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Siegfried Guide by MKim

Version: 0.2.7c | Updated: 01/31/2000

                               Soul Calibur
                 "Welcome back to the Stage in History"
                     Siegfried Schtauffen Moves List
                    For both the Namco Coin-Op Upright
          and the Sega Dreamcast Version developed and published
                                 by Namco
                   Compiled by Mark Kim (Vesther Fauransy)
                               Version 0.2.7c
            Date of Completion: January 31, 2000 (No Time Given)
          Date of Public Release: January 31, 2000 (No Time Given)

Copyright Information
Unpublished work trademarked (tm) and copyrighted (c) by Mark Kim.
All Rights Reserved.

 This file is basically derived from the move lists located at
 Namco America's Official Soul Calibur Site (http://www.soulcalibur.com)
 with the exception of some combos, move comments, and some rantings
 that the player might find useful during gameplay.  If for any reason
 the URL is incorrect, I would like to know the change of URL RIGHT

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 In addition, this file can only be HTMLized by the sole owner of the
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  * Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com)
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  * Al Amaloo (http://vgstrategies.about.com and

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 common part.  Note that whenever I give credit, I WILL NOT REVEAL
 ANY E-MAIL ADDRESSES AND/OR OTHERWISE in order to protect the privacy
 of the people for whom I give credit to.  This file has been carefully
 written by Mark Kim in respect to all copyrights, patents, and

 Soul Calibur, the Soul Edge Sword, Siegfried Schtauffen, Nightmare,
 and all other Soul Calibur-related events and objects are registered
 trademarks and copyrighted (c) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Namco, Ltd.  All
 Rights Reserved.  SoulCalibur.com is copyrighted (c) 1998 Namco America
 Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  This document was carefully prepared and
 created by Mark Kim in respect to all Namco Properties, as no copyright
 infringement was intended.

FAQ SO BE IT!!!  It is to remain in its original state, free of charge,
and in one piece at all costs.  And that's the bottom line.


Genre: Fighting
Number of Players: Featuring head-to-head competition against two players
or play against the computer
Platform: Arcade and Dreamcast
Usual Price: Arcade, 50 cents US; Dreamcast, Not Available
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Dreamcast ESRB Rating: Teen for Strong Animated Violence
Arcade AAMA Rating: Strong Animated Violence
Features: Continue for Arcade, Memory Card Save for Dreamcast


November 30, 1998
This is it! The premiere version of the Siegfried Move List!  Although
this is a direct port from my Nightmare Move List, I tuned it up a little
bit so that both Nightmare and Siegfried are still their own characters.

December 7, 1998
Updated this document with regards to legal issues.  Here's a list of
the following that has been temporarily halted because of this:

* Vital Statistics and History

If you have to ask, the reason why I had to remove this section for now
is to come up with my own version of Siegfried's History.  Previously,
if you had to use this part, you are asked to give Namco credit by linking
to them at http://www.soulcalibur.com.

January 12, 1998
Reinstated Siegfried at a Glance for Story Purposes.  If missing by a
chance, then I have added Siegfried's Ending as well.  Just some slight
fixes to some of the strategies.

February 24, 1998
Just a Legalese and Newsflash touch-up.  Otherwise, the updates are minor.

April 12, 1999
Use of Vesther Fauransy Brand Name begins.  An emergency site has been
given out in the event that you can't get the text file directly from
Verasnaship Interactive.  Also, missing theories are being completed for
the first time.  Possible Nuts and Bolts for this document.

May 17, 1999
Typo busts and minor updates.  Nothing Major.  Also, Voice Actors and
Voice Actresses gets credit at the Character's Profile for providing a
voice for the character.

January 4, 2000
First it was to revamp a Seung Mi Na Movelist in order to allow a
beginner to understand that due to Seung Mi Na's major drawbacks (as
described in my very own Seung Mi Na FAQ already updated to perfection).
Now it's time to tell the beginners why it becomes evidentially
important to know the basics of Nightmare FIRST before being able to
try the luck as Sieg Schtauffen at the local arcade.

Now that the Dreamcast version of Soul Calibur has came out, This FAQ
will work for both versions.  However, there are some Dreamcast only
stunts that I WILL NEVER EXPLAIN.  Never.  I am centralizing this FAQ
for Arcade Enjoyment Purposes.  Feel free to use this FAQ so that you
can practice up a bit more with Sieg, but keep in mind that this FAQ
WILL ALWAYS be centralized towards the Arcade Version, though this FAQ
can be used as a Dreamcast "double" towards a certain extent.

Coming Soon
* My next job would be to update Nightmare, since I'm pretty much fluent
  with this cheesey character.

* I would then update the Lizard Man document after Nightmare, since I
  use Lizzie for backup purposes.

* Next would have to be either Voldo or Yoshimitsu.  While these two
  weirdoes are hard to use, Voldo is worthwhile because he provides
  speed and variety without having to sacrifice power, vitality, KO
  Recovery, or any major drawbacks that is plaguing Seung Mi Na.
  Yoshimitsu is as potent as he was in the Tekken Series with a few
  twists and turns so that the learning curve for Yo-Man would be
  fresh for the Stage in History.

* Astaroth and Rock comes last.  While they have massive power and
  high vitality, they don't offer too much depth in comparison with
  some of the lower-vitality characters, namely Voldo, Seung Mi Na,
  or et. al.

Enough rambling, enjoy the updates.

January 29, 2000
OOPS!!! Sorry! Got the Newsflash wrong!

January 31, 2000
Al Amaloo looks to be a promising licensee: I've given him my seal of
approval to mirror 6 out of 8 Soul Calibur FAQs (Notice that I have yet
to update 2 of them which is Astaroth and Rock, and I have to tune up
Astaroth and Rock before I can give Al my seal of approval to mirror
the Astaroth and Rock Move Lists).  The FAQs that Al now has in mirrored
stock are Seung Mi Na, Nightmare, Siegfried, Voldo, Yoshimitsu, and
Lizard Man.  I have yet to update both Astaroth and Rock so that it
can be presently mirrored by Al Amaloo.  Thanks for your patience.


- Newsflash
- Reasons for a Massive Update
- What is Soul Calibur?
- What was the Siegfried Move List intended for
- Sieg Rants
- Sieg at a glance
- Starting Theories
- Advanced Theories
- The Notations
- Move List
- Combos
- How to use Sieg efficiently
- Sieg's Ending
- Playing your Soul Calibur Share
- Do's and Dont's
- Resources
- Acknowledgements


As always, newer versions of this document can be found at Verasnaship
Interactive, which is my website (http://www.verasnaship.net to be
exact).  If you have any suggestions, bug busts, or other things that
you need to share with me, please point your browser to my convenient
Web Mail Form (http://www.verasnaship.net/emailme.html).

I give you explicit rights to e-mail me using the E-Mail Form, however
USE OF AN E-MAIL CLIENT.  I will only be able to answer letters that
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http://www.verasnaship.net/emailme.html).  If you send any e-mail
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I won't answer it unless it came from the form mail page.

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1. On Netscape Navigator, click on Edit, and click on Preferences.
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Here's a piece of useless text to make sure that the alignment of the
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I highly recommend that you view this file through Edit.COM if you are
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Linux users should follow the directions on how to align this document


Many months has passed since I have last updated this Move List for
Sieg Schtauffen.  While Sieg and Nightmare are identical as far as
the move variety is concerned, both Sieg and Nightmare have their own
physical differences in order to keep the twists of the time release
characters going, much to the tradition of Hajime Nakatani's Tekken
series.  As you probably know already, Nightmare is basically Siegfried
possessed by the cursed sword.  More on this later as I progress.

Unfortunately, I have to write this section because "I felt a disturbance
in the force".  This could be the fact that many Siegfried players are
using Sieg as their first character the first time they play Soul Calibur
because they are familiar with Sieg's moves from Soul Edge.  The worst
possible reason (IN ANY FIGHTING GAME) is for "sex appeal".  More on
this later as I progress on.

