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Dictionary FAQ by DoomtrainM

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/08/09

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope
Dictionary FAQ
Created by: Andy Richter [sirandyrichter@gmail(dot)com]
Copyright 2009 Joshua D. McCloud


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. Updates
4. Dictionary Listings
4.A - Places/Facilities
4.B - People/Races
4.C - Organizations
4.D - Astronomical Bodies
4.E - Science/Technology
4.F - Miscellaneous/Other
5. Credits

1. Introduction
Hello, and welcome to a FAQ I've created for the fourth Star Ocean game in the
series, Star Ocean: The Last Hope. This FAQ aims to document every single 
Dictionary entry in the entire game. What is the Dictionary, you ask? the 
Dictionary is a wonderful feature that was first introduced in Star Ocean 3:
'Til The End of Time. The Dictionary exists to offer lots of background 
information about every single location, person, or organization you come
across in the game. There is often a great deal of information you would never
learn about had you not read the Dictionary entry for it. This FAQ aims to
have be nice, convenient medium to read every single Dictionary entry in the
game. Eventually, that is. This IS a work in progress, you know.

Even so, my "FAQ-Making" skills are rusty. This is the first FAQ I've done in
almost half a decade, so the formatting will probably be terrible. Patience.
I will eventually have everything crisp and beautifully formatted. Eventually.

2. Legal Stuff
This FAQ cannot be reproduced in any way shape, or form with my consent. It 
cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction, it cannot be given 
away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., As this creates incentive to buy and 
is therefore prohibited. All game content is copyright to their respectful
owners. Stealing is bad, 'Kay?

3. Updates

March 10th, 2009. Version 1.0

[I started the guide. I have all Dictionary entries up to the 
beginning of EN II, although I am not sure if The Last Hope has missable 
Dictionary entries like 'Til The End of Time does. Can anyone clarify?]

May 7th, 2009. Version 1.1

[I added the rest of the entries bar the Ethereal Queen. Even though I am
prepared and could probably beat her, I REFUSE to go through the Wandering
Dungeon for 5 hours just to lose to her. I will eventually get to her
(Even if I have to stoop to Earth), but until then. She's also the reason
for the lack of an update in two months. I'm pretty sure I have every entry
now except for hers. ...If she even has one, that is.

4. Dictionary Listings

Well, this is it. If you're reading this FAQ (Which I doubt, honestly), then
you're here for the Dictionary. I may add some tweaks to the actual entries 
in the future. Who knows. I need to get all the entries first. I added the
numbers to all the entries because it flows better that way. That's the only
reason. Yep. Well, without further ado:

4.A Places/Facilities

1. Moonbase
Mankind's first space colony, built on Earth's moon in order to mine and 
manage raw materials for spacecraft construction. It also serves as a command 
post for deep-space exploration. A second base, slated to serve as a 
ship-building factory, is under construction in lunar orbit.

2. Star Ocean
An expression used to describe the vastness of space. Its etymology probably
stems from the resemblance of the great expanse of space and its uncountable
shining stars to the vast, sparkling ocean witnessed by Earth's great
explorers, back when much of the world still remaining to be discovered. The
term is often used even by civilizations unaware of the concept of space.

3. Celestial Ship
The name given by the Lemurisians to Edge's spaceship. To such an undeveloped
race, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the ship itself is like
a god in their eyes.

4. Triom Village
A small village on the southern end of planet Lemuris's northern
continent. While the local climate isn't as harsh as it is further north,
the proclivity of disease in the area has caused most residents to migrate
northward. The recent appearance of monsters in the nearby plains has made
even leaving the village difficult. It is now home to only a handful of
citizens, cowering in fear of the monster threat.

5. Realm of Demons
An "alternate dimension" populated by demons and other such creatures
fundamentally different from humans. Unlike our world, where life begins
when a soul is implanted into physical matter, its denizens function
in spiritual form, obtaining a body only in order to manipulate
the world around them.

6. Alanaire Citadel
A citadel in the northern part of Lemuris. Despite being called a citadel,
it was not constructed for war; rather, it was built as a sort of storm wall
to block the seasonal winds coming from the northeast, where the bacculus
disease originated. It has a very long history, with records found dating
back to before Lemurisians even settled in the area, and it is widely known
as the traditional birthplace of the planet's symbology. A symbological
school for Lemurisians is housed inside, along with training grounds built
to help students learn and acquire skills. While the source of the school's
power is unknown, a symbologist known as an oracle lives on the top floor,
charged with passing the skills of symbology on to future generations.

7. Woodley Village
A village located on the northwest part of Lemuris's northern continent. Its
surrounding are harsh, covered year-round in snow, but it is protected from
both invasion by the monsters of the plains and the effects of bacculus thanks
to its proximity to Alanaire Citadel. As signs of bacculus have begun to
spread across the continent, many of Woodley's newer residents are actually
patients from Triom stricken with the disease, seeking treatment.

8. Wind Swallow Valley
A valley in the Rinoa Mountains to the north, accessible by crossing a
frozen lake. Said to be the place where a "celestial ship" crash-landed
several months ago. Its name stems from the resemblance to a great flock of
swallows flying off when wind and snow blow through the valley. The mighty
columns of ice created by the windswept snow make navigation extremely

9. Cardianon Mothership
A giant, 30-kilometer-long saucer-shaped mothership built by the Cardianon. A
city exists in the center of the saucer, but only a tiny population lives
there; half of the Cardianon population are in a state of coldsleep. Invasion
from outside is nearly impossible, thanks in part to the drone fighters that
launch from the mothership and intercept incoming attacks. The ship is also
known to occasionally seize spacecraft with its tractor beam for reasons

10. Muah (3)
A continent on Roak believed to be named after ancient visitors who became the
ancestors of the planet's intelligent life. Home to an enormous treasure
chamber filled with valuable objects. The Metorx Mountains lie in its center,
with the towns of Kraat to the south, Portmith to the north, and Haute
in the center of the continent.

11. Abandoned Town
A small town located near the lip of an impact crater caused by a meteor
50,000 years ago. The area was closed off for military use some time ago,
leaving the town abandoned and uninhabited.

12. Military Facility
A secret military base built inside an impact crater. A research laboratory
inside salvages technology from extraterrestrial species and develops it
for military use. The building includes an ecological research area and an
energy-experiment facility; a 27-kilometer-long particle accelerator is hidden
below the crater's surface.

13. Astral
One of Roak's three major continents, located in the central region of the
planet. The north is dominated by the forests of the Astral Mountains, while
the south is covered in desert. The land is currently under the governance of
the king of Astral, whose nation has close commercial ties with the rest
of Roak's countries.

14. Purgatorium
The oldest existing temple on Roak, housing statues that are believed to be
representations of the Muah, a race quite unlike the planet's current
inhabitants. The temple has numerous floors and extends deep underground; the
further down you go, the more remnants of an ancient yet vastly superior
scientific culture can be found.

15. Tatroi
A town in the center of the Astralian continent that skirts the
mountainside where Astral Castle sits. Connected to Astral City by a
canal. Tatroi is home to the famous Tatroi Colosseum, where the strongest
fighters from all throughout the land come to test their skills against
one another.

16. Astral Kingdom
A kingdom founded by Highlanders on the continent of Astral. Its knights
are renowned throughout the land for their great power, consisting entirely
of elite warriors hand-picked from the most skilled of Highlanders.

17. Astral City
A city built around and providing entry into Astral Castle, located deep
within the mountains. Home to the headquarters of the Astralian
Royal Knights, the most powerful of the castle's knights and the body
responsible for maintaining order in the region. Rogues from Tatroi tend to
loiter at night when the knights are changing shifts, making it a
particularly dangerous time to be outside.

