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Mission Battle FAQ by Prof_Rev

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/29/2003

* Soul Calibur Mission Battle FAQ v2.0         *
*  by Professer Revolution                     *
* This FAQ is Copyright(c) 1999 by the author  *
* Soul Calibur is (c)1999 Namco                *


This FAQ is for personal use only. You may not print this FAQ in
a magazine or any other publication made for profit. You may not
use this document as an incentive to buy a product. You MAY 
distribute this document around the internet, providing it isn't
changed in any way. 


v2.0--Updated E-Mail address
     -Fixed some of the layout

v1.5--Readied this FAQ for public consumption
     -Everything is done except for the last Art Gallery. *Whew!*

v1.0--Rough Draft(was only on "test" at my site)



1.                     INTRODUCTION

  Welcome to my FAQ for the Mission Battle Mode in the Dreamcast 
import version of Soul Calibur. The Mission Battle is one of the key
additions Namco made to the DC port of this game. It's very much
like the Edge Master mode in the PSX version of Soul Blade. Only
this time there is alot more to open up.
 The Mission Battle is divided into two main parts. The actual 
Mission Mode and The Art Gallery. Their very closely intertwined
though. You need the points you earn from winning missions in 
Mission Mode to open up the stuff in the Art Gallery, and you need
to open up certain things in the Art Gallery to move on in the 
Mission Mode. Simple enough, eh?
 Well then let's get started!

One more thing. This FAQ is written assuming you have a basic
understanding of the Soul Calibur gameplay and terms, like Soul
Charge, Unblockable, etc.

2.                   MISSION MODE GUIDE

Here's a quick rundown of how this Guide is setup:

AREA #-Name of Area(Fighter you will face)
       Mission #-Description of Mission
       Mission #-Description of next Mission

Any special occurances will be listed between the area descriptions 

AREA #-Name of Area(Fighter you will face)
       Mission #-Description of Mission

(Note that if there is more than one Mission for an area I list 
them starting from left to right.)

Got it? Not too hard right? Now, the reason you are going through 
all of these missions is to earn points. You then use the points
to unlock the goodies in the Art Gallery. I usually wait until I
have enough points to buy up a whole section of the Art Gallery 
rather than just winning a match and buying something right away.
But I do list what opens up what in the Art Index if you just want
to open up the extra items. Some of the special items appear only
after you've opened a certain amount of the pictures, so you may not
get a special feature exactly where I list it. When this happens you 
should get the listed item or feature in the next couple of pics, so 
no hate mail please^_^

Select the 'Mission Battle' option from the Main menu, then pick
a character(it doesn't matter which, there's no ongoing story or
anything). You'll be met with a screen of a map. On this screen 
you'll see the character's name that you are using in the upper
left corner, a menu in the middle, the 1st Mission Area with a 
pointer on it, some japanese text near the button, and your total
number of points(which should be at zero) at the very bottom right.

The Menu reads:
MOVE-let's you move the pointer around the map screen
MISSION-Pick to view to Missions for the Area you are currently at
ART GALLERY-Choose this to go to the Art Gallery section
SELECT CHR-If you want to change your current character
SAVE DATA-Hmmm? Hit start on the save screen to actually save
RESET-Back to the Title Screen

Well, you're in the Mission Battle so you might as well select
"Mission" and get going. Once you select Mission, you'll be greeted
with the Mission Box. It has a picture of the Mission Area at the 
very top in the center, a little box to the right with stars, and a
bunch of Japanese in the middle. The stars in the little box represent
the difficulty of the mission, the more stars the harder the Mission
will be to accomplish. Scroll down to the bottom of the text by holding
down and you'll get a sign prompting you to hit A to start the mission.
All the writing in the box is a desription of the Mission and sometime
it has commands and whatnot. The seperated red and orange yellow text
at the bottom is the main point of what the white text is saying. 
Here's what the Area Description would look like right now:

AREA 1-The Pure Training Spot(Edge Master)
       MISSION 1-Guard Enemy Attacks

From this you can tell that you're fighting in the Stage called "The
Pure Training Spot" and that you'll be fighting Edge Master. You can
also see that your first Mission will be to block Edge Master's
attacks. You don;t have to block them all, just survive until the
clock runs out. So give it a shot! Hit A to start the Mission.

