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by TheDogfather

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Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/24/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2017 | Highest Rated Guide


Welcome, beloved readers, to my BioShock 2 Walkthrough! In this guide, I will cover everything even remotely relevant to the main story. This guide will, hopefully, help new and experienced players alike have a painless and efficient playthrough.

You'll see a Table of Contents (TOC) to the right of this very text. The TOC contains links to all major sections, including sub-sections within the Walkthrough.

If you wish to follow this Walkthrough every step of the way through your playthrough, consult the Main Walkthrough, which painstakingly details what to do during a specific part.

If you wish to research a specific subject matter, consult the appropriate Appendix to the right.

If you wish to read up About the Author and/or About the Guide, follow those links from the Appendix to the right or simply scroll down.

About the Guide

As previously stated, this guide is designed to guide you through the main story. This guide covers everything from Audio Diaries to Gene Tonics to weapons.

This guide is a Formatted FAQ, meaning that it has basic html markup. This means that it has hyperlinks, images, videos, and other easily-digestible information. I also color-coded various gameplay elements to allow readers to quickly find these items among the text. I used these features to the best of my ability in hopes that they will make your reading experience as efficient and painless as possible. This guide also contains spoilers for the first two BioShock games.

Here's the key to the color-coded items.

Vita-Chambers are labeled in "dark azure."

Audio Diaries are labeled in "burnt orange."

Ammunition is labeled in "purple."

Dollars are labeled in "green."

First Aid Kits are labeled in "red."

EVE Hypos are labeled in "blue."

Gatherer's Gardens are labeled in "magenta."

Bosses are labeled in "black."

Health Stations are labeled in "maroon."

Vending machines are labeled in "teal."

Weapon Upgrade stations are labeled in "brown."

ADAM Corpses are labeled in "indigo."

About the Author

On GameFAQs, I'm SSBBSB. I have a Major in Communication and a Minor in Writing. This means that I took a bunch of writing classes during my college career. I used what little knowledge I retained to make this guide. I also used Elgato to record the gameplay videos and take the screenshots.

Version History

Version 1.0

Submitted 08/23/2017 8:35:34 PM

•Main Walkthrough complete.

•Most formatting finished.


The game's opening scene takes place in 1958, underneath the Atlantic Ocean. A helmeted figure lumbers up to an ornate hole in the wall and then bangs on the wall. Answering the knocks, a little girl with pale-yellow eyes crawls out of the hole, holding a doll. The little girl, named “Eleanor,” shows the helmeted figure the doll, which appears to have a head that consists of a baseball with a single button in front, with the cheerful greeting of “Daddy.” The helmeted figure then gently lifts Eleanor of the hole and then places her on the ground. Once on the ground, Eleanor tugs on her “Daddy's” hand, urging him to follow her to play. Eleanor then takes off, Daddy in tow.

As Eleanor drags him through a hallway of windows, the helmeted figure peers at his passing reflection: a man in a heavily-armored diving suit being dragged somewhere by a little girl. As the duo reach the last window, Eleanor lets go of her Daddy's hand and then runs ahead.

The Daddy lumbers up some stairs to see Eleanor extracting a red substance from a corpse via a device with a needle and a baby bottle attached to it. Eleanor drinks the red substance, wipes her mouth, and then runs off somewhere in pursuit of more “angels.”

The Daddy, in slow pursuit, ambles through a room of party-goers, whom recoil upon seeing him, and into a hallway.

After taking a few steps into the hallway, the Daddy hears Eleanor scream for him. Instantly, the Daddy darts down the hallway and into the room where the scream came from. The Daddy enters the room as another voice shouts, “Get the ADAM!” Quickly surveying the situation from a balcony, the Daddy sees several slightly-deformed people called “Splicers” harassing Eleanor. Springing into action, the Daddy leaps off the balcony and onto the skull of one of Eleanor's attackers. The other attackers then turn their attention towards the Daddy. One Splicer then hurls a bolt of electricity at the Daddy, disorienting him momentarily.

The Daddy, now bearing a massive Drill in his right hand, regains himself, then targets the leftmost Splicer. The Splicer attempts to hit the Daddy with a metal pipe, but is instead met with the Drill to his abdomen. Next, another Splicer attempts a similar attack, but is promptly knocked aside by the Daddy's Drill. The remaining Splicer dodges the Drill and then chucks a green orb into the Daddy's face, temporarily stunning him.

As the Daddy's vision clears, a blonde, middle-aged woman walks up and grabs Eleanor's hand and says that the Daddy is safe now. Directing her attention towards the Daddy, the woman forcefully states that Eleanor is her daughter, not his. The woman then orders the Daddy to kneel. The Daddy obeys. The woman orders the Daddy to remove his helmet. The Daddy obeys. Next, the woman pulls a pistol from her purse and orders the Daddy to take the pistol and place it against his head. Shaking, the Daddy obeys. The woman orders the Daddy to fire the pistol. As Eleanor cries out, the Daddy obeys.

The game then leaps ahead ten years.

Adonis Luxury Resort

Emerging from the Vita-Chamber

Barely coherent, the Daddy wakes up on the floor of the ruined, coral-ridden Adonis Luxury Resort to the sound of a female voice saying that the radio signal between the Daddy and her is very weak. The Daddy then stands up.

Once you're in control, immediately push the right control stick either left or right to rotate your field of view. Look behind you to see a glowing, glass chamber.


This is a Vita-Chamber. Vita-Chambers act as your respawn points. In other words, if you die, you'll reappear in the nearest Vita-Chamber with half of your maximum Health restored. You die if the red bar at the top-left of the screen depletes. The blue bar won't be important until later.

Turn back to face forward, and then start moving forward by pushing the left control stick forward. You can also tilt the left control stick to either side to strafe. Tilting it back causes you to walk backwards.

When you reach the wall with the pictures on it, look to your right to see a staircase. Go up it by using the left control stick to walk and the right control stick to turn. Once you reach the top of the stairs, you'll see that the path is blocked by coral. Walk up to the coral and hold the “R2” button to start revving your Drill. While revving the Drill, use the right control stick to face each chunk of coral. This will shatter the coral, thus freeing the way. Release the “R2” button to stop revving the Drill.

Head forward until you encounter some debris blocking your path. Click the left control stick to crouch. While crouching, you move slowly and can pass under low-hanging objects. Walk underneath the debris, and then click the left control stick again to stand back up. Continue forward and to the right to enter a large room with a dried-up pool in it. The game dubs this room the “Adonis Baths.”

