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Ivy Guide by Basel

Updated: 01/24/2003

Character Faq for Ivy in Soul Calibur (for Arcade and

Isabella Valaentine

A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
What you will read down is my strategy, which means..
it might not be workable with you as it is with me and
may be yes. I really do not need any E-Mail(s) asking:
"What is good or bad" since I will fully talk about
everything about her (including combination attacks).
Hope it will somehow be useful to you and lead your
play or skills to a higher level.

Why Ivy?
Ivy is a platinum-haired warrior on a mission to
destroy Soul Edge. Her Ivy Blade has the longest reach
of all the weapons. It functions as a sword in close
combat, and transforms into a whip for mid and long
distance attacks. She is hard to use and she needs
someone very focusd to use her perfectly. That is why
I prefer her the most. 

Name: Isabella Valaentine (Twaisting Blade of
Also Known As: Ivy
Weapon: Snake Sword
Weapon: Ivy Blade
Style: Unrelated Link
Age: 28
Birth Date: December 10
Family: Adoptive parents dead through sickness. Birth
parents unknown.
Birthplace: London, England
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown

Ivy was raised with love in the house of the English
nobles, the Valentines. However, her father Count
Valentine died a madman, driven to insanity through an
obsession with alchemy. 

The The house of Valentine was brought down by the
Count's insanity. Soon after her family's fall, Ivy
learned from her mother on her deathbed that she was
an adopted child. Ivy, however, had no interest in her
"true parents."

Ivy eventually learned about her father's research for
the mystical sword Soul Edge and been to follow in his
footsteps in its quest.

As Ivy learned more about Soul Edge, she discovered
its true nature and swore to destroy the demonic
blade. She succeeded in creating a weapon for this
purpose through ancient sorcery.

To this day, she is still oblivious about her true

Ivy - Ivy Blade

Ivy's Snake Sword called Ivy Blade has the ability to
expand and contract at will.

Ivy researched countless weapons to find one that was
suitable for her quest to destroy Soul Adge. Based
upon an Asian multi-segmented whip, her sword came to
life by Nightmare's touch. Armed with this weapon, she
embarked on her quest.

But little did she know that Ivy Blade brought to life
by the power of Soul Edge, the same sword she sought
to destroy. She also remained ignorant of the fact
that her own bloodline served to strengthen the sword.

Valentine Mansion

Count Valentine constructed the avant-grade Valentine
Mansion by using the wealth and political contacts
parties that showed off the prosperity of the
Valentine family were held in the great hall where
expensive rose-colored marble was used in great

However, Count Valentine was beguiled by Soul Edge's
powers and began to squander his riches madly in its
pursuit. It was not long before the Valentine clan
fell into ruin. 

Ivy, the adopted daughter of the Count, remains here
alone to pursue Soul Edge by researching alchemy and
ancient sorcery. 

1)I'll tear everything apart!
2)Do you want more?
3)Sing, my sword! 
4)This sword is my treasure!
5)Haaaa haa haa
6)This is the end for you!
7)There's still more!
8)Feisty one!
10)Dance I say, dance!
11)Stay away, filth!

"But... it can't be..."

Through her battles, her permonitions proved to be
true. Although evil had been destroyed, the sword
would not die. The cursed blood that flowed through
her veins was the sword's life source. However she
felt no hesitation in coming to terms with the truth. 

"I feel as though a burden on my soul had been

The fetters on her curse were broken and thus began a
new unholy quest.

(For Arcade)
Horizontal Attack = A
Vertical Attack = B
Kick Attack = K
Guard = G

(For Dreamcast)
Horizontal attack = X
Vertical attack = Y
Kick attack = B
Guard = A

Command List:
"Horizontal Attacks"
1)Raven Bite: A
2)Raven's Beak: A A 
3)Biting Raven: A (hold)
4)Raven Butt: Forward A
5)Raven's Egg: Forward forward A
6)Cross Madness: Down/forward A
7)Cursed Mark: Down/backward or Down A
8)Menace Slice: Backward A
9)Dancing Insanity: Backward backward A
10)Menace: While rising up A
11)Freeze Gaze: Forward A+B
12)Insanity Light: Forward forward A+B
13)Eye of Madness: Down/forward A+B
14)Supressed Insanity: Down/forward A+B (max hold)
15)Eye's Retreat: During down/forward A+B (hold) press
directional pad
16)Madness Release: Release button during down/forward
A+B (hold)
17)Mominance: Down A+B
18)Razor's Bite: Down/backward A+B
19)Crucifixion: Backward backward A+B
20)Crucifixion Nail: Backward backward A+B (hold)
21)Angel Whisper: Up/forward A+B
22)God Whisper: Up/forward A+B A
23)Masquerde of Madness: From full crouch,
Down/forward A+B
24)Masquerde ~ Resting Madness: From full crouch,
Down/forward A+B (short hold)
25)Masquerde ~ Suppressed Insanity: From full crouch,
Down/forward A+B (max hold)
26)Masquerde ~ Eye's Retreat: From full crouch, press
directional pad during Down/forward A+B (hold) 
27)Masquerde ~ Madness Release: From full crouch,
release button during Down/forward A+B (hold)
28)Ivy Loop: While rising up A+B
29)Demented Loop: While rising up A+B A
30)Ancient Wheel: Down/forward A+K
31)Ancient WheelS: Down/forward A+K A
32)Royal Huntress: Down A+K
33)Serpent's Venom: Forward, down, down/forward A+K
34)Serpent's Venom (cancel): Forward, down,
down/forward A+K G