18. Tatroi Colosseum
A stadium and entertainment complex built in Tatroi. Home to not only the
finest battle torunaments in all the land, but also to the burgeoning 
underground bunny race circuit, both of which provide major contributions
to the town's bustling economy. The colosseum is built and maintained by
a millionaire merchant trader, and even the Astral Knights are forbidden
to interfere with its operations; it is instead patrolled by a private
security detail. Also referred to by some as the Tatroi Arena.

19. Cave of the Seven Stars
A labyrinth accessed via an "unopenable" door in Tatroi Colosseum. Its
existence is unknown to the general public, and the details behind its
construction are a mystery. One theory suggests it exists in an alternate
reality, coincidentally connected to the colosseum as a side effect of
the building's symbological structure.

20. Bunny Racetrack
An extensive racetrack built beneath Tatroi Colosseum, made to take
advantage of the open space below the arena. Visitors place bets on the
thoroughbred bunnies that race there, trying to predict the final standings
for each race. A popular tourist attraction for travelers passing through

21. Tropp
A port town located on the western coast of Astral. As the main entryway
into the Astralian continent, it is home to commercial trade with both
Silvalant to the west and Muah to the east. The tallest lighthouse on the
continent stands near its docks, built large enough for even the biggest 
of ferryboats. A large anchor-like symbol sits in its city square, and the
town's atmosphere belies its history as a port at every street corner.

22. Sanctuary
The oldest and most sacred area of En II. Since its construction over
three billion years ago, it has helped preserve the environmental balance
on En II as well as the mental and emotional balances of its residents. Four
stone columns stand tall in its field, housing four sacred gems that
contain the spirits of wisdom, might, love, and courage. They are
safeguarded from evil by an enormous spirit tree.

23. Centropolis
En II's central city, home to assorted facilities and services required
for life on the planet. Its external architecture is historical in nature,
but its accommodations are throughly modern, allowing residents to enjoy
a comfortable lifestyle. Elements of nature such as rainfall or the passage
of day are faithfully reproduced in order to provide the most suitable
environment possible for all living beings.

24. Nox Obscurus
An enormous black object, 368km in diameter, built by the Grigori. Its
surface is covered by an ocean of liquefied energy, with an island ---
the remains of the Cardianon mothership that it absorbed --- resting on
its pole. Capable of traveling through space, it seeks out life forms across
the galaxy, halts their vital functions, and absorbs their energy. The
liquefied energy on its surface is capable of producing a limitless number
of Phantom ships for self-defense. Its ultimate defense mechanism is
Jormungandr, an organic, dragon-shaped weapon made from concentrated 
energy. The object's interior houses a gate to an alternate dimension, from
within which lies the Palace of Creation -- home to the sentient life form
that built Nox Obscurus.

25. Lemuria
A fabled landmass thought to have existed in the Indian Ocean on Earth,
originally proposed to explain how lemurs, native to Indonesia, were
also found on the African continent. To the Eldarians, Lemuria is a
legendary paradise, a distant planet on which their ancestors still
live -- and now a symbol of hope as well, a second homeland that marks
an escape from their ultimate doom.

4.B People/Races

1. Professor Trillas Bachtein
The first man on Earth to develop a working subspace warp drive, completed
in A.D. 2087. The descendant of a well-known physicist, Bachtein's technology
allowed mankind to explore star systems outside its own for the first time,
opening up a new chapter in Earth's history.

2. Stephen D. Kenny
The first person in Earth history to break the speed of light. A former
Federation air force pilot, he personally volunteered for the dangerous
manned test flight for Professor Trillas Bachtein's warp drive, and he
successfully carried out a faster-than-light warp in an A.D 2087
experiment, a feat long dreamed of by all mankind. The experiment made clear
numerous issues with manned warping, and was a great leap forward in
mankind's pursuit of the vast expanse of space. His exploits earned him
the nickname "Lightspeed Kenny," and instantly made him one of the era's
most iconic heroes. Currently he serves as commander of the USTA's moonbase,
overseeing space development and administration while offering
behind-the-scenes support and inspiration for the SRF's efforts.

3. Deputy Director Shimada
An elite bureaucrat who oversees the USTA as deputy director of
the Greater United Nations. Serving as Stephen D. Kenny's direct superior,
he has built his career out of taking Kenny's achievements and passing them
off as his own.

4. Crowe F. Almedio
Edge's close friend, rival, and one-year senior in the SRF. He captains
the SRF-001 Aquila, joining Edge and the other SRF members on their
mission of planetary exploration. A richly talented man in many fields, he
holds a deep commitment to his crew while retaining a friendly and
approachable demeanor. As a result, he has become extremely popular
across the breadth of his command.

5. Heinz
An elite member of the USTA who serves as assistant commander of the
USTA moonbase under Stephen D. Kenny, sharing a deep trust with the commander
he serves. His cool, analytical style makes him seem difficult to approach,
but this first impression is highly inaccurate, as his numerous fans in
the USTA will attest. He has a habit of fidgeting with his eyeglasses
while talking.

6. Welch Vineyard
A beautiful, if tomboyish, young operator who provides external support
for the Calnus from the USTA's Earth headquarters. She appears in
holographic form on the Calnus, bu since nobody has ever met her in person
before, the question of whether the image is authentic or a fabrication
remains up in the air. What can be said for sure is that,
for better or worse, her presence on the ship is indispensable.

7. Grafton
Captain of SRF-003 Calnus. Before being appointed to the SRF, he captained
a lunar-orbit transport ship for the USTA. A highly committed man who always
gets the job done, he has a compassionate side as well, always concerned
for the well-being of those under his command. With this extensive experience
working in space, he serves as a mentor as well as a superior for Edge
and his friends.

8. Eldarian
A species of intelligent beings based on Planet Eldar, fifth planet of
the Eldar system, that has no appreciable differences, external or
otherwise, from Earthlings. They live in a harsh environment under a sun
that has grown to a giant, but their advanced technological skills allow
them to overcome the elements and preserve life on their planet. The
punishing conditions on Eldar make normal acclimation and evolution too
slow to be effective, so life forms are born through DNA management and
carefully raised under governmental care. The destruction of the planet
itself looms on the horizon, and plans to transport its population to
another habitable planet have been underway for years. In A.D. 2074, the
Eldarians extended a hand of salvation out to Earth, granting its people
vital technological know-how just as they were in danger of extinction.

9. Supreme Commander Gaghan
National representative of Eldar and supreme commander of its forces. A
charismatic leader, his renowned virtues have seen him become the
all-but-permanent leader of all things Eldarian. Since Eldarians have
relatively long lifespans and experience few of the destructive side effects
of aging that Earthlings encounter, Gaghan may be an extremely old man
judging from his appearance. His full name begins with 
"Gaghan Belhaichtreicht" and continues for a total of 76 fixed names and 
23 historical titles, thoughhe normally goes by just Gaghan.

10. Lemurisian
A friendly race of humans that lives on Lemuris. Externally, Lemurisians
are indistinguishable from Earthlings, though their generally short stature
is notable. Their culture includes a unique form of symbology, though its
use seems to be limited to the females of the race. Structures resembling
ancient ruins exist throughout their land, and much of their history remains

11. Ghimdo Triom Phi
The chief of Triom Village and Lymle's grandfather. His governance over the
humble town has earned him great respect from his villagers, but the spread
of bacculus has been a major cause of concern. To make matters worse, Ghimdo
contracted the disease himself, and both of his legs have been petrified. He
has seen off many a villager as they fled for northern latitudes, but his
deep sense of responsibility has steeled his resolve to remain in Triom
until the very end.