Upon entering the Adonis Baths, walk along the left side of the room until you come across a tape recorder-type object

Audio Diary 1

This is an Audio Diary. Audio Diaries contain voice-recorded messages from the city's various denizens. Most Audio Diary messages just serve as backstory or mundane snippets of inner monologue. The rest, however, directly relate to the game's story. This guide will cover all 129 Audio Diaries in the game.

Pick up the Audio Diary by pressing the “X” button. To play the most recent Audio Diary, hold the “X” button for about a second.

According to this Audio Diary, “you can jumpstart a dead generator with a direct spark.” Look to the immediate right of where the Audio Diary was to see a dead generator. For electrical engineering reasons that I don't pretend to understand, getting this generator back in working condition will improve the radio connection that you heard earlier. To do that, you'll need some electricity.

Searching for a Spark

Turn around to see a pile of junk just past the room's exit. Approach the pile of junk, then look down. You'll see a container of Potted Meat and a can of Drill Fuel. Pick up both by looking at them and then pressing the “X” button. The Potted Meat will restore some of your Health. The Drill Fuel will replenish the fuel that you used up while destroying the coral from earlier. Revving the Drill consumes Drill Fuel. After grabbing both Items, exit the room.

Go down the stairs and then turn right. You'll see a locked door with a Keypad next to it. Scribbled in the steam is the code “1540.” Face the Keypad and then press the “X” button. You'll then be prompted to enter the code to unlock the door. Enter “1540” with the left control stick and then confirm it with the “X” button. The door will then open and a dead body will slump onto the floor. This is a Corpse, the first “container” in the game. Checking containers via the “X” button usually yields up to three different types of Items. In the case of this Corpse, I found 11 Dollars and a thing of Health-restoring Bandages. Dollars won't come into play until later. Nevertheless, you should still collect as many Dollars as possible.

Inside the room, you'll find some food, Dollars, Drill Fuel, and another Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 2

Exit the room, turn right, and start walking forward. Once you pass the stairs, you'll see a Splicer get gunned down by another, off-screen Splicer. Stop walking, then hide behind the nearby corner. A second or so later, a Splicer with a pistol will come into view. As soon as you see this Splicer, run up to it and start holding the “R2” button. You'll start drilling into the Splicer, draining his Health and eventually killing it. Once the Splicer dies, release the “R2” button.

Because of this skirmish, there are now two dead Splicers on the floor. The gunned-down Splicer, who was wielding a blunt object as a weapon, is called a “Thuggish Splicer.” The pistol-wielding Splicer is called a “Leadhead Splicer.” Check both of their corpses for loot. The Thuggish Splicer contained a First Aid Kit.

First Aid Kits are stored in your inventory and, upon usage, instantly restore all your Health. You can use a First Aid Kit by pressing the right Directional Pad button. You can carry up to five First Aid Kits at a time.

Go down the hall that the Leadhead Splicer came out of. At the end of the hall, glance right to see a neon sign of a hand shooting lightning accompanied by the text “Plasmid.” This hints that a “Plasmid” can give someone the ability to shoot lightning from their hands. This ability sounds ideal for reviving the dead generator.

Next, look left to see some propaganda of the woman whom ordered you to shoot yourself ten years ago. There's also a Cash Register near the propaganda. Check the Cash Register for some Dollars.

Also, nearby is a wall-mounted dispenser that produces EVE Hypos. EVE Hypos are syringes full of EVE, a blue substance that will be further explained in a bit. For now, just grab an EVE Hypo and then look to the far right of the propaganda to see a large, pink machine.

As you approach the machine, you'll be stopped by a vision of a now-older Eleanor calling out to you. Once the vision passes, look near the machine. You'll see some writing urging for you, the Daddy, to reunite with Eleanor. Next, look at the actual machine.

The actual machine is called a “Gatherer's Garden.” I'll explain Gatherer's Gardens once they become useable. Tied in front of the Gatherer's Garden is a red bottle. The game calls this the “Electro Bolt” Plasmid.

"Electro Bolt" Plasmid

Take the “Electro Bolt” Plasmid by facing it and then pressing the “X” button. The Daddy will then draw some of the bottle's contents into a syringe, and then inject it into his suit's intravenous system. This triggers a violent seizure-type event in the Daddy, complete with convulsions and electrical sparks emitting from his hands. As the Daddy lies on the floor in agony, a little girl, called “Little Sister” by the game, approaches him and says that he had been “sleeping” for a long time and that Eleanor had missed him. The Little Sister then states that the Daddy will be “all better” if he finds Eleanor. After a second of staring and smiling at the Daddy, the Little Sister will be abruptly whisked away by a lanky, heavily-armored figure wearing a one-eyed helmet. The Daddy then regains his senses.

Reviving the Generator

Once you regain control of the Daddy, loot the rooms to either side of the Gatherer's Garden. Next, start walking back to Adonis Baths.

On your way back, you'll see that the path is blocked by a closed door with a sparking Door Control panel next to it. Face the Door Control panel and then press the “L2” button. This will cause the Daddy to fire a bolt of electricity from his left hand, hitting the Door Control panel and opening the door. This is the power of the “Electro Bolt” Plasmid.

The “Electro Bolt” Plasmid is the game's first Plasmid. Plasmids give you superpowers that can be used as both puzzle-solving tools and as means of offense against enemies. In this guide, each Plasmid will have its own individual bio.

“Electro Bolt” Plasmid

Location: For free at the Gatherer's Garden in Adonis Luxury Resort

EVE Cost: Low

Effect: Deals slight electrical damage and stuns enemies for a short duration. Can also open sparking Door Control panels.

You might have noticed that using your new Plasmid depleted the blue bar at the top-left of the screen a tiny bit. This is your EVE bar. Every time you use a Plasmid, you deplete a bit of your EVE bar. If your EVE bar empties, the Daddy will automatically use up an EVE Hypo to refill the EVE bar. You can store up to five EVE Hypos in your inventory. The top-left corner of the screen displays your Health bar and how many First Aid Kits you have, your EVE bar and how many EVE Hypos you have, and your currently-selected Plasmid. The bottom-left corner of the screen shows information concerning your currently-selected weapon. Since you only have your Drill, the bottom-left corner of the screen shows the amount of Drill Fuel you have. If the needle reaches the bottom of the fuel gauge, then you won't be able to rev the Drill.

Pick up the EVE Hypo that is sitting near the Door Control panel, and then start heading back to Adonis Baths.

