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Hwang Guide by Premium G.

Version: 1.021 | Updated: 01/12/2000

(use word wrap when viewing this FAQ!!!!)

Soul Calibur Hwang FAQ version 1.021
written by: Premium G. (real name prefer to be withheld)
Email: Gida31@aol.com
Date: 1/12/2000 (Happy New Years by the way!!!)


- Hail Storm motion was backwards. Why can't I get this damn move right?!! 
Thanks to Miguel Martinez (Hwang_sung@hotmail.com)

- Hail Storm description changed (it repels high hits) - thanks to Miguel 
Martinez (Hwang_sung@hotmail.com)

- Base Return Blade and Hail Storm description mixed up - thanks to Miguel 
Martinez (Hwang_sung@hotmail.com) for bring it to my attention.
- Added more Hwang juggles and combos
- Comments on Soul and Spirit Charges
- Added more comments on Hwang's kick cancel into throw (1fps system)
- Added recommend button settings for Dreamcast L and R buttons

- Um.... changed some spelling mistakes... probably some still left though.
- Copyright info. put in.

Original FAQ


How to Use This FAQ:

This is the best way to get the most out of this FAQ-

1-first go into practice mode, and get to know ALL of Hwang's moves from the 
command list. ALL of them. Put CPU on Stand and Guard all moves so you don't 
ring the CPU out too easily.

2-read my insights of the moves that I find effective. Repeat those moves and 
try to understand why what I wrote what I did about each move.

3-read my in-game insights and try out the different tactics from midrange, 
beginning of match, up-close, etc., etc. Get a feel for the tactics until you 
can do them and mix them up without thinking about it (it should just come out 
with no hesitation and should feel natural). Note the inclose tactics and their 
hit ranges and height. Mid, low, etc. It's important to know the height of the 
inclose tactics... It's also very important to get to know which moves advances 
Hwang so you can continue poking. If you don't advance, you'll simply push the 
opponent away and you will not be able to poke anymore.

4-put CPU on Final Boss level and Ultrahard... keep playing using my tactics and 
making up your own as you go along. Make up your own "style" of playing... keep 
playing until you can defeat your CPU opponent with no problems... Play against 
all the characters you have so that you are familiar with their moves (know how 
to anticipate and block their moves)


I am writing this FAQ because I believe that I am a good Hwang player in Soul 
Calibur. I'm not going to brag or anything and I am welcome to comments or 
suggestions. If you think my tactics suck, e-mail me. Anyway, I'm not going to 
mess around with the very basics of Soul Calibur like how to guard parry, etc., 
etc. All that can be found on move lists. That is not what I am writing to write 
here. I am trying to write a FAQ with tactics and strategy on how to play an 
effective Hwang. I think Hwang is one of the best characters to use in this game 
because of his speed, throw range, power, and poking ability.

General tips:

The best thing to do in any fighting game is be as unpredictable as you can. 
Everyone has their own style of playing but all the experts have something in 
common, they are unpredictable. That means mix up your moves. The best way to 
win with Hwang is to do fast, good priority moves, mixed in with slower low hits 
and using his massive throw range every once in a while. Hwang has fvery easy to 
understand and use moves without stances to memorize. I dare even say, that he 
is too easy to use for his effectiveness!!

Also remember after you've been parried or repelled (except at far range i.e. 
parrying Kilik's b+B move), you cannot block or duck fast enough to avoid the 
next move if he follows immediately. You can however parry or repel yourself. 
That is the only thing that will stop a move done immediately after a parry or 
repel. However, the other person can mix it up be delaying his move after your 
parry or repel.... or the other person can do a low move versus his usual high 
slashes ... etc. etc. This goes back to the most universals rule of fighting 
games.... be unpredictable.

Don't be afraid to run straight up and throw. A lot of people don't throw 
enough.... There is a line though where you can go overboard. When you think 
you're opponent will least expect it, don't be afraid to run up and throw. This 
can throw off the timing of people who like to parry attacks a lot because 
they'll parry at the range of the attack, and not the throw.. so when they 
parry, no attack is coming.

