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Mitsurugi Guide by JWong

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/13/1999

SOUL CALIBUR: Mitsurugi Movelist version 1.1
By Jeffrey "OneShot" Wong (jeffwong@li.net)

Version 1.1
Added a whole new section to playing down and dirty with Mitsurugi at 
end of faq. 
Added more information to the strategy section.
Added a small list of Soul Charge unblockable attacks.
Added some mindless notes that could be helpful.

Version 1.0
Basic movelist of all the moves.
Strategy hints at end.

The information of this faq has been borrowed _heavily_ from from Mark 
Griffin's Soul Calibur faq. You may know him as Mr MG. You can find his 
faq at www.gamefaqs.com or www.fighters.net. Without his faq, this faq 
would not have been possible and so all credit for the moves provided 
goes to him and the people kind enough to help him compile his faq. I'm 
simply adding some information to each individual move for Mitsuragi. I 
have never written a faq before so I have no idea what rules I'm 
breaking in creating this. The faq is currently very unfinished. Please 
give info and comments for missing moves :)

This FAQ uses many notations to make reading the FAQ easier and to keep 
it simple when printing the file. Please check these notations as they 
may be different from what you as used to. Also note that some 
characters have their own notations for items such as stances.

ub   u    uf
                Joystick directions.
b    n    f     u - up     d - down
                b - back   f - forward
db   db   df    n - neutral

G - Guard                 
A - Horizontal Attack     
B - Vertical Attack
K - Kick

A  - Throws Air      (avoided by not jumping (duh!))
H  - High            (blocked standing or avoided ducking)
M  - Medium          (blocked standing)
SM - Special Medium  (blocked low or medium)
L  - Low             (blocked low or avoided jumping
.  - Moves also hits Grounded Opponents

[G],u    - Jump
[d]      - Crouch
G+A      - Genric Throw (break with A)
G+B      - Genric Throw (break with B)
A+B+K    - Soul Charge (See Game Elements)
A+B+K,G  - Spirit Charge (See Game Elements)

[x]    - Hold button/direction 'x'
x+y    - Press x AND y at the same time
x,y    - Press x THEN y
x/y    - Press x OR y
x~y    - Press y as soon as you have pressed x but not both at the same 
<WS>   - While Standing up from a crouch
<WC>   - While you are fully crouched


Name:          Heishiro Mitsurugi
Weapon:        Katana
Weapon Name:   Shishi-Oh
Style:         Tenpo-Kosai-Ryu Kai
Age:           25
Birth date:    June 8th
Family:        Parents and Brothers, all taken by disease
Birth Place:   Japan
Height:        5ft 7
Weight:        143lbs
Blood Type:    AB

=== Moves ===
--- Notations ---
<MT>           - Mist
Mitsurugi has his sword up by his shoulder, the tip of the blade 
pointing toward his opponent. 

<RL>           - Relic
Mitsurugi has his sword in its scabbard, sheathed, which is by his hip. 
His back is almost to his opponent.

--- Throws ---
Move                Name                    Break 

G+A                 Sea of Madness          A
Mitsurugi does several slashes at his opponent's torso area.

G+B                 Pulling Ivy             B
Mitsurugi does a jumping upward slash where he flips in mid-air, 
bringing his sword down across his opponent's back.

<LEFT>,throw        Gate of Hell            A/B
Mitsurugi knocks you to the ground by kick out the back of one of his 
opponent's legs  where he then stabs his sword through his opponent's 
body and twists the blade a bit for heavy damage.

<RIGHT>,throw       8th Bill of Punishment  A/B
Mitsurugi does a quick body check with his back and stabs his sword 
right into his opponent's side. 

<BACK>,throw        Divine Gift             A/B
Mitsurugi kicks out the back of one of your legs which will cause them 
to fall to one leg and then slams the blade down on his opponent's 

--- Attacks ---
Move                Name                    Height       Damage       

A,A                 Samurai Slashes         H,H
Mitsurugi does two high horizontal slashes. It can be easily ducked. 
Comes out quite quick and is pretty effective.

f,A                 Calm Breeze             H
Mitsurugi takes a step forward and does a horizontal slash at the 
opponent's head. Also very quick.

f,[f],A             Sudden Gale             M                         
A powerful horizontal slash where Mitsurugi takes a step forward and 
slashes at his opponent's waist. It comes out a bit slow though but 
can't be sidestepped.

