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Character Guide by Heresy

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/14/1999

Heresy's Character Guide for Soul Calibur! v1.3

<Sorry, no ASCII art>

Ok folks, I've helped a lot of my friends find inner-peace playing Soul 
Calibur with the character that best suits their skills and personality. This 
is a guide to help you find the character that best suits YOUR needs. This is 
not a move list or a guide on the mission battles, this is just a run-down of 
all of the SC characters. I hope this helps someone out there. Well, lets 

Here's the format I've decided to use:

Character # (Where they appear on your select screen)

Name: (Character name)

Who will like this Character: (What type of people like the Character)
Skill Level,

B: (How well will a new player do as this Character)

I: (How well will a somewhat skilled player do as this Character)

E: (How well will an expert player do as this character)

M: (How quickly will a Master Character play defeat you...)

Character #1

Name: Voldo

Who will like this Character: If you want to spend a long time learning 
certain moves and stances, but be able to waste almost everyone else, Voldo 
is the guy for you.

Skill Level,

B: New players will have a rather hard time playing as Voldo, he has very few 
"Button Masher" moves. He takes skill to play. Play as him at least once 
though. You just might like him...

I: Mid-Level players may start to understand how Voldo moves, and fights. It 
might help to watch how the computer plays Voldo, then do the exact opposite. 

E: Experienced players will probably know a dozen ways to kill people with 

M: When fighting a master Voldo player, be prepared for a very cheap fight. 
Voldo can fight in ANY position, he is most dangerous with his back turned 
towards you. Try to get in close, and don't let him get you in a throw.

Character #2

Name: Ivy

Who will like this Character: People who like to see their opponent flinch 
when they select their character. Ivy is a popular character, and for good 

Skill Level,

B: Ivy can be a hard character to start as, I'd suggest playing as an easier 
character, then trying Ivy. Once you learn how to attack without "Button 
Mashing" you will enjoy Ivy.

I: For some odd reason, most people don't play as Ivy. Her fighting style is 
unique and she should be focused on instead of just being randomly selected.

E: Advanced players will start to understand the sheer power that Ivy 
possesses. Ivy is very quick, very strong, and has an amazing range. Ivy is 
the favorite of many experienced players.

M: Fighting an Ivy master can be a painful experience. Depending on what 
stance Ivy in fighting in (Whip or Sword), she is either the Queen of Reach, 
or a powerful close range attacker. Her only low point is her mid-ranged 
attacks. She attacks somewhat slowly when attacking at a long range, this can 
open up a spot to counter attack, but you must be quick.

Character #3

Name: Sophita

Who will like this Character: Almost anyone will be able to play as Sophita, 
She is a great balance of power and speed. 
Skill Level,

B: New players will find Sophita very easy to use. She has a wide variety of 
moves, most of which can be accidentally done.

I: Mid-Level players will probably move on to more interesting characters, 
Sophita seems to lack 'Staying Power' (Although I still enjoy playing as her).

E: Experienced players will find a whole new world with Sophita. She has a 
lot of great combos, and some great moves. She still lacks the power of the 
more difficult characters.

M: When fighting a Sophita pro, you'd better be ready for a difficult fight. 
Even though she may not be as deadly in the hands of a master play as other 
characters, she is still very powerful.

Character #4

Name: Mitsurugi

Who will like this Character: Almost everyone. You should play as Mitsurugi 
every-so-often to see if you like his ultra quick fighting style.

Skill Level,

B: Mitsurugi is a good player to start as. He has many moves and is amazingly 
powerful. He lacks in range over some characters, but makes up for it in 
sheer power.

I: Mid-Level players will enjoy Mitsurugi the most. After you learn the game 
mechanics, and learn how to best use Mitsurugi's various stances, Mitsurugi 
is a very powerful character.  

E: Advanced players may start to not like Mitsurugi after playing him for a 
while. Mitsurugi lacks variety in his moves, and is considered by many to be 
a cheap character.

M: When fighting a master Mitsurugi player, be warned. In the hands of a 
master player, Mitsurugi can be unstoppable. Try to use long-range moves, or 
moves with a wide arc.

