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Move List and Guide by LDSmith

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/07/1998

            ###########     ########     ##      ##   ##
          #############    ##########    ##      ##   ##
         #######           ##      ##    ##      ##   ##
          ###########     ##        ##   ##      ##   ##
              #########   ##        ##   ##      ##   ##
                   ####    ##      ##    ###    ###   ##
         ##############    ##########     ########    ############
         #############      ########       ######     ############

    ########     ###    ##      ######  ######      ##      ##  ######
   ##########   #####   ##      ######  ########    ##      ##  #######
  ###      ##   ## ##   ##        ##    ##    ####  ##      ##  ##    ##
  ##           ##   ##  ##        ##    ########    ##      ##  ##    ##
  ##           ##   ##  ##        ##    ########    ##      ##  #######
  ###      ##  #######  ##        ##    ##    ####  ###    ###  ######
   ##########  ##   ##  ####### ######  ########     ########   ##  ###
    ########   ##   ##  ####### ######  ######        ######    ##   ###

                     -- Soul Calibur Moveslist FAQ v1.0 --

                              by Levi D. Smith
                           Updated - Sept 7, 1998

NOTE:  This FAQ should be viewed with a monospaced font (such as Courier
       or Terminal).  If your setup is correct, then you should have read
       SOUL CALIBUR made of #'s at the top of this document.


   I. Button Sequence Legend              XI. Voldo
  II. Astaroth                           XII. Xianghua
 III. Hwang                                X. Yoshimitsu
  IV. Isabella                            XI. Credits/Legal
   V. Kilik
  VI. Maxi
 VII. Mitsurugi
VIII. Nightmare
  IX. Sophitia
   X. Taki

   Button Sequence Legend

Joystick Positions:
ur = Tap Up in                 u = Tap Up           uf = Tap Up in
       Reverse Direction                                   Forward Direction
r  = Tap in Reverse            n = Neutral          f  = Tap in
      Direction                      Position              Forward Direction
dr = Tap Down in               d = Tap Down         df = Tap Down in
       Reverse Direction                                   Forward Direction

UR = Hold Up in                U = Hold Up          UF = Hold Up in
       Reverse Direction                                   Forward Direction
R  = Hold in Reverse                                F  = Hold in
      Direction                                            Forward Direction
DR = Hold Down in              D = Hold Down        DF = Hold Down in
       Reverse Direction                                   Forward Direction

Button Conventions:
a  = Tap 'A' Button            A = Hold 'A' Button
b  = Tap 'B' Button            B = Hold 'B' Button
k  = Tap 'Kick' Button         K = Hold 'Kick' Button
g  = Tap 'Guard' Button        G = Hold 'Guard' Button

Attack Positions:
(FC) = Full Crouch
(WR) = While Rising
(land) = Descending from Air
(turn) = Turned With Back Facing Opponent
(down) = While You are Laying Down
(near) = Close Range in Front of Opponent
(left) = Close Range on Left Side of Opponent
(rght) = Close Range on Right Side of Opponent
(back) = Close Range Behind Opponent
(air) = While You are in the Air
(oFC) = While Opponent is in Full Crouch
(oair) = While Opponent is in the Air
(odwn) = While Opponent is Down

Hit Range:
H = Attack Hits High
M = Attack Hits Mid
L = Attack Hits Low
T = Throwing Attack
GI = Guard Impact
*M = Special Mid
UM =

Other Info:
X:Y = Input X or Y
X~Y = X immediately followed by Y
X+Y = Press X and Y at the same time
(Where X and Y are any two different buttons)

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Maelstrom Drive                 (near) g+a        T          60
Colossus                        (near) g+b        T          55
Titan Bomb                      (near) g+b,f      T          68
Flight of the Wicked            (near) g+b,r      T          44
Wrath of the Damned             (oair) g+b        T          45
Drop of Lava                    (oFC) df+g+a      T          70
Burial                          (odwn) d+a+b      T          17:30
Burial                          (odwn) d+b+k      T          17:30
Beat Down                       (left) g+a:g+b    T          75
ON Silent Wings                 (rght) g+a:g+b    T          75
The Rack                        (back) g+a:g+b    T          70

Annihilation                    a,a               H,H        17,24
Destruction                     a,b               H,M        17,20
Grip Shot                       f+a               H          14
Grip Shot to Axe Volcano        f+a,b             H,M        14,35:14,31
Tornado Spike Feint             f,F+a             M          31
Tornado Spike                   f,F+A,b           M,M        34,79
Vicious Circle                  df+a              H          35:42
Hades Break                     d+a               L          22
Discus                          dr+a              L          41
Hades Control                   r+a               H          25
Hades Divide                    r,R+a             M          28
Poseidon tide                   d,dr,r+a,a,a,a,a  M,M,M,M,M  17,17,17,17,17
Jumping Hades Break             G+u (land) a      L          26
Decapitator                     u+a               H          35
Reverse Spiral Axe              (WR) a            H          43:54
Bear Tamer                      b,a               M,H        22,26
Bear Tamer Alternate            b,r+a             M,H        22,26
Great Divide                    b,b               M,M        22,31:22,35
Axe Side Divide                 b,b~f             M,M        22,26
Axe Butt                        b~f               M          17
Axe Side Cannon                 f~b               M          30:32
Axe Crash                       f,F+b             H          60:44
Axe Volcano                     df+b              M          35:34
Hades                           d+b               M          31
Axe Grave                       dr+b              L          31
Bear Fang                       r+b               M          26
Canyon Creation                 r,R+b             M          40:42
Falling Divide                  G+u (land) b      M          39
Jumping Divide                  u+b               M          37
Hades Rising                    (WR) b            M          25
Bull Kick                       k                 M          20
Hades Knee                      f+k               H          25
Bull rush                       f,F+k:(FC) df+k   M          31
Dark Tamer                      dr+k,a            M          17,40
Bull Low Kick                   d+k               M,H        14
Hades Sweep                     dr+k              L          26
Command Kick                    r+k               L          36
Lower Command Kick              r,R+k             M          30
Base Command Kick               G+u (land) k      M          21
Dive Kick                       u+k               L          25
Rising Cyclone                  (WR) k,a          M,L        21,41
Titan Axe                       a+b               M          32:59
Titan Swing Right               df+a+b            H          35:50
Tidal Wave                      r+a+b             M          21
Guard Crusher                   b+k               H          23
Body Splash                     f+b+k             H          33
Axe Lower Cannon                df+b+k            L          49:44
Demented Moon                   d,df,f+b+k        UM         107
Side Divide                     (turn) b+k        M          31

8 Way Run
   Tornado Spike Feint          [f:df:uf]+a       M          31
   Tornado Spike                [f:df:uf]+A,b     M,M        34,79
   Poseidon Crest               [u:d]+a,a         M,M        25,25
   Discus                       [dr:ur]+a         L          41
   Hades Divide                 r+a               M          28
   Axe Crash                    f+a               H          60:44
   Axe Volcano                  [df:uf]+b         M          35:34
   Hades Cannon                 [u:d]+b           M          53
   Canyon Creation              [r:dr:ur]+b       M          40:42
   Sliding                      f+k               L          37
   Bull rush                    [df:uf]+k         M          31
   Stamp of Hades               [u:d]+k           M          37
   Lower Command Kick           [r:dr:ur]+k       M          30
   Titan Swing Right            [ur:u:uf]+a+b     H          35:50
   Titan Swing Left             [dr:d:df]+a+b     H          35:50

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Falcon Dive Kick                (near) g+a        T          55
Machine Gun Kick                (near) g+b        T          55
Blue Thunder's Punishment       (left) g+a:g+b    T          65
Fierce Flame Divide             (rght) g+a:g+b    T          60
Life Extinguish                 (back) g+a:g+b    T          80