12. Cerberus
A demonic monster named after the canine guardian of hell. Its body is
covered in hellfire, ensuring it will never bend to the will of the human
race...and yet somehow, it has become something like a pet to Lymle. While
it is unknown exactly what sort of pact Lymle forged to summon the beast, it
faithfully follows her every word and serves as her guardian.

13. Oracle of Alanaire
The head of all smbologists on Lemuris, residing on the top floor of
Alanaire Citadel. Chosen as the inheritor of the planet's symbology, an
oracle serves until her abilities begin to fade, at which point she is
replaced with a symbologist picked from the following generation. She
is charged with solving problems arising on Lemuris that require a
symbological approach.

14. Lutea
A resident of Woodley Village who has been friends with Lymle since
childhood. A candidate for the oracle position, she uses her powers to
practice medical services in Woodley. Her friendly demeanor and ability
to relate with everyone she meets make her an obvious choice for the oracle

15. Cardianon
Plural: Cardianon. A humanoid species located on the eighth planet of the
Arcturus system. Descended from reptiles, Cardianon likewise undergo
metamorphosis as they grow into adulthood. Occasionally, some transform
into giant dragon-like beings in an apparent case of genetic regression. To
a Cardianon, this is seen as an "ideal" form to aspire to. A prehistoric-level
species only a few centuries ago, the influence of the Grigori has rapidly
transformed the Cardianon into an intelligent race with advanced scientific
skill. However, after a failed attempt at completely mechanizing their 
planet, their homeland was destroyed. The homeless Cardianon proceeded
to built a giant mothership and began invading nearby hospitable planets in
search of a new land to settle on. All told, the Cardianon are an extremely 
cruel and merciless people.

16. Muah
A term used by a Cardianon officer when speaking to Edge and Reimi. Who
exactly it refers to remains a mystery.

17. Muah (2)
A highly advanced race believed to have lived on Earth 12,00 years ago. Legend
has it that their homeland, a continent located in the middle of the Pacific
Ocean since the Pangaean era, sunk into the sea over the course of a single

18. Morphus
The name of a race of people who hail from Bacchus's homeworld. Similar in
shape to Earthlings (cybernetic bodies like Bacchus's are not the norm), the
Morphus are descended from a group who called themselves "observers of space."
They departed on an eternal journey over three billion years ago, distressed
by their crumbling fortunes and a war-torn universe following a rebellion
on their home planet. Highly advanced scientifically, the Morphus
deliberately avoid cultural and historical interference, preferring to work
behind the scenes to resolve pressing issues in outer space. They never
discuss their home planet or their ancestors.

19. Grigori
A mysterious form of matter from parts unknown, exhibiting high levels of
energy and capable of modifying the structure of matter at the atomic
level. The Morphus consider it a dangerous substance and are currently
investigating its origins. Voice-like waves can be heard among the energy
it emits; the name "Grigori" comes from a similar-sounding pattern among
those waves.

20. Grigori (2)
The Grigori are capable of reforming from their original, inorganic state
to adapt to the local environment and conditions. The resulting form depends
on the hos it uses, but differences can be seen among the individual Grigori
as well, and it has been determined that they possess individual
self-awareness. To function within our world, they apparently require a host
life form, which they then transform, suggesting that they once existed in
another dimension unlike ours. Exactly where they came from remains
a mystery.

21. Grigori (3)
In addition to their individual self-reliance, the Grigori seem to all work
off of a shared repository of accumulated memories and experiences. They
have never been noted as working together, however, apparently sharing
memories only as units of information.

22. Klaus Bachtein
A genius physicist who lives in the abandoned town near the military
facility. Formerly engaged in space development research with the military
(where he secretly worked on extraterrestrial technology), he decided to
abandon his work there as it conflicted with humanitarian ideals and his
own beliefs. He was placed under house arrest by the military soon
afterward. Despite his mild-mannered nature, he is very hard on himself, 
believing in the credo that you cannot advance down your life's path until
you figure out what that path is for yourself. Records indicate that the man
responsible for developing the warp drive, Trillas Bachtein, may have had
an ancestor named Klaus as well.

23. Milla Bachtein
A female physicist and the head of the military facility; also Klaus's
wife. While examining pieces of a crashed extraterrestrial spaceship ten
years ago, radiation from the material cost the life of her beloved two-year
-old son, who happened to be with her on the expedition. Since then, she has
devoted herself to her research like a woman possessed, seeking out the
unknown with an almost abnormal stoniness.

24. Kevin
The name Milla Bachtein gave to the experimental antimatter reactor in
the military facility. Also the name of the Bachteins' son, who passed
away in an accident.

25. Roakian
Any of the various species that live on Roak. Fellpool, Lesser Fellpool,
Featherfolk, Lycanthropes, and Highlanders have been noted in reports.

26. Fellpool
A race descended from feline animals, particularly cats and lions. A highly
curious and exploratory race, Fellpool have animal-like tails that extend
from their posteriors. Compared to other species, they have exceptionally
sharp senses of smell and hearing, as well as the ability to see well in
nighttime conditions. In the future, some will come to refer to members of
the Fellpool race as "Felinefolk."

27. Lesser Fellpool
Members of the Fellpool race who have retained an especially large number of
external traits from their progenitors. Sometimes they are even capable of
transforming into the forms of their animal ancestors.

28. Featherfolk
A race of people with large wings on their backs, descended from birds. The
process of evolution has split the humerus bone of the featherfolk in two,
allowing ths remarkable race to possess both wings and arms. Featherfolk are
extremely lightweight and can use the wings on their backs to fly for short
periods of time.

29. Lycanthrope
An extremely rare race of individual who possess two independent bodily cell
structures: ordinary human cells and special beast cells that have been
mutated by an internal virus. When a Lycanthrope's heart rate exceeds a
certain threshold, their human cells and beast cells contract and expand,
respectively, and this distributed change transforms their external
appearance. Many types of Lycanthope exist, including wolves, bears, tigers,
dogs, rats and pigs.

30. Highlander
A sturdy, athletic race of Fellpool descended from tigers who live in great
numbers on the Astralian continent. Known for extreme belligerence and a love
of solitude, but also highly disciplined and self-critical, with a chivalrous
side as well. Their warrior knights easily surpass those of all other races.

31. Autanim
A Fellpool medicine dealer found near a dock on Astral's east coast that
serves as an entryway from the Muan continent. His plan is to build a port
town around the dock to encourage commerce.

32. Bunny
A race of mammals that resemble round rabbits and have somehow spread
throughout the galaxy. Extremely tame by nature, they possess the odd
ability to appear anywhere, at any time, upon hearing a certain sound. Fleet-
footed and fairly strong, they are valued as beasts of burden on some planets.

33. King of Astral
The tenth successor to the throne of Astral, a young man highly popular with
his subjects. A devoted believer in justice, his good-natured personality
is rare among Highlanders, and he governs his country with brilliant
leadership, and decisive action. His black-tiger ancestry is uncommon even
within the Highlander race.

34. Eleyna Farrence
A fortuneteller who lives in Tropp and predicts the future via auguries
she receives from the gods. Despite her good looks, she tends to overwhelm
people with her rude behavior and no-nonsense personality, although she
also holds a deep inner strength and gentleness. A descendant of hers will
become the savior of both Earth and Roak in the far-flung future.

35. Asmodeus
The Archfield of the demon realm, a powerful sorcerer who maintains
dominion over many lesser demonic beings. Originally a seraph from the
celestial world, he was banished and put to sleep in the demon realm by
an ancient sage, but he has since seduced the hearts of enough men to have
them stage an attempt to reopen the door to his domain. The stone sickness
virus spreading throughout Roak is claimed to be an omen of Asmodeus's return.