I just hate it whenever I see someone play as Siegfried first since
it's because his speed is higher than Nightmare's, it's the only character
they knew how to use from Soul Edge, or even worse, sex appeal *yuck*.
No matter what are your positions between Nightmare and Siegfried would
having you master Nightmare first before Siegfried because if you don't
take some time to master Nightmare, you may not be able to know the

like how they look.  You need to select a character that you will be able
to last for more than 5 minutes on Versus Games the first time you play
the fighting game.  Don't get all pissed if you can't master the
character in one day as fighting games require you to spend a lot of
time with one character and to take full advantages of a character's
strengths while you tame the weaknesses to make the character work for
your repetoire.

Sieg plays a lot differently than he did in Soul Edge.  He is a lot
quicker in his draws and he has three stances like Nightmare.  However,
his only drawbacks is that he has less vitality than Nightmare.  To
tell you the honest truth, Nightmare recovers from KOs A LOT BETTER
THAN SIEGFRIED CAN, and Nightmare can't be juggled as often as
Siegfried can.  However, Siegfried can still recover from KOs
surprisingly fast, although Nightmare can recover from KOs a lot
better than Sieg.  To make it simple, both Nightmare and Siegfried
are easier to use than Siegfried in Soul Edge, but Nightmare is a lot
more basic.  So if you want to use Siegfried, you minus well use
Nightmare first.

In the Dreamcast Version, the same thing holds between Nightmare and
Sieg.  Use Nightmare first and use him like you would with Bread and
Butter before using Siegfried.  You'll know the strengths and weaknesses
of the Zweihander (pronounced Tsvei-hahndur and it's "Two-Hander" in
English) a lot better if you start out with Nightmare first.

Enough rambling.  Let's get it ON.


Soul Calibur is the sequel to the Three Dimensional Weapon Arcade Hit
Soul Edge which was created by Hajime Nakatani utilizing the System 12
Board.  Soul Calibur boosts the same gameplay of Soul Edge but with
even smoother frame animation, octogonial-dimensional running, and even
more features that may burn its father to a crisp.

Captain Cervantes De Leon has taken the Soul Edge when he was only 26
years of age, and during the next 2 decades, rumors have been discovered
that Soul Edge has been deemed as the Sword of Salvation, while others
consider Soul Edge as the Ultimate Evil Sword.  Not all warriors were
able to reach Soul Edge, as some souls (such as Li Long) has been killed
by Cervantes's strength and agility, but there are a few who was able to
reach Cervantes and best him in sorts.  Sophitia Alexandra destroyed the
jagged right blade of the Soul Edge, but was wounded by the shards.
At the self-same instant, Cervantes vowed to kill Sophie with the left
blade (unjagged), but was attacked and defeated without warning by Taki.
Taki took a shard of the foul blade while taking Sophie back to Greece.
As Siegfried Schtauffen attempted to retrieve the foul blade, he is
forced to wield his Zweihander (Faust) against Soul Edge, the keeper of
Secrets.  After Soul Edge's demise, Siegfried took the foul blade, not
realizing that the sword was trying to accept Sieg as a new host to
house its evil power.  Meanwhile, a village at Spain has witnessed the
birth of the Evil Seed, which are grounds for serious disasters of the

This game features 10 characters when the game is first stocked:

- Xianghua
- Kilik
- Nightmare
- Heishiro Mitsurugi
- Sophitia Alexandra
- Voldo
- Astaroth
- Maxi
- Taki
- Isabella Valentine a.k.a. Ivy

There are also Time Release characters available after the TRC warms up.
Here are the confirmed character addies as per SoulCalibur.Com:

- Hwang Sung Kyung
- Yoshimitsu
- Lizardman
- Siegfried Schtauffen
- Rock
- Seung Mina
- Edge Master

Nightmare and Siegfried are my chief characters in the game, so I created
move lists for them first.  However, I also offer move lists for Astaroth,
Rock, and Seung Mi Na (to meet the demands of the many Mi Na lovers around
the world).  It may be possible for me to create a move list for Yoshimitsu,
Lizard Man (though he isn't that HOT), Edge Master (His will be pretty
short), and whoever didn't get enough attention as forseen at GameFAQs
at http://www.gamefaqs.com.


This move was intended to serve primarily as a very descriptive move list
for the soul seeking redemption for what he has done to his father after
he surrendered control of the Soul Edge, Siegfried Schtauffen.  I am NOT
going to help you on how to fight the CPU foes (since the focus is human
against human competition), but I am also going to help you out on some
combos.  Because Siegfried is a Time-Release Character and since 90% of
his moves are borrowed from Nightmare, there are some ups and downs when
you play as Siegfried, so keep that in mind.  I highly recommend that you
play as Nightmare and master him before Sieg's arrival at your local arcade
shelf.  This way you will have the basics of Nightmare taken care of and
you will be prepared to learn the bonuses Siegfried holds.  Also, keep
in mind that you also need to compare Nightmare and Siegfried as far as
defensive recovery is concerned.  If you just use Siegfried before you
get a chance to play as Nightmare, then you may not be able to see the
bonuses and differences Ziggy has.  If you see Siegfried by the time
you play Soul Calibur for the first time, take note:  PLAY AS THE DEFAULT
CHARACTERS FIRST!!!!  You'll fight a lot better if you take time learning
the default characters first.  I create Text-Based Move Lists so that you
can print-out and since I'm doing it on a character to character basis, my
whole intention for this work is to make learning a character simple
focusing on one character at a time.

I will also review some of the theories with you.  These theories are
universal to all characters.  Because a fighting game has some theories
that you need to learn for a healthy fight, I recommend that you read the
Fighting Theories in this document.

Read this guide over and over again, and practice your I/O on a "fake"
controller.  Therefore, you will be prepared to execute the moves that
will keep your foes at bay.

Keep in mind that Hwang Sung Kyung was a standard character in the Korean
versions of Soul Edge.  Arthur replaces Mitsurugi in nations that disdains
any Samurai-look-alikes.  In the Arthur Version of the game, Hwang is one
of the default characters in the game mainly because he was a standard
character in the Korean version of Soul Edge.  Actually, Xianghua (as always)
will be a default character TO ME even though Hwang may be a default
character to nations banning Heishiro Mitsurugi.  Enough rambling about
the Cultural Protection Statutes around the world, in conclusion to this,
here is what I recommend for the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and the
Professional Players (using Default Characters ONLY):

* Nightmare
* Heishiro Mitsurugi
* Kilik

* Xianghua
* Astaroth

* Maxi
* Taki
* Voldo

* Ivy

Much of the reason why I didn't put Sophie Alexandra in one of the
skill level characters is because Sophie is the blandest character
in the game.  Since you need to master the default characters first,
this is how things are done.  And that is why I created a move list for
Nightmare and Siegfried so that you will be aware that "you need to master
Nightie before Ziggy".  Now after you tamed the Defaults, here is what
you are *assumed* to be ready for:

* Siegfried Schtauffen

* Hwang Sung Kyung
* Rock Adams

* Yoshimitsu
* Edge Master

* Seung Mi Na

Some of the TRC Characters have different learning curves than the
Default Characters, so correct me here if I'm wrong.

You're welcome to offer me with any bug fixes at this location:

- http://www.verasnaship.net/text/mailform.html (Coming Soon)


There are bound to be times in the Soul Calibur Forum (located at
http://www.soulcalibur.com/cgi-bin/wwwboard.cgi) when people will say
"Voldo is the man!" just because that character doesn't have any weaknesses
at all.  That is wrong.  You should understand that by writing this work,
NO CHARACTER is complete without any strengths or weaknesses.  some rants
that you need to know:

Siegfried is just as powerful as Nightmare is but he attacks slightly
faster and he can move faster than Nightmare.  However, when concerned
about the Recovery and Vitality Issues, Nightmare is the winner in these
categories.  Although Sieg and Nightmare can recover quickly and can
withstand exceptional amounts of punishment, Nightmare can recover
from KOs a bit easier than Siegfried and Nightmare's vitality is slightly
higher too.  Nightmare sacrifices speed for ease-of-use, higher recovery
times, and better HP and Vitality as well.  Sieg's only drawback is that
he is easily jugglable at times, and like Nightmare, is insanely
limited in juggles.  Although Sieg's moves are as damaging as Nightmare's,
you need to use him offensively and mix in between high and low hits.
If you keep on using moves that has high lag time (Nightmare has less
lag time than Siegfried), then "you will be seriously wounded" in a flash.
That is why you need to learn how to use Nightmare first before using
Siegfried.  If you use Siegfried before you use Nightmare, then you
won't know the full bonuses and drawbacks Sieg has over Nightmare.