Know ALL your character's moves. I don't list all of Hwang's moves in this FAQ 
but they are available in the command list of the game. Even moves you think are 
worthless and moves you don't ever think you'll use. By knowing all the moves, 
this allows you more variety in a match, thus making you more unpredictable, 
thus a deadlier opponent.

Don't be afraid to try moves you think are worthless. Sometimes by trying those 
"worthless" moves out in a match, you find out situations when those moves might 
actually be pretty good.

There seems to be no difference between guard parries and repels in regard to 
time initiative gained. I prefer to use guard parries though because it seems to 
leave the opponent closer sometimes than guard repels. Although some people say 
repels are better against heavy hits and parries against lighter hits, I find 
they work both equally well in both situations.

Remember that a high parry or repel works for high and mid moves while a low one 
works for mid and low moves. When someone is poking you, usually the moves 
consist of mid and low hits..... therefore use low parries more when you find 
yourself being poked at.... Beware though, only a high parry or repel can work 
against a throw.

Let's go over the legend of my FAQ:

d - down
f - forward
b - back
u - up
A - horizontal slash
B - vertical slash
K - kick
G - guard
+ - means press at the same time (i.e., A+B)
~ - means slide the buttons. Press one button then quickly press the other
8WR - eight way run
ws - while standing (from crouch)
wc - while crouching

Recommended settings for L and R buttons (on Dreamcast version):

I think the best settings for these buttons are (A+K) on L and (A+B+K) on R. The 
L button then will allow easy access to moves that would otherwise be hard to do 
by pressing A+K on the Dreamcast controller. The R button will allow one touch 
Spirit Charges will makes Hwang kick cancel a lot easier (explained later).

Or if you're really good I recommend (B+G) on the R button instead of (A+B+K). 
This allows the (B+G) throw to be done easier (remember, it's important to mix 
up your attacks, even your throws). The Spirit charge should now be done by 
pressing L and B together. This makes Hwang's kick cancel harder so this is if 
you're really, really good.

That's about it!!!

First, I'm going to give a run-down of basic moves for Hwang that I think are 
very effective (not in any order). Note, the name of these moves are taken off 
the Dreamcast version of the game. Some FAQ's might use different names for the 
same move...
Heavy Claw Strike (A, A) - Plain two horizontal slashes. I know this is 
ridiculous to put in here but maybe if you read on to the mix-ups and tactics, 
you will see why I even bother putting down such basic moves.

Heavy Claw Flames (A, A, B) - Two horizontal strikes followed up a stab.

Burning Slash (f+A) - horizontal slash that will knock an enemy so his side 
faces you on a counter-hit. Slower speed than a regular standing A. But on a 
counter hit, it gives you a few frames time advantage.

Void Shatter Slash (f, f+A) - Hwang does a quick slash that will knock the enemy 
down. Very good for people who like to 8WR.

Parting the Wind (df + A, A) - a low slash followed by a high. This is a good 
move because of the speed and the solid damage. The high hit is guaranteed if 
the low one hits which happens most of the time.

Parting the Storm (df + A, A, B) - a low slash followed by a high slash and then 
a vertical slash. The vertical slash is a bit slow on execution and can be 
easily parried or repelled even if the first two slashes hit. Then why is this 
move good? I will explain later....

Leg Cutting Slash (d+A) - just a plain low slash. VERY, VERY useful and will be 
used a lot if you know what you are doing. Range is something to be desired for 
and power as well but the speed is unbeatable. In general, a (d+A) is the 
fastest move a character has. Use at close range to stop attacks. However, this 
attack hits special mid. They can block it high or low. At close range, this is 
your main tool of combat.

Fallen Raven Bite (while rising, A) - a fast horizontal slash that hits mid and 
advances Hwang forward a bit. Very good speed, and recovery.

