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XiangHua Guide by Premium G.

Version: 0.97 | Updated: 01/16/2000

Soul Calibur XiangHua FAQ version 0.97
written by: Premium G. (real name prefer to be withheld)
Email: PremiumG@yahoo.com
Date: 1/16/2000


- Added When being Poked at section, almost done!

- Original Beta FAQ.


How to Use This FAQ:

This is the best way to get the most out of this FAQ-

1-first go into practice mode, and get to know ALL of XiangHua's moves from the 
command list. ALL of them. Put CPU on Stand and Guard all moves so you don't 
ring the CPU out too easily.

2-read my insights of the moves that I find effective. Repeat those moves and 
try to understand why what I wrote what I did about each move.

3-read my in-game insights and try out the different tactics from midrange, 
beginning of match, up-close, etc., etc. Get a feel for the tactics until you 
can do them and mix them up without thinking about it (it should just come out 
with no hesitation and should feel natural). Note the inclose tactics and their 
hit ranges and height. Mid, low, etc. It's important to know the height of the 
inclose tactics... It's also very important to get to know which moves advances 
XiangHua so you can continue poking. If you don't advance, you'll simply push 
the opponent away and you will not be able to poke anymore.

4-put CPU on Final Boss level and Ultrahard... keep playing using my tactics and 
making up your own as you go along. Make up your own "style" of playing... keep 
playing until you can defeat your CPU opponent with no problems... Play against 
all the characters you have so that you are familiar with their moves (know how 
to anticipate and block their moves)


I am writing this FAQ because I believe that I am a good XiangHua player in Soul 
Calibur. I'm not going to brag or anything and I am welcome to comments or 
suggestions. If you think my tactics suck, e-mail me. Anyway, I'm not going to 
mess around with the very basics of Soul Calibur like how to guard parry, etc., 
etc. All that can be found on move lists. That is not what I am writing to write 
here. I am trying to write a FAQ with tactics and strategy on how to play an 
effective XiangHua. I think XiangHua is one of the most effective characters to 
play in Soul Calibur because of her speed and interrupt ability. Her speed is 
only second to Taki's. I believe an effective XiangHua is played "in your face" 
style, countering and poking at the opponent. This FAQ is to help people to play 
XiangHua better.

General tips:

The best thing to do in any fighting game is be as unpredictable as you can. 
Everyone has their own style of playing but all the experts have something in 
common, they are unpredictable. That means mix up your moves. The best way to 
win with XiangHua is to do fast, good priority moves, mixed in with slower low 
hits mixed in with throws every once in a while. XiangHua's speed is her best 
weapon. Although her throw range is poor, her speed allows you to run up and 
throw before the opposition know what happened.

Also remember after you've been parried or repelled (except at far range i.e. 
parrying Kilik's b+B move), you cannot block or duck fast enough to avoid the 
next move if he follows immediately. You can however parry or repel yourself. 
That is the only thing that will stop a move done immediately after a parry or 
repel. However, the other person can mix it up be delaying his move after your 
parry or repel.... or the other person can do a low move versus his usual high 
slashes ... etc. etc. This goes back to the most universals rule of fighting 
games.... be unpredictable.

Don't be afraid to run straight up and throw. A lot of people don't throw 
enough.... There is a line though where you can go overboard. When you think 
you're opponent will least expect it, don't be afraid to run up and throw. This 
can throw off the timing of people who like to parry attacks a lot because 
they'll parry at the range of the attack, and not the throw.. so when they 
parry, no attack is coming. For XiangHua, once the opponent gets use to her 
super-fast pokes, they will most likely turtle up and block. This is the time to 
run up and throw.

Know ALL your character's moves. I don't list all of XiangHua's moves in this 
FAQ but they are available in the command list of the game. Even moves you think 
are worthless and moves you don't ever think you'll use. By knowing all the 
moves, this allows you more variety in a match, thus making you more 
unpredictable, thus a deadlier opponent.

Don't be afraid to try moves you think are worthless. Sometimes by trying those 
"worthless" moves out in a match, you find out situations when those moves might 
actually be pretty good.

There seems to be no difference between guard parries and repels in regard to 
time initiative gained. I prefer to use guard parries though because it seems to 
leave the opponent closer sometimes than guard repels. Although some people say 
repels are better against heavy hits and parries against lighter hits, I find 
they work both equally well in both situations.

Remember that a high parry or repel works for high and mid moves while a low one 
works for mid and low moves. When someone is poking you, usually the moves 
consist of mid and low hits..... therefore use low parries more when you find 
yourself being poked at.... Beware though, only a high parry or repel can work 
against a throw.