Some of the moves Sieg has a longer lag time than Nightmare but most of
the moves Sieg can recover faster in between transitions when used
properly.  Like Nightmare, Sieg has a good collection of moves that
can be used either at short or long range, but it's recommended that you
use these moves to protect your front.  Fortunately, Sieg (like
Nightmare) has some good short-range moves that can drag the foe
further back so that Sieg can force a foe to play range games.

Nightmare is more suitable for starters, but Siegfried is just as good
with a little more variety.  Part of the reason why Soul Calibur is a
complicated game is because of the physical differences in between
characters.  No matter how long it will take you to master the
fighters, you will take hits and you'll eventually lose.  That is why
getting to know Nightmare first before Siegfried is just as important
as to tame Sieg's weakness so that Sieg can work for you.

Basically, Nightmare and Siegfried are identical as far as variety and
attributes are concerned, but since I'm a Zweihander player, I would
say it's a tossup as of this point.  It's hard for me to say which
character's better of the two.  In a future update for the Nightmare
Move List that I have created, I will explain more about the reasons
why I'm pretty vehement about using Nightmare before Siegfried.  It might
take you a lifetime to tame up Nightmare before you are capable of using
Siegfried, so don't get pissed just because of this rant.


Power: ****
Dexterity: ***
Range: *** (Sieg has a good assortment of mid-ranged moves)
Vitality: ***
Spirit: ***
Health: ***
Throw Range: Acceptable


This section of this document has been taken from Namco America's Soul
Calibur Site at http://www.soulcalibur.com and from Fighters.NET's Soul
FAQ by Mr MG (http://www.fighters.net).

Catch Copy:      The Soul in Purgatory
Weapon:          Zweihander
Weapon's Name:   Requiem
Special Note:    Siegfried ALWAYS carries a Zweihander in order to
                 equate to his height.  The Requiem is made of light,
                 but strong Spanish Steel, and it's as durable as some
                 of the most powerful Japanese Swords (namely the
                 Masamune), and it's more durable than the Faust from
                 Soul Edge, which was made out of native German Steel.
                 The Faust weighs about 38 pounds, the Requiem weighs
                 about 17 pounds (Keep in mind that the blade used is
                 light but strong Spanish Steel).
Style:           Self-Taught
Age in Years:    19
Date of Birth:   The Sixth of February
Family:          Mother Margaret living alone somewhere in Germany.
                 He killed his father Frederick (WHY?!).  Bring up
                 army Schwarz Wind.
Place of Origin: The Holy Roman Empire
Height:          5 foot, 5 inches
Weight:          110 lbs
Blood Type:      A
Stage:           City of Water (looks like Venice)
Stage Note:      Everybody wants to look at the City of Water because
                 of its beauty.  Siegfried came here because this is where
                 he believed would signify the start of his quest for
                 atonement for after what he has done three years ago.
BGM Music:       Worth Dying
Stage 7 Boss:    Heishiro Mitsurugi
Reason:          Mitsurugi was seeking out for the Soul Edge, but Ziggy
                 has managed to "interfere" with him just before he completes
                 his first stage of atonement, but Heishiro Mitsurugi still
                 refuses to admit that Soul Edge was Evil.  So Ziggy decides
                 to fight Heishiro just before Inferno to make Heishiro admit
                 that Soul Edge was INDEED a sword of evil.  If Mitsurugi's
                 Ziggy's Stage 7 boss, why can't Ziggy be Mitsurugi's Stage 7
Voice Actor:     Nobuyuki Hiyama

It's now time.  With a record toll of stolen souls, the Soul Edge
transformed into an appreciation of Frederick Schtauffen.  Knowing that
he has done something wrong to himself during the last few years, Nightmare
talked to Frederick to see if there's a solution to his problem.  Fred
suggested that Nightmare stab him with a sword, but Nightmare is reluctant
to do so because he seems to love Frederick for some reason.  Frederick
made it clear that he's only an image created through Nightmare's weak
mind, and he's only here to rescue him from his damnation.  Nightmare
finally understands what Frederick's here for, and painfully follows
Fred's will.  Nightmare's a good guy once again, and now he's Siegfried
Schtauffen once again!  Now a concerned Siegfried seeks an answer (via
a kneel to Frederick's grave) to see if there is a chance for redemption
after the madness he has done.

Margaret was praying for her father's and son's safe return.  Without
her family intact, her life was completely corrupt.  For the first time
ever since he killed his father (That's HORRIBLE!), Siegfried made an
attempt to pay a visit to Margaret.  However, all he can only hear was
her chanting voice, and had a suspiction that this wouldn't be a good
time to do so.  However, Siegfried has managed to make a good parting
he transformed into Nightmare a long time ago.  Now Siegfried has to
leave Germany to run some errands.

Siegfried's only intention in a quest to start his redemption for what
he has done would be to help the good souls destroy the Evil Seed and
to cleanse the lands that has been poisoned by the Evil Seed.  What
could be a chance for silencing the flames of hell would only mark
the beginning of his quest for redemption, as Ziggy left behind a road
and path of uncertainity for the rest of his life.

Please credit either Mark Griffin as Mr MG (http://www.fighters.net),
Jason Arney (http://www.namco.com) as WCMaxi, or just type in the
aforesaid URLs in your Acknowledgement section where credit is due.


This section is basically derived from Namco's explanation of Basic
Soul Calibur Theories (http://www.soulcalibur.com/system.html).  I won't
explain too much of them with the exception of partial explanation since
the aforementioned acknowledgement in parentheses does a good job handling
the theories in detail.  Remember, this document is basically a depriative
of Namco's index of theories at their Soul Calibur Site with the exception
of text descriptions and only partial description of the theories in the

If for any reason you MUST learn a Martial Art, then the obvious art that
you learn at the early stages of development is DEFENSE.  Without defense,
the Martial Art is all for naught.  To play the game efficiently, I'll
tell you what each type of blocking means.  Here's how to execute a
Neutral Guard (first seen in Tekken 2):

- Neutral Guard High, Joystick Neutral.  Blocks all High and Mid Attacks
- Neutral Guard Low, Joystick Down.  Blocks all Low Attacks

Be aware that there is a minus when using Neutral Guard: Any attack that
forces a Block Stagger WILL deplete your guard, meaning that the next
blow could hurt you in some sorts.  I call Neutral Guard "Weak Guarding"
as this type of guard was meant for blocking attacks that doesn't block
stagger you.  This falls into the term of Heavy Guarding, which you do
by holding the Guard Button.  Here's how to continually block without
receiving a hit during a Neutral Guard:

- Heavy Guard High, Hold G and Joystick Neutral, Blocks all High and
  Mid Attacks, and any High and Mid Staggers
- Heavy Guard Low, Hold G and Joystick Down, Blocks all Low Attacks and
  Low Staggers

Even though you are staggered, provided that you ARE holding the Guard
Button you will continue to block even though you are staggering.  To
start blocking right after you are attacked during a combo, you need to
joystick Neutral and hit and hold Guard at the right time.

For abbreviations about properties, see the Notations.  Also, during
the moves, I MAY BE ABLE to alert you if a move is a block stagger or
a whatever.

High: A Head Hit.  Crouchable.  Nuff Said

Mid: These hits will hit you in your mid-section.  Definitely must be
blocked high.

Low: Slice the legs!  Block Low or try to jump.

Special Mid: These will hit you in your midsection, but can be blocked
either high or low, just be sure to jam in that Guard Button.

Ground: Limited use, only hits prone foes.

Unblockable Moves
Unblockable Moves are techniques that require a long time to charge but
when the move hits the foe, it will cause damage even though it's blocked.
Unblockable moves leave you vulnerable during the execution of the move
which can cause some spectacular (and embarrasingly painful) counterhits
if for any reason your foe gets into you.