"Vertical Attacks"
35)Immortal Breeze: B
36)Immortal Gale: B (hold)
37)Immortal Wind: B B
38)Squire's Bow: B, forward B
39)Squire's Cage: B, forward B (hold)
40)Caged Silhouette: B, forward B (hold), K
41)Ivy Thrust: Forward B
42)Ivy Lash: Forward B (hold)
43)Ivy Lick: Forward B up or up B+K
44)Silhouette: Forward B up K or up B+K K
45)Biting Ivy Inner: Forward B (hold), down
46)Biting Ivy Outer: Forward B (hold), up
47)Serpent's Breath: Forward forward B
48)Cursed Heavens: Down/forward B
49)Cursed Brand: Down B
50)Poison Leaf: Down/backward B
51)Poison Ivy (close range): Down/backward B (hold)
52)Poison Ivy (long range): Down/backward B (hold)
53)Ivy Bite: Backward B
54)Darckside: Backward backward B
55)Venom Lash: Down, down/backward, backward B
56)Ivy Masquerade: From full crouch, Down/forward B
57)Ivy Masquerade Lash: From full crouch, Down/forward
B (hold)
58)Pride: From full crouch, Down/backward B
59)Shameless: While rising up B
60)Embrace of Guilt: Forward B+K (hold)
61)Fear's Void: Down/backward or Down or Down/forward
62)Heel Explosion: Backward B+K
63)Heel Explosion (cancel): Backward B+K G
64)Exile: Backward backward B+K
65)Suppressed Exile: Backward backward B+K (max hold)
66)Exile Release: Release button during Backward
backward B+K (max hold)
67)Asylum: While rising up B+K (Guard Impact is
68)Spiral Embrace: Backward B A (Guard Impact is
69)Spiral Punishment: Backward B A, B (Guard Impact is
70)Spiral Dominance: Backward B A, B "hold" (Guard
Impact is Possible)

"Kick Attacks"
71)Night Swallow: K
72)Raven Knee: Forward K
73)Mind Shatter: Forward forward K
74)Black Mind Shatter: Forward forward K (hold)
75)Foul Kick: Down/forward K
76)Rage Kick: Down/forward K (hold)
77)Charmer Silhouette: Down K
78)Serpent Silhouette: Down, down/forward K
79)Evil Sparrow: Down/backward K
80)Raven Catcher: Backward K
81)Diving Raven: Backward backward K
82)Pleasure: K down
83)Rising Cross: While rising up K
84)Nail Cross: From full crouch, Down/forward K

"8 Way Run Attacks"
85)Raven's Egg: While running, Forward A
86)Wolf Lash Outer: While running, Down/forward A
87)Wolf Lash Inner: While running, Up/forward A
88)Ancient Wheel: While running, Down/backward or
up/backward A
89)Ancient Wheels: While running, Down/backward or
up/backward A A
90)Dancing Insanity: While running, Backward A
91)Insanity Light: While running, Down or up A... or
while running, Forward A+B
92)Crucifixion: While running, Backward A+B
93)Crucifixion Nail: While running, Backward A+B
94)Serpent's Breath: While running, Forward B
95)Poison Leaf: While running, Down/forward or
up/forward B
96)Poison Ivy (close range): While running,
Down/forward or up/forward B (hold)
97)Poison Ivy (long range): While running,
Down/forward or up/forward B (hold)
98)Drowning Madness: While running, Up or down B
99)Darkside: While running, Down/backward or backward
or up/backward B
100)Embrace of Guilt: While running, Forward B+K
101)Embrace of Lust: While running, Forward B+K (hold)
102)Exile: While running, Backward B+K
103)Suppressed Exile: While running, Backward B+K (max
104)Exile Retreat: While running, press directional
pad during Backward B+K (hold)
105)Exile Release: While running, release button
during Backward B+K (hold)
106)Sliding: While running, Forward K
107)Evil Sparrow: While running, Down/forward or
up/forward K 
108)Royal Huntress: While running, Down or up K
109)Ramble Sobat: While running, Down/backward or
up/backward K
110)Diving Raven: While running, Backward K
111)Lamenting Tail: While running in any direction
with whip A+B
112)Pleasure Lash: While running in any direction with
whip B+K