As you round the corner to face the Adonis Baths, you'll see a Thuggish Splicer standing on the diving board and looking over the pool. Use your “Electro Bolt” Plasmid to stun the Splicer. Just after the bolt hits the Splicer, run up to him and then press the “Circle” button. The Daddy will swing the Drill at the stunned Splicer, instantly killing him. Stunned or otherwise unaware enemies take double damage from melee attacks. To do a melee attack, press the “Circle” button.

A second Thuggish Splicer will run up to attack you. Shock it with your “Electro Bolt” Plasmid, and then melee it to kill it. Once this Splicer is dead, loot both bodies. Get into the habit of looting the bodies of every enemy that you kill.

Now, turn right and approach the glowing panel on the dead generator. Fire your “Electro Bolt” Plasmid at the glowing panel to energize the dead generator. The generator takes twenty-five seconds to start.

Once the generator whirs to life, you'll be contacted by the female voice from earlier. The female voice introduces herself as “Tenenbaum” and says that she knows who the Daddy is. Tenenbaum then says that she needs your help and to meet her in the Atlantic Express train station. Tenenbaum then disconnects.

Leaving Adonis Luxury Resort

Once Tenenbaum stops talking, the game will give you your first “Goal” and a Quest Arrow at the top-center of the screen. Simply put, Goals tell you what the current task at hand is. The Quest Arrow will point you towards your objective. In this case, you're tasked with finding Tenenbaum and the Quest Arrow shows where to go in order to get to Tenenbaum's location. For further help, hold the controller's Touch Pad to see a hint. Simply pressing the Touch Pad brings up a map of the current level. Pressing the “L2” and “R2” buttons cycles through the map's floors. Pressing the “L1” and “R1” buttons cycles through the game's various menus in which you can listen to past Radio Messages and Audio Diaries and read about various gameplay elements. Pressing the Touch Pad while facing an object brings up a description of that object. Pressing the “Start” button brings up the Start Menu in which you can save your game and adjust various settings. With that in mind, follow your Quest Arrow out of the room.

Look straight ahead to see a window. On the other side of the window is a person in a heavily-armored diving suit making repairs to the city's exterior. Next, enter the women's restroom to your right. Inside the restroom is an Audio Diary and some Lockers.

Audio Diary 3

Loot the restroom and then head into the connected men's restroom now. You'll see some Dollars on the floor in front of a locked bathroom stall. Open the bathroom stall by “paying” the lock $5. Inside, you'll find some more Dollars. Exit the restrooms now.

Follow your Quest Arrow until you see a metal door open in front of you. Beyond the door is a pair of oblivious Splicers standing in some water. Fire an Electro Bolt directly into the water. The water will conduct the electricity and electrocute the two Splicers to death. Before you loot the bodies, look on the bench to the right of this room's entrance to see another Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 4

Grab it, then loot the bodies. Follow the Quest Arrow out of the room.

Eventually, the Quest Arrow will lead you to a metal door with a Rivet Gun jammed underneath it. Across from the metal door is a corpse of a figure identical to the one you saw making repairs. Search the corpse for some Rivets and some Dollars. Now, pick up the Rivet Gun to acquire the game's second weapon. You'll automatically switch weapons from the Drill to the Rivet Gun.

Picking up the Rivet Gun will cause the metal door to open. Beyond the metal door is an oblivious Splicer wandering around. Shock the Splicer with your “Electro Bolt” Plasmid, and then, while aiming at the stunned Splicer's head, press the “R2” button to fire a Rivet at the stunned Splicer's head. Head-shots with the Rivet Gun do three times the damage as body-shots do.

Just as revving the Drill consumes Drill Fuel, firing a Rivet consumes ammunition for the Rivet Gun. Rivets are plentiful in the game's early levels, so don't worry too much about running out of Rivets. The bottom-left corner of the screen displays first the current number of Rivets in the Rivet Gun's clip, then the number of Rivets in reserve aside from the clip. To reload a weapon, press the “Square” button.

Kill the remaining Splicer, loot both bodies, and then loot the room. Look to your right to see a corridor leading to another room. Inside this room is an Audio Diary and some more loot.

Audio Diary 5

Loot the luggage as well.

On your way back to the previous room, two Splicers might attack you. Get into the habit of shooting Splicers in the heads instead of their bodies. Follow the Quest Arrow until you go up some stairs. Once the metal door at the top of the stairs opens, you'll see a Little Sister. Approach her, and she will want to ride on your shoulders. Before you can pick her up, however, you'll hear a screech. Then, the lanky and heavily-armored figure from earlier will enter the room, jump around a bit, and then attack you.

The attacker, known as a “Big Sister,” has two attacks. She can either headbutt you directly, or chuck a volley of fireballs at you. Furthermore, she is a highly-mobile opponent, moving around constantly.

Even though this fight is scripted to end just as your Health bar gets perilously low, you should still fight back. As soon as the fight starts, fire an Electro Bolt at the Big Sister to stun her. While she's stunned, fire a Rivet at her. Don't bother with head-shots since Big Sisters don't have location-sensitive damage bonuses. Just shoot her anywhere. Practice strafing via use of both control sticks. Learning to dodge attacks is crucial to surviving battles against tough enemies.

Once you get to death's doorstep, the Big Sister will screech again, and then run out of the room.

Before you follow her, comb the room to find some food that will replenish some of your Health, a First Aid Kit, some Drill Fuel, some Rivets, and, on the bar, an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 6

Items in hand, follow the Quest Arrow out of the room.

In the next room, grab the First Aid Kit on the chair, and then resume following the Quest Arrow.

Eventually, the Quest Arrow will lead you to a ledge overlooking a flooded room with a giant window. Drop down off the ledge and start walking forward. The Big Sister will reappear and dart across the window, cracking it. The cracked window will then burst apart, letting the outside ocean to flood the room.

Once you regain control, walk forward a few feet to make the Quest Arrow reappear. Follow the Quest Arrow out of the building and into the ocean.

Upon reaching the ocean floor, Tenenbaum will radio you to tell you that your heavily-armored diving suit protects you from the ocean's dangers. She then warns that you won't last long alone and instructs you to find her. She then hangs up.

As Tenenbaum was talking, you might have seen a sign fall to block your path. Look to the left to see a ruined bathysphere containing a Corpse. Check the Corpse for an Audio Diary and a First Aid Kit.

Audio Diary 7

Items in hand, turn back towards the sign. To jump over it, press the “Triangle” button while walking towards it.

Just past the sign is a thing of Rivets nested between two barrels. Grab the Rivets, and then follow the Quest Arrow until you reach a ledge overlooking what's left of Rapture, the game's underwater city.