Let's go over the legend of my FAQ:

d - down
f - forward
b - back
u - up
A - horizontal slash
B - vertical slash
K - kick
G - guard
+ - means press at the same time (i.e., A+B)
~ - means slide the buttons. Press one button then quickly press the other
8WR - eight way run
ws - while standing (from crouch)
wc - while crouching

That's about it!!!

First, I'm going to give a run-down of basic moves for XiangHua that I think are 
very effective (not in any order). Note, NOT EVERY MOVE IS LISTED!! Just the 
ones I find I use most often....

NOTE: Some move names are taken off Dreamcast, some are taken off a Soul Calibur 
FAQ by Mr MG. so names might be different from the game command list or other 

Beautiful Rhythm (A, A, B) - Two fast high swings followed by a mid stab. Very 
good starting speed, very good priority and horizontal arc. Drawbacks are that 
the first two hits are high and the final stab knocks the opponent too far to 
continue pokes. XiangHua has a lot of variations from this move. First variation 
(A, A). This only does the first two swings of the string. After this, you can 
throw or do another move. The second variation is (A, A, up or down). With this 
XiangHua does two swings then side-steps, and spins her sword. This repels high 
and mid attacks. The only time I see a feasible use for this is if the (A, A) 
misses (from either being too far or if your opponent ducks the two swings) and 
you know your opponent is about to attack you. During a "poke session" as I like 
to call it, you want to constantly bombard your opponent with moves. If you 
could delay the last part of the string (A, A, up or down) that would make this 
move a lot more useful. When an opponent is being poked at with (A, A) they will 
most likely block the mid stab they think is coming or suspect that you will 
only do (A, A) and try to interrupt you as you go for another move. But the (A, 
A, up or down) side-steps too quick. Yes, TOO quick! Not to mention when 
XiangHua does this side-stepping repel move, she steps back, not forward... thus 
halting your poke session. So now you see why I only do (A, A, up or down) when 
(A, A) misses. The third variation is (A, A, b+B). After that, there are 
subvariations (A, A, b+B, B) or (A, A, b+B, B, B) or (A, A, b+B, B, G). When you 
press (A, A, b+B, B) XiangHua does two horizontal swings followed by two mid 
attacks where she spins her sword at you. (A, A, b+B, B, B) gives you two 
horizontal swings, a mid sword spin, then a high stab. Although the stab hits 
high, it seems to have better priority then the two mid spins of (A, A, b+B, B). 
The (A, A, b+B, B, G) is a cancel for her fourth hit. She annouces her cancel by 
saying "sorry" in chinese so I find it more useful to end the string at (A, A, 
b+B) rather than using the cancel. I don't find much use for the cancel really. 
In most cases, you will mix up between (A, A) or (A, A, B).

Feung Yun Feint (A~K, B) - A butterfly kick (hits mid) followed by a low stab 
(hits low). Start-up time is a little slow so use this move in mid-range or 
after a faster move for best results.

Doubt Feung Feint (A~K, K) - Two butterfly kicks that hit mid. A good mix-up 
from the previous move. Again start-up time is a little slow and recovery speed 
is only fair. If blocked a safe follow up is a (d+A). Another way to mix it up 
is to stop after the first kick and do another move. 

Striking Lian Hua (f, f+A) - XiangHua runs foward and slashes in a wide 
horizontal arc for a high hit that results in a knockdown. This move is best 
used for opponents who like to 8WR a lot to avoid attacks. It hits high 
though... Best used at mid-range and an ender to a poking session (when opponent 
tries to back out of range of your pokes).

Shui Shian Strike (df+A) - A low hit that has good range. Start-up time is fair 
and if the move hits, your opponent end up crouching and in while-rising status 
(unless he presses down). This limits the opponents' ability to strike after 
being hit. This move advances XiangHua fairly well and a good follow up is a 
throw or (ws, K) mix-up.

Rhythm Halt (d+A) - You will be using this move a lot during your poke sessions. 
Range and damage is lacking but it's speed of execution, and recovery cannot be 
beaten. It his special mid so and guard will block your attack. Whenever you 
don't know what to do or are in a bad situation, this move will bail you out. 
Counters almost anything up close.

