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Walkthrough by KADFC

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/27/2008

     Tales of Vesperia Walkthrough

     Created by KADFC (aka Kaddy Gamer, Fabian Chang)
     Created on August 29, 2008 at 12:29 PM Pacific Time
     Copyright KADFC 2008
     Youtube Account: www.youtube.com/user/KaddyGamer
     Version 1.00
     First Version Submitted on: September 1 2008 @ 8:18 PM Pacific Time
     Current Version Submitted on: October 26 2008 @ 5:00 PM Pacific Time

   * If you need additional help, visit my youtube account and see the videos
    that I have created that supplements this walkthrough/FAQ. Depending on how
    far you are at, I might have what you're looking for. If not, ask on the
    boards, wait for the next update, etc... There is a chance that my video
    walkthrough will bypass this walkthrough, so who knows.
   * I do have all the warehouse solving vids done and uploaded if my
    explanation wasn't clear in this. Hard to explain 2 layed warehouses.

   This guide can not be used to make a profit. It can't be reproduced in
   any other way, printed or hosted anywhere without my approval. This is
   for personal use only. If you paid for this guide, you got ripped off. You
   may save this guide on your computer or print it out, but it can't be
   distributed without the knowledge of where this guide came from, nor who
   made it.

   This guide originates from Gamefaqs. Since there are many sites asking for
   permission and I'm only here to help those in need, I'll grant those who
   asked for it. Permission is granted for the following sites:
   - Super Cheats
   - UnlimitedGamer.net
   - CheatPlanet.com
   - Gamesradar.com
   - Gamershell

   Please use Ctrl + F (Control Find) to search the guide.

   * This is only extended then before. Additional stuff that is found has not
   been added since most people using it are near the end. It will be editted
   much, much later. Hopefully, before December or so.

   * Do not email me with correction or addons that I can make. I already have
   a list of them, it's only the matter of finding it and actually adding it in.
   Well, I guess only email me suggestion after 1.00 is released.

   * I currently don't even have my 360 avaliable to play with. Not yet.

   * Don't send me emails regarding the last section for the Grade FAQ. I need
   to fix that, I know that.

   * Oh, by the way. A few things that I should really add, but I'm not going
   to bother with are the folling. This serves as a reminder to myself:
   - Judith's Spear (Brionac List, the first event in Aspio is needed)
   - Kow Kids (2nd to last part, must be done after rescuing E)
   - Elucifer's Grave
   - 2 Items in Heracules
   - Overdrive Dolls, the last few (if I did miss any of them)
   - Itemania and Monster Book's 50% triggers (Aspio and Nor)
   - Grade Shop Info
   - EX Dungeon + 200 Man Melee
   - Bunny Guild (Haven't even joined yet)
   - Sidequest Headers
   - 100% Checklist Skeleton Addon (... Who knows when)
   - Youtube Related Links Insertion Section: Up to Spirits

   * Last thing, not going to bother with typos and what not. At least, not
   until December. Don't like this walkthrough? Create your own. Use Brady's
   walkthrough, and see how much info that piece of **** provides. ^_^

     Table of Content
     1) Introduction
     2) Controls and References
     3) Tips and Early Heads Up
     4) Walkthrough
     5) Credits


  Part 1
  1) The Imperial Capitol - "Zaphias"
  2) First Time on World Map
  3) Deidon Hold
  4) Quoi Woods
  5) The City of Blossoms - "Halure" -> Short Sidequest Run-around
  6) Return to Quoi Woods
  7) Halure (Panacea Bottle Time)
  8) The Sealed City of Scholars - "Aspio"
  9) Shaikos Ruins
 10) Aspios (After Ruins)
 11) Halure
 12) Ehmead Hills
 13) The Port Town - "Capua Nor"
 14) Magistrate's Home (Basement)
 15) The Port Town - "Capua Torim"
 16) The Fallen City - "Caer Bocram"
 17) The Rising City - "Heliord"
 18) Very Sidequests 1
 19) The Den of Guild - "Dahngrest"
 20) Forest of Keiv Moc
 21) Dahngrest
 22) The Tower of Gears - "Ghasfarost"

