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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cmbf

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/02/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Damnation FAQ/Walkthrough –  Ver. 1.0 – 2 July 2009 – by CMBF
     _____                               _             
    (____ \                         _   (_)            
     _   \ \ ____ ____  ____   ____| |_  _  ___  ____  
    | |   | / _  |    \|  _ \ / _  |  _)| |/ _ \|  _ \ 
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    •	Genre:Action > Shooter > Third-Person > Sci-Fi
    •	Developer:Blue Omega
    •	ESRB Rating:M
    T A B L E  - O F – C O N T E N T S
    Forward (FOR01)
    Introduction (INTRO)
    Act 1: Prologue (MIS01)
    Act 2: Rescue - Searching (MIS02A)
    Act 2: Rescue – An Old Friend (MIS02B)
    Act 2: Rescue – Extraction (MIS02C)
    Act 3: The Battle Begins – FACADE (MIS03A)
    Act 3: The Battle Begins – FRIENDS AND ENEMIES (MIS03B)
    Act 3: The Battle Begins – CONVOY (MIS03C)
    Act 4: Interlude – Race (MIS04A)
    Act 4: Interlude – Redemption (MIS04B)
    Act 5: City by the Sea – Attack (MIS05A)
    Act 5: City by the Sea – Prodigal Son (MIS05B)
    Act 5: City by the Sea – Let Justice Roll Down Like Water (MIS05C)
    Act 6: Showdown – Tundra (MIS06A)
    Act 6: Showdown – Infiltration (MIS06B)
    Act 6: Showdown – Military Industrial Complex (MIS06C)
    Act 6: Showdown – Prescott (MIS06D)
    Cog Collection Locations (COL01)
    Achievements (BLING)
    PS3 Trophies (SHINIES)
    FAQ's (FAQS)
    About me (ABOUT)
    Legal Stuff (REDTAPE)
             “This looks really really stupid... 
              And really really cool at the same time!”
          (My son's first impression of the introductory CS)
    I am not going to tell you that everything you have heard about this 
    game is wrong – but the thing is, well, everything that you heard 
    about this game is wrong.  
    I made the mistake of reading the player and industry reviews before 
    I decided to do this FAQ/WT on it, and so I was expecting a real dog 
    of a game that I would hate – and that is certainly not what I got 
    at all!  I really like this game – sure it could have used a little 
    more polish, and the controls sometimes are a little wonky, but all 
    in all it was both entertaining and interesting.  I am not sure what 
    that says about me as a person though, considering that it is a 
    rather dark and miserable world depicted in this game, but still.
    Seriously.  If you give it a chance, and resist the urge to compare 
    it to all of the other games it is sort of like, or borrows from – 
    Mech Warriors, Assassins Creed, the Tom Clancy games...  Just don't 
    go there, and you will be a lot happier with it than if you do.  
    Yes there are drawbacks, but the harsh negativity that is hitting 
    this title has more to do with the unreal expectations of the 
    players – who are angry that this title was not more like the game 
    they are comparing it to – than anything that this title deserves 
    on its own.
    Let me put this another way – if you never played Mech Warrior or 
    Assassins Creed, you are really going to like this game!  I mean 
    compared to Stormrise this title is first class!
    A mixture of steampunk and the wild west, Damnation presents a lot 
    of potential – imagine an alternate reality that split off from ours 
    around the end of the Civil War.  Electricity did not dominate the 
    power structure, steam did, leading to a different future.  Now factor
    in a megalomaniac industrial tycoon intent upon dominating the United
    States – or what is left of it – and the Confederate States with an 
    eye towards destroying the armies of both.  That is Damnation!
    The controls are simpler than you probably expected, and there are 
    some play issues that you may find a little frustrating – for 
    instance you cannot shoot from cover, and there is no snap-to aim 
    in this game – but beyond that, game play is pretty brisk.  It is 
    not perfect, true, but considering its origins, well, it is a pretty 
    good game – so let's talk about its origins for a moment...
    Damnation was originally conceived and created as a mod for Unreal 
    Tournament 2004 – and at the time its use of the Unreal engine was 
    cutting edge.  In fact it won the $40K prize for the Make Something 
    Unreal Contest – and was so well received that the decision to 
    develop it into a full stand-alone game was thought a no-brainer.
    The problem – if there is a problem – likely stems from the early 
    PR work undertaken on behalf of the developer, Blue Omega.  Certain 
    promises were made, and facets of the game over-hyped, so that the 
    expectations of the players was..  Well..  If you will forgive the 
    pun.. Unreal.
    My advice is to ignore everything you have heard, play the game, and 
    judge for yourself!
    After an interesting CS in which you learn that there is an enemy, 
    he plays with evil technology, and you are the good guys.  You are 
    left standing by yourself at the edge of a precipice, there to begin 
    your journey into Damnation.
    Your RT is for throwing punches, LT for drawing your weapon (you hold 
    it down and then fire with the RT).  Use the D-Pad to select which 
    weapon you use, A to jump, X to punch, and B to crouch.  Got that?  
    Hit the Start button to pause – and learn how many collectibles you 
    have found so far – none – and what your present task is: Get to the 
    top of the bridge.
    Right then!  So run forward to the bridge – but it is raised!  No 
    worries, because Winslow is there to tell you what to do, explaining 
    that the controls are jammed and that you should shoot the bolts in 
    both chains.  The bolts are the honking huge yellow things that will, 
    when you hold down LT and aim at them, show a red target ring which 
    means you can shoot them.  Well?  Shoot them!
    Now your side of the bridge has dropped into place.  Head out onto 
    it and shoot the bolts for the other side, and it falls but hey, 
    there is a gap in between!  Winslow schools you on how to jump the 
    gap, and you do, but you are probably wondering – if the bridge has 
    that gap in the middle, how did they get vehicles to the other side?
    Not much of a bridge I guess.
    Next you arrive at a gate, but as Winslow tells you, it is “jammed 
    shut.”  Well, no, not really, because you can crouch down and go 
    under it, but still – way to teach us how to crouch!  Apparently 
    we are saving our explosives for something else, so the challenge 
    is to find a way to get the gates open.  Or is it?  
    Go into the gatehouse and run towards the window there, and hit A 
    to jump through it!  There you go, problem solved, and no need to 
    fix the gates.  Winslow comments that that is probably the last 
    unbroken glass in the city – he may be wrong about that but still, 
    it is fun jumping through windows...
    So we don't actually raise the gates at all – we jump through a 
    window and bypass them – and then use a lift that may or may not 
    be iffy...  So follow your buds and then hit the zipline – does 
    Tom Clancy know about this??
    Your first firefight has arrived – so take cover in the ruins of 
    one of the buildings either on the left or the right – your buds 
    are going to separate and do that too – and fight the enemy troops 
    who are up the stairs in the center of the background area.  At 
    some point one or both of your buds will get incapacitated, and 
    you will need to go to them and heal them by standing beside them 
    and hitting RB, so when that happens, do that.  The reason that 
    they get incap'd has more to do with the fact that you cannot shoot 
    from cover in this game – you basically have to expose yourself to 
    fire in order to fire yourself!  
    Aiming is a bit dodgy as well, as is spotting your targets unless 
    they move or shoot, and it might help to pay attention to where 
    your buds are shooting so you know what to aim at!  You may want 
    to use your pistol at this point and not the other weapons, simply 
    because you will go through a lot less ammo as you get used to 
    combat, and because there is plenty of pistol ammo laying on the 
    ground near you to replenish your supply.  How convenient is that?
    Once you have taken the enemy out there will be one left at the top 
    of the stairs under the building overhang – so go up carefully and 
    kill him.  There is also a special interest item here – a blue 
    glowing cog that is part of the Collection System in the game.  
    So stand next to the cog and hit RB to collect it, and bang!  You 
    got your first achievement: Found It! (10 GP).
    Okay so by now you should have figured out that you are Rourke, and 
    your buddies are Professor Winslow and Yakecan (Yak from now on).  
    Winslow seems to be in charge – well he is the one giving orders 
    anyway – and he tells you to follow him while he scales the buildings 
    to get closer to the target.  Just watch what he does and do that 
    yourself – the button sequences are simple: A to jump onto the light 
    pole, climb it, swing around so your back is facing the building he 
    jumped to, then hold RB and hit A to do an aimed jump.  Continue to 
    follow Winslow.
    You will arrive at another battle, just prior to which you can pick 
    up a two-handed weapon that I think is a large hunting rifle.  
    Anyway it is large bore, pretty accurate and can be used to snipe 
    from a distance, but it will only have a maximum of 12 rounds of 
    ammo at any time, so it is not the be-all and end-all weapon I am 
    afraid.  Still it is pretty good and I swapped my shotgun for it 
    since the shotgun is a very close range weapon and I also have a 
    pistol and machine gun so...
    After the last enemy is killed you get a CS of Winslow doing his 
    circus act – pay attention because you are going to have to copy 
    him!  Note that this is a scripted event, so even if Winslow is 
    incap'd early in the fight there is no need to risk dying to heal 
    him because he is automagically healed when the last enemy dies.  
    And speaking of dying, the checkpoint saves in this game are few 
    and far between, and if you due it means re-covering the same 
    ground and actions you already did once, so word to the wise: 
    don't die.
