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Maxi "Real Life" Moves Guide by Soulhazardus

Version: 1.45 | Updated: 08/19/2001

I think I need some ASCII Art... hmm....
                  |         MAXI "Real Life" Moves list           |
                  |               SOUL CALIBUR                    | 
                  |                                               | 
                  |             Soulhazardus 2001                 | 
                  |                                               | 
                  |     E-mail: soulhazardus@yahoo.com            |
                  |     ICQ#: 116017073                           |

  This is not a strategy FAQ for the game! If you are looking for in depth
strategies for Maxi and soul calibur tactics, this is not the FAQ for you.
Instead, this is a very unique FAQ designed to help people learn how to use
the nunchaku as skillfully as Maxi does. This FAQ covers very little on
actual Maxi strategies and focuses it's attention on real life martial arts.
Basically, I made this for my own purposes... but some may find it useful.

Version 1.0 - Horizontal moves documented.
Version 1.1 - My History added. Custom combo section added.
              Really fancy stuff section added.
              Other Maxi moves will come soon. I want to attract more people
              to read first. 
              -Visual Reference links soon to come also (Pictures, movies).
Version 1.2 - Added all the kicks.
              Been offline lately and nobody really reads this so I decided to 
              take some time off.
Version 1.3 - Vertical moves added, missing a few. Fixed a few things up in 
              Horizontal, added many other things as well. Overall, this 
              is a big update.
Version 1.4 - Added attacks done by stance switching.
Version 1.45 - Nothing much, I did add a new section for worthless moves that 
              are a waste of time, and I also put the move conventions next
              to each move so if you don't know what move I'm talking about
              you can check the way it's done. I should've done that in 
              the first place! Also check the intro for some useful information
              I added.

  1) Copyright Info
  2) Intro
  3) Command Conventions
  4) In depth moves list
  5) Special Names
  6) Stance Switching
       Right Inner
       Right Outer
       Behind Lower
       Right Cross
       Left Outer
       Left Inner
       Attacks done by stance switching
  7) Move instructions
  8) Impossible Moves
  9) Moves that are a waste of time
 10) Moves I can't do
 11) Custom Nunchaku Combos                   
 12) Really Fancy stuff                       
 13) History About Me     
 14) Thanks

Copyright Information
  It is against the law to reproduce this document in any way shape or form
and cannot be converted to another medium. Information on this document may
not be reproduced by anyone without giving credit to me Rob Noon
(soulhazardus). This document is the soul property of Rob Noon and is allowed
only at www.gamefaqs.com and guardimpact.com. For anyone who reproduces this by
submitting it to another site, magazine, or strategy guide for profit
will be committing serious acts of plagiarism and will not be tolerated. You 
cannot link to this address without my consent.

  Maxi and all other elements are registered trademarks of Namco. All
rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended.

  I realize that mixing video games and real life martial arts seems like 
a crazy concept and most would think it's ridiculous. But I'm sure there are
a few of you out there, like me, who watch Maxi perform extremely skilled 
combos with his nunchaku and think to themselves, "Man, if I could do that..."
Well, if you are like me, you went and bought yourself a pair of Nunchaku and
started to figure out how to use the mysterious weapon. Now you
want to start learning to use it like a pro.
  Well, I went a little crazy and watched every one of Maxi's movements,
carefully mimicking every move and critiquing what can be changed to suit me.
Now, I decided to document all my Maxi research into an FAQ to hopefully help
those few people out there that are just as obsessed as me when it comes to 
fighting games and real martial arts.

  What you will need:
    A nunchaku: It's weight should be light if you're a beginner
                and then move on to heavier models.
                I suggest using a pair coated with foam lining and a chain
                that links the two ends rather than a rope. Maxi uses a
                15 inch pair... I've gotten used to 12 myself. 
    An open mind: Everything documented as the official version is exactly
                  how Maxi does it. He may make a move more difficult than
                  it needs to be, or make telegraphing movements, or even
                  do dumb, pointless moves. You can change anything. Create
                  your own style and try to come up with your own moves.
    Patience: It takes a long time to learn this style, (Especially the
              6 stances system) so practice a lot and try not to hit yourself.

  If you can fight like Maxi in real life... then imagine how good you 
will be able to play as him in the game... it's a new level of mastering
a character.
  This FAQ will also go over the basics of traditional nunchaku arts.
  The nunchaku is not the best weapon... in terms of efficiency, it pales
in comparison. It makes you it's slave, you are committed to every move you 
do. Somebody holding a stick can probably beat you... I'm not kidding at
all. If you want to learn it for fun please read on, otherwise, learn 
Philipino stick fighting or buy a gun.
  I should also tell you before you take every little thing I say seriously
that this is all self taught, I never had any official nunchaku teaching. 
I do study martial arts, but never in the nunchaku feild. So if you don't 
agree with something I say, or you think I'm wrong, or you just want to
e-mail me telling me that I'm stupid ect ect feel free. If you would like
to contribute to this faq in any way, I'm not against it. This isn't one
of those faqs that doesn't allow contributions because I'm a credit hog,
that's not the case. Even though I never learned about the nunchaku in 
a class, I did learn alot on my own. Perhaps that's the best way to do things.

Why did I write this?
  Simple, for my own help. By writing it down, that give me a better way to
understand it. And I put it online at gamefaqs because others might find it
useful or something to laugh at. This is real people, people do this with 
videogames, more than you think!

                               IN DEPTH MOVE LIST
  Not your normal moves list, this list is much like a quick reference to
learning combos and chains. It can be complex and hard to read, so refer to 
the Command Conventions for help. 
--The official list was edited to make the list more accurate.

Command Conventions
Fd  = Forward
Bk  = Back
Up  = Up
Dn  = Down
Uf  = Up Forward
Df  = Down Forward
Db  = Down Back
Ub  = Up Back
*   = Neutral Joystick
X   = Horizontal
Y   = Vertical
B   = Kick
A   = Guard
--  = Hold Input
xX  = Slide Input
X+Y = Simultaneous Input
(ffc)   = From Full Crouch
(wru)   = While Rising Up
(air)   = While in the air
(land)  = Just as you Land
(down)  = From Downed position
(turn)  = With back turned
(near)  = Close to the opponent
(back)  = From Opponents Back
(right) = From Opponents Right
(left)  = From Opponents Left
(offc)  = Opponent is fully crouched
(oair)  = Opponent is in the air
(odwn)  = Opponent is downed
(Delay) = Move can be executed with a delay in the combo.
(Hold)  = Input can be held to give the move more power.
(Cancel) = The move is faked and not executed.
(Fake) = Move before it is faked and turned into a different move.

Type of attacks
H    = High Attack
M    = Middle Attack
L    = Low Attack
*M   = Special Middle
T    = Throw
!    = Unblockable
(d)  = Attack hits when opponent is down
(*d) = All attacks in move hit when opponent is down

Move Name                      Ends in   Command             Type of Move
Snake                                 |X                   |H
  Twin Snakes                    [RC] |X  X                |H,H
Lunging Snake                    [RO] |Fd X                |H
Striking Snake                        |Fd Fd X             |H
Lotus                                 |Df X                |M
Tongue                        [Ducked]|Dn X OR (ffc) X     |*M
Snake Scythe                  [Ducked]|Db X OR (ffc) Db X  |L
  Scythe Fang                    [LO] |(ffc) Db X  Y       |L,M(d)
Nunchaku Slap                    [BL] |Bk X                |H
  Nunchaku Slap to Steel Dragon       |Bk X  Y             |H,H
  Nunchaku Slap to Steel Dragon  [LO] |Bk X  yY            |H,H
  N. Slap to Branding Nunchaku   [LI] |Bk X  Y  Bk--       |H,M,M,M,M,M
  N. Slap to B. Nunchaku (Cancel)[LI] |Bk X  Y  Bk-- A     |H,M,M
  Bane Step                           |Bk X  yX            |H,M
    Lotus Bane                        |Bk X  yX X          |H,M,M
      Serpent's Step (Delay)          |Bk X  yX X  Y       |H,M,M,M
Wave Slice                    [Ducked]|Bk Bk X             |L
Rope Dancer                      [RO] |(ffc) Df X  X  X    |L,L,L (*d)
Snake Wing                            |(air) X             |H
Nunchaku Cross                        |(wru) X             |M
Dandy Surprise                   [BL] |Dn Df Fd X          |L,L,L,L,L(*d)
Stonewall                        [LO] |xB                  |H,M
Stone Kick                            |xB Bk-- OR (land) B |M
Serpent's Pleasure                    |X+Y                 |M,M(d)
Serpent's Pleasure (Cancel)      [RC] |X+Y Dn--            |M
Rage of Pleasure                      |Bk X+Y              |M,M(d)
Dragon's Brand                   [LI] |DnxY                |M
                                      |(wru) X+Y           |
                                      |(ffc) X+Y           |
Side Winder                      [LI] |X+B                 |
Guillotine Dance                      |Df X+B              |L(d),H