 Alright! Fun huh? When you are victorius in a Mission a sign will pop
up as your fighter is doing his/her winning pose. The first number 
tells you how many points you've won for completing the mission, and
the second number is your total points.
 You'll notice that the Mission Area is now blinking on the map screen
and the word "NEW" is above it. This means you've opened up new missions
for this area, hooray! When a new Mission Area is opened(through the Art
Gallery) it will look like this until you've attempted a Mission there.
Ready for another? The Guide is going to get a bit more straight forward
from here on out, and less wordy. Here's your first taste:

AREA 1-The Pure Training Spot(Edge Master)
       MISSION 1-Guard Enemy Attacks
       MISSION 2-Perform an 8-Way run completely around opponent
       MISSION 3-Soul Charge and attack to win
       MISSION 4-Throw CPU from Front,Back,Left,and Right to win
       MISSION 5-Perform an Unblockable Attack to win
       MISSION 6-Perform a Guard Impact to win

                   ==See Soul Calibur Prolouge(i)==
So, know what you need to do? Keep going through these missions until
you have enough points, 220, to buy the Collection called "Soul Calibur
Prolouge" in the Art Gallery, or just get enough to buy the ones that
open up the new stuff. It's your call^_^ I list the subsequent Mission
Areas in the order they are opened up in the Art Galleries.

 Anytime you want to get back to the Menu hit B. You'll also notice 
some numbers popping up in the little box with the stars. The first one 
is your completions and the 2nd one is your attempts. So, if the number 
was 2/3 that means that you tried this Mission 3 times and passed it 

I'll start the whole Guide over now in case you just want to print the
needed info or something, and cut out all my babbling^_^


AREA 1-The Pure Training Spot(Edge Master)
       MISSION 1-Guard Enemy Attacks
       MISSION 2-Perform 8 Way Run completely around opponent
       MISSION 3-Soul Charge and attack opponent
       MISSION 4-Throw Opponent from Front,Back,Left, and Right
       MISSION 5-Perform and Unblockable attack on opponent
       MISSION 6-Perform a Guard Impact

                 ==See "Soul Calibur Prolouge"(i)==

AREA 2-Remain in the Desert(Hwang)
       MISSION 1-Quicksand in ring slows you down, Normal Battle

AREA 3-Indian Port(Random)
       MISSION 1-Handicapped Match(2 to 1)

AREA 4-Turkish Labrynth(Random)
       MISSION 1-Soul Charge to Speed Up/Handicapped Match(2 to 1)

                  ==See "Passed Up(?) CG"(ii)==

AREA 5-The Colluseum(Random)
       MISSION 1-Endurance Match, you must win 6 rounds, the enemy only
                 needs to win 1. After every round you can choose to go 
                 for more points(left option), or take the points you
                 have and quit(right option).

AREA 6-Corridor to the Sanctuary(Random)
       MISSION 1-Windy Battle, you are constantly being blown towards
                 the edge of the ring. Handicapped Match (2 to 1)

AREA 7-The Edge of Chaos(Random)
       MISSION 1-Explosive Ring, the edges of the ring "explode" when
                 a fighter steps onto them. Handicapped Match(3 to 1)

AREA 8-The Edge of Chaos(Dark)(Lizard Man)
       Mission 1-Poisoned Battle, you constantly lose energy during
                 the battle. Handicapped Match(2 to 1)

                   ==See "Passed up CG 2"(iii)==

AREA 9-The Chinese Temple(Random)
       MISSION 1-Battle of 16 Hits, you must hit the enemy 16 times
                 before they hit you 16 times. Handicapped Match(2 to 1)

