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Kilik Guide by Namak

Version: 1.2 |

Kilik Guide by Namak v1.2

Moves hits staggers

All names and  here are trademarks of NAMCO
I will update this FAQ regularly so keep an eye out.
Comments etc. on this FAQ to "Whitedevil@iname.com"
Don't forget to visit NAMCO's Soul Calibur site "http://www.namco.com"

'Soul Calibur' is the newest fighting game from NAMCO it is the long awaited 
sequel to 'Soul Edge/blade'

Table of Contents
1) Story

Soul Edge 
There was an evil pirate called Cervantes who got these two swords called the 
'Soul edge'.  These swords were pure evil and thrived on consuming human souls.
At the end Sophitia confronted Cervantes and managed to destroy one of the Soul 
Edges but it wounded her, Taki then came and rescued her.  Then Siefried beat 
the Soul Edge himself but he picked the sword up after and it now possesses him.
Kilik was an orphan who grew up in Ling Sheung Su temple learning the art of the 
Bo/Staff/rod/pole (whatever you want to call it).  Kilik was so good at the art 
he was given one of the temple's three treasures the rod "Kali-Yuga".  Before 
the ceremony a great evil possessed all the people in the temple driving them 
all insane.  Everyone was killing each other.  But there was one person that 
resisted the evil Xianglian a girl who was learning the art of the sword.  She 
managed to put he mirror Dvapara-Yuga on Kilik and because he loved her they 
stopped fighting.  Kilik was forced to kill his whole family and all his 
friends, then his girlfriend who later became possessed by the evil.
The next day, when Kilik woke up an old man was standing beside him.  The old 
man was sent to teach the champion of the temple the secret style of Ling-Sheng 
Su.  The old man also told him that the evil spirits were inside Kilik and the 
Kali-Yuga but the dvapara-yuga was keeping them back.  Therefore if the dvapara-
yuga was removed from Kilik he would become evil and if the Kali-yuga was 
removed it would be disastrous.  The old man told Kilik about the evil sword 
'Soul Edge'
Now three years after training with the old man Kilik sets out to cleanse 
himself and the Kali-Yuga
Moves and Conventions

f - tap forward
F - hold forward
b - tab back
(B) - hold back
u - tap up
U - hold up
d - tap down
D - hold down

d/f - tap down and forward
D/F - hold down and forward
d/b - tap down and back
D/B - hold down and back
u/f - tap up and forward 
U/F - hold up and forward
u/b - tap down and back 
U/B - hold up and back

QCF - quarter circle toward (d,d/f,f)
QCB - quarter circle back(d,d/b,d)
~ -y Immediately followed by... 
ss - Side Step
ws - While rising
LD - while laying down
A= Horizontal Attack
B = Vertical Attack
K = Kick 
G = Guard



Soul charge - By pressing A+B+K at once your character glows, I'm not sure what 
this does but I take it is the same as Tekken 3 where your hits count as 
counters if you hit someone.

Guard Impact - Same as the last Soul Edge except this time you can do it low as 
well.  Press f+G (high/med)  d/f+G (med/Low) as the opponent's attack hits. A 
green light should appear if you have done it right, it reflects your opponent's 
attack and gives you a bit of time to hit him/her back.  Does not work against 

Guard Parry - Same as the Guard Impact but this time instead of forcing your 
opponent away you drag them in, very similar to the parries of Forrest Law in 
Tekken 3.  b+G (high Med) d/b+G (med/Low).  Does not work against kicks.

Air Control -  Not sure of this at all but when you are knocked high for a 
juggle you are able to control your direction to avoid the juggle.

Sprit charge - While doing the Soul Charge press G, your character should glow 
green then gold in this mode some normal moves will become UNBLOCKABLE

Quick rise -  Like in Tekken 3 there is a quick rise from the ground. In Soul 
Calibur it becomes very important cause you actually lose energy by falling flat 
onto the ground.

8 Way run -  I knew about this, just forgot to put it into the faq, really!!! 
Anyway you press any direction twice holding the joystick on the second press, 
your character will begin to run in that direction and then if you keep the 
joystick held then work it into another direction your character will run in the 
new direction.
e.g. run towards Ivy. Ivy sees this and tries to whip you. work the joystick to 
Up before and your character runs into the background side-stepping Ivy's 
attack, setting you up for a free hit!

While on the ground
K - get up and Kick low
A - get up and horizontal attack (high)
B - Get up and vertical attack (med)
G - get up and Guard
press direction on the joystick to roll in that direction.