  Part 2
  1) Dahngrest
  2) Heliord 2
  3) Capua Torim 2
  4) Fiertia
  5) The Ghost Ship - "Atherum"
  6) Very Sidequests 2
  7) The Coliseum City - "Nordopolica"
  8) The Weasand of Cados
  9) The Desert Oasis - "Mantaic"
 10) The Sands of Kogorh
 11) The Heartland Town - "Yormgen"
 12) Mantaic 2
 13) Nordopolica 2
 14) Dahngrest 2
 15) Manor of the Wicked
 16) Dahngrest 3
 17) Mt. Temza
 18) Waiting On Ship
 19) Sidequesting A
 20) Phaeroh's Craig + Aspio
 21) Egothor Forest
 22) The Home of the Kritya - "Myorzo"
 23) Yormgen 2
 24) The Forgotten Shrine - "Baction"
 25) The Mobile Fortress - "Heracles"
 26) The Blade Drifts of Zopheir
 27) Halure + Quoi Woods
 28) Zaphias, City Not Livable
 29) Zaphias, City Livable
 30) Sidquesting B - First Fell Arm - Abyssion
 31) The Enduring Shrine of Zaude

  Part 3
  1) The Gathering - Zaphias, Aspio, Dahngrest
  2) Sidequesting C
  3) Zopheir
  4) Sidequesting D
  5) Nordopolica Attacked
  6) The Erealumean Crystallands
  7) Relewiese Hollow
  8) Few Minor Siders
  9) Last Spirit
 10) Sorcerer's Ring Level 4 and Second Fell Arm - Zarich
 11) Third Fell Arm - Nebilim (Keiv Moc)
 12) Fourth Fell Arm - Mercurius (Relewiese Hollow)
 13) Gigantos and the Fifth Fell Arm - Glasya Labolas
 14) Port Nor Shopping
 15) Blastia Destroyer (Final Part)
 16) Reinforcements and Vesperia No. 1
 17) Gathering of Leaders and Sidequesting E
 18) The Happy Place - "Nam Cobanda Isle"
 19) * Gald Grinding Casino Trick
 20) Donation Time
 21) Leader's Meeting
 22) Sidequesting F Part 1
 23) Restoring Aurnion
 24) Sidequesting F Part 2
 25) Recollection Guardian
 26) * Grade Grinding Rita
 27) Cook Master Section
 28) 100 Man Melee (Colesium)
 29) Too Much Free Time
 30) The Ancient Tower - "Tarqaron"
 31) Tarqaron's EXTRA SECTION
 32) Seven Fell Arm Sidequest - Ending Extention Sidequest
 33) Final Boss

  Post Game
  1) (Yet to be done)

   As of right now, there isn't any guides for Tales of Vesperia. I'm only here
   to give a brief description for those that want a guide of some sorts. As of
   right now, I'm not finished with the game yet, but I have done a few tests
   here and there making sure that I got everything. I will be post vids on
   youtube showing my progress through the game. You can also use that series
   of vids for your own reference. I made this guide without the help of any
   other resources except for probably the users on gamefaqs' message board
   for Tales of Vesperia. The Brady Strategy guide... I don't trust it. They
   usually rush their printings to meet deadlines like always. What's good
   about them? Pictures and a brief description of what to expect, but it
   probably won't cover everything.

   * Note, I've now completed the game 3 times. Almost done with Vesperia Master

   English is my first language, but it's not the only one. So do expect
   typos every now and then because I tend to think faster than I can type
   and I hardly go back to read what I read, unless I find it needed. This
   will probably be my first walkthrough for a Tales game. I've played
   Tales of the Abyss before and I'm very familiar with the game's playing
   style. Eternia and Rebirth, closely the same in someways.

   This walkthrough will be done on Easy mode since getting achievements
   doesn't depend on what difficulty you're on. I can only offer so little
   in terms of strategy. I would say trial and error, level up, or just
   did what I did. If this is your first Tales game or your first RPG, you
   will just have to learn in order to enjoy the game. Most of my references
   will come from Tales of the Abyss in contrasting. Don't be offended. If you
   do feel so, read some other guide.

   Don't read further into the game because there will be spoilers. However, if
   you just got to that area, their names will only be substituted with a simple
   letter from the alphabet. I'm trying to make this as spoiler free as possible
   and if you see that I revealed something that could be spoilers, give me a
   message on youtube or an "ATTN: KADFC" on the boards.

   Also, if you're really stuck, I will probably provide a link of how I did it
   myself. Be warned, these vids are full spoilers. You can find them, as well
   as the playlist for them on my youtube account. For this walkthrough however
   I will only provide 3 links for each area. You can probably find more help
   by yourself if you look hard enough. It's the numbering system BTW.

   Skits will be for one section. Then afterwards, I won't even bother stating
   them. By then, you should already know if there's a skit available or not.
   The chances for you to see all the skits is slim to none. Most likely, you
   will have to wait a long time in that area for the skit to be optional to

     Controls and References
   You will eventually get a battle tutorial on your first fight, so I don't
   find the need to cover to mush detail, so I'll just type what I think is
   needed. I think I'll just basically type out what the instruction manual
   said while adding my personal thoughts in.