Snake Bite                       [RO] |Y                   |M  
Serpent's Breath                      |Y  Dn               |M(d)
Steel Dragon                          |Fd Y                |H
Steel Dragon                     [LO] |Fd yY               |H
Branding Nunchaku                [LI] |Fd Y  Bk--          |M,M,M,M,M
Branding Nunchaku (Cancel)       [LI] |Fd Y  Bk-- A        |M,M
Return of Fear                   [BL] |Fd Fd Y             |M
Return of Fear (Cancel)          [RC] |Fd Fd Y  A          |
Biting Upper                          |Df Y                |M(d)
Falling Fang                  [Ducked]|Dn Y                |M
Inner Biting Upper                    |Db Y                |M
Snake Kiss                       [LO] |Bk Y                |M
Dragon's Judgment                     |Up Y                |M
Ducking Snake Bite            [Ducked]|(ffc) Y             |M(d)
Rolling Biting Upper             [LI] |(wru) Y             |M(d)
Venom Fang                       [LO] |(air) Y             |M
Serpent Step                          |Fd yX               |M
  Lotus Bane                          |Fd yX X             |M,M
    Serpent's Desire (Delay)          |Fd yX X  Y          |M,M,M
Rage                                  |Y+B Y  Y  Y         |M (*8)
  Fury                           [RO] |Y+B Y  Y  Y  X      |M (*9)
Dragon Cannon                         |Fd Fd Y             |M
Nunchaku Lick                         |Df Y+B              |L(d)
Nunchaku Lick                    [RO] |Df y+bY OR (land) Y |L(d) 
Tiger Mash                            |Dn Y+B              |L(d)
  Tiger Slaughter                     |Dn Y+B Y            |L,L(d) 
Twisted Loop                          |Bk Y+B              |M!
Twisted Loop (Cancel)                 |Bk Y+B A            |

Fang Scratch                          |B                   |H
Left Roundhouse                       |Fd B                |H
Dragon Roar                           |Fd Fd B             |H
Snap Kick                             |Df B                |M
Illusion Step                         |Dn B                |L(d)
  Illusion Kick                  [RO] |Dn B  Y             |L(d),M
  Illusion Low Kicks          [Ducked]|Dn B  B             |L(d),L(d)
Quick Slice                   [Ducked]|Db B OR (ffc) B     |L(d)
Right Roundhouse                      |Bk B                |H
Rolling Sobat                         |Bk Bk B             |H
Hurricane                             |Dn Df Fd B          |M,M,M,M
Hurricane (Cancel)                    |Dn Df Fd B  Bk      |
Dragon Tail                           |(wru) B             |M
  Dragon Scream                       |(wru) B  B          |M,H
Dive Kick                             |(air) B             |M
Stone Kick                            |(land) B            |M
Dragon Kick                           |bY                  |M(d)
  Falling Dragon                      |bY  X               |M(d),L
  Dragon Pounce (Hold)                |bY  B               |M(d),M

Falling Heaven Dragon                 |X+A                 |T!
Lynching                              |Y+A                 |T!
Dragon Destroyer                      |(Left)  X+A         |T!
Leaving the Dragon Nest          [BL] |(Right) X+A         |T!
Parting the Waves                     |(Back)  X+A         |T!

Striking Snake                        |{Df,Fd,Uf} X         |H
Northern Lights                  [LI] |{Dn} X               |M
Northern Lights                       |{Up} X               |M
Wave Slice                            |{Db,Bk,Ub} X         |L
Serpent's Pleasure                    |{Dn,Df,Fd,Uf,Up} X+Y |M,M(d)
Rage of Pleasure                      |{Db,Bk,Ub} X+Y       |M,M(d)
Dandy Surprise                   [BL] |{Any} X+B            |L,L,L,L,L(*d)
Return of Fear                   [BL] |{Df,Fd,Uf} Y         |M
Return of Fear (Cancel)          [RC] |{Df,Fd,Uf} Y  A      | 
Steel Dragon                     [LO] |{Dn,Up} Y            |H
Branding Nunchaku                [LI] |{Dn,Up} Y  Bk--      |M,M,M,M,M
Branding Nunchaku (Cancel)       [LI] |{Dn,Up} Y  Bk-- A    |M,M
Serpent Step                          |{Dn,Up} yX           |M
  Lotus Bane                          |{Dn,Up} yX X         |M,M
    Serpent's Desire (Delay)          |{Dn,Up} yX X  Y      |M,M,M
Mark of the Beast                     |{Db,Ub} Y            |M,M,M,M
Snake Kiss                       [LO] |{Bk}    Y            |M
Dragon Cannon                         |{Df,Fd,Uf} Y+B       |M
Hurricane                             |{Db,Dn,Ub,Up} Y+B    |M,M,M,M 
Hurricane (Cancel)                    |{Db,Dn,Ub,Up} Y+B Bk |
Twisted Loop                          |{Bk} Y+B             |M!
Twisted Loop (Cancel)                 |{Bk} Y+B A           | 
Sliding                               |{Fd} B               |L(d)
Back Kick                             |{Df,Uf} B            |M
Water Sweep                           |{Dn} B               |L(d)
  Water Slice                         |{Dn} B  B            |L(d),M
Circle Kick                           |{Up} B               |L(d)
Rolling Sobat                         |{Db,Bk,Ub} B         |H

                                           RIGHT OUTER [RO]
Bite                             [BL] |X                |H
  Dragon Bite (Hold)                  |X  B             |H,M
Wing                             [RC] |Y                |M
  Dragon Wing                    [RC] |Y  Y             |M,M(d)
    Dragon Wing Sobat                 |Y  Y  B          |M,M(d),H
Dragon Kick                           |B                |M(d)
  Falling Dragon                      |B  X             |M(d),L
  Dragon Pounce (Hold)                |B  B             |M(d),M

                                           BEHIND LOWER [BL]
Inverted Moon                         |X                |H
Lunging Biting Upper             [LO] |Y                |M
Fury Step                             |B                |L(d)
  Fury Kicks                          |B  B             |L(d),M

                                           RIGHT CROSS [RC]
Tiger Pounce                  [Ducked]|X                |M,M(d)
Mark of the Beast                     |Y                |M,M,M,M
Water Sweep                   [Ducked]|B                |L(d)
  Water Slice                         |B  B             |L(d),M

                                           LEFT OUTER [LO]
Blood Bite                    [Ducked]|X                |L
  Bloody Cross                        |X  B             |L,M
Wing Slice                       [RC] |Y                |M(d)
  Wing Sobat                          |Y  B             |M(d),H
Circle Kick                   [Ducked]|B                |L(d)

                                           LEFT INNER [LI]
Purity Cross                          |X                |H
Purity Cross                     [RC] |xX               |H
Canyon Carve                     [BL] |Y                |M
Canyon Carve (Cancel)            [RO] |Y  A             |
Water Kick                            |B                |M

                                           PURE SOUL LOOPS
Pure Soul 1                           |Fd--
             [LI]/[BL]                |
             [LO]/[RC]                |
           /-[BL]                     |
          |  [RC]                     |
           \-[RO]                     |
Pure Soul 2                           |Bk--
             [LO]/[RC]                |
             [LI]/[BL]                |
           /-[RC]                     |
          |  [BL]                     |
           \-[RO]                     |
Pure Soul 3                           |X+B--
             [RC]                     |
             [LI]/[BL]                |
             [BL]                     |
            /[LO]/[RC]                |
            \[RO]                     |

                                 SPECIAL NAMES
  Namco's official moves list looks longer because they gave special names to
some of Maxi's stance moves. They are the same thing, and can be executed the
same way. I decided the names might come in handy if you get confused
comparing my list to the official one.

  If done after the "Snake Bite" it is called..."Snake Slide"

Dragon Bite (Hold)
      If done after the "Snake Slide" it is called..."Dragon Snake Bite"

Tiger Pounce
  If done after "Snake Wing" it is called..."Snake Pounce"

Mark of the Beast:
  If done after "Twin Snakes" it is called..."Mark of the Snake"

Inverted Moon
  If done after the "Snake Slide" it is called..."Inverted Dragon Bite"

Lunging Biting Upper
  If done after the "Snake Slide" it is called..."Lunging Snake Bite"

Blood Bite
  If done after the "Snake Kiss" it is called..."Snake Cross"

Bloody Cross
  If done after the "Snake Cross" it is called..."Snake Blood Cross"
Wing Slice
  If done after the "Snake Kiss" it is called..."Snake Wing"

Wing Sobat
  If done after the "Snake Wing" it is called..."Snake Wing Sobat"
Circle Kick
  If done after the "Snake Kiss" it is called..."Snake Tail"
  If done after the "Lunging Snake Bite" it is called...
  "Lunging Snake Bite Sobat"

                              STANCE SWITCHING
Right Inner - [RI]
  This is the basic stance. It is what Maxi stands in at most times. It's
simple to get used to. Just simply hold one piece of the nunchaku with your 
right hand and hold the other in your right armpit.
  Learning to catch the nunchaku after a swing is very important. It takes
much practice, so I'll tell you some moves to get used to catching the
nunchaku in [RI].

The Figure 8
  The figure 8 should come naturally to most people because that's what the
nunchaku was designed to do. It's so easy anyone can do it the second they
pick up a pair. Here it is...
  1)Holding one piece of the nunchaku, swing the other around in 2 circles
    making an 8 motion. If you can't do it, try making a horizontal 8 
    without the nunchaku in your hand.
  2)To stop swinging, wait until the momentum is aimed toward you from the 
    right side. Now lift your right arm and catch it under your arm.
That's all there is to it. Try going really fast. It's too easy to impress
anybody, but simple minds are easily impressed.