Unblockable High: Defeats a High Guard, MUST BE CROUCHED!

Unblockable Mid: This will hit the Mid section and will defeat any type

Unblockable Low: Defeats a Low Guard.  Dodge or jump to avoid getting

No need for much explanation here.  Throws also defeat guard, but unlike
Unblockables, with the right timing, you can escape throws, a feature
first seen in Tekken 2.  As you are being grabbed, press the following
button(s) to escape the throw.  If you are not fast enough, oh well... =O

All G+A Throws: A
All G+B Throws: B
Side Throws, and Back Throws: Escape dependant on throw used

Throws mainly are considered high hits, but Astaroth has a Mid Throw and
a Ground Throw.  To escape Astaroth's Drop of Lava, A at start of throw.
To escape Astaroth's Burial, B at start of throw.  I don't want to spoil
all the fun of having to discover the throw escape methods so I'll leave
the escapes up to you (with the exception of the universal throw commands).

No need for explanation here.  All you need to do is to just tap the
joystick lightly in any direction and return joystick to Neutral.  In
Soul Calibur, you can step at any direction!  This is good because this
gives you a way for free movement around the arena!

Octagonial-Way Running (Eight-Way Run)
This is brand new in a Namco Fighting Game, and is probably the most
obvious skill you need to learn if you want to master Soul Calibur at a
faster pace than in Soul Edge.  Eight-Way Running is done by tapping the
joystick at the desired direction you want to run, and holding the lever
at the SAME DIRECTION you want to run once again.  Please remember that
in order to make the Eight Way Run work, the key to make the run work
correctly is to make the lever "touch" instead of tapping the direction
too quickly.  Also, please be aware that some moves can only be executed
using an Eight Way Run, so keep that in mind.  For example, in Tekken 3,
if you press Back, and hold Back, then you would just leap backwards.
In Soul Calibur, if you tap back, and then hold back, then you would run
backwards (though not as fast as if you were to dash forward).  Tapping
on the desired direction you want to move and holding the desired
direction you want to run (with the exception of forward) is the key to
effective defensive assaults.  MORE ON EIGHT-WAY RUN ATTACKS ON THE OFFENSE

No need for much explanation here.  Just hold Down all the way while
pressing guard to crouch.  Remember since you are given freedom of
movement in this game, you may not need to crouch unless you need to
block a low attack, or et. al.

In Soul Edge and Tekken 3, you can jump depending on how long you hold
UP on the joystick.  Now those days are gone.  In Soul Calibur, you can
only jump by performing certain moves or by holding Block and pressing
UP while the Block Button is held.  You shouldn't need to use a jump
because Soul Calibur's Freedom of Movement puts this feature to a crying

Offense Overview
Soul Calibur's offense system is pretty complex, that it would take a
beginner about $25 to master offensive arts.  Here are the types
of offense Soul Calibur has available (Examples and/or descriptions on

- Button Tapping (Astaroth's B,B)
- Button Rolling (Mitsurugi's K~B)
- Button Holding (Nearly all of Asta's attacks for variety)
- Multiple Buttons (Mitsurugi's A+B)
- Tapping (Yoshimitsu's f+B)
- Double Tapping (Yoshimitsu's f,[f]+B)
- Shift Motions (You press a button first and then tap a Joystick
  Direction, gives this game more depth!)
- Joystick Rolling (Kilik's QCF+A+B)
- Completely Crouched (Hold G, Press down.  Now release G and a good
  example would be Nightmare's WC+df+G+B)
- Rise up from a Crouch (Siegfried's WS+B)
- Eight Way Run Attacks (Siegfried's Brain Masher)
- Combination Commands (Probably the most difficult form to understand,
  let's take Mitsurugi's f,[f]+A+B for instance)

It's easy to do these motions than to say, so I recommend going onto
Namco's explanation at http://www.soulcalibur.com/system.html for
a more in-depth explanation of the Basic Arts of Sword Fighting as I
don't want to spoil all the fun of theory discovery. :)


Now here's the CREME DE LA CREME of Soul Calibur.  Read them carefully
as these will be important to know on your quest to become a good player
in Soul Calibur.  This section basically runs through Namco's index
of Advanced Soul Calibur Theories (http://www.soulcalibur.com/systemadv.html)
but I will ONLY go partial on these theories because I don't want you
to rely on this document directly.  As much as I want you to have fun
with Namco's Soul Calibur Site, you are encouraged to browse through
the aforementioned acknowledgement in parentheses.

Guard Impacts
Something new way back in Soul Edge.  You block the instant you see a
slash coming at you.  In Soul Edge, when you block the instant something
is coming at you, you just stagger the foe.  Now there's something more
in Soul Calibur.  Pressing Forward and the Guard Button as soon as some
slash is coming at you will push the offensive character into a back
stagger.  You can only do a Forward and Block Button Impact Stagger
at High to Mid Attacks.  Pressing Down-Forward and Guard Impact Staggers
any Mid to Low Attacks.  This is one important move to learn because
sooner or later you may get upset seeing your foe play pattern games, etc.
and if your patience has been used up, then it's time to Impact-Cut your
foe off.  I like to call this "Frontal-Push" because Guard Impact
Repelling also pushes your foe backwards.

To be more descriptive, here's how to "Front-Push" your foe:

- f+G to Repel High and Mid Attacks
- df+G to Repel Low Attacks

Guard Parries
Guard Parries are something new in Soul Calibur that isn't included in
Soul Edge.  To Guard Parry, press Back and Guard the moment a slash is
coming at you to side-push your foe at high and mid attack heights or
press Down-Back and Guard at the same time to side-push your foe at Mid
to Low attack Heights.  This seems to be a great counterattack because
when mastered, can be satisfying to pull off at times just because you
can go into a side throw afterwards.  The Guard Impaction causes your
character to block the attack and side-push your foe at the same time.
A must do for the faster characters like Taki, Sophitia, Hwang Sung
Kyung, Maxi, and Heishiro Mitsurugi.

In more-depth explanation, here's how to "side-push" your foe:

- b+G to parry High and Mid Attacks
- db+G to parry Low Attacks

Parries are best done when your foe tries to use a powerful long-range
move on you.

Understanding Throws
I'm not going to explain too heavily on this (mainly because I want
you to just sit back and enjoy Namco's Advanced Theory Explanations
at http://www.soulcalibur.com/systemadv.html) but this seems weird:
Characters sometimes scream differently when doing throws, meaning
that there are some time for error to jam in that escape button before
all is lost.  Use this as a hint for what button you need to use in
order to escape throws.  A good example would be Siegfried's "Taaah!"
in one throw and "Eiihhh!" in another throw.

What is a stagger?  It's when you throw a blow and if the opponent
blocks it, he/she falls back, causing you to maintain your distance
away from foe.  However, there are also some moves that drain you after
it's blocked so be careful.  You need to learn how to stagger and then
try to let him/her have it with a move that hits at a different location
other than the height he/she is trying to block you at.  Variating hits
and hitting him/her at the unguarded area while he/she is staggered will
help, though you may need to allow some room for error.

Pinning Attacks
In Soul Edge, you had to jump up and stab at your opponent by using a
certain command.  Gone are the days of those sissy pin attacks.  Now
you can use VIRTUALLY ANY ATTACK to perform all the Pin Attacks when
your foe is down!  However, Pin Attacks are a lot harder to get this
time around now that quick recovery has been enabled.

Quick Recovery
When you are knocked over the air, or right after you get knocked down,
hit the Guard Button as much as you can to recover.  This reduces the
amount of juggling pain and Okizeme the foe can commit.  If you are
knocked down on the ground, try leaving the joystick neutral and hit
the Guard Button rapidly to recover blocking.  The recovery time and
the amount of drama required to recover depends on your character's
physical attributes.

Ever since my Nightmare Move List I first created, I felt that it's
time to go with the Namco way of using moves.  I suggest that you
read the Notations over and over again in order to become familiar
with the moves.  The Notations I've been using on the Nightmare Move
List and Siegfried Move List has been confusing, so I'm planning to
fix the notations on these move lists as well.