    Just follow Winslow, do what he does, and eventually you will 
    arrive at a blocked passage inside what I am pretty sure was 
    once a train station.  There is a incap'd mech unit here, and 
    Winslow wants to try to repair it to use it to open the passage, 
    and he tells you to explore the building – so do that.  When 
    you walk through the archway below you will get a flashback CS – 
    you have been here before – and the memory is not pleasant.  
    After it ends Winslow calls to you – he is ready to go, and then 
    you get another short CS showing you the next stage of your route.
    Winslow is not much of a leader here and even though it seems like 
    what he is saying is to follow him, that is not really going to 
    happen.  You take the initiative, and go explore the area inside 
    these buildings to your left first.  As you progress through them, 
    you should get your next achievement: Free Style Walker (15 GP) and 
    pick up some ammo, which you need.
    Can I digress for a moment? Not complaining, but you'd think a radar 
    map or HUD indicating the position of your buds would be helpful 
    here, yeah? Or even just a map... I'm just saying....
    Okay, once you explore far enough, Winslow appears and tells you to 
    “get to the roof” and you get a short CS showing you the route. 
    Once you are on the way, another short CS shows you how to jump 
    using a wall as a spring point – wait, is this Tom Clancy's 
    Damnation?!  Follow Winslow :)
    So let me ask you, was that ladder jump a trip? I didn't think I'd 
    hit it, but there you go!  So, you meet Ramone Zalgado, your relief 
    army.  Now sit back for a long CS that gives you some background and 
    a notion for what you are in for.
    Winslow will rig the charges, then all you need to do is drop down 
    and pull the lever, blowing the bridge. Or you could mount one of 
    the turrets and slay some bad guys first – that's what I did.
    So the bridge blows, but nope, the enemy has a Corps of Engineers 
    with a replacement bridge all ready. You get surrounded, then Winslow
    is captured and you get evac'd and meet the Shaman, who gives you the
    4-1-1 and some of his powers to help you. You also learn that Dayden 
    – your chick – is in a POW camp, and what is more, you need to save 
    The airship takes you to Boomtown, the sight of a previous battle in 
    the war that went bad for your side. Slide down the ropes after the 
    CS and let's get going!
    Okay now, once you reach a certain point, Yak tells you to use the 
    gift her brother gave you, so stand still and hold down the LB. Now 
    you can see all of the bad guys through rocks, walls, etc. Note: if 
    one of your team is disabled, you can remotely heal them by using 
    the gift – hold LB ten RB, and voila! Long distance bandage, woohoo!
    After you take out the bad guys, use your acrobatic moves to get up 
    on the upper level of the catwalks, over the buildings, and you'll 
    find the continuation of the tunnel up there on the opposite side 
    from where you entered. Wait for Yak and Zal to catch up to you 
    and then head on in.
    At the end of the tunnel is a big metal door blocking your way. 
    Stand to its right side by the discolored handle thingy, and 
    hold RB and move to the right to open it. Hit RB again to let 
    go. Once you go through you get a quick CS showing you the route 
    up, and then you are back in control. 
    Now if you were not paying attention, this part of the game could 
    get very frustrating  for you! You are going to have to approach 
    areas that are not safe to enter – areas with shotgun toting bad 
    guys if you see the problem – and so you want to give yourself an 
    edge. Well, your super-duper new power is that edge! Use the LB 
    power to scope out ahead of you, decide when the enemy is facing 
    the wrong (right?) direction, then get behind them and blow their 
    head off!  Better them than you, right?
    There are a lot – over a dozen – of enemies you'll need to pass – so 
    be sneaky; be ninja; be a lean, green, fighting....err. Yeah, anyway, 
    you get the idea!  
    Head up the stairs to your right and go almost to the ladder, before 
    using your power to see where the enemy is above you. When it is safe,
    go up the ladder and kill him, then when your buds join you, go up the
    two flights of stairs, hit the zipline, and upon landing jump through
    the window to your right.
    Now use your power to scope out nearby enemy locations, and plan your 
    route accordingly. What I did was jump back through the window and 
    run out, spin around and wall-jump off the building I just left. 
    Pulled myself up and ran under the overhang with the enemy above, 
    then drew my weapon, eased out and killed him. Then I wall -jumped 
    off the stove wall to the top of the overhang, eased around the side 
    and jumped to the ladder, and then climbed to where I could see the 
    next enemy and  when he turned his back to the ladder, I commando-
    killed him :)
    Use your sniper rifle to take out the guy on the other side of the 
    gap for a one-shot kill, then cross over the bridge. Now be careful 
    and do not die!  The suck part of this mission, is, if you die, you 
    start back at the door!
    Once you reach the other side, go carefully up the walkway that winds
    around the spire, there is an enemy at the first landing, so kill 
    them and collect the rail gun and trip mines there. Note:  to reload
    your weapon on command, hold LT and click the left joystick. Running
    out of ammo on a short clip can get you killed easily, so be kind to
    yourself and reload after each fight!
    Now to recap: You've taken out all the bad guys, gone up to the top of
    the spire, and here are these buildings with nothing to clue you in on
    what to do next. Now, you could wall-jump on top of the building on 
    the left and then work your way along the beams bolted to the wall, 
    but that will not get you anywhere!
    Instead, enter the building on the right, go upstairs, jump on the 
    crate and smash through the window and land on the roof. Now jump 
    to the broken catwalk in the corner and follow it to an alcove in 
    the rock, where you'll find more beams bolted to the wall. Wall-jump
    to these, then climb and jump across and eventually you get up to the
    next level.
    On the second floor of the building here is the next collectible, so
    get it now, and a few mines, so grab them as well. Now exit the 
    building for a short CS showing your next route. 
    Basically this is pretty simple:  Work your way along an obvious 
    path through tunnels, stairs, and ziplines, killing the enemy doods 
    as you go. Make strategic use of your sniper rifle, and yes I am 
    aware that at long range it is hard to aim and body shots requires 
    two shots to kill, but using it reduces the likelihood of you getting
    killed, and let me remind you that checkpoints are few an far between,
    so unless you like repeating the same path over and over, don't die!
    Oh, you are using the zoom-view feature on the rifle, right?  Click 
    the right joystick once for medium view, twice for long view.
    Once you were on the platform where the zipline leads to the factory-
    like building, you need to be careful and patient; this zipline is 
    awkwardly placed and difficult to mount, but it can be done without 
    a running jump, which could get you killed.
    Two of the enemy are inside the building on the other side and will 
    open up on you as you zip across. You cannot pre-emptively take them 
    out, so when you hit the ground, run to the far corner of the building
    where you will see a door. Use your power to locate the guy on the 
    ground level, and when he turns away, go in and kill him. Mind the 
    guy on the second level now, he has a powerful weapon and it's an 
    open floor plan inside, and it would be a shame to die now, by his 
    hand. Once you have him located, pop in and kill him!
    Note: you might wonder why I didn't say jump the bridge gap instead 
    of take the zipline – the reason is simple: the two guys inside the 
    building have a better chance of scragging you if you jump the bridge
    for a frontal assault. The rear is safer!
    The next stage is not really obvious, but what you need to do is wall-
    jump off of the big boiler to the platform, and then jump across to 
    the next platform that has the ladder near it. Jump onto the ladder,
    climb it a little, then swing around to the other side and finish 
    climbing to a platform close to the really annoying PA speakers.
    Now you see the platform in the corner across form you?  Jump to that,
    and then wall-jump to the platform above, and exit the factory at the 
    lift cage. Well done!  Use RB to call the elevator, then RB inside to 
    activate it, for a brief CS between Zal & Yak, with some minor 
    backstory fill-in. Yeah, the storyline is weak, but if you consider 
    the between the lines stuff, it is not so bad.
    Now the cool bit is you hit your first checkpoint on this mission 
    when you exit the lift – Thank God!
    Head into the cave and jump over the barricade, then through the 
    cave until it opens out. Jump through the window in the nearby 
    building and pull the lever for a short CS on how evil Prescott  
    really is! Go through the now open sluice tunnel and whoa!  The 
    mission ends with another (insulting) checkpoint.
    After you exit the cave, you'll see a few one-story buildings and a 
    two-story building positioned across from a structure with enemy 
    miners in it. You could try a frontal assault, but it is safer to 
    go up to the second story and break through the window and onto 
    the deck there, then jump across to the roof nearby, from which 
    vantage point you can easily snipe the enemy with zero risk to you. 
    Do that :)
    Now run across the bridge and into the second building. Go upstairs 
    and smash through the window onto the deck. Follow that around the 
    back and jump the gap to the next building. Go up onto the box, 
    then the upper level, inside and climb to the roof. From the roof, 
    jump to the beams bolted to the rock wall, then climb twice and 
    work your way around the corner. Do an RB-A jump to the beam across 
    from you, stand on it, work your way around the corner, then RB-A to 
    the distant ladder, which will unfold a little. Now climb the ladder 
    to the platform above. 
    Around the corner is another metal door for yo to open – and after 
    you enter the opening you get a CS telling you that the bridge is 
    out, that you need to find another way. Hint: you are shown a vehicle
    in the CS.
    Now run over to the steampunk motorcycle and mount it. The bike is 
    already pointed in the right direction, so once you are ready, hit 
    the throttle (RT) then as soon as you clear the gate and are 
    approaching the small ramp, hit LB to boost. You should easily 
    jump the gap to the other side.