Lan Hua Slice (b, b+A) - This move is a very good move to use at close-range or 
mid-range. Start-up time is a little slow so precede this move with a (d+A) or 
(A, A). Hold down (A) to do two slashes instead of one. I always do this instead 
of just pressing A. My reasoning? Well, let's examine (b, b+A) without holding 
A. You get one mid slash. If it hits, the opponent will grab his stomach and 
fall down. You can then follow up with (df+B) or (f, f+K) when they are on the 
floor and those two hits are guaranteed by the way. But the damage from (b, b + 
hold A) is only slightly less that (b, b+A) followed up with (df+B) or (f, f+K). 
(b, b + hold A) keeps the opponent standing up allowing you to continue your 
pokes. (b, b + hold A) does two slashes, one mid and one high. The high hit 
although not guaranteed comes out so fast that pretty much anyone who gets hit 
by the first hit will not be able to press guard fast enough to block the second 
hit. (b, b + hold A) has better follow-up options that (b, b+A) and advances 
XiangHua very, very well. After (b, b + hold A), you can go into a throw which 
works very well, or do (f, f+K) for a mid-hit mix-up. To summarize (b, b + hold 
A) advances XiangHua better, the second hit is almost guaranteed after the first 
(cause it's so fast), and has better follow-up options. So do (b, b + hold A) 
instead. Oh yeah, the first hit will go under high attacks.

Muu Jiann Rhythm (ws, A, A) - You will also be using these in your pokes a lot. 
With this move, you get two mid hits. The range is poor and but speed is good 
(for the first A). The second slash comes out way to slow and usually is best 
left out. Do one slash and press (d+K). Then when the opponent gets use to that, 
do both slashes. I have had a lot of people even retreat before the second hit 
comes out!! This move advances XiangHua only fair when poking.

Elegant Rhythm (B, B) - Two vertical mid slashes. Good speed and damage. Range 
is not bad but this move can be side-stepped fairly easily. This is another move 
you will be using in your pokes fairly commonly. Precede this with (A, A) or 
just (A). Doing this will stop a 8WRunner before you do the move.

Lian Hua Twist Right (B~A) - A mid hit that comes out really slow but it repels 
high attacks. That's all I can really say about this move. You probably won't 
use this much unless you see a pattern in the opponent's attacks and can predict 
a high attack. Usually I would counter his attack rather that just using this 
attack. The delaying propery of this move (because it comes out a little slow) 
is good if you can also predict a guard parry or repel. The move will come out 
after they already done the guard parry and will hit them when they are 

Advancing Rhythm (f+B, A) - a high stab immediately followed by a mid horizontal 
slash. Advances XiangHua pretty well during poke session. Read description for 
next move....

Deadly Rhythm (f+B, B) - a high stab followed by a low stab. The low stab comes 
out really slow and is extremely telegraphed. But what makes (f+B, A) and (f+B, 
B) useful is the mix-up potential. Common mix-ups I use that will make these two 
moves more useful:
(f+B), (df+B)
(f+B), throw
(f+B), (f, f+K)
or just do (f+B, B) or (f+B, A)

Playful Rhythm (f, f+B, B) - a mid stab followed by another mid hit which 
XiangHua does a little twirl of the sword. The second hit is not guaranteed 
after the first but it will usually hit because it comes out quick after the 
first hit. You can press back after first hit to retreat with a guard repel or 
you can press back after the second hit to retreat with a guard repel (only if 
second hit misses). I usually press back after the second hit. When you press 
back after the second hit, you will twirl your sword around and repel high and 
mid attacks. When the opponent gets use to you retreating, he will usually try 
to run up and throw you (because he doesn't want to get his attacks repelled). 
You can mix it up by not pressing back and attacking the opponent who tries to 
rush in a throw you. Good attacks to use are throws as they run in or (f, f+K).

Lian Hua Upper (df+B) - a mid hit that lifts up opponent for juggles. It goes 
under some high attacks. Execution speed is good and recovery is pretty good. Be 
wary of side-steps though.

Rhythm Break (b+B) - XiangHua twirls her sword at your for a mid hit with pretty 
good range. If you press (b+B, B) she will do two mid-hits. (b+B, B, B) will 
give you a stab instead which hits high so it's not that useful. However the 
high hit seems to have better priority can comes out a bit faster. Becareful of 
accidentally doing the high stab by pressing (B) too many times. You can also 
press (b+B, B, G) to cancel the second hit which I don't find that useful. If 
you're going to cancel the second hit, just do the first hit instead (b+B). 
Cancelling the second hit lengthens your recovery time. Fairly good mix-up 

