How do the mics work?

  1. I just bought this game used from gamestop. He gave me two microphones and the disc. I asked "how is the microphone going to connect to the system? Isn't there a receiver?" and he just said "It's wireless." How is this supposed to work...? Also, how do the mics have power? I don't see any place to remove or insert a battery.

    User Info: flat5thkr

    flat5thkr - 11 years ago


  1. First of all; RTFM! It's there!

    You can "screw" off the to of the mic to reveal a battery slot. Put the batteries in and the mic will have power.

    Press the button on the bottom to turn the mic on.

    Push the button longer until the leds will flash rapidly.

    Push the remote connect button on your console. The led ring will start spinning until it finds the mic.

    It is now connected and ready to use.

    User Info: TrekVogel

    TrekVogel - 11 years ago 0   0

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