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Nightmare Guide by JWong

SOUL CALIBUR: Nightmare Movelist
By Jeffrey "OneShot" Wong (jeffwong@li.net)

The information of this faq has been borrowed _heavily_ from from Mark
Griffin's Soul Calibur faq. You may know him as Mr MG. You can find his
faq at www.gamefaqs.com or www.fighters.net. Without his faq, this faq
would not have been possible so all credit for the moves provided goes
to him and the people kind enough to help him compile his faq. I'm
simply adding some information to each indivdual move for Nightmare. I
have never written a faq before so I have no idea what rules I'm
breaking in creating this faq. The faq is currently very unfinished.
Please give info and comments for missing moves :)

This FAQ uses many notations to make reading the FAQ easier and to keep
it simple when printing the file. Please check these notations as they
may be different from what you as used to. Also note that some
characters have their own notations for items such as stances.

ub   u    uf
                Joystick directions.
b    n    f     u - up     d - down
                b - back   f - forward
db   db   df    n - neutral

G - Guard
A - Horizontal Attack
B - Vertical Attack
K - Kick

A  - Throws Air      (avoided by not jumping (duh!))
H  - High            (blocked standing or avoided ducking)
M  - Medium          (blocked standing)
SM - Special Medium  (blocked low or medium)
L  - Low             (blocked low or avoided jumping
.  - Moves also hits Grounded Opponents

[G],u    - Jump
[d]      - Crouch
G+A      - Genric Throw (break with A)
G+B      - Genric Throw (break with B)
A+B+K    - Soul Charge (See Game Elements)
A+B+K,G  - Spirit Charge (See Game Elements)

[x]    - Hold button/direction 'x'
x+y    - Press x AND y at the same time
x,y    - Press x THEN y
x/y    - Press x OR y
x~y    - Press y as soon as you have pressed x but not both at the same
<WS>   - While Standing up from a crouch
<WC>   - While you are fully crouched


Name:          Nightmare
Weapon:        Soul Edge
Weapon Name:   Soul Edge, AKA The Phallus Symbol^_^
Style:         The Memories of Soul Edge?
Age:           Unknown
Birth date:    Unknown
Family:        Unknown
Birth Place:   Unknown
Height:        5ft 6
Weight:        209lbs
Blood Type:    Unknown

=== Moves ===
--- Notations ---
<NB>           - Night Behind Stance
<NL>           - Night Lower Stance
<NS>           - Night Side Stance

--- Throws ---
Move                Name                    Break

G+A                 Hilt Impact             A
Nightmare grabs his opponent and strike them with the hilt of his
Phallus Symbol twice. It sends the enemy backwards quite a bit.

G+B                 Nightmare Slasher       B
Nightmare does a rising slash and then brings the sword down on his

<WC>,G+A/G+B        Flap Jack               A+B
(OD),<WC>,G+A/G+B   Downed Flap Jack
<LEFT>,throw        Calamity Fall           A/B
<RIGHT>,throw       Unholy Terror           A/B

<BACK>,throw        Witch Hunt              A/B
A powerful back through where he shoves his sword right through his
opponent's back and into the ground. As he pulls the sword back out, he
twists the Phallus Symbol slightly that inflicts some more damage. Ouch!

--- Attacks ---
Move                Name                    Height

A                   Slash                   H
A simple horizontal slash. It can be easily ducked. It's best used to
play keep away and move right into the Night Lower Stance by pressing
and holding the A button down.

A,A,B               Slash Cross             H,H,M
A standard looking combo. He does two quick horizontal slashes followed
up by a long ranged downward vertical one. Very easily predicted after
it's used two or three times. The final attack comes out way too slow to
be effective. However, IF it connects, it'll take off a good chunk of

A,d,A,A             Double Grounder         H,L,L
Nightmare does a high horizontal slash followed by two powerful sword
sweeping attacks. A great combo because the low attacks usually catch
your opponent off guard. However, the first low attack for the combo
comes out very slowly because there seems to be a slight pause and makes
it easy to be countered before the second and third attacks come out.

f,A                 Quick Spin Slash        H
Nightmare pivots on one foot as he extends his sword forward and does a
very wide horizontal slash. Very very useful, especially against those
who like to do the 8-way run. It comes out very quickly and can catch
unsuspecting opponents. Holding down the A button makes your character
move into the Night side stance.