df,A                Splitting Gold          M                         
It looks almost like a stabbing attack rather than a slashing one. 
Mitsurugi slashes at his opponent's waist. Similar to his Sudden Gale, 
f,[f],A, but from the opposite direction. Has a very short range but 
stuns on counter hit.

d,A                 Knee Slice              SM                        
Mitsurugi  does a low horizontal slash at his opponent's knees. Can be 
blocked high or low. Comes out fast and is a very good attack at slowly 
whittling away an opponent's energy. Not much range though:(

db,A                Shin Slicer             L
A powerful low horizontal attack where Mitsurugi goes into a crouching 
position and pivots on one foot, slashing at his opponent's shins. 
Holding down the A button delays the attack, making it even stronger as 
it's delayed longer. Pressing the B button will make him fake a Shin 
Slicer and go into a uppward vertical attack. Very useful if your 
opponent is excepting a low attack instead.

b,A                 Drawn Breath            M
Mitsurugi does another variation of a horizontal slashing attack at the 
opponent's waist. Pressing forward on the joystick makes go into his 
Mist stance.

b,[b],A             Vacuum                  M                         
A slow but very powerful horizontal slashing attack. If it connects, 
expect it to inflict heavy damage. Holding down the A butting will
makes Mitsurugi go into his Relic stance. Useful because the attack 
pushes the enemy back so the transition into his Relic stance will be 

[G],u,A             Stump Banish            L                         
Mitsurugi does a little hop before executing a horizontal slashing 
attack at his opponent's legs upon landing. Although hard to predict, it 
leaves Mitsurugi vulnerable because he will be in mid-air for a split 
second, leaving him open for juggles.

u,A                 Stump Cross             H
Mitsurugi hops into the air and does a horizontal slashing attack at his 
opponent's head. Not too useful. It's better to use the ub,A version.

<WS>,A              Silent Step Slash       M
Mitsurugi does a rising horizontal slash. Pretty quick and can be used 
without much rish. However, getting into the crouching position will put 
you at risk ;)

B,B                 Forced Prayer           M,M
A very quick and effective combo where Mitsurugi does a downward 
vertical slash followed by and upward veritcal slash. Unless your 
opponent likes to sidestep, this is very useful. Pressing forward on the 
joystick afterwards will make him Mitsurugi go into his Mist stance.

B~A                 Mountain Divide         M                         
A very very effective move. Its range is usually underestimated. This 
move has quite a bit of range to it. Mitsurugi extends his sword forward 
and slash at his opponent's chest in a horizontal slash. With this move, 
people who sidestep a lot will get wrecked because this attack almost 
destroys an opponent's sidestepping game:)

B,f                 Mask                    H                         
Mitsurigi does a very quick downward vertical slash where he takes a 
step forward and straikes at his opponent's head. Its speed will usually 
catch people off guard. Although very fist, it can be ducked. However, 
due to its speed, its very hard to anticipate this attack.

f,B                 Wind Hole               M
Another very useful attack where Mitsurugi extends his sword forward and 
stabs at his opponents stomach. He takes a small step forward, giving 
this attack a decent range. It comes out very quick and is hard to 
sidestep due to its speed. However, if it IS sidestepped, because you 
take a step forward, you're going to be in trouble;)

f,B,d               Low Wind Hole           L                         
Very similar to the above attack except Mitsurugi will stab at the 
opponent's feet. Very useful and usually catches people off guard. 
However, the range isn't as great because he doesn't take a step forward 
even though it comes out quite quickly.

f,B,u               High Wind Hole          H
Another variation of Mitsurugi's Wind Hole, but this time, he stabs at 
his opponent's face. This attack looks like a one-attack kill move. It 
looks leathal and very deadly. It dishes out a decent amount of damage. 
Too bad it has the same range as the low version and can be ducked. Try 
not to use this one often.

f,[f],B,B           Heaven Dance            M,M                       
Mitsurugi takes a step forward, bringing his sword up in an vertical 
slash, following up by doing it against, hopping up into the air for 
added pwer behind his slash. Very powerful, even if one of the slashes 
connect. The range for this attack is unbelieveable and usually catches 
unsuspecting opponents. This move should be exploited.

f,[f],[B]         Heaven Dance to Relic   M,M                       
It's just like the move above except instead of following up with the 
second upward vertical slash, holding the B button will cause Mitsurugi 
to go into his Relic stance. This is probably the coolest looking move 
in the game, what with the transition into that stance. 

