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FAQ/Walkthrough by cmbf

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/19/09

Godfather 2 FAQ and Walkthrough  Version 1.2 – 19 April 2009

                   .___ _____        __  .__                   ________  
   ____   ____   __| _// ____\____ _/  |_|  |__   ___________  \_____  \ 
  / ___\ /  _ \ / __ |\   __\\__  \\   __\  |  \_/ __ \_  __ \  /  ____/ 
 / /_/  >  <_> ) /_/ | |  |   / __ \|  | |   Y  \  ___/|  | \/ /       \ 
 \___  / \____/\____ | |__|  (____  /__| |___|  /\___  >__|    \_______ \
/_____/             \/            \/          \/     \/                \/


Part 0 – START
Part 1 – CUBA (CUB1)
Part 3 – FLORIDA (FLA1)
Part 5 – FLORIDA (FLA2)
Part 6 – CUBA (CUB2)
Part 8 – CUBA (CUB3)
Part 9 – FLORIDA (FLA3)
Weapon Locations (WEPLOC)
Execution Styles (EXEC1)
Achievements (BLING)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
About Me
Change Log
Legal Stuff


Part 0 – START

When you create your character, be sure to edit their face, as when you finish 
you obtain your first achievement – Mob Face (5GP).

Before we begin this I want to make a shout-out to Absolute Steve, who saved 
my life on the mean and radioactive streets of Washington DC and suburban 
Maryland more times than I can possibly thank him for.  Thanks Steve!


(CUB1) Part 1 - CUBA

Watch a long CS in which Hyman Roth explains the scenario to you – sort of 
like the movie.  After the CS ends, talk to Don Michael Corleone who makes 
some small talk and then asks you to speak to Aldo downstairs.

Talk to Aldo for some foreshadowing, making your own decision on how to 
respond to his concerns, but only moments later it's Revolution!  You need 
to escort Fredo and Michael to the airport!  This is where you'll learn how 
to fight paison, so pay attention.

It is a running gun battle to the airport, where you see a CS in which Aldo 
is killed, and you escape.  Fredo and Michael argue, and you wonder about 
the future.  You get promoted – yay you!



A long CS and you learn the situation in town.  When the CS ends speak to 
Frank Pentangeli – who tells you of his suspicions.  Decide how to answer 
him and then you unlock a family slot allowing you to add a member to your 

When picking your first crew pay attention to their skills – talk to them 
to learn their specialty, background, and stats.

Joe Primanti – Medic, Basic Weapons
Roy Giordano – Arsonist, Basic Weapons 

Make your choice, and get your second achievement now – Made Man (10GP).

Now that you have your first crew, it is time for your first takeover!  
The Sweet Life Bakery, which is a front for a whorehouse.  Remember that 
your goal is to intimidate, not kill, so leave the mansion and jump in 
your long black Caddie and hit the road!

After you tune up on the hired help to get through the door – you did 
intimidate him right? - go see the boss of this fine strip joint slash 
comfort station, one Warren Rizzo, who is not pleased with your plans.  
Did you notice the topless strippers on your way in?  Was not expecting 

After the CS where you learn that this is not like GF1,  go back into 
the bar and sweet talk Roxie for some silly flirting humor and a close 
look at pixel candy.  Blonds not your type?  See Irene the working 
student with dark raven hair.  You might want to flirt with Hazel too 
but don't get cute, she will shut you down without mercy!  Okay enough 
digital boobage, it's time to go!

What's that? There was a safe in the office? But you need a safe cracker 
to get in there my friend, so remember it is there, and go talk to Frank 
upstairs, who fills you in some more and tells you about protecting your
new businesses.  A CS explains the process in detail, so pay attention, 
it's only business.

Now let's go take over two new businesses!

There are three businesses you can pick from, a tavern, a TV shop, or 
the Empire Room.  You only need two, but remember that these too will 
require guards to be purchased and placed after you take them over – just 
like the Sweet Life.  Once you take the two over Michael calls you on 
the phone – find a pay phone and get your orders soldier!

Since one of the two has a lower than average max-guards, go ahead and 
max them out here for another achievement – Fortified Venue (5GP).