  Map Screen Controls
                           Field Map                   Normal Map
   Left Stick              Move Character              Move Character
    - Hold down B to walk instead of run
   Right Stick             Turn Camera                 Turn Character
   Right Stick Button      Turn Camera to the North
   Left stick Button       Call Ba'ul
   D-Pad                   Zoom in/out and             Turn Character
                           Move character
   A Button                Enter/Examine/Activate      Talk/Examine
   X Button                Switch Mini Map Display     Shoot Sorcerer's Ring
   Y Button                Display Main Menu           Display Main Menu
   B Button                Cancel, used to quickly exit something
    (Not apart of the manual)
   Left Bumper - LB        Rotate Camera View       Casual Action (Right Bumper)
   Right Bumper - RB
    - I personally use these while on the world map to rotate the camera angle.
      Better than using the Right stick. Learned it from TotA.
   Start Button            Pause                       Pause
   Back Button             Start a Skit                Start a Skit

   In summary. Use the Left stick to move your character everywhere. For a
   beginner just know that A is confirm and B is cancel. Simple enough? On
   the world map, use Left and Right Bumpers to shift your overall view.

   Main Menu Controls
   Left Stick/D-Pad            Selector
   A Button                    Confirm
   B Button                    Cancel
   X Button                    Change Leader
   Left/Right trigger/bumper   switch characters and item categories

   Battle Screen Controls
   Left Stick          Move Character; Free Run with Left Trigger
                       Select Target with Right Bumper
   Right Stick         Use Artes Shortcut (Done in the Main Menu, or in battle)
   D-Pad               Activate Overlimit
   A Button            Activate Artes (With and without Left Stick)
   B Button            Normal Attack (Physical attack)
   X Button            Guard (Blocks enemies' physical attack)
   Y Button            Display Battle Menu
   Right Trigger       Trigger Fatal Strike
   Left Trigger        Free Run (Combined with Left Stick to move)
   Left Bumper         Cancel Item Request
   Right Bumper        Select Target
   Start Button        Pause Game
   Back Button         Switch Control Mode between Manual, Automatic, and

   Manual means you will be on your own controlling your character. Semi -
   automatic means you'll be controlling your character, but you'll get
   assistant. With this, you don't need to walk and attack, just press
   attack and the character will move into and attack. Automatic means the
   computer's AI will battle the enemy for you.

   Also, I will use N (North), S (South), W (West), and E (East) to show you
   where to go. Or you can think of it in this way:
   N - I will use N, north, down. Anything that means head towards the
       screen, therefore, you can see the character's face.
   S - The total opposite of North and you should see the character's back
   W - To the left (I will sometime say left as well as right)
   E - To the right
   The screen can't be shift, not counting the world map, so this way you know
   what I'm talking about. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about and I
   don't have to explain anything more.
   WM = World Map
   SR = Sorcerer's Ring

   For the world map itself, there's actually North, East, South and West. So
   just follow the compass or use the little map for your personal aide.

    Tips and Early Heads Up
   Read this part first. This is the soul of this guide. Tips means what you
   should or should not do. Early heads up in terms of knowing things ahead of
   time before you miss them. General knowledge which I hope to spread out.

   Here goes:

   1) Power of Holy Bottles:
       For a cheap 300 Gald a Bottle, you can use this to bypass all random
       battles on the field. However, stay too close to an enemy for 4 seconds
       straight and you'll go into a battle with them. An enemy that fully
       blocks your path can't be bypassed, you'll have to fight them.

   2) Easy Mode
       This guide is played on easy mode. Playing on Normal or Hard will not
       give you any benefits, except a personal challenge.

   3) No Good Boss Strategies
       Since this is played on easy mode, there are no suggestions in terms
       of how to defeat the bosses. I will give general tips if I feel the need.

   4) Secret Missions
       SM for short. All boss related battles have these. I will be covering
       all of these and only expect these. Doing all secret battles is required
       for getting a title. True Knight

   5) Monster Collector and Item Collector
       There's title given for both categories. This process starts at the
       beginning of the game regardless if you have the actual thing or not.
       Data for these are transfered into EX New Game.