Sunset Dance Strike (A~K) - a butterfly kick that comes out kind of slow but can 
be finished with a B for a low stab or a K for a mid hit. Or you can just finish 
with one butterfly and go into another move. Therefore this move has good mix-up 

Twin Heavens (A+B) - two mid slashes. It can go underneath some high moves but 
execution time is poor. Good priority and recovery time though as well as solid 

Twin Illusion Strike (f+A+B) two mid slashes again. Hard to describe in 
appearance versus the Twin Heavens but this move I mostly use for wake-up games 
as it can hit downed opponents twice for good damage. I don't recommend using 
this move for other purposes....

Hill Shatter Thrust (f,f+A+B) - a sidestep to the left and then a push of his 
blade. Hits mid. Execution time is poor however damage is good and it "homes" in 
on opponents trying to 8WR. Best used at midrange.

Dancing Leaf Kick (A+K) - execution time is fair. Hits twice high for good 
damage and good ring-out potential. Use this at mid range for a good countering 

Opening Crushing Kick (d+A+K) - a low sweep that knocks down. Can be finished 
off by pressing K again for a second sweep. VERY poor execution time and Hwang 
even says something to announce the kick. Good to use at close-mid range of a 
defensive opponent. If they block the first kick, they are most likely going to 
block the second. So if the first sweep is blocked, you shouldn't finish it off 
and use other close-range moves.

Parting Strike (B, B) - two quick vertical slashes. I'm not sure if the second 
is guaranteed after the first but the second hit will probably hit if the first 
does..... the two slashes comes out fast enough that most people do not have the 
reflexes to hit guard in-between slashes. Good close range combat tool with good 
execution time, good damage and good recovery. Therefore it is a good move....

Thrusting Strike (f+B) - a quick stab that can end in a horizontal mid-slash (A) 
or a low stab at the legs (B). Most people can see the delay and animation for 
the low stab so rarely do I finish this move. It's got good mix-up potential 
though. Can be followed by finishing it off with A or B, or a low A, a throw or 
the Parting Strike (B, B).

Separating Thrust (f,f+B) - a little hop followed by a mid-stab. Good of getting 
into close range combat when opponent is far away. Can be followed by hitting B 
again for a little spin of his sword. The second hit "homes" in a little on 
people who think they've sidestepped the first attack. You can hold back during 
any of the two hits to back away with a guard parry (Hwang spins his sword a 
little). The second hit you cannot "spin parry" out of if it hits but why would 
you want to anyway? The second hit is a guaranteed knock down. Usually I finish 
it off with the second B but you can stop with the initial stab and move into 
other attacks.....

Forced Flame Divide (df+B) - the standard lifter hit that knocks opponents up 
for a juggle. Goes under some high hits. Recovery time is decent but if blocked 
up close... prepare to guard parry.

Opening Void Slash (db+B) - Hwang does a split and swings his sword vertically 
as he does it. Hits opponents of the ground. This is one of his best far-range 
attacks... When at mid to far-range, mix this attack with the....

Dimension Shatter Slash (db+A) - Hwang does a split and swings his sword 
horizontally for a quick low hit. Recovers crouching unlike previous move. 
Another good move to get into close range combat from outside. Best followed up 
with a throw ASAP!!! (if done up close) or a low A if they expect that. From the 
low A, you can go into close range combat...

Shatter Split (b+B) - Hwang twirls his sword in front of his opponent for a mid 
hit. Can be ended with another B for a follow up mid hit or can be ended with B, 
B with a high thrust attack. I find the high follow hit worthless. The only time 
I end up doing it is when I mean to end it with just a normal B for the mid-hit. 
Can be stopped at first hit and then go into something else. Good mix-up 
potential.... Recovery time is very good but execution time is a bit slow.

Piercing the Heavens (b,b+B) - Hwang takes a quick bounce back and lunges 
forward with a mid stab. VERY VERY useful. Best used at mid or close range 
combat. Sometimes Hwang will not step back far enough when battling people with 
long range weapons like Kilik and Rock.... for these people, it's better to use 
at mid range.... Can be linked into the "spin parry", what the game calls Rain 
Storm, by holding back. When this move misses, you have a mix-up with that. If 
you miss, holding back will parry most high-mid moves if the opponent tries to 
attack.... therefore a lot of people will run up and throw to avoid the parry. 
If this happens, don't link into the Rain Storm parry and throw them on the way 
in (and laugh!!!!) or do a power mid move (such as B, B).