Back at the Corleone Compound

Carmine gets the message... Maybe.  Michael gives advice and mentions 
that Frank is the man for more crew.  CS on building your family.    
After the CS head over to the Park and hire Bill Bardi, your Demolition 
Man.  Bardi has advanced weapon skills and the trait of Tail-chaser, chah!

Now that you have your demolition crew, head over to take over La Maison 
Rouge, a swanky place to exercise your horizontal skills.  You also get 
your next achievement here – First Crime Ring (15G).

After the CS you are instructed to take over more of Carmine's rackets.  
Well?  What are you waiting for?!  Ah but the rail strikes – Carmine's 
boys are trying to take back the Sweet Life – so get over there and 
stop them!  Once you do stop them, the heat is on, so you call your 
contact and they direct you to a safe house.  Your safe house, where 
you can rest, re-arm, and take the heat off.  It is not much, but hey, 
it is home.

Go up to your apartment and talk to Michael, and you learn that this 
is Luca's old place!  Nice tie-in.  After the CS, re-arm, and then 
talk to Frank again, and learn about favors.  Convenient as it seems 
the first favor is right across the street, so agree to the favor and 
then do it.  Completing the favor gets you the intel you need, so 
using that kill Carmine's Capo in the required style to permanently 
remove him from the scene.

Note: executions of capos must be in the required style or they do 
not die, they just end up in the hospital and reappear in the game 
after X number of minutes.  The only way to permanently kill them is 
to do it using the technique specified for that capo.  When you do 
favors for civilians who have a key over their head you obtain 
intelligence on your targets – the kill style, and their location – so 
you may want to do a few favors first to have that data ready.

Once you do your first hit you get a call from Carmine himself, and 
what a surprise, he wants to talk peace – at a location he suggests 
and controls of course.  What do you think?  Is he going to try to 
kill us?

You can decide for yourself how you want to proceed – do the meet, 
or take over more of Carmine's rackets first?  I chose to take over 
two more of his rackets and then went to the meeting, as that left 
only one to do to trigger the first compound mission, and I suggest 
you do the same, since it will increase your daily income and allow 
you to bolster the defenses at your rackets.

On to the meet, where we were betrayed – big surprise – and end up in 
a shootout with the cops.  A lot of cops.  Just follow the route 
markers and try not to get killed.  You will need to revive your 
associate several times on this rail, but eventually you will work 
your way over the rooftops and into your safe house, where the phone 
is ringing.

Back to the Corleone Compound

Talk to Michael – and go recruit another crew member – I chose a 
safe cracker.  There should be a defend racket action and then you 
take over another CR racket, after which you get a request to call 
your contact.  Call Michael and he asks for a meet at your Safe 
House in the downtown area.

Your chat with Don Michael reveals that you have now taken over the 
CR rackets, so it is time for an attack on their compound – woohoo!   
Ah but wait – we never took out all of his Capos, did we?  We need 
to do some favors to find out how they need to be killed – so look 
for some keys over civilian heads and get cracking!

You may as well get the NYC side-stuff done now, before you take 
out the compound.  Find the weapon upgrades, crack the safes, do 
favors, bribe officials, get intel...  Once you have done all that, 
it is time to take out the compound!

Corrupt Officials
Ken Jameson – Call off Police Favor
Victor Grosser – Rebuild Bombed Businesses Favor
Leon Brinker – Rapid Recovery Favor

Safes to Crack
La Maison Rouge
Carmine Rosato Compound
The Empire Room
SaniCo Dump and Disposal
Liberty Banking
Richies Tavern
New York Federal Building
Tony Rosato Compound
SaniCo Incineration
Appliance King
Sweet Life Bakery

Sawed-off Shotgun
.44 Magnum

The Carmine Rosato Compound

If you played the first Godfather game you already know the drill 
here – but assuming that you have not played it, here is the skinny:  
When you take down a rival compound you essentially terminate that 
family – and you own that compound after it is “repaired” by the game.