Heavy Claw Flames               a,a,b             H,H,M      13,17,18
Base Return Blade               a~b               M          32
Sunset Dance Thrust             a~k,b             M,M,L      17,18,28
Rapid Sunset Dance              a~k,k             M,M,M      17,18,27
Burning Slash                   f+a               H          21
Void Shatter Slash              f,F+a             H          30
Parting The Storm               dr+a,a,b          L,H,M      20,14,43
Leg Cutting Strike              d+a               M*         12
Dimension Shatter Slash         dr+a              L          40
Pulling Innter Strike           r+a               M          35
Jolting Inner Strike            r,R+a             M          41
Diving Sweep Slash              G+u (land) a      L          23
Diving Wind Divide              u+a               H          38
Falling Raven Bite              (WR) a            M          28
Parting Flames                  b,b               M,M        15,19
Hail Storm                      b~a               M          37
Forced Flames                   b~k               M,M        23,34
Thrusting Slash                 f+b,a             H,M        27,18
Thrusting Slash Feint           f+b,b             H,L        27,25
Splitting Red Sky               f,F+b,b           M,M        34,33
Forced Flame Divide             df+b              M          39
Broken Divide                   d+b               M          17
Opening Void Slash              dr+b              M          40
Inner Shatter Split             r+b,b             M,M,M      15,15,23
Inner Shatter Slash             r+b,b,b           M,M,H      15,15,35
Piercing Heavens                r,R+b             M          40
Cloud void                      G+u (land) b      M,M        26,17
Striking Void                   u+b               M          28
Cloud void                      (WR) b            M,M        26,17
False Diving Thrust             (WR) b~a          L          26
Radiant Cross                   (FC) df+b         M          37
Fale Radiant Cross              (FC) df+b,b       L          40
Bullet Kick                     k                 H          11
Falling Willow                  k~b,b             M,M        23,28
Falmingo Bite                   f+k,k             H,M        14,25
Circular Heaven Kicks           f,F+k,k,k         M,M,H      21,18,46
Falcon Bite                     df+k              M          16
Mountain Shatter Kick           d+k               L          23
Falling Mountain Kick           d+k,k             M          33
Inner Water Kick                dr+k              L          29
Sunset Dance Circle             dr+k~a,a,b        M,M,M,L    32,17,18,28
Rapid Sunset Circle             dr+k~a,a,k        M,M,M,M    32,17,18,27
Temple Kick                     r+k               H          25
Liquid Kick                     r,R+k,k           H,L        40,21
Hidding Leg Sweep               G+u (land) k      L          22
Shatter Star Kick               u+k               M          22
handstand Kick                  (WR) k            M          22
Twin Heavens                    a+b               M,M        33,42
Twin Illusion Strike            f+a+b             M,M        18,18
Hill  Shatter Thrust            f,F+a+b           M          45
Ultimate Void Divide            df+a+b            M          37
Twin Void Part                  r+a+b             M,M        27,35
Flying void                     (WR) a+b          M          37
Dancing Leaf Kick               a+k               H,H        22,22
Twin Crushing Kick              d+a+k,k           L,L        40,28
Snow Storm                      f+b+k             GI
Forced Divide                   df+b+k            M          53
Crushing Heel                   d+b+k             M          32
Willow Slice                    dr+b+k            M          33
Hwang's Blazing Thrust          r+b+k             UM         74
Fog Storm                       r,R+b+k           GI

8 Way Run
   Void Shatter Slash           f+a               H          30
   Willow's Inner               [df:uf] a         M          33
   Willow Blade                 [u:d] a           M,M        18,18
   Burial Slie                  [dr:ur] a         L          37
   Jolting Inner Strike         r+a               M          41
   Spliting Red Sky             f+b,b             M,M        34,33
   Thunder Dance blade          [df:uf] b         M,M,M      24,18,18
   Willow Spin                  [d:u] b           M          28
   Piercing Heavens             [r:dr:ur] b       M          40
   Sliding                      f+k               L          26
   Inner Water Kick             [df:uf] k         L          29
   Sunset Dance Circle          [df:uf] k~a,a,b   M,M,M,L    32,17,18,28
   Rapid Sunset Circle          [df:uf] k~a,a,k   M,M,M,M    32,17,18,27
   Roundhouse Kick              [u:d] k           H          33
   Hook Claw Kick               [dr:ur] k         M          30
   Liquid Kick                  r+k,k             H,L        40,21
   Hill Shatter Thrust          f+a+b             M          45
   Snow Storm                   f+b+k             GI
   Wind Storm                   [df:uf:u:         GI
                                   d:dr:ur] b+k
   Fog Storm                    r+b+k             GI

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Primal Dominace                 (near) g+a        T          55
Dominion Thrown                 (near) g+b        T          55
Summon Suffering                (near) df,ur,f,d, T          90
Guiding Huntress                (left) g+a:g+b    T          65
Sunset Cradle                   (rght) g+a:g+b    T          60
Sweet Dominance                 (back) g+a:g+b    T          70

Biting Raven                    A                 H,H        11,19
Raven's Beak                    a,a               H,H        11,18
Raven Butt                      f+a               M          22
Raven's Egg                     f,F+a             H          46
Cross Madness                   df+a              M          24
Cursed Mark                     d+a               *M         16
Menace Slice                    r+a               H          33
Singing Sparrow                 G+u (land) a      L          24
Wing Blade                      u+a               M          33
Menace                          (WR) a            M          21
Immortal Gale                   B                 M,M        17,23
Immortal Wind                   b,b               M,M        17,19
Squire's Bow                    b,f+b             M,H        17,18
Ivy Thrust                      f+b               M          28
Ivy Lash                        f+B               M          36:26
Ivy  Lick                       f+B,u+k           H,L        33,20
Biting Ivy                      f+B,n,[D:U]       M,M        33,30:26,25
Serpent's Breath                f,F+b             M          28
Cursed Heavens                  df+b              M          19
Curse Brand                     d+b               M          19
Poison Ivy                      dr+b              L:*M       23
Ivy Bite                        r+b               H          14
Spiral Punishment               r+b~a,b           M,M,M,M    13,13,13,35,17
Darkside                        r,R+b             M          36,33
Venom Lash                      d,dr,r+b          M,M        17,18
Fear's Lash                     G+u,b             *m         18
Falling Sparrow                 G+u (land) b      M          28
Fear's Flame                    u+b               M          37
Shameless                       (WR) b            M          24
Ivy Masquerade                  (FC) df+b         L          23
Pride                           (FC) dr+b         M          37
Raven Knee                      f+k               M          21
Mind Shatter                    f,F+k             H          33
Foul Kick                       df+k              M          17
Charmer Silhouette              d+k               L          10
Evil Sparrow                    dr+k              M          25
Raven Catcher                   r+k               M          20
Diving Raven                    r,R+k             M          41
Night Sparrow                   G+u (land) k      H          21
Rambler Sobat                   u+k               M          26
Rising Cross                    (WR) k            M          17
Nail Cross                      (FC) df+k         M          18
Freeze Gale                     f+a+b             M,M        16,16
Insanity Light                  f,F+a+b           M          22
Eye of Madness                  df+a+b            *M         31
Dominace                        d+a+b             M          30
Razor's Bite                    dr+a+b            L          40
Crucifxion                      r+R+a+b           M          56
god Whisper                     uf+a+b,a          M,L,*M     17,17,17
Demented Loop                   (WR) a+b,a        M,M,H      26,17,17
Masquerade of Madness           (FC) df+a+b       L          29:26
Ancient Wheel                   df+a+k            L          30:24
Royal Huntress                  d+a+k             L          20
Serpent's venom                 f,d,df+a+k        UH         94
Embrae of Lust                  f+b+k             M          28
Fear's Void Far                 df+b+k            *M         45
Fear's Void                     d+b+k             *M         45
Fear's Void Close               dr+b+k            *M         45
Heel Explosion                  r+b+k             UM         66
Exile                           r,R+b+k           M          27
Asylum                          (WS) b+k          M,M        20,20
Punishment Change               [d,dr,r]:[d,df,f]

8 Way Run
   Raven's Egg                  f+a               H          46
   Wolf Lash                    [df:uf]+a         H          28
   Insanity Light               [u:d]+a           M          22
   Ancient Wheel                [dr:ur]+a         L          30:24
   Raven Claw                   r+a               H          8
   Serpent's Breath             f+b               L:*M       28
   Poison Ivy                   [df:uf]+b         M          23
   Drowing Madness              [u:d]+b           M          37
   Darkside                     [r,dr,ur]+b       L          36:33
   Sliding                      f+k               M          26
   Evil Sparrow                 [df:uf]+k         L          25
   Royal Huntress               [u:d]+k           M          20
   Rambler Sobat                [dr:ur]+k         M          26
   Diving Raven                 r+k               M          41
   Insanity Light               f+a+b             M          22
   Crucifixion                  r+a+b             M          56
   Embrace of Lust              f+b+k             M          34
   Exile                        r+b+k             M          27

