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Battle Quote FAQ by TianXia7541

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/21/11

Tales of Vesperia
Battle Quotes FAQ
Author: TianXia7541, a.k.a. psychowyrm

==Table of Contents==						[~TOC~]

Search each section in your browser's search function by inputting the tag, 
preceded by and followed by a tilde.

Table of Contents 			[~TOC~]
Version History				[~VER~]
Introduction				[~INT~]
Quotes					[~QUO~]
	Battle Start			[~BTS~]
	Spell/Arte Incantations		[~SPA~]
	Miscellaneous In-Battle Quotes	[~MSC~]
	Level Up			[~LVL~]
	Skill Learned			[~SKL~]
	Solo Ending Quotes		[~SOL~]
	Team Ending Skits		[~TES~]
	Boss Conversations		[~BOC~]
	Boss Quotes			[~BOQ~]
Acknowledgements			[~ACK~]
Contact	Information			[~CTC~]
Legal Stuff				[~LEG~]

==Version History==						[~VER~]

---October 13th, 2008 - ver. 0.5---
Got around to submitting the majority of the quotes.  If I waited until I had 
every single quote in the game, this thing would probably take months.

---November 4th, 2008 - ver. 0.6---
Stopped being so lazy and added my backlog of additional quotes.  Also fixed a 
few minor errors.

---December 7th, 2008 - ver. 0.7---
Fixed a few minor errors and added a couple of things.  Nothing huge.

---May 29th, 2009 - ver. 0.8---
About half a year late, but finally got the contributions together and updated
all the new quotes that were submitted.

---July 21st, 2011 - ver. 1.0---
Whoa, an update!  Who cares, I'm calling it 1.0 now.  Look forward to the next
update in 2013.

==Introduction==						[~INT~]

The Tales series has always been known for having some silly stuff.  The 
dialogue is usually top-notch, too, and a lot of the quotes are downright gold.
I always found myself wondering, man, I wish someone could tell me what ______ 
line was.  Then I realized, hey, I can do it myself.  So I wrote a FAQ.  And it
was good.  Anyway, without further ado, the quotes.

*Quotes*							[~QUO~]

==Battle Start==						[~BTS~]

The stuff the characters yell out at the start of each battle.  It seems to 
vary based on the actual conditions of the battle, but other than that it seems
fairly random.  There's typically two or three of them of them with each 

This looks like fun!
Alright, guess I'll fight.
I don't care what rock you crawled out from, bring it!
Man, could you be any weaker?
Keep your eyes on my sword.
Ah... there's no challenge at all!
Oh, man! Alright, alright!
Let's get this over with!
Don't get careless. (response)
From behind? Oh, man... (surprise encounter)
I'm not used to this team! (surprise encounter)
There's too many! (link encounter)
Well, as long as I can move around in it... (with Improvisionist equipped)

Sorry if I hurt you!
Prepare to meet your doom.
I was trained by knights. I won't lose.
This looks easy!
The best defense is a good offense... or so I've read.
We will not go easy on you!
Focus on the enemy in front!
Don't get cocky! (response)
One at a time, one at a time! (response to link encounter)

I'm, I'm gonna do it!
It's an ambush! (surprise encounter)

Sorry, but you're going bye-bye!
I feel like an easy win!
We'll destroy them in no time!
Let's eliminate them!
What a pain! They're everywhere! (link encounter)
Don't let them trip you up! (response)
Cowards! (response)
Wipe them out in one shot! (response to link encounter)
I... I can't fight in this! (with Miska Doctoral Degree costume equipped)

Aw, man...
Fight like I'm gonna die, huh?
Let's just get this over with. (response)
You wanna run away? (response)
This is awesome! (surprise encounter)

We really should enjoy these little times together...
Ooh, they look scary.
This will make good practice.
So should we just go all out?
Are they all in together? (link encounter)
Guess I'll go easy on them. (response)
Even in this, I still won't go easy on my enemies. (with Enchanting Beauty 
costume equipped)

==Spell and Arte Incantations==					[~SPA~]

These are the lines characters yell out when a spell or Arte goes off.  I've 
excluded the ones where they just yell the name of the Arte and the ones that 
consist of inarticulate grunts and whatnot.  Note that some incantations
(typically altered artes) will change when they've been shortened enough, either
through skills, item effects, or Overlimit.