df,B                Heaven Cannon           M
A GREAT floater where Mitsurugi does a cool looking upward vertical 
slash that will float his opponents. It comes out very quickly and does 
decent damage. This move, although short ranged, is very effective due 
to its speed. Use this one often.

db,B                Cloud Divide            M
Similar to the above move except Mitsurugi takes a step forward. It 
comes out just as quickly and is every bit as effective. However, it 
doesn't float your opponent. This move is very effective to use during a 

b,B                 Wind Hole Vortex        M                         
A EXTREMELY useful and effective attack. Mitsurugi takes a step back, as 
if going into his Mist stance, the inintial backstep usually allowing 
you to dodge an incoming attack, and then extends his sword forward and 
simultaneous taking a step forward to thrust at his opponent's chest. 
This is probably one of the most effective moves Mitsurugi has, 
especially against button smashers;) Quick and pretty effective. The 
damage isn't all that great, but its speed makes up for it. Pressing 
forward on the joystick before he attacks makes him go into his Mist 

b,[b],B,B           Forced God              M,M                       
A poweful combo where Mitsurugi takes a step forward and does a downward 
vertical slash followed by an upward vertical slash, launching your 
opponent. Although powerful, the first attack comes out a bit slow and 
can be countered.

d,df,f,B            Samurai Thrust          M                         
A NASTY and EXTRELY powerful attack. Mitsurugi holds sword in front of 
him, the blade facing his opponent, pressing a hand on the back of his 
sword and takes a step forward toward his opponent, seemingly shoving 
the upright blade right into the opponent's sternum and face. The damage 
this attack dishes out is GREAT. Holding the B button down will make him 
delay his attack, making the attack even more powerful, as if it wasn't 
powerful enough!!

[G],u,B             Dragon Fly Slash        M                         
Mitsurugi does a little hope and does a downward vertical slash at his 
opponent on his way down. Pretty useful due to its speed. Not much range 
to the attack, not unless you want to do the [G],uf,B version.

u,B                 Stalk Cutter            M                         
Mitsurugi does a different variation of the above attack. Doing the uf,B 
or ub,B version is better depending on whether you play defensively or 
aggressively. However, the u,B is still very effective.

<WS>,B              Pocket Pick             M
A great floating attack where Mitsurugi does an upward vertical slash 
that will launch his opponent high into the air for some great juggling 

<WC>,df,B           Time Hole               M
A rather odd looking attack considering its joystick execution. You 
would think he slashes at his opponent's feet. However, while crouch, he 
will lean forward and stab his sword toward his opponent's neck. Seeing 
this connect will almost make you wince because you know it's got to 

<WC>,db,B,B         Cloud Divide to Cold Stich M,M                    
Mitsuragi does a quick and powerful upward vertical slash that will 
launch his opponent into the air where he will bring the tip of his 
sword down right into his opponent's chest as the land. The first attack 
to this combo is perhaps one of the best launcher because it is 
extremely quick. Even if your opponent blocks the first attack, the 
second attack, since there is a slight pause, can sometimes catch at 
incoming opponent expecting to counter your failed launching attack.

K~B                 Obedience               M,M                       
A GREAT ground attack where Mitsurugi does a a quick downward slash, 
does a half somersault forward, following through with his blade in 
another downward slash. The second slash takes off quite a bit of damage 
and is very useful against opponent's lying on the ground who wait for 
you to get close so they could do a rising attack. Teach them a lesson:)
Also very useful for juggles.

f,K                 Wheel Kick              H
A somewhat powerful wheel kick. Very effective and should be used pretty 
often, especially with juggles. It's pretty slow though but it does a 
decent amount of damage.

df,K                Front Kick              M
This is more like side kick toward the opponent's stomach. Very 
effective but it's execution is a bit slow but not as slow as the above 

f,[f],K             Rising Knee             M                         
A great and often underestimated attack where Mitsurugi takes a step 
forward and does a rising knee attack toward his opponent. Great for 
closing in the gap if you wish to play a close-combat game. Can usually 
be followed up with his Bullet Cutter, b,K,B, for a cool combo.

d,K,B               Stalk Shaver            L,M
A weapon's version to Paul Phoenix's falling leaf combo. Misturugi 
pivots on one foot and sweeps his opponent's legs out from under them 
and then pivots back, bringing his sword upward in a vertical slash, 
launching his opponent into the air. This is supposed to be a great 
juggle starter, but I find myself unable to follow up this attack for 
some reason. Pressing forward on the joystick afterwards makes Misturugi 
go into his Mist stance.