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Heaven Monument                 (near) g+a        T          55
Light Breeze                    (near) g+b        T          60
Cutting Sadness                 (left) g+a:g+b    T          55
Summer Gale                     (rght) g+a:g+b    T          55
Phoenix Pounce                  (back) g+a:g+b    T          55

Bo Rush Combo                   a,a,b             H,H,M      17,20,30
Bo Rush Feint                   a,a+[u:d]         H,H        17,20
Twin Phoenix                    a~a,b             H,H,M      17,9,37
Phoenix Feint                   a~b               M          18
Raging Phoenix                  f+a,a,a           H,H,H      14,23,23
Cross Bo                        f,F+a             H,H        23,23
Advancing Ling Su               df+a,a            M,H        24,18
Inner Peace                     d+a               L          23
Lower Bo Slice                  dr+a              L          18
Escaping Bo                     r+a               H          23
Cross Tide                      r,R+a,a           M,L        23,23
Quick Wave Divide               G+u (land) a      L          28
Sky Divide                      u+a               M          23
Ling Sheng Slash                (WR) a            M          25
Rushing Waterfall               b,b               M,M        20,24
Sheng Mirage Kick               b~k               H,M        18,18
Bo Thrust                       f+b               M          20:24
Lower Bo Feint                  f+b,d             L          28
Heavy Bo                        f,F+b             M          20
Twin Bo Upper                   df+b,b            M,M        17,23
Waterfall                       d+b               M          24
Advancing Bo                    dr+b              M          26
Phoenix Thrust                  r+b               M          42
Stream Thrust                   r,R+b             L          18:23
Midnight Sun                    G+u,b             M          23
Raven Slaughter                 G+u (land) b      M          22
Yang Falling                    u+b               M          33
Yin and Yang                    d,dr,r+b          UM         71
Ling Sheng Slash                (WR) b            M          30
River Thrust                    (FC) dr+b         L          15
Bridge                          (left) b          H          18
Sheng Front Kick                k                 H          14
Sheng Illusion Kick             k~b               H,L        14,14
Sheng Lunge Kick                f+k               M          24
Sheng Lunge Kick Combo          f+k~b             M,H        23,23
Rising Phoenix                  f,F+k,k,b         M,M,M,M    18,23,22,22
Sheng Side Kick                 df+k              M          22
Sheng Su Low Kick               d+k               L          9
Ling Sheng Su Sweep             dr+k              L          22
Biting Kick                     r+k               M          17
Biting Heaven                   r+k~b             M,M        14,23
Cloud Kick                      r,R+k             M          28
Ling Sheng Su Sweep             G+u (land) k      L          18
Lian Hua Jump Kick              u+k               H          18
Phoenix Hop Kick                (WR) k+b          M,M        22,22
Retreating Thrust               g+k               H          6
Phoenix Roar                    a+b               M,M,M,M,M  14,14,14,14,14
Biting Phoenix                  f+a+b             M,M,M,M,M  18,18,9,9,14
Phoenix Flare (PF)              r+a+b             M,M,M,M    17,17,17,17
(PF) to Raven Slaughter         r+a+b,b,b         Mx6        17x4,34,20
Tricky Bo                       df+a+b            L          9
Lower Bo Smack Down             d+a+b             L,L,L,L    9,9,18,18
Dirty Bo                        dr+a+b            L          9
Pounding Stones                 (FC) a+b          M,M,M      18,18,18
Heaven Monument                 (down) a+b        M          42
Phoenix Cross                   a+k               M,H        18,23
Bo Smack Down                   f+a+k             Hx6        18,14,7,7,7,7
Phoenix Claw                    df+a+k            L          23
Wave Divide                     d+a+k             L          26
Phoenix Tail                    dr+a+k            L,L        18,18
Rising Flare                    (down) a+k        L          33
Upper Bo Feint                  b+k               M          47
Yin Rising                      f+b+k             M,M        14,23
Playful Phoenix                 dr+b+k            L          28
Lower Bo Feint                  r+b+k             L          42

Monument                        d,df,f
   Inner Peace                  a                 L          23
   Advancing Bo                 b                 M          20
   Scythe                       k                 H,H        18,18
   Heaven Monument              a+b               M          42
   Wave Divide                  a+k               L          24
   Upper Bo Feint               b+k               M          47
   False Statue                 d,n:u,n

8 Way Run
   Cross Bo                     f+a               H,H        23,23
   Gale Divide                  [df:uf]+a,a       M,M        28,33
   Wind Divide                  [u:d]+a,a         M,L        23,28
   Mountain Carve               [u:d]+a,b         M,M        23,28
   Ling Sheng Slice             [ur:dr]+a         L          23
   Cross Tide                   r+a,a             M,L        23,23
   Heavy Bo                     [f:uf:df]+b       M          20
   Raven Slaughter              [u:d]+b           M          34
   Phoenix Thrust               [ur:dr]+b         M          42
   Stream Thrust                r+b               L          18:23
   Rising Phoenix               [f:uf:df]+k,k,b   M,M,M,M    23,23,22,22
   Montain Breaker              [u:d]+k~a         L,H        20,31
   Sheng Heh Kick               [r:ur:dr]+k       M          28
   Yin Rising                   [f:uf:df]+b+k     M,M        14,23
   Upper Bo Feint               [u:d]+b+k         M          47

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Falling Heaven Dragon           (near) g+a        T          55
Lynching                        (near) g+b        T          55
Dragon Destroyer                (left) g+a:g+b    T          65
Leaving the Dragon Nest         (rght) g+a:g+b    T          55
Parting the Waves               (back) g+a:g+b    T          70

Twin Snakes                     a,a               H,H        13,18
Stonewall                       a~k               H,M        23,22
Stone Kick                      a~k,R             M          35
Lunging Snake                   f+a               H          20
Striking Snake                  f,F+a             H          33
Lotus                           df+a              M          28
tongue                          d+a               *M         14
Snake Scythe                    dr+a              L          32
Nunchaku Slap                   r+a               H          33
Nunchaku Slap 2 Steel Dragon    r+a,b             H,H        33,44
NSlap 2 Branding Nunchaku       r+a,b,R           H,Mx5      33,9,37x4
Serpent's Bane                  r+a,b~a,a,b       H,M,M,M    33,18,23,18
Wave Slice                      r,R+a             L          34
Dandy Surprise                  d,df,f+a          L,L,L,L,L  9,9,9,9,9
Snake Scythe 2 Pure Soul        G+u (land) a      L          22
Snake Wing                      u+a               H          24
Nunchaku Cross                  (WR) a            M          20
Rope Dancer                     (FC) df+a,a,a     L,L,L      7,7,7
Snake Bite                      b                 M          18
Steel Dragon                    f+b               H          44
Branding Nanchaku               f+b,R             M,M,M,M,M  9,37,37,37,37
Serpent's Desire                f+b~a,a,b         M,M,M      18,23,18
Return of Fear                  f,F+b             M          47
Bitting Upper                   df+b              M          30
Falling Fang                    d+b               M          17
Inner Bitting Upper             dr+b              M          21
Snake Kiss                      r+b               M          23
Venom Fang                      G+u,b             M          33
Nunchaku Lick                   G+u (land) b      L          28
Dragon's Judgement              u+b               M          28
Rolling Bitting Upper           (WR) B            M          22
Falling Dragon                  k~b,a             M,L        28,23
Dragon Pounce                   k~b,k             M,M        28,24
Left Roundhouse                 f+k               H          30
Dragon Roar                     f,F+k             H          36
Snap Kick                       df+k              M          20
Illusion Kick                   d+k,b             L,M        17,33
Illusion Low Kicks              d+k,k             L,L        17,28
Quick Slice                     dr+k              L          13
Right Roundhouse                r+k               H          30
Rolling sobat                   r,R+k             H          39
Stone Kick                      G+u (land) k      M          35
Dive Kick                       u+k               M          18
Hurricane                       d,df,f+k          M,M,M,M    14,14,18,18
Dragon Scream                   (WR) k,k          M,H        33,30
Serpent's Pleasure              a+b               M,M        22,35
Rage of Pleasure                r+a+b             M,M        23,42
Dragon's Brand                  (WR):(FC) a+b     M          47
Side Winder                     a+k
Gullotine Dance                 df+a+k            L,H        24,22
Fury                            b+k,b,b,b,a       Mx9        4,4,5,5,6,6,77,32
Dragon Cannon                   f,F+b+k           M          43
Nunchaku Lick                   df+b+k            L          18
Tiger Slaughter                 d+b+k,b           L,L        14,25
Twisted Loop                    r+b+k             UM         47