AREA 10-The Money Pit(Random)
        MISSION 1-Deadly Rat Battle, as you fight rats crawl across
                  the floor and hurt you if you step on them.
                  Handicapped Match(2 on 1)
AREA 11-The Inundated Castle(Random)
        MISSION 1-Knock Down Battle, you must knock down the enemy
                  Handicapped Match(4 to 1)

                     ==See "Special CG"(iv)==

AREA 12-The Hoko-ji Temple(1st always Taki, 2nd Random)
        MISSION 1-Super Float Battle, any lifting attack causes fighter's
                  to float super high. Handicapped Match(2 to 1)

AREA 13-Odalisque and Adrian(Cervantes)
        MISSION 1-Windy Battle, you are constantly being pulled towards
                  the edge of the arena you are closest to.

AREA 14-City of Water(Random)
        MISSION 1-Random Battle, you are given a random fighter and
                  and you battle 2 random CPU fighters. Your 2nd
                  fighter is the one you are using regularly.

                     ==See "Character CG"(v)==

AREA 15-The Ruins of Ostrheinburg's Castle(Nightmare)
        MISSION 1-Counter Battle, every attack hits as a counter.

AREA 16-The Valentine Mansion(RANDOM)
        MISSION 1-Speed Battle, CPU fighters start out sped up but
                  whenever they block or are knocked down they become
                  sped down. Handicapped Match(2 to 1)

AREA 17-The Water Vein(Yoshimitsu)
        MISSION 1-Poison Tag Battle, you start out Poisoned and Sped Up
                  but when you hit the enemy, HE becomes Poison/Sped Up.

After you complete this mission a new Mission Area shows up on the map,
right in the center at the bottom. It is burning. Description:

AREA 18-The Gap of the World(1st enemy is your mirror,2nd is Inferno)
        MISSION 1-Damage is Life Battle, each hit gives the fighters some
                  Life back. Handicapped Match (2 to 1)

After you complete this mission there will be a burning area on each
screen, the mission will always be the same unless noted.

                   ==See "Character Art"(vi)==

        MISSION 2-Short Time Battle(Maxi), you only have 20 seconds

AREA 2 REVISITED-Remain in the Desert(Hwang)
        MISSION 2-Poison Battle, you start out Poisoned but can tag it
                  off to the enemy and vice versa. Whoever is poisoned
                  also continually sinks into the sand.

AREA 4 REVISITED-Turkish Labrynth
         MISSION 2-Poison Battle, you are poisoned but using a Soul Charge
                   gives you some life back. Handicapped Battle(2 to 1)

                   ==See "Colorless Art"(vii)==

AREA 6 REVISITED-Corridor to the Sanctuary(Sophitia)
         MISSION 2-Ring Out Battle, you must Ring Out Sophitia in the time

AREA 7 REVISITED-The Edge of Chaos(Random)
         MISSION 2-Explosive Ring Battle,the edges of the ring explode
                   if you step or land on them, and you are constantly
                   being pulled towards the closest edge. 
                   Handicapped Match(2 to 1)

AREA 8 REVISITED-The Edge of Chaos(Dark)(Lizard Man)
         MISSION 2-Endurance Battle, you must knock down 5 Lizard Men
                   while fighting on a thin strip of ring. After you
                   meet the requirement of 5 you can knock down more
                   until the time runs out for bonus points.

                     ==See "Character Sketches"(viii)==

AREA 11 REVISITED-The Inundated Castle(Winter)
         MISSION 2-Low Life Battle, You start the battle with a mere
                   smidgen of life and slowly gain more during the fight.
                   Handicapped Match(3 to 1)

AREA 10 REVISITED-The Money Pit(Random)
          MISSION 2-Invisible Battle, the CPU fighter is invisible except
                    for their weapon. Handicaped Match(3 to 1)

AREA 9 REVISITED-The Chinese Temple(Xianghua)
         MISSION 2-Unblockable Battle, You can only hurt the CPU fighter
                   with Unblockable attacks.