db,K                Hem Stich               L
A quick and effective kick toward the opponent's legs. Should be 
exploited, but for some reason, it isn't:(

b,K,B               Bullet Cutter           M,M                       
This move should definitely be exploited. A very quick and easy to 
execute combo where Misturugi does a front snap kick, letting his weight 
carry him forward, following through with a downward vertical sword 
slash even from his leading foot touches the ground. Use this often 
because of its speed and ability to catch many people off guard. It's 
got a long range and can quickly close the gap between you and your 

<WS>,K              Front Kick              M
Misturugi does a front kick as he comes out of his crouching position. 
Nuff said.

[G],u,K             Outer Snap              L
Misturugi does a little hop and sweeps his opponent's legs out from 
under them the moment he lands. Not that useful because you will be 
vulnerable while in mid-air, which could end up leading you to being 

u,K                 Shadow Kick             M
Misturugi hops into he air and does a little kick. Pretty useful but not 
all that quick. You might want to stay away from this.

A+B                 Steel Slicer            M,M                       
This move is probably the one move what makes Misturugi leathal. This is 
where Misturugi does an upward vertical slash followed by another upward 
vertical slash. Basically, if the first attack connects, you're going to 
get hit by the second one and expect to lose a chunk of energy. Very 
hard to sidestep for some reason, comes out quick, and a quick recovery. 
This moves should/is exploited;)

f,[f],A+B           Phoenix Tail            M                         
If you connect this move, your opponent can kiss a HUGE chunk of energy 
goodbye. This is where Mitsurugi takes a step forward and does a 
extremely powerful downward vertical slash at his opponent. It's lack of 
speed it made up for by its huge range. Hard to connect, but when it 
does, your jaw will drop at the damage inflicted. Too slow to be 
exploited:( The move can be cancelled by pressing the G button, where 
you can step in and throw when your opponent is expecting to block the 
attack since they will be standing.

d,A+B               Cold Stich              M
A pretty useful attack where Mitsurugi does a small downward slash, 
jabbing the tip of his sword into the ground. Very useful against 
opponents lying on the ground especially. It takes off a good amount of 
energy and comes out quickly that you shouldn't have much problem 
getting it to connect after your opponent lands from a juggle.

u,A+B               Wheel Slash             M
Mitsurugi jumps high up into the air and does a wicked downward vertical 
slash on his decent. It takes off a good amount of energy, but it's 
range is short and the attack can be seen from a mile away, leaving you 
open to having your attack parried/deflected and counter attacked.

<WC>,db,A+B         Shin Banish             L
Mitsurugi does a powerful sword sweep while he is in his crouching 
position. It's not too useful because it comes out faily slowly and it 
lacks range. Because it is slow, you can easily get knocked out of this 

A+K                 Dividing Thrust         M                         
A great poking attack, probably the best poking attack Misturugi has 
because if can be modified into a throw by pressing forward on the 
joystick when it connects up close. It comes out very fast, and even if 
it's sidestepped, you recover quick enough to block incoming heavy 
attacks. Only sidestepping followed up by some quick attacks will get 
past this move. Use this move often. You'll be very surprised at how 
effective this move is.

B+K                 Autumn Requieum         M                         
Mitsurugi does a wickedly powerful downward vertical slash that take
off a huge amount of energy. If you connect while your opponent is in
close, it will automatically switch to a modified throw that will take
off an A LOT of energy.

df,B+K              Driving Stich           M                         
Mitsurugi does a close range side stab. It seems like he's hitting you 
with the hilt of his sword. It takes off big damge though:)

b,B+K               Parting Thrust          H                         
Mitsurugi does a small crouching dash before bringing the hilt of his 
sword up at his opponent's chin. Very powerful even though it can be 
easily dodged.

f,A+B               Mist      <MT>
Misturugi bring his sword up toward his shoulder, the tip of the blade 
facing toward his opponent. You know that in this stance, he's just 
itching to stab the hell out of his opponent:)

b,A+B               Relic        <RL>                                      
Misturugi sheaths his sword! I dunno about you, but if someone has a 
weapon pointed toward me, and I have a katana, I will not sheath it. 
Anyway, in this position, Misturugi looks like his asking to get hit. 
Don't be fooled, in this position, he is absolutely LEATHAL!