Character #5

Name: Kilik

Who will like this Character: New players.
Skill Level,

B: Kilik is the first person you should pick. He is overly powerful and has 
an extreme reach. Most of his moves can be done by slamming the controller 
against the floor...

I: Don't misunderstand me, Kilik is a good character. By the time you're a 
mid-level player, you should move on. Kilik will become very boring.

E: Experienced players will probably try to play as Kilik and realize that 
they have actually gotten worse as playing him. Kilik is a "Push the attack 
button while moving the controller" character. He lacks any style and is a 
very cheap character (Sorry if this offends anyone)

M: Pull out the crackers, cause you're gonna get cheesed.. Sorry, bad pun. 
When fighting a master Kilik player, block a lot, try to get inside, and 
don't get fooled by his get-up tech.

Character #6

Name: Xainghua

Who will like this Character: There are very few people who favor Xainghua. 
There may be a reason for this. She lacks the speed to make her an 
ultra-quick character, and the power to make her a good nonstop attacker. In 
good hands she can be quite deadly though, stick with her and you may 
surprise people with her skill.

Skill Level,

B: New players may actually like Xainghua. She is reasonably fast and has 
some easy, yet powerful, moves. She should not be overlooked.

I: After you've played SC for a while. Xainghua will start to loose out to 
more powerful characters. Try not to avoid her though, she can be a great 

E: Advanced players who have overlooked Xainghua will not find her any easier 
to play as, players who have tried to learn her moves will find her to be 
very deadly. I urge everyone to try to play as her a few times at the very 

M: Although Xainghua is not the fastest character, she is a very fast 
attacker. A master Xainghua player will know this and use it to their 
advantage. Try not to use attacks the take a long time, try to play somewhat 
reserved. Let her attack, then hit back quickly. Try to hit back before she 
gets in throwing range...

Character #7

Name: Maxi
Who will like this Character: People with a lot of patience who don't take to 
defend, but would rather attack nonstop.

Skill Level,

B: Beginners will probably like Maxi quite a bit. He is rather quick and is a 
very quick attacker. He has a very short range, but most new players won't 

I: After play SC a bit, you will start to become frustrated with Maxi. It is 
very difficult to make him stop attacking. It becomes painful to start an 
attack and see the enemy block, it is very difficult to recover as Maxi.

E: Experienced players may start to shine to Maxi. He is a difficult 
character to play as, and thus has great potential. Attacking with Maxi is 
nonstop. It's possible to start an attack and not finish till the battle is 

M: A master Maxi player can be very powerful. The only way to gain the 
upperhand on Maxi is to try to keep him out of range. If you can block his 
attack, and see that lowkick coming, you can win.

Character #8

Name: Nightmare

Who will like this Character: People who like short fights... If you like to 
attack hard, and don't mind your friends complaints, Nightmare is the 
Demon/Guy for you.

Skill Level,

B: New players will have a very easy time playing as Nightmare. He is very 
powerful character, with a lot of reach. He is rather slow, and his attacks 
tend to be even slower.

I: Nightmare has many moves that make Mid-Level players still enjoy him. 
Although you may start to loose interest in him, you will still find the time 
to play as him. His lack of speed will become more noticeable.

E: Advanced players will either hate Nightmare for his lack of speed, or love 
him for his variety of moves. He has many stances and is very powerful. If 
speed isn't your thing, Nightmare is worth sticking with.

M: Master Nightmare players will best know how to use his linking attacks and 
various stances. Try to circle around Nightmare if you can. His range can be 
nullified with his lack of quick attacks. Don't be fooled by his linking 
attacks of "High attack, sword uppercut from the floor". When you are 
attacked, try to block. It's probably a good idea to duck and block after he 
attacks with an overhead attack.

Character #9

Name: Taki

Who will like this Character: People who prefer the quick characters will 
love Taki. Taki is rather powerful, given her extreme speed. Taki does have 
her shortcomings, but she easily makes up for it.