AREA 5 REVISITED-The Colluseum(Random)
         MISSION 2-Endurance Battle 2, you must win 8 rounds while the
                   enemy only needs to win 1. You can take the points
                   you win after each battle and quit or fight for double

                    ==See "Anime Art"(ix)==

AREA 12 REVISITED-The Hoko-Ji Temple(Taki)
          MISSION 2-Life Up Battle, The CPU fighter constantly regains
                    life during the battle.

AREA 16 REVISITED-The Valentine Mansion
          MISSION 2-Invisible Weapon Battle, both your fighter's and the
                    CPU fighters' weapons are invisible during the fight.
                    Handicapped Match(3 to 1)

AREA 13 REVISITED-Odalisque and Adrian(Cervantes)
          MISSION 2-Bouncy Battle, the fighters "bounce" when they are
                    knocked down.

AREA 14 REVISITED-City of Water(Random)
          MISSION 2-Random Battle, you are given 2 random fighters and your
                    selected character at the end. You must win 3 rounds

                  ==See "Anime Art 2"(x)==

AREA 17 REVISITED-The Water Vein(Random)
          MISSION 2-Poision Battle, you constantly lose energy at a high
                    rate during the fight. Handicapped Match(2 to 1)

AREA 1 REVISITED-The Pure Training Spot(Random)
          MISSION 6-Endurance Battle, you must win 5 rounds while the
                    CPU only needs to win 1. Each round is very short.

AREA 15 REVISITED-The Ruins of Ostrheinburg's Castle(Random)
          MISSION 2-Counter Battle, every hit lands as a counter.
                    Handicapped Match(3 to 1)

 After you open up all of the "Anime Art 2" Collection, and a few pics in
the "Endings" section, a new mission opens up in the Inferno Area(the
burning spots on the map). Here's the skinny:

AREA 18 REVISITED-The Gap of the World(Random)
          MISSION 2-Poison Battle, both fighters are poisoned but gain
                    Life back when they damage the opponent.
                    Handicapped Match(4 to 1)

 When you beat Complete this Mission you'll get an ending for your 
the character you're using, and you'll also get what is called "Mission
Battle 2." I would hold of on completing this mission just yet, until you
get all the other items in the Art Galleries. 

 The next two Art Collections are given to you, but the last on is 
filled with items that are 2000, 2500, or 3000 points each! The easiet 
way to get a large amount of points quickly is to keep playing the 
AREA 8: MISSION 2 mission where you must defeat a certain number of 
Lizard Men. It's an easy mission and you can rack up the points rather 
quickly if you keep getting 8 or so Bonus kills.  
3.                      ART GALLERY INDEX
     i.Soul Calibur Prolouge
    ii.Passed Up(?) CG
   iii.Passed Up(?) CG 2
    iv.Special CG
     v.Character CG
    vi.Character Art
   vii.Colorless Art
  viii.Character Sketches
    ix.Anime Art
     x.Anime Art 2
   xii.Endings 2
  xiii.Misc Art(everything is already open here)
   xiv.Misc Art 2(ditto)
    xv.Poster Art
   xvi.Slide Show
  xvii.Collection Data

i.Soul Calibur Prolouge(001-012) 220 points
  002(30pts)-Soul Edge Mural  *opens up "Passed Up(?) CG" Collection*
  003(30pts)-Cervantes over ? *opens up "Remain in the Desert" Area*
  005(30pts)-Taki vs Cervantes *opens up "Indian Port" Area *
  006(30pts)-Taki vs Cervantes *opens up "Passed Up(?) CG 2" Collection*
  007(10pts)-Taki and Sophitia 
  009(10pts)-Cervantes dying
  010(30pts)-Sigfreid stabbing *opens up "Turkish Labrynth" Area*
  011(10pts)-Soul Edge taking over Sigfreid

ii.Passed Up(?) CG(013-032) 640 points
  014(50pts)-Kilik *opens up "Special CG" Collection"
  015(20pts)-Xianghua *opens up "Character Profiles" in Muesum*
  018(50pts)-Maxi *opens up "Character CG" Collection*
  019(50pts)-Mitsurugi *opens up "The Colluseum" Area*
  021(50pts)-Taki *opens up "Remain in the Desert" as a playable Stage*
  026(50pts)-Sophitia *opens up "Corridor to the Sanctuary" Area*
  027(50pts)-Asteroth +opens up "The Edge of Chaos" Area
  031(50pts)-Ivy *opens up "The Edge of Chaos(Dark)" Area*
  032(50pts)-Ivy *opens up "The Inundated Castle" as a playable Stage"