Each compound is heavily defended, but if you use squad tactics – move 
your men from cover to cover – and take an active role in the fight, 
you will have no problems.  There are however certain things you will 
want to do prior to blowing up the compound – chiefly obtain the .44 
Magnum (this is on the way to the final room where you confront Carmine 
so you do not need to worry about hunting for it) and of course, crack 
the safe.  The safe is in the final room with Carmine, so crack it, 
collect the juice, and finally plant the bomb and run like hell!

You do not need to leave the actual compound, just get away from the 
mansion itself, and wait for the bomb to count down.  You'll pick up 
another achievement maybe two if you get enough kills, and New York 
is mostly yours!

Head for a phone and talk to Roth, then head for the airport, talk 
to the travel agent, and book a flight for Florida!


(FLA1) Part 3 – FLORIDA

Fredo meets you at the airport and you get a CS that gives you the 
low-down on the situation in Florida.  It is time to meet up with Roth 
and get his take on what needs to be managed.  Grab a car and drive 
over the bridge to Roth's house, where he will tell you how much 
he likes the Granados Family.

Roth is in a jam – one of his men is being held captive by the Granados – 
and he wants you to rescue him.  Now, we could do that, but then again 
we could also get a jump on some of the side-quests too, right?  You 
decide how you want to proceed – follow the story or get some of the 
extras done so you can upgrade yourself and your men.

The Rescue

When you reach the scene you will discover that the hostage – and the 
target – are on the roof, lightly defended by a few guys on the ground.  
Note that the hostage taker has a shotgun, and as soon as you engage him, 
he will put both barrels into the guy you are trying to rescue.  A full 
clip from your pistol will not stop him, so you should choose either the 
magnum or shotgun, and one-shot-kill him.

The grateful hostage will give you a bit of information you will find 
useful, so listen and then go downstairs and answer the phone.  Roth 
wants a meeting...

Back to Roth

And a new Safe House!  Score!

Roth gives you the backstory about the house, and then tells you to 
promote one of your crew to Capo.  Go outside and have a chat with 
Fredo – as useless as he seems to be, he sure knows a lot about the mob... 
and corruption.

You can now recruit another family member – get an engineer.

After you take over and defend a few more rackets – and do some favors 
and take out a few rival capos, you get called back to Roth and get 
another crew slot unlocked – good on you!  You get a CS about upgrading 
your and your crews stats and skills – you HAVE been doing that, right?  
If not, do so now!

So it is time to add a family member – try to get a skill set you do 
not already have, and it is back to taking over rackets and taking out 

As you progress through the rackets and defend the ones you have, you 
will get another notice to ring your contact... It's Michael and he wants 
you back in New York!  Do you go immediately or keep taking down the 
Florida families?  Only you know that for sure!

The reason that you may want to go ahead and finish off the available 
rackets in Florida before you head back to NYC has more to do with the 
benefits of owning them than a sense of completion – consider the 

Adult Entertainment Crime Ring = Cheaper Guards
Construction Crime Ring = Bombed Building Rebuild Faster
Diamond Smuggling Ring = Bulletproof Vests
Drugs Crime Ring = Double Crime Ring Income
Gambling Crime Ring = Incendiary Ammo
Gun Running Crime Ring = Bigger Ammo Clips

And of course for each of the money laundering rackets you take over 
you increase your income by 5% so all in all, having these now would 
be better than later!

The Unions

When you try to take a flight back to NYC you discover that the airport 
is shut down by a union strike!  Talk to Fredo, who tells you to talk 
to Roth...  So run to the airport parking area and talk to Roth for a 
CS in which you are introduced to a CIA Agent named Henry Mitchell.  
Talk to him for another CS, in which you learn about a Commie Union 
guy who needs to be dealt with.

Go talk to the strike organizer – who tells you where to head-in!  
Intimidate him to learn that you need to head over to the junk yard, 
which is not too far away.  As you enter the main yard be ready for 
stiff resistance as the union guys thugs are waiting for you!

A word about this fight – you are about to face the biggest fight you 
have faced in the game.  Seriously this guy has more armed muscle than 
the compounds you have taken so far!  And do not be tempted to just shoot 
the guy from a distance – because you need to get up close and personal 
and toss him off of the building to do it right.

Now that he is a solved issue, head back to the airport and fly home to 
New York City!  Be sure to talk to Mitchell and Fredo before you leave 
though for some interesting background...