Shan Ji (db+B, A) - A mid vertical slash followed by a little hop into a low 
stab. The low stab is telegraphed pretty bad but can go over low attacks with 
the little hop. The low stab can also be delayed for a while. The first hit of 
the move (if hit or blocked) will protect the hop-stab pretty well from 
counters. The second hit I have never seen countered so feel free to do it. The 
hop goes over low attacks and the low stab is low enough to avoid high attacks 
as well as having good priority. Good move to use in a poke session. Use the 
delay only after the opponent starts blocking the low stab. Mix-up potential for 
this move is limited because recovery time for (db+B) when not followed by (A) 
is pretty bad. This move ends crouching so you can mix it up by pressing (db+B), 
(ws, B) for a mid hit. Even this is limited because the (A) part of the move is 
so telegraphed it can be blocked by good players on reaction. Here's a little 
trick to lengthen the delay even more though. Press (db+B). Then keep crouching 
by pressing down. Then while crouching press (B~A). This is a separate move that 
only does the little hop into the low stab. The object of this mix-up is to make 
the opponent think that you've delayed it too long and the low stab isn't coming 
after all.

Vengeful Lian Hua (b, b+B) - XiangHua bounces back a little and lunges forward 
with a mid stab. You will be using this move a lot as a counter. You can press 
back during this move to retreat with a guard repel. This only works if move is 
blocked or misses. But why would you want to retreat if it hits anyways because 
this move will knock them down if hit. Read description for Playful Rhythm for 
mix-ups regarding the guard repel retreat. 

Shaing Ryh Kwei (ws, B) - XiangHua lunges forward a bit and twirls her sword for 
two mid hits with good range. Useful to end pokes with but can be side-stepped 
pretty easily. If blocked, best follow-up is (f, f+K).

Mei Guai Hua (wc, df+B) - A pretty fast vertical slash that hits mid. Enables 
juggles if this move hits. Useful follow-up to (d+A). Recovery time is pretty 
good too. This is another move to stick somewhere in a poke session.

Mei Guan Hua Feint (wc, df+B, B) - A fake uppercut slash followed by a low stab 
to the legs. VERY telegraphed. It would be useful if you can fake the uppercut 
slash and cancel into another move but you can't. You will probably get someone 
the first few times but after that, it loses its usefulness. Ok, why did I even 
put this move down?

Outer Heh Kick (K~B, B) - a tornado kick that hits mid and hops over low attacks 
followed by a sword twirl that hits mid. Execution time is a little slow but 
it's a good move to use in mid range. You can mix-up by only doing the kick into 
the throw. Also not a bad move to use for wake-up games as it hits downed 
opponents (the kick only). A good tactic to use is to use this move so the kick 
misses them on the ground. Assuming the opponent seizes the oppurtunity to 
counter after the missed kick, the second part of the move (twirling sword) will 
hit them.

Woan Shyoung Swing (f, f+K) - You will be using this move a LOT. When I say a 
lot, I mean a lot. You will learn to love this move. Your opponent will learn to 
hate this move. It comes out SUPER fast, has good range, good damage, and 
AWESOME priority. AWESOME means AWESOME. I've never seen this move countered 
before except during the beginning when the kick hasn't come out yet. Once the 
leg comes out though, this move is almost unstoppable. Best used at close to 
mid-range. You must learn to buffer this move. Buffer means to begin the motion 
of one move within another. A good example is when you a blocking an opponent's 
attack. Press (f, f) while blocking. Then let go of guard and press kick to 
release this power house. After this kick hits, the opponent will be spun to his 
side. This is the perfect time to...... do another one!! Yes, don't be afraid to 
throw this move out repeatily. Vary the timing to throw off people who like to 
guard repel. Immediatly after a successful kick, another kick is guaranteed 
unless the opponent blocks or repels. Doing another kick will counter pretty 
much anything the opponent throws out leaving him only two choices. Block and 
guard parry. Now, left with these two options, you can run in and throw, or go 
into your pokes. If the opponent blocks this kick then he can counter an attempt 
at another kick [only with a few select moves... really fast attacks suck as 
(d+A) and (A, A) or avoidance attacks such as XiangHua's (b, b+B)]. So did you 
get that clearly? That means only a few selet attacks can even have the 
possibility of countering two kicks in a row (with first one blocked). If the 
first one hits, the second kick will only bow down to a guard parry or block. So 
mix-ups include:

After successful kick:
(f, f+K) again (WILL NOT BE COUNTERED, only blocked or parried)
delayed (f, f+K) to hit them after they miss their parry
(b, b + hold A)
run up and start pokes

After blocked kick:
(f, f+K) again (can be countered)
delay (f, f+K) and hit them after they miss their attack or miss their parry
(b, b+B) to stop opponent's counter

You have to realize that the you get more initiative blocking that after being 
hit. The frames for recovery are faster for blocking that recoving after a hit. 
This is important to realize when poking or being poked at... A good example is 
this.... Two XiangHua's are fighting each other. One XiangHua (we'll call her 
ME) does a (d+A) that hits up close. Now (ME) will do another (d+A). The second 
XiangHua (YOU) tries to stop the pokes inbetween my (d+A)'s with her own (d+A). 
My second swing will hit her before her's comes out. However if my first (d+A) 
was blocked and (YOU) was fast enough then she can let go of block and do (d+A) 
before I can swing again with (d+A) so I will get hit. Sounds a little 
confusing? Sorry, that's as clear as I can make it.

