Star Ocean Last Hope: All 9 Endings Question and Confusion ?

  1. Hi all

    Need the help of someone who got all the Endings in one go, and now the game pretty well please !!!

    I recently finished Star Ocean as well, played with a very good guide which claimed to get all 9 Endings in one go.

    I managed to get 6 of the 9 Endings, the only ones i missed was Meracles and Crowes.
    No I read on forums that in order for Crowes Ending to show u need to have Reimi, Sarah, and Meracles unlocked,

    So now I just need Meracles still. (I did everything else in order for Crowes, even the Funeral Bouquets.)

    Now my question is, can i just go and load my last save before the End Game boss and
    feed Meracle and Edge a few Love Potion256 to increase affinity points for her and then battle the last boss again and then have those 2 Extra ending unlocked extra ?

    The game also after the credits said something about "Do you want to transfer achievements to gamer profile." Message. Not sure if that means no further achievements can be unlocked on that mode and difficulty ?

    Any help will greatly be appreciated.
    Thanks for reading,

    Have a good day

    User Info: Serenath

    Serenath - 9 years ago
  2. Well... If the save file was from before the killing of the final boss for the first time, I am pretty sure you can reload it, but the problem is, do you have enough Affinity Points to even view Crowes if you view Meracles?

    Are you following the Private Action FAQ Page?

    User Info: TorazoTokisawa

    TorazoTokisawa - 8 years ago


  1. Hi there, thx thx for the reply.
    Indeed I had the save just before that, and luckily enough Love Potion to raise infinity.
    Like I said I followed an awesome walkthrough, and made all the right choices to raise the infinity.

    I just fed the potions to Meracle and the ones I didin't get the endings for, saved and refought the end boss.
    And recieved them all ! hehe ! Victory !!! Such an amazing game..truly worth playing.

    User Info: Serenath

    Serenath - 8 years ago 0   2

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