Machine Gun Kick (throw with B+G to enemy's front) - This move is listed here 
because it can ring out an opponent if Hwang's back is against the edge. Hwang 
will kick the enemy silly to the head and then boot him over behind him.... 
Remember this... it can save you (it has saved me many times).

Base Return Blade (A~B) - A delayed mid hit is the best way to describe this 
move. Use this when for you think you need one... a delayed mid hit that is.. 
but I think this next move is better...

Hail Storm (B~A) - a delayed mid hit that auto parries high hits...... 

Cloud Void (ws, B) - Hwang spins his sword outwards for good range and good 
damage. Kind of easy to sidestep but a good move to put at the end of a poking 
session. Hits mid.

False Dividing Thrust (ws, B~A) - Hwang does a little hop and then stabs to the 
foot for a low hit. Good move again to end a poking session. Can also be done be 
holding down and pressing B~A.. doesn't have to be while standing. The little 
hop Hwang does can even evade some low hits.

Radiant Cross (wc, df+B) - Hwang does an uppercut like motion from a crouch. 
Good speed and range. Excellent tool to use when poking. Can be followed by a 
Dancing Leaf Kick (A+K) for a good damage juggle. This move can be sidestepped 
easily though.

False Radiant Cross (ws, df+B, B) - Hwang fakes an uppercut and stabs to the 
foot of the opponent. If hit, it goes into a nice wake-up game session however 
the animation really telegraphs this move if playing a good person.

Temple Kick (b+K) - Hwang does basically a high front kick.. This move spins the 
opponent a little to the side giving you a little initiative but it hits 
high.... Good speed and priority though...

Handstand Kick (ws, K) - Hwang does a handstand kick... I mean the name is 
basically the move. It's a good speed and damage move that hits mid. A lot of 
people use this somewhere in the pokes which is good. However be aware that if 
the opponent blocks, this pushes you out of poking range and that might be to 
your opponent's benefit. There are other mid-hits to use during pokes that when 
block allows you to resume poking. But if you are being poked, this is a good 
move to push them back and get some breathing room.

Mountain Shatter Kick (d+K) - Hwang does a little foot sweep that knocks the 
opponent to their knees.. but not down totally. Range is poor and speed is 
average. A good move to stick in during pokes just because it hits low.. Also a 
good move to use after a successful parry. If you land one of these... do 
another one!! It will probably hit to. Then mix it up with the Crushing Heel 
(d+B+K) which hits mid.

Liquid Kick (b, b+K, K) - Hwang does a spinning kick that hits high then a low 
sweep kick. The low sweep can be left off and usually should be to mix-up on the 
opponent. Try (df+B) in place of the second kick.

Shatter Star Kick (u+K) - a tornado kick in the air. I usually do (uf+K). This 
can hit someone on the ground. I usually do this when anticipating a low hit 
because it can hop over it.

Crushing Heel (d+B+K) - a VERY effective move that comes out at a good speed and 
has excellent priority up close.... Also an excellent move to use on a floored 

Willow Slice (db+B+K) - this again is a VERY effective move.. Hwang sidesteps to 
his left and slices downward at his opponent. Watch out for horizontal attacks 
though even though I have seen this move sidestepped several horiz. attacks 
before. It has good speed and priority. Try doing this move again after a 
successful hit; the opponent might try to attack you after one so you can 
sidestep it again and laugh at his face!!!