Woan Shyong Nibble (d+K) - a good alternative to (d+A). XiangHua does a little 
kick that hits low. Speed and recovery are superb. Damage, and range is pitiful. 
This move has no horizontal arc at all. (d+A) gives you a little horizontal arc 
at least to stop 8WRunners up close. At this range, horizontal arc doesn't make 
that big of a difference anyways. Stick this move out every once in a while to 
counter a opponent's attack. Also very useful when poking because it hits low.

Circle Breaker (db+K) - a low kick with good range, and good damage. Recovery 
and execution time is ok. If this move is blocked up close, you will probably 
eat some damage. This is alternative to (d+K) during pokes because you remain 
standing up. This move pushes opponents away so good follow-ups include (d+B+A), 
(f, f+K), or (b, b + hold A).

Circle Breaker Feint (db+K~A, A, B or K) - this is a mid slash move going into 
the butterfly kick mix-up. Read above description for Feung Yun Feint for 
butterfly kick mix-ups. The added hit isn't really that good. The slash comes 
out kind of slow and range isn't that good. This is another one of those moves I 
put in this FAQ just to tell you the drawbacks. I usually use the (A~K) mix-ups 
at mid-range. The extra slash this move adds usually doesn't cover that distance 
so I really don't do it much.

Ta (b, b+K) - This kick is an alternative to situations when you would use (f, 
f+K). Sacrifices a bit of speed in the beginning for a little extra damage. 
After this kick hits, a (f, f+K) is 90% likely to hit. So damage is pretty good 
if you get both kicks. However the few extra frames that slow down this kick 
compared to (f, f+K) can make a big difference in some cases. Use this move only 
during mid-range. This can be used in pokes but is a bit slow. Follow up with 
(f, f+K) if blocked.

Inner Heh Kick (u+K) - a tornado kick. Hits mid and can go over low attacks. I 
use this sometimes in my pokes but press (uf+K) instead which is recommended. 
(u+K) doesn't do that much but (uf+K) has good priority, advances XiangHua and 
avoids low attacks. Starting time is a bit slow. Best used at about mid-range.

Rising Shui Shuian (ws, K) - a handstand kick that hits mid. Very good priority 
and speed. Very good to use for ending a poke session. This move will push the 
opponent back though and has limited wake-up game potential afterwards. Best 
used as a retreating move. When being poked at, do a (d+A), the (ws, K).

Muu Jiann (A+B) - This is an AWESOME move. But holding down (A+B) your second 
hit becomes unblockable. If you tap (A+B), the second hit is guaranteed if first 
hit connects. Once your opponent gets hit by a couple of unblockable second 
hits, start varying the time you hold down (A+B). Release (A+B) when you as soon 
as you see your opponent flinch from this guard. If you do the unblockable 
version too many times, the opponent will start to retreat from the second hit 
or counter with a fast move. By varying the length you hold down (A+B), this one 
move can be extremely tricky. Has good priority, and recover. Speed of execution 
is good, as well as range and damage. So all that means this move is very 

Great Wall (f, f+A+B) - XiangHua side-steps a little to her left and pushes out 
with her sword. Very good tracking ability for people who like to 8WR. Good 
priority and if blocked, you are safe afterwards. Good to start off the match 
with or when an opponent is trying to retreat from your pokes.

Mei Hua Carve (wc, A+B, d+B) - XiangHua does a little sword spin for a low hit 
followed by a high hit then a low stab to the legs. The second hit is guaranteed 
if first hit connects and opponent is within range. Very good move to use after 
(d+A) during pokes. Advances XiangHua a bit, execution is a bit slow, but has 
good damage since two hits are guaranteed if the first one hits. And since the 
first one hits low, chances are it will probably hit. For mix-ups, leave out the 
low stab (d+B) and do this instead (wc, A+B), (B, B) or (ws, A+B), (f, f+K) or 
do a throw in place of the kick. You can do a variation of this move (wc, A+B, 
B) which results in a stab that hits high instead of low but I find its uses 
limited because the last hit is high. The high hit has good priority but I would 
still rather leave out the stab and do (B, B) instead.