f,[f],A             Right Slasher           M
Nightmare takes a step forward and does a backfist type sword attack.
Slow in execution, but very damaging. I think if this connects up close,
it inflicts even more damage.

df,A                Armet Crusher           M
One of the best moves around where Nightmare uses the flat of his
Phallus Symbol to strike his opponent. Great for close game because it
has a horizontal arc and knocks an opponent away even when blocked. Very
very useful and should be exploited.

d,A                 Leg Slasher             L
Nighmare ducks and slashes at his opponent's legs. Quick and effective.
Since it's swung in a horizontal arc, it helps keep opponents from doing
their 8-way run.

db,A                Shadow Slicer           L
Knightmare crouches and does a wide, I mean REALLY wide, low horizontal
slashing attack. It's an excellent attack. Quick. It has a long range
allowing you to execute this attack from afar.

db,[A]              Delay Slicer            L
A much much stronger version of the above attack. The delay helps mess
with an opponents parrying/deflect game. I think it takes off WAY too
much if it connects. It is hard to anticipate this attack for some
reason because it looks like it is intended for a medium height attack.

b,A                 Backspin Slash          H
Picture Nightmare doing a backfist except he's using his Phallus Symbol
:) Although very damaging, it comes out a bit slow and can be predicted
and easily ducked. It leaves you fairly open to an attack at the
beginning and end of the attack.

[G],u,A             Diving Leg Slash        L
A pretty useful sword-sweeping attack where Nightmare does a little hop
and slashes at his opponent's leg when he lands. Although powerful, it
seems to cry out juggle bait.

u,A                 Jumping Backspin Slash  H
A good keep-away attack where Nightmare jumps and does a little
backspinning slash, as if doing a hopping backfist with his sword. It's
even better to do the ub,A version. It comes out a bit slow though and
can be ducked.

<WS>,A,A            Maelstrom               SM,L
 ^[d]                ^Cancel 2nd Hit

B                   Sword Buster            M
Nightmare does a quick downward vertical slash. It's a useful attack but
can easily be sidestepped. However, it's useful to use if you wish to
move into the Night Lower Stance by simply holding down the B button

B,f                 Gun Turret Buster       M
A quicker vertical downward slash of the above attack except it has a
quicker recovery because Nightmare doesn't seem to follow through with
the downward vertical slash. Good recovery and can be used with little
risk. However, if your opponent sidesteps, you're in trouble. But then
again, if any of your moves are sidestepped, you're in trouble ;)

B,b                 Rampart Buster          M
Nightmare bring ths sword up over his head, as if he's going into his
Night Behind Stance, only to execute a powerful downward vertical slash.
Holding the joystick back extends the delay and increases the damage
inflicted the long it's held. He goes into his Night Behind Stance from
time to time. I think timing has a lot to do with this.

B~G,B               Helm Divider            M,L
 ^[B]                ^Night Behind Stance
B~G,K               Break Kick              M,M

B,B                 Mail Splitter           M,M
A standard B,B combo. Nightmare does a quick vertical slash followed up
by another almost suicidal-looking verical slash. The second slash is
very powerful if it connects. The can easily be sidestepped. Has quite a
bit of range.

B,d,A               Buster Grounder         M,L
A powerful but slow combo where Nightmare does a downward verical slash
followed up by a low and wide horizontal sword-sweeping slash.  Although
the first attack is fairly quick, the second low attack comes out very
slowly due to a slight pause between attack and can easily be countered
before it comes out.

B,d,[A]             Delayed Buster Grounder M,L
This is the same as the above attack except you can delay your second
sword-sweeping attack...as if the delay isn't long enough ;)

f,B                 Piercing Strike         M
A LONG ranged poking attack where Nightmare bring his Phallus Symbol in
front of him and takes a quick dash toward his opponent. It can be
sidestepped however. Use this from afar.

f,[f],B             Lock Splitter           M
Nightmare does a slight axis shift and does a wickedly powerful downward
vertical attack. It has long range but comes out fairly slow and can be
countered before move comes out. Very damaging.

f,[f],B~A           Cannonball Splitter     M,M
An EXTREMELY powerful attack where your character does a forward
somersault and brings his Phallus Symbol down on his opponent when he
lands. If you are hit with this, you can kiss a huge chunk of your
energy bar goodbye. I think this is his most powerful attack, excluding
his unblockable. Heck it might be even stronger if this move connects
fully. Although very powerful, it can easily be sidestepped or countered
since Knightmare will be vulnerable during the first several frames of
the attack.