f,df,d,db,b,A       Half Moon Death
Misturugi holds his sword up high over his head while the blade becomes 
fiery. Pressing the A button again makes him execute an unblockable 
horizontal slashing attack. Because it is so powerful and unblockable, 
it takes quite a while for this move to be executed and leaves you wide 
open. It has quite a bit of range.

f,df,d,db,b,B       Full Moon Death
Similar to the above move. Pressing the B button again will make him do 
an unblockable downward vertical slash. This move is better to use 
because it seems to have more range.

f,df,d,db,b,[A]     Fake Moon Death         H
You simply go into your Moon Death stance, your sword getting fiery, but 
you don't attack. That's why it's called a Fake Moon Death;)

d,df,f              Silent Step
You do a crouching dash forward. Pressing the B afterwards might be 
prudent becaus he will execute his powerful Samurai Thrust.

--- Stances ---
---> Mist
Move                Name                    Height       Damage       

A                   Mist Stab               H                         
Misturugi does a quick poking stab.

A,A,A               Mist Stab Fury          H,H,H
Misturugi does multiple quick poking stabs.

B                   Dividing Thrust         M                         
Misturugi does a longer ranged thrust. If this connects while the 
opponent is close, pressing forward on the joystick will make him do a 
modified throw where he twists the sword several times while its 
embedded in his opponent's stomach before pulling the blade back out.

K                   Water Mist Kick         L                         
This is a very quick and effective low sweep. Use this often, especially 
if you go into the Mist stance while the opponent is close. This move 
comes out so quick that your opponent won't have time to block unless he 
anticipates it, which will be unlikely because the Mist stance seems to 
TELL your opponent that Mitsurugi is going to do some poking around 
which needs to be blocked high:)

A+B                 Divide                  M                         
EXPLOIT THIS MOVE NOW!!! Misturugi take a step forward, his sword by his 
side, and then brings it in a downward vertical slash with great force 
for some great damage. Why should you exploit this? Well, while stepping 
forward, Misturugi is invulnerable to any regular attack, whether high, 
medium, or low. You see him take the blow, for no damage, and then slash 
his opponent as they're in the recovery animation of their attack. There 
are ways around this move though, like sidestepping, throwing, and 
comboing. However, when you see Misturugi taking a menacing step toward 
your character, his sword at his side and not in front of him, you're 
bound to seize the opportunity and attack him. Boy, will you be in for a 

[f]/[b]             Mist Walk
A slow slow walk, as in inches per hour;)

f/b,n               Mist Dash
A dash forward or backward. Very quick to close the gap or widen it.

[uf]/[u]/[ub]       Mist Hop
A hop. What else;)

B+K                 Relic       <RL>                                      
Misturugi bring his sword by his side and sheaths it, his Relic Stance.

---> Relic
Move                Name                    Height       Damage       

G                   False Purification      G,M,M,M                   
Misturugi brings his sheathed sword in front of him and pulls the blade 
out slightly. This is a reversal for horizontal attack. If he blocks and 
incoming attack, he will unsheath his sword and and swing it around like 
the number eight for some good damge. However, it's harder to do this 
reversal than it 
seems because the window for a reversal is small. This moves oozes 

A                   Cross Sword Steal       H                         
Misturugi brings his scabard and whacks his opponent in the head with 
it. It does quite a bit of damage, considering it's just a scabbard.

B                   Slash Sword Steal       M                         
Misturugi will do a different version of the above move, attacking his 
opponent with the scabbard from the opposite direction.

K                   Low Relic Kick          L                         
A quick little shin kick. Not too effective because of its lack of 
range. The Mist,K version is better.

[A+B]               Bill of Fire            H                         
Unblockable! Misturugi pivots on the balls of his feet, pointing his 
back toward his opponent before unsheathing his sword and executing a 
upward horizontal slash. Just tape A+B to execute this.

[A+B]               Ticket to Hades         M                         
Unblockable! Misturugi pivots on the balls of his feet, pointing his 
back toward his opponent before unsheathing his sword and executing a 
upward horizontal slash. Hold this down for the entire time. No need to 

[A+B]               Path of Damnation       L,L                       
Unblockable! This is the BEST move. It dishes out an incredible amount 
of damage and its range is unbelieveable because Mitsurugi will take two 
steps forward, one for the first horizontal slash, and another step for 
the second horizontal slash. It even hits downed opponents. Good luck 
getting out of the way when he executes this move;) Hold down A+B for 
about one and a half seconds before releasing to execute this move.

