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Cervantes Guide by STam

Version: 1.9 | Updated: 12/02/1999

                               Soul Calibur
                            Cervantes Move List
                               version 1.9
                 written by Sherwin Tam (sct8@cornell.edu)

Version Changes
Move List
  A Moves
  B Moves
  K Moves
  A+B Moves
  A+K Moves
  B+K Moves
  8-Way Run Moves
  Dread Charge Moves

Here's a move list for everyone's favorite cheezball pirate in Soul
Calibur for the Dreamcast, Cervantes.  Read about his new moves and quake
in your boots in fear...

1.9 (12/2/99): Minor change in the B<B Storm attacks.  Also some new info
on his Storm Generate linked throw that makes it even more evil that the
supreme evil it already is.

1.8 (11/10/99): Minor change of move properties to distinguish a Spinning
Stun from normal turns.  Added more special properties I missed the first
time and information about guaranteed hits.  Cervantes truly has a
sickening number of special effects to go with his attacks...

1.71 (11/6/99): Formatting.  I swear I'm going to learn this editor...

1.7 (11/5/99): Added new input for Dread Charge.

1.61 (10/31/99): And a few more typos.  Not worth a whole version anymore.

1.6 (10/23/99): Smashed a few more bugs in my code.  Wait, wrong subject.
They call them typos here.  I need to get away from the computer...

1.5 (10/22/99): I decided to save some space by making the move list more
concise.  Yes, that's right, the move list is shorter, although it
contains the same amount of information.  To counteract this strange
shrinking occurrence, the convention section has gotten larger.  Also
added some neat observations about Cervantes carrying firepower, courtesy
of DeathCom5.  Lastly, I added stats for the undocumented jumping attacks,
with plausible names.

1.0 (10/9/99): First version.

--Movement Conventions--
f    tap forward                 [f]    hold forward
b    tap back                    [b]    hold back
d    tap down                    [d]    hold down
u    tap up                      [u]    hold up
d/f  tap down + forward          [d/f]  hold down + forward
d/b  tap down + back             [d/b]  hold down + back
u/f  tap up + forward            [u/f]  hold up + forward
u/b  tap up + back               [u/b]  hold up + back
N    "neutral"; (no direction pressed on joystick)
QCF  "quarter circle forward" (d,d/f,f)
QCB  "quarter circle back" (d,d/b,b)
8WR  during 8-Way Run

--Position Conventions--
WS  while rising from a crouch   FU  while lying down, facing up
FC  while fully crouching        FD  while lying down, facing down
BK  while facing backward        DN  while lying down

Some positions can be combined.  For instance, FC/BK means "fully crouched
while facing backward."

--Button Conventions--
G  tap guard button              [G]  hold guard button
A  tap A slash button            [A]  hold A slash button
B  tap B slash button            [B]  hold B slash button
K  tap kick button               [K]  hold kick button

Note that these are the arcade button conventions.  The Dreamcast
equivalents for the default settings are:
G->A   B->Y   A->X   K->B
I happen to be more comfortable with the arcade settings, so those are the
button notations I will use.

--Command Notation--
,     "then"; input the first command, then the second
+     "and"; input the first and second commands at the same time
~     quickly input the second command immediately following the first
{ _ } "or"; for example, {f_b} means tap forward or back on the joystick
<     the second input can be delayed slightly after the first
=     the next command in a sequence; the previous part of the sequence is
        the first preceding command with one less level of indentation

--Range Conventions--
H         high attack (can be guarded while standing or crouched under)
M         mid-level attack (can be guarded while standing; cannot be
            guarded while crouching)
L         low attack (can be guarded while crouching; cannot be guarded
            while standing)
SM        special mid-level (can be guarded while either standing or
Special   this command is a special movement and not an attack
Stance    this command is a stance change and not an attack
Cancel    this command cancels the previous attack (previous attack does
            not finish execution)
Throw     standard throw (performed on a standing opponent)
LS Throw  left side throw (performed from a standing opponent's left side)
RS Throw  right side throw (performed from a standing opponent's right
BK Throw  back throw (performed from behind a standing opponent)
LK Throw  linked throw (performed after the previous move in sequence)

--Range Modifiers--
U     the indicated attack cannot be guarded, repelled, or parried
( )   indicates a modified range for a delayed/charged attack
( *)  indicates a modified range as a result of maximum delay/charge

--Special Property Conventions--
GS       move briefly stuns opponent when guarded (hit)
PDS      Pin Down Stagger leaves opponent in a crouch (hit)
LS       Lift Stagger lifts your opponent your opponent slightly (hit)
FAS      Forced Axis Stagger turns the opponent (hit)

ST       move briefly stuns opponent in some fashion (hit)
T        move turns opponent; also covers spins (hit) [# degrees]