You're dead!  Divine Wolf!
Burn! Divine Wolf - Blaze!
The killing wind. Divine Wolf - Storm!
Water rise. Divine Wolf - Flood!"
I'll put you in your grave! Divine Wolf - Crush!
Let's finish this! O brilliant blade of coldest steel, rend the infinite 
darkness and crush my enemies to nothing! Savage Wolf Fury!

Brighter than the heavens! Extreme Stars!
Here I go! Divine judgment for an evil soul!  Sacred Penance!  Rest in peace.
O obstinate steps! Star Sign Geo!
O exalted one! Star Sign Gale!
Oh great beast that swims the ocean! Star Sign Aqua!
Fly, o crimson wings! Star Sign Flame!
Holy power, come to me! First Aid!
Foul affliction, begone! Recover!
Strength, dwell in this blade! Sharpness!
O enduring protection, Barrier!
O power that defies my enemies, Resist!
O brilliant angels, grant us your favor! Nurse!
O angelic princess, grant us your magnificent embrace! Nightingale!
Strength, dwell in this blade! Sharpness!
O power that tries souls, shine! Photon!
O evil soul, fall before this pure light! Grand Chariot!
Here I go! Grand Chariot! (shortened)
Come, o silver light! Angel Ring!
Arise, o light of life! Healing Circle!
O source of illness, begone! Dispel!
O brilliant light, be as a wall to allay arms! Force Field!
Arise, watchtower, and make this the height of your power! Astion!
Bring them back from the abyss of death! Resurrection!
O breath of light that dwells in all creatures, come forth! Revitalize!
O divine spear, run my enemy through! Holy Lance!
O holy water, rain down your power on us! Holy Rain!
How do you like this!? Holy Rain! (shortened)
You whose eyes are closed, feel the rhythm of your heart beat once
more. Regenerate!
Go!  Regenerate! (shortened)
Always look toward the brillant light of hope. Revive!
Light! Revive! (shortened)
O six encircling stars, be the light that strikes all things. Variable Hex!
Grant the power to defy fear and defeat evil! Resist Field!  

Here it goes! Everything I got! One! Two! Three! Overlord Reign Impact!
Watch me go! Ultra Punishing Swing!
Bring the flood! Ultra Punishing Soul!
Ill crush you! Ultra Punishing Crush!
Dont get too close! Ultra Punishing Heat!
Rise up! Ultra Punishing Typhoon!