Begin Pure Soul Loop
   Pure Soul Loop 1                F
   Pure Soul Loop 2                R
   Pure Soul Loop 3                A+K
Pure Soul Right Outer
   Dragon Bite                     a,k            H,M        20,26
   Dragon Wing                     b,b            M,M        28,30
   Falling Dragon                  k,a            M,L        28,23
   Dragon Pounce                   k,k            M,M        28,24
Pure Soul Behind Lower
   Inverted Moon                   a              H          23
   Lunging Bitting Upper           b              M          30
   Fury Kicks                      k,k            L,H        23,23
Pure Soul Right Cross
   Tiger Pounce                    a              M,M        28,33
   Mark of the Beast               b              M,M,M,M    13,13,15,18
   Water Slice                     k,k            L,M        33,28
Pure Soul Left Outer
   Bloody Cross                    a,k            L,M        28,30
   Wind Sobat                      b,k            M,H        30,39
   Circle Kick                     k              L          30
Pure Soul Left Inner
   Purity Cross                    a              H          33
   Canyon Carve                    b              M          39
   Wheel Kick                      k              M          28

8 Way Run
   Striking Snake                  [f:df:uf]+a    H          33
   NLights 2 PSLeftInner           (rght) A       M          37
   Northern Lights                 (left) A       M          37
   Wave Slice                      [r:dr:ur]+a    L          34
   Return of Fear                  [f:df:uf]+b    M          47
   Steel Dragon                    [u:d]+b        H          44
   Branding Nunchaku               [u:d]+b,r      M,M,M,M,M  9,37,37,37,37
   Serpent's Desire                [u:d]+b~a,a,b  M,M,M      18,23,18
   Mark of the Beast               [dr:ur]+b      M          13,13,15,18
   Snake Kiss                      r+b            M          23
   Sliding                         f+k            L          26
   Back Kick                       [df:uf]+k      M          17
   Water Slice                     (rght) k,k     L,M        30,28
   Circle Sweep                    (left) k       L          30
   rolling Sobat                   [r:dr:ur]+k    H          39
   Serpent's Pleasure              [f:df:uf:u:d]  M,M        22,35
   Rage of Pleasure                [r:dr:ur]+a+b  M,M        23,42
   Dandy Surprise                  [r:df:uf:u:d:  L,L,L,L,L  9,9,9,9,9
   Dragon Cannon                   [f:df:uf]+b+k  M          43
   Hurricane                       [u:d:dr:ur]    M,M,M,M    14,14,18,18
   Twisted Loop                    r+b+k          UM         47

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Sea of Madness                  (near) g+a        T          55
Pulling Ivy                     (near) g+b        T          55
Gate of Hell                    (left) g+a:g+b    T          70
8th Bill of Punishment          (rght) g+a:g+b    T          70
Divine Gift                     (back) g+a:g+b    T          80

Samurai Slashes                 a,a               H,H        13,16
Calm Breeze                     f+a               H          23
Sudden Gale                     f,F+a             M          37
Splitting gold                  df+a              M          21
Knee Slice                      d+a               *M         12
Shin Slicer                     dr+a              L          42
Drawn Breath                    r+a               H          28
Vacuum                          r,R+a             M          42
Stump Banish                    G+u (land) a      L          23
Stump Cross                     u+a               H          42
Silent Step Slash               d,df,f+a:(WR) a   M          33
Forced Prayer                   b,b               M,M        19,20
Mountain Divide                 b~a               M          33
Mask                            b~f               H          28
Wind Hole                       f+b               M          24
Wind Hole Lower                 f+b~d             L          20
Wind Hole Upper                 f+b~u             H          37
Heaven Dance                    f,F+b,b           M,M        28,43
Heaven Cannon                   dr+b              M          38
Rust                            d+b               M          17
Cloud Divide                    dr+b              M          21
Wind Hole Vortex                r+b:f+b~r         M          47
Forced God                      r,R+b,b           M,M        22,33
Samurai Thrust                  d,df,f+b,b        M          47
Dragon Fly Slash                G+u (land) b      M          39
Stalk Cutter                    u+b               M          28
Pocket Pick                     (WR) b            M          23
Time Hole                       (FC) df+b         M          33
Cloud Divide 2 Cold Stitch      (FC) dr+b,b       M,M        36,53
Obedience                       k~b               M,M        22,42
Wheel Kick                      f+k               H          23
Front Kick                      df+k              M          20
Rising Knee                     f,F+k             M          14
Stalk Shaver                    d+k,b             L,M        23,28
Hem Stitch                      dr+k              L          14
Bullet Cutter                   r+k,b             M,M        24,42
Front Kick                      d,df,f+k:(WR) k   M          18
Dive Kick                       G+u,k             M          36
Outer Snap                      G+u (land) k      M          19
Shadow Kick                     u+k               M          18
Stell Slicer                    a+b               M,M        23,42
Phoenix Tail                    f,F+a+b           M          61
Cold Stitch                     d+a+b             M          28
Wheel Slash                     u+a+b             M          28
Shin Banish                     (FC) dr+a+b       L          23
Dividing Thrust                 a+k               M          30
Autumn requiem                  b+k               M          18
Driving Stitch                  df+b+k            M          30
Parting thrust                  r+b+k             H          33
Silent Stip                     d,df,f

Half Moon Death                 f,df,d,dr,r+a
   Half Moon Slice              A                 H          24
Moon Death Fake                 f,df,d,dr,r+A     UM         61
Full Moon Death                 f,df,d,dr,r+b
   Full Moon Slash              b                 UM         85

Mist                            f+a+b
   Relic                        b+k
   Mist Stab                    a                 H          19
   Mist Stab Combo              a,a,a             H,H,H      19,17,17
   Diving Thrust                b                 M          37
   Water Mist Kick              k                 L          24
   Divide                       a+b               M          52
   Mist Walk                    F:R
   Mist Dash                    f,n:r,n
   Mist Hop                     UR:U:UF

Relic                           r+a+b
   Mist                         b+k
   False Purification           g                 GI,M,M,M   9,9,37
   Cross Sword Seal             a                 H          13
   Slash Sword Seal             b                 M          10
   Relic Low Kick               k                 L          17
   Bill of Fire                 A+B (short)       UH         47
   Ticket to Hades              A+B (mid)         UM         56
   Path of Damnation            A+B (long)        UL,UL      23,42
   Relic Walk                   F:R
   Relic Dash                   f,n

8 Way Run
   Sudden Gale                  [f:df:uf]+a       M          37
   Drawn Breath                 (rght) a          H          28
   Vacuum                       r+a               M          26
   True Vaccuum                 [dr:ur]+a         L          36
   Heaven Dance                 [df:f:uf]+b,b     M,M        30,43
   Hell Flash                   [u:d]+b           M          34
   Peak of Flames               [dr:ur]+b,a,b     M,H,M      23,22,47
   Forced God                   r+b,b             M,M        22,33
   Sliding                      f+k               L          26
   Rising Knee                  [df:uf]+k         M          31
   Wheel Kick                   [u:d]+k           H          27
   Bullet Cutter                [dr:r:ur]+k,b     M,M        24,42
   Phoenix Tail                 a+b               M          61
   Trooper Roll                 b+k               M          41
   Mist                         a~b
   Relic                        b~a

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Hilt Impact                     (near) g+a        T          55
Nightmare Slasher               (near) g+b        T          60
Flap Jack                       (near)(FC)g+a:g+b T          30
Downed Flap Jack                (odwn)(FC)g+a:g+b T          8
Calamity Fall                   (left) g+a:g+b    T          60
Unholy Terror                   (rght) g+a:g+b    T          70
Witch Hunt                      (back) g+a:g+b    T          65