Soul Charging
Soul Charging allows you to perform more powerful versions of your
special moves.  I call Soul Charging a preparation for Desperation because
this allows you to inflict as much damage as a Counter Hit would cause.
Soul Charging also has some added bonuses such as longer staggers.  Be
careful that while you are Soul Charging, you leave yourself vulnerable
for high-damage hits so use the Soul Charge wisely.  Hold A+B+K and as
soon as you are charged up, let loose.

Spirit Charging
Spirit Charging allows you to perform even more powerful attacks that
a Soul Charge would have dreamed of.  Spirit Charging takes more time and
effort to perform than a Soul Charge.  BTW you can't block while you are
on Soul or Spirit Charge Mode so use these features wisely.  Spirit Charges
are also called Divine Desperations which allows you to perform attacks that
has higher bonuses than a Soul Charge, and it's possible that some attacks
using a spirit charge may become unblockable!  All you have to do is to
hold A+B+K, and then hold G to charge up.  As soon as you are flashing
yellow, let loose.

Delaying to Increasing Weight of the Moves
So what do I do on this?  I simply hold the button to increase the
weight of the move and I inflict extra damage with the move.  This is
actually called a Motion Delay, a feature that allows you to delay the
move to either change property or increase damage, or even TO TRICK THE
Maximum Delay at times, the move will either turn into an unblockable
move, will have the hitting location change, or more commonly, increase
the damage done to your foe.  Combine that with either a Soul or Spirit
Charge-Up for maximum OUCH!  Use this feature wisely, though.

Part of the reason why I had to omit some of the more useful theories
bubbled out at Namco's Index of Advanced Soul Calibur Fighting Theories
(http://www.soulcalibur.com/systemadv.html) is because I DON'T WANT TO
PARENTHESES like I said before.  Keep on browsing through the two
aforementioned acknowledgements in both the Basic and Advanced Sections
of the Theory Review and you should be fine.  Remember, I'm only reviewing
theories derived from Namco's official Soul Calibur Site.


f: Forward
b: Tap Backward
u: Tap Up
d: Tap Down
uf: Tap Up-Forward
ub: Tap Up-Backward
df: Tap Down-Forward
db: Tap Down-Backward
n: Point the Joystick back to Neutral
A: Horizontal Slash Button
B: Vertical Slash Button
K: Kick Button
G: Guard Button
~: Tap the control Command immediately
+: Tap the control command at the same time
[x]: Hold the aforesaid command control
8WR: Perform an Eight Way Run first
WS: Crouch, then Rise up with the following commands performed at
    the same time.
WC: Fully Crouched
BT: Back Turned
qcb: Do a quarterspin of the Joystick from Down to Back
qcf: Do a quarterspin of the Joystick from Down to Forward
hcf: Do a halfspin of the joystick from Back to Forward
hcb: Do a halfspin of the joystick from Forward to Backward
qcdf: Do a quarterspin of the Joystick from Down-Back to Down-Forward
qcdb: Do a quarterspin of the Joystick from Down-Forward to
L: As you land

H: The move will hit high
M: The move will hit mid
SM: The move will hit mid, but can be blocked while crouching
L: The move will hit low
!: Unblockable Mid
?: Unblockable High
&: Unblockable Low
P: Hits Prone Foes

CH: Must be done during Chief Hold
BH: Must be done during Base Hold
SH: Must be done during Side Hold


Throwing Moves
The following are available to Siegfried as Throw Moves.  Refer to the
Throwing Theory somewhere in this document.  Ziggy's throw range is probably
identical to Nightmare's.  The throw range depends on the Power, Speed, and
Range of your character.  I'll try to explain about Throw Escapes in the

Hilt Impact
Command: G+A on Front
Throw Type: Front Throw
Button to escape: A at start of throw
Comments: This throw has to hurt so much.  Sieg uses the Requiem's hilt
handle to land two hard punches on your face.  If you are close enough to
the edge of the ring, this move can ring-out.

Nightmare Slasher
Type: Front Throw
Command: G+B
Button to escape: B at start of throw
Sieg does two Siamese slashes to his lame foe.  Not a good throw if
you are ring-out minded.

Flap Jack
Type: Front Throw
Command: Any throw fully crouched
Button to escape: Escape dependant on throw being used
If you are crouching and if you are pretty close to your foe, then you
can still flip your foe and piss the foe off.  However, the best time to
use this throw is when somebody's doing a Horizontal Slash Combo at you.
Just make sure it's not an attack that hits Mid instead.

Prone Flap Jack
Type: Prone Throw
Command: While your foe's on the canvas, perform the Flap Jack
Button to escape: INESCAPABLE
A brutal attack.  Dirty Siegfried!  Sieg likes to crouch and when
his foe is on the canvas, alley ooop his foe.

Calamity Fall
Type: Left Side Throw
Command: Any throw on Foe's left side
Command to escape: Escape dependant on throw being used
Siegfried shows his brute strength by performing a crowd-pleasing
Side-Suplex shared in Pro Wrestling

Unholy Terror
Type: Right Side Throw
Command: Any throw on Foe's right side
Command to escape: Escape dependant on throw being used
This has to be one of the more fantastic throws in the game: Siegfried
impales his foe, and then tosses him (with foe still impaled) over his
shoulder.  The foe is released from the edge afterwards.  OUCH.

Witch Hunting
Type: Back Throw
Command: Any throw close from behind
Command to escape: Escape dependant on throw being used
Siegfried stabs his foe's back and SHOVES him/her VERY HARD and then
stops pin-impaling.  Not one of the more spectacular moves, though.

I know it sucks but I have to use this site and credit them because their
information's pretty reliable on the long run.  Forgive me on this. =(

Regular Moves
These moves can be performed at anytime.  Keep in mind that now that
there are Eight-Way (Octo) Run moves, your strategy has to change a bit.
The explained here are the following that you can perform assuming that
you did not press any direction twice and attack after initiating an
Eight-Way Run.

One Slash
Command: A
Property: H
Note: Hold A to shift to SH
Nightmare does a single slash.

Slash Cross
Command: A,A,B
Properties: H,H,M
Note: The Third Hit can be delayed.  Final tap staggers when blocked
Sieg does two horizontal slashes and ends with a vertical slash
that strikes prone foes.  For a delayed version, pause after the second
A press, then press B as soon as your confident enough that you won't
execute the final slash without drama.

The Double Grounder
Command: A,d+A,A
Properties: H,L,L
Note: Hits 2 and 3 staggers whenever blocked.
Sieg does a single slash, then does two sweeping slashes.  Not
really effective since the High Slash can be crouched and the sweeping
slashes can be blocked at any time.

Quick Spin Slash
Command: f+A
Property: High
Note: Hold A to shift to SH
Sieg does a turnaround high slash.

Turnaround Right Slasher
Command: f,[f]+A
Property: H
Note: Staggers whenever blocked
Sieg does a turnaround slash that side-knocks your foe.  A quick
move, but people can crouch from it.  Not a good move to use against the
smaller characters like Xianghua and Seung Mi Na.

Armet Crusher
Command: df+A
Property: M
Note: Staggers whenever blocked
Sieg does a mid-section blow using the base of the sword instead of
the edges.  Pretty much like a Backhand I say...

Leg Slicing
Command: d+A
Property: L
Note: Recovers Crouching, use this to start WS or WC Moves
Sieg lands a Horizontal slash at his foe's shin.

Shadow Slicer
Command: db+A
Property: L
Note: Hold A to motion delay.  Motion Delaying this move does more
damage and has higher ring-out power, but you need to use the Motion
Delay wisely because it also slows down the flow of liquid.
A turnaround sweeping slash similar to what you have seen with the
Double Grounder Move.

Back Spin Slash
Command: b+A or A~G,A
Property: H
Sieg spins backwards and ends with a lovely Horizontal Slash.  The
Alternate Execution of this move does less damage.

Diving Leg Slash
Command: [G]~u,LND+A
Property: L
Sieg jumps, and as he lands, slashes you at your shin.  This move
looks like it'g gonna hurt.