df,B                Sky Splitter            M
A powerful attack where Nighmare does a arcing upward vertical slash
that is useful for floating your opponent. It can be easily sidestepped.
Holding down the button makes Nightmare go into the Night Behind Stance.
If you launch your opponent with this attack and go into the Night
Behind Stance, you can do a Terran Stomper by pressing B, which will hit
the opponent on their way down from the juggle. This only works if you
juggle with a counter hit. If you simply launch them, they won't float
into the air high enough for the second attack to connect.

d,B                 Shadow Buster           SM
Nightmare ducks and does a downward vertical slash. It comes out quick
and has just as quick a recovery. However, it can be sidestepped.
Holding down the B button makes your character go into the Night Lower

db,B                Drilling Thrust         M/throw
A great keep away poking attack where Nightmare jabs at his opponent's
stomach. Although it can be sidestepped, it comes out quick and usually
catches unsuspecting opponents. If the attack catches an oppoent from
close range, it automatically turns into a modified throw where
Nightmare lifts his opponent up while the blade is still imbedded in
their stomach, arcs them over his head, and slams them down on the
ground behind him.

b,B,B               Double Headbutt         M,M
Nightmare does a quick headbutt followed up by another headbutt. Can't
be countered between headbutts which is very good. Good for close
combat. Since nightmare's game is played best from afar, using the
double headbutt helps push the opponent back into maximun damage range

b,[b],B,B           Fatal Dive              M,L
A SLOW but very very powerful attack. Nightmare jumps high into the air,
his Phallus Symbol held up over his head where he bring his Phallus
Symbol down on his opponent, immediately bringing his sword back
vertically upwards right after he lands which is great for launching
your opponent. Holding down the B button makes him go into the Night
Lower Stance afterawards.

d,df,f,B            Earth Divide            M                         !
An EXTREMELY powerful yet SLOW attack. Nightmare's Phallus Symbol seems
to burst into flames as he brings his sword up over his head, holds it
there for a second, and then brings it down in a wicked downward
vertical slash. It leaves you very open during the beginning of the
attack but if you execute this from afar, the long range of the attack
and catch your opponent offguard since they might actually dash in to
knock you out of your attack. Cancel by pressing the G button. This is
an unblockable attack and EXTREMELY damaging one. However, it's very
slow :(

[G],u,B             Diving Cannonball Lift  M
Nightmare does a little hop into the air and does an upward veritcal
slash the moment he lands Catches opponents off guard if they're
expecting the A-button version. Pretty powerful but can be sidestepped
or countered while you are in mid-flight during the attack. Holding down
the B button makes him go into the night Behind Stance. Seems to launch
your opponent quite high.

u,B                 Fatal Buster            H
A hopping version of Nightmare's Fatal Dive attack. b,[b], B. He simply
hops up into the air and brings his sword down in a downward vertical
slash on his descent.

<WS>,B              Cannonball Lift         M
A great and quick juggle started. From his crouching position, Nightmare
does a long ranged upward vertical slash that can float his opponent
high into the air. Holding down the B button makes your character move
into the Night Behind Stance afterwards.

<WC>,B              Splitter Buster         SM
Whil he is in his crouching position, he does an downward vertical
slash. Although it comes out fast, it can be sidestepped. Holding down
the B button makes you go into the Night Lower Stance afterwards.

f,K                 Jade Crusher            H
A kick ass punching attack where Nightmare punches at his opponent with
that claw-like hand of his. I guess his hand is like that from handling
his Phallus Symbol so much;P Anyway, it's very very quick and has high
priority. If it were a medium attack, Nightmare would be a whole lot
deadiler since he would have a great close-combat game :) Use this
whenever your opponent gets close. It'll send them flying back into
prime killing range.

f,[f],K             Shoulder Rush           M
A good rushing attack where Nightmare lunges at his opponent shoulder
first. It looke more like a headbutt than a shoulder attack. It helps
close the gap between you and your opponent. However, I suggest not
because Nightmare is best played from afar.

df,K,K,B            Accel Headbutt          M,L,M
Nightmare does a roundhouse, followed up by a spinning low kick,
followed up by a headbutt. A GREAT combo because it forces your opponent
to block high, then low, then high again.