Circular Heaven Kicks (f,f+K,K,K) - there is a lot to say about this move. I 
find I use this move at least once a round. It hops over low attacks (though it 
might not look like it). You can cancel third kick by pressing (A+B+K)..... but 
then after that cancel, press G to cancel the Spirit Charge into a block and 
then slide and press A while still holding G to cancel the guard into a throw. 
Sounds complicated? It takes a lot of practice to do this. Timing has to be 
perfect. If A is pressed too late, the throw will not come out. If you slide G~A 
too fast, it won't work either. If you do this perfectly, you will not even see 
the guard animation. Why this works is hard to explain. Ok, the game allows you 
a 1 frame leeway when pressing buttons at the same time. Nobody can press two 
buttons at the EXACT same time so the game gives you leeway. The game runs at 60 
frames a second so you have 1/60th of a second to do this. Now when you press G, 
you cancel the Spirit Charge, when you slide to press A or B, the game's leeway 
system thinks of it as pressing G+A or G+B so the throw comes out... 
Complicated? Here is what it looks like....
(f,f+K,K,K)~(A+B+K)~(G)~(A or B)
If you have even more mad skill, you can cancel the second kick into the throw 
and that looks like this...
(f,f+K,K)~(A+B+K)~(G)~(A or B)
Hwang will do one kick and then throw... This gets an opponent almost every 
time.... Use this when you NEED the match to save the surprise factor and ensure 
the opponent will drop his jaws and praise you as his new master. There is no 
need to mix up anything else besides the kicks and throw. If done right, the 
block animation won't even be seen and the throw will come out too fast for the 
opponent to duck. Mixing up the throws (B+G) instead of (A+G) takes some 
practice though because of the way B and G are set up in the Dreamcast. Read on 
to find out how to practice this super-manuever.

Burial Slice (8WR, db or ub + A) - a good move to use during 8WR with good 
range, and recovery. Hwang ducks low and executes a low slash to the legs 
setting the opponent up for wake-up games.. Execution time is a bit slow though. 
During this move, Hwang can duck some high and mid moves.. so it's a good move 
to use now and then.

Willow Blade (8WR, u or d + A) - Hwang does a 720 degree turn with two 
horizontal strikes. Range is ok but priority is very good and recovery is 
awesome. It recovers crouching so do a crouching kick, a (d+A), or (ws, K).

Willow's Inner (8WR, uf or df + A) - Hwang does a weird stance and slashes out 
his sword.. When I do this move, I'm hoping for a counter attack then the enemy 
is stunned and you get a free throw or juggle combo. Good reach and priority but 
execution time is average. Don't use this move too close, try to get the tip of 
the sword to hit the opponent being too close gives opponent a better chance to 
interrupt this move.

Willow Spin (8WR u or d + B) - Hwang twirls his sword which lifts up the 
opponent for a juggle combo. Looks kind of silly when the tip of the sword lifts 
them up. Good priority and a little sidestep built into the move. I use this 
move a lot too during my battles.


Beginning of the game:

     Most of the people I play like to start off the match by doing an 8WR move 
on me. Usually I like to do this too. It's important in this game that you get 
the offensive early on. Hwang is not a defensive player by any means. So to stop 
the 8WR move attempt, I like to start the match with (f, f+A). This move has 
good speed, priority, and recover time. Only thing is that it hits high so it 
can be ducked. A good player will try to get the offense going early so this is 
a good way to counter his attempt. Another moves I start the match off with is 
the (db+B). Hwang does a split and covers a good portion of the screen with a 
vertical slash. Again, good execution time, good recovery, and good priority. 
This is a good move to use any time you are mid-far range. Close range combat 
requires moves that are faster. Used in the beginning of the match, this move 
will counter almost anything they try to throw out. The drawback of this move is 
that it is a vertical slash therefore can be sidestepped.
     If you want to do an 8WR attack, moves to consider are the Willow Blade 
(8WR, u or d +A) or the Willow's Inner (8WR, uf or df +A) The Willow Blade has 
Hwang spinning his sword twice for two very quick mid hits. It recovers 
crouching so can be linked into a Handstand Kick (while rising K), a crouching 
A, or a Hail Storm (during crouch, B~A) for a low hit. I like to follow up this 
move with just the low A slash. In general, for most of the characters in the 
game, a low horizontal slash is the fastest move they have. So hit, missed, of 
blocked, I follow up with the low slash which will stop pretty much anything he 
throws out. Then you are at close range where Hwang really shines!
     The Willow's Inner (8WR, uf or df +A) comes out a little slow but has solid 
range and priority. The man reason I use this is that I'm hoping for a counter 
hit in which cause the enemy is in a hit stun. When this happens, you are free 
to use a throw or the standard lifter (df+B) for a juggle combo. Again, it is 
important to mix-up attacks, even in the start.
     Another tactic I use is to run backwards with (8WR db or ub) knowing my 
opponent will attack... Since I'm running at an angle, I just press A to go into 
the Burial Slice which will go under his move and sweep him.