Skill Level,

B: Taki is a rather easy character to start as. She is rather powerful, and 
attacks very quickly (Great alternative to Maxi). She has a lot of moves that 
can be done accidentally. 

I: Taki manages to remain powerful in the hands of a Mid-Level player. Her 
complete lack of range is made up buy her quick attacks and fast movement.

E: Experienced players will find Taki to be quite deadly, if you can get used 
to the range problem. One of Taki's better moves involves her flipping over 
her opponent's head, even the best players can accidentally ringout doing 
this, try to be careful...

M: Master Taki players can be the hardest to beat, Taki takes a lot of skill 
to play, and even more skill to beat. Taki's greatest strength in her ability 
to move around her opponent quickly. Try to use quick, wide arcing moves on 
her. Don't be to afraid to kick, it can usually be done quicker than swinging 
your sword. Remember, Taki battles are over quickly, one way or the other.

Character #10

Name: Astaroth

Who will like this Character: Astaroth is not the traditional "Powerhouse" 
character. If you like to win battles in as few hits as possible, Astaroth is 
your man.
Skill Level,

B: Beginners will probably misuse Astaroth, thinking that he is just there to 
hit people and to take up large portions of the screen... Although, being 
played like this, he is still rather powerful. A good person to start as.

I: If you play SC and think "Well, lets give the big guy a chance" you'll 
probably do badly as Astaroth. If you take the time to learn a few of his 
moves, then give it a shot. You will probably do rather well as Astaroth. 
Defiantly a good person to learn. Works rather well against fast characters. 

E: Taken the time to learn Astaroth's fighting style. You will be able to 
kill almost anyone. Astaroth has a huge range, and attacks quickly at a close 
range. He has more throws than anyone, and his spinning attack is excellent 
against Taki.

M: Beware the master Astaroth player. The only attacks that work well on 
Astaroth are lunge and rolling attacks. A lot of people think that since 
Astaroth is slow, that fast characters are the best way to attack. This is 
false. Try to knock him down or ring him out.

Ok, now come the hidden characters. Most of the hidden characters are clones 
of the other characters, with minor changes. These minor changes can make a 
huge difference. Since you probably won't be a new player when you get these 
characters, I'll give advice on how to play your first time with each 
character in the B: section.

Character #9

Name: Hwang

Who will like this Character: Hwang is the Xainghua clone. There are several 
difference between the two, but if you liked Xainghua, you'll probably like 

Skill Level,

B: First-time Hwang players will probably take a liking to him (Afterall, 
he's your first hidden character). I know it will be hard, but try to do a 
little button mashing. If you come out trying to play Xainghua, you will 
probably be disappointed. 

I: After playing Hwang for a while, you'll notice that he seems to be 
stronger than Xainghua, and seems to have a longer range. This may be true (I 
never stopped to measure), but he also seems to have worse moves, and seems 
to play slower. 

E: Advanced players probably won't play as Hwang, Xainghua seems to be better 
in my opinion. If you prefer Hwang, then enjoy, but chances are you'll like 
Xainghua also.

M: A master Hwang player is just as deadly as a master Xainghua player, but 
for different reasons. Hwang is the King of Kick, try to take him out from a 
distance. Don't let yourself get juggle-kicked.

Character #12

Name: Yoshimitsu

Who will like this Character: Someone told me that Yoshimitsu is a Mitsurugi 
clone. Not a chance. Yoshimitsu is the most original of the hidden 
characters. He is rather slow, and has a rather short range. He makes up for 
this with a ton of weird, but powerful moves. If you can take the time to 
learn a list of moves, and can block well. Yoshimitsu is the guy for you.

Skill Level,

B: When playing Yoshimitsu the first time, you'll probably say "Man, this guy 
sucks". That's true for first time players, don't expect to know how to play 
him well the first time, try to learn some moves first.

I: After learning his moves, you'll start to enjoy his "zany" fighting style. 
He makes up for his range with the most bizarre moves in the game. Try using 
the 'pogostick" attack, it's unblockable and rather powerful.