d,df,f,K,K,K,K,K,K  Stomping                L.L.L.L.L.L
A good move to use on opponents while they are on the ground. It's quite
funny to watch. Nightmare brings his foot up off the ground and starts
stamping it repeatedly. If this move connects with a lying opponent,
it's hilarious watching them writhing in pain with each successful
stomp. Not too useful against standing opponents due to its lack of

d,df,f,[K]          Stamp Through the Earth L
A stonger verion of Nightmare's Stomping attack, the move above. Holding
down the K button delays the attack, making it stronger the longer you
hold it. It comes over VERY slow and can probably be connected
sucessfully after a high floating attack. Either that or your opponent
is an idiot ;P

[G],u,K             Diving Accel Kick       L
Nightmare does a litle hop where he does a leg sweep upon landing.
Pretty useful but leaves you wide open during the beginning of the
attack since you are in mid-air.

u,K                 Rolling Sobat           M
Nightmare does a hopping spinkick where he brings his heel down at his
opponent's face. It looks like it hurts more than the damage actually

<WS>,K              Rising Night Kicks      M,M
A rising attack where Nightmare executes a rising knee followed up by a
medium height front kick. It has a short range, but can be used with
little risk since it is so quick. Make sure your opponent is close

f,[f],A+B           Flying Edge             M
A very powerful attack where Nightmare lunges forward and sings his
sword, landing on his back afterwards. It comes out quick but leaves you
open when you get up from the ground. Holding down on the joystick makes
Nightmare remain on the ground instead of automatically getting back up.

df,A+B              Dark Soul Impact        L
Oo! A NASTY impaling attack. One hit from this move looks like it could
cut your opponent's legs off. A very very powerful and is very very
unpredictable. The beginning animation of this move looks very much like
his db,B thrusting attack, making your opponent think he has to block
high. Boy, will he be in for a surprise. Although sidesteppable, it
comes out fairly fast and its damage potential is worth it. It also hits
opponents lying on the ground for big damage :)

A+K,A               Spin Kick to Slash      H,H
Nightmare does a high heel kick followed up by a high horizontal slash.
Not too useful because both moves can be ducked and even an idiot can
block them. Holding the A button afterwards makes Nightmare go into the
Night Side Stance.

A+K,A,A,B           Spin Kick to Slash Cross H,H,H,M
A bit better than the above combo. Nightmare does a heel kick followed
up by two high horizontal slashes and a downward vertical slash.
Although powerful, the chances of connecting this combo is slim. The
first three moves can be ducked and even countered if your opponent does
a rising attack. Holding the B button afterwards makes him go into the
Night Lower Stance.

A+K,A,A,d,A         Spin Kick to Grounder   H,H,L,L
Much much better than the above combo. Nightmare does a heel kick
followed by a high horizontal slashes that flows into two wide arcing
low horizontal slashes. Although a VERY good combo, there is a slight
pause between the high horizontal slash and the first lower one.

A+K,K               Spin Kick Combo         H,M
A double kick combo where Nightmware does a heel kick followed by
another waist high heel kick that can be used without much risk because
it is quick and has a fast recovery. Even if your opponent ducks under
the first attack, the second comes out quick enough that he won't be
able to do a rising attack.

f,[f],B+K           Drop Kick               H
Hey, it's a drop kick where Nightware jumps at his opponent and kicks at
them with both feet before falling down flat on his helmetted face. It
is one wickedly powerful looking attack. Looking, I say. Unfortunately,
it isn't as strong as it looks which is odd because it sends your
opponent flying backwards about half the entire ring. Can be ducked and
sidestepped with ease. Guarding against it is even easier ;)

B+K                 Night Behind Stance          <NB>
Nightmare goes into his Night Behind Stance where he holds his Phallus
Symbol behind his back, in a ready slashing position. He moves very
slowly around the battle field in this Stance. His front looks WIDE
open, like he's just asking for a sword through the gut, which will
eventually be your opponent's mistake when they try to do that :)

f,B+K               Night Lower Stance           <NL>
Nightmare crouches low on the ground. In this position, he can't move
around on the battle field. He stays stationary. A GREAT turtling
position that can easily be wrought almost useless by a sidestepping
opponent :(

b,B+K               Night Side Stance            <NS>
Nighmare holds his Phallus Symbol by his side, the tip of the blade
touching the ground. It looks like he's catching his breath in this
position. He moves very slowly around the battle field in this position.

