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Hwang Guide by ABarrientos

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/13/1998

Hwang FAQ v.1.0 
by: Alberto "Banes" Barrientos

I wrote this FAQ to force myself to go to the arcade atleast once a week in order to gain more 
experience and update this FAQ. I also chose Hwang as their is an overwhelming number of Maxi's, 
Kilik's, and Mitsu's, and Hwang was my character from SE.  I did not figure out any of these 
moves on my own, and I contribute all moves credit to Mr. MG's FAQ and the people that helped him
make it(mrmg@fighters.net).  I also would like to thank Jeffrey "OneShot" Wong (jeffwong@li.net)
who's FAQ mine is patterned after, but his is alot better than mine ;).  This is by no means 
finished so if you have any comments, questions, corrections, or suggestions, please mail em to 
me at banes_13@hotmail.com or contact me over ICQ at 4445770.  This is my first FAQ so please 
bear with me and my mistakes.  Please do not rip off my FAQ, you may not change or edit my faq
and claim credit for it, or make money of off it without my consent, where as I may ask for a
percentage of the profits(I still remember what happened to SurfBard).  Well enough of my
rambling and on with the strat's.

~  quickly, no delay
(x/y)  or, interchangeable and have different effects
[x_y]  or, interchangeable but have same effect
,  fraction of second delay, just press in rhythm
+  press the two buttons simultaneously
WS  while standing
RC  recovers crouching
WC  while crouching
8WR  eight way run


A, A, B - Two high slashes, followed by a turning back stab. Hits H, H, M.  An average combo to
use. Easily parried or deflected.

A~K, (B/K) - A side flip that hits mid followed by (B; a splits and sword stab that hits low/K; a
second flip that is faster than the first that hits mid).  The move is good as the flip goes over
most low hits, and some mid hits.  The B ender can RC.

db+K~A, A, (B/K) - Extended version of the above move, except at the beggining he does a turning
back slash. I prefer to do the one above as it gets to the flips faster.

df+A, A, B - A slash to the knees, then a slash to the head, and finally a downward chop to the 
head, hits L, H, M.  A good combo to throw in. I usually just use the first two hits of the combo
in poking.  When they start trying to hit me at the end of the two hits, I add on the last hit 
that knocks him down.

db+A - A moments delay, followed by a low slash while doing splits, RC. Some people like this 
move because of the time of execution, some dont. I like it because afterwards you can throw the 
guy and it will most likely get him if you did the move close enough.

B, B - Two upward slices, that hit mid. Good move to use in juggles. I only use it for juggles or
when my opponent only has a little life left.

f+B, (A/B) - A mid sword stab followed by (A; a low stab to the foot/B; another mid stab.) I like
to use this move so i can switch it up and because I feel that it has good recovery.

f, f+B, B - This move sorta resembles something that Charlotte from Samuari Showdown would do. He
stabs mid, then twirls his sword like a gun, then stabs again.  Nice move to do if u got the 

df+B - An uppercut that juggles.  Its got good range, and has some nice juggle combos that 

db+B - A verticle slash going downward while Hwang is in splits, RC.  Unlike its 
brother db+A, it does not have the delay.

b, b+B, B - He spins his sword, he turns around and spins it again Kinda a twirly combo that hits
mid trice.  I dont really see a reason to use this as you have to be kinda close, and I'd rather
use any of the A+B combos.

b, b+B, B, B - Same as above but after he turns around he does a high slash which hits high. 
I see even less reason to use this combo as the last slash hits high.

b, b+B - A quick back dash and lunge forward stab.  Hits mid, nice when your on the defense and 
you wanna trick the guy. Has good range actually.

WS+B - He extends his arm out and spins his sword around.  A pretty good move to use if you just
used a move that recovers crouching.  Good priority

WS+B~A - A fake out from the move above that ends in Hwang stabbing the guy in the foot. Kinda 
slow to be used after a move that RC, but if the guy is turtling go for it.  If the guy always
blocks the WS+B then you should use this.

f+K, K - A round kick to the head followed by the another round kick from the same foot before it
drops. The last hit can be delayed and I believe it stuns on major counter.

f, f+K, K, K - A little jump and three hit kick combo, hits M, M, H. If the first hit connects i 
believe, all hits connect.  Good move to knock the person out of the ring with.

b+K - A mix between a front kick and round kick that hits high.  This is a nice move that you can
use in juggles.  If it connects, it turns the person to his side.  Afterwards you can do any move
you want thats quick as they'll try to hit you back, but sometimes its better to go for a throw 
in case they know to parry that move.

b, b+K, K - A round kick that hits high that spins into a sweep.  This move is a nice move to 
miss with on the first hit because when they run up they get hit by the sweep.  If opponent gets 
hit by first move they get hit by second.