Leaping Back-Spin Slash
Command: u+A
Property: H
Notes: This move will stagger a blocking foe
Sieg performs a leaping decapitating slash.

Demon Maelstrom
Command: WS+A,A
Property: SM,L
Note: Hold D to cancel second hit and recover crouching.  The second hit
staggers blocking foes
Sieg does two spinning Low Slashes.  While these slashes hit your
shin, the First Blow can be blocked high, meaning that this move isn't
cheap enough.  An easy way to crouch is to Hold BL, then press Down, and
then Release BL.

Sword Busting
Command: B
Property: M
Note: Hold B to shift to BH
Sieg does a prone-hitting Overhead Slash.

Gun/Cannon Turret Buster
Command: B~f
Property: M
Sieg does an Overhead Slash that DOES NOT hit prone opponents.
More like a Melee move because it's pretty much half-contact in nature.

Rampart Buster
Command: B~b
Property: M
Note: Recovers crouching and may stagger crouching foes if by all means
Sieg does a delayed turnaround Overhead Slash.  I still have to study
this move a bit more to get to know it's real effects.

Buster Feint to Chief Hold
Command: B~N~b
Property: Ends in CH
Note: Very hard to do because you have to have the joystick at the Neutral
Position just a little bit before you press Back.
Sieg tries to do a full-contact Overhead Slash, but decides to do a
Chief Holdinstead.  Not a good way to go into Chief Hold, though.

Two-hit Armor Breaker
Command: B~G,B,B
Properties: M,L
Note: The Second Hit will stagger a blocking foe.  Hold final B to shift
to CH
Ziggy's special minus one Overhead Slash.  One Overhead Slash and a Nose
Picking Low Slash.

Two-Hit Break Kick
Command: B~G,B,K
Properties: M,M
Ziggy's Interrupt minus one Overhead Slash.  One overhead slash and a
quick-recovering Kick.

Three-hit Armor Breaker
Command: B,B,B
Properties: M,M,L
Note: Hold third B to shift to CH.  Third hit staggers blocking foes
As opposed to Nightmare, Ziggy can use this move anytime! Two overhead
slashes and a Nose-picking Slash brings back some memories from Soul
Edge, Soul Edge Version 2, and Soul Blade for PlayStation!

Three-hit Break Kick
Command: B,B,K
Properties: M,M,M
As with the Sieg Special, Ziggy can use this one anytime as well.  Two
overhead slashes and a Groin-hitting Kick.  This is more defensive
oriented because the Kick allows Ziggy room for error.

Buster Grounder
Command: B,d+A
Properties: M,L
Note: The second hit can be delayed, but PLEASE USE THE MOTION DELAYS
b to cancel second hit (during motion) to shift to CH.
Sieg does one prone-hitting overhead slash and a sweeping slash.
You may want to mix up this one with the other moves because you'll hit
Mid with the Overhead, and low with the Sweeping Slash.

The Piercing Strike
Command: f+B
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a stab at your chest.  It's more damaging at long range,
so take advantage of the Zweihander.  However, this move can be easily
dodged at, so use this move wisely.  To tell you honestly about this
move, it's kind of slow so I personally would pass this one up for
other *more* useful moves.

Splitting Locks
Command: f,[f]+B
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes and recovers crouching
Sieg does a turnaround Overhead Slash that looks like it moves so

Cannonball Splitting
Command: f,[f]+B~A
Property: M,M,M
Note: Final hit staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a tumbling prone overhead slash.  While the Feet will
do some hits, it is the slash that does the most damage.  Against
Human Players who are really good, I would say that this is an
unnecessary move since the animation allows the opponent some time
for escape and/or error.

Sky Splitter
Command: df+B
Property: M
Note: Hold B to shift to CH.  Initiates juggles on counterhits
Siegfried does an uppercut slash.  Nice move to cover your entire
front.  This is one of the most important moves as this can be used
for defense and if used properly, can force your opponent to change
tactics at times.

Shadow Buster
Command: d+B
Property: SM
Note: Recovers crouching.  Hold B to shift to BH
Sieg does a crouching Overhead Slash.  This Mid-Hitting attack
can be blocked while crouching, so the standard B is the best choice.

Drilling Thrust
Command: db+B
Property: M
Note: If clean hit shifts to over-shoulder throw.  The throw can ring
Sieg stabs you with a one-hand piercing strike.  On clean hits,
he tosses you over the shoulder while impaling you with the sword.
Much like the Unholy terror move, except that he doesn't keep you
impaled right after tossing you--HE JUST LETS GO AS HE'S FINISHING

Command: b+B,B
Property: M,M
Note: Second Hit staggers blocking foes
Sieg does two defensive Headbutts that hit the torso.  If your foe
is insanely close, then this would be a great move since it's fast
and has great recovery time.  Since the range is mediocre, it's best
to use it as a last resort to force yourself away from your foe to
give yourself some time to use the Zweihander again.

Fatal Dive
Command: b,[b]+B,B
Property: M,L
Note: Hold the first B to shift to BH.  Both hits staggers blocking
Sieg does a leaping Overhead Slash and ends the combo with a Nose
Picking Low Slash Lifter.  My definition of OUCH!  The best way to
initiate variety after the first hit is to hold the B Button.  This
way you can confuse the foe that you are going to do a Citadel Lifter
by using a move that you can use after going onto a Base Hold.

Earth Divide
Command: qcf+VS
Property: UM
Note: Press G during duration of move to cancel
Sieg uses the power of lightning to perform a harsh Overhead Slash.
Press the Block Button to cancel it out.  However, people can dodge this
move quite easily and you can be hit out of this move, so don't use it
unless you can pull it off without drama.

Diving Cannonball Lifter
Command: [G]~u,LND+B
Property: Mid
Note: Hold B to shift to BH
Sieg leaps, and does a landing uppercut.  Nice way to start a
juggle, if it's a counterhit that is.

Fatal Buster
Command: u+B
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a leaping Overhead Slash.

Cannonball Lifter
Execution: WS+B
Property: M
Note: Hold B to shift to BH
Sieg does an uppercut.  This is great if you are trying to get up
right after somebody does a failed slide on you (or a failed Horizontal
Combo Attack).  An easy way to crouch is to Hold BL, press D, and release
BL while holding D.  Now let loose.  One of the more important moves
since it covers your entire front and it can start juggles if it's
a counterhit.

Splitting Buster
Command: WC+B
Property: SM
Note: Hold B to shift to BH
Sieg does an Overhead Slash that can be blocked low.

Jade Cracker
Command: f+K
Property: H
Note: Staggers blocking foes and will shove knockdown on counterhits
A simple punch to the face!  Very quick indeed.

Shoulder Butt
Command: f,[f]+K
Property: M
Note: Staggers whenever blocked.  Lunge Knockdown on counterhits.
Sieg does a Right Shoulder Butt, hitting you with his toughened shoulder.
I wonder if Sieg worked out or not.  It's quick so when you are near the
edge, try to abuse this move as much as you can.

Accelerating Headbutt
Command: df+K,K,B
Properties: M,L,M
Note: Third Hit will fall back stun on counterhits(?)
Sieg does a Groin-hitting Kick, does a low sweeping kick, and then
a Headbutt.

Grinding Kick
Command: d+K
Property: L
Note: Recovers Crouching
Sieg hits you in the shin with his feet.

Darkside Sole Butt
Command: b+K
Property: M
A side kick that knocks you down instantly.  Nuff said.

Command: qcf+K 6x
Property: P,P,P,P,P
Note: the first K can be held for motion delay.  If delayed, damage on
first hit will increase.
Sieg steps on you with his right feet five times.  Use this only
as a pin-attack.

Diving Acceleration Kick
Command: [G]~u,LND+K
Property: L
Sieg leaps up and as he lands, hits you with the same kick he used
as his second hit for his Acceleration Headbutt.

Turning Sole Butt
Command: u+K
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a leaping turnaround back-spin Sole Butt.

Rising Night Kicks
Command: WS+K,K
Property: M,M
Sieg does two groin-hitting Kicks.