The Basic Vertical strike
  Maxi doesn't do this basic strike but he does use it in his kata. I should
give it some cool name that has "Snake" or "Dragon" in it somewhere, but 
  1)Pull the nunchaku out of your armpit and whip it down directly in front
    of you.
  2)As it makes a circle back up, catch it in [RI].

Catching will become an art in itself when you start stance switching so
get used to it.

Right Outer - [RO]
  This is a secondary stance, and is commonly used. It's very easy to get
into. Just swing the nunchaku over your right shoulder so it just hangs
there. Now bring your left arm and grab the hanging piece with the left
  This stance is very basic. Get used to switching between [RO] and [RI].

The extra circle
  Maxi goes to [RO] from [RI] with style. He adds an extra circle motion
on the way down into the armpit. I'd say the circle is made once it's
lined up with the shoulder. It could be turned into an extra attack
"Just in case..."

Behind Lower - [BL]
  This is where things get all "Loopy" because you can switch from left
stances to right stances using this. It's an awkward stance and should
be used with caution. It is when both or your arms are behind your back
holding onto separate ends of the nunchaku. Careful not to stay here too
long because you are WIDE OPEN.
  Switching is a piece of cake, so I really don't need to describe this
in too much detail. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Right Cross - [RC]
  This is THE HARDEST stance in all 6. It's the most awkward, but you 
have to give Namco credit, it's used greatly. It's good for switching
from left stances to right stances. Bring your right arm around to the 
left side above the left shoulder and let the nunchaku go around your
back. Grab the other piece by bringing your left arm around to the right
under the right shoulder and grab that piece. That's right... you're 
giving yourself a big hug.
  Switching from this stance is very difficult, and requires the most 
practice. The most difficult is switching from left to right, by right
  The reason that is so difficult is because there is no left cross. That
means you must swing the nunchaku under your right shoulder up to your left
side about that shoulder without hitting your head. It takes lots of practice,
but it pays off. People are impressed by this.

Left Outer - [LO]
  Left Outer is a mirror image of [RO]. It's the same thing. You can switch
From [LO] to [RO] or [RO] to [LO] by swinging the lower one up and over the
right shoulder. That comes naturally to most people.
  All moves that end in [LO] switch to [RC] then to [RI].

Left Inner - [LI]
  Left Inner is exactly like [RI] but with the left hand. It's the only 
stance that is completely Left handed.
  All moves that end in [LI] switch to [BL] then to [RI].

  All these stances work together to create one awesome fighting style!
After you master these try to master the loops listed in the moves list.

Attacks done by stance switching

  Hey don't just do it for the sake of looking good... use these movements
as attacks! Here's a list of stance switches that can be turned into extra
hits for efficiency using Maxi's style. It makes you better than him, more
efficient, once you master stuff like this, some of his other stuff isn't 
even worth learning. All of this is common sense and I really shouldn't 
write it, but it's a good way to increase the amount of attacks you can
create on your own. 
  I am not going into insane detail with this. Look into it more once your
good at the basic strikes. I'm not going to say what does what and what
swings there and what does that and all that other crazyness like below 
in the actual instructions, I'm just going to comment on the direction.

[RI] Into [RO] 
  Yep this is an attack, in fact Maxi does it, he calls it the "Snake Bite".
It's a vertical upward swing. Very basic, and opens the door to custom 

[RI] Into [RC]
  This is also an attack, it's the second strike in "Twin Snakes". So look
at that, you don't have to even do the first hit. 

[RI] Into [BL]
  No attack that I see of unless you used the left hand, and that's just
not nesseccary.

[RI] Into [LO]
  This is an attack that Maxi does called the "Snake Kiss", he grabs the 
nunchaku you are currently holding on to with the left hand and whips it
over the left shoulder. It's a vertical Upward swing and begins loop 3.

[RI] Into [LI]
  If your good with catching it in the left side, this is actually 2 hits 
and no Maxi doesn't do it. If you grab it with the left like you did to 
go into [LO], but instead of bringing it over your arm, swung it into a 
downward circle directed into the left armpit, which would be a good
downard hit. It's like the basic vertical strike up above, but with the
left hand, and done after the Snake Kiss. 2 hits, and opportunity to 
combo, the closest thing Maxi would have to this is the Side Winder... and
he doesn't use it as an attack.

[RO] Into [RI]
  The basic downward strike. It works here as well, and the fact that it's
being done from [RO] adds much more power.

[RO] Into [RC]
  Same thing as [RI] into [RC], it's the same thing.

[RO] Into [BL]
  Perhaps you can swing them directly down almost as if you were bringing them
back into [RI], but went all the way back to [BL], that's a good choice, but 
there is another way if you prefer horizontal. Use the left hand and swing it
to the left and around to the back. That's a horizontal attack, or a vertical
you decide.

[RO] Into [LO]
  Loop 3, I love this loop. It's the same as [RI] to [LO] except it's more
efficient than that becuase your left hand is already loaded to strike.

[RO] Into [LI]
  Same deal as above, but more efficient becuase the left hand is ready.
Same 2 hit combo if that's what you want to call it.

[RC] Into [RI]
  This is a good 2 hit combo, using the right hand to swing it back to the
front, going right across the body. Then making a circle down into the 
right armpit and using that basic downward strike I like so much. 

[RC] Into [RO]
  Loop 1, I don't like that much, and I don't like this much either. For 
some reason I have to limit speed to get the nunchaku to land in [RO] 
without being horribly crooked. Swinging it around the front to the right
and into [RO] is an attack though, but I find it annoying to do. You may 
not have that problem, but I let some speed suffer (nothing noticable) so
that it doesn't get crooked, and that limits whatever power I once had.
Only if I'm practicing loops do I go from [RC] to [RO].

[RC] Into [BL]
  This I do often, one becuase it looks cool and it's an attack no matter
what way you swing it. Right arm swings to the back (loop 2) or left arm 
swings to the back. Either way it's a limited attack, but an attack none the

[RC] Into [LO]
  Unlike going [RC] to [RO] this one is more of a vertical move upward and 
to the left. I like it more than going from [RC] into [RO], but I don't like
being in [LO] as much. The move has more power added to it though. Just use
your left arm and swing it up and to the left. 

[RC] Into [LI]
  The same as [RC] into [LO] but your adding that extra little basic vertical
strike in there. 

[BL] into [RI]
  It takes practice to do it like Maxi. I usually never find myself doing it
for some reason, by force of habit, I go from [BL] into [RO] all the time.
ALMOST EVERY TIME. It's just a habit. Otherwise, this would be a small
little vertical attack if you tried really hard. (Same applies for [BL] to

[BL] Into [RO]
  This is what I like. A very powerful upward strike. Maxi does it by the way
it's called "Lunging Snake Bite" and yes, he lunges forward when he does it.
A little note on that move is that he doesn't acutally go into [RO] he does
an easy but fancy trick to go into [LO] intstead. I don't mind, I think it 
looks cool, but not nesseccary.

[BL] Into [RC]
  It's [RC] into [BL] only backwards. I'm not typing all that over again.
But yes it's the same deal, you have an option of which attack you want.

[BL] Into [LO]
  Mirror image of [BL] into [RO]. 

[BL] Into [LI]
  Mirror image of [BL] into [RI]. I shouldn't even have to say that... and 
I'm sure I don't. 

All [LO] moves are mirror images of [RO] moves.
All [LI] moves are mirror images of [RI] moves.

So the end result is all of the switches are attacks except:
  [RI] to [BL]
  [LI] to [BL]
And yes in some ways it is a waste of time to write that... then again
to most this whole faq is a waste of time. Call it what you want.
                              MOVE INSTRUCTIONS

Snake (X)                                                                
  This is the most basic of all horizontal swings. It's best if you learn 
this swing first, since it is the base of all other horizontal swings. 
The best thing to keep in mind when doing this move is that it's direction 
is from left to right.

Official Version
  1)Pull back towards the left slightly, to give yourself more swinging 
  2)Release the nunchaku from [RI] and swing it across your body to the 
  3)After you release and start the swing, extend your arm completely to 
    maximize the range of the swing.
  4)Swing it over your right arm and bring your left arm to the right side 
    underneath your right. Repel the nunchaku off your left hand and back 
    into [RI].
    Do not grab it with the left hand, this move does not end in [RO]

My Altered Version
  Pulling back does telegraph, and I have a thing against that, so I never
pull back. The repel does make this extremely basic move tricky to control, 
so I just whip the nunchaku into [RI] by changing the momentum in a downward 
circle. It also makes this move very fast.

Notes: An amazing discovery about this move.... if the opponent has side 
stepped to your left, it would be impossible to hit him with this move. 
Maxi alters the move by swinging it from right to left and repelling off the
left side.

Twin Snakes (X X)
  This move is a simple combo off the first one, and is very practical and
useful. Plus it ends in [RC], opening the door to a chain combo of your own.

Official Version
  1)Do the first 3 steps of SNAKE.
  2)Swing the nunchaku around your shoulder and switch momentum to the left.
  3)Swing the nunchaku to the left side now, keeping it higher than your left
  4)Bring it UP AND OVER your left shoulder and around the back to the right.
  5)Have your left hand ready to meet it in [RC] stance. (Combo here!)
  6)Switch stance from [RC] to [RI].