O resplendent mystery! Mystic Drive!
O dancing water! Diffusional Drive!
O destructive crush! Ruinous Drive!
O blades flying past! Fleeting Drive!
O power that lies at the root of all creation, o memory inscribed in ages past,
hear my call and arise before me! Ancient Catastrophe! This is the fruit of my 
O flickering blaze, burn! Fireball!
O din of this modest land! Stone Blast!
O unnamed and unmerciful queen of thorns... Ivy Rush
O caprice of innocent waters! Champagne!
Smile, o wavering darkness! Spread Zero!
Grant them thy undefiled purity! Splash!
O frozen blade, fly sharply across the heavens! Freeze Lancer!
O sharpened rage, run through that which blocks our future! Stalagmite!
O blade of noble light, overpower even indestructible evil! Blade Roll!
Spread thy alluring snare and deliver my enemies unto me! Tractor Beam!
O golden rain who bringeth good fortune, thy name is...Gold Cat!
Come forth, o avaricious netherworld and crush the evil before me! Negative 
O incandescent locus, annihilate the vulgar before me! Spiral Flare!
O disturbing power now unleashed, mete thy judgment upon the evil before me! 
Violent Pain!
O beating of the earth, sacrifice thy body to crush my enemies! Ground Dasher!
O merciless conflagration, burn the very souls of my enemies! Crimson Flare!
O infernal emperor, rise from the depths of the earth! Eruption!
You can't get away! Demon's Lance!
O mother praised for her indigo light, break apart and raise thy clear new 
voice! Aqua Laser!
O demon who crawls the depths of the earth, gore my enemies and crush them to 
dust! Riot Horn!
O seething fire, be as a holy beast to devour the wicked! Flame Dragon!
O gathering flames of darkness treat our dear guests to the strains of your 
terrible song! Bloody Howling!
O righteous will, let fall thy sword of lightning upon those who bear fault! 
Thunder Blade!
O mad and greedy waters, rise up and storm the very heavens; Tidal Wave!
O countless particles that wander the heavens, rain down and glorify the 
land... Meteor Storm!
Blah blah blah, [spell name]! (shortened Advanced Spells)
You can't get away! Demon's Lance! (shortened)
Begone! Ivy Rush! (shortened)
This may tingle a little! Thunder Blade (shortened)
Meow! Gold Cat! (shortened)
Sharp and fast! Freeze Lancer! (shortened)
Oh abyssian flash, be as a raging spear to run my enemies through! Demon's
Lance! (extended)

Here goes my life! Roar, o mighty being! Blast Heart! Thought I was dead.
Scatter! I'll fill you full of arrows! (Fury Blast)
All my heart! (Bouquet)
Ah, such grace~ (Just Like Dancing)
Such luster~ (Falling)
Even more luster! (Falling Further)
C'mon wind; knock 'em around and cut 'em down! (Wind Blade)
Who loves ya baby? (Love Shot)
All my heart, baby, all my love. Get outta here! (Arrivederci)
Looks like a storm is brewing... Tempest!
Crazy... Slippery... Crackly BOOM! Inverno!
Attaaaack! Inverno! (shortened)
Howl and rage, o mighty vortex! Havoc Gale!
Blossom of light, blind em with your beauty! Vanji Lost!
Halt, o march of time, Ill pay you back later! Stop Flow!

Come forth, o lightning! Receive your punishment! Radiant Moonlight! How is 
Prepare! Ashen Moonlight!
As the howling wind rends the world! Quasi Seal!
Into the heavens! Conflagration Blast!
This vicious blade will cut you down! Crushing Grave!
A flood of drops burst forth! Midnight Flood!
Time to clean up! (Deck Brush joke artes)

Holy power, come! First Aid!

==Miscellaneous In-Battle Quotes==				[~MSC~]

The characters yell a lot of random things in battle that doesn't really have 
aer category, so I'm just putting them here.  It's mostly stuff like spells 
being interrupted, running low on TP, etc.  Some of the quotes are mix-and-
match; that is, a character will say a generic line in response to a certain 
situation and another character will give a generic response.

I'll blow you away! (Overlimit)
You're dead. (Fatal Strike)
You're gone. (Fatal Strike)
You're done. (Fatal Strike)
Don't just stand there! (Taunt 1)
That's it, that's it! (attack effective)
That didn't work. (attack ineffective)
Alright, who's next? (enemy defeated)
Go easy on the items. (Overusing items)
Alright! (recovering from knockdown)
No good. (Recover)
Guess I overdid it. (Response to overusing items)
Alright, I'm on it. (response to ally interrupted)
Again!? (Ally repeatedly uses same arte)
This is awesome! (surprise encounter)
Not bad! (status ailment)

That's enough! (Fatal Strike)
That didn't work? (attack ineffective)
Someone protect me while I'm casting! (interrupted)
I'm okay. (recovering from knockdown)
I have to... snap... out! (dizzy)
I can do this now! (altered arte)
Shall I heal you? (ally takes heavy damage)
That must be your favorite arte. (Ally repeatedly uses same arte)
There's too many! (link encounter)