<NEW> * =  staggers opponent if they block the move if * is before and after the 
move the whole combo staggers

                                Press                   Hits             Damage         
Bo Rush Combo			A,A,B			hhm*		17,20,30	
Bo Rush Feint			A,A,u/d			hh		17,20		
Twin Phoenix			A~A,B			hh*m*		17,9,37
Phoenix Feint			A~B			m		18
Raging Phoenix			f+A,A,A			hhh*		14,23,23
Cross Bo			f,F+A			h*h*		23,23
Advancing Ling Su		df+A,A			mh*		24,18		
Inner Peace			d+A			l		23		
Lower Bo Slice			db+A			l		18		
Escaping Bo			b+A			h*		23		
Cross Tide			b,(B)+A,A		ml		23,23			
Quick Wave Divide		[G]+u,land+A		l		28
Sky Divide			u+A			m		23
Ling Sheng Slash		WS+A			m		25
Rushing Waterfall		B,B			mm		20,24		
Sheng Mirage Kick		B~K			hm		18,18
Bo Thrust			f+B			m*		20
Lower Bo Feint			f+B,d			l*		28		
Heavy Bo			f,[f]+B			m*		20
Twin Bo Upper			df+B,B			mm*		17,23		
Waterfall			d+B			m		24		
Advancing Bo			db+B			m*		26
Phoenix Thrust			b+B			m*		42		
	=Extra Weight		(B)			m*		55
Stream Thrust			b,(B)+B			l		18		
Midnight Sun			[G]+u+B			m*		23		
Raven Slaughter		        [G]+u,land+B		m*		24		
Yang Falling			u+B			m*		33		
Yin and Yang			qcb+B			m!		70		
	=Cancel			G
Ling Sheng Slash		WS+B			m*		30
River Thrust			FC,db+B			l*		15		
Bridge				left SS, B		h*		18
Sheng Front Kick		K			h		14
Sheng Illusion Kick		K~B			hl		14,14		
Sheng Lunge Kick		f+K			m		24	
Sheng Lunge Kick Combo	        f+K~B			mh*		23,23
Rising Phoenix			f,[f]+K,K,B		mmmm*		18,23,23,23	
Sheng Side Kick		        df+K			m		22
Sheng Su Low Kick		d+K			l		9		
Ling Sheng Su Sweep		db+K			l		22		
Biting Kick			b+K			m		17		
Biting Heaven			b+K~B			mm*		14,23		
Cloud Kick			b,[b]+K			m*		28
Ling Sheng Su Sweep		[G]+u,land K		l		18		
Lian Hua Jump Kick		u+K			h*		18		
Phoenix Hop Kick		WS+K,B			mm*		22,22
Retreating Thrust		G+K			h		6
Phoenix Roar			A+B			mmmmm*  	14,14,14,14,14
Biting Phoenix			f+A+B			mmmmm    	18,18,9,9,14
Phoenix Flare			b+A+B			mmmm    	17,17,17,17
	=to Raven Slaughter	B,B			m*m*	   	34,20		
Tricky Bo			df+A+B			l		9		
Lower Bo Smack Down		d+A+B			llll		9,9,18,18	
Dirty Bo			db+A+B			l		9		
	Pounding Stones		        FC,A+B			mmm*		18,18,18
Heaven Monument		        LD, A+B			m*		42
	=Cancel			G
Phoenix Cross			A+K			mh*		18,23
Bo Smack Down			f+A+K			hhhhhh		18,14,7,7,7,7
Phoenix Claw			df+A+K			l		23		
Wave Divide			d+A+K			l*		26		
Phoenix Tail			db+A+K			ll*		18,18		
Rising Flare   		        LD,A+K			l*		33		
Upper Bo Feint			B+K			m*		47
	=Cancel			G
Yin Rising			f+B+K			mm*		14,23
Playful Phoenix		        db+B+K			m		28
	=Lie Down		[d]
	=Fall On Face		[u]
Lower Bo Feint			b+B+K			l		42		

MONUMENT		        qcf   Guard impacts ALL HORIZONTAL ATTACKS
	=Inner Peace		A			l*		23		
	=Advancing Bo		B			m*		20
	=Scythe			K			hh*		18,18
	=Heaven Monument	A+B			m*		42		 
		=Cancel		G
	=Wave Divide		A+K			l*		24		 
	=Upper Bo Feint  	B+K			m*		47
		=Cancel		G
	=False Statue		u/d,n							 

8 Way Run
Cross Bo			8,f+A			h*h*		23,23
Cross Tide			8,b+A,A			ml		23,23		 
Heavy Bo			8,f/df/uf+B		m*		20
Phoenix Thrust			8,db/ub+B		m*		42
	=Extra Weight		(B)      		m*		55
Stream Thrust			8,b+B			l		N18 F23		 
Raven Slaughter		        8,u/d+B			m*m*		34		 
Rising Phoenix			8,f/df/uf+K,K,B	mmmm*		23,23,22,22	 

Ling Sheng Slice		8,db/ub+A		l		23		
Gale Divide			8,df/uf+A,A		mm*		28,33
Wind Divide			8,u/d+A,A		ml*		23,28		
Mountain Carve			8,u/d+A,B		mh*		23,28
Mountain Breaker		8,u/d+K~A		lh		20,31		
Sheng Heh Kick			8,b/db/ub+K		m*		28



1) Learn to impact guard cause normal guard will make you stagger after power 
moves hit.  Devote a round on stage one and/or two to just impact guarding your 
opponent don't forget about the impact parry.

