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Cervantes Guide by cojam12

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 09/22/1999

Cervantes Soul Calibur FAQ                                Sept. 22 1999
The_Bubbelfest v0.5                                     cojam12@aol.com 

V 0.5
First version
Lots more to come

This FAQ is copyright me 1999. Give it to whomever you want, but don't remove 
this line or charge money for it.  

Cervantes-good things- he is faster than most characters
 he has some powerful moves
                       he has some good ranged moves
                       he has 2 swords
                       he has some good juggles
                       the teleport moves are the best!

Cervantes-bad things-  he can be outdone by some speedy characters
                       he can be outdone by big characters who hit you
                          down and don't let you get up
                       his power moves are really slow
                       his speedy moves are usually weak
                       medium range, he will get beat some, but not all 
                          the time

Move list legend

f-tap forward 
b-tap back
u-tap up
d-tap down

fd-tap forward-down...you get it

X-(A)-vertical cut
Y-(B)horizontal cut
_Y_ -hold Y
xY-slide from X to Y
xX-X, then X very very Quickly after

(SC)-soul charge (ABK)
(SPC)-spirit charge (ABK,G)
(WC)-while crouching
(R)-while rising
(back)-back to opponent
(landing)-coming down from the air
(air)-in air
(opp.wc)-while opponent is crouching
(opp.air)-opponent in the air
(opp.grnd)-opponent is on the ground
(f)-in front of opponent-very close
(l)-close on opp. Left
(r)-close on opp. Right
(b)-close while behind opponent
X+Y-X and Y at the same time
X,f-X then forward immediately after
X Y- X then Y very shortly, but not necessarily immediately after
X/Y-either X or Y


(gi)-guard impact

To escape a throw- if it is A+G, push A. B+G, push B
Sidestepping- up is sidestep back, down is sidestep toward
Guard Impact, push G and toward the attack. For a low hit, push down and 
toward the attack as well as G. Timed right, you both will stagger back, but 
you should be the one to recover first. 
Parries- exactly the same, except push back and G, or down back and G
8-way run- Push up,up to get into this mode where you can run freely around 
and do different moves.
*-moves that I have had success with

Move List 

A(X) moves

Button        Name                Attack Area        Damage

X             Soul Wipe           H                  14
XX            Soul Swing          HH                 28
X,f           Crush Keel          H                  18
X,b           Merciless Wave      H                  58
X,b Y         Merciless Stab      M                  10
X,b YY        Merciless Needle    MM                 40
f+x           Gentile Wave        MM                 15
f,f+X         Lagging Wave        H                  45
df+X          Scissor Wave        MM                 20
d+X           Laser Wave          L                  15
db+X          Dread Wave          L                  40
_db_+X        Dread Wave Hold     L                  64
db+X Y        Dread Lifter        M                  35
db+_X_ Y      Dread Lifter Hold   M                  40
b+X           Bridgette Wave      M                  14
b+xX          Bridgette Slice     MH                 42* 
b,b+X         Tornado Slice       HM                 41
(r)X          Full Sail Hoist     M                  24
(r)X Y        Full Sail Anchoring MM                 45
(r)X_Y_       Full Sail High Tide MM                 54
xY            Pirate Cross        HM                 37
df+xY         Scissor Lifter      H                  22
db+xY         Dread Pressure      M                  35
db+x_Y_       Kraken Pressure     !/UB               50
X+Y           Galleon Eraser      MM                 50*
X+Y X         Eraser Wave         MML                90*
X+Y Y         Armada Eraser       MMMM               95*
f+X+Y         Wind Slash          M                  20
f+X+X Y       Gale Slash          MM                 35
df+X+Y        Slant Cross         M                  20
d+X+Y         Killer X            M                  40
db+X+Y        Eternal Curse       !/UB               80*
^A            Cancel              SP                 --
b+X+Y         Bloody Hoist        M                  22
b,b+X+Y       Cross Bone Divider  M                  60
b,b+_X_+_Y_   Cross Bone Splitter !/UB               85
ub/u+X+Y      Ice Berg Circular   M                  50
uf+X+Y        Killer X Crawler    M                  45
(wc)X+Y       Flying Dutchman     MMMMMMM            60*
(back)X+Y     Dead Pressure Aft   M                  30
X+B           Pirates Scheme      GI                 --
db+X+B/       Anchor Whirlpool    L                  30
(wc)X+B       Anchor Whirlpool    L                  30

B(Y) Moves 

Y             Blade Storm         M                  21
YY            Hail Storm          MM                 40
YYY           Wild Storm          MMM                70*
YY d+X        Bloody Storm        MML                70
YY b+Y        Storm Flare         MMM                100*
Y d           Storm Generate      M                  30
f+Y           Sail Stab           M                  20
f+_Y_         Sail Stab Hold      M                  20
f+YY          Sail Nautilus       MM                 30*
f_Y_Y         Sail Nautilus Hold  M                  30
ff+Y          Blie Lunges         M                  46
df+Y          Cannonball Lifter   M                  15
df+YY         Cannon Flare        MM                 35
d+Y           Spike Anchor        M                  30
db+Y          Slay Storm          M                  18
b+Y           Bloody Hilt         M                  15
bb+Y          Bow Breaker         M                  35
(r)Y          Devastator          M                  20
yX            Surprise Wave       H                  35
yaY           Quick Hailstorm     M                  19
yaY d+X       Quick Bloody Storm  MM                 49
yaY Y         Quick Wild Storm    ML                 20
yaY b+Y       Quick Storm Flare   MM                 79
Y+B           Pirate's Tactics    GI                 --
f+Y+B         Fang Cross          MM                 35
d+Y+B         Grand Anchoring     M                  40
d+_Y_+_B_     High Tide Anchoring M                  60
db+Y+B        Night Raid          M                  26
db+_Y_+_B_    Merciless Raid      M                  55
b+Y+B         Shadow Flare        M                  60*
^A            Shadow Flare Cancel SP                 --