       Monster Collector
        Use a Magic Lens on EVERY single enemy in the game. A lot of them are
        missable. Event changes and boss forms. Go around and get into all
        types of battles, hold RB to switch from enemy to enemy. If you do
        not see their HP displayed, use a Magic Lens on them. Always double
        check a boss (after secret mission triggers, situation changes).
        Magic Lens are cheap and very affordable (10 gald for one)

       Item Collector
        Half it comes from doing the Monster Collector. By using Magic Lens
        on enemies, it reveals what they drop or what you can steal from them.
        The other half is from the shops. To get these, you will have to buy
        one of each. Meaning, buy at least ONE of everything that they offer.
        Things through Synthesis also count. So you have to create all of them.

       This guide will offer assistance for the MC. IC is self explanatory.
       * That portion has not been added yet. Coming Soon.

   4) Do Not Sell Weapons and Sub Weapons
       In this game, weapons and sub weapons are needed for each character
       to learn skills. Synthesis also requires these. So pay close attention
       because you might not have learned all of those before creating the
       new weapon. Even if the weapon don't teach you skills, don't sell them
       or you will regret it. You can sell all other equipments though.

   5) Learn from Tutorials
       A lot people skip them, but you do learn a lot from them.

   6) Item Hater
       It's a title earned for not using items during battle for part 1.
       Using Magic Lens counts since it's used in battle. If you use them off
       field, like Holy Bottle or Cooking, those don't count. You can also get
       this title from just watching the skit. So, just get enough grades to
       buy all the skits and just watch it in EX New Game to get the title.

   7) Level Up, Gald, and Grade
       I'm not here to suggest when to grind, as I find it not efficent.
       Levels don't transfer to EX New Game. So once you restart the game again,
       it will go back to 5. Grade's 10x EXP will aide you. Level should only
       be grind if you're at the end of the game and tryig to gather materials
       from the enemy.

       Gald and Grade can be grinded later on using a specific method which is
       proven to be faster than all other methods. Gald, Casino.
       Grade, Tidal Wave.

       Sidequests that involve donations (Orphange and Hot Springs) don't have
       a deadline, so you can leave them until the end of the game.

   7) Recepies From Wonder Chef
       There's only one missable recepie in the whole game. That being the
       first one and that's in Aspio. Even the deadline for this is huge and
       it's really hard to miss. From entrance, left side and near the door.
       All other recepies can not be missed.

   8) Karolin Sword
       This is a one time weapon from the storyline. You only get one of these.
       It's used in synthesis for two different weapons, so choose wisely.

   9) Sidequests
       There's a huge chunck of stuff that is missable. Kouli's flow chart:
       Lists them all. So I suggest that you use this in combination with this

  10) Giganto Monsters
       Do Not kill any of them until you've talked to Rich and started the quest
       itself. This is required to do the rest of the quest. Gigantos are huge
       monsters that are way harder than normal field enemies. Each of them
       will drop a rare item, which only they can drop. It's proven that all
       Giganto Monster can be respawned. To spawn one, there's a few methods.
       Save and reload your game, check. Go into the world map and come back,
       check. Go two screens away and come back, check. I would have to say the
       chances of respawning one is 5% or less.

  11) Hunter's Monocule
       When grinding for materials, levels, etc... always have this equipped on
       one of the characters. It increases the chances for drops. This accessory
       is obtained as you proceed into the game and you can synth this as well.
       The effects do stack.

  12) Moon Selector and Special Flag
       Both items are made through Synthesis. Moon Selector can be obtained
       through a storyline boss battle (Temza). Both are valuables.
      Moon Selector: Use this to change controlling character during battle.
       Press Y to go into menu, then press Start to change characters.
      Special Flag: Use this to change the character that you control outside
       of battle. Press Y into the menu, go down, and press X to switch.

  13) Chests of the World
       Getting 85% of all the chests in the game will get you a title. With that
       being said, open all of them and take their items. Even if you're fully
       stocked on them, still take them. Unless you want to backtrack and get
       them again. I didn't do this, so I have to go through everywhere to get
       mine in order to get this title. It was not fun at all.

   You'll need a hard drive or a memory card to save your game. You can play the
   game with either of this, but you won't save your game nor get any
   achievements, but you probably know that.

   * Item Hater Title for Y. If you want this title, you can't use any items
   in battle until a little bit after Part 1, when you're going back to Heliord

   Time to start the game. You'll be given an explanation of how this world
   works. Then you get a scene with your MC (Main character). Spoilers won't
   take place until I know for certain that the name stated is far beyond from
   what you should know.

   T rushes in and talk to Y. Y is the person you're controlling. Watch the
   scene. You'll be introduced into...