36. Lias Warren
A Highlander swordsman affiliated with the Astral knights. Realizing his sword
talents and mastering the Edari blade arts at a young age, he now holds the
captaincy of an entire platoon. A dutiful and wise knight.

37. Black Eagle
A bandit who built his body to muscular extremes in spite of his Fellpool
blood. A conspicuous tattoo of an eagle extends from his head down his
back. Appearing and disappearing in a flash, his bold heists have
stymied even the most elaborate of security measures. Formerly a bouncer
at the Tatroi Colosseum, he used the complex as a hideout from the prying
eyes of the Astral Knights.

38. Lucien Tionysus
Myuria's beloved husband. They had just registered their marriage, and were
planning to hold a ceremony in the Centropolis after Lucien wrapped up his
Morphus mission and returned to En II. On the way back, however, their craft
was attacked and destroyed by a Cardianon fighter. Lucien stayed behind long
enough to launch Myuria from the ship in an escape pod, but he was then
engulfed along with the rest of his ship in a massive explosion. He loved
Myuria to the very end, and wished nothing more than her happiness.

39. Giotto Vandione
The overseer of En II and spokesman for "Ex," communicating its will to
all Morphus. While young in years, he possesses vast amounts of knowledge
and enjoys immersing himself in interstellar research. Perhaps due to his
role as a messenger, he constantly strives to perfect his communication
skills, occasionally making normal conversation unncessarily difficult.

40. "Ex"
A form of consciousness that retains the member of over three billion
years of Morphus history, dating from their original departure from their
homeland. It lacks any physical form, but serves as leader of the Morphus;
in a sense, it could be seen as the "heart and mind" of En II. Possessing
a deep understanding of the many forms of life in the universe and their
relationships to each other, it has grown and matured alongside the
universe it has watched over. The behavior of the Morphus, including their
mission to protect the order of space, is a direct result of "Ex"'s words
and guidances.

41. Dragon
Many types of creatures have been called dragons over the years, but in
general, the word refers to a large reptillian creature that has evolved
wings from its clavicle or shoulder blades. Most of them are little more
than giant lizards, but some types are depicted as possessing high
intelligence and wielding a unique form of dragon-lore magic. Such dragons
often have a habit of hoarding gold and silver, using them as bedding
for their giant bellies -- not because they are greedy, but because such
metals' high thermal conductivity helps mitigate the overheating their
bodies are prone to. Many dragons have a "breath sac," a unique internal
organ that decomposes the animal matter that the dragon consumes and turns
it into flammable methane gas. This gas can then be injected into the
dragon's mouth, accumulating in a bone cavity under its nostrils. Rapidly
exhaling the methane while gnashing its sharp teeth to create sparks
allows the dragon to breathe powerful fire from its mouth, an attack unique
to this family of creatures.

42. Apostle of Creation
The dark knight who controls Nox Obscurus from a throne deep within the
Palace of Creation. Encased in armor made from the Grigori, he wields
limitless, overwhelming power via the life energy pumped in from his
armor. The Apostle's background is a total mystery, but unlike the Grigori
and the Phantoms, he maintains a human-like form, capable of intelligent,
independant thought. He acts neither under the control of the Grigori,
nor from his own desires, but rather from a deep despair and sorrow for
all existing life in the universe.

43. Santa, Mercantilean
A dangerous...er, dashing superhero from a mysterious merchant planet. Those
who know him revere his name...not that anyone knows him, really. Riding his
rough, rugged Violator (complete with one-cylinder engine), he's back
in action and ready to save us all!

44. Arnold Maverick
A professor of geology and archaeology who served as head of USTA's Ancient
Sciences Research Department. While leading an expedition across Earth on
a study of the planet's postwar environment, he discovered the remains of
an ancient civilization on a dried-up seabed -- a civilization with a level
of science that the human race had yet to achieve. He later combined DNA
retrieved from the site with his own Y chromosome to give birth to Edge, one
of the Seeds of Hope. In A.D. 2082,  he took a young Edge along on a second
trip to explore the ancient culture, only to be attacked by an experimental
bio-enhanced fighter that escaped from a military facility. He would later
die from his injuries. While laid-back in personality, his unbending belief
in is convictions as he default with thorny problems had a major impact on
the way Edge lives his life.

45. Edge Maverick
Ever since accompanying his father on an expedition across the wastelands of
post-World War III Earth when he was a young boy, Edge has dreamed of
traveling across space and finding his own planetary paradise. To realize
this dream, he underwent special training at the rigorous USTA Academy and
was selected for the inaugural SRF team, a position he had dreamed of
attaining for years. A responsible man with a deep-seated sense of right
and wrong, Edge often hastily springs into action due to his straight-shooter
personality, leading others to brand him as reckless. Perhaps this is one
reason why his childhood friend Reimi is always lecturing him. His SRF
spacesuit is sleeveless because he apparently volunteered to test a new,
heavily armored prototype; he removes its special arm guard for indoor work
to make it easier to move around.

46. Edge Maverick (2)
Edge is one of the Seeds of Hope, born with enhanced genes based on Muah
DNA. He himself was unaware of this fact until Reimi revealed the truth, but
the news didn't seem to surprise him -- if anything, it made him happy. His
abilities include instantaneous analytical perception (the likely reason why
he tends to shoot first and ask questions later), resistance to the effects
of harsh environments, and the ability to use symbology. His skill with a
sword and ineptitude with guns is due in large part to his special gifts;
because of the time lag involved with aiming at and striking a target, his
instantaneous perception often leads to accidental misjudgment. This, combined
with a traumatic experience he had as a child, may explain why he
instinctively believes that guns don't hit their targets. The crest that
appears on the back of his hand is a sign that his unique DNA powers have
been activated; oftentimes it is a direct response to an emotional situation,
though it appears he is unable to control this "awakening" at will. Always
striving to blaze his own trial as he presses forward in life, Edge deals with
each situations with a positive outlook. In fact, his special DNA may be the
very catalyst that has been compelling him to face his cruel destiny since
the moment he was born.

DOB: July 30 [Leo] Age: 20

47. Reimi Saionji
A young woman from the Saionji family, one of the most prestigious on
Earth. Her parents serve as boardmembers of the Space Development
Division of the USTA. Upon passing the USTA's examination, she was selected
along with Edge as a member of the inaugural SRF team. A woman of both
literary and martial talent, Reimi always looks out for those around her. Her
skill with the bow is second to none, having mastered both Western and Asian
forms of archery, and she uses it as her weapon of choice in battle. Friends
with Edge since her childhood, she grew up with him like a sister, though her
heartfelt concern for his well-being suggests a different sort of relationship
may be blossoming.

48. Reimi Saionji (2)
Reimi may wear a bright, constant smile, but she's often very hard on
herself, never complaining about her lot in life. Even so, she sometimes
finds carrying the burden of the secret behind her birth to be nearly
unbearable. She, along with Edge and Crowe, are Seeds of Hope-- superhumans
who were born with enhanced DNA. The environmental adaptation and
cell-regeneration abilities she developed were first brought to light after
a childhood accident; the reaction from others at the scene was enough to
traumatize young Reimi. Upon learning the truth behind her birth, she resolved
never to tell anyone, bearing the pain of the secret all by herself. She
cursed her own existence, unable to accept herself for who she was, and she'll
continue to carry that pain with her until the day comes when her powers are
finally accepted...

DOB: March 28 (Aries) Age: 19

49. Faize Sheifa Beleth
A young Eldarian, and the first being from another planet that Edge ever
met. His looks are indistinguishable from any Earthling; his somewhat
large-looking ears are actually a type of Eldarian accessory. A stickler for
politeness and harmony, Faize is capable of cool, calculated reasoning, and
his engineering talents are vast enough that he designed the Sol (an
Eldarian shuttlecraft) on his own. He can also use symbology, a form of
magic-like power unavailable to Earthlings. Still, he was deeply moved upon
meeting Edge, looking up to his swordsmanship skills and take-charge
attitude. Seemingly quiet and calm, he is in fact easily surprised and
emotionally swayed, revealing a pure, honest side to his personality.