K(B) Moves

B             Anchor Kick         H                  15
B f           Anchor Gusty Kick   H                  15
f+B           Anchor Knee Kick    M                  20
ff+B          Head Scratch Kick   M                  25
df+B          Anchor Middle Kick  M                  18
d+B           Anchor Bow Kick     L                  16
db+B          Ancr. Mroond. Kick  L                  19
b+BB          Anchor Spin Kick    H                  21
bb+B          Galleon Sinker      M                  32
b+BB          Anchor Steep Kick   HM                 40
(r)B          Anchor Revive Kick  M                  23
bY            Head Snap Kick      H                  50
d+bY          Anchor Bow Heel     M                  35

General strategies

My favorite thing to do with Cervantes is do one of his teleport moves, or 
his spin move to get close, then maybe even juggle, or use an X+Y combination 
move. If you do it fast enough, you can get to them, beat them around, or if 
the ring is small, juggle them out. The computer on ultra hard can't stop 
this often, and my friends cant stand up to it at all. All you have to do is 
get the timing right, and if you teleport enough, then they will probably 
loose you, and not step away, or block right. Then, they are wide open, 
unless they fall, in which case, you should get farther back, and wait for 
them to get up. You should stay out of all character's ranges most of the 
time, until you are ready to go in and beat on them. Once you teleport in, 
there's one hit, and if they don't fall down, you can juggle, or do a combo. 
If you get lucky and the teleport juggles them, then keep hitting them, and 
you might knock them over, or kill them. Another move for up close is the one 
where he jumps over them and slashes. If he goes all the way over, do a X+Y 
move, and do the dual stab to the back. 

Specific character strategies

Vs. Mitserugi
He has good speed, and power, a well rounded character. One of the tougher 
characters to face, because his range can fool you, sometimes, into thinking 
you are safe, and then the hit comes.

Vs. Ivy
Weapon-Whip/short sword thingy
Range-very far
She has one of the longest ranges in the game when she uses some of her whip 
moves. These are the ones to watch out for, if she starts one, sidestep and 
run in to hit her is one of the better strategies.

Vs. Maxi
Range-very short
His range is not good at all. When he hits you with almost any move, it will 
continue for a long while. Be very careful of his juggles. 
He is also very speedy, and stole Hworang's left stance/right stance idea.

Vs. Voldo-
Weapon-2x Katar
Ummmm. He has a lot of weird and tricky moves. Begin to beat him down early, 
and hope he doesn't get up long enough to trick you and kill you. Against a 
good human opponent, he can be one of the toughest characters to beat, 
because of his seeming random nature. 

Weapon-Short sword, shield
She blocks a lot, and who wouldn't with a shield. Her only real weakness is 
her speed, or lack thereof. Use this to your advantage any way you can.

Vs. Taki
Range-very short
VERY VERY fast! Try to stay away, and take her out from afar. Juggles work 
quite well. 

Vs. Astaroth
Weapon-huge Axe
Range-Far-very far
He is so slow, you should have no problem getting to him and hitting him. 
Watch out for his moves, though. If they connect, you will likely hit the 
floor and notice half of your life bar gone.

Vs. Nightmare
Weapon-Soul Edge
Range-far-very far
He is slow, but not as slow as Astaroth. His moves are a little less 
punishing. Stay out of his range as much as possible. He is one of the 
cheapest characters, so if you get hit to the floor, don't expect to get up 
against a skilled opponent.

Vs. Xianghua
Weapon-Chinese sword
She is really fast, so be careful. Again, hit her from afar, and move back, 
or juggle

Vs. Hwang
Weapon- Broad sword
Like Xianghua, but a tiny bit slower, and with more powerful moves. One of 
the best all around characters in the game. One of my favorites, along with 
Nightmare and Cervantes.

Vs. Yoshimitsu
Forget Yoshi form Tekken. He is nowhere as cheap or powerful. He is, however, 
somewhat fase, but his b=moves are lacking in power. Not hard to beat, as 
long as he doesn't get you pinned down. 

Vs. Lizardman
Weapon-Short sword and shield
A lot like Sophitia, except he is slower, and, thus, not as good. He is, 
however, more powerful.

Vs. Siegfried
Weapon-HUGE sword
Remember Siegfried form Soul Blade/Edge? You know, the really cheap one? 
Well, here he is, in all his cheapness. Stay away. Stay very far away, and 
rush in/spiral in only. Don't go slow. His only weakness is slow speed.

Vs. Rock
He is almost exactly like Asatroth in all ways. Exactly.

Vs. Kilik
He is quick, and punishing. Stay on your feet at all times. He is one of he 
harder ones to beat. He also likes to block.

Vs. Seung-Mina
Weapon-Bladed Staff
She is faster than Kilik, and is somewhat haredr. Use the same basic 

Vs. Edge Master/Inferno
Use the correct strategy depending on what weapon they are using.

Vs. Cervantes
Weapon-Long sword, shorter sword/Soul edge
Use these strategies against him. He can be very hard, as your own strategy 
is one of the hardest to defend against.

Namco- cool game and built in move list, without which I would have no clue 
about the moves for Cervantes
Sega- I love my DC

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