   The Imperial Capitol - "Zaphias"
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Wonder Log  Magic Lens, 100 Gald, Magic Lens, Prison Key, Apple Gel, Magic
    Lens, Holy Bottle, Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Cape, Egg, Life Bottle,
    200 Gald, Orange Gel, Apple Gel, Holy Bottle, Life Bottle, Orange Gel,
    Apple Gel
   Items (Sewers) and Beyond:
    Life Bottle, Magic Lens, Apple Gel, Holy Bottle, 200 Gald, 150 Gald,
    Orange Gel, Orange Gel, Orange Gel x4, Melange Gel x4, Life Bottle x4,
    Bread x4, Egg x2, 500 Gald

   When you get control, press Back to see your First skit. This is your first
   chat with R (which is in fact an animal of a certain type). Then you may head
   S to save your game. Press A, then select a slot to save.

   Head N and up the stairs to start a scene. After that, head N even more and
   into the next area. Once you're there, make your way to the left. You see a
   shop. Don't buy anything, not needed. You then encounter the Wonder Reporter.
   After that, you'll get the Wonder Log.

   This is what I did, but you can completely ignore this because I like my
   own controls. Press Y to open menu screen. To the very last thing
   and into Configs. Set Battle Difficulty to Easy. Go to Button configuration.
   Scroll up to Normal Attacks. Set Normal attacks to the A Button. This way
   A is for normal attacks and B is for Artes.

   Now go back to the main menu. Go into Artes. Go down and you'll see 4 slots.
   The first slot have Azure Edge. Now put Azure Edge into all 4 slots. That
   way you can be doing anything and once you press B, you'll use that arte.
   Azure Edge is like... a long range fireball-like attack.

   You can play with your equipment and skill menu, but there's nothing to do.

   Go more N and up the stairs, another scene. After that, go a little bit
   north. Another skit can be scene. Go W and talk to the door of the home.
   Proceed E and check the ground for a Magic Lens. Go the W side and enter
   from that door.

   Once inside, you'll see 2 paintings with candles. Check them to get
   100 Gald and Magic Lens. Go up the stairs and talk to the leftest door.
   A scene starts. Now head out S through the main doors.

   Once outside, you'll encounter Tweedle A and Tweedle B (not their actual
   names but nicknames). You'll need to battle them, which also comes with
   the Battle Tutorial.

   Learn what you can from the Tutorial. Or you can keep tapping Y to get
   to the real battle.

   Free Run close to draw them to attack, then do 3 attacks follow up with
   an Arte. Basically, tap A 3 times and quickly press B. Azure has long
   range, so make good use of that.

   After the battle, C shows up. The first letter actually starts with a C,
   I'm not making it up. You'll be captured. After all of that talking,
   you'll get the Prison Key, go trigger another skit, check your bed to
   get an Apple Gel. You may save your game.

   Head W. To the right of that sleeping guard, get Magic Lens. Proceed
   a little to the left and check the boxes. You'll get your equipment back. Now
   W to the next screen. You'll be forced into a battle instantly.

   There's 2 guards on the bottom floor and 1 on the middle, none on top. Check
   the boxes on the bottom floor on the left side for a Holy Bottle. On the
   middle floor, boxes on the right, to get an Orange Gel. Then go the center
   and into the tunnel/hallway. No enemies in here. Open the two chests for
   Life Bottle and Cape. Talk to the statue if you want. Proceed back into the
   place with 3 floors. Head to the top level and make to the W.

   A scene and you'll be drawn into battle. After that battle, go N. Proceed
   N and a small scene. Y smells something good. Go the E and enter. On the
   SE, you'll see a painting on the right side, check near it to get an Egg.
   On the E side, check the food to restore your HP and MP. Now back into
   the main hall.

   Head N and up the stairs. Go a little bit to the left and S to get a chest
   with a Life Bottle in it. Now head W. Save your game.

   Proceed south. After meeting a guard, go into the left and enter a hole.
   Slowly go left and you see a chest, there's a guard nearby. 200 Gald. Head
   back to the right into the hallway. Now south. Another scene. F's room is
   mentioned. Go into F's room. A scene.

   First part shouldn't be too hard. Attack 3 times and use arte. Free Run to
   evade his attacks. After a while, second phase comes up.
   - Second phase. He gets stronger with some added new moves as well. E joins
   you for the battle. Also, there is where you get your Secret Mission #1.
   You're suppose to protect E, but all I did was constantly attack Z until he
   dies. E isn't suppose to take a certain amount of damage from this battle.
   Unlike most SMs, there won't be a great until the end or so.