E: Expert SC players that take the time with Yoshimitsu will understand how 
to best use his moves. He is very difficult to play as, but with enough 
skill, Yoshimitsu is very powerful, and you have the joy of watching your 
opponent scream.

M: Master Yoshimitsu players will never directly attack you. Their favorite 
move is to meditate and regain health, then teleport when you get close to 
attack. Simply attack with a quick, semi-long ranged attack to counter this. 
If they keep using the helicopter attack, just strafe right and left then hit 
them when they land.

Character #13

Name: Lizardman

Who will like this Character: Sophita clone, more powerful, slower, some 
different moves. Falls into the 'Slow and Powerful group". Can be played like 
Sophita, more liked by Nightmare players.

Skill Level,

B: Very easy to play as in the first battle, there is no reason why you can't 
select him as soon as you get him and beat the game. Try to take time to 
figure out his moves though, he can be useful.

I: Lizardman manages to remain interesting even after you've played him a few 
times, he has several leaping moves that can make him a quick attacker. Try 
to notice what makes him different from Sophita, you'll like him more once 
you understand his strength.

E: Lizardman fails to remain interesting once you've mastered him. Although 
he remains quite powerful, he gets very boring. Maybe it's his WWF attitude, 
maybe it's the fact that there are just to few differences between him and 

M: Fighting a master Lizardman player isn't as hard as you'd think. Block 
first, attack hard. You don't have to worry about blazing speed or super 
attacks. Someone with a fast attack would work best.

Character #14

Name: Siegfried

Who will like this Character: Nightmare players...

Skill Level,

B: If you're a Nightmare player, you should first be warned that Siegfried 
seems to have a shorter range be weaker. Although he plays faster. Not to 
hard to get used to.

I: Siegfried has probably already become boring. He has so few differences 
from Nightmare. Only good for Soul Edge Memories...

E: Expert SC players will probably find no use for Siegfried, just stick with 

M: A master Siegfried player is as deadly as a master Nightmare player. He'll 
be a bit faster, the same strategy should work against him. 

Character #15

Name: Rock

Who will like this Character: Astaroth players looking for something new. 
Rock is an almost exact clone, with a few minor differences.
Skill Level,

B: First time Rock players will probably try Astaroth's fighting style. This 
should work rather well, these two characters have almost exactly the same 

I: After playing Rock for a while, you'll probably enjoy him more than 
Astaroth. Although they play almost the same, some of their moves are 
slightly different.

E: After playing for a while, the differences between Rock and Astaroth will 
seem trivial. There are not enough changes to make Rock any more interesting 
than Astaroth. Basically just a different sprite. If you're good with one, 
play as the other.

M: A master Rock player is just a deadly as a master Astaroth player. Beware 
their power and their range. Try to get in quickly and attack, watch out for 
those fast unblockables.

Character #16

Name: Seung Mina

Who will like this Character: Seung Mina is the Kilik clone. They have the 
same moves, but seem so different. Seung Mina seems to have the style that 
Kilik lacks. If you like Kilik, try playing as Seung Mina. 

B: First time Seung Mina players will have an easy time. She seems to have a 
slightly shorter range than Kilik, but she's also faster.

I: Seung Mina will probably become boring after a while. While she is an 
interesting character, she offers nothing you haven't seen elsewhere.

E: Advanced players may start to understand the subtle differences between 
Seung Mina and Kilik. If you try playing he as Kilik, you'll probably do well 
and have fun. Try using her speed to your advantage and you'll notice that 
she does well being played as Sophita or Taki. Defiantly one of the better 
Hidden characters.

M: A master Seung Mina player can be a challenging fighter. Don't let her get 
close, remember to block. If you can, try to use a character with a longer 
range, or an ultra-power character (Astaroth or Nightmare work well).

Character #17

Name: Cervantes

Who will like this Character: Ruthless people will love Cervantes. Voldo 
players and Sophita players will have the easiest time playing as Cervantes.

B: When you first start to play Cervantes, you'll probably notice that he is 
amazingly powerful, and fast. He has a long reach and is a ferocious fighter. 