My altered version
  I do it the exact same way every time.

Lunging Snake (Fd X)
  This is a variation of the Snake and is just as basic. Unlike the normal 
Snake, this one begins from right to left. It also repels differently. Maxi 
moves forward on this move 2 steps.

Official Version
  1)Release nunchaku from [RI] and whip it towards the left. Keep it lower 
    than the left shoulder.
  2)As you swing take a step forward with the left, then another with the right.
  3)Repel it off the left side under your left arm and bring it back towards 
    the right.
  4)Swing it up and over your right shoulder and meet it with your left hand. 
    Grab it and this will put you in [RO] (Combo here!).
  5)Switch stance from [RO] to [RI].

My altered version
  You don't have to do step 2. It makes this more useful in the game, but it's 
not necessary in real life. This move must end in [RO], so I repel it the 
same way, but if you don't find the need to do [RO] combo's then just whip 
momentum back into [RI].

Striking Snake (Fd Fd X)
  This is another variation of the Snake but adds a little difficulty by making
this move spin. It's direction is from right to left like the Lunging Snake but
you must spin with it to add power.... and it works. Spinning with the move will
add more power than you could ever hope to accomplish normally with a lunging 
snake making this one of the best moves in real life.

Official Version
  1)Release nunchaku from [RI] and bring it over your right shoulder and just 
    let it hang.
  2)STEP TURN to turn the other way as you do step one.
  3)Step turn again to face forward, as you turn, swing from right to left like 
    in Lunging Snake.
  4)Repel it off left side under left arm, and from there, shift it under your 
    right arm and into [RI]. (Because this move does not end in [RO]).

My altered version
  I do it just like that every time.

Lotus (Df X)
  This isn't a swing of any kind, in fact this is just a typical martial arts 
move done without nunchucks. It's a spinning elbow. You'll see that you can use
the bottom "Stabbing" parts of the nunchaku to attack with your elbow.

Official Version
  1)Step forward with left leg. Release Nunchaku from under the arm and catch 
    it with right hand. This makes it so that you are holding both pieces in 
    your right hand.
  2)STEP TURN with right leg, and thrust right elbow into mid section.
  3)Let go of one piece and catch it under right arm.

My altered version
  Maxi is not made to be able to stand with his left leg forward, but I can. 
So I don't throw in that extra step forward when I do this. I step back after
the move is done to get back in Right foot forward stance, but I do it quickly. 
Overall, this move isn't very useful and I don't do it often. Look for it in 
the Serpent's Desire combo as well.

Tongue (Dn X)
  This is a variation of the snake that hits the opponent's knees. It's just 
a ducking Snake. Don't expect anything new here.

Official Version
  2)Do SNAKE.
  3)Stand up.

My altered version
  Wow, that's some in depth instruction there. All the same things apply for 
this move as they did with the original version.

Note: You can do this move 2 ways. One standing and one from full crouch.
They are exactly the same but he does a different shout.

Snake Scythe (Db X)
  This is another attack the knee move, but it's more like the Lunging Snake 
than it is like the Snake. This move steps forward one step than steps back.

Official Version
  1)Step forward with the left leg. Bring the nunchaku out of [RI] and bring 
    it over your right shoulder and just let it hang.
  2)Duck down and swing to the left side, repelling off the left side under the 
    left arm.
  3)From there bring it into [RI] by shifting it over under your arm .
    (Much like you do in Striking Snake)
  4)Step back.

My Altered Version
  I do it the same way. There's not much you could change to make this move 
better. You could try to not telegraph it.

Notes: There are 2 ways to do this move. One is Db X and the other is
(ffc) Db X.  You can only do the Scythe Fang from the full crouch one,
but the 2 moves are exactly the same. (He does a different shout).

Scythe Fang (Db X Y)
  This is a very unique combo move off the Snake Scythe, it is only in the 
Dreamcast version. This most likely won't work on a real opponent. So you 
should use some altered version of it.

Official Version
  1)Do the first 2 steps of Snake Scythe. Stop once you repel off the left 
  2)Grab the side that is wrapped around your left side with your left hand. 
    Hold the nunchaku in a stabbing position (Like holding 2 knives)
  3)Jump in the air and stab downward with both pieces.
  4)Let go with the right hand and swing it over your left shoulder into [LO]. 
    (Combo here!)
  5)Switch stances from [LO] to [RC] to [RI].

My Altered Version
  Ok, like I said, I just don't see this working. If the opponent is bent over, 
you can stab them without jumping. Also, when he jumps, he jumps far forward. 
I wouldn't do that. Also, if you're not good at stance switching, you should let
go with the left hand and move into [RO] instead of [LO]. It's up to you. 
This is a strange move indeed, and it's very likely you'll change it to what 
you think would be appropriate.

Nunchaku Slap (Bk X)
  WARNING! This is one of those moves that the game cheats on. What I mean is
the animation does something unreal to make the move look better. In this case,
it's not that bad, but if you look carefully, Maxi holds his nunchaku in an
inverted position when he does this move. (The bottom part faces up and the
chain faces down). He gets to that position easily because when he starts this
move, the nunchaku goes through his hand. You will have to find a different way.

Official Version
  1)Hold nunchaku in "Inverted Position".
  2)Swing across you body from right to left.
  3)Repel it around your left arm, which hangs at your left side. (Combo here!)
  4)Bring it back to the right and around your back. The left arm should catch
    the swinging nunchaku from the other side of your back. You are in [BL].
    (Combo here!)
  5)Switch stances from [BL], to [RI].

My Altered Version
  I altered this move a lot. First of all, I don't hold it inverted, but I swing
inverted. That means as I swing, I point the chain downward. This changes the 
trajectory of the swing. Also, I don't repel off the arm, but rather the left
side like usual. The moves that combos off this can be done easier is you repel
off your left side like you normally would. I go into [BL] just the same.

Nunchaku Slap to Steel Dragon (Bk X Y)
  This is a stabbing move and is done off the Nunchaku Slap. It starts by
catching the nunchaku right after you repel it off the left arm (Or left side)
just like in the Scythe Fang.

Official Version
  1)Do the first 3 steps of Nunchaku Slap. Stop after you repel off left arm.
  2)Grab the nunchaku piece that repelled with the left hand. Let go with the 
    right. The one that was in the right, catch that with the left also. You
    should be holding both pieces in the left hand with the chain facing out.
  3)Stab (punch) with the chain part up high, using your left arm.
  4)Place the Nunchaku in your right hand. Drop one piece into [RI].

My Altered Version
  I can't say much about this move. It sounds like a lot to handle, but it's 
real easy.

Nunchaku Slap to Steel Dragon (version 2) (Bk X yY)
  This is done differently. This version is designed to open combos. I always 
do this one because I think it looks cooler. It's the same thing, but step 4
is different.

Official Version
  The first 3 steps are the same as above.  
  4)Let go of one piece and swing it over your left shoulder, catch that piece
    under the arm and you will be in [LO].
  5)Switch stances from [LO] to [RC] to [RI].

My Altered Version
  This is just to get it into [LO] so you can combo. I realize it's not
necessary, but it usually never is.

N. Slap to Branding Nunchaku (Bk X Y Bk--)
  This is an awkward move, but it seems to work in the game. I think it's more
of a defense than an attack. This will utilize the nunchaku as a defensive weapon
which is rare. It's done basically just like the Nunchaku Slap to Steel Dragon.
Also I think this may be used to capture the opponents weapon by wrapping the 
chain around it and then pulling it. But since you can't do that in the game,
this is what you get.

Official Version
  1)Do the first 3 steps of Nunchaku Slap. Stop after you repel off left arm.
  2)Grab the nunchaku piece that repelled with the left hand. Let go with the 
  3)Extend your arm and circle the nunchaku out in front of you like the
    propellers on an airplane (Best analogy I can think of).
  4)Stop circling by shifting momentum under your left arm into [LI].
    (combo here!)
  5)Switch stances from [LI] to [BL] to [RI].

My Altered Version
  When you circle it around, keep in mind it is not a figure 8. Nothing much
you can alter. Perhaps you could switch from circling it around horizontally
to vertically, but that's another move later.

N. Slap to B. Nunchaku (Cancel) (Bk X Y Bk-- A)
  Without going into detail I can explain this to you. Normally Maxi will swing
it around 5 times. Cancel it, and he stops at 2.

Bane Step (Bk X yX)
  This is part of Maxi's Serpent's Desire combo. This is a combo that needs
much practice to get correctly, because it can cause massive confusion. I'll 
try my best not to confuse you too much, but it's hard to visualize without a
visual reference.

Official Version
  1)Do the first 3 steps of Nunchaku Slap. Stop after you repel off left arm.
  2)Grab the nunchaku piece that repelled with the left hand. Let go with the 
    right. The one that was in the right, catch that with the left also. You
    should be holding both pieces in the left hand with the chain facing out.
  3)Holding on to both pieces, swing your arm down and over to the right.
    Like a falling hook punch (Please refer to the game for a visual).
  4)Grab it with the right and shift it into [RI].

My Altered Version
  This is done much like the steel dragon but it's path is different.
I don't alter this move at all, but I rarely do it.