   Another scene. Now you're back in the hallway. Go back into F's room. Check
   the northwestern closet for an Orange Gel. South central to find a chest
   near the bed, Apple Gel. From that, go left to get a Holy Bottle. Now back
   into the hallway. Now all the way south and then go left into the hole.

   Another scene. Only one path, to the left hole. Then go north. Another scene
   Trigger a skit. Go north. Right after the first guard, go to the right hole.
   I guess you'll need to kill him. On the northeast side, trigger that to open
   the gate. It serves no reason, just something to do. Go back into the
   hallway. Proceed north now, and to the left hole.

   Go south. There's a hole on the left side, not needed.
   Instead, keep going south and enter the right hole. As you go to the right,
   open the chest, Life Bottle. Open the gate if you want, but you'll probably
   need to fight that guy. Go to the left and back into the hallway. Should
   have the ability to trigger a skit. Head south and into that hole.

   You should see an angel statue in the middle of the room, no guards on this
   screen. Chest at northeast corner, Orange Gel. Northwest chest, Apple Gel.
   Go to the left hole and talk to the angel. Head back to the first angel and
   talk to it. Triggers a scene. Trigger a skit. Yuri will be standing on the
   left side. Grab the angel and pull it to the left. Another scene. Climb
   down. Another talking part.

   No guards, but monsters now. You'll be forced into a "link battle." For all
   of these monsters, use down normal to dispose of them. Another talking part.
   Skit. Go to the right, chest at northeast corner, Life Bottle. Head back to
   the left, and go south. You'll see a chest to the right, Magic Lens. Skit.
   Now make your way all the way to the left. Then south, see a chest to the
   south guarded by a monster, Apple Gel.

   Go to the right. See two crates blocking a chest. Pull any of these crates
   outward. I pulled the north one to the north. Get the chest, Holy Bottle.
   Go south. Ignore the 2 crates, go the left. There's a chest, 200 Gald. Go
   back to the 2 crates. Pull the left one to the north. Get the chest,
   150 Gald. Go to the right, then south. When you can go to the right, do so.
   There's a chest, Orange Gel. Proceed to the northwest corner and there's
   ladder. Pull any crate to the right and climb the ladder. A scene. Quite

   Now you're outside of that house. Time to get back to the lower quarters.
   Should be fairly easy. Keep on going to the east south direction. Keep going
   that way. A scene. L, A, and B (LAB?) talks to you. Keep going south now.
   A scene. Now go to Yuri's house. To the right of his bed, Orange Gel. Save.

   Time to exit. From the save point, go north, then make your way to the south
   east part to trigger a scene. You get a half-assed world map. As well as:
   Orange Gel x4, Melange Gel x4, Life Bottle x4, Bread x4, Egg x2, and lastly
   500 Gald.

   First Time on World Map
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    N/A - I'm not including Search Points. Those are just too out of the way.

   Skit. Without moving the view, you'll see a bridge, cross that. Now you will
   see a paved road. That's your way to the next area. However, before that,
   as you're traveling along, to the right, you'll see a bunch of tents. They
   call this "King of Adventure Travelers' Lodge." Which is basically an inn
   on the roads that isn't apart of a city or town. There's a quite of few of
   these, but it depends on if you want to use them or not. Karen and Rich are
   the owners. Skit.

   * KING OF ADVENTURERS: Encounter them twice to trigger their sidequest.
     The first time is on the way to Deidon Hold.
     The second time is after your 4th member joins (including Repede), which
      is right after Halure.

   Head back to the world map and proceed to Deidon Hold. A scene. Later on,
   a tutorial with equipments and etc... Save

   Deidon Hold
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Magic Lens, Orange Gel, Milk + Egg, Apple Gel

   Go the west, then south. You should be curving down. Now to the northeast to
   see a bunch of crates, Magic Lens and Orange Gel. For starters, I went to
   buy weapons for everyone just to make sure that I'm up-to-date. Chances of me
   spending any more gald for weapons will be low because I will pick up all
   possible chests. You decide. Go back to where you got your tutorial, and
   head north and into the Guard Station, which has a door.

   Once inside, go all the way north. Boxes on the right, Milk x1 + Egg x1. Go
   a little bit south for a chest, Apple Gel. Climb the ladder to the north.
   * Up the stairs on the left and talk to that guy. Scene. Go back and save.

   * (MINOR SPOILERS)... This guy is called....E K U D
        .... Spell that backwards for his real name.

   From the save point, go north and try to cross the bridge to trigger a scene
   It's quite long. Skit. Go to the west, another scene. K is quite hawt or
   at least she's my type. Skit. Exit Deidon Hold.