--- Stances ---
---> Night Behind Stance
Move                Name                    Height

d/u,B+K             Side Spin
Nightmare does a axis shift and ends up in his Night Behind Stance. The
axis shift is enough to dodge vertical and poking attacks but not those
simple horizontal attacks, not even a simple A button attack.

A                   Night Annilation        H,M
A great keep away attack where Nightmare swings at the opponent's head
and follows up with another swing at their waist. It looks like he has
to take that extra swing because the sword looks so damn heavy ;)
Although the first attack can be dodged, the second is very hard to do
so since it comes out fast and in a horizontal arc, making it
unsidesteppable. Holding down the A button makes him go into the Night
Side Stance.

B                   Terran Stomper          M
A high damaging attack where Nightmare slashes vertically downward. It
can easily be dodged and blocked though and comes out a bit slow.
However, the range of this move is awesome :)

K,K                 Night Knee Rush         M,H
Probably the best attack for this stance where Nightmare does a quick
knee followed up by a front kick. Use this when opponent is close. You
can also use this after floating your opponent with B from a Night Low
Stance and holding down the B button to move into the Night Behind

f,B+K               Night Lower Stance
From this stance, he moves into his Night Lower Stance.

b,B+K               Night Side Stance
From this stance, he will move into his Night Side Stance.

---> Night Lower Stance
Move                Name                    Height

A                   Leg Hacker              L
Nightmare does a low level horizontal slash. It comes out fairly slow
and doesn't have that great a range. However, it can't be sidestepped :)
Holding down the A button afterwards makes him go into his Night Side

B                   Citidel Lift            L
Okay, if this move actually connects, your opponent would be split in
half from their groin to their head. Too bad that doesn't happen.
Anyway, Nightmare sticks his sword forward toward the opponent's feet
and raises it vertically upward, even hopping up into the air to make
make the attack seem more powerful, launching your opponent into the
air. Holding the B button will make you go into the Night Behind Stance,
where you can simply press B and do a downward slash at your opponent as
they land for heavy combo damage :)

B~A                 Cannonball Splitter     M,M
Just like his f,[F],B~A attack where Nightmare does a forward somersault
flip and brings his sword down on his opponent. Very very powerful, but
highly vulnerable in the first several frames of animation because you
will be in mid-air.

K                   Night Salute            M
This is the BEST keep away attack. No doubt about it. It is VERY hard to
get close to Nightmare when he uses this attack. One problem, side
stepping this attack leaves him WIDE open, very WIDE open. Although
Nightmare is stationary in his Night Lower Stance, this attack has a
very slight tracking arc. Although the best keep away attack, it takes
off very little. It should take off much much more!

A+B                 Lock Splitter Alternative M
Similar to his f,[f],B attack where Nightmare takes a step forward,
spinning around and bring his sword around in a downward vertical slash
for big damage. Although powerful, it comes out a bit slow:(

B+K                 Night Behind Stance
From this stance, he goes into his Night Behind Stance.

b,B+K               Night Side Stance
From this stance, he goes into his Night Side Stance.<NS>

---> Night Side Stance
Move                Name                    Height       Damage

A,A                 Cross Grounder          L,H
For the first attack, Nighmare does a sword sweep followed up with a
backhand-type slash. Powerful but can be avoided. If your opponent is
smart, he would block the low attack and stay in the crouched position
to avoid the variation to this attack, the Double Grounder Alpha, which
is below.

A,d,A               Double Grounder Alpha   L,L
The absolute best attack for this stance. Nightmare does a very wide and
low horizontal arcing attack. The second one connects even after the
first one knocks the opponent down.

B                   Cannonball Lift         M
Nighmare bring his Phallus Symbol upward in a wide arcing vertical
slash. Great for launching your opponent but slow in executing. Holding
the B button makes Nightmare go into the Night Behind Stance.

