How do I Unlock "Six meals a day" achievement?

  1. As the title says how do i unlock it? it's the only one i have left to get.

    User Info: Meteorain87

    Meteorain87 - 12 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The exact times are as followed. You can also disconnect your dsl cable and enter them in manually. You can add 2pm just to be safe for brunch is eaten at different times all over the world. By doing this you will get this achievement.. You can also do this over multiple days as well.


    User Info: solo_powers

    solo_powers - 12 years ago 7   0


  1. The times appear on the picture of the achievement and they are the ones i used:
    8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm.
    at the 6pm one it gave me the achievement.
    it isnt necessary to do the 12 o'clock one twice

    User Info: xxblue

    xxblue - 11 years ago 0   0
  2. I've tried playing the game during those times, I play a few minutes before and after to make sure but haven't gotten the achievement yet. Do I need to exit or start at that exact time or do you need to be playing?

    User Info: SgtDrebbin

    SgtDrebbin - 11 years ago 0   0
  3. Update:
    Just got the achievement , it popped up when my console said 11:59pm. Makes no sense but I'll take it.

    User Info: SgtDrebbin

    SgtDrebbin - 11 years ago 0   0
  4. solo_powers is correct on the times. Set the time on your console. Start a game and choose a level. Then pause and select "Exit Game." This causes the game to save. Repeat the process for all six times.

    User Info: entropy86

    entropy86 (FAQ Author) - 12 years ago 1   2
  5. Where do people get 6-11 AM? There's only 3 times in the morning, not 6.

    User Info: Renamon

    Renamon - 12 years ago 0   3
  6. Apparently you have to be playing the game at 12 am 6 am 7 am 8 am 9 am 10 am 11 am and then did 12pm 3 pm and 6 pm .

    User Info: RupturedRapture

    RupturedRapture - 12 years ago 1   5

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