KD       move knocks opponent down (hit)
FL       move floats opponent (hit)
RO       move can ring out opponent (throws only)
DOS      Double Over Stun causes opponent to double-over and fall (hit)
CS       Crumple Stun causes opponent to crumple to the ground (hit)
LCS      Lift Crumple Stun lifts your opponent your opponent slightly and
           they slump to the ground (hit)
BS       Bound Stun bounces opponent off the ground, into the air (hit)
FBS      Fall Back Stun causes opponent to stagger and fall back (hit)
SS       Spin Stun causes opponent to quickly spin in place (hit)
SSS      Super Spin Stun (sorry, couldn't think of a better name) causes
           opponent to spin multiple times in place (hit)

GI       move can Guard Impact attacks (hit, repel/parry/counter,
           H/M/L horz/vert)

{A}      throw can be escaped by hitting A.  X indicates the escape
           depends on the throw input being used.

Note that all staggers inherently imply a guard stun, while moves that
float or do a special stun also imply a knock down.

GC       move can be canceled by hitting G during the attack motion (hit)
SCU      move becomes unblockable during a spirit charge (A+B+K,G)
RC       move recovers crouching
c        effect only works on counterhit
nc       effect only works with no counterhit
1->5     given that hit #1 connects, hits up to #5 of the move are

--Move List--
Format is as follows:
Move Name (Input) / (Other Input) / ...
Hit Level / Damage / Special Properties

--A Moves---
Soul Swing (A,A)
H,H / 14,15 / 1->2

Crush Keel (A~f)
H / 18 / GS, Tnc[180], CSc

Merciless Wave (A~b or A~G~A)
H / 58 / KD, SCU

Merciless Needle (A~b,B<B or A~G~A,B<B)
M,M / 10,30 / 1->2

Pirate's Cross (A~B)
H,M / 14,21 / ST(2)

Gentle Wave (f+A)
H / 15 / Tc[120]

Lagging Wave (f,f+A)
H / 45 / GS, KD

Scissor Wave (d/f+A)
M,M / 10,10 / GS(2), STnc(2), CSc(2), 1->2

Scissor Lifter (d/f+A~B)
L,SM / 15,20 / GS(2), FL(2), SCU(2), 1->2
Comments: Tosses enemy behind back if it connects.

Laser Wave (d+A)
L / 15 / RC

Dread Wave (d/b+A) / (d/b+[A])
L / 40(60*) / MD, GS, KD, RC

Dread/Kraken Pressure (d/b+A~B) / (d/b+A~[B])
M(UM) / 35(50*) / MD, GS, CS
Comments: I've found that rolling the A~B usually produces d/b+A+B, so
  there is actually a tiny pause between the two button presses.

Dread Lifter (d/b+A,B) / (d/b+[A],B)
M / 40 / MD, FL

Bridgette Wave (b+A)
M / 14 / GS, DOSc

Bridgette Slice (b+A~A)
M,H / 16,25 / GS(1), SSnc(1), KDnc(2), DOSc(2), Tc(2)[90]
Comments: This move is somewhat strange in that the second hit requires
  the first to hit for any of its special properties.  Also, the two
  listings for effects on counterhit work as follows: normally the first
  hit will start turning the opponent and the second will stun, leaving
  the opponent in DOS while turned 90 degrees counterclockwise.  However,
  if you do this move on the opponent's right side, the turn from the
  first hit results in the second hit instead turning the opponent so that
  their back faces you (thus another 90 degrees).

Tornado Slice (b,b+A)
H,M / 16,24 /  GS(2), KD(2) 1->2

Diving Wave (WL,A)
L / 30 / GS, KD

Flying Wave ({u/b_u_u/f+A} or Hold [G],{u/b_u_u/f+A})
H / 24

Full Sail Anchoring/Tide (WS,A,B) / (WS,A,[B])
M,M / 35,40(60*) / GS(1,2), KD(2,MD only), DOSc(1), SCU(2,MD only)
Comments: MD second hit shakes ground.

--B Moves--
Wild Storm (B<B,B)
M,M,M / 21,19,30 / GS, KD(3), 1->2, 1c->3

Bloody Storm (B<B,d+A)
M,M,L / 21,19,30 / GS, KD(3), 1->2

Storm Flare (B<B,b+B)
M,M,M / 21,19,60 / KD(3), 1->2

Storm Generate (B~d)
M,LK Throw / 15,35 / FBSnc(front), CSnc(side), KD(back), ROc(front,side)
Comments: Throw only comes out if first hit connects on counterhit or in
  the air.  Also, the effect of the first hit depends on the position of
  the opponent; it will stun in various ways or throw on counterhit if it
  connects on the front or to either side of the opponent, but it will only
  knock down if it's done on the back of the opponent.  Apparently there's
  a small gun attached to Cervantes's right sword, so the strange movement
  he's doing when he does the linked throw is actually him shooting his
  opponent twice in the gut.  Ouch!