After you're done admiring the scenery, jump down off the ledge. Continue following the Quest Arrow until it leads you into a chamber containing an Airlock Control switch. Use the switch to seal the chamber. Once sealed, the chamber will drain the seawater, prompting the start of the game's second level.

The Atlantic Express

After the game autosaves, you'll return to normal gameplay. After you regain control, Tenenbaum will call you, referring to you as “Herr Delta.” She says that she will explain who you are once you meet her in the train station's ticket booth upstairs.

Traveling to the Ticket Booth

Start by heading forward and up the stairs, looting the Lockers along the way. Continue along the path until you encounter a Splicer closing a metal door to block your progress. Tenenbaum will then comment on Splicers. Turn right to see a small security booth. Enter the security booth to find a Hack Tool. Pick it up, then pick up the nearby Remote Hack Dart. Next, use the nearby Tool Dispenser to make another Remote Hack Dart appear. Grab it. Now, look to your left to see a broken window with a glowing Door Control panel past it. Aim your Hack Tool at the glowing Door Control panel, then press the “R2” button to fire a Remote Hack Dart at it. This will start the Hacking mini-game.

During the Hacking mini-game, you'll see a row of colored bars and a needle. The needle moves back and forth across the bars a set number of times. Your goal is to press the “X” button to stop the needle on a green zone. Landing on a white zone will damage you. For this hack, there are two consecutive stages; you'll need to stop the needle on a green zone twice to complete the hack. Completing the hack will open the metal door.

Once the metal door opens, hold the “R1” button to bring up the “Weapon Selection” radial. Use either control stick to select a different weapon.

Make your way past the metal door to see a disabled Security Bot. Approach it, then press the “Square” button to start hacking it. Hacked Security Bots follow you and shoots your enemies. You'll notice that this Hacking mini-game features blue bars. Stopping the needle on a blue zone will cause the now-friendly Security Bot to inflict more damage than normal on your enemies.

Security Bot in tow, hang a left at the nearby wall of propaganda. Continue along the path until you enter Train Workshop 6A.

Progress a bit into the workshop to see a train fall. A second later, two Splicers will attack. Kill, then loot them both.

Now, turn your attention to the wall opposite of the workshop entrance. You'll see a wall-mounted device with a medical cross on it.

Health Station

This is a Health Station. Health Stations can, and should, be hacked. Normally, Health Stations restore all your Health at the cost of $15. Hacking a Health Station lowers the price to $9 and kills any Splicers that try to use it. Furthermore, landing the Hacking Needle on a blue zone will cause the Health Station to drop a free First Aid Kit onto the floor.

Hack the Health Station, then enter the room to the left of the Health Station.

In here, you'll find, among some loot, an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 8

Exit the room now.

Look at the far end of the workshop to see a booth labeled “Gate Control.” Enter the booth to see a “Gate Control” switch. Flip the switch, and the nearby televisions screens will flicker to life, A second later, the middle-aged woman from the game's opening will appear on the screens. The woman, called “Lamb” by the game, will recognize you as the Daddy whom she forced to commit suicide ten years ago. Calling you “Subject Delta,” Lamb will then state that “Paradise was born” from your death. Calling the action an “act of love,” Lamb then summon a mob of Splicers. The Splicers will open fire upon the window in front of you, eventually shattering it. The Splicers then throw some makeshift grenades into the booth, setting the booth ablaze. Just as you're about to die from the bullets and fire, the floor below you gives way. You then plummet into the ocean below.

Once you regain control, head forward along the path, looting the Corpses along the way. While you're walking, Tenenbaum will radio you, referring to “Lamb” as “Sofia Lamb.” Tenenbaum then mentions that, thanks to a camera in your suit, she can guide you in your battle against Lamb. Continue along the path, crouching to crawl through tiny spaces.

Eventually, you'll enter the Atlantic Express Administrative Storage. Hang a left at the nearby Vita-Chamber.

You'll see a Security Camera through an opening. If a Security Camera spots you, then it will trigger an alarm. During the alarm, hostile Security Bots will swoop in and start shooting you. Pick up the nearby Remote Hack Dart, then use your Hack Tool to fire it at the Security Camera. This will start a hack. Hacking a Security Camera will turn it friendly. If a friendly Security Camera spots an enemy, then it will send Security Bots after it. Getting a “blue bonus” on a Security Camera hack will cause the friendly alarm to last longer. Getting a “red zone” on any hack will trigger a hostile alarm. Succeeding in the hack ends the hostile alarm.

After you hack the Security Camera, it will instantly see a nearby Splicer and send Security Bots after it. This process will repeat for another nearby Splicer. Once both Splicers are dead, loot the bodies and the entire Drafting room.

Near the Security Camera is a wall-mounted device that says “Bot-Shutdown.”

Bot Shutdown Panel

Bot Shutdown Panels can be used to instantly end a hostile alarm.

Near the Bot Shutdown Panel is a hallway of several Pneumo Tubes that belong to Jet-Postal, Rapture's postal service. This hallway also contains a new Plasmid in a red wagon.

As you approach the Plasmid, Eleanor will contact you through a vision. Eleanor states that Lamb won't be able to control you anymore and that the new Plasmid is a gift from her. Eleanor then depart after urging you to find her.

Once you regain control, pick up the new Plasmid. This one is “Telekinesis.”

“Telekinesis” Plasmid

“Telekinesis” Plasmid

Location: For free at the Jet-Postal station in the Atlantic Express

EVE Cost: Low. Only uses EVE when throwing objects.

Effect: Allows you to pick up an object, then either throw it, use it, or drop it at your feet. Damage from objects thrown at enemies varies by mass and velocity of the thrown object.

Plasmid in hand, backtrack all the way to where you entered the Atlantic Express Administrative Storage room.

Exit the Atlantic Express Administrative Storage room via the small tunnel that leads to the ocean. Near some stairs, you'll see a giant fan with an Audio Diary behind it.

Audio Diary 9

While facing the Audio Diary, use the “Telekinesis” Plasmid via the “L2” button. You'll pull the Audio Diary towards you and automatically collect it.

Audio Diary in hand, return to the Jet-Postal station.

Back at the station, look to the left of the red wagon to see a switch. Press it, and various food items will come shooting out of a broken mail tube. You can use the “Telekinesis” Plasmid to catch these items. Face an object, then hold the “L2” button to telekinetically grasp it. While you're holding the “L2” button, the object will float in the air in front of your face. Releasing the “L2” button will launch the object forward at a high velocity. Enemies hit by thrown objects take damage. If you press the “Square” button while telekinetically holding an object, you'll drop the object to your feet.