I: After playing SC for a while, you'll understand exactly how powerful 
Cervantes is. While some of his moves seem to be useless, keep playing as him 
and he'll become one of your favorite characters.

E: If you're an expert player, and take the time to learn some of Cervantes's 
moves, you will be unstoppable against most fighters. Cervantes has some 
amazing combos, and is freakishly powerful. While he is commonly seen as a 
cheap character, he has a lot of difficult moves, and takes a good amount of 
skill to play well.

M: A master Cervantes player may well be unstoppable. The easiest way to stop 
him is to try to out range or out speed him. Try to make him block, don't let 
him get the upperhand. If he gets close to you, remember to block, and hit 

Character #18

Name: Edge Master

Who will like this Character: If you like every character in the game, Edge 
Master is the guy for you.

B: Unless you're good with every character, Edge master can be very 
difficult. He's good to play as if you want to learn how to play as everyone 
else though.

I: By now you should be rather good with most other characters, and thus good 
as Edge Master. 

E: Experienced players will probably like Edge Master. He adds a lot of risk, 
and a lot of variety. His performance is 100% dependent on how well you are 
with other characters in the game.

M: A master Edge Master player can really mess up your game. It's easy to 
select your character depending on who your opponent chooses, but Edge Master 
is completely random. Although I have noticed that he comes up Kilik rather 
often. Just go with your best character, and do your best.

Character #19

Name: Inferno

Who will like this Character: Edge Master players, who want to have some new 

B: Same as Edge Master. It all depends on how you are with all the other 

I: You'll probably begin to use his original moves, which are very powerful. 
But it ultimately comes down to your skill with other characters. His unique 
moves make him more powerful than Edge Master, try to take the time to learn 

E: By now you're good with every character in SC. Inferno will add challenge 
and variety to your battles. Use his moves, as they are his greatest asset. 
If you have problems with him, refresh your mind and play as the other 
characters for a while.

M: A master Inferno player is very powerful. Since there is no way to choose 
you're character around Inferno, go with you're best one. Try to pick someone 
with range or speed. As Inferno does not always take other characters speed 
(He makes a very quick Astaroth and Rock). If you see his spinning attack 
coming, try to knock him out of the air. It saves you the damage, and really 
makes people mad.

Character #20

Name: Random

Who will like this Character: Master Players

B: Don't select this unless you don't mind risking a full battle with your 
worse character.

I: You might try this to help improve your skills as other players.

E: By now you probably don't have a character that you're "bad" with, you 
should do rather well using Random.

M: Fighting a player who has Mastered every character in the game can be a 
daunting task. Play hard and fight to win.

All right, this concludes my Soul Calibur Guide. I hope you enjoyed reading 
this, and perhaps it will help you decide which character to play as, or at 
least make you think twice about not playing as. 

Here's a short Q&A section.

1.Q: How could you be so mean to my favorite character? You must be playing 
them wrong...
A: I tried to not be mean to any character. This is just my opinion. I have 
played though SC many times with every character. If you disagree with what 
I've written, then play as whomever you want.

2.Q: How do I get the hidden characters?
A: Beat the game as all of the first 9 characters, then beat is as all the 
new ones. Don't ask for more details.

3.Q: Who do you play as?
A: Well... I consider myself to be a master with most characters, but I am 
most deadly with Ivy and Mitsurugi.

All right, now lets give credit where credit is due.

I'd like to thank Lorddodge and Ash for the countless games they have 
suffered though with me. I'd like to thank SEGA for making the greatest 
system ever, and Namco for making the best fighting game ever. I'd also like 
to thank the Hurricane season of '99 for knocking out the sever of my 
favorite online MUD and giving me time to focus on Soul Calibur.

SEGA Dreamcast is copyright SOA
SoulCalibur and SoulEdge are copyright Namco
This Guide was written by me, LordHeresy@aol.com
Feel free to give this guide to anyone, just don't charge them for it or say 
you wrote it. Please don't write me with complaints or praises, I can't very 
well change my opinion to anyone who disagrees and if you're reading this, 
that is praise enough.

-Remember, You are a True Hero and your Legend will Never Die.

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