Note: If you were keeping track, here is the collection list that you 
should have before leaving Florida:

Corrupt Officials
Wayne Riesdorf – Call off the Police Favor
Matthew Tilden – Granados Sting Favor
Lt. Gov. Robert Rizzo – Rapid Recovery Favor
Pedro Ilievarra – Call off the Police Favor
Joey Katz – Tony Rosato Sting Favor

Safes to Crack
Jersey's Sports Bar
? Not revealed yet
Elite Diner
Las Palmas
Bertolli Thrift Company
Barry's Pawnbrokers
Basso Oil Fill & Co.
Active Electronics
? Not revealed yet
Lansky's Deli
Security First Savings & Loan
ABF Ltd. Construction Site
Emilio's Packing Company
Basso Oil Express
SaniCo Truck Depot
Basso Oil Depot
Corman Drive-In Theater
Basso Oil Refinery
Astoria Construction Site
Luscious Entertainment
SaniCo Hauling Depot
The Aristocrat
Foreplay Pictures
Granados Compound
Merit Credit Union
Ausiello's Bar and Grill
S&L Construction Site
Florida Airport

Silenced Pistol
Spitzer Centerfire
Schofield Semi-Auto



Ah, the Big Apple!  Grab a car and drive to meet Michael for a CS in which 
you learn that the Feds are after Michael!  Frank is not dead, and now he 
is in Witness Protection!  Tom Hagen makes an appearance, and Michael lets 
you know that Tom is now part of YOUR Family, so talk to Tom and get 
the achievement and some much needed details.

If you are following the story line, head to the whorehouse as Tom Hagen 
suggests, however if you are not wed to the story line – and I am not – 
you may want to head over to the Tony Rosato Compound to take it out.  
Doing so will serve two purposes – it will get you the last safe to crack 
in New York City, and it will put a stop to Rosato's gang trying to take 
back the rackets in Florida, which is annoying at best.

Compared to the union fight back in Miami, the Rosato Compound is a cake 
walk :) and bonus!  It gets you the Vendetta Achievement!

La Maison Rouge

Talk to Rosa for a CS in which she tells you this is not a freebie – you 
need to help her get rid of some evidence hanging over her head.  Books, 
records, and a list of all of her johns in a safe at the Federal Building.  
Well hey, no worries mate!  We've been there before, so now we go back!

When you go for the safe, look around inside for a cop – not a white 
uniformed rent-a-cop mind you but a real cop – and bribe him.  That way 
if a cleaning lady notices you cracking the safe, the cops will kill the 
rent-a-cops for you.  Best $250 you can spend, seriously.  Now a quick 
trip back to the Red House and Rosa.

Rosa tells you that the room and girl is all set up, as she has worked it 
all out with Tom Hagen, who it turns out is in the Red House at the moment, 
so let us go talk to him over at the bar.  Tom wants you to meet with the 
Senator and convince Geary to get laid under the guise of underhanded 
dealing for a new company. Influence bribery and prostitutes – it could 
never happen in real life, right?

As long as you are careful with your conversation, you will have no 
trouble convincing the man to do business with you – and visit the 
Red House.  After a CS in which the Senator wakes up next to a dead 
whore, he is now putty in your hands.  You and Tom hold his hand, convince 
him that it is a problem you can deal with, and success!

A grateful Senator Geary tips you off about a new threat to your power in 
Florida – the Mangano Family.  Well, we knew that we were not done in 
Florida – there was some missing items in the collection – specifically 
safes we did not crack - and now we know why!  Go talk to Tom and then 
head for the airport – it's back to Disney Land for us.


(FLA2) Part 5- FLORIDA

First thing you do when you get off the plane is go to the airport lounge, 
where you talk to Michael who is secretly in Miami.  You get a CS in which 
you learn a lot about the new family in town, as Michael knows them well.  
Despite his confidence in their honor, you just know this is not going to 
work out, right?

Your meet with the new Don leads to a CS in which you form an alliance – 
just as Michael hoped you would.

