Additional AnimationTrent Campbell
Additional AnimationMelissa Garza
Additional ArtRon Alpert
Additional ArtKevin Baik
Additional ArtAugusto Barranco
Additional ArtGaro Carbonell
Additional ArtRoger Chang
Additional ArtScott Everts
Additional ArtTony Hsu
Additional ArtDany Martinez
Additional ArtJon McConnell
Additional ArtJoon Park
Additional ArtMark Sleton
Additional ArtAlex Stodolnik
Additional ArtDerick Tsai
Additional ArtChris Woodum
Additional DesignJames Benn
Additional DesignAshley Betters
Additional DesignChris Bui
Additional DesignAnnie Carlson
Additional DesignTony Evans
Additional DesignBrian Heins
Additional DesignLisa Hoffman
Additional DesignRaymond Holmes
Additional DesignCasey Kwock
Additional DesignPaul Reck
Additional DesignKevin Saunders
Additional DesignJosh Sawyer
Additional DesignPaul Streifel
Additional ProductionMichael Dehen
Additional ProductionDonte Knippel
Additional ProgrammingAnddy Archer
Additional ProgrammingJonathan Burke
Additional ProgrammingMax Crane
Additional ProgrammingAnthony Davis
Additional ProgrammingRichard Taylor
Additional ProgrammingDaniel Teh
Additional Sound Effects and FoleyAlexander Brandon
Additional Sound Effects and FoleyJeff Dodson
Additional Sound Effects and FoleyRik Schaffer
Alan Parker (Voice)Michael Bell
Albatross (Voice)Robert Clotworthy
AnimationAndrea Bobick
AnimationRoberto Clemente
AnimationRyan Gould
AnimationSeth McCaughey
AnimationCorey Messer
AnimationKevin Spangler
Audio DirectorScott Lawlor
Character ConceptsBrian Menze
Character LeadAllen Kerry
CharactersDaniel Alpert
CharactersKevin Manning
CharactersChris Willis
Chinese Secret Police (Voice)Keone Young
CIA (Voice)Nolan North
CinematicsRoberto Clemente
CinematicsMikey Dowling
CinematicsDanny Garnett
CinematicsDanny Ho
CinematicsAnthony Rogers
Cinematics DesignJoseph Bulock
Cinematics LeadShon Stewart
Conrad Marburg (Voice)Jim Cummings
CTG Lead (Core Technology Group)Andrew Aye
CTG Programming (Core Technology Group)Michael Hamlin
CTG Programming (Core Technology Group)Sven Knutson
CTG Programming (Core Technology Group)Vassilios Mavros
CTG Programming (Core Technology Group)Bradley Smith
DesignerGreg Garrahan
DesignerConstant Gaw
DesignerRobert Lee
DesignerPatrick K. Mills
DesignerStephanie Newland
DesignerOlivier Pougnand
DesignerCharles Staples
DesignerTravis Stout
DesignerJ.R. Vosovic
EffectsJay Bakke
EffectsMichael Puoci
Enviroment ConceptsJesse Maccabe
Enviroment ConceptsErwin Madrid
Enviroment ConceptsSerg Souleiman
EnviromentsAaron Brown
EnviromentsCochey Cantu
EnviromentsSean Dunny
EnviromentsJeff Duval
EnviromentsPaul Fish
EnviromentsJames Garcia
EnviromentsDavid Lieu
EnviromentsNelson Plumey
EnviromentsChauwa Steel
EnviromentsKristen Wong
Gameplay LeadNicholas N. Pakidko
Gelato Man (Voice)Jim Cummings
Grigori (Voice)Kristoffer Tabori
Henry Leland (Voice)Fred Tatasciore
Hong Shi (Voice)James Hong
InterfaceZane Lyon
InterfaceJason Sereno
Jake Eberle (Voice)Additional Voices
Konstantin Brayko (Voice)Matt Yang King
Lead AnimatorMark Bremerkamp
Lead AnimatorMichael Cuevas
Lead ArtistAaron Meyers
Lead DesignerChris Avellone
Lead DesignerRaymond Holmes
Lead ProgrammerJay Fong
Lead ProgrammerDan Spitzley
Level LeadTyson Christensen
Madison St. James (Voice)Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Marketing and PRMatthew Rorie
Michael Thorton (Voice)Josh Gilman
Mina Tang (Voice)Adrienne Wilkinson
Motion Capture ActorJoseph Bulock
Motion Capture ActorNathan Darnell
Motion Capture ActorBrady Heaton
Motion Capture ActorMatt Maclean
Motion Capture ActorP. Anthony Nanakornpanom
Motion Capture ActorAlvin Nelson
Motion Capture ActorRyan Sakoda
Motion Capture ActorMichael Sestili
Motion Capture ActorSonny Sison
Motion Capture ActorAndrea Slaman
Motion Capture ActorKevin Spangler
Motion Capture ActorLena Thomas
Motion Capture ActorJack Turner
Motion Capture ActorFryda Wolff
Motion Capture ActorRaymond Yu
Motion Capture ActorJoel Zales
Omen Deng (Voice)Ron Yuan
ProducerBrandon Adler
ProducerNathan J. Davis
ProducerDavid Kunkler
ProducerDarren Monahan
ProducerAlvin Nelson
ProducerAbia Roberts
ProducerMatthew Rorie
ProgrammingDennis Devore
ProgrammingMichael Edwards
ProgrammingNoah Evans
ProgrammingBrian Fox
ProgrammingKathy Fung
ProgrammingAndrew Klinzing
ProgrammingBen Ma
ProgrammingRobert Moodey
ProgrammingIgor Neverov
ProgrammingJustin Reynard
ProgrammingJesse Reynolds
ProgrammingDan Rubalcaba
ProgrammingChris Tencati
ProgrammingSteve Weatherly
Project DirectorChris Parker
Ronald Sung (Voice)Keone Young
Scarlet Lake (Voice)Courtenay Taylor
Senior ProducerRyan Rucinski
Sergei Surkov (Voice)Chris Edgerly
Shaheed (Voice)Fred Tatasciore
Sie (Voice)Mary-Elizabeth McGlynn
Sound Design and ImplementationAndrew Dearing
Sound Design and ImplementationFryda Wolff
Steven Heck (Voice)Nolan North
Systems LeadMatt Maclean
Technology LeadRobert Smith
Terrorists (Voice)Fred Tatasciore
Triads (Voice)Ron Yuan
Writing and Narrative DesignChris Avellone
Writing and Narrative DesignMatt Maclean
Writing and Narrative DesignBrian Mitsoda
Writing and Narrative DesignTravis Stout
Yancy Westridge (Voice)Gary Anthony Williams


Data and credits for this game contributed by Weapon, Blk_Mage_Ctype, Black_Stone157, BGoldTLE, and oliist.

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