I am SO gonna make you hurt! (Overlimit)
Got it! (arte acquired)
Just my style~ (New arte)
I've deciphered the formula, now for the test (altered arte)
Protect me while I'm casting! (Spell interrupted)
Now you got my clothes all dirty! (knocked down)
I'm fine. (recovering from knockdown)
I'm not feeling so hot... (dizzied)
I found your weak spot! (attack effective)
That's no good! (attack ineffective)
Think! Think before you use your artes! (Low TP)
Ow, that was mean! (received heavy damage)
Hmph, not bad! (ally defeats enemy)
Okay! (response to ally interrupted)
But I need them! (response to using too many items)
You gotta problem with that? (response to repeatedly using same arte)
I'm gonna be sick... (status ailment)

Attack!! (Overlimit)
Now we're gonna have some fun! (Overlimit)
Now this is my style! (acquired arte)
Oh, I love you. (Healed)
I wonder what's for dinner tomorrow. (dizzied)
You really like me, don't you? (dizzied)
Ounce of prevention, pound of cure (recovering from knockdown)
Lemme use what I need, alright? (Responding to overusing items)
I love that arte, but I'm terrible at it. (response to repeatedly using same 
I'm not used to this team! (surprise encounter)

Now we'll have some fun! (Overlimit)
Everything's spinning... (dizzied)
We're not done yet! (recovering from knockdown)
Using this (item)
I can't keep doing this (overusing items)
But, it feels so good... (Response to low TP)
Ooh, nice move! (ally defeats enemy)
Is that the only arte you know? (Ally repeatedly uses same arte)

No way! (interrupted)

==Level Up==							[~LVL~]

These are the quotes that the characters say when they level up.  Pretty self-
explanatory.  They change with time and you only see the actual scene if the 
character is in your active party.

I can feel the power running off through my body!
I'm not done yet!
I can do even better than this!

Oh, I feel so much stronger now!
I'm even stronger now!

That's the logical outcome!
Okay, sure.

Hooray for the old man!

I just keep getting stronger!
Yeah! Another level!

Ooh, that's nice.
Stronger and stronger.

==Skill Learned==						[~SKL~]

The skits that play when a character masters a skill.

These are the threads that weave our future.
I will use this power for justice!
I have mastered a skill!

Got that one.
Finished that one!

Thank you, thank you!

==Solo Ending Quotes==						[~SOL~]		

These are the solo ending lines that play when a battle ends.  It seems to be 
somewhat random which line you'll get, but as far as I can tell they only play 
for the character that deals the finishing hit in the battle.

Man, I want some more.
That wasn't too bad.
There's no way we're gonna lose.
You picked the wrong people to fight with.
That's over!
I'm just gettin' started!
You want revenge? Bring it!
Ha! I got a little worked up!

That was wonderful!
More honor for this blade.
I will fight until we crush the menace.
We shouldn't let this go to our heads.
Rest in peace.

Forward! Onward!
Just like that next time, guys!
Nothing can stop Brave Vesperia!
You didn't think I was so strong, didn't you?

You thought you could win? Too bad.
Okay, let's go.
Were you fighting? 'Cause... I felt nothing.

This is my victory pose!
Oh, the time has come to say goodbye.
Oh, you poor thing.
Victory is sweet.
Maybe you should, uh, THINK?
Maybe you try using this a little more?
So....yeah.....just stay dead!

That was too short.
Was I a little hard on you?
Sorry for being so strong.
So how was that?
The secret to my strength... is a secret!
That was a nice little break.
Bye bye.

==Team Ending Skits==						[~TES~]

These are the short interactions that play at the end of each battle. 
Obviously, you need to have every character involved in your active party. 
They do change as the story progresses; unfortunately, I don't have enough 
information to try to do anything nearly as daunting as trying to figure out 
which skits appear when, although I did my best to keep them in basic 
chronological order.

---Yuri, Repede---
Yuri: Resound the cry of victory!
Repede: *barks*
Yuri: All right.