Lotus Bane (Bk X yX X)
  This is the second hit in the Serpent's Desire combo. It's the Lotus from

Official Version
  1)Do the Bane Step, but don't go into [RI] just yet.
  2)Do Lotus.

My Altered Version
  That's putting it simply, because that's all it is. It's the Lotus. Try to
do this quickly and professionally.

Serpent's Step (Bk X yX X Y)
  This is the final hit in the Serpent's Desire combo (It's called Serpent's
Step in this case). It is also done by itself later on. The positioning is
difficult to describe so do refer to the game for a visual.

Official Version
  1)Do Lotus Bane. Do not shift into [RI].
  2)From that position, grab the upper nunchaku with the left hand. Hold on to
    the lower one with the right hand. Hold one directly above the other.
  3)With the stance you are in, thrust both pieces out in a stab (Remember to
    keep your knuckles pointing up).
  4)Let go with the left and swing the nunchaku up and repel it off your arm
    and into [RI].

My Altered Version
  This can be confusing but after a few times of stabbing you'll realize that
it's a powerful stab. This combo is done later without the Nunchaku Slap, and
the last hit is done alone later.

Wave Slice (Bk Bk X)
  I very rarely do this move. It's a spinning version of the Snake Scythe, but
the spin does very little to help the move gain power.

Official Version
  1)Step forward with the left leg. Bring the nunchaku out of [RI] and bring 
    it over your right shoulder and just let it hang.
  2)Duck down and swing from right to left. Do not repel off anything yet.
  3)Spin on your left leg all the way around with the swing until your right
    leg is in the front again.
  4)Shift the swing into [RI].

My Altered Version
  I know. You don't have to say it, this move is dumb and pointless. My version,
is don't do it. I've done it a few times, but not in front of people. It's just
as pointless in real life than it is in the game. Check in the "Waste of time

Rope Dancer ([ffc]Df-- X X X)
  WARNING! The game cheats! If there is a way to do this, I haven't figured it
out. This move is on the list on IMPOSSIBLE MOVES. Moving on....

Snake Wing (Up X)
  This should look familiar. It's the Snake again, but this is a jumping

Official Version
  1)Jump in the air (Back, Up, or Forward).
  2)Do Snake while airborne.

My Altered Version
  Jumping Snake, Ducking Snake, they're all the same.

NOTES: The name of this move is given to the Wing Slice if it is done after 
the Snake Kiss. Don't worry about it though, that's a totally different move.
That's a mistake on Namco's part.

Nunchaku Cross ([wru] X)
  This is a spinning version of the Snake, which doesn't add as much power as
the Striking Snake did. This move is too slow to perform in real life. Maxi
can do it fast because he spins without stepping.

Official Version
  1)From the ducked position, as you get up take a step forward with the left
  2)Step turn with the right and throw a Snake while spinning toward the front.

My Altered Version
  I don't do this move often because it's too hard for me to spin while rising
up. It's just a Snake again and the spin doesn't help too much.

Dandy Surprise (Dn Df Fd X)
  I can't do this, I don't think anyone can. IMPOSSIBLE.

Stonewall (xB)
  This is a 2 in 1 shot. It's pretty cool, but worthless in the game. It's a 
horizontal swing and a spinning hook kick at the same time. 

Official Version
  1)Grab the nunchaku you're holding on to with your left hand.
  2)Spin and do a Spinning Hook Kick (If you can't do that kick, learn how).
  3)Along with the hook kick, swing the nunchaku from right to left (with your
    left hand remember) above your leg as it travels.
  4)Bring the leg to the back, and catch the swinging nunchaku in [LO].
  5)Switch from [LO] to [RC] to [RI].

My Altered Version
  I usually swing the nunchaku around my back and into [BL] because that seems
more natural to me.

Stone Kick (xB Bk--)
  This is not a nunchaku technique. It's actually just the kick from above by
itself. Why? I don't know.

Official Version
  1)Grab the nunchaku you're holding on to with your left hand.
  2)But then fake and let go with a spinning hook kick.
  3)Bring the leg back to it's original stance.

My Altered Version
  A fake? This is interesting. But it's a pointless fake. It's faster than the
Stonewall though.

Serpent's Pleasure (X+Y)
  This is a very useful move. It is two vertical strikes. The first one is 
aimed down, the second one follows with an upward strike. It's one of the 
best moves in the game, and in reality.

Official Version
  1)Swing the nunchaku downward and to the left.
    When it reaches the left side, move your head and body down to charge up
    for this next attack.
  2)Change momentum from the left and swing back the path you came. Rise up
    with it.
  3)Repel it off your right arm and back into [RI]. Add that extra circle
    motion done when switching stances from [RO] to [RI]. (This is not a
    [RO] move).

My Altered Version
  I like this move, though I don't always lower and rise with the attacks, that
does add power. Also, the first attack goes to the left side which I found odd
at first, but quickly adjusted to it. You can go directly down and switch on
the right side if that's easier for you. This is a very simple move.

Serpent's Pleasure (Cancel) (X+Y A)
  Canceling this move makes it pointless and more difficult than it needs to
be. I don't cancel this move because I like it how it is. This move ends in 
[RC] unlike the normal version.

Official Version
  1)On step 2 of the normal version, grab the swinging nunchaku with your left
  2)Using the left hand, swing it under your right shoulder.
  3)Bring your right hand over above your left shoulder to meet the nunchaku
    in [RC].
  4)Switch from [RC] to [RI].

My Altered Version
  I don't do this. I can, but I don't. I like it without the cancel more.

Rage of Pleasure (Bk X+Y)
  This is a "Clubbing" move as I like to call it. You will hold it by
the chain, so both pieces will swing and hit. It's two hits in one like some
earlier moves.

Official Version
  1)Swing the nunchaku over your shoulder. From there, slide the nunchaku down
    your hand and grab the chain.
  2)Swing down by the chain and over to the left.
  3)As you approach the left side, begin to spin with the attack, not stopping
    the momentum or changing it.
  4)Spin all the way around until you reach the front. Thrust the chain
    upwards and uppercut with the nunchaku.
  5)Hold the chain over your shoulder and slide it down to grab one end.
    Go into [RI].

My Altered Version
  I can't seem to get one end held after the uppercut. So I let go and catch
the one piece rather than doing that slide thing Maxi does.

Dragon's Brand ([wru] X+Y)
  This is the third hit in the Serpent's Desire combo by itself. It is
documented above as Serpent's Step.

Official Version
  1)Grab the nunchaku you are holding on to with you right hand with the left.
    Let go with the right and grab the other piece with the right.
  2)From that position, grab the upper nunchaku with the left hand. Hold on to
    the lower one with the right hand. Hold one directly above the other.
  3)With the stance you are in, thrust both pieces out in a stab (Remember to
    keep your knuckles pointing up).
  4)Let go with the left and swing the nunchaku up and repel it off your arm
    and into [RI].

My Altered Version
  I do it the same way.

Side Winder (X+B)
  This is just a side step to switch stances. It's not really a move, it's 
just a special movement.

Official Version
  1)Grab the piece your holding on to with your right hand with you left.
  2)Side step to the left and switch stance from [RI] to [LI].
  3)Switch stances from [LI] to [BL] to [RI].

My Altered Version
  I do it the same way every time.

Guillotine Dance (Df X+B)
  This is a useful move, but difficult to do. It's a sweep and a horizontal
swing at the same time.

I can't do this move. I'll document once I figure it out.


Snake Bite (Y)
  Is this move important? You bet it is. It's the most basic of all vertical
strikes (well that is I should say upward vertical strikes). It's extremely 
important because the combos you can do off it are unlimited as long as you 
understand the basics. Expect a real simple explanation.

Official Version
  1)Swing the nunchaku upwards.
  2)Bring you left arm over to the right side under the right arm so that it
    meets the nunchaku you swung in [RO].

My Altered Version
  You don't have to go into [RO], but like always, you never do.

Serpent's Breath (Y Dn)
  This is a beautiful move indeed. It's a hard downward hit. 
Not like the basic hit I showed you in the beginning, but more like if you 
were holding a whip.

Official Version
  1)Swing the nunchaku up and over your left shoulder, turn to the left as you do
    that to add momentum to the upcoming strike.
  2)Swing it down from there and put your whole body into the strike. Swing it  
    down and to the right.
  3)After the swing, shift momentum and bring it up and repel it off your arm
    and back into [RO] (doing that should be natural by now).

My Altered Version
  Lovely move, I like it. 

Steel Dragon (Fd Y)
  This is a stabbing move. It's the same move that's done above after that
great little combo starter the Nunchaku Slap. Where would Maxi be without it?

Official Version
  This is the Nunchaku slap to Steel Dragon, but with out the nunchaku slap.
One noticeable difference is he just hands off the nunchaku to the left hand
before doing it. Hey, do it with the right if it's there, that makes sense to

My Altered Version
  Check above... it's all the same.

Steel Dragon (version 2) (Fd yY)
  Same deal, he just goes into [LO], which if you've been studying, goes into

Official Version
  Yeah you get it... same as above.

My Altered Version

Branding Nunchaku (Fd Y Bk--)
  This is up above also and is done after the nunchaku slap.

Official Version
  This is the same move that he does after the Nunchaku slap... it's called,
N. Slap to Branding Nunchaku.. but without the N. Slap. You get it... he just
hands it off to the left to make it the same thing as above. No reason, try it
with the right.