Slash                           a                 H          18
Slash Cross                     a,a,b             H,H,M      18,20,35
Double Grounder                 a,d+a,a           H,L,L      18,22,35
Quick Spin Slash                f+a               H          33:29
Right Slasher                   f,F+a             M          43
Armet Crusher                   df+a              M          28
Leg Slash                       d+a               L          17
Shadow Slicer                   dr+a              L          44
Back Spin Slash                 r+a:a~g,a         H          52
Diving Leg Slash                G+u (land) a      L          24
Jumping Back Spin Slash         u+a               H          49
Maelstrom                       (WR) a,a          *M,L       28,38
Sword Buster                    b                 M          23
Gun Turret Buster               b~f               M          26
Rampart Buster                  b~r               M          69
Buster Feint to                 b,n,r
   Night Behind Stance
Helm Divider                    b~g,b,b           M,L        16,32
Break Kick                      b~g,b,k           M,M        16,21
Mail Splitter                   b,b               M,M        23,26
Buster Grounder                 b,d+a             M,L        23,40
Piercing Strike                 f+b               M          44:50
Lock Splitter                   f,F_b             M          56:46
Cannonball Splitter             f,F+b~a           M,M,M      11,11,62
Sky Splitter                    df+b              M          38:31
Shadow Buster                   d+b               *M         23
Drilling Thrust                 dr+b              M          32
Double Headbutt                 f+b,b             M,M        16,22
Fatal Dive                      r,R+b,b           M,L        44,51
Earth Divide                    d,df,f+b          UM         71
Diving Cannonball Lifter        G+u (land) b      M          34
Fatal Buster                    u+b               M          35
cannonball Lifter               (WR) b            M          22
Splitter Buster                 (FC) b            *M         23
Jade Crusher                    f+k               H          16
Shoulder Rust                   f,F+k             M          21
Accel Headbutt                  df+k,k,b          M,L,M      16,10,19
Grind Low Kick                  d+k               L          11
Darkside Kick                   r+k               M          22
Stomping                        d,df,f+kx6        L,L,L,L,L  10,7,7,7,7
Diving Accel Kick               G+u (land) k      L          17
rolling Sobat                   u+k               M          22
Rising Night Kicks              (WR) k            M,M        17,14
Flying Edge                     f,F+a+b           M          53
Dark Soul Impact                df+a+b            L          39
Spin Kick Combo                 a+k,k             H,M        26,23
Spin Kick to Slash              a+k,a             H,H        26,21
Spin Kick to Slash Cross        a+k,a,a,b         H,H,H,M    26,21,23,38
Spin Kick to Double Grounder    a+k,a,d+a,a       H,H,L,L    26,21,22,35
Night Stance Roulette           B+K:f+B+K:r+B+K
  Roulette Night Behind Stance  n
  Roulette Night Lower Stance   f
  Roulette Night Side Stance    r
Drop Kick                       f,F+b+k           H          32

Night Behind Stance (NBS)       b+k
Side Spin to NBS                d+b+k:u+b+k
  Night Annilation              a                 H,M        26,21:26,17
  Tera Stomper                  b                 M          47:35
  Night Knee Kick Rush          k,k               M,H        17,20
  Night Lower Stance            f+b+k
  Night Side Stance             r+b+k

Night Lower Stance              f+b+k:(FC) df+b+k
   Leg Hacker                   a                 L          28
   Citadel Lifter               b                 L          40
   Cannonball Splitter          b~a               M,M,M      11,11,44
   Night Salute                 k                 M          5
   Lock Splitter Alternate      a+b               M          49
   Night Behind Stance          b+k
   Night Side Stance            r+b+k

Night Side Stance               r+b+k
   Cross Grounder               a,a               L,H        26,49
   Double Grounder Alpha        a,d+a             L,L        26,37
   Cannonball Lifter            b                 M          37
   Cannonball Feint             b~a               M          35
   Night Front Kick             k                 H          37
   Night Behind Stance          b+k
   Night Lower Stance           f+b+k

8 Way Run
   Right Slasher                [df:f:uf]+a       H          43
   Alternate Cross              [u:d]+a           M          44
   Back Spin Slash              [dr:r:ur]+a       H          52
   Lock Splitter                f+b               M          56,46
   Cannonball Splitter          f+b~a             M,M,M,M    11,11,62
   Sky Splitter                 [df:uf]+b         M          37
   Sword Buster                 [d:u]+b           M          23
   Gun Turret Buster            [d:u]+b~f         M          26
   Rampart Buster               [d:u]+b~r         M          69
   Buster Feint to NBS          [d:u]+b,n,r
   Helm Divider                 [d:u]+b~g,b,b     M,L        16,32
   Break Kick                   [d:u]+b,b,k       M,M        16,21
   Armour Breaker               [d:u]+b,b,b       M,M,L      23,16,32
   Break Kick                   [d:u]+b,b,k       M,M,M      23,16,21
   Buster Grounder              [d:u]+b,d+a       M,L        23,40
   Shadow Impact                [dr:ur]+b         L          43
   Fatal Dive                   r+b,b             M,L        44,51
   Sliding                      f+k               L          25
   Shoulder Rush                [df:uf]+k         M          21
   Spin Kick                    [d:u]+k           H          29
   Rolling sobat                [dr:r:ur]+k       M          25
   Drop Kick                    f+b+k             H          32
   Side Spin to NBS             [df:uf:u:ur:
   Night Side Stance            r+b+k

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Widow Maker                     (near) g+a        T          40
Holy Craker                     (near) g+b        T          40
   Heaven to Hell               d+a               T          20
   Heaven to Hell               d+b               T          20
Heaven's Writing                (near) f,F+g+a    T          55
Round Knocker                   (left) g+a:g+b    T          40
Broken Promise                  (rght) g+a:g+b    T          75
Bottoms Up                      (back) g+a:g+b    T          40

Second Strike                   a,a               H,H        12,15
Slide Tornado                   a,k               H,L        12,18
Slide Flow                      f+a,b             H,M        10,31
Silent Cross                    f,F+a             M          34
Angel Punisher                  df+a              M          26
Under Slide Blade               d+a               *M         12
Iron Butterfly                  dr+a,a            L,M        23,36
Cutlass Europa                  r+a,a,a           H,L,M      23,21,36
Cutlass Titan                   r+a,b             H,M        23,42
Reverse Mirage                  r,R+a             M,M        28,43
Angel Satellite                 d,df,f+a,a        M,L        35,37
Angel Satellite Beta            [d,df,f,d,n]:[u,  M,L        35,37
Goddess Salute                  (WR) a            M          24
Under Stream                    G+u (land) a      L          23
Air Side Spin                   u+a               H          24
Nasty Impale                    b~a,b,b,b         L,L,L,L    14,6,6,6,6
Twin Flow                       b,b               M,M        15,20
Angel's Flow                    b,k               M,H        15,15
Quick Strike                    f+b               M          29
Olympus Cannon                  f,F+b             M          34
Grace Heaven                    df+b              M          24
Guardian Strike                 d+b,b:(FC)df+b,b  M,M        20,41:20,33
Under Splash                    dr+b              M          17
Sword Shower                    r+b               M          35
Guardian Upper                  r,R+b             M          24
Heaven's Gate                   r,R+b~a           UM         56
Angel's Strike                  d,df,f+b          M          43:33
Heaven's Judgement              d,df,f+b~a,a,a,k  M,M,M      28,15,47
Jet Stream Rush Beta            u,n,b,a,b         M,H,M      21,17,26
Flare Upper                     G+u (land) b      M          31
Diving Splash                   u+b               M          38
Exile                           (WR) b            M          17
Grace Sault                     k~b               M          33
Kick Duo                        k,k               H,M        15,20
Plasma Blade                    f,F+k             M          21
Angel Side Kick                 df+k              M          20
Spriing Under Kick              d+k               L          11
Tornado Low Kick                dr+k              L          27
Gaea Kick                       r,R+k             M          25
Angel's Spriing                 d,df,f+k:(WR) k   M,M        15,15
Holy Crest Kick                 u,n,k             M          28
Holy Crest Kick                 G,u+k             M          28
Moon Mirage Kick                G+u (land) k      M          22
Angel's Spiral Alpha            uf+k,a,b          M,M,L,M    16,23,19,36
Angel Fall                      uf+k,b            M,M,M      16,23,42
Angel's Sault                   uf+k,k            M,M,M      16,23,30
Angel's Spiral                  df+a+b            M,M        14,39
Gaea Quake                      u+a+b             M          20
Mirage Satellite                (WR) a+b          M          30
Tornado High Kick               a+k               H          36
Tornado Feint                   a+k,k             M          34
Temperance Strike               b+k,b             *M,M       36,41
Jet Stream Rush                 f,F+b+k,a,b       M,H,M      21,17,26
Olympus Shower                  r,R+b+k           M          54
Tower Upper                     (WR) b+k          M          24
Angel Step                      d,df,f
Angel Step Cancel               d,df,f,d,n:u,n
Twin Angel Step                 d,df,f,d,df,f
Twin Step Cancel                d,df,f,d,df,f,
Twin Angel Step Alpha           d,df,f,d,DF