Enemy in Midrange:

	Midrange mix-ups include (db+B) and (db+A). The (db+A) hits low and has 
good horizontal range so it isn't as easy to side step. The Opening Void Slash 
hits mid, and comes out faster though. After a successful Dimension Shatter 
Slash, you can throw (works very, very well) as you're rising if you're close, 
or go into the Handstand Kick (ws, K).
	8WR attacks are good moves to use. See beginning of the game for insights 
on the Willow's Inner and Willow Blade. Other moves to mix in during (8WR, df or 
uf + K) which results in a low kick to the leg. Although it comes out a little 
slow, it can stuff an attack that is starting. The Burial Slice (8WR db or ub + 
A) is another good 8WR move to use at midrange.
Enemy faraway:

     This is not what Hwang wants!! Hwang's range is not that far compared to 
Kilik, or Astaroth, etc. If you're far away, run in and press K or a slide or go 
into a 8WR attack while you're running. Mix-up the slide and the (f,f+B) move. 
Basically at far-range, you will be using 8WR moves or (f,f) moves such as 
(f,f+A), (f,f+B), (f,f+A+B), etc. It's important not to keep this distance. When 
I refer to far range, I'm thinking like at the tip of Kilik's (b+B).

Enemy up-close:

     This is where a good Hwang player wants to be most of the time... Good 
moves to start off pokes are the Heavy Claw Strike (A, A), Parting the Wind 
(df+A, A) or finish it off into Parting the Storm (df+A,A,B), or just a plain 
(d+A). Let me give you a couple of good custom strings to use up-close

(df+A,A), throw
(df+A,A), (d+A), throw
(df+A,A), (B, B), (d+A), (crouching kick), (ws,A), (f,f+A)

Ok, one thing I forgot to mention... when you're crouching, pressing K will give 
you a crouching kick that hits low. This is different from the standing (d+K) 
which is a standing sweep). To differentiate... the crouching kick is detonated 
as just crouching kick.

(d+A), (ws,A), (B, B), (d+A), (wc,df+B)
(d+A), (crouching kick), (crouching kick), (ws,A), throw.
(df+A), (df+A,A,B)
(d+A), (crouching kick), (ws,A), (f,f+K,K,K)

It's also important to buffer the (f,f) motion during the previous move, so far 
it has been (ws,A) but it may be another move. During that (ws,A), press (f,f), 
when the slash is done, press the button to finish the motion (A,B, or K)

(d+A), (ws,A), (b+K), (f,f+K,K,K)~(G)~(A)
(B, B), (b,b+K), (B, B)
(B, B), (b,b+K,K)
(B, B), (d+A), (crouching kick), (ws, A), (f+B), throw
(df+A,A), (d+A), (f+B,A)
(df+A,A), (d+A), (f+B,B)
(df+A,A), (d+A), (f+B), throw

There's just too many variations to list!!! There's an infinite number of custom 
strings you can put together!!!!

If the opponent trys to back up, try the (f,f) moves. Usually, I do (f,f+A) 
because of its speed and a good opponent will back away at an angle. (f,f+A) has 
a wide horizontal arc. so it will hit those opponents as well. Other moves to 
try are (f,f+B) for a stab and then continue poking, or (f,f+K,K,K) or one of 
the Circular Heaven Kick throw mix-ups. (f,f+A+B) is another good move used to 
"home" in on people who try to back away from Hwang's poke attacks.