If you have already taken down both rival families in Miami – as I did – 
than you just wait for one of your guys to remind you that Fredo wanted 
to meet, then find a phone and get the meeting location.  If you have not 
already taken down all the rackets, well, you have to do that now.  When 
you are done, continue at the Fredo Meet...

The Fredo Meet

When you arrive at the meeting it goes to a CS – Fredo has made himself 
quite at home, and offers you a drink before getting down to business...  
But before he can even get started, someone does a drive-by, blasting 
away your windows and wall giving you barely enough time to save Fredo!

Talk to him again and you get a very angry CS in which Fredo implicates 
Mangano.  You have to decide – do you believe him?  I know I do, but 
mostly because I am a power-hungry madman mobster (insert maniacal 
laughter here.  At the end of the CS Fredo unlocks another crew slot 
for your family, so let us go find a new lackey shall we?

So let us go talk to Charley Green – a friend of Fredo's.  You have to 
ask him for a favor – access to the warehouse via the bridge. Of 
humorous note – check out the movie poster behind Green during the CS – 
yup, it is The Godfather.  Can you say Easter Egg?

He wants a favor – he wants you to whack someone... So you should go into 
character and say – You ask me for this favor, that I should kill this man 
I do not know.  So tell me please, why must I kill this Count Chocula?  
Okay, that was humor...  Still, the mark is close, which is convenient, 
so let us get this done shall we?

On to the Warehouse

It is a running battle through something of a maze, but before you head 
for the owner, you want to get the auto-shotgun from the chop shop (the 
building in the front up the hill before you get to the Global Storage 
main building where you have to blow the doors).

Once you have the shotgun, work your way through the warehouse and 
the machinery building to the second crane, where you will find the 
boss.  Intimidate him and the racket is yours!  Now it is time to head 
for the Mangano Compound...

You need to get to a phone so that Mangano can ring you up and deny his 
betrayal – which he does.  He wants a sitdown to discuss the matter with 
you – okay we have been here before, but what the hell, let's go and see 
what he has to say!

The Mangano War?

Don't you think you should have checked with Michael first?  Naw!  Mangano 
is taking over your rackets one by one, and Fredo wants to keep Michael 
out of it.  Meet with Roth for a foreshadowing CS, and then talk to 
Agent Mitchell.

At this point I decided to go with the story, so instead of taking back my 
rackets now, I went to the airport.


(CUB2) Part 6 - CUBA

First order of business, find a pay phone and talk to your contact 
in-country – you probably guessed it would be Agent Mitchell, right?  Go 
to the green X and chat with Mitchell – he claims he has done the ground 
work for you – and gives you a hit list of dissidents – your cover being 
a supporter of Castro's regime.  

Work your way through the targets – and take over the two Mangano rackets 
(Casinos) while you are at it.  After you take out the last dissident, 
take a phone call from Maria, who invites you to the president's palace.  
How cool is that?

The Palace

When you arrive you meet Maria – your translator for the meeting – and 
get a CS that tells you about their motives.  The idea is you'll be 
spending the night – but not with Maria alas.  And you have no interest 
in spending the night because you came to kill Castro!  Yeah!

Work your way forward and you will see that the sniper rifle you need is 
on a patio across from you – the idea being you need to get to it by 
silently killing the guards in your way.  Take your time, arm your garrote 
and do your thing, bearing in mind that the palace guards are dumb as 
stumps so when you encounter two together, just get one of them to notice 
you, so he screams “There he is!” and runs at you and you strangle him 
while his partner stands there as if he is deaf dumb and blind.  Because 
he is!  Take the second guard out and then it is up the stairs for a 
final silent kill and your borrowed sniper rifle.

Castro is below you – a nice head shot right between the eyes and... 
He does not die.  How could he?  But bonus, you get to meet the competition 
so to speak – a Cuban mobster fellow who vows to take you out!

Fight your way to the airport to escape – that is what the game tells you 
to do.  Me?  I took over a few rackets on my way out of town.  Ballsy I 
admit, but it was there, I was there, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Don't worry about completing all the collectibles just yet – as Arnold says, 
You'll be back!  And wait till you see who is in cahoots with the Cuban mob 
in the airport CS!