B+K                 Mist                                              
Mitsurugi brings his sword up by his shoulder, the tip of the blade 
facing his opponent. 

[f]/[b]             Relic Walk
A very slow walk. However, it looks VERY cool the way he does walk while 
in this stance:)

f/b,n               Relic Dash
A quick dash to close the gap or widen it.

---> 8 Way Run (ARS)
Move                Name                    Height 

df/f/uf,A           Sudden Gale             M                         
Mitsurugi takes a step toward his opponent and does a horizontal slash.

f/b,A               Drawn Breath            H
Mitsurugi pivots on one foot and does a horizontal slash. Pressing 
forward will make him go into his Mist stance.

f,A                 Vacuum                  M                         
A quick horizontal slash at the opponent's stomach. Holding down the A 
button will make him go into his Relic Stance, which is probably what 
you want:)

db/ub,A             True Vacuum             L                         
Mitsurugi pivots on one foot and executes a sword sweep attack. Powerful 
and effective but comes out a bit slow.

df/f/uf,B,B         Heaven Dance            M,M                       
It's his f,[f],B,B attack where he does an upward vertical slash 
followed by another upward slash, doing a little jump as he bring his 
sword up. Holding the B button down after pressing it once will make 
Mitsurugi go into his Relic Stance.

d/u,B               Hell Flash              M                         
Mitsurugi executes a downward vertical slash that takes off quite a bit 
damage. Very useful and effective. However, if your other opponents is 
also in their 8-way run, don't use it that often.

db/ub,B,A,B         Peak of Flames          M,H,M                     
A pretty decent combo where Mitsurugi does a quick downward vertical 
slash followed by a high horizontal one and finally followed up by a 
powerful downward vertical slash for big damage. Although powerful, the 
second attack can be ducked and the third attack seems to take forever 
to come out. 
b,B,B               Forced God              M,M                       
Mitsurugi does downward vertical slash followed by an upward one. Good 
for launching an opponent. However, the first attack seems to come out a 
bit slow. 

df/f/uf,K           Rising Knee             M                         
Exactly like his f,[f],K attack where he brings his knees up at his 
opponent and lunges forward. You'll be surprised at how effective this 
move is. You can usually follow this move up with his b,K,B attack for 
some good damage.

d/u,K               Wheel Kick              H
Mitsurugi pivots on one foot and executes a wheel kick. Pretty good 
again sidestepping opponents, but it comes out a bit slow.

db/b/ub,K,B         Bullet Cutter           M,M                       
This is the move where Mitsurugi kicks forward, bringing all his 
bodyweight with him, and doing a downward vertical slash even before his 
leading foot touches the ground. This moves is probably going to be used 
most often because it is very effective and fast.

A+B                 Phoenix Tail            M                         
Mitsurugi does a powerful downward slash where he does a little turn, 
arcing his sword overhead and bringing it down on his opponent. Although 
slow in execution, the amount of damage it dishes out is GREAT. Pressing 
the G button cancels the attack where you can step in an simply throw:)

B+K                 Trooper Roll            M                         
Mitsurugi does a forward roll and thrusts his sword forward at his 
opponent's stomach after he finishes his roll. The roll goes under high 
attacks and has quite a bit of range. 

A~B                 Mist                                              
Mitsurugi moves into his Mist stance.

B~A                 Relic                                             
Mitsurugi moves into his Relic stance. 

Helpful hints.

Mitsurugi is probably the best character in the game. He's very strong 
and very fast. His A+B, Steel Slicer attack, should be exploited because 
it dishes out a lot of damage and is very quick in execution. His poking 
game is also very formidable. By mixing between his b,B and f,B,d and 
A+K attacks, your opponent will be having a hard time trying to get 
close to you. And when he does, simply do his d,K,B to knock them back 
out of range. Either that or do his df,B floating attack for some 
damaging juggles.

Learn to execute his Path of Damnation, the double low unblockable 
attacks, Mist stance,[A+B]. Get the timing down. They will be one of 
your best attacks because it is VERY powerful and had a HUGE amount of 
range to it. If you think your opponent will jump over the slash, don't 
worry. There's a good chance they won't because the first thing they 
will do when they see you in your unblockable animation is double dash 
backwards, only to get hit with the second part of the attack :)I 
realize that the move is unparryable, so the only way to avoid it is to 
simply jump over the second attack. All you have to do is simply press 
and hold the G button and press up on the joystick.