   You'll now need to go North West. From Deidon Hold, to the west of that,
   there's this entrance that brings you to a higher altitude. After that stay
   away from the forest and keep on going west. As you keep on going, it's
   in between two mountain ranges. Look for a forest whose trees are different.
   Go into it.

   Quoi Woods
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Apple Gel, Iron Circlet, Bread + Egg, Magic Lens, Hard Mail, Cape,
    Monster Collector, Life Bottle, (Sandwich)

   Scene. Go north, slowly progress east a little. There's a north and east
   route. Go east first. At the end of east, there's a chest, Apple Gel x1.
   Now go to the north route. As you go, it split into left and right. Use the
   left route. There's an enemy guarding a chest, Iron Circlet. Now go south
   and use the right route now. There's a chance that the enemy might be
   guarding it, wait or kill, you decide. Keep on going east. See a chest,
   can't get it though because it's a scene time. Learn about Cook in the
   process. Skit. Good skit. Hug the southern bushes, to the left maybe, check
   to get Bread x1 + Egg x1. Now go back to the chest that we couldn't get
   before (still on the north side), Magic Lens. Save point on the right side.

   There's 2 skits. You may need to wait a long time for the other one to show
   up. From the save point, head south and east. A chest on the north side on
   the way there, Hard Mail. Keep going east and north. When you're about to go
   to the east again, a chest on the north, Cape. Go east. Scene. You get
   "Monster Book" as well as some extra baggage. Skit. Head back a little to
   see a chest, Life Bottle. Head north to exit to the world map. Scene.

   As you go the WM, don't move. Look at the minimap on the upper right. There
   is a structure there. That's our next destination. Or in other words, go
   north and find a purple leaf'd tree, then enter it.

   The City of Blossoms - "Halure"
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Orange Gel, Magic Lens, Apple Gel

   Scene. To the right, house closes to the entrance is the major's house. Go
   into it. Check the right side to get Orange Gel (outside of circle). Go
   north and check the right side of that tree, Magic Lens. Exit Major's house.

   No shops are working currently. Proceed to the west, cross the bridge. Scene
   Skit. The house to the right is where the inn is. Save.

   At the inn, go up to where the rooms are. Go into the 2nd door from the left
   Check the desk on the right, Apple Gel. Exit the Inn. Go west and north.
   Scene. Go back to where you were originally were and keep going north. Scene.
   Skit. Head south and go east to cross the bridge. Head north to where the
   shop is and talk to him. Scene. Head little bit south and meet Karol near
   the bridge. Scene. Skit. Head to the right to the major's house. Find the
   major outside of his house. Talk to him to get the first needed item. Exit
   to the world map.

   Short Sidequest Run-around
   I did a small detour. I felt like getting stuff earlier than needed. Head
   northeastish. You'll see a mountain with holes in it, skip that. Keep going
   to the east. See a bunch of ruins, enter it.

   Mysterious Ruins*
    Items: Magic Lens, 800 Gald, Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Half Guard

   (11111) <--- Search tag since you'll be coming to this place later on.
   This area is a little further into the game, but whatever. Little bit to the
   north. Hug the right side. You'll meet a chest, Magic Lens. Skit. All the
   way north and up the stairs on the right. A little more north and there's a
   chest hiding behind the pillar, 800 Gald. Down the stairs and hug the left
   to see a tree. There's a chest to the south of that which is hidden, Orange
   Gel. Proceed back to the entrance, now hug to the left. There's a chest on
   the south, Life Bottle. Now back to the entrance. Go all the way north. You
   should see a chest on the right side, Half Guard. That's about it. Exit
   this place, to the WM again.

    Keep on going east to get to another ????. It's the traveling inn again.
    A scene will trigger automatically. Rest in their inn. Head back to Halure
    and back to Quoi Woods. Skits on the way there.

   Return to Quoi Woods
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Orange Gel (I just forgot to double check previously), Item #2 and #3 that
    is needed to create the Panacea bottle

   Scene. As you go back, I forgot to get a chest. Hug the south and there's
   a chest, Orange Gel. Recall where the save point is and head there. As you
   arrive, scene. Item number 2 obtained, in some ways. The scene is great.
   Try to head back a little bit more, a scene. Time to battle.

   Battling a bird, a wolf, and the main dish (Egg Bear). I got no strategy or
   tips for this guy. Just keep attacking. Free Run not needed. Scene. Head
   back to Halure. You'll trigger another scene and a few skits on the way.

