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Even a diamond has a few flaws... 03/03/09 Bremen
I gave this a 9 at first.... 04/15/09 dragon0085
The Last Hope, But Not The Best One 03/04/09 Mwulf
A Dimmed Star in an Ocean of Cliches 03/13/09 SensibleParadox
Star Ocean 4: Maybe too much hope. 03/19/09 82xeno
Okay, I was wrong. Star Ocean 2 is no longer the best Action-RPG, this is it. Star Ocean 4 despite it's flaws, combines the best of both worlds. 04/01/09 Calamity
In the vast expanse of space, something beyond our comprehension watches and waits. 03/06/09 cautionarysong
Square-Enix's last hope for RPGs on the 360? 03/04/09 Crudmonk
The first game, chronologically, in the Star Ocean universe. If you are a fan of JRPG's, then you should play this game. 05/22/12 Demigod_Tyek
A tired formula run through the gamut for the umpteenth time, there is little in Star Ocean: The Last Hope that will have you hoping for more. 03/30/09 HailToTheGun
Moments of brilliance overcome several flaws 03/31/09 jasten
The Last hope is an addicting game due to its long replay value and amazing battle system 03/09/09 Kayos90
A bit of a failure 03/16/09 Meisterblade
Fantastic addition to the series with a few flaws... 03/31/09 mikeyc42087
I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it; large amounts of character interaction and unbelievably fun combat carry this game to the stars 05/25/12 nintendosega
Set your sights into the vast Star Ocean 03/17/09 RobertoSnowager
One of the best next-gen jRPGs. Imagine a Japanese Too Human. But good. 03/15/10 TheGrandFinale
Looking to the vast Star Ocean 03/06/09 Torisuna

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