8 Way Run
   Silent Cross                 [df:f:uf]+a       M          34
   Shield Rush                  [u:d]+a           H          29
   Silent Stream                [dr:ur]+a,a       L,M        23,42
   Reverse Mirage               r+a               M,M        28,43
   Olympus Cannon               f+b               M          34
   Ascesion                     [df:uf]+b         M          37
   Shield Smash                 [d:u]+b           M          38
   Tower Upper                  [dr:r:ur]+b       M          24
   Sliding                      f+k               L          26
   Plasma Blade                 [df:uf]+k         M          23
   Grace Sault                  [df:uf:u:d]+k~b   M          33
   Angel Side Kick              [u:d]+k           M          20
   Tornado High Kick            [dr:ur]+k         H          36
   Tornado Fient                [dr:ur]+k,k       M          34
   Gaea Kick                    r+k               M          25
   Spiral Upper                 a+b               M          14,39
   Tornado High Kick            a+k               H          36
   Tornado Feint                a+k,k             M          34
   Jet Stream Rush              f+b+k,a,b         M,H,M      21,17,26
   Olympus Shower               [d:df:uf:u:ur:    M          54

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Return of the Sun               (near) g+a        T          48
Departure in Fire               (near) g+b        T          55
Crossing the Cliff              (near) f,F+g+b    T          60
Cellar Drop                     (left) g+a:g+b    T          55
Jute Burial                     (rght) g+a:g+b    T          65
Dropping the Bottle             (back) g+a:g+b    T          60

Shadow Shrine                   a~f               M,M        21,21
Shadow Ripper                   a,a,b             H,H,M      10,14,17
Silent Shadow                   a,a,f+b           H,H,M      10,14,20
Darkness Illusion               a,b,b             H,M,M      10,19,28
Shadow rush                     a,b,k             H,M,H      10,19,23
Shadow Cannon                   a,b,r+b+k         H,M,L      10,19,25
False Shadow                    f+a               H          12
Possessed Misery                f,F+a~DR          H          24
Buring Misery                   f,F+a,b,b,b       H,M,M,M    24,8,12,18
Shadow Split                    df+a              *M         12
Earth Scroll                    d+a,k             L,L        17,13
Reaping Hook                    dr+a              L          33
Curse                           r+a               L          17
Bamboo Cutter                   r,R+a             H          20
Hanging Phantom                 G+u (land) a      L          23
Air Phantom                     u+a               M          20
Shadow Claw                     (WR) a,a,a        M,H,M      21,14,33
Shadow to Possession            b,a~DR            M,H        15,12
Shadow Scroll                   b,a,a             M,H,L      15,12,24
Shadow Banishment               b,a,k             M,H,H      15,12,33
Heavy Shadow                    b,a,f+k           M,H,M      15,12,17
Shadow to Stalker               b,a,a+b:          M,H        15,12
Lightning Strike                b,b,b             M,M,M      15,18,28
Blood Scroll                    b,k,a             M,H,H      15,24,11
Silence                         f+b               M          24
Assassin's Strike               f,F+b             M          50:33
Assassin's Feather              df+b              M          22
Mekki-maru's Darkness           d+b,a             M,H        21,11
Free Shadow                     dr+b              M          15
Darkness to Possession          r+b               M          12
Seal                            r,R+b             M          28
Darkness Banishment             G+u (land) b,b    M,L        28,26
Air Calm                        u+b               M          25
Seal of the Fire Dragon         r,dr,d,df,f+b     UM         71
Darkness Banishment             (WR) b,b          M,L        28,26
Banishment to Stalker           (WR) b,a+b:       M          28
                                (WR) b,d+a+b
                                (WR) b,u+a+b
Darkness to Stalker             (turn) b,a+b      M          17
Haste                           k,k,k             H,H,H      18,21,21
Water Haste                     k,k,d+k           H,H,L      18,21,17
Divine Punishment               f+k,a             M,H        22,11
Hurricane Punishment            f,F+k             *M,*M      22,22
Rapid Destruction               df+k,k,k          M,M,M      18,20,30
Punishing Strike                d+k,k             L,M        17,26
Sealing Punishment              dr+k              L          13
Water Kick                      r+k,k             H,L        23,17
Mat                             r,R+k,k           M,M        28,18
Rapid Destruction Alt           G+u (land) k,k,k  M,M,M      18,20,30
Haste Alt                       G,u+k,k,k         H,L,H      17,12,20
Divine Cannon                   (WR) k            M          23
Sealing Punishment 2 Possession (FC) df+k~DR      L          11
Stalker                         a+b
Stalker Lower                   d+a+b
Stalker Upper                   u+a+b
Poison Dart                     (FC) dr+a+b       *M         20
Advancing Cloud Scroll          a+k               M,M        22,17
Hurricane Punishment            f+a+k:r+a+k       *M,*M      22,22
Cloud Scroll                    [d,n:u,n],a+k     H,H        17,17
Storm Cloud Scroll              [d,n:u,n],a+k,a   H,H,M      17,17,31
Fog Blanket                     d+a+k             M          30
Divine Cannon Combo             (FC) a+k,k        L,M        16,23
Fog Blanket                     (turn) d+a+k      M          37
Ninja Cannon                    r+b+k             L          20
Heavy Burden                    (turn) b+k        M          14

Wind Roll Front                 b+k
   Mekki-maru Wind              a                 H          11
   Divine Wind                  b                 M          33
   Wind Death Sault             b,b,b             M,M,M      33,28,52
   Wind Sealing Rush            b,k,b             M,M,M      33,23,28
Wind Roll Inner                 d+b+k
Wind Roll Outer                 u+b+k
   Side Breeze                  a                 H          33

Possession                      d,dr,r
   Possession Rush              f
   Storm Scroll                 a                 M          39
   Mekki-maru Wind              r+a               H          11
   Dream Scroll                 b                 M          47
   Dragon Wheel                 k                 M          18
   Vacuum Drop Kick             d+k               L          22
   Awakening Rush               [ur:u:uf]+k,a     M,M,M      23,23,47
   Exorism                      a+b               UM         66

8 Way Run
   Possessed Misery             [f:df:uf]+a~DR    H          6
   Buring Misery                [f:df:uf]+a,b,b,b H,M,M,M    6,8,12,18
   Wind Scroll                  [u:d]+a           M          27
   Shadow                       [dr:ur]+a         H          8
   Bamboo Cutter                r+a               H          20
   Assassin's Strike            [f:df:uf]+b       M          50:33
   Illusion Scroll              [u:d]+b           M          13:20
   Darkness                     [dr:ur]+b         M          15
   Scroll of Darkness           [u:d]+b~a         M          37
   Seal                         r+b               M          28
   Sliding                      f+k               L          26
   Heavy Burden                 [df:uf]+k         M          14
   Cloud Scroll                 [u:d]+k           H,H        17,17
   Storm Cloud Scroll           [u:d]+k,a         H,H,M      17,17,31
   Water Kick                   [u:d]+k,k         H,L        23,17
   Mat                          r+k,k             M,M        28,18
   Stalker                      a+b
   Possession                   a+k
   Wind Roll                    b+k

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Spinning Umbrella               (near) g+a        T          50
Centipede Nightmare             (near) g+b        T          55
Bloody Drill                    (near) g+k        T          75
Fool's Inquest                  (left) g+a:g+b    T          60
Bush Wacker                     (rght) g+a:g+b    T          60
Sadistic Spider                 (back) g+a:g+b    T          72