    Now ride through the tunnel; at the end is a checkpoint and where 
    you should stop and dismount because there are enemy miners below 
    by the building for you to kill. Once they are done, take out the 
    groups by the other two buildings.
    Okay, so you don't actually have to kill these guys, in fact you 
    can jump back on your bike and head for the ramp beyond the 
    building (to the left) and just jump the gap there to the next 
    area! Keep going, then past another group of bad guys and jump 
    another gap, then stay to the left for a bit to clear a chasm...
    This is a little weird and the closest that the game comes to 
    vertigo, but you are – after the second gap – following a route 
    that involves driving on the walls. Thankfully there was a checkpoint 
    at the start of this part. The only thing I can say to help you is 
    save your boost for where you need it and use the track marks as a 
    It may take you a few tries, but eventually you'll get the hang of 
    it. Once through the hard part, just keep going until Zal gives you 
    a CS connect and see your next path. Dismount and climb the low 
    ledge, then use your power- Quite a few enemy infesting the buildings
    ahead, eh?
    Work your way through the enemy until you get tho the tower at the 
    end in front of a gated building. You can either use the tower to 
    get over or wall-jump to the overhang on the right side and use the 
    ladder, but either way, get inside the compound and take out the 
    last pair of miners.
    Now go to the edge where the roof slants down and jump to the pole 
    there. Slide down to the platform then jump through the nearby 
    window and you end up in a closed building with a metal door for 
    you to open.
    Open the door, go out and bang a U-turn, and kill the feral cannibal 
    guy! Then jump to the beam, work your way around the corner, and RB-A
    jump to the water tower. You'll get a short CS showing your next 
    route – including a billboard? Well, anyway, jump from the tower to 
    the roof to join your buds, then jump down on the deck. Go inside and
    walk to the rail across from the hanging chain. A-jump to hang on the
    other side of the rail, then RB-A to the chain and slide down.
    There are two trip-wire mines you can grab here, and then hit the 
    stairs down and the exit, where your buds are waiting for you. Cross 
    the bridge then use your powers... Oh no's! Lots of enemy here!
    Tactics:  Well, there are a lot of enemy miners here, and as dying is
    not convenient in this title, it might be an idea to take a shot to 
    get the enemy riled, and then hang back while our buds handle them. 
    Not exactly sporting, but it worked for me :)
    Note to the Odd:  one of the enemy was hanging off the side of the 
    footbridge – What's up with that?
    My bud's took out all but three of the bad guys, leaving the one 
    hanging off the side of the footpath for me, and the pair in the 
    far buildings. I easily took care of them, reached the area near 
    the gap, and got the CS there about the bikes.
    The next cog is in the building to the right of where you shoot the 
    sign, so be sure to get it!
    The bike is behind (in front of?) the building with the cog, so go 
    grab it now, it's a trike actually, if we want to be accurate here.
    Hit the gas, jump the gap, and objective completed! Woohoo! Well, 
    not exactly... there is actually a series of gaps, remember our 
    first bike ride? Yeah, more of that I'm afraid.
    Just follow the tracks along the tricky areas, you shouldn't need to
    boost to do the jumps, and you should have no trouble with this at 
    On the other side, dismount and use your power – lots of bad guys. 
    Now there are several ways to handle this, but I found that taking 
    the initiative and killing the first miner caused my team to go 
    into hunt-and-kill mode, and once that happened, I pretty much hung 
    back and took out the stragglers, using my remote heal on them as 
    needed. Easy-peasy!
    Like the previous area my team took out all but the last pair, who 
    were situated so that specific moves are needed to target them. Near 
    the last building on the right is a chain hanging down – climb that 
    and RB-A jump to the roof. Immediately kill the enemy in the building
    across from you, he is on a walkway or the stairs on the side of the 
    building. Then drop a trip-wire mine on the deck below and detonate 
    it to kill the other miner. Once he is dead drop down and grab his 
    ammo, then go through the window to get the trip-wire mine inside 
    which replaces the one you used to kill him – how cool is that?
    Now if you look, you'll spot the very long zipline on the upper part
    of the last building on the left – a part you cannot easily reach. 
    Head back the way you came past the next building to a single story 
    building with stairs. Go up the stairs then jump to the roof of the
    one story section of the second building. Now climb up and over the
    rail, cross this deck, climb up and over that rail, then RB-A to the
    next building – the one with the zipline. You'll have to jump from 
    rafter to rafter to get to the far roof, then wall-jump up a level,
    where you discover it is not a zipline after all, but a cable trolly!
    Pull the lever to open the door, get on, then pull the lever inside 
    for a CS with two mutant babes and some snipers! Yak says it is a 
    good sign, but I don't know about that....
    Your crew will go outside and start shooting at the snipers, but 
    unfortunately this is one of the times when you'll need to help 
    them out a little, so go do that. Now that you've taken out the 
    pair of snipers, Zal tells you that you must move the door. Well 
    he says “We” but he means “you.”
    When you reach the door, you get a route CS showing lots of exploding
    barrels – give you any ideas? Well, don't get your hopes up, because
    there are two turrets inside and neither is very close to the barrels.
    Crouch and enter behind the half-wall for cover, and the turrets, 
    take out the barrels. To your right is an opening – run through it. 
    You'll see a ladder ahead, so go wall-jump to the building next to 
    it using the one across from it, then jump to its roof, and from 
    there to the ladder. Climb the ladder up to the tower, cross to the 
    other tower, then RB-A jump to the next and cross the footbridge 
    There is a ladder facing you over a gap – jump to it and climb up 
    to the roof, then target the huge pile of explosive barrels for a 
    CS FtW!  Yak heals Winslow, then you get to capture your own 
    prisoner! And wait! It's Winslow's daughter! Another CS and more 
    backstory! Yay us!
    Winslow wants you to destroy the mines, and the best way to do that 
    seems to be to plug up the smokestacks on this never-ending mission 
    Now before you take the zipline, explore around these buildings for 
    ammo or better weapons – there are a bunch laying around here.
    After you kill all the miners go to the second from last building 
    on the right, to its upper floor, then jump to the window of the 
    last building and break through. Then RB-A to the deck and go to 
    the lever, pulling it. Get on the lift and pull its lever to ride 
    down, to get to the cable car. Pull the lever here to ride across, 
    for a brief CS. When you reach the other side, you get a checkpoint
    save and a short CS reminding you what Winslow wants.
    Jump to the roof outside, and from there using the beams, get to the 
    windows of the building over the gap. Jump through the window and 
    then wall-jump to the upper deck. Go through the window here and 
    RB-A jump to the chain outside. Climb up far enough to RB-A to the 
    roof of the same building, then cross it to the walkway and stairs.
    Move along the stairs to the stone wall walkway and kill the miners 
    up here, working your way along the top. At the end of the walkway 
    is a ladder, take that up, then the stairs. Eventually you'll reach 
    a metal platform with a large crate; jump onto the crate, then the 
    walkway above, turn around and jump the gap here to the next level.
    Go inside and down the stairs, through the doorway opposite into a 
    large room where Zal will stand. Take the ladder here, at the top 
    RB-A to another ladder, and climb that the rest of the way up the 
    Run down the ramp to the left and drop down, then head through the 
    opening to the right, and you'll spot another ladder to your left – 
    climb it, run around the catwalk and cross to the next building – 
    and take cover! There are more enemies, and Zal will engage them.
    There is a sniper rifle leaning against the wall here, so if you 
    need ammo, grab it, and help Zal take out the bad guys with that. 
    There is a pair of snipers ahead, so be careful here while you 
    take them out, then move along the catwalk. It might be helpful 
    to back up to the covered area where you came up the ladder and 
    snipe the snipers from there, since you can target exploding 
    barrels that they go near.
    At the end of the catwalk, take the center pipe on the left and 
    jump through the window. There is a lever here you can pull that 
    moves a huge piston out – then you can wall-jump from the wall to 
    the rear of the piston, and from there to a beam on the wall. Climb 
    the beams, then jump to the top of the piston end and from there to 
    the adjacent walkway.
    Run outside and up the stairs and bang a left – Zal will run ahead 
    and do battle with three or four miners. Let him kill them since 
    they have these super-sized shotguns. You'll have to remote heal 
    Zal a few times, but he can handle them eventually. When he is down 
    to one, you may need to kill that last one yourself if it goes inside
    the building there, as otherwise Zal will just shoot the building 
    Go inside the left building and wall-jump to the upper deck, and 
    climb the ladder here. RB-A jump to the deck here and exit; go 
    through the window ahead and then drop down into the room below 
    with the two vertical pipes at the far end.
    Use the rail on the wall to jump to the lower pipe fitting, then 
    jump to the next pipe, climb to its top fitting, then back to the 
    first pipe. Once you get to the top fitting of the front pipe and 
    jump across to the deck, you'll get a checkpoint save and a CS 
    showing you the route. Use your power now to familiarize yourself 
    with the location of the bad guys.
    You'll see a walkway below you along the outer wall, where the 
    railing is missing (in the direction of the bad guys). Jump to that 
    walkway, then take out the miners ahead. The explosive barrels will 
    help with this part, but take your time and try not to die, okay?
    Go into the big building ahead and wall-jump up to the next level, 
    then jump to the deck outside and over a gap. To your right is the 
    rest of the next building; jump to that and then up to the next 
    level deck there.