"Throw Attacks"
113)Primal Dominance: Approaching Enemy A+G
114)Dominion Throw: Approaching Enemy B+G
115)Heartless Guide: Approaching Enemy from left side
A+G or B+G
116)Sunset Cradle: Approaching Enemy from right side
A+G or B+G
117)Sweet Dominance: Approaching Enemy from behind A+G
or B+G
118)Summon Suffering: Approaching Enemy Down/forward,
up/backward, forward, down, down/forward,
down/backward A+B
119)Biting Raven: A "hold" (during long range counter
120)Insanity Light: Forward forward A+B (attack throw
occurs only if hit connects at close range)
121)Insanity Feast: Forward forward A+B then backward
(attack throw occurs only if hit connects at close
122)Embrace of Lust (short range): Forward B+K (hold)
123)Embrace of Lust (long range): Forward B+K (hold)
124)Ivy Lick: While enemy is in mid-air, Forward B up
or up B+K
125)Squire's Cage: While enemy is in mid-air, B
forward B (hold)
126)Insanity Light: While running, Up or down A
(attack throw occurs only if hit connects at close
127)Insanity Feast: While running, Up or down A then
backward (attack throw occurs only if hit connects at
close range)
128)Lamenting Tail: During whip state A+K (attack
throw occurs only if hit connects at long range)
129)Lamenting Tail: While running in any direction
with whip A+K (attack throw occurs only if hit
connects at close range)

"Special Attacks"
130)Punishment Change ~ Whip to Sword: Down,
down/forward, forward or down, down/backward, backward
(weapon shape changes)
131)Pleasure Change: A+B (Guard Impact & weapon shape
change occurs)
132)Lamenting Tail: During whip state A+K
133)Lamenting Tail: While running in any direction
with whip A+K
134)Pleasure Lash: During whip state B+K
135)Ivy Custom Combo: Forward K, forward B (hold)
down, backward backward A, backward B A B (hold),
up/forward A+B A, down, down/backward, backward B
Ivy is a character that depends on her long range
moves more than the close range ones. She has so many
good and damaging moves but they need to be used
correctly in time or you will be wide open for your
opponent to knock you off. You have to keep your
opponent away as long as you could so that you can own
the match from the very start. How? I will tell you

You need to know ALL her moves and I mean all... even
the Pleasure Change because it helps sometimes. I am
very sure that many characters do not need to use some
of their moves because they are not that useful.
Unlike Ivy, she needs all her moves so that you can do
okay in your matches... the close and long range moves
of course. May be the Custom Combo can be put away. 

Anyway, if you want to not be attacked, you must
ATTACK endlessly. It is quite known for all the guys
that this method is the best. Ivy may be is good in
close range attack but she is WAY better in long range
attacks. In order to keep distance between you and
your opponent you must first know very well how to
move your character perfectly. So, yes... you must
learn her Step and 8 Way Run attacks too. You see! I
said everything, didn't I?

Okay, Ivy's Suppressed Exile is the greatest move so
far for mid-air combos. But it is quite hard to get
anybody with it. You can do it if your character is
confused and if he or she does the 8 Way Run, simply
cancel it with the Exile Retreat. This move also hits
too for your good information. If your opponent is so
tricky (to get close to you), do her Biting Ivy Inner
or Biting Ivy Outer (depending of your opponent's
movement). And try not to let your opponent read
you... always change your ways in attacking. Start
with either Biting Ivy then Darkside, Poison Ivy and
then Venom Lash. Venom Lash is so fast and it is very
helpful, really. Also her Embrace of Lust is great,
because it will help you to take some good damage from
your opponent. Also you can do Summon Suffering after
it (if the opponent is defending). If you are so fast
enough, believe me that the Summon Suffering will come
in handy to you in the game. Most of the time I do
it... I do not do any other normal throws. 