Use his stances. They're great, especially his Relic stance because of 
his unblockable. However, learn the transition between the two stances. 
Heck, the transition between the Mist and the Relic has it where 
Mitsurugi takes a step back, allowing you to evade an incoming attack, 
which will leave your opponent open for a good whack upside the head 
with Mitsurugi's sheathed sword:) 

The best way to get into his Relic stance is his f,[f],[B] attack. The 
attack, when it connects, will push the opponent back, allowing the 
transition into the Relic stance to take place without being attacked. 
Plus, it looks WICKED. The best way to get into his Mist stance is to 
simply use B,B,f. That way, if your opponent wants to retaliate and 
takes a step toward you, hitting the K will make Mitsurugi sweep him for 
some decent damage. Or perhaps you can press the B and stab a sword the 
your opponent's gut, pressing forward on the joystick to change it into 
a modified throw for some more damage.

Don't neglect Mitsurugi's kicking game. He's got good kicks that should 
be used often. Like his b,K,B attack. It's very very quick and has a lot 
of range. Heck, after that attack, you might be able to connect a K~B 
attack on the opponent as he's lying on the ground. And don't forget his 
d,K,B. Since most people tend to guard high, the sweep will catch them 
off-guard, and the sword attack will be an easy follow-up, which could 
also making your opponent ring out.

Play Mitsurugi aggresively. Poke with him a lot. He's great at it. Just 
don't try to poke Nightmare because he has the better poking game;) When 
poking, make it an effort to always press forward on the joystick 
because, sometimes, you can get a modified throw which is more damaging. 
If you don't wish to poke, and want to get the round over with quickly 
and humiliate your opponent, use his double low unblockable. You should 
be able to connect that unblockable at least once during the round on 
every round. It's that easy because he moves into his Relic stance so 
quickly and is already charging up for his double low unblockable before 
you opponent has time to react. By then, the unblockable will have 
connected for some heavy damage.

Learn some juggles also. Nothing fancy is really needed. Just try out 
your own. Something like, d/f,B to juggle, f,K the K~B will suffice and 
will cause quite a bit of damage. You don't even need to worry about 
landing combos with Mitsurugi. Some of his moves are so damn strong, 
like that double low unblockable, that it will easily turn the tables, 
which shouldn't even be that way if you're playing Mitsurugi right:)

Use his A+B attack often. You have no idea how effective it is. If the 
first hit connects, the second one will connect automatically for some 
heavy damage. You can't really sidestep it so it's pretty useful to use 
whenever you want. And if you are fighting someone that likes to side 
step, do his B~A attack, which'll eat up sidesteppers for some heavy 
damage. Also, if you play against a very agressive opponent, just do his 
A,A combo and it would pretty much knock your opponent out of any attack 
since it's so fast. The same thing goes for using his f+A attack.

Above using his A+B attack, also use his Mist,A+B attack also. Since he 
can brush off any regular attack and then counterattack, you don't 
really have to worry about getting countered. The best way to execute 
that move is f,A+B,A+B. He will almost immediately execute that move as 
soon as he moves into his Mist stance. I only use this move to show just 
how powerful Mitsurugi is to my opponents. Most of the time, I would use 
his B,B combo and hold forward on the joystick to make him go into his 
Mist stance where I would then go for the sweep by hitting the K button. 
However, I sometime get hit out of his attempted sweep because my 
opponent is quicker than him. Instead, I would do his A,A,A poking Mist 
attack, which will always catch incoming opponents that expect to knock 
me out of my attempted sweep. Also, while in his Mist stance, don't 
forget to do his B attack from time to time, which can be turned into a 
modified throw if you hold forward on the joystick. That move would land 
if your opponent expects you to do a sweep because they would be 
blocking low and that move attacks mid-level.

If you're feeling a bit cocky, try and end the round with his Relic 
reversal. Simply move into his Relic stance, b,A+B, and then press the G 
button when you think your opponent is going to attack. The reveral 
looks awesome. And while you're in that stance, if you feel like it, 
make your opponent panic by pressing A+B to do the quick unblockable.

