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Mitsurugi Advanced Guide by Iron_Fist

Mitsurugi FAQ for intermediate to advanced players:  
Disclaimer: You may distribute this faq wherever you wish as long as 
proper credit is given. Contact me at dhwang99@hotmail.com 
This is the very first version of the faq, if you find any mistakes or 
better combo please email me, I will be really appreciated :)  
also more to come..including...how to do and use relic cancels, crouch 
dash cancels, how to relic parry your opponent as often as possible, and 
ways to use the amazing half moon unblockable. so check back often! also 
email me and let me know if you like the faq or not :P  
6/28/1999: added all throws that can ring out.  
Throws that will ring out:  
Astaroth: right  
Taki: Back  
Kilik(the same for Sung Mina): d/b+A+B (clean hit), left.  
Mitsurugi: G+A, Mist stance G+A and G+B  
Sophitia: back throw.  
Ivy: G+A  
Volda: G+A adn left  
Hwang G+A,G+B,and right.  
Lizardman: back  
Siegfried(same for Nightmare): G+A, right  
Rock: G+A, qcb+G+B, qcb+G+B u+A+B, qcb+A+B d+A+B,left.  
Yoshimitsu: qcb+A+B  
Xianghua: Right and back  
guaranteed stuff:  
d+A+B is guaranteed after:  
d/b+A, FC d/b+A+B.  
d/b+A is guaranteed after FC d/b+B (ch hit) B  
d/b+B is guaranteed after:  
8WR d_u+B  
G u/f+K (ch hit)  
d/f+B+K (ch hit)  
relic UL UL  
B~A(you need to be close to opponent, if you are too far away from 
opponent then the d/b+B won't reach)  
u+A+B(you need to be close to opponent, if you are too far away from 
opponent then the d/b+B won't reach)  
and 8WR f+K(the slide)  
qcf+B is guaranteed after:  
B~f ch hit, d/bA~B, and MS A+B (MS A+B can't auto counter opponent 
otherwise qcf+B won't be guaranteed)  
after weapon stripping A+K and d/f+B are guaranteed(high priority weapon 
stripping moves that are good for weapon stripping are f+A,A,f+B)  
Also: Second hit of K~B won't be blockable if first hit is ch hit  
qcf+B(does the most damage )  
B+K, FC d/b+A+B  
d/b+B,d/b+B,f+A,B~K(can be seen in the Soulcalibur movie 
section)b+K,B,FC d/b+A+B  
Post GI moves:  
f+A+B AAA  
b+A+B UH  
b+A+B,[K]d+K,B(hold K to get out of relic and do d+K,B it's pretty 
fast...people usually eat the whole thing if you do it fast enough)  
B~G d/f+A d/f+B qcf+B (use B~G to trick them into whiffing the counter 
GI, d/f+A to double over stun)  
f+B~d,f+B~d,b+K B.  
and hcb+[A]  
Ring out throws :  
G+A (regular front throw)  
A+K (clean hit will ring out)  
Mist, B (clean hit will ring out)  
Mist,G+A and G+B(both throw will ring out, and the best thing about Mist 
throw is that to escape G+B you need to tap B and not A)  
Ring out Moves:  
f+k or 8 way run u_d+K (ch hit required, will ring out your opponent 
towards your left, approximately 7 o clock to 11 o clock position)  
ff+K or 8 way run d/f_u/f+K(ch hit required)  
b,b+B,B or 8 way run b+B,B( in order to ring out you need to have the 
first hit to be counter hit..and then the second hit will ring out  
b,b+B,B will lift your opponent up and push them far away and thus ring 
out! (so you don't need to be very close to edge to make b,b+B,B ring 
relic UH and relic UM (UH ring out to Mitsurugi's right and UM ring out 
right in front of Mitsurugi, sometime after i knocked down the opponent 
and if the positioning is right I will go right next to them and do 
b+A+B, UH real quick, for a quick ring out, keep in mind that relic UH 
ring out toward Mitsu's right) [movie for this coming soon]  
also following move will ring out b+B(great ring out move), qcf+B, 
d+K,B, b+K,B  
also if they are VERY close to the edge then then following will  
d/b+A, FC d/b+A+B,8wr d/b_u/b+A (this will lift them up and ring out 
toward Mitsurugi's left)  
Fancy moves:  
f+A+B G f+A+B G repeat....(Mitsurugi will get into mist stance and get 
out of the stance real fast, keep on repeating it to advace towards your 
opponent) if you are far away from your opponent do like f+A+B G 
f+A+B,B! f+A+B G f+A+B G is great to bring you toward the opponent if 
they are far away  
f+A+B u/b_u_u/f....Mitsu will go into Mist stance and does a hop, it 
will look as if Mitsu actually jump first then goes into mist stance in 
the air....pretty cool looking move and also it can make you hop over 
low attacks. personally I like f+A+B~u/f best.....  