My Altered Version
  This is the easy part of writing this faq.

Branding Nunchaku (Cancel) (Fd Y Bk-- A)
  This is the canceled version of the Branding Nunchaku... I don't think I 
needed to tell you that.

Official Version
  Uh... yeah... this is the same thing, just canceled... we don't need to go
into detail.

My Altered Version
  So... uh... what's new?

Return of Fear (Fd Fd Y)
  All right, something new... not a good thing though. This move reminds me of
how Maxi can be a total moron at times. It's a hard upward swing, 
you'll see what I mean.

Official Version
  1)Maxi leans back and releases the nunchaku bringing it down to his right side.
  2)He then swings it hard upward and to the left. He swings it over his left
  3)Then he brings the nunchaku from his left shoulder (almost looks like [RC] 
    but his other arm is not there to grab the end) to his right side and around
    his back into [BL] (Combo here).

My Altered Version
  Uh... take a look at this move in the game and tell me what's wrong. Right...
he leans back and starts walking forward begging to be hit.. which if you do this
move in the game, you usually get hit. Going into [BL] also doesn't make much
sense to me. I think it should be a [RC] move... hay take a look at the cancel!

Return of Fear (Cancel) (Fd Fd Y A)
  The canceled version of this actually makes the move better in some ways. Still
acting stupid and opening himself up, but at least he swings faster and doesn't
waste time going into pointless stances.

Official Version
  1)Extremely similar to the normal version but he does bring it into [RC] rather
    than not grabbing it and bringing it to [BL]. For some reason, the swing 
    isn't considered a move, but it sure looks like it is to me! 

My Altered Version
  So here you have what I would recommend this move being in the first place.
It goes to [RC] and is much faster. But why is this not an attack? It goes right
through the opponent! It doesn't make sense to me. 

Biting Upper (Df Y)
  I nice upward shot. Maxi has a whole bunch of these. This is one of the more
powerful ones.

Official Version
  1)Release the nunchaku and bring it down to your right side. 
  2)From down there, swing it up hard and repel it off the right arm.
  3)Throw in that fancy extra loop on the way to [RI]. (Use it as an attack,
    I always do.)

My Altered Version
  Let me throw in a few points about the upward shots... the Biting Upper and
Inner Biting upper are the same exact thing, except during the inner one he
leans back before he does it and rises with it. I would think that would make
it more powerful but that's not using videogame logic I suppose. They are the 
same exact thing, and also similar to the Return of Fear up above. Though the
Rolling Biting Upper is much different.

Falling Fang (Dn Y)
  This is one of those move where Maxi does a magical spin. He spins completely
around so fast you don't see it. You're gonna have to do that here... sorry.
You can improvise, but that takes away from the originality of this move.

Official Version
  1)Take a step forward and spin towards the left on the front leg.
  2)As you spin, lift the nunchaku into the air and ready to come down as you
    face your opponent again.
  3)When you come around, duck down and strike with the nunchaku, swinging it
    downward and to the right.
  4)When it is completely swung, make a circle with it so that it returns to
    [RI] without any repels.

My Altered Version
  I know it's tough... you can always forget the spin you know, Maxi knows 
magic spins so he can do that crap. 

Inner Biting Upper (Db Y)
  Another upward hit.. it's only a wee bit different, but revolves around the 
same principals. I assume it was a filler move because they couldn't think of 
what to give him for DB, Y.

Official Version
  1)Same as the Biting Upper above, but lean back before you do it and rise
    with it.

My Altered Version
  I think I went over this already.

Snake Kiss (Bk Y)
  Good way to start loop 3.. it's a left handed upward strike. Wait a minute...

Official Version
  1)Grab the nunchaku with your left hand and swing it up and to the left side
    so that it falls behind your left arm.
  2)Bring the right arm over and into [LO].

My Altered Version
  There it is, it's loop three, because now if you do the same move but with
the right hand, you'll be in [RO], now do it with the left and you have loop 3.
Maxi isn't that smart I guess. (Just kidding, he does much cooler stuff than 

Rolling Biting Upper ([wru] Y)
  Magic spin. I hate them too.

Official Version
  1)While ducked take a step forward with the left and spin around on the front
  2)As you spin, change the nunchaku into the left hand.
  3)When you come around, swing the nunchaku up and repel it off the back of 
    your left arm.
  4)Bring it into [LI], then into [BL] and back into [RI].

My Altered Version
  The magical spin kills the move for me. I don't like spinning and ducking at 
the same time. You don't have to spin but again that makes the move look alot
less original and more simple. Maxi you stylish bastard... also you don't have
to end it in... oh why even say it at this point?

Serpent Step (Fd yX)
  I think I went over this move already... above this done after the Nunchaku 
Lick and is the first move in that bizarre combo of his.

Official Version
  Check above in horizontal, it's called "Bane Step"

Lotus Bane (Fd yX X)
  Already done, above in horizontal it's called "Lotus Bane" and by itself it's
called Lotus.

Serpent's Desire (Fd yX X Y)
  You know where it is.. above in horizontal, it's called Serpent's Bane. 
Namco is very Clever.

Rage (Y+B Y Y Y)
  This is what I'm talking about! This is nunchaku usage with efficiency! It's
numerous vertical, downward hits one after the other in a circle. The hits 
move slightly from left to right that would look like a figure 8. They get faster
each time.

Official Version
  No reason to go into extreme details... this move is exactly what it is above.
Maxi goes very fast and that's what I would recommend you to do. You can really
mess somebody's face up by doing this... End it whenever you like. 

My Altered Version
  Is it just me or is it really hard to pull the whole thing off in the game?
The timing seems really hard even for Maxi experts. (I'm not saying I am one,
I still get beat by Maxi button mashers).

Fury    (Y+B Y Y Y X)Next update.
Dragon Cannon (Fd Fd Y+B)
  This is Maxi's shouryuken type move... but with nunchucks... it's easy,
fun and very customizable. In the game, it has many uses. 

Official Version
  1)Taking a step forward, jump into the air on an angle.
  2)On the way up, swing the nunchaku to the left and slightly upward.
  3)Spin around with the swing to add power.  

My Altered Version
  Check below in custom combos for a good way to finish this move off.
This is very easy and useful. 

Nunchaku Lick (Df Y+B)
  I'm gonna hold off on this one simply because I thought I knew what I was 
doing until I realized it won't work unless you have a target and it hits.
There is not way to do this unless you have an object to recoil off. If you 
miss, you hit your elbow or back. Eww... I think the nunchucks have better usage
but until I figure out the secret to this move I won't do stuff like this.  

Nunchaku Lick (version 2) (Df y+bY)
  Look above... version 2 ends in [RO] by the way.

Tiger Mash (Dn Y+B)
  Good old Tiger Mash. I don't honestly think I have to tell you how to stop
on them while they're down do I?  Of course not, I'll just say I do this move
often in the game when they are KO'd. You know, when you have that extra second
to beat on them... I go at it with the Tiger Mash, unless of course it's 
Sophita or Seung Mina, I would never do such a thing to them.

Tiger Slaughter (Dn Y+B Y)
  Better, much better, but keep in mind this is really easy and by this point,
I really shouldn't have to go into the details about simple stuff like this.

Official Version
  1)After stomping on them, look down and swing the nunchaku down and aimed 
    toward the right.
  2)Arch your back when you do this, so that your shoulders are facing down,
    this way you can attack down by swinging horizontally. Don't overdo it 
    though on the ark, just enough to hit downward.

My Altered Version
  Hey whatever works right... when the guys got a sword or an axe you don't
wanna take any chances!

Twisted Loop (Bk Y+B)
  Uh... teaching how to do this move like Maxi is like teaching how to do Ryu's
Shinku Hadouken. I am really against this. Look at this move... it's a level
3 hyper combo if I've ever seen one. This move has capcom written all over it.
Don't do it you'll look silly.

Official Version
  1)Put your hand out and have lightning strike it. Have the lighting go through
    your body until it posses your nunchucks then swing them up making sure to
    leave a nice trail of fire behind you causing fire and lightning elemental 
    damage. Make sure all the lights dim when you do this also. If the opponent 
    doesn't fly through the roof and land on the back of their head you are doing
    something wrong.

My Altered Version
  What's there to alter? Maybe add some ice in there and a plasma beam just for
effects. If you decide to finish the person off with this, be wary of the amount
of meteors that will fall from the sky and smash your opponent. If you won 
with a ring out, be sure to fall like a moron after them.
Twisted Loop (Cancel) (Y+B A)
  Forget it... I give up.

Official Version
  1)Hold your hand out, say something in Japanese, put it back.

My Altered Version
  It's sure to make people run away from you. 
  Maxi is not the king of kick in this game, (That would be Hwang).
How can somebody so good at nunchaku have such bad footwork?
NOTE: Maxi's kicks are...
          --Off Balance
          --Wouldn't work against anyone with experience.
                           USE WITH CAUTION!