Head to the back of the station, then go up the stairs to your left. Continue along the path until you enter another workshop. You'll be on a balcony overlooking a trio of Splicers. Using the “Telekinesis” Plasmid, pick up a nearby propane tank, inch over to the edge of the balcony, face the Splicers, and then throw the propane tank at them. The propane tank will explode, damaging the Splicers. Repeat this process against the mob of reinforcements that appears Try to launch propane tanks at multiple Splicers. Not only is it good practice of the “Telekinesis” Plasmid, it also makes quick work of enemies. Furthermore, the grenades that Leadhead Splicers throw can be grabbed, then thrown via use of the “Telekinesis” Plasmid.

Once the Splicers are all dead, look along the wall facing the balcony's edge to see an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 10

Grab it, then loot the bodies. Drop down into the actual workshop. Look at the wall behind you to see a sparking Door Control panel. Hold the “L1” button to bring up the “Plasmid Selection” radial. Use either control stick to select the “Electro Bolt” Plasmid. Zap the Door Control panel to open a nearby door. This door just leads back to the Jet-Postal station. Ignore it, then turn around.

You'll see some stairs. From the stairs, walk forward until you hit a corner of the room. Look down to see an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 11

Pick it up, then listen to it. In it, Mark Meltzer, who is searching for his kidnapped daughter in Rapture, mentions a “genetic wonder-drug called ADAM.” If you've played the first BioShock, then you already know the basics of ADAM. Nevertheless, I'll explain ADAM in detail once it shows up in the game's third level.

From the Audio Diary, head left.to have a massive Deployment Bay door close in your face. You'll then see the Quest Arrow return.

During the next bit, some dead Splicer bodies might have turned into Lockboxes to save precious rendering effort on the game's part. Lockboxes work the same as lootable bodies.

Follow your Quest Arrow into a small room with a broken window. Through the window is a pair of gears with a pipe wedged between them. Use Telekinesis to yank the pipe out from between the gears. This will open the Deployment Bay door.

Look behind you to see a Health Station. Hack it, then enter the cafeteria to your right.

Head into the kitchen, then enter the room in the back. Look to your right to see an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 12

Grab it, then return to the workshop, killing the Splicers that ambush you along the way.

Back in the workshop, head through the Deployment Bay door.

Once you're past the door, hang a left to see a path leading to the room with the two gears. Go along this path. In the corner, you'll see an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 13

Grab it, loot the room, and then return to the Deployment Bay door. Look to your right to see a “Circus of Values” vending machine.

Circus of Values

Loot the nearby Corpse, then pick up the Dollars. Approach the “Circus of Values” vending machine. A “Circus of Values” vending machine sells Items such as First Aid Kits, EVE Hypos, and food. “Circus of Values” vending machines can also be hacked. Hacked “Circus of Values” vending machines have more Items available and lower prices. Landing on a blue zone while hacking a “Circus of Values” vending machine makes the machine spit out a free Item. Hack the “Circus of Values” vending machine, then buy some First Aid Kits and EVE Hypos. Once you're done shopping, head up the stairs to your left.

Before you enter the next room, look off in the distance to your right to see a Security Camera. Hack it from afar with your Hack Tool. Next, inch into the room until you see a Health Station underneath the Security Camera. Hack it from afar with your Hack Tool.

By now, you've probably gotten a radio call from Tenenbaum yelling at you to haul it to the elevator. The elevator is guarded by a mob of Splicers. You can either spend several minutes killing them, or you can just run to the elevator. Once you're in the elevator, push the button to ascend to the fourth floor.

As you're riding the elevator up, Tenenbaum will radio you with information about Subject Delta that the Little Sisters have told her. She first states that Subject Delta, the character whom you're playing as, is a very old Big Daddy. Big Daddies are those beings in heavily-armored diving suits that you've been seeing. Big Daddies were created to protect Little Sisters from hostile forces. Early-model Big Daddies, like Subject Delta, were bonded specifically to one partner Little Sister. Later-model Big Daddies were engineered to protect any paired Little Sister, not just a single specific one. The name of Subject Delta's paired Little Sister is “Eleanor Lamb.” Eleanor is the daughter of Sofia Lamb. Due to Subject Delta's Big Daddy conditioning, his body enters a coma-like state if he is apart from Eleanor for too long. The two must reunite before that happens. Eleanor is being held at Fontaine Futuristics on the other side of the city. Tenenbaum then hangs up.

Once the elevator reaches the top, you'll see a Thuggish Splicer run through some glowing red beams, then die. After the elevator door opens, go up the crates next to the body and look at the green things of Rivets on top of them. These are Trap Rivets, the game's first example of an alternate type of ammunition. Pick up the Trap Rivets, then, with the Rivet Gun equipped, press the bottom Directional Pad button. This will select the Trap Rivets as your current ammunition type. To see the currently-selected ammunition type, check the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Trap Rivets can be set on any solid surface. Once set, Trap Rivets will instantly fire at any hostile enemy that walks past them. You can pick up any set Trap Rivet and add it to your inventory.

Collect the Trap Rivets, then follow the Quest Arrow until you see a metal door leading to the train station. Face the door, then look behind you to see a small room with an Audio Diary and some loot.

Audio Diary 14

Pick up the Audio Diary, loot the room, then enter the train station.

Hack the Circus of Values, then turn right. Follow the Quest Arrow into the actual train station. Kill the Splicer. Pick up the Trap Rivets, then approach the gate to your left. You'll see a Security Camera past the bars. Using your Hack Tool, hack it. Now, set up every Trap Rivet you have along both gate entrances. In a bit, several waves of Splicers will come through both gates. The Trap Rivets will fire at any Splicer that crosses their beams. Once you've set up a perimeter, press the glowing Intercom Switch. The door will open to reveal Tenenbaum. She will tell you that Sofia Lamb is using a new batch of Little Sisters for some unknown purpose. Tenenbaum then says that the “Rapture nightmare will repeat forever” unless someone rescues the girls from Sofia Lamb.

Just then, Sofia Lamb appears on the train station's PA system and labels Subject Delta as “an enemy of the people” and a “beast.” She then instructs her followers to hunt him down and kill him.

Escaping the Atlantic Express

Tenenbaum then orders you to hold back the Splicers while she escapes with her rescued girls.