WS+K - It looks like a flip.  I havent really experimented much with this move, but it knocks the
guy down and is fast.

A+B - Two upward slices that hit mid and pushes the foe away, and stagger if blocked.  This is a 
good move to just throw out when your close as he cant counter it afterwards, and it also juggles
if it connects.  The last hit knocks him up high, but because of the recovery of the move, the 
best thing to do is a ground hit.  The A+B can also hit the ground and can be used after after 
the A+B that knocks him up.

f+A+B - Two sword stabs that go vertically down and can hit grounded opponents.  This is good for
okizeme or for a short juggle.

f, f+A+B - Hwang pushes his blade outward and towards the opponent by holding the hilt and the 
end of the blade.  Has nice reach, hits mid, and it knocks the opponent down. Use it if you are 
at a distance. Good move to knock the guy out of the ring with.

df+A+B - He looks like a bird when he does this.  Its hard to explain but he makes a 'V' shape
with his sword arm and his other arm. It knocks him in the air but too far to juggle, but I
always do a df+b as it hits them on the ground guaranteed. It has good range but avreage

b+A+B - One downward slash, followed by an upward slash, has little reach though.  Both hits mid
I use it if im ever in range.

WS+A+B - Hwang does a sorta dragon punch like uppercut with his sword and hits mid.  Knocks
opponent in the air.  Perhaps you can juggle after it hits on major counter. I'd rather just use 
the WS+B though as it can be changed up and doesnt leave you as open as the WS+A+B.

WC, df+B - Very nice move, use after moves that recover crouching, juggles and can be changed up.
Hits mid.

WC, df+B, B - He does a fake out similar to the WS+B, A, he looks like he's going high, but then
he stabs the guy in the foot.

d+A+K, K - Two low sweeps, good for okizeme, and juggles maybe.

df+B+K - A quick jumping uppercut.  Similar to WS+A+B but not as high of a jump.  Very quick.

d+B+K - He does a quick axe kick stomp.

db+B+K - He does a sidestep followed by a mid slash, good range and priority.  Cam be usefull
if you are at the right distance and if the person is aggressive enough.

d+K - Just a standard low kick.  Can be used in poking.

d+K, K - Its a fake out that looks like a low kick but does a mid axe kick

db+K - He turns around and does a low kick.

K~B, B - Hwang does a kick flip and then starts side stepping while holding out his spinning

B~K - The flip from above but hits twice.

A+K - A quick side flip that hits high twice, knocks the person down, if first hit connects, the
last does too.

8WR [u_d]+A - He does two spins with his sword extended slightly.

8WR [df_uf]+B - He spins around and does three vertical slashes, I use this move as a sort of
okizeme.  If one hits then all will hit, if any hit he gets knocked down.

8WR [df_uf]+A - Double over stun if he it connects on major counter, havent used this too much
so I'm not sure when to use it.

8WR [db_ub]+a - He does Mitsurugi's regular db+A, which is just a low spin followed by a sword
sweep that knocks down.

8WR f+K - He does a slide that you usually can only do while running, but now he can do it after
an eight way run, very usefull if you need just a little more damage and you'll get it from the
sweep followed by a ground hit.

Well that's all for now.

Once again thx to MR. (MG mrmg@fighters.net)and his faq, OneShot (jeffwong@li.net) and his FAQ,
all the people of the fighters.net who make it easier to get better at fighting games by putting
information bout the games on the net, Wind-X for his great page, all the good players at the
Alladin's Castle at Del Amo Mall who helped me learn my strats, and to Namco for making yet again
another great fighting game.

Please e-mail me for your questions, comments, corrections, and suggestions at
banes_13@hotmail.com or contact me over ICQ, my UIN is 4445770.  If you want a game of Soul
Caliber, I play at Aladdin's Castle, at Del Amo Mall in Torrance.

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