How Do I Defeat Odin?

  1. So I've Tried every Paradigm That I have any suggestions on how to beat odin?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Here is a scheme that will work and the logic used to produce it.

    In this battle it is the actions of Lightning (as the recipient of the Eidolith) are "most" effective in moving the Gestalt gauge during battle. As the battle begins, use Libra twice to find that, for Odin:

    --- Yields to those who amass chain bonuses (COM, RAV)
    --- Yields to those who heal the wounded (MED)

    So the battle strategy necessarily will have team leader Lightning acting using COM, RAV, or MED. Team member Hope exists to give necessary support to Lightning actions using MED and RAV.

    Game play shows the following Paradigm set to be more than adequate:

    (MED, MED) - Best defensive posture
    (COM, RAV) - To initiate chain bonus accumulation
    (RAV, RAV) - To maximize chain bonus increase
    COM, MED - To limit chain bonus decay when healing is needed
    (RAV, MED) - to add to chain bonus when decay is not an issue

    Arrange your Paradigm deck carefully so that rapid switching among the frequently-used entries does not require a lot of thought.

    Observe that "damaging" Odin is not an objective. The objective is solely to move the Gestalt Gauge to the point of capture.

    The suggested strategy will be to attack as much as possible and heal when necessary.

    Under this strategy it will happen that Odin will almost exclusively physically attack Hope. It will be necessary that Hope be able to withstand the attacks given "occasional" healing support by Lightning. (if Hope needs further development, use of an Aegisol Shroud before the battle starts might substitute to produce success).

    Anyway, "proper" preparation is key. Be sure your Crystarium development is adequate and team members have "proper" equipment. Here is one equipment scheme using available Lv. 1 components that maximizes protection of Hope and also guards Lightning.

    ---------------- Lightning ---------- Hope

    Weapon ----- Gladius -------- Ninurta
    Accessory -- Spark Ring ---- Silver Bangle
    Accessory -- Black Belt ------ Silver Bangle

    The approach is to defend as Odin attacks, attack as Odin defends, and as possible, fudge a little toward using more attacking actions.

    "Proper" action "timing" must be learned by observation of Odin's actions during battle. If the player uses the same action sequence each battle, Odin will show the same response pattern during the battle too. The count down timer insists that battle duration be limited. Doing the "right" thing at the "right" time will yield success within the prescribed time interval.

    Start the battle with COM, COM. Odin will pause to start the battle giving opportunity to use Libra twice. Odin's attack follows. Then Ullr's Shield presents Odin's defensive posture to complete Odin's battle cycle.

    With practice, the Ullr's Shield event can be anticipated for an "early" switch to the COM, RAV attack. Irrespective, there should always be time to use COM, RAV followed by a RAV, RAV attack within the Ullr's Shield interval. A switch back to COM, COM completes the action cycle.

    To be more aggressive one could attempt a third attack (e.g., COM, MED or COM RAV rather than execute a quicker switch back to COM, COM) in the defensive interval if the state of healing of the party at the end of the defensive interval is good enough to withstand Odin's first strike. Such is risky and not needed for a timely capture though.

    As Odin begins the next attack, remain in COM, COM and proceed to continue the defend-attack cycle.

    Repeat until Odin is captured.

    Observe that it is not necessary that Hope survive to the end of the battle. If time is tight and the Gestalt Gauge almost full, have Lightning and Hope go all out with a RAV, RAV attack. Odin will likely attack Hope "first" so there will be a chance that a last instant fill and capture can result for Lightning.

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