Quick Wild Storm (B~G~B,B)
M,M / 19,30 / GS, KD(2), 1c->2

Quick Bloody Storm (B~G~B,d+A)
M,L / 19,30 / GS, KD(2)

Quick Storm Flare (B~G~B,b+B)
M,M / 19,60 / KD(2)

Surprise Wave (B~A)
H / 18 / SSnc, SSSc

Sail Nautilus (f+B,B) / (f+[B],B)
M,M / 20(24),26 / MD(1), GS(2), KD(2)

Bile Lunges (f,f+B)
M,LK Throw / close:0,30, far:40 / close:GS, RO, far:KD
Comments: Will automatically throw if it connects at close range.

Cannon Flare (d/f+B,B)
M,M / close:35,60, far:20 / close:FL(1), KD(2), 1->2, far:FBSc
Comments: Second hit only comes out if uppercut connects on counterhit at
  close range.

Spike Anchor (d+B)
M / 30 / RC

Slay Storm (d/b+B)
M / 18 / RC

Bloody Hilt (b+B)
M / 15 / STc

Bow Breaker (b,b+B)
M / 35 / close:KD

Annihilator (WL,B)
M / 35 / FL

Spike Anchor ({u/b_u_u/f+B} or Hold [G],{u/b_u_u/f+B})
M / 30 / RC

Devastator (WS,B)
M / 28 / GS, FL

--K Moves--
Anchor Kick (K)
H / 15

Anchor Gusty Kick (K~f)
H / 20 / GS, KD

Head Snap Kick (K~B or f+K~B or f,f+K~B)
H / 50 / GS, KD

Anchor Knee Kick (f+K)
M / 15 / ST

Head Scratch Kick (f,f+K)
M / 28 / STnc, KDc

Anchor Middle Kick (d/f+K)
M / 18

Anchor Bow Kick (d+K)
L / 16 / RC

Anchor Bow Heel (d+K~B)
M / 35 / PDS, KDnc, BSc

Anchor Marooned Kick (d/b+K)
L / 18 / ST, RC

Anchor Steep Kick (b+K,K)
H,M / 20,18 / KD(2), 1c->2

Galleon Sinker (b,b+K)
M / 44 / GS, KD, RC

Head Scrape Kick (WL,K)
M / 24 / ST

Head Graze Kick ({u/b_u_u/f+K} or Hold [G],{u/b_u_u/f+K})
M / 24

Anchor Revive Kick (WS,K)
M / 25 / STnc, STc
Comments: Stun is a larger, lifting stun if move connects on counterhit.

--A+B Moves--
Galleon Eraser (A+B)
M,M / 20,30 / 1->2

  = Eraser Wave (A)
    L / 40 / GS, KD

  = Armada Eraser (B)
    M,M / 15,30 / GS(2), KD(2), 1->2

Gale Slash (f+A+B,B)
M,M / 20,35 / GS(2), KD(2), 1->2

Slant Cross (d/f+A+B)
M / 20 / STnc, SSSc

Killer X (d+A+B)
M / 40 / PDS, KDnc, BSc, RC

Eternal Curse (d/b+A+B)
UM / 80 / GC, KD

Bloody Hoist (b+A+B)
M / 21 / ST
Comments: Sidesteps to right.

Cross Bone Divider/Splitter (b,b+A+B) / (b,b+[A]+[B])
M(UM) / 60(85*) / MD, LS, FL

Iceburg Circular ({u/b_u}+A+B)
M / 50 / GS, FL, SCU

Killer X Crawler (u/f+A+B)
M / 45 / GS, KD, SCU

Flying Dutchman (FC,A+B)
M,M,M,M,M,M,M / 6,6,6,6,6,6,24 / CS(7), any->7
Comments: The seventh hit is guaranteed from any of the previous hits only
  if the opponent is still in range.

Dread Pressure Aft (BK,A+B)
M / 30 / GS, CS

--A+K Moves--
Pirate's Scheme (A+K)
Special / close:40 / close:GI(counter horz), RO, far:GI(repel horz)

Anchor Whirlpool (d/b+A+K or FC,A+K)
L / 30 / GS, KD

--B+K Moves--
Pirate's Tactics (B+K)
Special / close:40 / close:GI(counter vert), RO, far:GI(repel vert)
Comments: Cervantes retaliates by _shooting_ his opponent with the gun
  hidden in his right sword.

Fang Cross (f+B+K)
M,M / 15,20 / PDS(2), ST(2), 1->2

Grand/High Tide Anchoring (d+B+K) / (d+[B]+[K])
M / 40(60*) / GS, KD(MD only), SCU(MD only)
Comments: MD shakes ground.