Scissor Claw                    a,a               H,H        9,17
Dark Shredder                   a,b,a             H,M,M      9,14,14
Side Claw Kick                  a,k               H,M        9,13
Jolly Ripper                    f+a               H          26
Elegant Claw                    f,F+a             H          23
Blind Blade                     df+a              M          36
Rat Chase                       d+a,k             L,H,M      13,28,4
Rat Cheeze                      d+a,a,a,k         L,L,L,H,M  13,13,13,28,4
Mouse Cutter                    dr+a              *M         13
Blind Spin                      r+a,a             H,H        17,24
Lunatic Doll                    r,R+a             M          25
Suspended Gears                 G+u (land) a      L          25
Brain Robber                    u+a               H          20
Scorpion Claw                   (WR) a            M          22
Grave Digger                    b~a               L,L,L      4,4,4
Stampeed Shredder               b,b               M,M        23,18
Full Stampeed Shredder          (back) b,b,b      M,M,M      23,18,18
Blade Nail                      f+b               H          22
Demon Elbow                     f,F+b             M          47
Guillotine Scissors             df+b,b            M,M        24,32
Power Slave                     d+b,b             M,M        28,28
Asylum Dance                    dr+b,k,k          M,M,H      24,18,32
Hell Digger                     r+B               UM         37
Hell Chop 2 Blind Claw          r+b,a             M,M        23,15
Suspended Pendulum              G+u (land) b      M          21
Floral Callus                   u+b               M          24
Bat Taste                       (WR) b,b          M,M        28,28
Rat Drill                       (FC) df+b         M          24
Blind Dive                      f,F+k             M          40
Mute Mid Kick                   df+k              M          18
Rat Kick                        d+k               L          15
Scorpion Tail                   dr+k              M          23
Lunatic Flip                    r,R+k             M          22
Rat Slaughter Kick              G+u (land) k      L          34
Rat Drop Kick                   u+k               H          28
Lunatic Spin                    (WR) k            M          28
Insane Flip                     f,F+g+a+b         M          42
Insane Freak                    f,F+g+a+b,k       M,H        42,52
Praying Mantis                  a+b               M          37
Katar Gore                      f+a+b             M          42
Gate Opener                     f,F+a+b           M,M        23,18
Gate Pryer                      f,F+a+b,k         M,M        23,27
Evil Bow                        d+a+b             L          34
Gullotine Scissors Alt          r+a+b             M          37
Blind Dive                      (FC) df+a+b       H          47
Death Rose                      a+k               M,M        23,28
Web Weaver                      r+a+k             UH         71
Super Freak                     b+k
Super Freak Inner               d+b+k
Super Freak Outer               u+b+k
Rat Bounce                      (FC) b+k          M          20

Caliostro Rush                  d,df,f
   Datar Slap                   a,a               H,M        18,18
   Slap Blind Claw              a,df+a            H,M        18,36
   Blind Slap                   a,r+a             H,M        18,18
   Mad Shredder                 b,b,b             M,M,M      40,18,33
   Rat Slaughter Kick           k                 L          28
   Snake Eater                  a+b               L          25
   Lunging Rat Bounce           b+k               M          20
   Life Sucker                  g+a               T          58

Rat Chaser                      dr,d,df
   Rat Retreat                  DR
   Scorpion Kick                k                 H          32

Mantis Crawl                    d+a+k:df+a+k      M          18
   Mantis Fire Dance            f,F               L          23
   Twisted Salute               a                 M:H        29:52
   Asylum Breakout              b                 M:L        34:36
   Scorpion Kick                k                 H          32
   Blind Dive                   k                 M          23
   Mantis Walk                  F:R
Blind Stance                    d,dr,r
   Mantis Crawl                 d+a+k             M          18
   Blind Claw                   a                 H          17
   Madness Spin                 f+a               M          39
   Lunatic Wheel                f,F+a             M          29
   Mute Elbow Rush              r+a,b             H,M        23,20
   Shredder                     b                 M          23
   Rat Straight                 f+b               H          44
   Red Stitch                   f,F+b             M          36
   Scarecrow                    f,F+b~a           M          29
   Death Ensnare                r+b,b             M,M        18,28
   Blind Elbow Rush             R+b,b             M,M        18,18
   Blind Kick                   k                 H          20
   Scorpion Tail                dr+k              M          23
   Mute Kick                    r+k               H          20
   Blind Drop Kick              d+k               L          31
   Freak Roll                   a+b               M,M        25,30
   Spasm                        D                 L          34
   Freak to Mantis Crawl        G                 M          25
   Reverse Evil Bow             d+a+b             L          37
   Death Rose                   a+k               M,M        30,28
   Blind Ownership              g+b               T

8 Way Run
   Elegant Claw                 f+a               H          23
   Silent Embrace               [df:uf]+a         H          30
   Blind Blade                  [u:d]+a           M          36
   Lunatic Doll                 [r:dr:ur]+a       M          25
   Demon Elbow                  [f:df:uf]+b       M          47
   Despair                      [u:d]+b           M,M        18,13
   Madness Scissors             [dr:ur]+b         UM         37
   Hell Digger                  r+B               UM         37
   Hell Chop 2 Blind Claw       r+b,a             M,M        23,15
   Sliding                      f+k               L          26
   Demon Tail                   [df:uf]+k         H          42
   Mute Low Kick                [u:d]+k           L          22
   Scorpion Tail                [dr:ur]+k         M          23
   Lunatic Flip                 r+k               M          22
   Gate Opener                  [f:df:uf:u:d]     M,M        23,18
   Gate Pryer                   [f:df:uf:u:d]     M,M        23,27
   Caliostro Rush               b+k

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Yuen Chuei Shaur                (near) g+a        T          55
Long Ling Sheang                (near) g+b        T          55
Tien E Sheang                   (left) g+a:g+b    T          62
Yng Dyi Yann                    (rght) g+a:g+b    T          55
Yuh Luen Shaur                  (back) g+a:g+b    T          65

Beautiful Rhythm                a,a,b             H,H,M      11,14,18
Tzao Lan Hua Rhythm             a,a,r+b,b         H,H,M,M,M  11,14,17,15,23
False Tazo Lan Hua Rhythm       a,a,r+b,b,b       H,H,M,M,H  11,14,17,15,35
False Rhythm                    a,a~[u:d]         H,H        11,14
Lian Hua Twist-Left             a~b               M          32
Feng Yun Feint                  a~k,b             M,M,L      17,18,28
Double Feng Yun                 a~k,k             M,M,M      17,18,27
Cross Lian Hua                  f+a               H          21
Striking Lian Hua               f,F+a             H          30
Shui Shian Strike               df+a              L          32
Rhythm Halt                     d+a               *M         12
Chai Hua                        dr+a              L          22
Stroming Lian Hua               r+a               M          26
Lan Hua Slice                   r,R+a             M          24
Lan Hua                         r,R+A             M,M        24,20
Falling Chai Hua                G+u (land) a      L          14
Yann Slice                      u+a               M          31
Muu Jiann Rhythm                (WR) a,a          M,M        17,15
Elegant Rhythm                  b,b               M,M        15,19
Lian Hua Twist-Right            b~a               M          37
Mei Hua Circle                  b~k               M,M        23,34
Advancing Rhythm                f+b,a             H,M        22,18
Deadly Rhythm                   f+b,b             H,L        22,25
Playful Rhythm                  f,F+b,b           M,M        25,33
Lian Hua Upper                  df+b              M          28
Rhythm Break                    d+b               M          17
Shan Ji                         dr+b,a            M,L        25,26
Tzao Lan Hua                    r+b,b             M,M,M      15,15,23
Tzao Lan Hua Feint              r+b,b,b           M,M,H      15,15,35
Vengeful Lian Hua               r,R+b             M          40
Shiang Ryh Kwei                 G+u (land) b      M,M        26,17
Yann Slash                      u+b               M          28
Shiang Ryh Kwei                 (WR) b            M,M        26,17
Shiang Ryh Kwei Feint           (WR) b~a          L          26
Mei Guei Hua                    (FC) df+b         M          37
Mei Guei Hua Feint              (FC) df+b,b       L          39
Yuen Kick                       k                 H          11
Outer Heh Kick                  k~b,b             M,M        23,28
Heh Kick                        f+k               H          24
Woan Shyong Swing               f,F+k             M          22
Sheau Shan Kick                 df+k              M          16
Woan Shyong Nibble              d+k               L          11
Circle Breaker (CB)             dr+k              L          26
(CB) Feint                      dr+k~a,a,b        M,M,M,L    32,17,18,28
(CB) Fient to Feng Yun          dr+k~a,a,k        M,M,M,M    32,17,18,27
Shan Kick                       r+k               H          18
Ta                              r,R+k             M          30
Lian Hua Sweep                  G+u (land) k      L          22
Inner Heh Kick                  u+k               M          22
Rising Shui Shian               (WR) k            M          22
Muu Jiann                       a+b               M,M        18,33
Muu Jiann Advance               f+a+b             M,M        18,18
Great Wall                      f,F+a+b           M          45
Lian Hua Cannon                 df+a+b            M          37
Yann Divide                     d+a+b             L          23
Muu Jiann Retreat               r+a+b             M,M        27,35
Mei Hua Divide                  (WR) a+b,b        L,H,H      17,14,35
Mei Hua Carve                   (WR) a+b,d+b      L,H,L      17,14,23
Guei                            (down) a+b        L          12
Hou Lee                         a+k
   Lower Great Wall             b+k               M          45
Lian Hua Sweep                  d+a+k,k           L,L        33,28
Advancing Bea Her Hua           f,F+b+k           GI
Lower Great Wall                df+b+k            M          48
Quake Step                      d+b+k             M          40
Hwu Dye                         dr+b+k            M          33
Muu Ling                        r+b+k             UM         61
Retreating Bea Her Hua          r,R+b+k           GI