After a throw, Hwang has a very nasty mix-up too. After a throw, Hwang can do a 
Crushing Heel (d+B+K) for almost a guaranteed hit afterwards. If done quickly 
enough, the opponent cannot roll to the side. I haven't seen any move from the 
ground counter the Crushing Heel. So what's the opponent going to do? The only 
option to avoid the Crushing Heel is to hold Guard and stand straight up 
guarding mid. But then, Hwang can throw again!!! Then it starts all over!!! So 
after a throw mix-up the Crushing Heel or throw, repeat, repeat, repeat.... 
until your opponent throws the controller on the floor and threatens to beat you 
up if you don't stop :) Nothing pisses someone off more than a beating by the 
same move, over and over and over! Make sure you mix-up between the (G+B) and 
(G+A) throws.

Wake-up Games:

     Up close, use the Crushing Heel, throw mix-up. Another good tactic is to 
get really close to the opponent and then crouch... Just crouch there. When you 
see your opponent try to get up, press A or K, you will get the low horizontal 
strike or the crouching kick that will counter just about anything. From there, 
start your pokes. When he gets use to that, crouch and then throw him when he 
get scared of doing getting-up moves.
     Other moves that hit on ground for people to like to stay there...
     For people who like to quick-rise, a (df+A,A) works very well, from there, 
go into the close-range tactics.
When Being Poked at:

     This can happen!!! After a successful block, try a (d+A). When poking, 
people usually use quick attacks that don't have block stun. If you try to 
attack after being hit, you will probably get hit again but after a block, you 
get a little extra initiative...
     Another good move to try is (db+B+K) up-close to turn the tides so you can 
start poking. This move you can try after getting hit because it has a built it 
sidestep. (b,b+B) is a good evasion move but it seems to work better at 
     If you see the opponent poking but he is standing, (A,A) is a very fast 
move to use to. This move hits high so if the opponent does a lot of low hits, 
it will likely whiff.


     Juggles in this game don't really do as much damage compared to other 
games. I think that is good because it makes you a better player whereas I can 
be a better Tekken player than you but if you get off two juggles, you can win 
the round. I am a Nina player in that game so I reply on poke attacks... 
     The juggle system works like this.. after the lifter attack, the opponent 
can control his character's "flight." So the first hit is pretty much 
guaranteed. Other moves (especially vertical attacks or stabs) are easily 
avoided. But some horizontal attacks are still guaranteed despite the air 

     As I was saying for Hwang I usually just do a Temple Kick (b+K) followed by 
the Opening Void Slash (db+B). The (db+B) is not guaranteed but it usually hits 
about 70-80% of the time. There is a certain timing that's hard to explain to 
works best with the (db+B)... use it when the enemy is just about to hit the 
ground. Without that hit, this juggle doesn't do that good of damage. That hit 
adds a lot of damage to the juggle. More than any guaranteed juggle I can think 
off except those that are super easily to get out of... I rather have 35% damage 
most of the time than 25-30% damage all the time is the way I think about it. If 
guaranteed juggles are you thing, here are a few:

NOTE: Damage in points from Practice Mode and includes damage of the lifter used 

(f+B), (f,f+A) hard to do but most damage of guaranteed juggles I know - 81 pts.
(df+B) - 69 pts.

The first juggle you should try in a match is my favorite juggle:
(b+K,(db+B) - 95 pts.!!

Now, even if you don't get (db+B), you still get a respectable 60 pts. of damage 
from the lifter and the kick for the juggle.

If you opponent seems to avoid the (db+B) 100% of the time (never seen it 
happen) you should switch up to the guaranteed combos of:
(f+B), (f,f+A) which is hard to do but does guaranteed 81 pts. of damage.
(df+B) only does 69 pts. of damage but it's easy and guaranteed.

If your opponent really, really sucks at air control, try this juggle:
(f+B)(f+B)(f+B,B) which does 105 pts. of damage!!! But it's ridiculously easy to 
get out of.

So in general, stick with the (b+K), (db+B)because it does good damage is hits 
80-90% of the time.