50. Faize Sheifa Beleth (2)
Faize's firm convictions give him difficulty dealing with people who behave
unreasonably, which can easily irritate him. The DNA of all Eldarians is
modified to allow them to live as efficiently as possible in their planet's
extreme conditions; it is perhaps these modifications that have given him
such a slavishly logical frame of mind. One notable quirk of his altered
DNA is his eye color, which changes as he tries to suppress moments of
extreme stress of emotion, suggesting that the genetic modification has
had an impact on his psychological makeup. His firm resolve and preference
for group harmony has made him a trusted partner for Edge, who sees him 
almost as a younger brother.

DOB: Feburary 3 (Aquarius) Age: 18

51. Lymle Lemuri Phi
A mysterious girl from Triom Village who is apparently 15 years old but
doesn't look a day over six. Allegedly the greatest symbologist in the
village, she draws symbol-like patterns on walls all over town, though only
she knows what they actually do. A generally expressionless girl, she rarely
opens her heart to anyone, although she has taken a shine to both Edge and
Reimi. Like any child, she has both an innocent personality and a penchant
for getting in trouble, but the way she never wears any of it on her face
is a source of uneasiness for others. She can summon Cerberus with her
symbology, causing the other villagers to fear her a bit. For some reason, she
acts very cold and distant toward Faize.

52. Lymle Lemuri Phi (2)
Lemurisians are generally small in size, a product the environment they live
in, but there is another reason why Lymle looks so much younger than her
15 years. At the age of six, an errant symbol pattern she drew opened a 
portal to the demon realm, sending several decades' worth of hatred and fear
flowing into her heart all at once. To keep herself from breaking down,
she shut off all emotional outlets in response. Since then, she has not
aged one bit, her body and behavior frozen at a state of being six years
old. Cerberus, a denizen of the demon realm, extracted her from the portal
upon sensing her fear, thus becoming her servant and guardian. Fearless
and strong to the core, she is thoughtful and considerate of others, but
while she doesn't show it on her face, she also craves attention and is
emotionally dependent on others to a large degree.

DOB: June 20 (Gemini) Age : 15

53. Bacchus D-79
A native of En II and member of the Morphus race, though his cyborg body
makes it impossible to guess what he once looked like. While his brain
and spinal cord are taken from his original body, the remainder is an
artificial structure originally developed for medical purposes, covered by
an armored shell made from arcanatite alloy. Bacchus was formerly a medical
scientist, but he was infected with a previously unknown strain of stone
sickness while conducting research on the virus. As his real body began
regenerating, he modified and strengthened the replacement body, turning it
into a powerful battle machine equipped with a variety of weapons. Two
energy generators in the chest provide power for all of his equipment. As
one might expect from his appearance, he is straightlaced, doggedly logical,
and generally unsociable, but he hides a warm, passionate side as well.

54. Bacchus D-79 (2)
Bacchus has a wife on En II who he hasn't seen since his cyborg
modifications, largely due to being busy on assignment. This occasionally
leads to bouts of depression, as Bacchus (who loves his wife dearly) is
convinced that she has lost her affection for him.

Real Name: Bacchus Dexley

DOB: May 5 (Taurus) Age: 32

55. Meracle Chamlotte
A dynamic young Lesser Fellpool. Her birthplace is unknown but likely to
be Roak, judging by her race. Always brimming with energy, Meracle is bright
and amiable, though she hates being left alone. She apparently crash-landed
on Earth after inadvertently stowing away on a spaceship; attracted by the
smell of food, she boarded the ship, which then took off with her in
tow. After the crash, she was apprehended and held captive in a military
facility on Earth.

56. Meracle Chamlotte (2)
Meracle's only confidant in the military facility where she was held
was Klaus, who was engaged in energy research at the time; otherwise, she
revealed nothing about herself to anyone. She seems to have a natural talent
for sniffing out people with evil intentions, though her fleeing from Edge's
party at their first encounter was more likely due to her surprise at
running into such an unusual group. Her subsequent friendliness with Edge is
without ulterior motive, though it has been a source of alarm for
Reimi. Meracle has the unique power to shapeshift at will into a Siamese
cat, though where the excess mass goes (to say nothing of her clothing) is
a complete mystery. Her favorite book is a picture book called
"Eleyna and the Feline Gourmand," a title which fits this food-loving,
fun-loving catgirl to a tee.

DOB: March 16 (Pisces) Age: 16

57. Sarah Jerand
A landbound Featherfolk who hails from her people's homeland on Roak. She
was saved by Edge's party from a mysterious band of kidnappers in Tatroi while
staying there as a goodwill ambassador to the kingdom of Astral. Her
carefree, charitable demeanor lets her confer on an equal footing with those
from all walks of life; while she often seems to act off-kilter, she
occasionally surprises others with her straightforward responses to thorny
questions. Her simple, almost naive kindness is completely guileless.

58. Sarah Jerand (2)
Sarah has the power to see the future in her dreams, something that tormented
her as a child; it wasn't until she met Lady Eleyna in Tropp that she found
solace in her ability. She has since become close friends with Eleyna,
working with her from behind the scenes to protect Roak from danger. She
shared her last name with a man named Ioshua who appears in a story from a 
far later era, but the two are not directly related; Ioshua is more likely
descended from one of Sarah's two younger brothers.

DOB: September 15 (Virgo) Age: 19

59. Myuria Tionysus
A wielder of thunder symbology on a neverending quest to persue Crowe,
the man she says killed her beloved. Although she was born on En II,
she had never met Bacchus before. She confronts Crowe with a frigid,
suspicious demeanor, but behind her face lies a heart filled with sadness
and fear. She approached Edge's party while on the hunt for
Crowe, inadvertently saving them from doom in the process.

60. Myuria Tionysus (2)
Myuria made amends with Crowe once they finally met, but she took such a
fancy to Edge that she decided to stay and work together with his group
afterwards. She has a naughty side, often tormenting Edge with her
romantic jibes, but the occasional forlorn look on her face belies the deep
sadness she bears at the loss of her beloved Lucien. While surprisingly mature
on the exterior, she is still an innocent young girl at heart.

DOB: November 5 (Scorpio) Age: 22

61. Arumat P. Thanatos
An Eldarian soldier, blessed with extraordinary fighting ability even by
Eldarian standards. A breakdown in the structure of his muscle cells has
presented him with an ultimatum: give up his current body, or die an early
death. Unsurprisingly, he has chosen to live out what time he has left as
a fighter, partly as redemption for the men he has lost along the way. His
squadron was wiped out after being attacked by an unknown enemy in Eldarian
space, leaving him as the sole survivor, but the injuries he sustained
turned his muscular system into a ticking time bomb. (Eldar does not engage
in interplanetary war, but this attack kicked off the Eldarian military
buildup that continues to this day.) Unafraid of death, he lives a
self-destructive life in his constant quest to push himself forward. Since
meeting Crowe and Edge, however, he has begun to re-evaluate himself. Never
taking center stage, he plays a support role in their journey, although
that may be born out of pure stubbornness more than anything else.

DOB: April 24 (Taurus) Age: 26

4.C Organizations

1. World Republic Federation
An organization of countries that grew out of the former United Nations, which
proposed aggressive space development and colonization as an answer to Earth's
worsening environmental and energy crises. Territorial disputes over the 
planets of the solar system placed it in conflict with an opposing alliance
of nations.