---Estelle, Repede---
Estelle: Let loose the cry of victory!
Repede: *whines*
Estelle: R-repede...

---Yuri, Estelle---
Yuri: Oh yeah, I beat you into next week.
Estelle: Next week? But can you really...
Yuri: Never mind.

---Yuri, Estelle---
Estelle: We finished them off!
Yuri: I finished them off.
Estelle: Huh?

---Yuri, Karol---
Karol: I'm not afraid!
Yuri: Your legs are shaking.
Karol: Y-you're kidding!
Yuri: Yeah, I am.

---Rita, Estelle---
Estelle: Stick your hand out!
Rita: Like this?
Estelle: Yay!
Rita: What was that?

-Estelle, Rita-
Estelle: You did it, Rita!
Rita: Yeah, I-I guess....
Estelle: And you're so cool!
Rita: I'm gonna go nuts.

---Rita, Yuri, Repede---
Yuri: All right!
Repede: *barks*
Rita: They know each other way too well.

---Estelle, Repede---
Estelle: Repede!
Repede: *nondescript noise*
Estelle: Your tail?!?

-Karol, Estelle, Repede-
Karol: Repede, that was awesome!
Estelle: Repede, that was wonderful!
Repede: *yawn*
Karol: You could act a little more grateful, you know.

---Raven, Rita, Karol---
Raven: Enter, the Genius Mage, Ritaaaa!
Rita: Flattery will get you nowhere!
Karol: Heh heh, yeah, she's happy...!

---Rita, Estelle, Karol win---
Rita: Ha! Wimps...
Estelle: That was cool!
Karol: Wuuu!
Rita: Shut up

---Raven, Rita---
Raven: Will this battle never end?
Rita: It just did.
Raven: Huh?

---Yuri, Karol---
Karol: The sign of Victory!
Yuri: Alright!
Karol: Ya!
Yuri: Hey, that kinda hurt!

---Estelle, Raven---
Raven: Here we go!
Estelle: Yay!
Raven: All right! How about a hug?
Estelle: I don't think so...

---Yuri, Judith---
Yuri: I got no time to think.
Judith: Just beat them senseless and you'll win!

---Estelle, Yuri, Raven, Rita---
Estelle: Our weapons are love!
Yuri: Justice!
Raven: Sexuality!
Rita: Would you stop?!?

---Yuri, Judith, Karol, Raven---
Yuri: Our weapons are?!
Karol: Bravery!
Raven: Youth!
Judith: Modesty!
Yuri: I don't think any of you have those...

---Yuri, Rita, Karol, Estelle---
Yuri: Our weapons are blades!
Rita: And magic!
Karol: And teamwork!
Estelle: How wonderful!

---Estelle, Judith---
Estelle: They're bouncing...
Judith: What are you talking about?!
Estelle: I wish I could bounce....

---Judith, Yuri, Karol, Rita---
Karol: We may be a small guild now...
Yuri: But we'll make it big.
Judith: We're Brave Vesperia!
Rita: You're killin' me...

---Judith, Yuri, Karol, Rita---
Karol: The number one guild...
Yuri: Brave Vesperia!
Judith: Now open for business!
Rita: You're killin' me...

---Karol, Judith, Rita---
Karol: Victory pose!
Judith: Hey, you too!
Rita: Oh HELL no.

---Yuri, Karol, Rita, Raven---
Raven: I. Am. Awesome.
Yuri: More like...
Karol: Sketchy?
Rita: Yeah.

---Yuri, Karol, Repede, Raven---
Karol: We won!
Yuri: Alright!
Repede: Awwooooo!
Raven: Too many guys around here...

---Estelle, Repede---
Estelle: We won!
Repede: Woof! Woof woof!
Estelle: That's the cry of victory!

---Judith, Raven, Yuri---
Judith: Ooh, you were very cool!
Raven: Yes..its...all for you...
Yuri: Uh, you're breathing hard?