Grab a phone, there is one right by you at the airport – and hear Michael 
order you to the compound.  Grab a car and get there man, the Boss of the 
Bosses is not happy, so do not keep the man waiting!  I threw some Vivaldi 
on the radio and it was a brief trip.

In the CS Fredo admits his complicity, and Michael is not a happy camper.  
Talk to Michael and then Tom Hagen, who tells you to escort Frank's brother 
to the meeting.  Even tho you screwed up, you still get a new position 
unlocked in your family – and the Second in Command Achievement – who 
would have thought they would make the achievements so easy in this game?

Now add your last new crew for the This Thing of Ours Achievement and you 
are ready to continue the story line.

Where in the World is Frankies brother Vincenzo?!

When you reach the safe house you discover the bodyguard dead and Vinnie 
missing.  A call to Tom has you playing Magnum PI – just follow the X's mate!

I am not sure whether your choice makes a difference – if you go to the 
docks or the Red House... I went to the Red House and got the location out 
of the kidnappers – and then rescued the hostage for a CS in the courtroom.

Talk to Tom to wrap up this part of the game – then talk to Michael and 
learn you get to go after Agent Mitchell – and eventually Roth himself – it 
is war baby, let's get those mattresses to the windows!


(CUB3) Part 8 - CUBA

Now if you went to Cuba immediately that is fine – I did not.  Instead I 
stopped off in Miami because hey, it was on the way right?  Besides the 
beating I took from Mangano really annoyed me, so I figured I would stop 
off, take back my rackets, and take out his family at the same time.  
Assuming you took out the to Casinos in Cuba last time we were there, you 
may want to do that now as well.  If you decide to just go to Cuba, 
remember that you will need to stop by Miami and clean up the loose ends 
before you continue to the end of the story, as it will not be included 
in this guide as a section.

Cuba Libre

When we arrive at the airport in Cuba we have a decision to make – go for 
Mitchell, or take out some rackets.  The thing is the rackets are nearby, 
so why not be efficient with our motion?  Take out some rackets!

Before we move to the end-point you should have completed all of the 

Corrupt Officials
Jaime Agassiz: Almelda Sting Favor
Maria Torres: Mangano Sting Favor
Juan-Pablo del Monte: Free Made Men from Jail Favor

Safes to Crack
Casino Imperial
Global Crushers
Casino Havana
Juan Sizzlio's
Corazon de Oro
Global Towing
Battaglia Cement Depot
Global Imports
Almeida Compound
Bataglia Quary
Battaglia Masonry
Battaglia Cement Factory
Banco de Cuba 

Weapons to Collect 
Modified AK-47
.501 Magnum Enforcer
Vintovka SR-98

So once you have all of those done, and you verify that you did not miss 
any in Miami or New York, it is time to head for the last compound and 
finish off the last family – the Almeidas.  This is street fighting, so 
use cover when you can and try to bring a medic-skilled crew with you – 
you will need that.

Before you blow the compound make sure you crack the safe and grab the 
last weapon!

The CS for the last compound blowing is a cinematic joy – nice big 
fireworks and booms.  With that done however, you have very nearly taken 
out everyone you have to.  All that is left here in Cuba is for you to 
find a phone and talk to Tom – he will ask you to head back to Miami to 
meet Michael at the safe house.  Let's get to the airport shall we?


(FLA3) Part 9 - FLORIDA

At the safe house Don Michael tells you “You da man!” in a nice CS, and then 
tells you that Hymie Roth is on his way back to the USA.  The Senator you 
have in your pocket arranged to have him extradited and now it is time for 
you to take him out, so go talk to Tom Hagen. 

Tom tells you that the airport is the only place for the hit to go down, and 
you have some conversation selections to make that will get you more 
information.  Once you have all of the info he can give you, re-arm your 
ammo and hit the armored car!

I would bribe one of the cops before you go up to take out Hymie.  Once you 
reach the upstairs you are going to have to fight your way down the arrival 
ramp to the end, where you kill Roth.  Once he is dead, RUN!  You have to 
get to your car and outrun the cops to your new compound, at which point 
you get the final CS, and finis!


