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Honest to God, the best game of 2008 03/24/09 Almajo19
If you rated this game low, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with the game. There's something wrong with you. 12/08/08 ArctidesRegalis
Kids? Go for it! Adults? Maybe not. 07/08/16 BitSaturn64167
Hate this game? If so, get your head checked out! 02/03/09 Blue_Oreo
A few flaws, but a great game none-the-less. 12/14/08 Echo_of_death
You da man now, 'hog! 11/15/10 EspioChameleon5
Sonic's back in one of his best adventures! 12/23/08 GOLD_sonic
The Blue Blur, The Blue Brawler, This is Blue Brilliant!!! 03/11/09 homerlampshade
Trial and Error in the Day, Bland and Monotonous in the Night. 08/02/10 Hotshot193
Sonic Team got back on track! 01/20/09 JCvgluvr
Tell it to you straight: Sonic Unleashed (PS3) 01/05/09 nightmare7909
Sonic Team proves to be, once again, incapable of leaving a good thing alone 12/23/08 Phange
Believe it or not, hope is returning for Sonic. 01/20/09 shadowfuryx10
Sonic Unleashed-If your opinion of Sonic games hasn't already made your choice... 01/05/09 Smitty44
When the sun goes down, things turn around... 01/12/09 Sonic_Hero_007
Sonic Unleashed, Easily One OF The Best 3-D Sonic Games Out As Of Late 12/02/08 SonicXShadowFan
Whatever Sonic Team is doing, they're doing it right. 11/26/08 Sypher802
This game is awesome, I enjoeyed it more than both Sonic adventure titles. 01/05/10 talesfan215
When is Mario going to turn into a Wereitalian? 10/03/11 TheGreatDebate
Terrible, Sonic 06 is better then this trash. 02/17/09 vincentninja68
The Werewolf Game, Occasionally Guest-starring Sonic 07/06/09 Zeta777

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