Here are some more guaranteed combos if you think you're good enough :)
(d+A+K), (d+B+K) 68 pts. only 5 pts. more than (d+A+K, K)
(f,f+K,K), (df+B) 71 pts. only 4 pts. more than (f,f+K,K,K)

Practicing Hwang's Kick cancel:

As you recall, this involves cancelling Hwang's Circular Heaven Kicks into a 
Spirit Charge and then right into a throw. In fact anyone can cancel a Spirit 
Charge into a throw. Hwang just makes better use of it being able to cancel his 
kicks into the Spirit Charge.

First go into Practice mode and just practice the Spirit Charge into the throw. 
Remember it has to be SUPER fast. You have to press the buttons within 1 frame 
of each other. If you press them at the same time though, it will not work and 
Hwang will just cancel into a block. You can cancel the Spirit Charge pretty 
much anytime into the guard. But cancelling from guard to throw is the hard 

Even though you can cancel the Spirit Charge anytime into the guard, you want to 
do it ASAP. To test out if you are doing it all fast enough, play Practice Mode 
against XiangHua. Put on Freestyle and Attack on stab. XiangHua will keep 
stabbing you straight on. Now, go into 8WR running up or down. During 8WR, press 
Spirit Charge and cancel into a side-throw. If you did it fast enough, XiangHua 
won't be able to turn around and stab you in time. It might sound hard but it's 
not really that hard.

First practice with the A throw since A is in easy reach of G. Then try the B 
throw. Now you're getting good :) Now practice by putting XiangHua on blocking 
high attacks. Try the kick cancel (cancelling 3rd kick) into the throw with both 
A and B throws. Now try cancelling the 2nd kick into a throw. If you can get 
this, then you are worthy :)

Comments on Spirit and Soul Charges:

A Soul Charge is when you press (A+B+K). Your character will turn greenish. Any 
move you do for a short time will be a counter attack. If you guard when you are 
green you will cancel the charge.

A Spirit Charge is when you press (A+B+K), and the press G to cancel it. Some 
moves you do will make your weapon appear gold. Some regular moves become 
unblockables. The longer you wait before cancelling by pressing G, the longer 
the charge. If you wait too long, it becomes a Spirit Charge.

Hwang's regular moves that become unblockables during a Spirit Charge:
(A+B) - 2nd hit only, first hit must be blocked
(ws, A+B)
(wc, df+B)
(wc, df+B,B)
(ws, B~A)
(8WR, u or d + K)
(8WR. ub or db+K)

Thanks to the Jesster (jesster@execpc.com)for the list. 

Usually I don't do any of these Charges (except for the kick cancel). I try to 
stay at close range with pokes and throws. The only time you are really safe to 
use these charges are at far-range which is a disadvantage for Hwang. Another 
time to use these Charges is after a knockdown or a juggle but I would much more 
rather run in for some wake-up games. That's just my opinion of course but I 
think these charges are all they're cracked up to be.
The only time I would do a Soul Charge is if I'm at far range. Then I will try 
some far range-tactics or get into mid-range and try my mid-range tactics. The 
counter hit gives me possible stuns and a little extra damage. The Spirit Charge 
I really don't use at all (except for Kick cancel). True that some moves become 
unblockable but most of my fast poke attacks are unaffected. At least with the 
Soul Charge, I get counter-hit damage with any hit I use. With Spirit Charges, 
that's basically all you get.. a few moves that turn into unblockables. If you 
do the Spirit Charge, then that's what you are thinking about. Using a move that 
is now unblockable. You limit yourself. Plus Soul Charges last longer than 
Spirit ones. If I had the chance at far-range, I would use a Soul Charge to get 
a little extra damage. But again, Hwang should not be at far-range during a 
fight. So, in my opinion, don't use these charges except for rare cases at far-
range. Run in and do wake-up games instead of doing these, man! That's just my 
opinion, again.


Ok!! That's it!!! I might add more later but making a detailed FAQ is HARD 
work!!! If you like this FAQ, or dislike it, whatever, please email me.
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