2)Range: Then range of a move is important as in real life fighting.  This is 
where fights can be won or lost.  Using b+B close in and the opponent will hit 
you before the animation starts, and if you use a short range move far away the 
opponent will hit you while you recover since they did not need to block.  In 
general B is  long to medium range, A is medium to close and K is close range.
Long range is when you have to take more than two steps to be in grabbing range 
med range is one step and close is when you can grab. 

3) "Offence without defence means wasted energy and defence without offence 
means wasted time"
Jet Li in Fist of Legend 
When you attack think of defence it when you do f,F+A look for a counter of 
side-step from the other player.

4) Don't forget there are kicks in this game, great for those impact guard crazy 

5) The computer AI is really only designed to react to moves by standing still 
you cause the computer to perform random moves often leaving itself open.

6) The computer has a habit of attacking out of range and with Kilik you can 
really kill them for it. If the computer attacks far away and is not going to 
hit you the hit them hard with a long range move.

7) Dash Buffer:  To execute a move that requires a dash without dashing hold G 
during the double pressing of the direction.
eg:  f,F+B  can be done on the spot using this method,
G(HOLD) f,F(release G)+B

Against CPU

Ivy - Ivy blade  (transforming sword and whip)
Strengths:Extrmely good at all ranges
Ivy's strength is in her ability to change her sword into a whip.  Watch out for 
her sword from the ground moves.  In general keep your guard up when she attacks 
but when she isn't hit her as hard as you can.

Mitsurgi - Katana
Strengths:Power, Juggles, unblockables
Weaknesses :
Whatever you learned to fight Mits in Soul Edge throw it out cause now he has 
all new moves.  He's slow so impact guard him remember your weapon cannot break 
in this game so defend well.

Maxi - Nanchuku
Strengths: Speed, good power, ring out juggles
Weaknesses: Long Range
Maxi is very tough, mainly because the amount of moves he can do, left side, 
right side etc. He will always beat you in speed so don't try it.  Instead use 
Kilik's range and attack him from afar. Maxi also tends to attack in a straight 
line so side-step him regularly.

Sophitia - Omega short sword and shield
Strengths :variety of combos
Weaknesses:Sometimes slow
Ok this girl is very hard to beat. Her weakness is  long recovery time.  Watch 
out for her 'stab' and her High to Low to Medium attack if you block the Low 
you're fine but if you don't the Medium will automatically juggle you, you'll 
know to block low when she crouches with her sword drawn to her side.

Voldo - Twin Katar
Strengths: Trickiness, power
Weaknesses:Doesn't use enough tricks
Voldo is weird. When he has his back towards you hit him fast, if he does do a 
move with his back turned on you block and if he is close enough throw him for 
lots of damage.

Taki - Ninjatou daggers
Strengths: Extreme speed
Weaknesses:Weak power, poor range
I you play the right way Taki is really easy to beat.  Unless you are sure of 
the move she is doing, don't try to impact guard her cause she has a lot of 
kicking moves.
Taki's strength is her speed.  (probably took steroids like in Duke nuk'em)

Astaroth - A Big Axe
Strengths: Power, long range, grabs, Nearly all moves stagger if blocked
Weaknesses: slow
This guy loves to grab you.  Keep your distance, he's slow so impact parry.  
Guerrilla warfare works well just know that you can still block when you 
retreat.  Use your quick moves to chip at his life bar.

Nightmare -  Soul Calibur
Strengths: Long range, variety of moves
Weaknesses: bit slow
This is the boss so don't underestimate him.  If he leaves himself open punish 
him.  Watch out for his different stances.

Xianghua - Chinese straight sword
Strengths: Tricky
Weaknesses:Short range compared to Kilik
I've noticed now that you must fight Xianghua at stage 6 so I think she is the 
sub boss.  Anyway  if you finish the game with her, before she fights 'Inferno' 
the 'Soul Calibur' appears and she uses it in her final battle.
Use extrme care when fighting her.  Learn her moves and chip away her life bar 
with small moves

Hwang Sung Kyung - Chinese broad sword
Hwang is a more direct 'I will kill you ' version of Xianghua less tricky more 

Still to come:

Yoshimitsu - Katana

Lizardman - almost same as Sophitita

Siefried - almost same as Nightmare

Rock:See Astaroth

Thanks to: 



ANDY (The Hack Attack) GRAY "shitcool@usa.net"

Star Amustments


Joe and Martin 

Kaman (tekken 3 freak) Lo "kamanlo@iname.com"

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