Fang Scratch (B)
  This is a side kick. It's aimed at the person's head, so flexibility is
required to some certain extent. This kick hurts very badly in real life,
but against somebody skilled, chances are it's too short in range and
telegraphed to work. The kick is a four step process so it's way slower
than any punch. I don't recommend this against anybody with any experience.
  The side kick is with the front leg. That's a plus. (Closer weapon, closer
target). Though it does make the move harder to balance, and the height may
not be attainable.
  Maxi does an odd thing with the nunchaku during this move. He releases them
from [RI] and holds both pieces in his right hand during the kick, then puts
them back. My only idea on that is he does it to center his gravity by
extending his right arm all the way, thus making the move look more,
"videogameish". You should have better balance than that.
  I would also lower the kick. In a real fight, you don't need to impress
your opponent with flexibility. 

Left Roundhouse (Fd B)
  It is a roundhouse, but Maxi again displays his lack of balance by spinning
after the kick. This kick is aimed high again towards the enemies head. This
kick is done with the back leg, making it more telegraphed than it needs to be.
  Most issues concerning the Fang Scratch are visible here too. Maxi's range is
lowered because he aims high, and he has little balance. This spin is
unnecessary. You need to have better balance than that. If you fix everything
in this move, you will get Maxi's other left roundhouse called the "Snap Kick".
Do that one instead if you're going to try this.
(HE TELEGRAPHS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Just watch his arm before he does it... it's
a real shame he has kicks at all!)

Dragon Roar (Fd Fd B)
  It's a Jumping Side Kick. Sure it looks cool, and if you don't have
experience, you might think this was an awesome move. I know better. It's not.
First of all it jumps. Don't jump unless you're 100 percent sure you have this
move landed on target. That means, weaken the enemy first then finish him off
with style like this.
  This move is telegraphed so many ways, if anybody got hit by this in real 
life without being blind must have been sleeping standing up. Maxi gets a 
running start then jumps up towards the enemy and kicks. His landing is great
on the other hand... he lands with his left leg first then his right.
  So, in the end it's a jumping version of the "Fang Scratch" that has a lot
of "Ooomph" to it, but you're sacrificing yourself doing it. Trust me.
Would you jump kick somebody holding a sword?

(So far Maxi's kicks aren't looking too good...
 maybe I should document Hwang's.)

Snap Kick (Df B)
  It's Maxi's Left Roundhouse from above but aimed to the mid section and there
is no spin. It's faster, more efficient, and more balanced. This is a very easy
kick to do. Try to familiar yourself with it.
  That doesn't mean it doesn't have problems. He releases the nunchaku again 
and holds both parts in one hand. WHY?! Also his left hand goes behind him to
set his balance straight. PLEASE HAVE BETTER BALANCE!!! I hate to use all caps
and more than one exclamation point, but I need to get that across.

Illusion Step (Dn B)
  Ok. He has the idea, but he still does  his kicks slow and crappy. Anyway...
This is a low roundhouse to the knee. Very cheap, but the cheap move work damn
it! This would be great normally, he does it with a quick snap and uses the 
front leg. That would be great if he didn't do that little hop before he does 
it (Ugh!). And he telegraphs with his front arm AGAIN! What is with this guy?!
Do good kicks not look cool? Is that it?! Oh forget it...

Illusion Kick (Dn B Y)
  Ha it's not a kick! It's a combo off the Illusion step, but it's a vertical
nunchaku strike! Thank god he has a good nunchaku strike to make up for these
bad kicks!

Official Version
  1)Step forward with the left leg after the kick is thrown.
  2)Release the nunchaku from [RI] and put them down towards your hip.
  3)Spin on the left leg, as you come around, swing the nunchaku up.
    (This is like a spinning "Biting Upper" Like we don't have enough of those
  4)As it comes past your right shoulder, catch it in [RO] (Combo here!)

My altered version
  I do the damn kick right! No telegraphing, and so fast it would be impossible
to see!

Illusion Low kicks (GIVE THIS ONE TIME) (Dn B B) 
  As you'll soon see, Maxi loves his sweeps. I can't sweep, but I'll document
this as soon as I can. My sweeps suck, that's why I can't do the guillotine 

Quick Slice (Db B)
  Oh dear god... can't type... kick, too crappy.... can't go on.... Ugh...
Ok, time to swallow my pride and document the worlds crappiest kick. The
Quick Slice. What the hell was Namco thinking?!
  This is a low kick of some kind. Maxi raises his left leg and spins around
on his right. The left leg is held to the enemy's shin height, and is at a
45 degree angle. This move is bad. Really really dumb.
  The sad thing is, it's an ok move to do in combos in the game, but I'm
afraid it just wouldn't work in real life. If you want this kind of move,
replace it with the "Iron Broom" (A spinning sweep move that is like this but
actually works).

Right Roundhouse (Bk B)
  NO! Not another one?! Geez, this is the same thing as that crappy "Left
Roundhouse". Only this time he steps first and then does it with the right leg.
This is terrible. 

Rolling Sobat (Bk Bk B)
  Well now, things are looking a little better here. Maxi is doing what I call
the "Hop Kick" (Which I no longer do, because I don't kick often any more).
  This is a jump spinning side kick with a lot of power, but like the "Dragon
Roar", it's telegraphed and visible. At least it's not off balance.
  Maxi steps with the back leg (left), then he swings the right leg in front
and jumps off the left. After the jump, he spins in midair and does a spinning
side kick. His kick is somewhat hooked, making this better actually. Last thing
is he brings the leg that kicked back into the back. It's cool looking and not
all that bad, but I still don't recommend it on somebody skilled. Do moves 
like this to showboat or intimidate, but don't use them in battle.

Hurricane (Dn Df Fd B)

Dragon Tail ([wru] B)
  Where the hell did this come from?! Maxi is in actuality Forest Law from 
that god aweful game Tekken!
  Really though, this is one the best kicks in the whole game and I doubt any
people without gymnastic training can do this as well as he can. It's a
backfilp kick! He does a backfilp and kicks on the way up. The kick is great,
the landing is perfect and it's great after any combo that ends ducked.
  I can't do it, and I doubt I will be able to any time soon.

But just a little comment on this... how? I mean all of Maxi's kicks are really
bad and then we get this incredible display of balance and agility. What's
going on here? Sophitia can do this too... mmm, Sophitia... so can Lizardman,
but forget about that.

Dragon Scream ([wru B B])
  This is the same exact thing as the dragon roar, but done after the Dragon
Tail. Look man, this kick is no good, but if you can backfilp and knock them
into the air, then do this kick to them before they hit the ground, I take it
all back!

Dive Kick (Up B)
  HA HA HA! Maxi you're such a funny guy! Oh wait... you're serious... 
Pfft... that's no kick. His jumping sidekick thing is worthless... jumping 
achieves nothing at all and the kick has no distance or power behind it.
Moving on.

Stone Kick ([Land] Up B)
  This is documented above... it's the hook kick in the horizontal moves.

Dragon Kick (bY)
  I LOVE THIS KICK! Honestly, this is one of those, beat them first then finish
them off with this. I do this move to show off because it looks so cool. I
call it a "Tornado Kick" but call it what you like. Maxi does it just like me,
without telegraphing or stepping or any other nonsense.
  Raise your back leg up, and spin on the front. Once your back is turned,
jump off the front leg and kick with the raised leg. The kick is a crescent, so
it's motion is guided by the spin and it's power is increased. Maxi's kick is
aimed downward making this kind of an axe kick. I don't prefer it that way, 
but I have nothing against it.

That makes 2 good kicks, and this one is possible. This is his best one.
I should also point out that Xiangua, Hwang, and Seung Mina do this. 

Falling Dragon (bY X)
  This just keeps getting better! This is a combo off the dragon kick and it's 
a low horizontal nunchaku strike. Awesome, I still mess it up sometimes though.

Official Version
  1)Do the "Dragon Kick".
  2)Just as your right leg hits the ground, duck and step turn.
  3)As you turn raise your nunchaku and swing to the left aimed at the 
    opponent's knees.
  4)Repel off the left side, then stand up and repel it off the back of your 
    arm and back into [RI]. Step forward.

My altered version
  Well, I don't always do it right. I don't do all these step turns, I just
spin on the right leg. I think that's better though, because Maxi doesn't 
really step turn, he just kind of spins around on a turn table. It's hard to
describe, but it's not possible to spin like he does.

Dragon Pounce (Give it some time) (bY B)
  This is pretty easy actually. It's just a hook kick after the Tornado kick.
It comes pretty naturally. Maxi swings it downward in an axe kick fashion which
makes plenty of sense. Give it a try for all you Tae Kwon Do enthusiasts out

                        THROWS   - COMING SOON
                        RUNNING  - COMING SOON
                        STANCE   - COMING SOON

  When it comes to these moves, it's not that I just can't do them, but I don't
think it's possible. If you want to argue with me please E-mail, but send me
some intelligent feedback and don't lie telling me you can if you can't.

Rope Dancer: Maxi holds the nunchaku by the chain and the nunchaku just
             spin on his hand like a plate. He does this at the opponent's legs.
             Perhaps you could circle the chain around your fingers... but still,
             it wouldn't be good enough for an attack. Impossible
Dandy Surprise: The nunchaku swings around his ankle in an unrealistic way. 
                I don't think it can be done. Somebody please prove me wrong.
                Even if you can do that, how is that an attack?
Hurricane: Not only does he swing it around his ankle, but he does it in a handstand.
           VERY UNREAL. Again, even if you could do it, how do you attack like

  Maxi has a varied style, and many will agree he is very efficient with his
style. There are many moves he does that are too good not to know, but
then there are some that are just worthless to bother with. I should have
made this section a long time ago. Here I will list the bad ones, the ones 
that are a waste of time. Also I won't put any kicks in here, that's up to your
own judgement.