Guei (when on the floor, A+B) - XiangHua gets upset and hits the floor with her 
hands and feet. This is more of a taunt move than anything else but I have 
gotten many people with this move. Priority is surprisingly good. Range, and 
damage is limited but it hits low so when someone is close to you on the ground, 
you are likely to hit them. Afterwards, you can try for this move again to hit 
them but don't do it too many times. Prepare to guard when rising after this 
move because the opponent will probably try to attack you with a fast move.

Hou Lee (A+K) - Another execellent move to attack retreating opponents. XiangHua 
does a weird little spin on the ground that avoids high attacks and advances her 
VERY well. After (A+K), XiangHua is considered while rising unless you press and 
hold down on the control pad. If you press forward, and a button, you can do any 
move that has (f+anything) or (f, f+anything). Good moves to link to this is 
(ws, K), (wc, A+B) mix-ups, (d+K) into poking game, (B+K), (f, f+K) - you gotta 
buffer this one pretty good, or press (f+A+G) or (f+B+G) to throw. The best mix-
ups are the throw and the (ws, K). Execellent move to use in mid-range with a 
(d+K) to start up pokes.

Lian Hua Sweeps (d+A+K, K) - XiangHua does two low sweeps. Recovery is fair. 
This move is extremely telegraphed so be wary of using it. But you can mix it up 
by only doing one sweep (d+A+K) into (f, f+K) or just do both sweeps. Advances 
XiangHua a little bit. Pretty good to use in wake-up games because it hits them 
low and on the ground so they have to rise blocking low to guard this move.

Cross Lian Hua (f+A) - XiangHua swings her sword out in a wide horizontal arc. 
Good range and speed but it hits high. When I do this move, I am hoping for a 
counter-attack in which then the opponent turns to his side. If this happens, a 
(f, f+K) is guaranteed unless blocked or guard parried. Please read description 
for Woan Shyoung Swing (f, f+K) for more details on this works.

Storming Lian Hua (b+A) - XiangHua does a small side-step to her right and 
swings her sword. Start-up time is a bit slow. The little side-step has limited 
uses. Although sometimes you will side-step an attack, at close range, most 
opponents will use horizontal attacks because they tend to be faster. After this 
move hits, the opponent is turned to his side. Often times you can just press 
(f+A+G) to go straight into a side throw. Sometimes this move will knock them 
out farther though. Read description for Woan Shyoung Swing (f, f+K) for more 
info. on what to do when an opponent is hit to their side. Best follow ups are 
throws, (f, f+K), and (df+B+K).

Yann Dive (d+A+B) - XiangHua ducks and swings her sword at the opponent's legs 
for a effective low hit. This is a great move to use at mid-range or after a few 
pokes. This move can duck high attacks, and has very good priority. Start-up 
time is a bit slow, though. Nevertheless, this is a VERY effective move just for 
the fact that it hits low. Also use this move in wake-up games. This move 
doesn't hit downed opponents but if they roll or try to attack, they will get 
knocked right back down for more wake-up games.

Lower Great Wall (df+B+K) - XiangHua lunges forward pushing out her sword at the 
opponent. This is a very good ring-out move when the opponent has their back to 
the edge. Very good priority and recovery. The start-up time for this move is 
almost an instant. Use this when you see the opponent rush in at you and be 
assured that you will counter pretty much anything they do. Best used a close 
range or mid-range. Use this move for a quick knockdown into wake-up games. This 
move as an alternative to (f, f+K) is great for different situations. (f, f+K) 
doesn't knock them down but allows you to do mix-ups afterwards. Also (f, f+K) 
is a better move to do while running at the opponent because it is easier to do 
(all you have to do is press K to release the kick, this allows you to control 
when you want your move to come out). (df+B+K) will knock down the opponent if 
it connects and push them out if blocked giving you some time to plan your next 

Hwu Dye (db+B+K) - XiangHua does a side-step to the left and swings her sword 
downwards. A very good move to use when being poked at or just to stick in 
between your pokes when you think your opponent will counter. The side-step for 
this move is very good. I've seen it avoid horizontal attacks before. Effective 
follow-ups include (df+B+K), (B, B), throw, or (f, f+K).

Li (8WR, uf or df +A) - Good range and priority but start-up time is a bit slow. 
On a counter hit, a (df+B) or throw is guaranteed afterwards. Good damage move 
and recovery isn't bad either.