If you're fighting a button masher, poke him to death. Simply do his b,B 
and A+K attack all day and he will quickly fall. Just don't outright 
beat the crap out of him and perfect him because then he won't come back 
for some more beatings;)

Mitsurugi is probably the best flagship character. Why? Great speed. 
Great strength. And that kickass samurai A button costume of his. Heck, 
you have to give him some respect when he's in that awesome Relic 
stance. In that stance, I think he's oozing more style than Ivy and her 
'cool as ice' stance anyday, but that's just my opinion. 

Here's the lowdown and DIRTY way to fight with Mitsurugi:

A short while ago, I pitted my Mitsurugi against a pretty formidable 
Hwang opponent. To make things short, although I ended up winning the 
majority of the matches, it made me realize that I could improve upon my 
Mitsurugi skills because on almost all of the matches, I found myself 
coming close to losing everytime. Heck, I even ended up losing quite a 
bit in the beginning because I couldn't get used to fighting a decent 
Hwang. Anyway, upon realizing this, I decided to change the way I used 
Mitsurugi. Instead of playing Mitsurigi the way I usually do, which is 
using very simple well-timed attacks and the occassional parrying, I 
decided to becomes extremely aggressive....I mean EXTREMELY aggressive. 
Now, if you are not worried about being called cheap, here is the best 
way to exploit Mitsurugi's attacks. The soul charge is a VERY useful 
power-up. That's his A+B+K,G move. It makes several moves unblockable, 
like his A+B attack. Even so, don't use that all too often. Use his K~B 
attack. There is absolutely no way for your opponet to block that 
attack. It comes out very quick and is very hard to side step. And let's 
just say your opponent decides to play it safe by playing keep-away, 
hoping you would whiff with his K~B attack where he would then go in for 
the counter attack. Well, don't worry about that. Doing Mitsurugi's 
d,df,f,B attack would utterly destroy them because it has great tracking 
and would close the gap between you and your opponent. That's just ONE 
of his powerhouse moves that you can use. If you have a constant 
sidestepper? Don't worry. Power-up, and then beging your sidestepping 
game. While in the 8-way run, use his u,B attack. Since it's 
unblockable, there's noway for your opponent to block it. However, the 
problem with using that move is that it doesn't always land especially 
if your opponent constantly side-steps because it has poor tracking. 
Instead, I would recommend using his 8-way run, db,B,A,B combo instead. 
The third attack to the combo will be unblockable while the second 
attack would have stopped your opponent from side-stepping. There is one 
problem with using this move though, in order for the third attack to 
the combo to be unblockable, you're going to have to power-up 
completely, which is pretty hard since you have to worry about your 
opponent attacking.

So far, I have found several unblockable moves when you do the soul 
While in his 8-way run:
u,B or d,b
Mist, then A+B
I'm pretty sure there are more and forget to list them out.

Having trouble landing your unblockables? Heh, that can be easily 
solved. By now, after having read through this faq, you are probably 
well aware of which moves are considered Mitsurugi's most effective 
attacks. Well, then I guess I won't have to tell you that his db,A 
attack is great for tripping up your opponents. However, after executing 
and landing that attack, immediately do Mitsurugi's Half Moon Death 
unblockable. That's his f,df,d,d,b,A,A attack in case you don't want to 
scroll up to find its motion. Anyway, expect this move to land often 
because it would land just as your opponent is getting up. The only way 
to avoid it is to do a rising attack, which is highly unlikely because 
the first thing your opponent would attempt to do is block before they 
realize it is too late and that it can't be blocked, or stay flat on 
their back until the unblockable whiffs. Frankly speaking, VERY few 
people would do that because they are constantly expecting you to attack 
them while they are on the ground, which usually causes them to do the 
quick recovery after being knocked down. Don't use this strategy too 
often because you don't want your opponent getting smart and knocking 
you out of landing an easy unblockable. Me, I usually stay on the ground 
extra long. Who cares if you get kicked while on the ground a few times? 
Think of how much more damage you would inflict when your opponent 
whiffs a power attack and you do a rising attack. The trade off is worth 

Now go out there and kick some ass with Misturugi. You should have 
little or no probably racking up the win streaks with him. If you are 
having trouble, switch to Nightmare:)

I hope this faq was helpful and will get you interested in Mitsurugi.

Once again, the information of this faq has been borrowed _heavily_ from 
Compiled Mr MG (Mark Griffin)mrmg@fighters.net.

Thanks goes to Tom Cheng(tkcheng@icaen.uiowa.edu)for clearing up several 
moves I had mistaken for another.

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