Blazing Wind to Side Hold
Command: A+B
Property: M,M,M
Note: This moves automatically shifts to SH
Sieg twirls his sword around, and then shifts to Side Hold.

Blazing Storm
Command: A+B,A
Properties: M,M,L
Sieg twirls his sword around, and then does a shin slice.

Crackling Edge
Command: f,[f]+A+B
Property: M
Note: Hold d to end laying down.  Staggers blocking foes
This move can hit prone opponents.  Sieg does a Side Flip, lands
on the ground, and slams you hard with an overhead slash, using the
weight of the Zweihander to his own advantage.

Dark Soul Impact
Command: df+A+B
Property: L
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a one-hand stab right at your shin.  The knockdown style
is pretty similar to Voldo's d+A+B but it's kind of slow so I don't use
this move pretty often.

Spin Kick Combination
Starting Command: A+K
    End with a single Slash: A
    End with a Slash Cross: A,A,B
    End with a Demon Grounding Combo: A,d+A,A
    End with another Kick: K
Starting Command: H
    Ending with a Single Slash: H
    Ending with a Slash Cross: H, H, M
    Ending with a Demon Grounding Combo: H, L, L
    Ending with another Kick: M
    To shift to CH, command A+K,[A]
Sieg does a high roundhouse kick, and then he can either go into
a Slash Cross, a Demon Grounder, a Single Slash, or another Kick.

Drop Kick
Command: f,[f]+B+K
Property: H
Note: Staggers blocking foes and will hit prone foes.  Does more damage
as a ground hit.
Siegfried does a spinning Drop Kick that will hit Prone Foes as the move
concludes.  Otherwise, the move hits high and can be easily avoided with a
side step.

Eight way Run Moves
Eight Way Run Moves are stronger versions of some of the Normal Moves that
Siegfried can use.  There are also some moves that Nightmare can only
execute during an Eight-Way Run.  Please be aware that some of the
Eight-Way Run Moves can be more harmful than helpful if you are not careful
with them.  While Eight-Way Running, you are not restricted to run in one

Right Slasher
Command: 8WR,f+H
Property: H
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Same as with the normal version of this move

Alternate Cross
Command: 8WR,f_d+B
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a turnaround "backhand slash" and like the Armet Crusher,
hits you with the base of the sword instead of the edges.  Slower than
the Armet Crusher, though.

Back-Spinning Slash
Command: 8WR,b+B
Property: H
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Same as with the normal version of this move

Splitting Locks
Command: 8WR, f+B
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes and recovers crouching
Same thing as with the normal Splitting Locks

Cannonball Splitting
Command: 8WR,f+B~A
Property: M,M,M
Note: The Third hit staggers blocking foes
Same as the original version of Siegfried's tumbling slash

Sky Splitting Uppercut
Command: 8WR,df_uf+B
Property: M
Note: Hold B to shift to CH
Yep Sieg can do uppercuts even while EIGHT-WAY RUNNING!  Use this
move to start juggles.  This is possibly a good 8WR Move since Sieg
can use it to cover his entire front and use it to initiate juggles
at times.

Sword Busting
Command: 8WR,d_u+B
Property: M
Note: Hold B to shift to BH
Same as with the original version of the move

Gun/Cannon Turret Busting
Command: 8WR,d_u+B~f
Property: M
This version of the Half-contact Overhead Slash is much harder to
execute than the normal version of this move.

Rampart Buster
Command: 8WR,d_u+B~b
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Same as the normal version of the Rampart Buster, but it's a lot harder
to execute than the normal version because of the Eight-Way Run.

Buster feint to Chief Hold
Command: 8WR,d_u+B~N~b
Property: Starts out in CH
IMHO this is the hardest move to execute.  I would go for the normal
version of this move because you are not constraining yourself to a lot
of eight-way running.

Two-hit Helmet Divide
Command: 8WR,d_u+B~G,B,B
Properties: M,L
Note: Second Hit staggers blocking foes and possibly hold final B to
shift to CH
Same as the original version of the Two-hit Helmet Divide

Two-hit Break Kick
Command: 8WR,d_u+B~G,B,K
Properties: M,M
Same as with the original version of the Helmet Interrupt

Three-hit Armor Breaker
Command: 8WR,d_u+B,B,B
Properties: M,M,L
Note: Third B can be held to shift to CH.  Third hit staggers blocking
I don't need to explain this move again since Siegfried can do it outside
of an 8WR.

Three-hit Break Kick
Command: 8WR,d_u+B,B,K
Properties: M,M,M
Same as with the Three-hit Armor Breaker.  Nuff said.

Busting Ground
Command: 8WR,d_u+B,d+A
Properties: M,L
Note: The second hit can be delayed by holding the button.  Hold b during
second hit to cancel into CH.  Second Hit staggers blocking foes.
Same as the original version of the move

Shadow Impact
Command: 8WR,ub_db+B
Property: L
Same as with the Dark Soul Impact, except that this move doesn't block

Fatal Dive
Command: 8WR,b+B,B
Property: M,L
Note: Hold first B to shift to BH.  Second hit staggers blocking foes
Same thing as with the original version of this move

Command: 8WR,f+K
Property: L
Not a special move, but everybody can use it provided that they have
taken 4-6 steps from an Eight-Way Run activation.  One of the overrated
moves (because you can ring-yourself-out).

Shoulder Butt
Command: 8WR,df_uf+K
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Same thing as with the original version of the move

Spin Kick Combo Starter
Command: 8WR,u_d+K
Property: H
Note: Links to any Spin Kick Combination.
This move should be treated like the normal version of the Spin Kick
Combo.  Follow this move with either a Slash to Night Side Starter,
a Slash Cross, a Demon Grounding Combination, or just a groin-hitting

Rolling Sole Butt
Command: 8WR,b+K
Property: M
Same as the normal version of this move.

Drop Kick
Command: 8WR,f+B+K
Property: H
Note: Staggers blocking foes and hits ground at end of move.  Does more
damage if hit is Ground.
Same as the normal version of this move, but much more effective becuase
now that you are utilizing side steps, you can catch an enemy off-guard
with this Melee Move.

Side Spin to Chief Hold
Command: 8WR,d_u+B+K
Property: Shifts to Chief Hold
Very hard to perform.  I would perform a CH while I'm not Octo-Running
for stability purposes IMHO.

Side Spin to CH landing into a Gun/Cannon Turret Buster
Command: 8WR,d_u+B+K~f+B
Property: M
A good way to trick your foe that you're going to start a CH, if you
are good enough to execute this move that is.

Chief Hold Moves
These moves can only be performed when Siegfried places his sword on the
back of himself.  To start a Chief Hold without attacking, simply
press B+K and release right away so that you don't accidentially wind up
at a stance that you don't want to use.

Side Spin to Chief Hold
Command: d+B+K_u+B+K
Property: Automatically shifts to Chief Hold
A good way to move around if you are planning to stay at Chief Hold

Side Spin to Chief Hold finally to Gun/Cannon Turret Buster
Command: d+B+K_u+B+K, f+B
Property: M
A nice way to fool your foe that you're going to stay or shift to CH.

Terror Circular Slash
Command: CH+A
Property: H,M
Note: Hold A to shift to SH.  If shifted only high hit will come out
Sieg will do two slashes, one hitting you at your neck, the other
at your kidney.

Tera Stomp
Command: CH+B
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a prone-hitting Overhead Slash.  Not a good way to do an
Overhead Slash (since you're telling your foe that you are doing an
Overhead Slash) unless you're going to hit your foe on the ground.

Terror Belfree
Command: CH+K,K
Properties: M,H
Sieg does two kicks that hits you in the groin and in the face.  Both
hits should be blocked while standing for the best results or you may be

Base Hold Moves
These moves can only be used when the Zweihander is placed into the Canvas.
To start out a Base Hold, press f+B+K at the same time.  You can also shift
to BH while on CH or SH!

Leg Hack
Command: BH+A
Property: L
Note: Hold A to shift to SH
Sieg does a Shin Slash while crouching

Citadel Lifter (Nose Pick)
Command: BH+B
Property: L
Note: Hold B to shift to CH
Sieg does a Nose-picking Slash that hits low.