    Inside, you'll notice two windows – you want the one on the left 
    with two beams on the wall. Go through the window and then RB-A 
    jump to the far beam, hand walk around the corner and climb up to 
    the next level then climb the beams in the right corner, working 
    your way to where you can RB-A to the ladder.
    Outside be sure to grab the machine-gun ammo. If you are like me you 
    need it – then follow the walkway to the deck. See the ladder over 
    the gap? Jump to it. Climb to the top, RB-A to the pipe,  swing 
    using RB and jump using A, then climb onto the deck here. Okay, 
    there is a zipline here- DO NOT take it yet. Run around to the 
    back of the structure and get collection COG #4 FIRST!
    Take the zipline and grab the sniper ammo if you need it, or kill 
    the pair of snipers on the other structure first, then grab the 
    ammo. You need to kill those snipers though, otherwise they'll 
    kill you when you drop down to the conveyor belt!
    Now that they are dead, drop down to the conveyor belt and run 
    across, take the stairs to your left up, and when you get to the 
    top, turn around and run towards the stairs you just came up but 
    jump to grab the edge of a deck across the gap. Now enter the 
    tunnel here, for a checkpoint save.
    The next bit is a little tricky – at the end of the tunnel, you'll 
    need to jump to the beam to the right, then cross over it and RB-A 
    to what is left of the catwalk there. Jump the next gap, and then 
    jump a longer gap to the metal catwalk on the smokestack structure. 
    You're almost there now!
    Run to the end of the catwalk and drop down on the large red 
    horizontal pipe. Cross the pipe to the roof below, then climb the 
    roof till you can jump down to a metal platform – you get a 
    checkpoint save here. This is the Boomtown sign we saw earlier 
    in a CS (think Hollywood sign). At the end of it, jump the gap but 
    mind the patrolling miners on the other side!  BTW this is where  
    I got the Sniper Achievement (20 GP).
    After you take the two patrolling miners out down here, there is a 
    third upstairs, so mind him. After you kill him, wall-jump to his 
    level, climb up and jump to the chain.  Climb the chain and jump off 
    to the wide deck, go outside and use the crates there to get to the 
    window above, which gives access to the next level.
    Go over the rail and RB-A jump to the next deck, then jump out the 
    big hole in the wall to the beam over the gap. Climb these beams to 
    the roof and a checkpoint save.
    There is a ladder on the other side of this structure – climb it 
    then RB-A to the ladder across the gap. Climb that to the next level,
    and quickly kill the pair of patrolling miners here – Zal won't help
    you with this!
    Run clockwise around the catwalk to the ramp up. There are more miners
    here so go easy and stay frosty. There are three miners at the top, 
    let Zal engage them and when he gets them so their backs are turned, 
    you machine-gun them. Now Zal says let's blow this puppy – and you do
    that by pulling the three levers. It seems like a suicide mission, 
    until the Corseir comes to your rescue!
    You get a nice CS, and assuming you did this on Hardcore level (I did)
    the achievements Boomtown Hardcore (25 GP) and Boomtown Casual (10GP),
    and the end of Act 2.
    A lengthy CS shows you the aftermath – the Professor is patching up 
    his daughter Jack, and he shares the info she gave about the attack 
    planned against the last free port in the alliance, Terra Verte. As 
    you approach the drop zone you hear an alarm – someone has breached 
    the launch bay! Yup! It's Jack! You barely make it down alive, and 
    now it is time for Act 3 to commence.
    You are going to work your way to the ground by sliding down cables 
    and jumping from building to building and dropping down – just follow 
    Zal until you get to the bike and a CS, with a checkpoint save.
    Mount the bike and enter the canyon, following the path. It is 
    important that you hit the ramp at the top in the center, and that 
    you use boost, or you will not make it. Once you hit the other side 
    you get a checkpoint save, so continue riding.
    I'm sorry I cannot describe what you need to do here, but this part 
    is fast-moving and defies description. You'll just have to do it 
    until you get through – but luckily there are several checkpoint 
    saves. You'll know you are at the end when there's no place else 
    left to go and the bike bogs down. At that point dismount and look 
    for the ledge behind you. Follow that into a canyon with buildings.
    -Collectible Cog S: Inside the building here, on a blue rug, so it's 
    kinda hard to see, but be sure that you get it!
    After you get the cog, take the terraced rocks up to the path to the 
    top of the Mesa, where you'll find the huge artillery cannon and a 
    brief CS.
    When you reach the top of the mesa you will find a half-dozen enemy – 
    use your power to determine their locations.  Jump up and snipe a 
    few so that Zal goes into hunter-killer mode, then sit back and 
    allow him to clear most of them away, healing him as needed.
    After you have taken out the enemy around the guns, climb up on the 
    middle of the three and wall-jump off of the stacked ammo in the 
    front to reach the upper platform.  Use the first level to turn the 
    gun so that the barrel is pointed at the spire, and then run up to 
    the breech and pull the second lever to fire the gun – then RUN!  
    The spire falls and crushes all three artillery pieces – success!
    After you run clear you get a checkpoint-save and are shown the 
    route you will need to ride the bike on – the bike is by the first 
    house, so go grab it now.  I know you are probably thinking – this 
    again?? - but it is a feature of the game play and you will be doing 
    it more in the future so have fun with it.  It is a vertigo race to 
    the end so pay close attention to the track marks on the ground, as 
    they will clue you in to where you should be riding – there are areas
    that you can get hung up on and end up failing the race, but as there
    are checkpoint-saves after the really hairy parts that should not be 
    a real problem.
    At the end – and you will know when the ride is over – hop off of the
    bike and climb the ladder on the side of the building to access a 
    tunnel through the wall.  As you exit on the other side you get a 
    save and a CS, and Zal gives you a hard time in a right testosterone 
    driven argument.  As the CS continues you are shown the route you 
    need to take – sort of a complicated one so watch it closely.
    Go in the middle corridor and wall-jump from the left wall to the 
    deck on the right, get the CS and then jump to the nearby roof. 
    A-jump over the edge and then RB-A to the ladder and climb down.  
    Exit that room and jump to the window to your left on the next 
    building, and then work your way safely to the ground. Go back 
    to the ground floor of the building with the ladder and grab 
    collection cog #6 before you continue from here!
    There are automatons ahead (mech warriors) so go careful and get 
    into the buildings near them and go up a level so they can't target 
    you. Their only vulnerable point is the fuel tank on their back, 
    so target that.
    When you are ready climb to the top of the tall building next to the 
    red thing that reminds me of a huge totem pole, and look for the 
    shadow of the ladder on the wall; wall-jump from the shadow to the 
    ladder, climb up, cross the bridge and climb the next ladder, joining
    up with Zal.
    Now jump to the wall of the red thing, A-flip over, then RB-A to the
    floor, climb the ladder and RB-A to the next ladder, and limb that.
    Wall-jump to the level above, and join Zal.
    Now jump to the chain and then RB-A to the pole, swing-jump to the 
    rail and climb over. Wall-jump the wall to your left to get up to 
    the next level, climb up to the beam and over, then RB-A jump twice 
    to the ladder. Climb the ladder for a checkpoint save and hit the 
    zipline to continue.
    Take cover from the sniper immediately and take them out. Once you've
    taken all the bad guys out, join Zal on the other platform and jump 
    to the cable at the end of the longer arm of the platform. Drop down 
    for a CS.
    Now follow Zal and he will lead you down into the structure where the
    local is being held prisoner. He'll open the gate and show you the 
    route you need to take, and ask you to do what you can to save his 
    people... and avenge his family.
    Before you jump to the chain, crouch and target the explosive barrel 
    on the platform below; if you don't see it, use your power to see 
    the enemy there – now you know where to look! When both are near the 
    barrel, shoot it, then jump to the chain and slide down. RB-A to the 
    ledge and work your way to the platform. Just follow the platform and
    jump to the next chain, then down to the serrated ledge.
    Go to Zal (use your power if you cannot see him) and run to the end 
    of the water sluice, and hunker down. Use your power and start taking
    out the bad guys. There is one more enemy on the upper floor of one 
    of the houses – climb up to that level on the house next to her and 
    shoot her through the window!
    Look for the buildings with the cable stretched between them – wok 
    your way up, cross over, and go up the stairs. Go around the corner
    and jump onto the beam,. Work your way around the corner and jump 
    up the next two beams above, and then RB-A to the adjacent roof.
    Now go down the ladder and across the bridge, jump to the chain and 
    slide down. Jump down to the ground to join Zal. Look for the well, 
    grab the rope and climb down then drop down to the water. Run straight
    ahead and climb the rope for the next well, and RB-A to the ground. 
    There is an Automaton and two heavily armored enemy here, so run into 
    the nearby building and climb to the third story. From here you can 
    take out all three, head shots for the enemy, target the tank on the
    After you've killed the enemies, get to the ground and run towards 
    the water wheel; the building on your right is the starting point, 
    so climb its stairs then a ladder, and jump from building to building
    going up until you end up on the platform facing the giant totem. 
    Jump to the totem, climb its ledges, then go to the left side wing 
    and use the zipline. After you land, use your power to scope out the
    enemy locations, and then begin taking them out.
    Work your way through the area until you get to the stairs with the 
    checkpoint save, at which point you should crouch and let Zal take 
    the lead. Using your sniper rifle, take out the opposition that Zal 
    cannot easily reach; this should be a short firefight. Be aware that
    there is a turret near the water wheel and act accordingly. 