B~A                 Feint Cannonball        SM

K                   Night Front Kick        H
He does a dinky little kick. However, great damage if it's a stun
counter attack :)

B+K                 Night Behind Stance
From this stance, he moves into this Night Behind Stance.

f,B+K               Night Lower Stance
From this stance, he moves into this Night Lower Stance

---> 8 Way Run (ARS)
Move                Name                    Height       Damage

f,A                 Brutal Cross            H
It's like Nightmare's Quick Spin Slash, standing f,A, where he pivots on
one foot and does a wide horizontal slash at the opponent's head.

df/uf,A             Right Slasher           M
Nightmare does an axis shift before striking his opponent with the flat
of his Phallus Symbol. Somewhat slow, but knocks the opponent back quick
a bit, whether the attack is blocked or not.

d/u,A               Alternate Cross         M
Nightmare does a little turn and strikes his opponent with the flat of
his Phallus Symbol. If you connect with this attack, your opponent will
go flying:)

db/ub,A             Quick Back Spin Slash   H

b,A                 Back Spin Slash         H
Nightmare does a backfist like attack except using his sword. Very
powerful but can be easily ducked :(

f,B                 Lock Splitter           M
Nightmare does a powerful downward vertical slash for big damage. It can
be sidestepped pretty easily though, but its range is quite useful.

f,B~A               Cannonball Splitter     M,M
Same as his other attack, f,[f],B~A where Nightmare does that somersault
flip and brings his sword down at his opponent's head. It causes A LOT
of damage but can be dodged or sidestepped or even countered before
attack is initiated.

df/uf,B             Sky Splitter            M
Nighmare does a upward vertical slash that is great for floating your
opponent. Holding down the B button makes him go into his Night Behind

d/u,B               Sword Buster            M
Nightmare does a downard vertical slash. It has a long range and good
damage. Holding down the B button makes him go into his Night Lower

d/u,B~G,B           Helm Divider            M,L
 ^[B]                ^Night Behind Stance
d/u,B~G,K           Break Kick              M,M

d/u,B,B,B           Armour Breaker          M,M,L
A GREAT combo...once or twice around. Nightmare does two quick downward
vertical slashes followed up by a upward vertical slash that will float
your opponent. A great combo because the third attack is usually
unexpected....the first time around. After two or three times, it
doesn't work as effectively, unless you're fighting scrubs :) Holding
the B button makes him go into his Night Behind Stance afterwards.

d/u,B,B,K           Extended Break Kick     M,M,M
Another GREAT combo to mix up with the above combo. Nightmare does two
quick downward vertical slashes followed up by a front kick that will
connect if your opponent was expecting the d/u,B,B,B verion of this
since it looks almost exactly the same :)

d/u,B,d,A           Buster Grounder         M,L
Nightmare does a vertical slash followed up by a wicked sword sweeping
attack. Although it's hard to block and anticipate, there is a slight
pause between attacks, allowing your opponent the time to counter

 ^[b]                ^Cancel to Night Behind Stance
d/u,B,d,[A]         Delayed Buster Grounder M,L
 ^[b]                ^Cancel to Night Behind Stance

db/ub,B             Shadow Impact           L
An even NASTIER and LONGER ranged version of Nighmares df,A+B
Dark Soul Impact attack where he does a little turn and then shoves his
Phallus Symbol toward his opponent's feet. A bit slower, but not much,
and the damage it deals is staggering. It's way too powerful and long
ranged that it would be a shame if it weren't exploited:)

b,B,B               Fatal Dive              M,L
 ^[B]                ^Night Lower Stance

f,K                 Slide                   L
A sliding kick. You must be running for this to happen. You'll be
suprised at how many times this moves connect :)

df/uf,K             Shoulder Rush           M
It looks more like Nightmare's b,B headbutt except it seems to have a
longer forward range to it. It's as if Nightmare takes a larger leap
toward his opponent.

d/u,K,A             Spin Kick to Slash      H,H
 ^[A]                ^Night Side Stance
d/u,K,A,A,B         Spin Kick to Slash Cross H,H,H,M
 ^[B]                ^Night Lower Stance
d/u,K,A,A,d,A       Spin Kick to Grounder   H,H,L,L
d/u,K,K             Spin Kick Combo         H,M
db/b/ub,K           Rolling Sobat           M

f,B+K               Drop Kick               H
Nightmare does his drop kick where he leaps at his opponent with both
feet. If it connects, it'll send your opponent flying backwards about
half the length of the battle field.

df/d/db/ub/u/uf,B+K Night Behind Stance Spin
 ^f,B                ^Gun Turret Buster     M
b,B+K               Night Side Stance

Nightmare is a very powerful character. In a skilled player's hands, he
is absolutely DEADLY. His poking game is better than Mitsurugi's because
of that f,B and df,A+B and db,B and 8-way run,db,B attack. Mixing those
up really messes with an opponents game blocking game:) And I don't even
need to mention Nightmare's Night Lower Stance, K button attack. Aside
from sidestepping, you can't get near him it he uses that.

