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  • Karol: This is exhilarating! We've been so many battles without a scratch!
    Raven: Yeah! We are sooo tough!
    Estelle: Yes, it's not fun to get hurt, even if we can heal wounds.
    Judith: Though I have to say, it's unusually exhilarating to see enemies in pain.
    Rita: You're...scary...

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  • Yuri: Our weapons are...
    Karol: Bravery!
    Raven: Youth!
    Judith: Modesty.
    Yuri: Like any of you have those.

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  • Yuri: What's the secret of your strength?
    Judith: I don't know...my pointy ears?
    Karol: Cool! I'll get those, too!
    Yuri: Uh, no.

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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