Spinning Lian Hua (8WR, u or d + A) - XiangHua advances slightly with two mid 
horizontal strikes. Start-up time and recovery is very good. Range is only fair 
though. A very good move to use when advancing from mid-range to close-range via 
8WR. This move ends up with while rising status unless you press and hold down. 
Best follow ups: (ws, K), (d+K), (f, f+K)

Ing Hua (8WR, db or ub + A) - XiangHua swings her sword with good speed then 
steps out of danger. Although this move hits high, it comes out very fast, has 
fair range and good priority. Use this when retreating. If blocked, you are most 
likely not going to get hit after this move.

Playful Slice (8WR, u or d + B) - XiangHua does a little twirl with her sword 
that hits mid. Very good priority and lifts up for a juggle. Range is also very 
good. When she does this move though, she steps a little in the opposite 
direction (if you do this move with up, she steps down, vice versa) which can 
get her in trouble sometimes. One of my most often used 8WR moves because of 
juggle possibility.

San Jann (8WR, uf or df + B) - XiangHua does three vertical slices. If blocked, 
the third hit can be parried by a skill opponent. I don't use this move much 
because it is very linear and once you swing, you can't stop the second and 
third swing. Therefore if someone side-steps this attack, you are extremely 
vunerable. Damage however is very good and range as well. Just beware of the 

Vengeful Lian Hua (8WR, db, b or ub + B) - same as (b, b+B). However I just 
wanted you to note that this can also be done during 8WR because this move is so 
effective for avoiding attacks.

Bea Her Hua (8WR, any direction + B+K) - When done by pressing foward or back, 
this only repels high attacks but if done up or down or any diagonal direction, 
it can repel mid attacks as well. HIGH AND MID ATTACKS!! Very good baiting tool 
to use during 8WR to get a free parry. If you miss, go right into (d+A) because 
you will probably be attacked. However, used at the right time, you will get a 
free parry every time. Best mix-ups to use during 8WR are this, (8WR, u or d + 
B), (8WR, u or d + A), and (8WR, uf or df + K). This varies your attack from a 
parry, two choices of mid hits and a low kick.


Beginning of the game:

     I like to start off the match by running in and doing (f, f+K). Rest 
assured that this move will counter pretty much anything the opponent will throw 
out. Mix this up with running in and doing (d+A+B). If you are facing a opponent 
who likes to 8WR during the beginning, use (f, f+A+B). This move will "home" in 
on them and you will be safe if it is blocked. If you like 8WR moves yourself, 
try doing (8WR, uf or df + A) and go into a juggle if it hits. Or try (8WR, any 
direction except forward and back + B+K) for a guard parry. This works wonders 
because when an opponent sees you in 8WR status, there is a constant threat of 
this move. The more you do this parry, the less and less the opponent will 
attack you during your 8WR status allowing you to do a slower 8WR move such as 
(8WR, uf or df + K) to hit low.
     Another tactic I used is to guard in the beginning of the game. Just stand 
there and guard while buffering (f, f). When the opponent gets close enough, 
release guard and press K to counter.

Enemy in Midrange (about range of Nightmare's sword):

     Although most of XiangHua's moves are limited range, the moves that she 
does have at mid range isn't that bad. Especially (f, f+K). At mid-range, her 
fastest and best counters are (f, f+K), (df+B+K), and sometimes (b, b+B). When 
the opponent starts getting defensive at mid-range, use (A+K) mix-ups to close 
in. Also when you hit the opponent a couple of times with fast moves such as (f, 
f+K), this enables you to do slower moves once he starts to block more. At this 
point, good moves to use are (b, b + hold A) to close in, (uf+K) to close in, 
(A~K) mix-ups, and throws. Even though, she only has a few moves suitable for 
mid-range combat, she makes up for it with her speed and priority of her moves. 
In mid-range, also try to advance in via 8WR and mix up her moves. Her 8WR parry 
is most effective at mid-range because if she doesn't get the parry, she isn't 
as vulnerable. The most effective move to close in from this range is (A+K). You 
can also use (A+K) during 8WR. Don't be afraid to run in either after you hit 
him a couple of times with (f, f+K) to get him blocking. Her speed makes running 
in and throwing another option too.

Enemy faraway (about Kilik's and Ivy's favorite range):

     This is not where XiangHua wants to be. She has no attacks that can reach 
out to Kilik or Ivy if she is kept out. The best way to close in is to do 8WR to 
mid-range. (A+K) is not a good choice to do at far range because her attacks 
leading out of (A+K) can be countered. Running straight in is not a good idea 
because of her limited range, she can be countered pretty easily if she tries to 
do a move running straight in. (f, f + B+K) only parries high attacks, so that 
is also not a good option. Her best choice is to run in diagonally via 8WR.