Night/Merciless Raid (d/b+B+K) / (d/b+[B]+[K])
M / close:26(55), far:20(40) / GS, close:KD, far:KD(MD only)

Shadow Flare (b+B+K)
M / 60 / GC, KD
Comments: Has limited homing ability (up to about half the ring).

--8-Way Run Moves--
Lagging Wave (8WR,f+A)
H / 45 / GS, KD

Dishonest Wave (8WR,{d/f_u/f}+A)
H / 38 / GS, KD, GI(repel H/M)
Comments: Can Guard Impact any high or medium attack as Cervantes raises
  his first sword.

Gibbering Wave (8WR,{d_u}+A)
L / 15 / ST

  = Gibbering Torpedo (A)
    L / 30 / GS, KD

  = Gibbering Pressure (B)
    M / 20 / CS

Tornado Slice (8WR,{d/b_b_u/b}+A)
H,M / 16,24 / GS(2), KD(2), SCU(d/b and u/b only), 1->2

Bile Lunges (8WR,f+B)
M,LK Throw / close:0,30, far:40 / close:GS, RO, far:KD
Comments: Will automatically throw if it connects at close range.

Cannonball Flare (8WR,{d/f_u/f}+B,B)
M,M / close:35,60, far:20 / close:FL(1), KD(2), 1->2, far:FBSc
Comments: Second hit only comes out if uppercut connects on counterhit at
  close range.

Port Side Needle (8WR,u+B)
M,M,M / 10,10,10 / GS(3), 1->3

Starboard Side Needle (8WR,d+B)
M,M,M / 10,10,10 / GS(3), 1->3

Riot Storm (8WR,{d/b_u/b}+B)
M / 60 / PDS, KDnc, BSc

Bow Breaker (8WR,b+B)
M / 35 / close:KD

Sliding (8WR,f+K)
L / 30 / KD

Head Scratch Kick (8WR,{d/f_u/f}+K)
M / 28 / STnc, KDc

Anchor Starboard Kick (8WR,d+K)
M / 18 / GI(repel horz)

Anchor Port Side Kick (8WR,u+K)
M / 18 / GI(repel horz)

Anchor Swirl Kick (8WR,{d/b_u/b}+K)
L / 32 / ST, RC

Galleon Sinker (8WR,b+K)
M / 44 / GS, KD, RC

Windmill (8WR,{d_f_u}+A+B)
M,M / close:20,30, far:20 / GS(2), KD(1), FL(2)
Comments: second hit will only connect at close range and at certain

Killer X Crawler (8WR,{d/f_u/f}+A+B)
M / 45 / GS, KD, SCU

Dread Charge (8WR,{d/b_u/b}+A+B)
Stance / (none) / GC

Cross Bone Divider/Spitter (8WR,b+A+B) / (8WR,b+[A]+[B])
M(UM) / 60(85*) / MD, GS, FL

Pirate's Scheme (8WR,{Any Direction}+A+K)
Special / close:40 / close:GI(counter horz), RO, far:GI(repel horz)

Pirate's Tactics (8WR,{Any Direction}+B+K)
Special / close:40 / close:GI(counter vert), far:GI(repel vert)

Sadistic Cross (G+A)
Throw / 60 / {A}, RO

Cannonball Split (G+B)
Throw / 50 / {B}

Figurehead Break (Any Throw)
LS Throw / 50 / {X}

Jolly Roger Hoist (Any Throw)
RS Throw / 40 / {X}

Flash Flood (Any Throw)
BK Throw / 55 / {X}

--Moves from Dread Charge Stance--
Dread Charge (QCB) / (FC,d/b,b) / (8WR,{d/b_u/b}+A+B)
Stance / (none) / GC

Dread Dash (While in Dread Charge,f)
Special / (none)

Dread Slash (While in Dread Charge,A)
UM / 70 / GC, KD

Sadistic Archmage (While in Dread Charge,d+A,A)
L,L / 12,15 / RC, 1->2

Geo Da Ray (While in Dread Charge,B)
M / 52 / GS, FL
Comments: Will float behind back if it connects.

Sadistic Sweep (While in Dread Charge,K)
L / 18 / RC

(c)1999 Sherwin Tam
This is my personal handiwork, and I took a lot of effort to write it.
Please do not use this commercially or alter it in any way.  Also, please
ask me if you plan to feature it on a web site or something of that nature,
as I'd rather not come across it one day and go, "Hey, how did that get

Namco, for making the best fighting game of them all.

The people at the official Soul Calibur web site (www.soulcalibur.com) for
  making a great site to support the best fighting game.

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) for being a repository for a huge amount of
  gaming information.

Justin Pierce aka Wind-X, a great fighting game aficionado and webmaster
  of the excellent Soul Calibur Network at www.luminpro.com/soulcalibur.  I
  got most of my notation conventions from his highly informative move

DeathCom5 for some comments regarding Cervantes he made on the Soul
  Calibur forum.

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