    The Turret:  While Zal draws fire, use the buildings on the left to 
    get behind the turret and execute its operator. Easy-peasy!
    Head towards the water wheel and you will reach a long ladder that 
    doesn't make it all the way to the ground; drop down, get to the 
    ground floor of that building, and collect cog #7 before you 
    continue on.
    Run across the long green rope bridge to the huge idol thingy, run 
    around it to the other side, and then cross another rope bridge. 
    Basically, just follow Zal :)
    Drop down into the sewers and follow the path, there is only one 
    way to go really. It is winding and climby but eventually you jump 
    a gap, kill two sewer mutants, and climb out again.
    Warning! When you climb out you get a checkpoint–save and are almost 
    instantly surrounded by mutants. Don't say I didn't warn you! Take 
    cover immediately by getting to the upper floor of a nearby building,
    then take out the mutants as you can.
    Once you've got them killed, work your way up the buildings to the 
    platform and jump to the cable, slide down to the dangling crate, 
    and then jump down to the ground and join Zal by the bike. You get 
    a checkpoint save here.
    Jump on the bike and follow the tracks until you reach a ramp up, at
    the top of which turn right and go through the crocodile gate you 
    saw from the CS. Follow that path till the end when the bike bogs 
    down into the blue stuff and dismount.  Enter the ruins here and 
    wall-jump over, for a CS and checkpoint save.
    First, after the CS and the turret fight starts, run to the right; in
    a shallow alcove is collection cog #8; grab it, and maybe die, maybe
    not, it's all good :)  You still keep the cog whether you die and 
    restart at the checkpoint or not.
    To beat this all that you need to do is move from totem to totem, 
    disabling the turret before each move. Once you get to the top, push
    the last totem onto Selene FtW!  Get your CS that ends this part and
    an update CS from good old Prescott, who now knows what you've been 
    up to!
    Work your way down the winding path until you get to the rope bridge;
    pull out your sniper rifle and head-shot all five enemy, then cross 
    over and make your way to the platform controls. Pull the lever to 
    lower the platform, then run out on it and slide down the ladder, 
    swing around and jump to the chain. At the bottom, jump to the 
    nearby deck for a checkpoint save, and then open the door here.
    Let your team take out most of the bad guys – though you can help – 
    then work your way through the next area. Eventually you'll reach a
    lift that has been disabled – so jump to the buildings roof below
    and continue along, taking out the bad guys. There really is only 
    one way to go and eventually you will reach the cable car, so use 
    the lever on it!
    After the ride ends, exit the cable car and head up the stairs, and 
    through the tunnel, where you will find a valley with buildings and 
    some enemy types. Kill them, or rather help your team kill them – 
    using your sniper rifle.
    Now head to the building on the left (the zipline one) and make your 
    way to the top floor; jump to the building across the way (was 
    originally on your right) then drop down to its second floor and 
    grab collection Cog #9!
    Kill the enemy, work your way to the next area, kill the enemy here,
    and then use the buildings on the left to get to the other side and
    lower the bridge with its lever, and your team can now reach you. 
    Head into the building, drop down and open the door here.
    To get to the next area, clear out the three bad guys then use the 
    buildings to get to the beams, shimmy across the gap and then jump 
    to the pipe and then the roof. Voila! On the other side, work your 
    way safely down and meet up with the wonder twins, then go through 
    the tunnel and pull the lever, giving access to the lift.
    Now this is where the game totally bugged on me – Zal stood in front 
    of the lever inside, and I could not use it. I had to reset to the 
    last checkpoint twice, but eventually he decided not to block me, 
    but then I got to the bottom and... no checkpoint! The two bad guys 
    killed me and three more restarts to get the lever pulled again! 
    Unreal bug!
    So when I finally got to the bottom, I jumped through the window and 
    hid like a little girl – and still nearly died! But okay, on to the 
    next area!
    So, drop to the roof, wall-jump up to the building at the crane and 
    shoot the bolt so it drops its load. Slide down the pipe an have 
    your escape... Sorry Arlo...
    Now I grabbed the zipline without checking for enemy;  big mistake!
    Anyway I hid in the building and let Zal take down the bad guys :)
    Once the obvious ones were dead, I started helping out so it went
    pretty fast.
    What was odd for me was that I expected this to go on, but here was
    where the second part ended! Got the two achievements: Mesa Dorado –
    Hardcore (25 GP) and Mesa Dorado – Casual (10 GP) 
    This time you are on a three-wheeler and it is a bit thick to control
    so try to be careful. You race along a variety of surfaces including
    a straight section with a lot of enemy on it – by the way, this 
    section was where I got the achievement: Pedestrian Crossing (20 GP) 
    Eventually you come to a dead-end where you need to dismount, slay a
    few mutants, then shoot the bolt holding a large idol head on a chain
    to lower the ramp. Now get back on your bike and jump the ramp!
    NOTE: After you get to the top of the ramp, stop and dismount. Go 
    inside the second opening of the building on the left and collect 
    cog #10 – and get achievement: Finders Keepers (30 GP) Yay Us!
    Okay, the next section of the race is bad, pure and simple. 
    Understand something – it is NOT buggy, it was intentionally coded 
    this way. You must fight a skewed physics engine using a badly 
    tweaked three-wheel bike, and avoid invisible rocks that will send 
    you to your death... Other than that, it was great! The best I can 
    say is keep doing it until you are either really good, or get lucky.
    - The Other End of the Race -
    Okay, you made it! Grats!  Now , use your power to spot the enemy and
    take them out. Once you've done that, work your way to the top as 
    shown in the CS. The lift takes you up, presumably on Selena's trail –
    and at the top you should follow Jack.
    Run through the buildings and up the stairs for a CS and your first 
    look at Terra Verte. Run to the zipline and stop; take out as many 
    enemy as you can and then hit the zipline and clear out the rest.
    The rest of this is more or less a rail run – Jack will lead you 
    through most of it, so follow the path until your each the spiral 
    staircase, then just past that the four statues holding globes in 
    sort of a fountain. Behind this fountain is collection cog #11, so
    grab that now, and then head for the cable car!
    Once you reach the room with the big screw use the pipes and beams 
    to get to the upper level and the cable car, then pull the lever for
    a CS in which Jack... explains...
    Now that you have the cog continue along he path – when you reach the
    broken bridge, don't try to jump down, use the rail on the stairs to
    jump the building over the gap and then work your way down from 
    there. At the beam, jump across and work your way to the other side 
    and up twice, then climb out on top of the third abutment.
    From here go to the large well and slide down the pipe. Kill the 
    mutants along the way until you reach the gate for a checkpoint – 
    save and an objective update: you've followed Selena and the 
    Hooded One. Grats!
    To get over the gate, wall-jump to the left ledge, then jump to the 
    right ledge and up then jump over the gate for a CS in which you 
    finally learn who the Hooded One really is. Was not expecting that!
    –	Ending Dayden's Suffering -
    Once you jump over the gate and get the CS you basically have to 
    kill Dayden, your girlfriend who is now a Superfreak. But BEFORE 
    you or Jack kill her, you need to run to the first building and 
    wall-jump to the second floor in order to:
    IMPORTANT! Get Collection Cog #12!
    This cog is only present during the fight with Dayden – so if you 
    kill her, no cog!  So collect it during the fight. I did not, even 
    though I saw it was there when I was taking cover up on the second 
    floor, but after Dayden was dead when I went back the Cog had 
    disappeared. Yeah, I had to restart that chapter.
    Dayden's pretty tough, but once you kill her and get the CS – and 
    then another CS that is even more interesting, you vow that Terra 
    Verte needs you. Well? Get going!
    Run down the path and jump down to the bike – yeah, another bike ride,
    but at least it is a two-wheeler this time! There is not much to say 
    to help you, other than one tip: when the road switches sides the 
    second time (from right to left) stick to the black center line to 
    mow down the three gunners with your bike so that they do not kill 
    you. When you reach the end and dismount run forward to:
    Collect Cog #13!
    And now that you have Cog 13, go ahead and talk to the gate guard.
    After a brief CS, the guard opens the gate to let you in, so head for
    the governor's mansion. 
    When I entered the tall building via its window from the first roof 
    you jump to from the landing, I was jumped by an enemy who did not 
    appear when I used my power – so be aware that this can happen. Also 
    of note, this building is where I got the achievement: Where'd They 
    Come From? (20GP).
    Getting to the top of the governor's building is pretty straight 
    forward – sort of a rail since you cannot not go right. Just follow 
    the path, use the beams, ziplines, and roofs. Once you go on the 
    zipline from the glass-enclosed floor to the governor's building and
    up the stairs, you'll have to wall-jump to a pipe and swing up, this
    is on the way to meet the governor. Use the right wall to get to the
    left side first and get:
    Collection Cog #14!
    It is over by the window on that side. Got it? Good!
    Now run up the metal stairs – at the top Jack will tell you to 
    scout ahead. Go out the window onto the metal catwalk and jump 
    to the ledge of the broken section (over the gap). Now climb up 
    and go around the corner; use the beams here to get to the next 
    level – and the ladder leading up, where you get a save checkpoint.