8 Way Run
   Striking Lian Hua            f+a               H          30
   Li                           [df:uf]+a         M          33
   Spinning Lian Hua            [u:d]+a           M,M        18,18
   Ing Hua                      [dr:ur]           H          34
   Lan Hua Slice                r+a               M          24
   Lan Hua                      r+A               M,M        24,20
   Playful Rhythm               f+b,b             M,M        25,33
   San Jaan                     [df:uf]+b         M,M,M      24,18,18
   Playful Slice                [u:d]+b           M          28
   Vengeful Lian Hua            [r:dr:ur]+b       M          40
   Sliding                      f+k               L          26
   Circle Breaker (CB)          [df:uf]+k         L          26
   (CB) Feint                   [df:uf]+k~a,a,b   M,M,M,L    32,17,18,28
   (CB) Feint to Feng Yung      [df:uf]+k~a,a,k   M,M,M,M    32,17,18,27
   Outer Heh Kick               [u:d:ur:dr]+k     M          23
   Ta                           r+k               M          30
   Great Wall                   f+a+b             M          45
   Ma Chiueh                    [u:ur:dr:d:df]    H          28
   Hou Lee                      a+k
   Advancing Bea Her Hua        f+b+k             GI
   Bea Her Hua                  [u:ur:dr:d:df]    GI
   Retreating Bea Her Hua       r+b+k             GI

Name                            Sequence          Range      Damage

Jaw Smash                       (near) g+a        T          55
Jumping Body Slam               (near) g+b        T          55
Rainbow Drop                    (near) d,dr,r+a+b T          70
Elegant Storm                   (left) g+a:g+b    T          70
Manji Ninjitsu Blend            (rght) g+a:g+b    T          70
Tornado Drop                    (back) g+a:g+b    T          80

Rapid Gale                      a,a               H,H        13,16
Gale                            f+a               H          23
Breath                          f,F+a             M          37
Scattering Wealth               df+a              M          21
Parting Grasss                  d+a               *M         12
Stone Backhands                 dr+a,a,a,a,a      M,M,M,M,M  17,14,14,14,14
Stone Fist                      r+a,a,a,a,a       H,H,H,H,H  17,14,14,14,14
Mouthless                       r,R+a             M          42
Bill of the Demon               G+u (land) a      L          23
Bebirth of the Demon            u+a               H          42
Sunflower                       (WR) a            M          33
Sword Sweep                     (FC) dr,r+a       L          36
Rapid Grace                     b,b               M,M        19,20
Ninja Blade Rush                b~a               M          18
Sword Spirit 1st                f+b               M          24
Sword Spirit 2nd                f+b~d             L          20
Sword Spirit 3rd                f+b~u             H          37
Firmiana Branch                 f,F+b             M          28
Pomegrante                      df+b              M          38
Rain Time                       d+b               M          17
Sword Slice                     dr+b              M          26
Sword Imple                     r,R+b             UM         104
Spinning Sword                  r,R+b~a           M          45
Quick Spinnng Sword             r,R+b~a,g         M          45
Double Front Slice              d,df,f+b          UM,UM      24,45
11th Moon                       G+u (land) b      M          39
Autum Moon                      u+b               M          28
Tangled Beating                 (WR) b            M          23
Manji Carve Fist                (FC) b~a:d+b~a    *M         12
Heretic Sword                   (FC) df+b         M          33
Kogarashi                       k                 H          21
Zig-Zag                         f+k,k             H          49,61
Hail                            df+k              M          20
Knee bash                       f,F+k             M          32
Dust Banishment                 d+k               L          9
Kangaroo Kick                   dr+k              M          48
Bullet Cutter                   r+k,b             M,M        24,42
Bullet Rapid Hell               r+k,B             M,M        24,26
Mizore                          (WR) k            M          18
Oroshi                          G+u,k             M          36
Mountain wind                   G+u (land) k      M          19
Storm                           u+k               M          18
Lunging Sweep                   (FC) df+k         L          20
Spinning Low Kicks              (FC) dr+k,k,k,k,k L,L,L,L,L  20,10,10,10,10
Backhand                        f+a+b             H          17
Crying Spirit Sword (CSS)       f+F+a+b           M          61
CSS - Death                     f,F+a+b,g,b       L          35
CSS to Sword Pongo              f,F+a+b,g+u
Digging Cyclone                 d+a+b,b           M,M        28,14
Helicopter Leap                 uf+a+b            UM         66
helicopter Down Slash           uf+a+b,D          UM         40
Reverse Helicopter              uf+a+b,R          UM         56
Standing Suicide                d+a+k             UM         97
Fake Turning Suicide            f,F+a+k
Turning Suicide                 f,F+A+K           UM         163
Door Knocker                    f+b+k,b,b,b       M,M,M,M    25,19,19,29
Shark Attack combo              f,F+b+k,a+b,k     M,H,M      36,36,56
Shark Helicopter                f,F+b+k,A+B       M,H,UM     36,36,66
Circium                         df+b+k            M          30
Spinning Evade                  r+b+k,b,b,b,b,b,b
Poison Wind                     uf+b+k            M          30

Sword Pongo                     a+b               L          49
   Sit                          b+k
   Kangaroo Kick                k                 M          43
   Pongo Rush                   f,f               L,L,L      15,15,15
   Pogo Hop                     ur:u:uf           UM         36
Sit                             b+k
   Sit                          (down) b+k
   Gain Life                    n
   teleport                     f:r
8 Way Run
   Breath                       [f:df:uf]+a       M          37
   Hiraki                       (rght) a          H          28
   Mouthless                    (left) a:r+a      M          26
   Mist Banishment              [dr:ur]+a         L          36
   Firmiana Branch              [df:uf:f]+b,b     M          30
   Rain Thicket                 [u:d]+b           M          34
   Crying Hell Flames           [dr:ur]+b,a,b     M,H,M      23,22,47
   Sword Impale                 r+b               UM         104
   Sliding                      f+k               L          26
   Knee Bash                    [df:uf]+k         M          30
   Whirlwind                    [u:d]+k           H          27
   Bullet Cutter                [r:dr:ur]+k,b     M,M        24,42
   Bullet rapid Hell            [r:dr:ur]+k,B     M,M        24,26
   Crying Spirit Sword          a+b               M          61
   CSS - Death                  a+b,g,b           L          35
   CSS to Sword Pongo           a+b,g+U
   Shark Attack Combo           [df:f:uf]b+k,     M,H,M      36,36,56
   Shark Helicopter             [df:f:uf]b+k,A+B  M,H,UM     36,36,66
   Ninja Sun Flare (NSF)        b+k               M          41
   NSF to Sit                   [u:d:ur:r:dr]b+k~d
   NSF to Sword Pongo           [u:d:ur:r:dr]b+k~u


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This FAQ was primarily based on SoulCalibur.Com's EXCEL moveslist.  This FAQ
was created to let the casual websurfer a way to obtain a moveslist without 
downloading the 1+ Meg EXCEL file and the 3.5+ Meg EXCEL viewer.  I received
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