iii.Passed Up CG 2(033-050) 570 points
  034(50pts)-Hwang *opens up "The Chinese Temple" Area*
  036(50pts)-Yoshimitsu *opens up "Odalisque and Adrian" Stage*
  037(50pts)-Lizard Man *opens up "Money Pit" Area*
  038(20pts)-Lizard Man
  039(50pts)-Sigfreid *Opens up Xianghua's 3rd costume*
  040(50pts)-Sigfreid *opens up "The Inundated Castle" Area*
  044(50pts)-SuengMina *opens up a a secret page on the Soul Calibur site*
  045(50pts)-Cervantes +opens up "Character Art" Collection*
  047(20pts)-Edge Master
  048(20pts)-Edge Master

iv.Special CG(051-068) 570 points
  051(20pts)-Mural 1
  054(50pts)-Maxi *opens up "Exhibition Theater" Feature*
  055(50pts)-Mitsurugi *opens up "Colorless Art" Collection*
  056(50pts)-Taki *opens up "Hoko-ji Temple" Area*
  058(20pts)-Sophitia *opens up Sophitia's 3rd outfit*
  060(50pts)-Nightmare *opens up "Odalisque and Adrian" Area*
  063(20pts)-Yoshimitsu's Equipment
  064(20pts)-Lizard Men
  065(50pts)-Sigfreid *opens up "City of Water" Area*
  066(20pts)-Rock's masks
  068(50pts)-Weapons Mural *opens up "Evening" for Pur Training Spot Stage*

v.Character CG(069-090) 960 points
  070(30pts)-Xanghua *opens up Maxi's 3rd outfit*
  071(30pts)-Maxi *opens up "Power of Darkness" secret web page*
  079(80pts)-Asteroth *opens up "Turkish Labrynth" as a playable Stage*
  081(80pts)-Nightmare *opens up "Ruins of Ostrheinburg's Castle" Area*
  082(80pts)-Ivy *opens up "The Valentine Mansion" Area*
  083(80pts)-Hwang *opens up "Winter" for Inundated Castle Stage*
  084(80pts)-Yoshimitsu *opens up "The Water Vein" Area
  085(30pts)-Lizard Man
  089(30pts)-Edge Master
  090(80pts)-Inferno *opens up "Character Raffle(?)" Collection

vi.Character Art(091-109) 820 points
  093(80pts)-Maxi *opens up a new mission at "Indian Port" Area
  094(30pts)-Misturugi *opens up Voldo's 3rd costume
  101(80pts)-Hwang *opens up new Mission at "Remains in the Desert" Area*
  103(80pts)-Lizard Man *opens up "Anime Art" Collection
  104(80pts)-Sigfreid *opens up "Dark" for Edge Of Chaos Stage*
  106(80pts)-Seungmina *opens up new Mission in "Turkish Labrynth" Area*
  108(30pts)-Edge Master

vii.Colorless Art(110-126) 730 points <126 opens"Anime Art 2">
  110(30pts)-Kilik *opens up "Age of Apocalypse" secret web page*
  116(80pts)-Sophitia *opens up new mission in "Corridor to the Sanctuary"*
  117(80pts)-Asteroth *opens up new mission in "Edge of Chaos" Area*
  122(80pts)-Lizard Man *opens up new mission in"Edge of Chaos(Dark) Area*
  123(80pts)-Sigfreid *opens up "Dark" option for Remain in the Desert Stage*
  126(80pts)-EdgeMaster *opens up "Anime Art 2" Collection*