Above his awesome poking game, the damage he dishes out is only
outmatched by Astaroth, which isn't by much. Sure, he doesn't have as
many unblockables (one to be exact) as Astaroth, but his overall damage
potential makes him great. Heck, he has juggle combos that can take off
over half of your energy bar if they connect.

He is best played from afar because most of his attacks are long ranged.
However, if you find yourself playing an inside game against an
aggressive player, do a headbutt, b,B,B or punch him, f,K, back out of
range. Also, his b,K attack is very good at close combat because me will
duck under high attacks as he attacks. If you want to take a chance and
knock him back with style, do his df,A, Armet Crusher attack where he
hits them with the flat of his sword and watch them go flying :) Heck,
it could even knock them out of the ring.

Although he is very powerful, he is also slow, almost as slow as
Astaroth but not quite. You can play him like a turtle or arregesively,
whatever fits your style. However, I would recommend playing him a bit
aggressive because Nightmare has several mix and match poking moves that
will keep your opponent guessing, giving you an advantage.

One of his best moves is his db,A, that low arcing horizontal sword-
sweep attack, which should be exploited. It's insanely damaging,
especially if you delay the attack by holding down the A button. I find
myself staring mouth agaped at how much that move takes off when it
connects, especially at your opponent does a dash in combo from afar.

From time to time, use his cannonball splitter, f,[f],B~A. You'll be
surprised that it can actually catch a person off-guard. And when you
see the DAMAGE!!! WOW!!! All you need is to hit your opponent with this
move twice and poke him once afterwards and the match is over. It's THAT

Although it is great that he has three stances, the transistion between
stances, whether it be from one stance to another or from his regular
stance into another one, it takes quite a bit of time and leaves you
open during the transition, which you do not want. There seems to be a
slight pause between stance changes that seems to add about a split
second to his transition that leaves him wide open for an attack all the
time :(

His Night Side Stance is probably his best stance because of his A,d,A
Double Grounder Alpha attack takes off quite a bit of energy and has a
very long range. If your opponent could see this move coming, simply
press B and watch him get floated, where you can juggle him with his
double knee, K,K, after having him go into his Night Behind Stance.

You might want to stay away from his Night Behind Stance because his
moves, although strong, are pretty slow. Sometimes, I find it hard
connecting his B attack, the downward vertical slash, after juggling an
opponent because they would tech roll out of it before the blade hits
them. That's why I would usually do his double knee, k,k, while in that
stance. His A button attack is a good keep away move though.

His Night Lower Stance can REALLY mess with an opponents mind because
you can do his Cannonball Splitter, B~A, from that position, and it
takes off a huge Chunk of damage. However, if your opponent sidesteps
alot, that stance is almost shot to hell. That means you'll have to use
his A attack, which is pretty good but slow. However, make sure you hold
the A button down afterwards, so you will go into his Night Side Stance,
his best stance.

Overall, Nightmare is a formidable character and should/could be used as
your flagship character. Aside from Mitsurugi, I think he is a best
flagship character to learn. Why? Well, he's got a much more damaging
poking game than Mitsurugi, and the damage he dishes out is staggering.
However, I believe Mitsurugi is a bit better than him because he has
more speed, something Nightmare lacks.

He's easy to learn, a bit unpredictable, what with those stances
(Although not as predictable as Maxi), and very strong. The stances
aren't even that hard to learn, and by simply looking at what stance he
is in, you can pretty much tell which button does what, unlike Maxi
where you have to time out his stances ;)

Because he sacrificed his speed for those powerful attacks, don't use
those high risk attacks too often, like his cannonball splitter,
f,[f],B~A, or his unblockable, d,d/f,f,b. I know I sound like I'm
contradicting myself because I suggest using it from time to time just
for the hell of it, but constantly using powerful attacks makes
Nightmare open to receiving some nasty damaging attacks too because some
of his moves have a lot of recovery time.

However, don't play him TOO cautiously. It's not fun as fun as taking
off around 90% of your opponent's life bar with only two attacks:)

So go out there and kick some ass with Nightmare now. I hope this faq
was helpful and will get you interested in Nightmare.

Once again, the information of this faq has been borrowed _heavily_ from
Compiled Mr MG (Mark Griffin)mrmg@fighters.net.

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