'                          

(I) 'Want' (You to want me)            - I Want You to Want Me
(I) 'Need' (You to need me)


Before the patch, one was able to get the Vibrato Multiplier going
to more than 10x, now it is almost impossible to get more than 4x.

4. FAQ                                                  (LIPSFAQXS)

1. How can I get the Infinity Rank?
You must fulfill these conditions:
-95% of bars filled with the correct pitch.
-Mostly 'Cool' ratings on all pages.
-All 6 Medals
-Have more points than the previous rank, Big Bang.

2. What's the easiest song to achieve Infinity?
People say Young MC's Bust a Move. I got it on Take on Me.

3. How do I get the party medal?
Shake the mic at the same pace (beat) of the song. Using 
controllers as noise makers (pressing buttons) at the same time as
you shake it helps.

4. Help! My iPod is not being recognized... what's wrong?
iPod Touch's and iPhones do not work.

5. Will the Lips sequel, Number One Hits, support DLC from this
Yes, DLC is crosscompatible between both titles.

6. Will I be able to play songs from Lips in Number One Hits?
Yes, similar to Singstar, Lips will offer a hot-swap feature if
it recognizes data from the first game on your hard drive.

7. What is Vibrato? How can I get it in Lips?
Vibrato is a singing technique which delivers waves of sound 
instead of a single burst of sound. Search for vibrato videos
on YouTube so you can learn how to do it. :)

8. I want to challenge you! How can I contact you?
My gamertag is Portalbox.

5. Song List                                            (LIPSSONGS)

Due to the nature of the game, 7 different versions were released
worldwide. Some songs are featured in all locales, but some are exclusive
to a certain country or region.

For a comprehensive view of all versions, check Wikipedia's chart:

6. Lips Patch History                                   (LIPSPATCH)

Lips was heavily criticized for its extremely lenient ranking and the
lack of a mic calibration tool, which affected HDTV's consumers.

In April 2009, Inis released a Power Pack DLC, which, along with a new 
patch, introduced Leaderboards and a new ranking style, which relies 
heavily on pitch and adequate star power usage.

Additionally, it is now impossible to trick the voice recognition into
picking white noise. Vibrato is also harder to achieve and has a lower

7. Achievements                                         (LIPSACHVM)

100x Medalist (30)            Awarded 100 total medals
500x Medalist (40)            Awarded 500 total medals
Battle Tested (10)            Played VS mode 10 times in different songs
Been to Get Music (5)         Entered Get Music for the first time
Big Name in Lips (40)         Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Hit Maker"
Call Me Superstar (40)        Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Superstar"
Clap Your Hands               Noisemakers were perfectly in sync (Awarded
Everybody (25)                 to all signed in players)                 
Defending Champion (25)	      Got 20 challenge wins
Fan Service (35)              Participated in a Vocal Fighters game with
                               a 4 point difference (Except in Freestyle 
Fight for the first time (5)  Sent a song challenge to a friend for the 
                               first time
Figure 8 (25)                 Got 8 medals total in one song (Awarded to
                               all signed in players)
First Kiss (35)               Participated in 2P Kiss game ranked as 
                               "Match Made in Heaven" (Except in Freestyle
Full Medal Panic! (40)        Got 12 medals total in one song (Awarded to
                               all signed in players)
Gotta Have More Cowbell (30)  Used the cowbell 50 times (Awarded to all 
                               signed in players)
Ham Star (30)                 Awarded 30 Performance medals
I Got You Babe (5)            Participated in Co-op mode for the 1st time
I'm full of stars (40)        Gained 50,000 total stars
I'm Kind Of A Big Deal (40)   Achieved the rank of "Infinity"
In Synch (25)                 Scored 1,000,000 pts in Co-op mode (Awarded
                               to all signed in players)
Let's Get This Party          Activated Jukebox mode.
Started (10) 
Life of the Party (30)        Awarded 30 Party medals
Like A Rock (30)              Awarded 30 Stability medals
Lips Anthology (30)           Sang 40 different songs
Nice Duds (35)                Successfully stopped the bomb from exploding
                               in Time Bomb (Except in Freestyle or Short 
One Giant Leap for            Added 20 songs to Lips from external sources
Mankind (10)	
One Hit Wonder (5)            Sang 1 song in short or full
One Small Step For Man (5)    Added a song to Lips from external sources
Perfect Pitch (30)            Awarded 30 Pitch medals
Platinum Artist (25)          Sang 10 different songs
Rebirth of Cool (30)          Got "Cool" 10 times in a row
Rising Star (40)              Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Lounge Act"
Superstar! (40)               Gained 100,000 total stars
Technician (30)               Awarded 30 Technique medals
This is madness! (20)         Added 300 songs to Lips from external sources
Throw Your Hands Up (5)	      Triggered a gesture in the Virtual Music 
Time Machine (30)             Awarded 30 Rhythm medals
Try Freestyle Mode Out (5)    Played Freestyle mode for the first time
Welcome to My Lips (5)        Entered My Lips for the first time
What's Cooler Than            Got "Cool" in every page
Being Cool? (30)	
Wishing on a Star (30)        Gained 5,000 total stars

Freestyle Mode is the Song Import Mode.

7. Credits                                              (LIPSCREDS)

-CJayC: For creating Gamefaqs.
-SBAllen: For continuing the legacy.
-Inis: For creating awesome rhythm games such as Elite Beat Agents and
-pseudotsuga: Thank you over at the Xbox Forums for helping me compile
              the Points Threshold section for Infinity Rank.

8. Version History                                      (LIPSVERHI)

1.0 - April 5th, 2009: First revision of the FAQ.

1.1 - July 13th, 2009: -Added May, June and July DLC.
                       -Added Strategy Section
                       -Added Point Requirements for Infinity rank
                       for certain songs.
                       -Added questions to the FAQ.
                       -Expanded most sections with song examples.

9. Contact                                              (LIPSCNTCT)

Have any questions? Comments? Do you want to contribute?
If I missed something or you just want to say hi,
contact me at jorgom(at)gmail(dot)com
with the subject:
Lips Guide

|Copyright 2009| Jorge Eduardo Gomez
End of Document

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