Just Summon Suffering alone is good for me... I am so
fast and I do it whenever I see any mistake from my
opponent. But of course when I am cornered and the
opponent wants to Ring Out me, I just easily do her
Primal Dominance. Do not forget that her Silhouette is
GREAT to do after Exile, Pride, God Whisper and with
the flying opponents like Taki. Remember that after
the Angel Whisper you do not have to proceed with the
God Whisper... you can do Demented Loop or Asylum
instead. Depending on what is better for you, you can
do the Demented Loop after Ivy Loop and not and just
do Venom Lash. You are now in close range, so you
should use what is better and harsher for you. Also
her Ancient Wheels are great and fast, and cancel the
first Wheel. You do not need to always crouch to do
the "While Rising Up moves", just do the moves that
makes you in a crouching position like Diving Raven,
Heel Explosion, Angel Whisper or Pride. But of course
you need to use them wisely. Her Darkside move is
great if you are planning on running away from your
opponent. You can use Lamenting Tail also when you see
your opponent is hungry for attacking you after the
harshness you gave him or her to keep him or her away.
Spiral Punishment can be in handy if your opponent is
on the ground or using the 8 Way Run Attack and it has
self Guard Impact. Also to confuse your opponent you
can cancel the unblockable moves and FAST attack. The
Crucifixion move is fast and good. Use it when you

Do not just be stupid and run away madly whenever you
see your opponent near you, their are characters that
can be close to you in a flash and a lot, which means
many times... like Taki. She can easily jump to you
when you do any wrong move and she is fast enough to
get near you. So you should learn how to keep your
butt alive while you are fighting your opponent in a
close range battle. It is kind of easy to do so, but
know that your moves' damage won't be the same as the
attacks from long range moves. But at least you are
still fighting to keep Ivy alive and clear out the bad
idea that people have against Ivy (bad close range

In close range, use the best and less lag moves like,
Immortal Wind,, Caged Silhouette, Serpent's Breath,
Cursed Heavens, Ivy Bite, Venom Lash, Ivy Loop,
Ancient Wheels, Royal Huntress, Rising Cross, Nail
Cross, Mind Shatter, Raven Catcher, Raven's Beak,
Raven's Egg, Cursed Mark, Menace, Pride, Freeze Gaze,
Angel Whisper, Masquerade ~ Resting Madness and many
more. They all are good to use and will be so helpful
for you to do something good in a close range battle
with Taki for example. Do not believe those who say
she is bad when it comes down to close battles. It all
depends on you, you can always make them wrong and do
something to prove that you are right. Yes, she might
not deal some good damage but still she can stay alive
and do something. Do not forget that you have the
Guard Impact that will help you a lot. And with the
juggle combos, just move to the area that your
opponent is not in so that you can avoid any other hit
that might get you out of the ring. 

You have to know the Step and 8 Way Run, Throw Escaps,
Air Control, Mid-Air Juggle Combos, Guard Impact,
Countering Guard impact, Quick Roll, Unblockable
Moves, Soul Charge, Counter Hit Types, Attack
attributes and Guarding and moves while you are down
because they are the lead for your very sure victory. 

Always remember, Ivy is tougher and stronger whenever
she screams while she is performing some great moves,
so always try to keep her screaming and yelling until
your opponent is completely dead or at least very

I will only write the names' moves (not the commands),
I have always been so... so if anybody is not good
with it, you can see the command list above and then
check here again. I will list every good, bad, short,
long, easy and hard combos. I really will not bother
to look for sites to put any of their combos in here.
I like to see my work completely original, but you
might know all the combos... I will put it just for
Ivy's fans' sake. 

1)Exile, Fear's Void
2)Exile, Silhouette
3)Fear's Void, Pleasure
4)Supressed Insanity, Squire's Cage
5)Pride, B, Silhouette
6)Pride, B, Squire's Cage
7)Evil Sparrow, Razor's Bite
8)Exile, Pleasure Lash
9)God Whisper, Silhouette
10)Madness Release, Darkside
11)Cursed Heavens, Immortal Wind
12)Supressed Insanity, Spiral Embrace
13)Supressed Insanity, Asylum
14)Supressed Insanity, Ancient Wheels
15)God Whisper, Ancient Wheels
16)Madness Release, Raven's Beak

Last Word:

Okay, Finally... it is finished. Hope I was helpful
and useful to you. If anybody wants to use anything,
by all means do so, but tell me so first before you do
that. And if anybody have any doubts about any
combination attack or cannot perform any, kindly,
E-Mail me and I will explain it more clearly to you.
Remember, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw
The Rules.

Special Thanks:

1)To Namco for this great game.
2)To Gamefaqs.
3)To all Ivy's fans, because without them, I would
never have bothered myself to write anything at all.
4)To all my friends for the encouragement. 


Soul Calibur is Copyright Namco Corporation and. This
document Copyright 2003 Basel <Mr_Basel@yahoo.com>

If you need to contact me to add or ask me about
anything, E-Mail me at Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or

Credits for GameFAQs, Namco company.

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