---Judith, Estelle, Rita---
Judith: The Beauty Corps is invincible!
Estelle: Beauty Corps. I like that!
Rita: What, are you calling yourself beautiful?

---Judith, Karol, Yuri---
Yuri: Whats the secret of your strength?
Judith: I dunno. My pointy ears?
Karol: Okay! I'll get those too!
Yuri: Uh, no.

---Yuri, Judith, Karol---
Yuri: Whats the secret of your strength?
Judith: I don't know, maybe I just have fun fighting.
Karol: I'll try to do that too!

---Rita, Judith, Yuri---
Yuri: Whats the secret of your strength?
Judith: I don't know, maybe I just have fun fighting.
Rita: Well, you certainly are a fighter...

---Judith, Raven, Rita---
Judith: We're done.
Raven: I wanna fly too!
Rita: So fly. Stalagmite!
Raven: *yelps*

---Yuri, Estelle, Karol---
Yuri: You're weak
Karol: You're a hack
Estelle: You're...whack. *giggle*

---Karol, Estelle, Rita, Judith---
Karol: We did it!
Rita: You're way too excited
Estelle: Well, he has so many women to please
Judith: Oh, so you tire quickly?
Karol: No, one's enough... I mean....

---Judith, Rita, Estelle---
Rita: Just because we're women doesn't mean we're weak.
Judith: Even pretty things have thorns.
Estelle: Lots and lots of thorns.
Rita: Yeah, tell us how you really feel!

---Judith, Rita---
Judith: We show no mercy to enemies!
Rita: Yeah, we just rip them apart.

---Judith, Yuri---
Judith: So how was that?
Yuri: Beautiful.

---Karol, Judith, Rita, Estelle---
Karol: Victory pose!
Judith, Rita, Estelle: Me too!

---Yuri, Estelle, Karol, Judith---
Karol: The number one guild!
Yuri: Brave Vesperia!
Judith: Now ready for business!
Estelle: That's so cool!

---Yuri, Estelle, Karol, Judith---
Karol: Brave Vesperia...
Yuri: ...enters...
Judith: ...triumphant!
Estelle: That's so cool!

---Estelle, Yuri, Judith (Dragoon)---
Estelle: Wow.. it's like a flying squid...
Judith: Yea... I guess you're right.
Yuri: Oh, you gotta be kidding me..

==Boss Conversations==						[~BOC~]

These are the conversations certain characters have with bosses.  They tend to 
change slightly depending on who's in your party, so I'll try to list as many 
as I can come across.  These are NOT the random things bosses yell during the 
fights.  That's in the next section.

--Zagi 1--

Yuri: You got the wrong guy!
Yuri: You really should listen a little more.
Zagi: My name is Zagi, remember it well, Flynn.
Yuri: Listen! I'm NOT Flynn!
Zagi: Heheh, oh, what's wrong?
Yuri: What the hell is wrong with you?!
Zagi: I'm gonna kill you, and carve my name into your blood
Yuri: Yeeah, that's pretty disgusting...!
Zagi: Oh yeah...THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!!

--Zagi 2--

Zagi: You think you can kill me?! Go ahead, try it!
Yuri: Trust me, i will...
Karol: We...We won't lose!
Zagi: Yes, cry out! Writhe in pain! DIE FOR ME!
Yuri: What the hell are you tryin' to do?!
Estelle: Please, we have to catch Ragou!
Zagi: Mwahaha, you can't hurt me!
Yuri: So we'll just keep pounding you until the end.

--Zagi 3--

Zagi: Hahahahaha, now you will meet your doom!
Rita: Do you seriously think I'm gonna let you get away with using a blastia 
like that?
Zagi: hahaha, you're all just jealous of my arm!
Yuri : You should really use that tenacity for something more productive.
Zagi: Hahaha, Worship me! Fear me! LET ME FEEL YOUR RAGE!