Enemy up-close (self-explainatory):

     Although keeping an opponent here can sometimes be hard, it's okay because 
XiangHua's mid-range attacks are not that bad. XiangHua is one of the best (if 
not the best) pokers in the game with simple and fast moves. Let's go over some 
basic stuff. The fastest moves that she has at close-range are (A, A), (d+A), 
and (d+K). Slower but still fast moves to use are (b+A), (A+B), (B, B), and (b, 
b + hold A). Teaching pokes is very difficult to do by writing. So let's just go 
over some sample custom strings..

(d+A), (wc, A+B), (B, B), (f, f+K)
(d+A), (d+K), (ws, A), (f, f+K)

After you practice XiangHua pokes for a while, you will see she lacks a good 
assortment of moves that has good range to do while standing. (ws, A) and (wc, 
A+B) are moves that I see people retreat from a lot. Her best canidates are (ws, 
B) and (wc, df+B). But these moves pretty much end the poking session but 
pushing the opponent out. One move I like to use (which is really a while rising 
move) is (f+B). Although (f+B) hits high, it can be buffered from a crouching 
position and flows beautifully in a poke string. It has good range and good mix-
up potential. But beware, it can be side-stepped pretty easily. By mixing in 
(d+A), and (ws, A), or other horizontal moves, you can often get away with (f+B) 
though. Let's go on to more sample strings.

(A+K), (d+K), (f+B), (B, B), (d+B+A)
(A+K), (ws, A), (f, f+K)
(f, f+B), (d+A), (f+B), (df+B+K)
(d+A), (f+B), (A, A), (B, B), (d+K), (wc, A+B, d+B)

You will also notice most of these strings aren't that long. That's just the way 
it is with poking games in Soul Calibur. Usually you will knock them down or 
they will retreat so that's why the pokes aren't that long. The best moves to do 
when they try to retreat are (f, f+K), and (b, b + hold A). The second move gets 
you back in poking range. Let's go on to more sample strings again.

(A, A), (d+A), (ws, A), (K), (b, b + hold A), throw
(A, A), (d+K), (wc, A+B), (B), throw
(A), (d+A), (ws, K)
(A), (B, B), (d+A), (ws, A), (b, b + hold A), (f, f+K)
(A, A), (A+B)
(d+A), (d+K), (wc, A+B), (d+A), (ws, A, A), (f, f+K)

The most important thing is try to mix it up. Don't try to memorize these 
strings.. You have to make them up in the game as you go along. The art of 
poking has no planning involved. You just do as the situation calls for. 
Basically, it takes experience to learn to be a good poker.

Wake-up Games:

     If you read my Hwang wake-up game after a throw, XiangHua has a similar 
wake-up game mix-up. After a throw, or any juggle in which the opponent lands 
pretty close to you, press (f, f+K). This will hit them on the ground, and comes 
out so fast, it will pretty much counter any move they try to do while rising. 
Since this move hits them on the ground too. They're only option is to get up 
and block standing. Bad choice. Now, you rush in a throw them and the mix-up 
begins all over again! This works for only a little while as the (f, f+K) pushes 
them away if you hit them but this is a very effective wake-up game done on a 
downed opponent that's close up. Mid-range wake-up games include (f, f+K), and 
(d+B+A). The (d+B+A) doesn't hit them unless they move. But, (d+B+A) has high 
priority and will hit them if they try to roll to the side or back and forward.
     Another mid-range wake-up game that is very effective is (A+K) into (ws, K) 
or a throw. For the throw you have to press toward while throwing to cancel the 
while rising status of (A+K). The (ws, K) will hit them if they stay down. 
Again, if you need almost guaranteed damage when they are down, use (f, f+K) as 
this will hit them on the ground too.
When Being Poked at:

     For close range pokes, you best bet is a (d+K) or (d+A). Remember though, 
you have better initiative after a block than after being hit. So if you try to 
interrupt an opponent who does 2 (d+A)'s with your own inbetween after getting 
hit by the first one, you will get hit again. Another move to do are (db+B+K) 
which is good speed, and side-steps. This move I have seen side-step even some 
horizontal attacks!
     Another option is (b, b+B) but this might not step back far enough at
close range to avoid some attacks. The most common thing I do when being
poked at is block while buffering (f, f). Then as soon as the opponent begins
to retract their move, I press kick to release her best move.



Ok!! That's it!!! I might add more later but making a detailed FAQ is HARD 
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Expert Gamer Magazine.
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