viii.Character Sketches(127-156) 2060 points
  130(120pts)-Xianghua *opens up "Gap of the World" as a playable Stage*
  132(120pts)-Mitsurugi *opens up new mission in"The Inundated Castle"*
  134(120pts)-Voldo *opens up new mission in "Money Pit" Area*
  137(120pts)-Asteroth *opens up Taki in Exhibition Theater*
  143(120pts)-Hwang *opens up new mission in"The Chinese Temple" Area*
  146(50pts)-Lizard Man
  148(120pts)-Rock *opens up new mission in "The Colusseum" Area*
  149(120pts)-Seungmina *opens up "Endings" Collection*
  152(50pts)-Edge Master
  154(50pts)-Xianghua *opens up "Eye of Evil" page on Namco site*
  155(120pts)-Maxi *opens up Voldo in Exhibition Theater*

ix.Anime Art(157-185) 1870 points
  158(50pts)-Kilik Training
  159(120pts)-Kilik is upset *opens up "Endings 2" Collection*
  160(50pts)-Kilik beats people up
  164(50pts)-Guess who? Xianghua
  167(120pts)-Mitsurugi sees Nightmare *opens up "Extra Survival" Mode*
  168(50pts)-Mitsurugi rushes at some soldiers
  169(120pts)-Taki *opens up new mission in"The Hoko-Ji Temple" Area*
  170(50pts)-Taki on the statue
  171(50pts)-Voldo vs Ivy
  172(50pts)-Sophitia and her cleavage
  174(50pts)-Sophitia near a balcony
  176(50pts)-Some statues or something
  177(50pts)-Nightmare *opens up Sophitia in Exhibition Theater*
  178(120pts)-Ivy *opens up new mission in "The Valentine Mansion Area*
  179(50pts)-Ivy *opens up "Opening Direction" Feature*
  180(120pts)-Ivy *opens up new mission in "Odalisque and Adrian" Area*
  182(120pts)-Nightmare *opens up new mission in "City of Water" Area*
  183(50pts)-Nightmare *opens up Nightmare in Exhibition Theater*

x.Anime Art 2(186-215)  3000 points
  187(80pts)-Hwang and Seungmina
  188(200pts)-Yoshimitsu *opens up new mission in"The Water Vein" Area
  189(80pts)-Yoshimitsu *opens up Asteroth in the Exhibition Theater*
  190(80pts)-Lizard Men
  197(80pts)-Seungmina vs Ivy
  198(200pts)-Seungmina *opens up Hwang in the Exhibition Theater*
  199(200pts)-Edge Master *opens up new mission in"Pure Training Spot" Area*
  202(80pts)-Mural 2
  203(200pts)-Maxi/Kilik/Xianhua *opens up "Misc Art" Collection*
  204(80pts)-Kilik and Xianghua
  205(80pts)-Maxi and Kilik
  206(80pts)-Xianghua and Sophitia
  207(80pts)-SC Babes *opens up Yoshimitsu in Exhibition Theater*
  208(80pts)-Ivy and Sigfreid
  209(80pts)-Asteroth vs Kilik
  210(80pts)-Xianghua and Seungmina
  211(80pts)-Beam of Light
  212(80pts)-Soul Calibur
  213(80pts)-Mural 3
  214(80pts)-Mural 4 *opens up "Soul of Hero" secret web page*
  215(200pts)-Mural 5 *opens up new mission in "Ostrheinsburg Castle" Area*

xi.Endings(216-245) 2520 points
  217(200pts)-Kilik 2 *opens up "Misc Art 2" Collection
  218(80pts)-Kilik 3
  220(80pts)-Xianghua 2
  221(80pts)-Xianghua 3
  223(80pts)-Maxi 2
  224(80pts)-Maxi 3 *opens up "Weapon Select" Feature*
  225(80pts)-Mitsurugi *opens up Lizard Man in Exhibition Theater*
  226(80pts)-Mitsurugi 2
  227(80pts)-Mitsurugi 3
  229(80pts)-Taki 2 *opens up Sigfreid in Exhibition Theater*
  230(80pts)-Taki 3 *opens up Maxi in Exhibition Theater*
  232(80pts)-Voldo 2
  233(80pts)-Voldo 3 *opens up Rock in Exhibition Theater*
  235(80pts)-Sophitia 2
  236(80pts)-Sophitia 3
  238(80pts)-Asteroth 2
  239(80pts)-Asteroth 3 *opens up Seungmina in Exhibition Theater*
  241(80pts)-Nightmare 2
  242(80pts)-Nightmare 3
  244(80pts)-Ivy 2
  245(80pts)-Ivy 3

