Why does the game keep on playing only the beginning of my mp3 songs in freestyle mode?

  1. i tried free style mode but all my mp3 songs wont contunue pass the first 5 seconds of play time? what am i doing wrong? (Song option is set to full so thats no it)

    User Info: Sprite_14

    Sprite_14 - 12 years ago


  1. Hi

    I had a question that nobody answer, but i still have an answer for your question which also answer mine afterall.
    You don't have what is called the "optional Media Update" required to read songs from mp3 player on your xbox360. I don't have the game yet and asked if this problem was also occuring in the game. Well i guess it is. It's an update to get over the protection of the songs or a DRM matter or whatever. My problem is i don't have access to live and can't download it so im screwed (the update is only downloadable from your own xbox)
    I hope this helps

    User Info: MrTen

    MrTen - 12 years ago 0   1

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