2. Greater United Nations
Also "Greater U.N." The government of Earth, formed in A.D. 2065 after an
accord was signed between assorted international factions with the stated
goal of preserving the human race and protecting Earth's environment. The
Greater U.N. has proposed large-scale space development and emigration
projects to help restore Earth's ecosystem, establishing the USTA
(Universal Science and Technology Administration) to focus on those issues.

Short for "Universal Science and Technology Administration." An organization
established by consensus vote in the Greater United Nations to research
peaceful uses for outer space and to help preserve the human race. The USTA
is composed of several project teams, each preforming research and development
on a variety of technologies. To prevent wars and arms races between nations,
the organization avoids any involvement in military affairs.

4. SRF
Short for "Space Reconnaissance Force." A USTA project team charged with
exploring and colonizing habitable planets to aid mankind's emigration
into space. Its handpicked members have gone through an intense training
regimen to ensure they can withstand the harsh environments they nay face. The
SRF does not participate in any military affairs, but the dangers its staff
must deal with make combat training a necessity, and every team member has
been granted special permission to carry weapons.

5. 13th Independent Armored Division
The Eldarian military consists of twelve battalions, each composed of a set of
platoons designated A through Z. However, the 13th Independant operates on
its own, conducting special missions under the governmental decree of Eldar's
supreme commander. Their behind-he-scenes operations make them unique even
among Eldar's own forces, and the heavy losses they often sustain have caused
many an Eldarian to fear them as the "Death Squadron." The division is manned
by the best that Eldar has to offer, and their work always puts them deep in
the midst of danger.

6. Syndonaism
A heretical theology founded on the principle of worshiping the
Archfield Asmodeus. On the surface, it may seem like just another creepy
religious cult, but in fact, it is a sinister organization aiming to resurrect
Asmodeus by any means necessary.

4.D Astronomical Bodies

1. Earth
The third planet of the Sol system. Located 1 AU from its sun, with an
orbital period of 365.25 days and a rotation period of 23 hours,
56 minutes. Home to the Earthling race of humans, whose populations on the
planet exceeds six billion. One astronomical unit (AU) is defined as the
distance between Earth and its sun, approximately 150 million kilometers.

2. Aeos
A minor planet located in the Sirius system, 8.7 light years from
Earth. Gravitational interference from Sirius's binary companion prevented
the planet's discovery by Earth until A.D. 2021. Its atmosphere and 
environmentclosely matched those of Earth, and it 
had long been investigated as a potential candidate for terraforming. Once
interstellar travel become a reality, it was chosen as Earth's first colony
planet. Unmanned exploration reports turned up no signs of dangerous 
creatures or intelligent life, and the environmental samples examined 
revealed no harmful elements or unknown viruses, leading early researchers 
to dub the planet "Second Earth."

3. Lemuris
A small planet, about half the size of Earth, discovered in the area of
star HIP 57092 during a search for planets with Earth-like environments. The
planet is located 1.6 AU from its star, with an axial tilt of 16.7 and a
surface gravity of 1.3G (1.3 times Earth's gravity). Its atmosphere is
roughly the same as Earth's. There are two continents, one each on the
planet's northern and southern hemispheres, though only the northern one
is inhabited by humans. Its level of civilization is approximate to that of
14th-century Earth, and its total population is unknown.

4. Arcturus VIII (Cardianon)
A planet located 36 light years from Earth that orbits Arcturus, a red giant
with high proper motion. It was unknown on Earth before being discovered in
the Eldarians' database and through the alien information taken from the
celestial ship on Lemuris. No intelligent life is known to exist on this
planet, though references to a primitive reptile-like species appear in
a centuries-old Eldarian expedition report.

5. En II
Pronounced "ee en two." An artificial planet that serves as the Morphus' base
of operations as well as their home. The planet houses a complete natural
ecosystem along with a residential area and an artificial sun shining in
the center. En II travels freely through space, carrying out its mission of
watching over the universe. It is never in one place for long, and a subspace
shield cloaks its surface, making it impossible to detect from the
outside. Morphus emissaries use smaller craft when traveling to preform their
assigned duties; after their work is done, they receive updated coordinates
and return to their home.

6. Roak
A planet located in Sector Theta of the Milky Way, relatively close to the
Sol system. Three continents dominate its landscape, occupied by a variety
of intelligent life. Its level of civilization is roughly comparable to that
of Earth in the 16th century, but some aspects of its culture are unheard of
even on Earth. In the future, Roak will serve as the stage for several
notable moments in space history.

7. Missing Procedure
A mysterious astronomical body that appeared in Sector Upsilon. Like a
black hole, it cannot be detected through direct observation. The Morphus
first suspected the presence of an astronomical phenomenon when they detected
a decrease in the distribution of active life in the area, but the key
to discovering the Missing Procedure itself was the appearance and activities
of the Grigori. Whether the Missing Procedure has intelligence of its own
is unclear, but one thing is certain --- its size has been continually
increasing along with the Grigori's activities. Eventually, it is expected
to gain enough energy to destroy the entire galaxy.

4.E Science/Technology

1. Wormhole
A tunnel that connects two divergent points together in spacetime. Its name
comes from a hypothetical worm burrowing through an apple to reach the
opposite side instead of traveling along its surface. The tunnel's interior
lies on a continuous plane with normal space, but the constricted
gravitational field housed inside causes fluctuations in relative time
between the two ends of the wormhole.

2. Seeds of Hope
The term Stephen D. Kenny used for the SRF team members, referring to them as
"seeds" bearing the future of the human race on their shoulders.

3. Seeds of Hope (2)
In A.D. 2072, an environmental research team on Earth led by Dr. Arnold
Maverick discovered a sarcophagus that belonged to an ancient civilization
from approximately 12,000 years ago. DNA samples taken from it revealed a
lost genome, one that has no counterpart in modern humans. Later studies by
Dr. Saionji's group found that combining this genome with dormant portions of
the modern human genome could produce a race of people highly resistant and
adaptable to harsh environments. The Federation government, faced with the
extinction of the human race, saw the potential to save mankind in these
findings, and conducted further experimentation on a top-secret basis. The
so-called "Project Hope," carried out through the cooperation of Dr. Saionji,
Dr. Maverick, and the Almedio conglomerate, produced a group of three
superhuman babies -- the children of the three benefactors.

4. DNA
Short for "deoxyribonucleic acid." DNA is stored inside cell nuclei and
contains sequences of four bases -- adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine --
lined up in a double helix. These sequences of bases form the genetic code
for all living things. Some theologists believe that DNA is the "program"
for life, as written by a higher power.

5. Warp Speed
A method for calculating faster-than-light speed that expresses how much
distance an object in warp space traverses in relative normal space within
a given time. This figure is derived purely from the object's starting and
ending points in normal space, and has nothing to do with the actual speed
of the object itself. An object traveling at warp speed n can traverse (2n-1)
times the distance that light traveling in normal space can cover in the 
same amount of time.

6. Gravitational Wave
The general theory of relativity states that any object with mass warps
spacetime around itself. if the object moves in any way, these warps
in space-time expand and contract, creating a waveform and generating
what are known as gravitation waves.

7. Gravitational Radar
A system that observes the gravitational field and waves around a ship
in realtime, keeping track of the local area during warp navigation.

8. Subspace Flight Tracer
A navigational system that monitors the gravitational waves around a ship
and maintains a fixed speed and course during warp travel. Even if secondary
waves interfere with the ship's gravitational field, this system can predict
them and recalculate a route without affecting navigation.

9. Subspace
A space-time continuum that exists outside of normal time and space. Refers
specifically to the area of spacetime navigated through when using
gravitational waves as a form of propulsion. Indispensable when trying to
attain faster-than-light speed.