As soon as the gates open, run through them, then look between them to see a Health Station. Hack it, then retreat behind the perimeter of Trap Rivets.

Even with the Trap Rivets and the hacked Security Camera, you'll need to kill several Splicers. Try to stun them with Electro Bolt, then head-shot them.

Once the last Splicer dies, Tenenbaum will thank you, then say that she must leave you to go help others. She then says that an ally, a man named “Sinclair,” will guide you to Eleanor. Tenenbaum then departs, wishing you luck.

You'll then be contacted by Sinclair himself. He introduces himself as “Augustus Sinclair, Esquire.” He mentions that both he and Tanenbaum have interest in Fontaine Futuristics, the building where Eleanor is. Sinclair then tells you take the train to Ryan Amusements, the game's next level.

Once Sinclair stops talking, loot the Splicer corpses. Be sure to check the entire room holding the train. Hack the Circus of Values and the second Health Station. Also of note is an Audio Diary sitting on a bench near the train.

Audio Diary 15

Grab it, then board the train. Hit the glowing Switch to ride the train to Ryan Amusements, the game's next level.

Ryan Amusements

As the next level loads, you'll see that a large mound of ice has formed on the tracks ahead. On Sinclair's suggestion, Subject Delta will automatically stop the train.

Sinclair will then say that, to melt the ice, you'll need to find a new Plasmid that will give you the ability to wield fire. He mentions that the amusement park ahead sells a Plasmid called “Incinerate,” then instructs you to find a way into the park.

Finding the Ticket

Exit the train, then loot the room. Follow the Quest Arrow until you enter a hall with two sets of stairs. Look on the right wall for some loot. Continue following the Quest Arrow until you see some propaganda and some candles. An Audio Diary sits to the right of the propaganda.

Audio Diary 16

Grab it, then follow the Quest Arrow into the next room.

Hack the Circus of Values, then look left. You'll see more ice. This mound of ice contains loot. Once you buy the “Incinerate!” Plasmid, you'll be able to get the loot. For now, though, you can't melt the ice.

Turn around and enter the Park Entrance. Kill the Splicers and loot their bodies. The entrance to the actual amusement park is closed; you'll need a Ticket to enter it. Follow the Quest Arrow into the Security Wing.

Once you enter the Security Wing, Sinclair will radio you. He mentions that Subject Delta is an older model of Big Daddy called the “Alpha Series.” Next, Sinclair proclaims that, with the money they'll make by selling Rapture's technologies to the surface, reversing Subject Delta's “condition” of getting turned into a Big Daddy will be a “cakewalk.”

Loot the Cash Register and Desks, then follow the Quest Arrow until you see a wall-mounted machine that says “Power to the People.”

Ignore it, then follow the Quest Arrow until you descend some stairs. Across from the bottom of the stairs is an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 17

Grab it, then look right to see a Door Control panel through a broken window. Hack it. Now, follow the Quest Arrow to a table with a Ticket on it. Pick up the Ticket.

As soon as you have the Ticket, Sinclair will radio you to tell you that buying “Incinerate!” will cost ADAM. In its processed form, ADAM is a red substance that lets people alter their genetic code. ADAM is altered into Plasmids that give people superhuman abilities upon injection into the bloodstream. Upon injection, ADAM acts like a seemingly benign form of cancer, destroying native cells and replacing them with unstable stem versions. The downside of ADAM is that habitual use can lead to mental instability, physical deformities, and addiction. Splicers are ADAM-addicts. ADAM's negative effects was one of the causes of Rapture's downfall. Bizarrely, ADAM has some form of genetic memory; if ADAM is transferred from one human to another, then bits of the previous human's memories are transferred into the next human. These memories manifest themselves as ghostly images.

Next, Sinclair reminds you that Little Sisters carry ADAM and that one might be in the amusement park's El Dorado Lounge. You'll need to track down a Little Sister to acquire the ADAM needed to buy “Incinerate!”

ADAM is naturally produced by a certain type of sea slug. On their own, these sea slugs can't produce enough ADAM for practical research and commercial purposes. The now-regretful Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum developed a process where a sea slug is implanted in the stomach lining of a human host. The only hosts that the process worked with were young girls. When a sea slug bonds to a host, the pair produces much more ADAM. The hosts, called “Little Sisters,” go through rigorous (and gruesome) physical and mental conditioning that teaches them to go around Rapture and collect ADAM from corpses. The Little Sisters then bring the ADAM back to whomever they're conditioned to. Per Tenenbaum, the Little Sisters you'll encounter along the way to Eleanor are being used by Sofia Lamb.

Finding a Little Sister

Follow the Quest Arrow until you see a Thuggish Splicer in front of a broken display case. Kill it, then look in the broken display case to see a new weapon. Pick it up, then pick up the box of .50 Caliber Rounds next to it.

This new weapon, the Machine Gun, fires continuously if you hold the “R2” button. The Machine Gun has recoil, however. The longer you fire, the more the targeting reticule will drift upward. The Machine Gun uses .50 Caliber Rounds as its primary ammunition type. To effectively use the Machine Gun, aim at a Splicer's body and fire in short bursts.

Machine Gun in hand, turn around and approach the wall-mounted machine that says “Power to the People.”

Power to the People 1

“Power to the People” stations, such as this one, allow you to upgrade one of your weapons for free. Once you confirm your selection of upgrade, the machine installs the upgrade, then shuts down permanently. There are 18 possible weapon upgrades in the game, but only 14 "Power to the People" stations.

While facing the "Power to the People" station, press the “X” button to see a list of upgrades that you can choose from.

You'll see that some of the upgrades are greyed-out. Each main weapon has three possible upgrades. The third upgrade, however, can only be acquired after getting both of a weapon's previous upgrades. There are eighteen possible weapon upgrades in the game, but only fourteen "Power to the People" stations. This forces you to triage and choose your upgrades wisely.

Now, I will go over the upgrades for the weapons that you currently have, starting with the Drill.

The Drill's “Fuel Consumption Decrease” upgrade decreases the fuel consumption rate by 33.33%. The Drill's “Damage Increase” upgrade gives a 37.5% increase to Drill damage. The Drill's "Reflector Plate" upgrade reflects projectiles back at the attacker while the drill is revving and facing the attacker.

Since the game has limited weapon upgrade stations, forcing you to triage, I would suggest upgrading the Drill only if you plan to devote most your playthrough to melee combat and use your Gene Tonic slots on Drill-related Gene Tonics. (I'll explain Gene Tonics in a bit.) This is ill-advised since the Drill must function at a close-quarters, case-by-case basis against each individual enemy.