xii.Endings 2(246-265) 1720 points
  247(80pts)-Hwang 2 *opens up "Terror of Nightmare" secret web page*
  249(80pts)-Yoshimitsu 2
  250(80pts)-Lizard Man
  251(80pts)-Lizard Man 2 *opens up Cervantes in Exhibition Theater*
  253(80pts)-Sigfreid 2
  254(80pts)-Sigfreid 3
  256(80pts)-Rock 2 *opens up Edge Master in Exhibition Theater*
  258(80pts)-Seungmina 2
  260(80pts)-Cervantes 2
  261(80pts)-Cervantes 3
  262(80pts)-Edge Master
  263(200pts)-Edge Master 2
  265(80pts)-Inferno 2 *opens up "Metal Model" Feature

xiii.Misc Art(266-294) Free
  268(free)-Xianghua Cards
  270(free)-Xianghua with a hot dog
  271(free)-Xianghua Legend

xiv. Misc Art 2
  298(free)-Lizard Man
  302(free)-Mitsurugi and daughter
  306(free)-Edge Master
  307(free)-Edge Master
  308(free)-Kilik and Xianghua
  309(free)-Asteroth vs Xianghua
  310(free)-Mitsurugi and Yoshimitsu
  311(free)-Taki, Ivy, and Nightmare
  312(free)-Sophitia and Lizard Man
  313(free)-Sophitia and Lizard Man
  314(free)-Ivy, Nightmare, and Voldo
  315(free)-Hwang and Seungmina
  316(free)-Sophitia and Sigfreid
  317(free)-Asteroth vs Maxi
  318(free)-Yoshimitsu and Lizard Man
  319(free)-Rock and Asteroth
  320(free)-Soul Calibur on the beach
  321(free)-Anime Mural

xv.Poster Art(323-338) 35,900 points
  323(2000pts)-Light Poster
  324(2000pts)-Dark Poster
  325(2000pts)-Kilik Poster
          <<under construction>>

xvi.Slide Show
  Choose this option to get some random slides from all the Art Collections

xvii.Collection Data
      <<under construction>>
4.                          NEXT REVISION

  	I haven't looked at this guide forever, and in fact I forgot it
was still incomplete. I'll be fixing that shortly as part of my "go
through all my old stuff and finish/update it" campaign. Since there's
not a huge demand, I'll be doing it at a leisurely pace.

5.                         ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  This is just one of a few FAQs I've written, all of which are 
available at GameFAQS. A few my FAQs are on various other websites
(usually with proper creditO_o) as well. I hope this or any of the other 
FAQs I've written help you in some way, or allow you to enjoy a game 
more than before, or maybe just get a good read out of it. 

  If you have any questions about this game, or any other I've 
written a FAQ for, feel free to drop me an E-Mail. BUT keep in 
mind a few things:

1. Please don't ask when the next revision will be out, or if I 
can send it to you. I don't really have a set schedule for these 
things,and you can pick up the FAQ(s) at GameFAQs.

2. Please don't ask about something already covered in the FAQ. 
Usually once a FAQ comes out I'm swamped with E-Mails and skip 
ones that are covered in the FAQ. If it's really desperate I may 
answer, but otherwise everything I know is in the FAQ.

3. Don't mail asking for codes, I don't have a Gameshark or keep 
track of cheat codes or anything.

  Other than that, I try to answer every single E-Mail I get and 
am usually pretty good at getting back to people quickly, but 
sometimes I lose letters in my computer or forget to keep them as 
new. If I don't answer in a week or so it's safe to say I screwed up

My E-Mail address: ProfRev@cox.net


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