    Do two wall-jumps from the top of the ladder to get a CS in which 
    you meet the Governor. Now first the Governor denies Ramone is his 
    son, but has a change of heart and acknowledges Ramone. You have 
    the key, and you give props to Ramone – man you are a nice guy!
    Give up on finding the secret passage? This was actually pretty cool,
    if you want my opinion on the matter :) Okay, pull the lever on the 
    balcony to activate the water jet, then move the statue with three 
    women on it so that the beam of water splits and hits the two round 
    statues (waterwheels) to unlock the secret door over the organ! 
    Easy-peasy! Now run into the passage, pull the lever to call the lift,
    then use the lift.
    –	The Water Works -
    This is more of the usual: Work your way along, killing the mutants 
    you encounter until you get to the top of the ladder, then jump down
    to the catwalk and pull the lever at the end to open the gate. You'll
    notice there are a lot of tripwire mines laying about here – now is a
    good time to use them to get the achievement: Pyro (20 GP) if you have
    not already gotten it!
    Continue along until you get to a really long ladder, killing mutants 
    as needed to complete the objective and get a checkpoint save!
    After you exit the sewers you get a CS showing your route and discover
    that there is a hefty force awaiting you: a pair of automatons and some
    machine gunners! The best strategy I found was to move to the left 
    while Jack engages to the right of the statue and snipe the gunners 
    first, then the automatons, then move to the balcony on the left and 
    head-shot the pair of gunners in the distance! Easy-peasy!
    Now jump on to the ledge in the alcove on the left and then jump to 
    the ladder to access the catwalks. Use the metal rebar poles to get 
    to the catwalk above from the balcony, and then hang over the edge 
    of the catwalk railing and jump to the beam on the brick column. 
    Drop to the lower beam and work your way around, then along the 
    columns to the far roof. From the roof, jump into the next building.
    Turn left and run along this corridor, grab the ammo if you need it, 
    then go down the stairs and wall-jump onto the upper deck along the 
    side wall. From here you should be able to target the tank on the 
    automaton, and kill it easier. Now drop down and open the door.
    You probably do not have enough sniper ammo to take out the enemy in 
    the plaza below, so just grab the automaton's grenade launcher and 
    use that – once you get the hang of it you should be able to clear 
    the area below easily. Now take the stairs down and jump the gap!
    Taking out the troops guarding the artillery piece will be tricky, 
    but be absolutely sure you save at least ONE sniper round. Once they 
    are dead go up on the corner and head-shot the guy in the broken open
    hole in the far building, then rotate the cannon so the barrel points
    out that opening. Jump onto the breech then the barrel and jump into
    that building – it would be an idea to allow Jack to catch up with 
    you now :)
    Follow the hall down to a checkpoint save, and then take a quick run 
    around and collect ammo. There is a zipline on the left wing of the 
    top floor  - there is also an automaton with a grenade launcher down 
    there! Try to take him out before you use the zipline, but if you 
    cannot, then be careful and get to cover when you land.
    –	Collection Cog #15
    In the building at the end of the zipline is the next cog, so you may
    as well grab it now.
    This battle is hard mostly due to the number of enemy, but I choose 
    to not use my sniper ammo for the simple reason that I figured it 
    would make Selena easier – and it did! The best strategy I found was 
    to constantly heal Jack so that the enemy concentrated on her, then 
    I picked them off from cover, that worked really well, seven head-
    shots to Selena took her out, and a short CS in which you use the 
    key and objective completed!
    –	Water Works
    After the CS ends, run to the other side of the building and in an 
    alcove is:
    –	Collection Cog #16!
    Once you have that run back to Jack and pull the lever. You learn 
    that the mechanism is damaged and get a CS with the route you need 
    to take to manually activate it.
    Wall-jump off the pillar with the beams to the top of the gazebo 
    then use the beams to get across. In the left corner are more beams, 
    use those to get to the pipes, and the pipes to get onto the huge 
    pump. Cross the pump shaft and wall-jump to the beam, then across, 
    then up and to the next level up. Run around the corner and jump the
    gap, then use the balcony rail to RB-A to the ladder. 
    At the top of the ladder, run forward and left, then wall-jump over 
    the gap (don't mess up that wall-jump). Run forward then turn around
    and jump this gap, then forward and use the left balcony rail to RB-A
    to the deck where the switch is – activate the switch, and you get a 
    CS showing roughly how the puzzle works.
    Part 1: Wall-jump to the pipes above you and move along them until 
    you drop on a level, move to the edge and drop to hang and RB-A. Now 
    jump this next gap and pull yourself up. Run to the far balcony rail
    in the corner and RB-A across then grab the puzzle part and pull it 
    backwards to the center of the tile square there.
    Part 2: Go back across the gap and pull the puzzle piece there back 
    until the stream intersects.
    Part 3: Jump to the ladder you are facing and work your way across 
    to the piece the water is hitting; go past that piece and jump the 
    gap to the ladder there, slide down and drop. Rush the piece here 
    forward to engage the stream.
    Part 4: Drop down and run to the back of the opposite pump and wall-
    jump up to the beam then the pump. Cross over and jump to the deck.
    At the end of this deck is a pillar with a beam. Wall-jump to it, 
    work your way around then jump to the chain. Climb then RB-A to the
    pipe opposite, then jump to the beam on the wall. Work your way up,
    jump to the ladder and then grab the piece here and pull it back to
    the center of the second tile square back; the stream should be 
    hitting the far piece now.
    Part 5: To the right over the balcony rail is a ladder; jump to it. 
    When it drops, reverse sides and jump to the adjacent ladder, and 
    slide down and drop. Now move the piece here under the stream to 
    engage the water wheel for a CS.
    Drop down, run back to Jack and pull the lever to complete the Terra 
    Verte stage. The enemy is routed, Ramone is victorious and Winslow 
    picks you up in the airship. You should get the achievements: Terra 
    Verte – Hardcore (25 GP) and Terra Verte – Casual (10 GP). 
    A lengthy CS sets up the scenario, and the airship drops you on the 
    train. You get a checkpoint  save and your marching orders! You jump
    off to a stone ledge and follow the path to a gap; jump the gap for
    a CS showing the route.
    Take out the enemy ahead and more through the area, grabbing ammo if 
    you need it. There are conveniently placed explosive barrels on the 
    catwalks – bear that in mind :)
    In the large building in the back wall-jump to the beam, move around,
    and jump to the next level, then jump across the gap to the other 
    building. Now wall-jump off the side of the chemical tank outside 
    to the roof of this building, then jump to the catwalk of the tank.
    RB-A to the other tank then jump to the nearby roof and go through 
    the window there RB-A to the inside deck then use the lift there.
    Exit the lift and work your way to the far edge of the plateau where
    you can jump to a beam on a tank.  Climb onto the top of this tank –
    which is a good place to snipe from – and begin clearing away the 
    After you snipe the guy below and the one in the building to your 
    left, jump to the other tank and then to the roof, and take out the 
    automaton below.  Jack will engage the other two gunners, but you 
    can help her if you want. If you are out of sniper ammo drop down 
    to the deck below and grab the sniper ammo in the building ahead, 
    then take out the second automaton an any gunners remaining. Once 
    you've done that meet up with Jack.
    Now run down to the left of where the automatons were and grab the 
    trike – you know there would be another bike race, right? Personally,
    I found this to be less challenging then some of the other races – 
    the only hard thing was figuring out some of the route turns!
    So, run forward to the building ahead, but before you go in, go to the
    right side of the building and:
    Collection Cog #17
    Pick up #17 of the collection! Now go in and use the lift to end this
    mission and start the next.
    Run down the hall and exit left, then pull the lever here. Go on the 
    lift and pull its lever; after a short CS you are thrust into a battle
    at the lift top... So much for infiltration, eh?
    Yak will tell you to go on ahead, so go to the top floor of the 
    building and watch Yak wall-jump to the roof there and then you do 
    it too. Now jump to the beam, then the window opposite, then back 
    to the window on the opposite side and through!
    Run up the conveyor belt then work your way across the beam and drop 
    down. Jump the gap then wall-jump to thee next level up, and  jump 
    across to the catwalk. Go around the corner and wall-jump to the 
    roof, then to the ladder and climb up. Before you do anything else
    Collection Cog #18!
    At the top of the ladder turn left, go up the stairs on the right 
    and into the room, the cog is on the floor.
    Now return to Yak, run past here and up to the left, go out on the 
    deck and wall-jump off the belt over the gap to the ladder. Climb 
    up for a checkpoint save, and then continue up the stairs. At the 
    top turn around and jump the gap then wall-jump up and jump to the 
    beams. Work your way up the beams and over the top to the next level.
    Jump to the beam on the rusty tank and climb on top of it, then run 
    along the catwalk. Jump the gap, and then call the lift. When it 
    opens, go in and use it to complete this mission.
    A brief CS an checkpoint save then you exit the lift and make your 
    way to the open door. Use your power to spot the enemy then take 
    them out!
    Once the way is clear run forward between the explosive barrels and 
    jump to the tank top, then to the building; run upstairs and outside,
    then down the catwalk and look right. Jump to the pipes and swing 
    across them, then slide down the two pipes on the sides of the two 
    tanks. Jump over the two tank tops then run along the pipe going 
    to the big glowing green tank of poison.
    Work your way up and around the tank using the indented beam points,
    and at the topmost RB-A to the wall and ease around it, then jump to
    the platform. Run across and jump to the catwalk, then go to the 
    door; use your power to spot the hostiles.