Next is the Rivet Gun. The Rivet Gun's "Increase Clip Size" upgrade extends the Rivet Gun's clip from 12 to 18. It also turns the weapon's cylindrical Rivet spool into a rectangular case and allows you to carry an additional 24 rounds of regular Rivets, and 12 extra rounds of Trap Rivets and Heavy Rivets. (I'll explain Heavy Rivets shortly.) The Rivet Gun's “Damage Increase” upgrade gives a 33.33% increase to Rivet Gun damage. It takes either a single head-shot or three successive body-shots for the Rivet Gun's “Heated Rivets” upgrade to activate.

In the early levels of the game, the Rivet Gun's head-shots can deal severe damage, if not outright kill, most Splicers. In the game's later levels, however, the Rivet Gun becomes outclassed by other weapons. Since the Rivet Gun is inefficient when faced against crowds of Splicers, the "Increase Clip Size" upgrade isn't really that useful either since there's little need for a bigger supply of immediately-available Rivets if you're scoring lethal head-shots against lone Splicers. There's little need to upgrade the number of Rivets you can carry since, A) Rivets are quite common, and B) the weapon's primary purpose is to score head-shots against lone Splicers. The “Damage Increase” upgrade for the Rivet Gun significantly boosts the weapon's usefulness in its primary purpose of scoring head-shots. This upgrade makes the Rivet Gun much more useful in the game's early levels. The Rivet Gun's “Heated Rivets” upgrade, bluntly put, doesn't really add much to the table if you're already scoring head-shots against Splicers; the Splicers will probably die before the burning damage can kill them. Shooting a Splicer in the body thrice in the body in rapid succession has a much lower damage output and costs more ammunition.

Since the game has limited weapon upgrade stations, forcing you to triage, I would suggest only upgrading the Rivet Gun's damage output. The other two upgrades, for the reasons mentioned above, don't particularly aid in defeating enemies with head-shots.

Now for the Machine Gun. The Machine Gun's “Damage Increase” upgrade gives a 50% increase to Machine Gun damage. The Machine Gun's "Recoil Reduction" upgrade significantly reduces the weapon's recoil, thus improving its accuracy. The Machine Gun's “Bouncing Bullets” upgrade causes the bullets to ricochet once off any solid surface. The Machine Gun's “Damage Increase” upgrade, giving a 50% increase to Machine Gun damage, aids especially in gunning down Splicers and armored enemies alike. The 50% increase builds up over time, leading to more damaging bursts of fire. The Machine Gun's "Recoil Reduction" upgrade, as previously stated, helps reduce the number of bullets you waste from the weapon's inaccuracy and recoil. The reduced recoil means that more bullets hit your target and not the ceiling. The Machine Gun's “Bouncing Bullets” upgrade, which causes the bullets to ricochet once off any solid surface, could, hypothetically, be useful when faced against a crowd of Splicers in an enclosed area. The bullets could ricochet off the walls and hit the Splicers in their back. Though, while using the Machine Gun, you should always be aiming for body-shots instead of the wall behind the enemy.

Since the game has limited weapon upgrade stations, forcing you to triage, I would suggest getting the Machine Gun's first two upgrades, but not the final upgrade. The “Bouncing Bullets” upgrade might encourage some players to wantonly and shoot around corners to hit a possible enemy. Any bullet that doesn't hit its target is a wasted bullet.

The Hack Tool has no upgrades.

Unless you're planning on using the Drill a lot, don't bother upgrading it. For reasons mentioned above, the Rivet Gun has only one useful upgrade and the Machine Gun has two. This leaves you with three options: upgrading the Rivet Gun's damage output, upgrading the Machine Gun's damage output, or decreasing the Machine Gun's recoil. Unless you're habitually holding down the “R2” button, the Machine Gun's recoil doesn't really come into play. This narrows it down to a choice between upgrading the Rivet Gun's damage output and upgrading the Machine Gun's damage output. In this level, Ryan Amusements, Machine Gun ammunition is somewhat scarce while Rivets are common. This means that the Rivet Gun will see more use than the Machine Gun. Furthermore, during this level, you'll have to kill two “armored” opponents. As things stand now, the Rivet Gun is your best bet against these opponents. Lastly, by boosting the Rivet Gun's damage output, you ensure that head-shots stay lethal for further into the game. Due to these reasons, I strongly suggest upgrading the Rivet Gun's damage output.

Once you upgrade, the “Power to the People” station will shut down. With your newly-upgraded weapon, follow the Quest Arrow back to the Park Entrance.

Back at the Park Entrance, kill, then loot the several Splicers that ambush you. Once the room is cleared, insert the Ticket into the Ticket Verification Unit to open the door to the park. Follow the Quest Arrow into the Rapture Museum and up the stairs.

As you reach the top of the stairs, you'll see a display of a bottle containing a blue substance. Approach the bottle to see the text “Sports Boost” pop up.

“Sports Boost” Gene Tonic pic

This is the game's first Gene Tonic, the “Sports Boost” Gene Tonic. Gene Tonics, while made from ADAM just as Plasmids are, function as passive abilities that remain in effect while they're equipped. They don't cost EVE like Plasmids do. Pick up the “Sports Boost” Gene Tonic now.

“Sports Boost” Gene Tonic

Effect: Increases the player's movement speed.

Location: For free at the beginning of Ryan Amusements, under the sign "Memorial Museum."

Just as you can only have three different Plasmids now, you're currently allotted only four Gene Tonic Slots for now. I'll explain how to acquire more Slots later.

From the display, head left and into the actual Rapture Museum.

Feel free to listen to the audio exhibits to learn how Andrew Ryan, Rapture's founder, constructed his once-great city. Full transcripts of the audio exhibits can be found here: http://bioshock.wikia.com/wiki/Rapture_Memorial_Museum.

As you're wandering through the museum's top floor, look under the bench in the center to see an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 18

Grab it, then head into the nearby Gift Shop.

Eliminate the Splicers in this room, then look to the left of the entrance of the Gift Shop to see a new type of vending machine. These are “El Ammo Bandito” vending machines.

El Ammo Bandito

Author's Note: I apologize for the bad screenshot; during recording, it slipped my mind that this El Ammo Bandito is the first one in the game. Normally, when I encounter a new gameplay element during recording, I point the camera towards it and sit there staring at it for several seconds. This turns into several seconds of footage from which I can extract a good screenshot.