Yuri: Sorry, not gonna go easy just cause you're old.
Schwann: I would be honored to fight with everything I have.
Karol: Raven, why? Why?!
Schwann: I will tell you again: I am NOT Raven.
Rita: Uh...I-I-I hate you!
Schwann: Heh, many people hate me...
Judith: I'm so sorry that we have no choice but to fight you now.
Schwann: I'm sorry I have to fight such a beautiful lady.
Yuri: You should be like that all the time!
Schwann: I'm sorry, this is the last time you'll see it.
Karol: Damnit...I really liked you Raven...I couldn't tell you before, but, if 
my dad were--
Schwann: How unfortunate. "Raven" isn't here.
Rita: I can't let this go! I won't let you do this!
Schwann: I would expect no less from an opponent
Judith: You...Do you intend to die here?
Schwann: I am always ready to die in battle, so I fight with everything I have!

--Zagi 4--

Zagi: HAHAHA! I'm soooo happy to see you again!
Yuri: Damnit, how long are you going to keep chasing us?
Judith: How Unfortunate. This time, i will destroy that arm.
Zagi: I guess your just as happy we met as I am!
Karol: Like hell!
Zagi: *laughter*
Yuri: Let's get this over with and find Alexei.
Zagi: Right now, I'm the most important thing you've got!
Yuri: Seriuosly, drop it already...


Raven: I guess we're just destined to fight each other...
Karol: Why? You helped us in Heracles!
Yeager: Terribly sorry, but friendship does not last an eternity.
Estelle: But the guilds working together would bring so much to the people of 
the world.
Yeager: Now that IS a fantasy!
Yuri: Your right, let's finish this.
Yeager: Hear the symphony of my attack!


---Yuri, Raven, Estelle---
Alexei: This world will be reborn, do NOT interfere.
Yuri: Nobody gives a damn about whatever world you WANT!
Alexei: You're a fool to cross swords with me...
Yuri: Damn, he may be crazy, but he still fights like a Commandant.
Alexei: So, the tool turns on its master...?
Raven: Heh, tools can kill ya if they aren't used properly.
Alexei:You are foolish to rebel against your destiny!
Estelle: I've chosen my OWN destiny, to fight you!
Alexei: Not a single one of you can best me!
Estelle: You've chosen the wrong path!
Alexei: We finish this now!


Yuri:You keep gettin' better!
Flynn: You do too!
Yuri:I guess life has taught us both a few things.
Flynn: How many years has it been since we fought like this?
Yuri: Uh...We fought in the Coliseum. Ya forget already?
Flynn: Of course not, just...ya know, a lot of stuff has happened, it's...
Yuri: Yeah?
Flynn: It's just different.
Yuri: Yeah, it feels different for me, too.
Flynn:I wonder what it is...
Yuri: Does it matter? I am SO gonna kick your ass!
Flynn: No no no no no no no, I'm gonna kick YOUR ass!
Yuri: Oh-ho, it's ON now!

--Zagi 5--

Zagi: Muahahaha! die, die, die, die, DIE!
Yuri: Just drop it already!
Zagi: Hahaha, i will hunt you down until you're dead!
Yuri: You're dying first!
Zagi: Hm-hmm, Yeah, keep talking while you still can!
Yuri: And YOU shut up!
Yuri: We finish this now!

--Boccos and Adecor (Arena)--

Adecor: I say, today is the day you lose.
Boccos: We will take you back to the capital.
Yuri: These guys never learn, they should get an award or something.
Adecor: Then go ahead, praise us, I say.
Yuri: All right, keep up the good work. Too bad that's not going to do anything
for you in the real world.
Boccos: Heeeey, how dare you mock what we are trying to accomplish. 

--Gauche and Droite (Arena)--

Gauche: Prepare!
Droite: Ugh...
Gauche: I will avenge Yeager!
Raven: Sorry! I apologized, so let it go already!
Droite: Okay, fine!
Gauche: Shut up, Droite!
Raven: Aww, are you two breaking up?
Droite: No, no, no, we never fight!
Gauche: Right, so shut up and start fighting!
Raven: Just like that? Looks like ya got a little squabble goin'.
Droite: Nope, we're done. Let's fight!
Gauche: Droite, we need to talk when we get back...
Droite: Ahhhh...