Cannonball Splitter
Command: BH+B~A
Property: M,M,M
Note: Third hit staggers blocking foes
Same thing as with the original version of this move, except the third
hit does less damage, mainly because Sieg does more damage while
either Eight-Way Running or taking steps.

Grieve Running
Command: BH+K
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a light stab to your foe's ??GROIN??.  Damage is lousy
but it's fun keeping your foe away with the Chicken Move!  Sieg
remains in BH after this move.  Just make sure that you
don't move the joystick or press any other buttons.

Lock Split Alternate
Command: BH+A+B
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
Same thing as with the original version of the Lock Splitter

Side Hold Moves
These moves can only be used while Sieg is holding the Zweihander like
he was going to shoot someone.  To shift to Side Hold without attacking,
press b+B+K.  Notice that you can shift to SH even though you are in CH
or BH.

Cross Grounder
Command: SH+A,A
Properties: L,H
Note: Both hits staggers blocking foes
Sieg does a Shin Slash followed by a Neck Slash.  This is the least
effective of the Night Side Moves because the Low Slash can be blocked
and the High Slash can be crouched under.

Alpha Grounder
Command: SH+A,d+A
Properties: L,L
Note: Both hits staggers blocking foes
Sieg does two Shin Slashes.  Much better than the Cross Grounder
because you're forcing your foe to block in all cases, but it's actually
best to mix-em-up for the best results.

Cannonball Lifting Uppercut
Command: SH+B
Property: M
Note: Hold B to shift to NBS
Sieg does a one-hand Sword Uppercut.

Cannonball Feint
Command: SH+B~A
Property: M
Note: Staggers blocking foes
A weaker version of the Cannonball Overhead Slash

Phantom Toe Sole Butt
Command: SH+K
Property: H
Note: Double over stun on Counterhits
Sieg kicks you in the chest that really hurts if it's a counterhit.
Lousy Double Over Stun because it hits high!

That's all for now.  Please feel free to e-mail me any more moves at
vgfaqs@verasnaship.net.  The official move names were taken at Namco's
http://www.soulcalibur.com.  Keep in mind that some of these names are
not officially named, though.


Juggling Combos
To start out a Siegfried Juggle, you usually do need to press b+VS+K and
then press K at a Counterhit.  Siegfried's not pretty strong when it comes
to juggles, though so these Juggles are considered Expert Combos.  Each
combo will be acknowledged by its respective owners IYHTA.

Mr_Hibiki's Combo 1
Command: Counterhit df+Hold VS, VS+K,VS
Author: Mr_Hibiki
This seems to be the simple Siegfried Combo to do, though the number of
hits aren't that massive.

Mr_Hibiki's Combo 2
Command: db+VS, VS+K,K,K
Author: Mr_Hibiki
Although you can land two kicks after the db+VS, it isn't even guaranteed
because the foe can recover right after you land the db+VS.

Jelenator's Special
Command: VS,VS,[VS],K,K
Author: Jelenator
Do this move at Close Range.  Although the Third Hit's the only hit that
is required to launch the combo, all hits should connect for the best

Kaipo's Special
Command: df+VS, VS+K,K,VS+K,VS
Author: Mark Mikulecky (Kaipo)
This is one of the hardest combos to perform so only perform this combo

A combo juggling theory by "Ves"
Why I am listing this?  Because I want you to know how you should commit
juggling combos.  Here are the valid starters:

* df+B on Counterhits
* Side Hold B
* df+[B] on Counterhits onto a lovely Chief Hold

And here are the valid jugglers:

* Run up with d+K,K
* Press B on Chief Hold

A good sample combo would be:

* _ANY UPPERCUT SIEG HAS_, hold B as you are doing the Uppercut, and
  then blast them with another B while on Chief Hold.  This is as close
  to a 100% guaranteed combo for Siegfried.

If timed correctly, then the combos should be guaranteed for at least
two hits.  Siegfried doesn't have any options right after the initial
starter, so don't go fancy in juggles with him.

Pin Attack Combos
What's a Pin-Attack Combo?  Pin Attacks are when you knock your foe off
and inflict unblockable or unescapable hits to increase the amount of ouch
you can inflict!  They are often called Okizeme Combinations because you
can inflict massive cheese to prevent the foe from even getting up once.

Jarney@Namco.Com=WCMaxi's Combo #1
Command: b+HS, df+HS
Author: Jarney@Namco.Com=WCMaxi
I have yet to execute this combo, though.

Jarney@Namco.Com=WCMaxi's Combo #2
Command: b+HS, Any Throw
Author: Jarney@Namco.Com=WCMaxi
You must be deep from the b+HS in order to make this work.  Pretty much
Expert-level right there.

Srayer's Combo
Command: b+HS,db+HS
Author: Srayer
Unescapable combo with good damage.  Dirty Siegfried!

Acel's Combo
Command: Counterhit using f+K then immediately press df+HS+VS
Author: Acel
If you are good enough, then no one can escape from this.  The only low
point of this one is that you need to have a Counterhit from the Face
Punch first.

Mr_Hibiki's Ground Special
Command: Press VS+K, Counterhit pressing K (in Chief Hold Mode), and
immediately press either db+VS or f+VS to end the combo.
Author: Mr_Hibiki
Effects unknown by Author

Ground Combo Theory by the "Ves"
Here are the valid starters for the Ground Combos:

* b+A on counterhits
* f+K on Counterhits
* Side Hold, press K on Counterhits
* Any Slash Trip Move

Here are the valid Pin-ups:

* Hold B, Hold B, Press B
* Quickly run up with f,[f]+A+B
* Do a *controlled* f,[f]+B~A

Ground Combos IMHO are risky to do because you are trying your luck and
the foe will try his/her best to retaliate after a knockdown.  If you are
quick enough, then the valid pin-ups should make the combos work for you
for at least two hits!

Just For Fun
These combos are done just in case you get bored or if there is something
special that is hiding behind the move.  Don't perform them unless you
feel bored.

Also, I won't give out comments since these combos are just for your own

At this point of time, Siegfried has NO Just For Fun Combinations.

That's it for today, feel free to make any more suggestions.


Again (I have explained it at the Sieg Rants):

1.  When playing defensively, run at any direction other than any
    forward direction.  When he/she tries to attack you, try to cover
    your front with an eight-way run attack (i.e. Sieg's special)

2.  Against Maxi Players, use Siegfried's range to your own advantage.
    Since Maxi's fast, you will need to react fast.  Block all Nunchaku
    moves as much as you can, but if you are able to block all Nunchaku
    moves, then there is a chance when Maxi is extremely drained, so use
    Maxi's lag time to your advantage.  Also, try to move around circles
    and use your 8-Way Run attacks often.

3.  When your opponent is on the ground, hit him either with a Flipping
    Overhead Slash, a Cartwheel Slash, or a plain Overhead Slash.  Be
    sure that you keep the Sword to the Canvas (hands holding sword)
    after doing this.  When your foe gets up (and if he/she doesn't do
    any eight-way rolling), then pick your opponent's nose (doing a slash
    that slices upwards and hits low).

4.  Since he's slower than Taki, Xianghua, and Maxi (and since he takes
    a little more time to recover from attacks than Nightmare), Siegfried
    isn't good for close-ups.  Against the aforesaid, you will need to
    rely on Guard Impacts to get in your way.  After you Guard-Impact
    them, make sure you react quickly or you will face the consequences.

That's all for now.  I'm going to find more tactics and I have to play
more games in order to get a feel for the Requiem.


Nothing could stop Ziggy from cleaning himself from the evil that has
poisoned him three years ago.  Although his father appreciated his efforts
in putting down the evil fire, Ziggy felt that this isn't enough, so he
considers his deeds undone.  Ziggy has returned to his army (The Schwarz
Wind) and faces he knew along with some new ones were concerned where
he was during the last three years.  It is rumored that Ziggy's now trying
to change the ways of the Schwarz Wind as of now, but I can't stress much
enough on this because right after Siegfried cleansed himself up, his
motives became unknown.


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