Wave Slice  (Bk Bk X)
  This move sickens me, I never bother with this. I tried it a few times, and 
I just don't see the point. It's a horrizontal swing down low, near the knees
and it's aimed to the left. The problem with this is instead of repelling off
the left side or doing anything else that would make sense, he keeps spinning
all the way around, then he stands up. If you don't do the pointless spin, 
it's almost exactly like the Snake Scythe, so I dont' bother with it.
  I should point out that Maxi is a guy who likes spinning and ducking at the
same time.

For now that's the only one, there are many more in the stance moves, but
I haven't gotten to documenting those yet. Just for now try to avoid the 
Tiger Pounce, and the Blood Bite.
  There's a lot of "I can't" here, but keep in mind I'm still learning.
I'll get it eventually. I don't usually say "I can't" but there's no way 
around it here.

There are some I just never do... they annoy me.
I can't do those impossible moves up there.
I cant' flip, so that takes care of: Dragon Tail / Water Slice
                                     Tiger Pounce
My Guillotine Dance is wrong, wrong, wrong.
I can't do the throws, nobody will be my training dummy.
As for the tiger pounce, I would never consider doing it to anyone, but I 
came up with my own way of doing it that replaces Maxi's way nicely.

                          CUSTOM NUNCHAKU COMBOS
  If you become good at Maxi's system and want to take it a step further, I can
help you out!
  You see, the nunchaku is a flexible weapon. It can do so many things, it's
impossible to document them all. The custom combos you can create yourself
could never be in any game. You see, this is what the nunchaku was designed to
do. The moves that can be done with the nunchaku are so quick and lethal, if
Maxi had them he'd be too powerful. I hope I can document this as clearly as
possible, it's kind of hard. THESE COMBOS ARE WICKED FAST!!!!
  Only a small sample of things to come are up yet, I plan on making this a very
large part of the FAQ. This is just a taste!

SNAKE (Left to right)
  After the swing, momentum can be changed to swing it in another direction.
The momentum switches will differ, some being more efficient than others in
terms of speed and effect. Here's some basics for the Snake.

    Just as it passes your shoulder you can change the momentum in a downward
circle just as you would to bring it into [RI]. But don't just return,
attack! This attack is a great follow up to the horizontal, and I always do it
when I return (That makes me just a bit more efficient than Maxi). It's very
fast, and a good choice.
    It doesn't have to stop there! Circle it outside your arm (so you don't
bring it in [RI]), and all the way around in another circle. Keep circling 
as many times as you want! It's an INFINITE COMBO that is VERY BASIC. To 
make things better looking and easier to control, make the circle angled 45
degrees (Like half vertical, half horizontal).

    This can make things interesting. By shifting the momentum upwards, you 
can design an incredible combo, because up always opens the door quickly.
Watch... swing horizontal and just as it's in front of your shoulder, make
an upward circle. A good way to follow that up is to repel off the back of your
arm and back DOWN. Now, do anything stated in the DOWN section... see where this
is going? You don't have to go down: 
    You could go down and across to the left side (this opens up more combos)
    You could go to the left and around your back into [RC].
    You could go in an INFINITE upward circle (Like the downward one above)
    You could go up again by switching stance into [LO] and doing loop #3.
    The move above called "Twin Snakes" is to the left and ends in [RC]. Do you
notice that pause in-between the shift? That makes this move soooo slow compared
to the other options you have. Here's something to consider...
    Try going down first, and circle outside your arm (So you miss going into 
[RI] and when the momentum is coming up again, switch to the left. By adding an
attack you have made the move faster. (It will be tough, the attack to the left
will probably look like the Nunchaku Cross)

  --FIGURE 8
    You can follow up with a figure 8 simply, just do a figure 8! Now combo off

  I know it's a pretty straight forward move, but it wasn't given
enough attention in the game and I like this move very much. Try these out!

--The "Draggon Spiral"
    It's a name I came up with, you like? Forget it then... 
Consider swinging it down and to the left as you come down from the jump. 
A two hit arial combo and is easy to do!  It looks cooler and comes more 
natural for me.  Plus using that as a combo finisher makes me feel pretty 
damn cool. I assume if you've ever done the Dragon Cannon yourself, you
find the urge to want to do this too, I find no reason not to.

--Rolling Dragon Cannon
  Do a forward roll before the Dragon Cannon (I roll alot, I am good at 
it, so it was only right). The roll adds just a little style to it and
some power as well. Give it a try, or don't... I'm not going to tell you
how to roll but for god's sakes don't do a sumersault. That will hurt your
head. It's commend sense and I shouldn't have even said that, but it happens.

--Dragon Cannon Pounce
  Try doing the Stone Kick after the Dragon Cannon much like Maxi does it 
after the Dragon Kick. It only seems right to list that as a good follow up.

More in depth custom combos will be on the way soon. I didn't plan on this
being in the FAQ, but now I realize it's deathly important!

                            REALLY FANCY STUFF
  Sometimes unnecessary, but these moves can impress anybody. I only know of a 
few since I came up with these on my own. Who knows? Maybe someday this will
be a huge list!
  --If I decide to list one of my original moves, it'll go here.

Flipping it around the knuckles
  This is extremely important and I use it all the time when I do the Bite of 
the Dragon. It's a quick and easy (maybe) way to get from the basic grip of a 
nunchaku (with your thumb facing the chain) to the inverted (thumb facing other
way). It's done by swinging the nunchaku up and over your hand.. the chain then
needs to travel past your knuckles, then you have to catch the part that came over
with the same hand. It's hard to describe HOW to do it, but I recommend you learn
it's very important. But I can't help you, just try to figure it out on your 

The chain Figure 8
  This is so basic... I don't even know why it's considered fancy. If you can
do a normal figure 8 then you can do this... it's a piece of cake. What it
is, is whipping both ends in a figure 8 at the same time by holding the nuncahku
by the chain. Not tough at all, it's done the exact same way as you would do a
normal figure 8. Just grab the chain and begin a figure 8 motion. As you start,
you have to immediately get one figure 8 to follow the other. Then, as you
really get going... the two nunchaku will begin to force the other, making much
more force than a normal figure 8. Soon you won't even be able to see either of
them, all you'll see are motion effects. Very impressive to some people.

                             HISTORY ABOUT ME
         (My career in Karate may help some people in it's own way...)

  It may be important to know who you're getting this information from in
order to take it seriously. So I'll tell you in all out honestly.
  I am 17 years old. I took Aikido at a very small age and don't remember
anything from it, but it did trigger a want to learn more since I was forced
to leave. Aikido taught me nothing in terms of self defense since I was too
young to appreciate it, but perhaps it was the most important class I'll
ever take.
  Much later, I joined a local Tae Kwon Do club and stayed there for a 
reasonable amount of time. After about one year I realized that this art has
been deteriorated into nothing but a business. The club was owned by Master
Nam who controls all Tae Kwon Do in PA. His class doesn't teach much except
how to kick high and look cool doing it. After not seeing much progress in
knowledge and passing belt tests with my wallet.... I looked elsewhere to
accomplish a true art. 
  I am not trying to bad mouth Tae Kwon Do... I'm sure the true art is just
as good and professional as any out there.  But this class has been so
Americanized I couldn't waste any more time there.
  My close friend introduced me to Okinawan Karate. 
This is where I lost some of my bad habits taught by Master Nam and 
learned useful moves for both street fighting and sport fighting.
  Soon, I was informed that the school was going through some changes, and 
that they were adapting to an art called "Vee Jitsu" created by a late
master Dan of many styles named Professor Vistation.  This style is a blend of
Jujistsu, Aikido, Tang Soo Do, Judo and many others. It also blends other arts
too such as boxing, Okinawan, and even some Tai Chi. This class teaches more
in one day than I learned in a year of Tae Kwon Do. I am still training
in Okinawan and Vee Jitsu, and hope to accomplish high levels of achievement.
Well I've been in Vee-Jitsu for about 9 months now, and I think I see some 
improvment in being fluid and attacking as many crucial areas as possible in 
the shortest time possible, but I'm still nowhere near the level I'd thought
I'd be at this point. And as a final word, I'm really not that good at what
I do, it seems like I don't react well under pressure and just when I think
I have something right, I mess things up totally. Also I'll tell you honestly
I don't know much about anything other than the styles I do. If I do learn
something, I don't take it to heart unless I know for sure it's true.

Namco: For making Soul Calibur. Soul Calibur never fails to amaze me
       Whether it be the incredible story or the stunning visuals that are 
       great even to today's standards.
       This game put the "art" in martial arts.

Sophitia: She is so friggin' hot. 

Maxi: Yeah I guess I owe him one. Even though he is laughed at for his jerry
      curl, elvis suit, and battle cries... he has taught me how to develop my 
      own nunchaku skills rather than depending only on videogames.

Namco again: For making Sophitia.

Tecmo: For making Ayane, but that's for another FAQ.

copyright 2001

"It's been fun..." The clouds seemed to whisper in his voice.

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