--Flynn (Arena)--

Flynn (entrance): Now we'll have a real fight!
Yuri: So, the acting Commandant is just killing time here?
Flynn: I have an important mission, I watch and punish dangerous people!
Yuri: Like me, heheh. Hey, You're associating with a criminal like me, so, I 
guess you're dangerous too!
Flynn: You just can't stay quiet, can you?
Yuri: I guess we can't just stand here yelling at each other.
Flynn: Yeah, I think it's time for swords!

--Nan (Arena 1)--

Nan (entrance): Here I go!
Nan: Karol, show me how much you've grown!
Karol: Okay, i get it. But, do we really have to fight?
Nan: I won't rest easy until we do! I have to do this for myself!
Karol: I don't really get what you're saying...
Nan: Doesn't matter, come on!
Karol: W-Why?!

--Nan (Arena 2)--

Nan: We don't know the meaning of retreat!
Karol: Hey, didn't I beat you earlier?!
Nan: I only lost cause I felt bad! One more fight!
Karol: Why do you have to fight me to prove yourself?
Nan: I...I like strong men, like Master.
Karol: Okay, but...what does that have to do with us fighting?
Nan: Take a guess, you idiot!
Karol: I don't know!

==Boss Quotes==							[~BOQ~]

The stuff bosses yell during fights.  Pretty self-explanatory.

There's no way out! Infernal Lord! (Dragon Blade: Infernal Lord)
You're not getting away! (Dragon Blade: Advent)
No way (Magic Guard)
Are you serious? (dizzy)

I've had enough of you! Soaring Raptor Blast!
Holy power, come to me! First Aid!
Sharpen thy rage and run them through! Stalagmite!

Time to say bye-bye! Caress of Death!

Fly, o holy sword!  Brilliant Cataclysm!

---Gauche and Droit---
In an instant, we echo and our hearts meet! Impact Cross!

Now we end this! Ahhhh! Light Dragon Destruction! (Radiant Dragon Fang)
O divine spear, run my enemy through! Holy Lance!

---Zagi 5---
You will never walk this earth again! Welcome to my hornet's nest! (Shining 
Blastia Field)

---Duke 1 and 2---
To the beginning of time!  Big Bang!

---Duke 3---
Your very beings are within my grasp!  	!

Struggle against these holy chains! Shining Bind!

---Nereid Shizel---
Partake in my baptism of darkness! (Door of Eternity)

Dhaos Laser!

No... items... ever! (if player tries to use an item)

==Acknowledgements==						[~ACK~]

I didn't get all of these quotes by myself.  In fact, in terms of actual quotes
transcribed, I did relatively few of them.  Thanks goes to the good people of 
GameFAQs for, well, doing my work for me.  If you want to get on the list, 
contact me with a quote I don't already have.  If your contribution is coherent
enough that I can figure out where it says, you earn a spot on the list and 
thus become immortalized in Internet history.  Or something.

dbz fan
Kureejii Lea
Sir Burpalot21

Unknown Force
Zach Kaiser

==Contact Information==						[~CTC~]

In the interests of not being submerged in a flood of emails, I will not be 
giving out my email address, nor do I ever intend to.  If you want to contact 
me, send me a message to my Youtube profile: 

I am always looking for more quotes to add, so if you see anything that isn't 
listed, feel free to drop me a line.  If it's reasonably legible, I'll add it 
to the FAQ and credit you for it.

==Legal Stuff==							[~LEG~]

I don't own Tales of Vesperia, Namco Bandai, or anything of the sort.  I do, 
however, own this FAQ.  I also know twenty different martial arts.  In fact, 
Congress has passed a bill classifying my fists as weapons of mass destruction.
In short, don't steal my FAQ and everyone remains happy.

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