(WEPLOC) Weapon Locations

Automatic Weapons

(L1) Tommy Gun

(L2) MP38 - Florida - 2nd floor of the Granados Compound

(L3) Modified AK-47 - Cuba – Tunnel in the Battaglia Masonry 


(L1) .357 Magnum

(L1) Pistol

(L2) .44 Magnum Force - New York – 2nd floor of Carmine Rosato's Compound

(L2) Silenced Pistol - Florida – Hyman Roth Mission

(L3) .501 Magnum Enforcer - Cuba - Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop near lighthouse

(L3) Delta M1911 (silenced) - Florida - 2nd floor of the Mangano Compound


(L1) Sniper Rifle 

(L2) Spitzer Centerfire - Florida – On the roof of Emilio's Packing 
Company (Requires Engineer)

(L3) Vintovka SR-98 - Cuba - 2nd floor of the Almeida Compound on a desk 

(L1) Shotgun
(L2) Sawed-off - New York – By the gate of the Corleone Compound in a 
bush (Requires Arsonist) 

(L3) Schofield Semi-auto - Florida - Global Storage Chop Shop 



Getting these can be a bit on the frustrating side, and you need to be aware 
that if you want the achievement associated with this part of the game you 
need to do it BEFORE you finish the game, because once you are done, you are 
done.  Having said that, if you are patient you should have no trouble getting 
this done.

For kneeling executions, you wait until the victim is stunned and on their 
knees to trigger the execution or kill them.  Standing executions can be a 
bit harder, depending on how weak the victim is and how powerful the weapon.
For the shotgun and magnum you may find it easier to do these kills on enemy 

There are several locations in the game where there are a number of melee 
weapons in one spot – and you will find it easier to do these at those 
rackets, not completing the take-over and letting it re-spawn the mobs 
until you have all the styles there.

1.High Fall Kills: Throw victim off of a high ledge
2.Low Fall Kills: Throw victim through a ground-floor window
3.Table Slam: Slam victim onto a table or counter
4.Wall Slam: Slam victim into a wall
5.Road Rage: Run over victim with a car

1.Headshot: Death by any headshot
2.Kneecap: Shot in the knees
3.Disarms: Shoot in the shoulder and make victim drop his gun
4.Pistol Standing: Do a triggered execution with a pistol
5.Pistol Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a pistol
6.Shotgun Standing: Do a triggered execution with a shotgun
7.Shotgun Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a shotgun
8.Magnum Standing: Do a triggered execution with a Magnum
9.Magnum Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a Magnum
10.Machine Gun Standing: Do a triggerd execution with a Machine Gun
11.Machine Gun Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a Machine Gun
12.Rifle Standing: Do a triggered execution with a Rifle
13.Rifle Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a Rifle

1.Explosive Kills: Death by dynamite or bomb

1.Garrote: Choke a victim with the garrote wire
2.Strangle: Choke a victim by strangling him
3.Punch: Kill a victim with any non-execution punch attack
4.Grabbed: Kill a victim with any non-execution grab attack
5.Neck Snap Kills: Kill someone using the neck snap skill
6.Bare-handed Standing: Do a triggered execution with bare fists
7.Bare-handed Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with bare fists

1.Nightstick Standing: Do a triggered execution with a ightstick
2.Nightstick Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a nightstick
3.Bottle Kills: Throw a bottle to make a killing blow
4.Melee Weapon: Kill a victim normally with any melee weapon
5.Bat Standing: Do a triggered execution with a baseball bat
6.Bat Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a baseball bat
7.Tire Iron Standing: Do a triggered execution with a tire iron
8.Tire Iron Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a tire iron
9.Pool Cue Standing: Do a triggered execution with a pool cue
10.Pool Cue Kneeling: Do a triggered execution with a pool cue



Please note that I list the achievements in the order that I obtained 
them save for the ones for killing X number of mobsters, which I grouped 
together because it made sense to do so.  I am not a completionist in the 
sense that achievements play any particular role in how I play a game or 
whether or not I go out of my way to do non-game story things.  

I am not saying that getting all the achievements is bad, it is just not 
something I actively do, so I never got the Execution achievement.  All 
of the others you will get in the course of playing the game.