10. Subspace Communication
An extremely long-range communication network used to send information across
interstellar space. Both sender and receiver use a warp system to open a
synchronized port in warp space, sending packetized data as electromagnetic
pulses. Transmission delays depend on the distance and amount of data
being sent, but the system is capable of supporting realtime video
communication without difficulty.

11. Translators
A portable Eldarian device that translates in realtime between two people
conversing in different languages. The device analyzes the speaker's brain
waves and emotions as well as the words themselves, translating in sync
with the speaker's enunciation and thus allowing communication with no
time lag. The humans of Earth installed Eldar's language-analysis tools
into their own communication and portable equipment soon after making contact
with the Eldarians.

12. Archery
A type of combat art whose practitioners use a bow to fire arrows at a 
target. Although archery is mainly recognized as a form of sport today, the
strict rules and motions behind bringing the arrow to its target are also
seen as beneficial in spiritual and moral development. As in many other combat
arts, several varying styles exist.

13. Warp Drive
The engine component required to preform warp travel. Also called a warp
engine; the term "warp drive" is used to differentiate it from the propulsion
engine that gives a ship its thrust.

14. Subspace Bubble
A method of attaining faster-than-light warp travel. Devised at a time when
warp drives were seen as impractical to install on ships (warp travel via
bending space-time itself was thought to require over ten times the amount
of energy that exists in the entire universe) and the effects of gravitational
fields were not yet fully understood. In this method, gravitational waves are
emitted within the gravitational field around the craft, constricting space
in the direction of motion and expanding space on the opposite side. This
creates a cycle of gravitational waves, enveloping the craft in a closed-off
subspace and allowing it to travel at extremely high speeds relative to
normal space.

15. Subspace Warp
A method of interstellar faster-than-light travel developed by Professor
Trillas Bachtein in A.D. 2087, the first of its kind on Earth. By enveloping
a spacecraft in several layers of subspace fields, the craft can travel
beyond the speed of light relative to normal space, even though it is
actually moving below the speed of light.

16. Planetary Exploration
Earth's transmigration plans require finding a planet whose environment
resembles its own, which is reasonably safe to live on, and which does not
harbor indigenous life that would be harmed by an influx of humans. After a
long period of earthbound observation and exploration, several Earth-like
planets were found within five light years of its own solar system, but these
were later deemed unsuitable for terraforming due to the presence of hostile
life forms or previously-unknown viruses.

17. Terraforming
The process of modifying a planet's environment to more closely match that
of Earth, opening the door for human settlement. Mars, Earth's closest
neighbor, would require an estimated 1,000 years or more to terraform, making
it preferable to select a planet already close to Earth's type that would
support human life with a minimum of time and modification. The advent of
interplanetary travel after 2087 led people to consider transmiration
outside of Earth's solar system, opening up the range of exploration to
planets within ten or so light years away.

18. Symbology
A technology whereby certain phenomena can be induced through the combination
of invocation, marking, and mental power near an inscription of a special type
of design called a symbol

19. Symbol Stone
A stone created by Lutea that is etched with a symbol. Treating bacculus
symbologically requires obtaining the disease's original constituent elements;
the stone's symbol resonates with the energy generated by the disease,
allowing a practiced symbologist to seal its elements inside the stone.

20. Tractor Beam
A beam installed on the Cardianon mothership's outer circumference. It can
detect any object within 100km of the ship, disable its control engines, and
use gravitational polarization to pull it into a holding dock located along
the edge of the ship.

21. Cardianon Terminal
A terminal console installed inside the Cardianon mothership. These terminals
allow the user to survey the situation inside the ship; the ship itself
cannot be controlled from one, but a variety of internal environment controls
can be adjusted. Built for Cardianon, the terminal is controlled via light
emitted from its touchless panel. The monitor's output includes infrared
signals that are invisible to the human eye, but an Eldarian terminal can
be used to convert the output for human use

22. Coldsleep
The act of preserving a body at low temperatures, reducing its vital functions
to a bare minimum. This slows down the organism's metabolism, essentially
halting the aging process. As cold-blooded creatures, Cardianon are born
with the ability to suppress their internal systems when in temperatures of 
3°C or less, meaning their coldsleep systems do not require much functionality
dedicated to life support.

23. Epiphanies of Guidance
The Cardianon name attached to a top-secret data file stored in their
systems. Its exact content is unknown, and multiple layers of protection
make acquisition impossible, but whatever it refers to appears to have played
a major role in the history and development of the Cardianon species. The
Cardianon seem to revere the objects as gods.

24. Black Hole
When a star reaches the end of its lifespan and goes supernova, the remnants
of the resulting explosion are compressed into an extremely dense neutron
star, or -- if the remaining mass is great enough -- a singularity from which
not even light can escape. This lightless region is known as a black hole.

25. Event Horizon
The boundary between a black hole and normal space is known as the event
horizon. An object falling towards a black hole experiences time dilation
which goes to infinity as the object approaches the event horizon; to an
outside observer, the object will appear to slow down as it falls, never
seeming to actually cross the event horizon.

26. Ergosphere
A warped section of space observed around rotating black holes. All matter
inside the ergosphere, including light, is dragged along by the rotation;
it is impossible to stand still. An object in this region can use the
rotational energy to escape the influence of the black hole without
crossing its event horizon.

27. Hydrogen Bomb
Also "H-bomb." A bomb that uses the fissile energy from a nuclear explosion to
trigger a fusion reaction with lithium and deuterium creating a thermonuclear
chain reaction and emitting an immense amount of energy.

28. Topological Space
A geometrical space of homeomorphic construction consisting of objects and
the distance between them, created to define mathematically the continuity
and connectedness of a given spacetime. The "space" Bacchus mentions is thus
a "paradigm" rather than a specific physical area.

29. Optical Camouflage
Eyesight works by processing the way light is reflected off of an observed
object. By projecting the light blocked by an object onto the other side of
the object, an observer can be fooled into thinking the object does not
exist; this is the principle behind optical camouflage. Further altering
the object's heat radiation and sounds it makes can completely disguise it
from outside observation. Normally, this system is only effective on the
object on which it is installed, not other objects in the vicinity. Bacchus,
however, can place a spatial screen over the objects he touches, camouflaging
them as he does himself. Large objects like spaceships can also hide by warping
their surrounding space and refracting light around themselves in a form of
gravitational camouflage, but this method requires significant energy

30. Exalithium Crystal
A manmade crystal, also known as a warp drive core, used ina  warp drive's
energy supply system. Formed by refining exalithium ore, a mineral that
does not exist on Earth, into microscopic crystals which are then concentrated
and recrystallized. The resulting crystal is then used in a warp drive to
create antimatter and annihilate it with matter, producing large quantities
of energy. The previous method of creating antimatter on Earth (via an
antiproton decelerator) was incapable of producing enough energy for warp
travel; the use of exalithium crystals, introduced to Earth by the Eldarians,
was the key to building a practical warp drive system.

31. Antimatter Engine
A system that produces vast quantities of energy from the annihilation of
antimatter with normal matter. The energy can then be used to act upon
gravitons and create a subspace gravitational field. Used in plasma-propulsion
engines as well as warp drives.

32. Antimatter Reactor
A reactor that collides antimatter with normal matter to convert it into
energy. Numerous systems and technologies exist to keep the volatile
antimatter stable, the energy reactions efficient, and the energy extraction
process as safe as possible.