    Shoot a few then drop down. Jack will follow you and you can can let 
    her lead the fight. When the bad guys are toast, jump over the rail 
    to the big tank on the right and climb its ladder. Run straight 
    along the pipe and jump on the joint and ease around to the other 
    side before you RB-A to the catwalk. Check the enemy location with 
    your power then go in the door.
    Work your way down and across then onto the silver roof and drop off 
    its end. Through the door there is a checkpoint-save,  and you get 
    to see where the hooded ones are made. After the CS, go down the 
    stairs in the corner, out onto the catwalk and jump to the lower 
    catwalk on the left; jump to the beam and up through the window.
    Head down – keep heading down and following Yak; use your power then 
    clear these enemies.
    In the corner there is a set of boilers with beams on the wall; climb 
    the beams then jump to the rafter, flip over it and work your way 
    left, until you are centered with the big red cogs. Now flip over all 
    of them, and onto the far deck. From there keep climbing and heading 
    left to the lift lever.
    Go up the stairs in the corner and start the killing. Go up the stairs
    to the next level, take out the three brutes here, then run to the end
    of the catwalk and jump the chain. Drop to the box, use the beam, then
    hit the zipline. 
    Follow Yak down the ladder and stop at the next zipline. Snipe the 
    enemy you can prior to taking the zipline to even-up the odds, then
    zip down. Kill the rest of the enemy then use the four tanks to get
    to the roof and through the window..
    Run along the catwalk to the stairs, use your power, then clear out
    the enemy ahead. Once they are dead work your way through to another
    set of tanks and then the roof, where you take a ladder to a zipline
    and another set of tanks. Join Yak then jump to the silver roof for
    a checkpoint save then check for enemy locations.
    Follow Yak on the beams, break through the window and clear out the
    enemy! Go up to the next level then jump to the catwalk on the tank;
    on the other side slide most of the way down the ladder and jump to
    the next tank catwalk, and then hit the next ladder for a checkpoint
    save. Go through the door and use the beams and pipes to get to the 
    lift. Use the lift.
    At the bottom, take out the army of inert automaton and the live 
    one(s) then go up the side of the tanks and along the catwalk to 
    the upper level. Keep following the catwalk, go into the building 
    and up, then jump the gap to the window and out to the catwalk, 
    to the roof and finally follow the long black thing to the door.
    The building on the right of the raised bridge has a ladder you can 
    wall-jump to; snipe the three bad guys then use the rope line. Take 
    the ladder in the left building, then work your way along the catwalk
    jumping gaps until you get a CS with the next route.
    Wall-jump to the roof of the single story building then to the window
    next door. Use the pipe to get to the catwalk and up the stairs; Keep
    climbing until you reach Yak at the zipline and cross.
    When you reach the artillery piece climb on and turn the cannon to 
    the gate then blow it open for a boss CS with Winslow and Jack. 
    Prescott goes mental.
    After the CS run behind the lift and:
    Collection Cog #19!
    Collect Cog #19 then use the lift.
    Getting to Prescott's Office by now is old hat to you; the route is 
    a rail and there are no red herrings. Once you get there, taking out
    the enemy on the way, the only tough part is the last three mobs 
    before the office itself.
    Best strategy is for you to make sure you get there with a full load 
    of tripmines. Go just inside the train door and use your power, then 
    kill the two guys in the distance with mines by lobbing them near 
    them. Once they are dead, the third guy drops down – you can take 
    him out with your machine gun.
    Now go to the door for the CS, use the lift and then go immediately 
    to the building on the right:
    Collection Cog #20
    Collect this cog and get achievement: Emblematic (50 GP) Now it is 
    time to kill Prescott...
    After much frustration, I learned that the troops that come up on 
    the lift will swarm you if you are in either of the buildings near 
    the lift you arrived on. The building in the back with the sign on 
    it that says “Notice “ Walkway must not be blocked” is where you 
    want to be. There is ammo inside and it is near one of the lifts.
    You need to shoot the tank on Prescott's mega-suit until you get a 
    CS and the lifts deploy at which point you should move to the corner 
    with the sign and take out the guys from the near lift with the trip 
    mines and gun, then snipe the guys from other lift.
    Once they are dead, refill your ammo and then QUICKLY run out around 
    the building with the sign, wall-jump on top on the lift, then jump 
    to the window adjacent and flip-in. Heal here if you need to; it 
    would be an idea, because Prescott was shooting you the whole way!
    After you are fully healed, wall-jump to the rafter from the wall 
    facing Prescott, then flip over it and RB-A to the beam on the rear
    wall. Flip through the window and take the beams to the roof, then
    take the ladder up.
    Jump the gap to the central catwalk, then jump the next gap and go 
    over the railing on the right and RB-A to the winch bay. Do this 
    quickly, he'll be shooting at you the whole way across!
    Once in the winch bay, target the nut and shoot it, and the catwalk 
    falls on the armor, destroying it. No you are not done... Prescott 
    is now Mutant Prescott, and you still need to kill him! 
    Do not bother with picking up the grenade launcher! Just arm your 
    machine gun and make sure it is fully loaded, then wait until he 
    rushes you and empty it into his chest while backing away... Once 
    you hunt him enough, he turns and runs and jumps on the buildings.
    RELOAD NOW! When he rushes you just rinse and repeat until he is 
    dead and you get the final CS.
    You should now receive the achievements: Peacemaker (75 GP) and 
    Trooper (35 GP). When I finished I only had 420/1000 GP so you will 
    not likely be getting most of them in one play-through!
    (1) – Just to the left of the top of the stairs under the building 
    overhang after the first big fight.
    (2) – On the second floor of the house at the end of the zone after 
    you climb the beams that are bolted to the stone walls.
    (3) In the 1 story building near the billboard after you exit the 
    building where you slide down the chain – you cannot miss it, it is 
    part of the CS..
    (4) - At the back of the domed structures circled by a catwalk that 
    we worked really hard to get to – and you need to get this BEFORE 
    you use the zipline to move on!
    (5) - After dismounting the bike at the end of the motorcycle race 
    through the canyons you will find the next cog past the narrow 
    passage where it opens up – the cog is inside the building here, 
    placed in a blue rug so it can be hard to see but it is there .
    (6) -  When you reach the next area where you jump across to a 
    building after the CS, work your way to the ground and then go 
    into the building you originally jumped to and get this cog.  If 
    you face the automatons you went to far so check the walkthrough 
    for specifics.
    (7) - Inside the building at the bottom of the long ladder that 
    doesn't quite reach the ground just before the water wheel.
    (8) - When the turret fight vs. Selena starts, run to the right 
    and grab the cog from the shallow alcove there.
    (9) – After the cable car arrives exit, go up the stairs and through
    the tunnel – the cog is on the second floor of the building on the 
    right – climb up the left hand building to get to the top of the 
    right hand building then drop down.
    (10) – During the Race sequence, about in the middle, you have to 
    get off and shoot a big totem head to lower a ramp.  At the top of 
    that ramp, in the building on the left, is the next cog.
    (11) - After you go up the spiral staircase you will see a fountain 
    with four Grecian statues holding orbs – behind the fountain is the 
    next cog.
    (12) - On the second floor of the first building while the Drayden 
    fight is active – note that the cog de-spawns after Dayden is killed,
    so get it first.
    (13) – On the ground ahead of you and slightly right after you get 
    off your bike at the city gates.
    (14*) - After you go from the glass building to the mansion and find 
    the metal stairs, use the pipe in the alcove to swing up on the left
    side and get the cog by the window.
    (15) - This one is on the ground floor of the building you zipline to
    before the Selena fight.
    (16) – After the CS in the Water Works run to the opposite side of 
    the building and grab this cog in the alcove there.
    PSI HQ
    (17) - Before you get on the elevator after the trike race, get the 
    cog to the right of the building on the ground.
    (18) – Past the conveyor belt you will climb a ladder – run left and 
    up the stairs – this cog is in a room up there. 
    (19) - After you blow open the gate with the artillery piece, run 
    behind the lift to collect this cog.
    (20) – During the fight with Prescott, in the building on the right –
    not sure if you have to get this during the battle but it would be 
    an idea...
    There are 38 achievements worth a total of 1000 GP.  The secret 
    achievements are for completing the Acts on the specified difficulty 
    and they stack, so you will get whatever is below your level as well
    as the level you completed the Act on. 
    --- Storyline Achievements (375 GP) ---
    - Dumb Luck (10 GP) - Kill 5 enemies at once with explosive damage.
    - Free Style Walker (15 GP) - Chain together any 3 physical abilities 
      in 5 seconds or less.
    - Peacemaker (75 GP) - Complete the Game on Hardcore.
    - Pedestrian Crossing (20 GP) - Kill 20 enemies with a vehicle.
    - Pyro (20 GP) - Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage.
    - Revenant (130 GP) - Complete the Game on Insane.
    - Skeet Shooter (10 GP) - Shoot 25 Trip Mines out of the air.
    - Sniper (20 GP) - Get 20 Headshots.
    - Trooper (35 GP) - Complete the Game on Casual.
    - Wall Jumper (20 GP) - Successfully wall-jump 100 times.
    - Where'd They Come From? (20 GP)  - Kill 20 enemies without alerting 
    --- Online / Multi-Player Achievements (370 GP) ---
    - Been There, Won That (10 GP) - Win 1 Ranked Multiplayer Match of 
      each Type.