“El Ammo Bandito” vending machines exclusively sell ammunition. Hacking them improve their prices and selection. Getting a “blue bonus” while hacking “El Ammo Bandito” vending machines causes them to spit out a free, random container of ammunition.

Hack the El Ammo Bandito, but don't buy anything yet. Turn around and then go behind the checkout counter. You'll see an Audio Diary on top of some crates.

Audio Diary 19

Grab it, then look right to see a Safe.


Safes contain loot such as Dollars and ammunition. To obtain the loot, you must hack the Safe. Getting a “blue bonus” while hacking a Safe makes it contain more Dollars and better ammunition.

Hack the Safe. There's a chance that it might contain some Anti-Personnel Rounds for the Machine Gun. Anti-Personnel Rounds, the Machine Gun's uncommon ammunition, do 50% more damage against Splicers than .50 Caliber Rounds.

Next, return to the El Ammo Bandito. Turn right to see a path leading to the Gift Shop's restrooms. Go down this path, then turn left. Use Electro Bolt on the sparking Door Control panel to open the gate blocking the ladies' restroom. Enter the ladies' restroom.

Inside the ladies' restroom, you'll find, sitting upon a shrine, an Audio Diary.

Audio Diary 20

Grab it. Look on the floor in front of the shrine to see a First Aid Kit and two red things of Rivets. These are Heavy Rivets, the Rivet Gun's uncommon ammunition. Heavy Rivets deal 40% more damage to enemies than regular Rivets, deal armor-piercing damage, and have a higher “head-shot damage multiplier” than regular Rivets. Heavy Rivets have a lower rate of fire than regular Rivets, though. When a type of ammunition has armor-piercing properties, it deals 50% more damage against armored enemies such as Big Daddies and Security Bots. Anti-personnel damage, on the other end of the spectrum, is 50% more effective against Splicers.

Grab the Heavy Rivets, then exit the ladies' restroom. The men's restroom just contains some Trap Rivets and a possible ambush by a Thuggish Splicer.

Return to the El Ammo Bandito. You'll notice that it now sells Anti-Personnel Rounds for the Machine Gun and Heavy Rivets for the Rivet Gun. This demonstrates the fact that you can't buy any type of ammunition that you haven't already collected in the overworld. In other words, the El Ammo Bandito didn't have Heavy Rivets in stock until you picked up some in the ladies' restroom.

Buy some Heavy Rivets. They'll be useful shortly. Once you're done shopping, exit the Gift Shop.

Go downstairs and kill the Splicer that attacks you. Enter the door leading to the El Dorado Lounge.

As you enter the hallway leading to the lounge, you'll see another red wagon. Approach the red wagon, and Eleanor will contact you. She says that she's stuck at Fontaine Futuristics and that, until you rescue her, she's limited to just smuggling various gifts to you. Eleanor then stops talking.

Look in the red wagon. You'll see a Gene Tonic and an Audio Diary.

“Drill Power” Gene Tonic

Audio Diary 21

“Drill Power” Gene Tonic

Effect: Increases Drill damage by 75%.

Location: For free in the hallway leading to the El Dorado Lounge in Ryan Amusements.

Grab both, then grab the .50 Caliber Rounds and EVE Hypo between the two sets of stairs. Enter the lounge at the top of the stairs.

As you enter the lounge, the game will stop you to tell that, to get the Little Sister's ADAM, you'll need to first kill her Big Daddy guardian. The Big Daddy won't attack you until you attack him. Big Daddies are considered “armored,” so the armor-piercing Heavy Rivets are currently your best bet against them.

A few feet into the lounge, you'll see a disabled Security Bot. Hack it, then start exploring the lounge, Hack the Circus of Values and the Health Station.

To get a second friendly Security Bot, begin to hack the vending machine or the Health Station in the back. Land the Hacking Needle in a red zone to spawn hostile Security Bots. Once the alarm starts, immediately use the Bot Shutdown Panel in the front as soon as the Security Bots arrive. This will make the Security Bots drop to the floor, inert. Hack one of them to recruit it. You can't recruit more than two Security Bots at a time, though.

There's an Audio Diary in a yellow suitcase behind a wall to the left of the space in front of the lounge's stage.

Audio Diary 22

Pick it up. Next, look to either side of the space in front of the lounge's stage. You'll see some red barrels. These red barrels, when damaged, explode in a manner like the propane tanks found in the Atlantic Express. Just like you did with the propane tanks, you can throw these red barrels via Telekinesis.

Before you engage the Big Daddy, study the lounge's structure. This model of Big Daddy, called the “Bouncer,” has no ranged attacks; they can only rush towards you, then melee you. Bouncers can also cause tremors that temporarily slows your movements.

Next, set up a few layers of Trap Rivets. Arrange them so that you can lead the Bouncer through the Trap Rivet beams once he starts chasing you. Once you've set your Trap Rivets, switch to Heavy Rivets. Wait until the Bouncer is in front of the stage, then save your game. It's very easy to screw this fight up, so save to ensure that you can redo the fight if things spiral out of control.

The best way to start the fight is by throwing the two red barrels, back-to-back, at the Bouncer. This will make the Bouncer hostile. Once the he becomes hostile, your Security Bots will open fire onto the Bouncer. The Bouncer will see the Security Bots as the immediate threat and engage them. The fight between the Bouncer and the Security Bots will zoom all around the lounge. During the fight, watch the Bouncer's position. Chances are that he'll stumble onto the lounge's two puddles of water. The second he steps onto the water, zap him with Electro Bolt. This will stun him and deal a good bit of electrical damage to him. Armored enemies, such as Big Daddies, are weak to electrical damage. While the Bouncer is fighting your Security Bots, stay on him and keep peppering him with Heavy Rivets. Eventually, the Bouncer will destroy your Security Bots. Once the Security Bots go down, the Bouncer will turn its attention towards you. Now is the time where you lead the Bouncer through your Trap Rivets. If the Bouncer is still alive, finish him off by stunning him with Electro Bolt while unloading Heavy Rivets into him. He'll eventually die.

Loot his corpse for Drill Fuel, Dollars, and a First Aid Kit. Next, approach the grieving Little Sister. Press the “Square” b6utton to “Adopt” her. Subject Delta will gently lift the Little Sister and put her on his shoulders. Sinclair will then radio you to tell you that there are ADAM-filled Corpses all over Rapture and that Adopted Little Sisters can lead you to them. Hold the “Square” button to have your Adopted Little Sister lead you towards the nearest ADAM Corpse by way of a silver scent trail. Stock up at the Circus of Values, then return to the museum.