relic side step and linear movement:  
b+A+B, b, b+A+B, u, b+A+B, d, d+A+B, d, d/f+[B] (fifth movie under 
b+A+B(relic stance) b,b+B~f(mist stance),B+K(relic stance),b,b+B~f (mist 
stance)repeat.....you will get into relic first...tap back to get out of 
relic stance, then b+B~f to go to Mist, then B+K to go back to relic 
again.....good for retreating and looks cool(I think I have a movie for 
this but not sure...if enough people request for this movie then I will 
make it)  
Fast moves that I like to use for Mitsurugi:  
A(10 frames), f+A(14 frames), d/b+K (14 frames, you also RC)  
WS+K(12 frames) B(13 frames) b+A(15 frames) d/b+B(14 frames)  
also I like the following moves too  
f+B~u,f+B~d,Mist AAA,relic A(8 frames)B~f, f+B  
[frame rate provided by WCMaxi]  
Pin down staggers: (pin down staggers make your opponent RC when they 
block the move..so you might want to keep this in mind  
.....if they don't know that after pin down stagger they will RC then 
mess with them more, but if they know it and they do quick attacks to 
stop your attacks, then obvious don't do it :P  
G WL B,(you RC too)  
B+K (you will RC too)  
8WR d_u+B  
8WR d/b_u/b+B,A,B  
and second hit of FC d/b+B,B  
Moves that Mitsu will duck under high attacks and throws:  
d+A, d/b+A, qcf+A_B_K_d/b+K, d/b+K(not very sure) d+K( not very sure)  
b+A+B, Mist stance K  
8WR d/b_u/b+A, Mist stance b+K, and 8WR B~A  
good staggering moves:  
qcf+[B]( staggers a lot! great for pushing opponent back especially if 
they are near the ring, but be aware that this move is VERY linear thus 
can be easily side stepped...)  
B~A( decent stagger as well, this will stagger them toward Mitsurugi's 
right, so if the ring is on Mitsurugi's right side do this move more and 
pressure them!  
b+B+K(staggers a lot!)  
Moves that go into Mist stance:  
8WR d/b_u/b+B,A~f  
8WR then A~B  
relic stance, B+K  
Moves that go into relic stance:  
8WR,left or b+[A]  
8WR u/b_u_u/f+[B]  
8WR B~A  
Mist stance B+K  
special property moves:(counter)  
d/f+A (double over stun)  
ff+A will create double over stun  
if opponent is 8WR back...ch hit required also)  
FC d/f+B(fall back stun)  
G u/b_u_u/f+K (fall back stun)  
u/b_u_u/f+A+B (crumble stun..actualy for this move you don't need 
counter hit)  
spirit charge unblockables:  
8WR u_d+B  
8WR u/b_d/b+B,A,B(the last hit)  
8WR A+B  
Mist A+B  
Moves that RC:  
G WL+A  
G WL+B  
B+K(if blocked, or whiffed, or not clean hit, you will RC)  
8WR u/b_d/b+A  
Fully crouch moves:  
FC d+K  
FC d+A  
FC d+B  
FC d/f+B  
FC d/b+B,B  
FC d/b+A+B  
well..I am sure there are mistakes and tricks or things I don't know 
about...please let me know and email me at dhwang99@hotmail.com, or just 
drop me a line and say hi! So that I know you have read it and liked it 
(or not)  
Me,David H. Wang AKA Iron_Fist, DHW, DWang26675  
thanks to:  
WCMaxi(Jason Arney)  
and also thanks to all the people that had chat with me online and had 
play against me. 

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