    - Cerebral Assassin (10 GP) - Get 10 headshot kills in one Ranked 
      Multiplayer Match.
    - Double Time (10 GP) - Complete any chapter after Arrowtree in 
      Co-op on any difficulty
    - Emblematic (50 GP) - You or a Co-op partner collects 20 Emblems.
    - Explosive Expert (30 GP) - Kill 3 players at once with Trip Mines 
      in a Ranked Multiplayer Match.
    - Finders Keepers (30 GP) - You or a Co-op partner collects 10 
    - Found It! (10 GP) - You or a Co-op partner collects 1 Emblem.
    - Have Gun, Well Traveled (20 GP) - Win 1 Ranked Multiplayer Match 
      on every Map.
    - Let's Go Streaking (20 GP) - Win 10 straight Ranked Multiplayer 
    - Pacifist (20 GP) - Make a Flag Capture in a Ranked Multiplayer 
      Match without firing a shot or using grenades.
    - Party Animal (15 GP) - Host 25 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
    - People Skills (50 GP) - Complete the game in Co-op on any 
    - Quick Draw (15 GP) - Kill 10 enemies using only the Autorevolver in
      a ranked Multiplayer Match.
    - Sticky Fingers (10 GP) - Capture 3 flags in a Ranked Multiplayer 
    - Sure Shot (10 GP) - Get 10 Kills in a Ranked Multiplayer Match.
    - Thief In The Night (20 GP) - Capture a flag in 10 straight Ranked 
      Multiplayer Matches.
    - Top Of The World (20 GP) - Win 5 straight Ranked King of the Hill 
    - Winner's Circle (20 GP) - Win 25 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
    --- Secret Achievements (255 GP) ---
    - Boomtown - Casual (10 GP) - Completed Boomtown on Casual.
    - Mesa Dorado - Casual (10 GP) - Completed Mesa Dorado on Casual.
    - Terra Verte - Casual (10 GP) - Completed Terra Verte on Casual.
    - Boomtown - Hardcore (25 GP) - Completed Boomtown on Hardcore.
    - Mesa Dorado - Hardcore (25 GP) - Completed Mesa Dorado on Hardcore.
    - Terra Verte - Hardcore (25 GP) - Completed Terra Verte on Hardcore.
    - Boomtown - Insane (50 GP) - Completed Boomtown on Insane. 
    - Mesa Dorado - Insane (50 GP) - Completed Mesa Dorado on Insane.
    - Terra Verte - Insane (50 GP) - Completed Terra Verte on Insane.
    There are a total of 14 Bronze Trophies, 7 Silver Trophies, 7 Gold 
    Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy in Damnation for the PS3.  They 
    are provided here sorted by metal.
    --- Bronze Trophies (14) ---
    - Arrowtree Casual: Complete Arrowtree on Casual.
    - Boomtown Casual: Complete Boomtown on Casual.
    - Mesa Dorado Casual: Complete Mesa Dorado on Casual.
    - Terra Verte Casual: Complete Terra Verte on Casual.
    - Double Time: Complete any chapter after Arrowtree in Co-Op on any 
    - Dumb Luck: Kill 5 enemies at once with explosive damage.
    - Found It!: Collect 1 Emblem (Solo & Co/Op).
    - Free Style Walker: Chain together any 3 physical abilities in 5 
      seconds or less.
    - Pedestrian Crossing: Kill 20 enemies with a vehicle.
    - Pyro: Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage.
    - Skeet Shooter: Shoot 25 Tripwire Mines out of the air.
    - Sniper: Get 20 Headshots.
    - Wall Jumper: Successfully wall-jump 100 times.
    - Where'd They Come From?: Kill 20 enemies without alerting them.
    --- Silver Trophies (7) ---
    - Arrowtree Hardcore: Complete Arrowtree on Hardcore.
    - Boomtown Hardcore: Complete Boomtown on Hardcore.
    - Mesa Dorado Hardcore: Complete Mesa Dorado on Hardcore.
    - Terra Verte Hardcore: Complete Terra Verte on Hardcore.
    - Finders Keepers: Collect 10 Emblems (Solo & Co-Op).
    - People Skills: Complete the game in Co-Op on any difficulty.
    - Trooper: Complete the Game on Casual.
    --- Gold Trophies (7) ---
    - Arrowtree Insane: Complete Arrowtree on Insane.
    - Boomtown Insane: Complete Boomtown on Insane.
    - Mesa Dorado Insane: Complete Mesa Dorado on Insane.
    - Terra Verte Insane: Complete Terra Verte on Insane.
    - Emblematic: Collected 20 Emblems (Solo & Co-Op).
    - Peacemaker: Complete the Game on Hardcore.
    - Revenant: Complete the Game on Insane.
    --- Platinum Trophies (1) ---
    - Master Of All: Unlock all Damnation Trophies.
    FAQ'S (FAQS)
    Q1. Are there any cheats in the game?
    A1. Yes there are – and while I do not advocate using cheat codes, 
        here they are:
    BlowOffSomeSteam (Unlock max power weapon)
    LincolnsTopHat (Gives all enemies big heads) 
    LockNLoad (All weapons unlocked) 
    PeoplePerson (Choose Custom Character) 
    Revenant (Unlock Insane Mode)
    It may interest you to know that the Lincoln code is what most 
    old-school gamers would consider a “Classic Cheat” in that it has 
    something of an historic implementation in certain iconic games 
    from the past :) 
    Q2: Will using cheat codes block achievements?
    A2: I do not know...  Err..  Umm... Well, as far as I understand it 
    they will not block achievements – but I have not actually used them 
    myself so I cannot give you the definitive answer on that. 
    However I can tell you this:  Cheat Codes are the leading cause for 
    Gamus-Unsatisfactorus, an insidious disease in which the gamer loses 
    interest in and pride for success in playing video games.  Just a 
    thought for you...
    Q3. How do I ask you a Question?
    A3. You send me an Email at the address below with Damnation as the 
    start of the Subject.  If you did not put Damnation as the first word 
    of the subject and you are not in my address book, your question 
    never got past my Spam Filter.
    Q4. Where do you play Damnation?
    A4. On the Big Comfy Couch of course.  Where do YOU play Damnation?
    Q5: I run Website X, and I want to use your FAQ/Walkthrough. But 
        when I email you to ask for permission you tell me no!  I know 
        that you always send replies to me but I do not read them because 
        I immediately send you a follow-up asking for permission again 
        even though you took the time to explain to me in detail why I 
        cannot use your file!  What is the deal?
    A5: If the FAQ/WT I write was part of the Bounty Program, I restrict 
    its use to GameFaqs and My360.com.au – and I will explain to you why 
    In simple terms, GameFaqs paid me for that file.  I know that GameFaqs
    says I can use that file anywhere I like, but the bottom line is this:
    they paid me for it and that gives them exclusive use of it in North 
    America as far as I am concerned.
    Now that is a sticky point – North American rights I mean – because as
    you can see I give My360.com.au open license to use my files.  Why is
    that? Well for one thing they do not compete with GameFaqs, for 
    another they are not in North America, and finally, being an expat 
    Aussie, I rather like it that my files are on that site as some of 
    my mates are regulars there.
    When the REDTAPE section below says that the file is for use 
    exclusively on the GameFaqs and My360.com.au sites, that means just 
    that – it was a Bounty File and I will never release it to the net 
    for general use.  When the REDTAPE section says that you must seek 
    my permission first, than the file was NOT a Bounty file, and you 
    actually have a shot at getting it to use on your site.  
    Perhaps I would have a different attitude about this if I was not in 
    the writing profession, but being that I am, I have a pretty good 
    grasp of the economics of writing, and the fact that GameFaqs is 
    willing to pay a Bounty at all in this day and age is a gesture that
    deserves our loyalty.  
    That should cover all of the bases.
    Q6: I like your files and I still want to use them on my site / Do 
        you want to write for my site?
    A6: Here is the deal – writers do not get paid a lot of money – some 
    of them do but they are the handful that have syndicated columns in 
    the Big papers. My files on GameFaqs bought my kids an Xbox 360 (so 
    they will leave mine alone).  I also use the Bounty to buy some of 
    the games I write about here.  
    Having said that, if you really want me to do a FAQ/WT for a specific
    title, and you are willing to SEND me that title – I may be willing 
    to do it.  Email me with the specifics and your deadline needs. 
    I have been gaming on console since before most of you were born, 
    starting with Pong in the early 1970's.  I quickly moved on to the 
    Intellivision and then the Atari 2600 and never looked back.  In 
    real life I write a column for the Cape Cod Times Business Section 
    called Digital Grind, covering the Internet, technology, and every 
    now and then, games. 
    I can be reached via email at chris@boots-faubert.com
    My personal web pages are at chris.boots-faubert.com
    If you are writing me about this walkthrough, please be sure to 
    begin the subject line with Damnation as my spam filter can be 
    rather wonky.
    This guide Copyright © 2009 CM Boots-Faubert.  This document 
    is licensed for use exclusively on www.GameFaqs.com and 
    My360.com.au. Unauthorized use or republication of this guide 
    will result in my releasing a hoard of angry ninja hamsters on 
    you, and my nana being very disappointed in you...  It is not 
    pretty, so do not do it.

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