There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

01. MobFace (5GP) Create a mobster using MobFace.
02. Getting Made (5GP) Recruit your first soldier.
03. 25 Massacred (10GP) Kill 25 mobsters.
04. 100 Whacked (15GP) Kill 100 mobsters.
05. 250 Iced (20GP) Kill 250 mobsters.
06. 500 Empty Suits (25GP) Kill 500 mobsters.
07. 750 Sleeping With The Fishes (30GP) Kill 750 mobsters.
08. First Crime Ring (15GP) Control one crime ring.
09. Fortified Venue (5 points) Max out all guards at a venue.
10. Bank Job (5GP) Heist your first bank.
11. Let Me Upgrade You (5GP) Upgrade one of your made men's skills or 
12. Lockpicker (5GP) Crack five safes.
13. Gun Smuggler (10GP) Find a level 2 firearm upgrade.
14. Enforcer (15GP) Complete 10 execution styles.
15. It's Not Personal (20GP) Eliminate a rival family by successfully 
bombing their compound.
16. Full Of Lead (10GP) Kill 150 mobsters only using firearms.
17. Pulling The Strings (5GP) Send your men to attack a venue from the 
Don's View.
18. Right Hand Man (10GP) Promote one of your made men to Capo.
19. Contract Killer (15GP) Eliminate 5 made men with the appropriate 
kill condition.
20. Three Crime Rings (40GP) Control three crime rings.
21. Torch The Joint (5GP) Send your men to bomb a venue from the 
Don's View.
22. BlackHand Brutality (10GP) Kill 25 mobsters only using BlackHand 
23. Five Crime Rings (50GP) Control five crime rings.
24. Modified Firepower (20GP) Find a level 3 firearm upgrade.
25. Second In Command (15GP) Promote one of your made men to Underboss.
26. This Thing Of Ours (25GP) Recruit a full family tree.
27. Organized Crime (75GP) Control all crime rings.
28. Shakedown (25GP) Control all extort-able businesses.
29. Accept This As A Gift (30GP) Earn one of each favor.
30. Bag Man (20GP) Heist each bank once.
31. Welcome To The Gun Show (30GP) Collect all level 2 and 3 firearm 
32. Safecracker (75GP) Crack all safes.
33. Executions In Style (75GP) Complete all execution styles.

Secret Achievements

34. Double Crossed (20GP) Eliminate two rival families.
35. The Counselor (25GP) Accept Tom Hagen as your Consigliere.
36. Vendetta (30GP) Eliminate three rival families.
37. Paying Tribute (10GP) Unlock all safehouses 
38. Ambush (40GP) Eliminate four rival families.
39. CIA? DOA (25GP) Kill Henry Mitchell.
40. Last Family Standing (50GP) Eliminate all five rival families.
41. It's Only Business (75GP) Eliminate Hyman Roth



The following questions were asked of my by friends on my Xbox Live Friend 
List... I include them here mostly to be sure that I have a place to add 
to if it should happen that I am actually asked any questions that should 
be here.

Q1. Is Darth Vader really Luke's Father?

A1. Yes

Q2. Can you buy houses/cars/guns in GF2?

A2. No.  Money is used only to pay for guards for your rackets and to 
upgrade your and your henchmen's skills.,

Q3. Why did EA not have the hijack trucks in GF2??

A3. I have no idea.



I have been gaming on console since before most of you were born, 
starting with Pong in the early 1970's.  I quickly moved on to the 
Intellivision and then the Atari 2600 and never looked back.  In real 
life I write a column for the Cape Cod Times Business Section called 
Digital Grind, covering the Internet, technology, and every now and then, 

I can be reached via email at chris@boots-faubert.com
My personal web pages are at chris.boots-faubert.com

If you are writing me about this walkthrough, please be sure to begin the 
subject line with GF2 as my spam filter can be weird.


8 April 2009 – Version 1.0 Created
10 April 2009 – Version 1.1 Formatting corrections
19 April 2009 – Version 1.2 Spelling corrections and site addition


This guide Copyright © 2009 CM Boots-Faubert.  This document is licensed 
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of angry ninja hamsters on you, and my nana being very disappointed in 
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