33. Annihilation Energy
Energy created by colliding particles of matter with particles of
antimatter. The resulting cancellation of positive and negative quana
destroys all mass, but leaves the particles' latent energy behind. The energy
produced is directly proportional to the mass used, following the equation

34. Cause-and-Effect Paradox
If the past and the present were connected within the same spacetime, you
could theoretically travel back to the past and prevent your own birth, thus
ceasing to exist. But if you did not exist, you could not have traveled back
in time to prevent your birth in the first place, leading to a paradox. What
would happen in such an event? The answer remains a mystery.

35. Lamp of Guidance
A keycard required to open a hidden door in the Purgatorium that cannot be
unlocked by normal means. One of many such mysterious objects related to the
Purgatorium; exactly why these technological constructions were created is
unclear. The card's exterior is decorated with tarot-like images and patterns.

36. Giant Star
The form a main-sequence (dwarf) star assumes as it approaches the end of its
life. A dwarf star runs off the nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms to helium
in its core. When all the hydrogen in the core is exhausted, gravity
compresses the remaining helium, raising its temperature; this ignites
hydrogen fusion in a shell surrounding he core. The heat from that fusion
causes the star to expand greatly, and the resulting surface cooling
transforms the star into a red giant. This process has already begun for
Eldar's sun, the effects of which were originally estimated to reach the
Eldarians' home planet sometime within the next several centuries to
millenia. However, the Phantom craft accelerated this process via the
fusion of heavy hydrogen isotopes.

37. Sector
A method for specifying the location of objects within the Milky Way, evenly
dividing the galaxy into 25 sections as viewed from "above." (Due to
the spiral shape of the galaxy, the periphery has only six sectors.) Each
sector is an equally-sized hexagonal prism, lined up with the others in an
ordered fashion. The central sector is named Sector 0 (zero), and the
remaining sectors are assigned Greek alphabet letters in order following
a spiral pattern, with Sector Alpha lying on a line joining the center of
Sector 0 with the center of the universe. Since the center of the galaxy
is thicker than the edges, the central seven sectors (Sector 0 through
Sector Zeta) are divided into upper, central, and lower parts; the upper
and lower zones are indicated with a + (plus) or - (minus) following the
sector name, to differentiate them from the central regions. If these
regions are included as well, the Milky Way is divided into a total
of 39 sectors.

38. Transporter
A device capable of breaking down an object into its quantum components
in one place and rebuilding an exact replica at another location. The
existence of such a transportation system was once thought to be impossible
due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, but the Morphus have already
put such devices to practical use thanks to their advanced scientific
knowledge. In S.D 207, an Earth version will finally be developed as well.

39. Heisenberg Uncertanty Principle
One of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics. According to this
theory, an observer cannot ascertain a particle's position and momentum
at the same time. To be more exact, the act of observing a particle's
position in a given space causes its momentum to change, while trying to
measure its momentum makes it impossible to ascertain its position. This is
not to say that the position and momentum of the particle are completely
unknown before measurement; instead, the particle is in a superposition
of multiple potential states, and there is no way to predict which state
will result from the measurement. It is one of physics' most important
theories, and helped bring physics into the realm of philosophy. Even
in the spacedate era, its importance has not faded in the slightest.

40. Transfer Symbol
A symbol constructed from invocations and markings which instantly moves
an object between two points in space. Instead of breaking down an object
and rebuilding it elsewhere like a transporter, the symbol transforms the
object into pure energy, sending it off to the destination symbol point where
it is reconverted into matter.

41. Graviton
A theoretical particle created to explain the spacetime-altering effects
of mass. In fact, gravity is the phenomenon of mass being moved by the
warping of space and time, rather than a force generated by mass itself. Just
as soun uses air as a medium to move through, gravitons have been postulated
as the medium through which gravity operated in empty space. The later
creation of the alterable-space theory will disprove the existence of
gravity in the form of gravitons once and for all.

4.F Miscellaneous/Other

1. World War III
The third global military conflict in Earth's history, fought in A.D 2064
between the World Republic Federation and an alliance of opposing nations
after a fracturing of views over space-development rights. An initial attack
with electromagnetic weapons designed to disable information networks and
paralyze urban areas triggered a malfunction in unmanned drone bombers,
causing them to launch nuclear missiles at cities. The chaos that prevailed
over the next few hours resulted in the widespread use of weapons of mass
destruction in retaliation, devastating the planet's environment and putting
the human race in danger of total annihilation. A cease-fire agreement was
signed between both sides two weeks later in the interest of preserving
mankind, marking an official end to the war.

2. Spacedate
A chronological numbering system first instituted on Earth, third planet of
the Sol system. Its starting point (S.D 1) is set at A.D 2087, the year when
Prof. Trillas Bachtein developed his warp drive system and made the idea of
faster-than-light (FTL) interstellar travel a reality. The calendar was
adopted on March 7, 2090, in commemoration of mankind's first FTL
interstellar flight.

3. Jurassic Era
A geological period in the middle of the Mesozoic era on Earth, extending
from approximately 200 million years ago to 135 million years ago. The global
climate during the Jurassic was generally warmer and more humid than today,
leading to a large rise in flora and fauna species. It is theorized that the
processes of evolution had similarly large and varied effects on the
ecosystem. This period is also well known as the Age of Dinosaurs.

4. Bacculus
An endemic disease unique to Lemuris, spread by toxins that appeared in
its atmosphere. Its chief symptoms are petrification of the limbs, 
paralysis, and dermal mutation, but if the toxins are neutralized during this
period, the patient may still recover. Acute cases result in further mutation
of the skin and muscles, leading to dehydration and hardening of the internal
organs, and eventually resulting in death. Once internal petrification
begins, random muscle spasms can cause the victim to become violent and
uncontrollable before finally passing away.

5. Stone Sickness
A viral disease that paralyzes and hardens the limbs, eventually solidifying
the entire body into a stone-like state, causing death. Current strains of
the virus are not highly contagious, and can be cured with the injection of
a vaccine. In recent years, several cases of disease brought on by a newer,
mutated version of the virus have raised new concerns. In response, scholars
in Astral have taken up the duty of researching and developing a new vaccine.

6. Death
The portrayal of Death as a skeletal figure with a hood and scythe has its
origin in French tarot cards of the 18th century. A swipe of his scythe was
said to take the soul of his victim, and there was no escape from him unless
the soul of another man was sacrificed instead. Personifications of death
exist in countless myths and folklore, but in monotheistic religions like
Christianity, death is governed over by angels, putting such personifications
in a different light. The death gods of Chinese mythology fulfill an emissary-
like duty as they guide souls to the land of the dead, while their Japanese
counterparts lure people into death, playing an arguably demonic role by
possessing them and instilling the will to die within them.

7. Jormungandr
THe ultimate weapon of Nox Obscurus, a large, dragon-shaped entity that
stretches over 1280km from head to tail. Composed entirely of the liquefied
energy covering Nox Obscurus, its wings absorb all energy in the area and
ingest it internally, nullifying all energy weapon attacks. Its head can
compress energy into a 1.2km-diameter beam of immense power that annihilates
everything in its path. The head itself is destroyed by the beam's recoil,
but reconstructs itself as more energy is diverted to it. The dragon is left
in a vulnerable state while it replenishes its exhuasted energy stores.

8. Premonition
According to one theory, dreams are the cerebral cortex's perception of
certain brain activity, a side effect of the elimination of unnecessary
information and the storage of useful data in long-term memory. This is only
one theory among many, however, and the truth remains uncertain. Dreams that
depict events which later happen in real life are known as premonitions. This
is different from paramnesia or "deja vu," the sense of having already
experienced something one is experiencing for the first time.

9. Arcanatite
A metal alloy fabrucated from arcana ore, produced on En II only under
extremely limited environmental conditions. An extremely light and durable
metal, it is one of the most valuable metallic elements on En II.

5. Closing
Well this is the part of the FAQ where the more talented FAQ creator would
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