   Halure (Panacea Bottle Time)
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Life Bottle, Nectar Bottle, Holy Bottle

   Go the shop and talk. Time to use Synthesis. Pick Synthesis and make the
   Bottle. Simple as that. Head to the west and all the way north to where the
   Halure's Tree is. Scene. Another beautiful scene. Too bad I forgot to do a
   HQ for it, o well. Okay, back to work. Skit. Head north and check the
   grasses in front of the tree, Life Bottle. Go the right and open those
   two chests under the arch, Nectar Bottle and Holy Bottle.

   Go south, talking part. Major gives you an order. Skit. There's a guy
   standing next to the shop keeper, it looks like he's reading something. He
   will give you "Today's suggested synthesis." Read them for fun, I guess.
   Proceed to major's house. Award time. Not. Bad E! :[

   Try to exit Halure. Scene. On the WM, Skit. Remember where you saw that
   mountains with a lot of holes in it, go there. If not, go north east to find
   it. It's on the paved road as well. Enter it.

   The Sealed City of Scholars - "Aspio"
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Apple Gel x3, (Item) Collector Book, (Salisbury Steak)

   Scene. Approach the front entrance and talking time. Go to the left side.
   Locate the bouncing onion that is VERY HARD TO FIND. Not. This is the
   first Wonder Chef. You'll get Salisbury Steak. Approach the door now. Scene.

   Head up the stairs. The guy kneeling down is the synthesis suggestor. The
   shop is to the right, and the inn is to the right of that. Check the south
   of that to get an Apple Gel x3. Skit. Proceed all the way north - east. Then
   up the stairs and keep going to the right. Enter it. Scene

   There are 3 trigger parts for talking parts. Northwest, North, and Eastern
   Blackboard. Then talk to the pile of books near Estelle. Scene. Skit.
   Climb up the ladder. Check the desk for Collector's Book. Check the north
   to trigger a scene. Classic. Skit. Exit Aspio. You can now use the guard's
   path if you want. Once on the WM, time for the Shaikos Ruins, which I've
   already been to and done the entrance chests. If you haven't Ctrl + F this:

   Shaikos Ruins
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area: (Short Sidequest Run-around not included)
    Amber Cloak, Leather Boots, Sorcerer's Ring, Apple Gel, Ohka, Chain,
    Long Sword, Great Axe, Orange Gel, Stiletto

   Scene. Head to where the northern most chest was. Down a few stairs and hug
   the left to see a statue, a scene. Head down. Scene. Skit.

   Proceed south and you'll notice 2 bridges. One leading to the left and the
   other to the south. Take the south bridge first. At that end there's a chest
   for Amber Cloak. Now take the left bridge. A chest to the southwest corner,
   Leather Boots. Up the stairs on the west, now south. Scene. Then go to the
   right. Scene. Use the Sorcerer's Ring and shoot at the crest with X. Another
   scene. Notice where the bridge raised. Approach it for a few tutorial battles

   Cross the bridge. Chest to the north, Apple Gel. Head northwest for the
   next screen. Okay listen. Head to the north-most and center-most section,
   which is the one farthest back. Use the SR on the crest on the left side to
   activate a bridge on the left. Do note where it is. Cross that bridge and
   open that chest, Ohka. Use SR on the crest next to it to activate a
   bridge on the north right side. Cross it and a chest, Chain. From there,
   go south. You'll see a crest to the south of that, activate it. Open that
   chest as well, Long Sword. Now proceed to the northeastern hole.

   A chest to your left with an enemy nearby (semi-hidden), Great Axe. Now to
   your right, save point. Save.

   Keep on going to the right. Then north. Right after the first enemy, there's
   a crest on the pillar to your left, SR it. Keep on going north, up the
   stairs. SR the crest on the NW corner. Go south and hug to the left to
   cross the bridge. Then north and up the stairs. SR the crest to the NE
   corner. A little bit north for a chest, Orange Gel. Now all the way south,
   take the east bridge. Go up and hit that crest. This will make 4 enemies
   come out from the west side. You don't need to kill them, just the last
   one. But if you can't, you'll have to fight them. The very last one isn't
   even moving. Just SR it to get into a battle with it. When it's defeated
   the central's south bridge will be raised, as well as to a chest, Stiletto.

   Now go north, scene. Boss time afterwards.

   To get the Secret Mission for this battle, you'll have to attack his legs
   when he's performing his X-Factor attack. He charges for it, so you should
   have time. Look for the leg that's glowing blue and attack it. I, however,
   forgot to do this one, so I'll do it for new game plus. If you're just
   looking for a way to beat this guy with east. There's two ways. Block when
   needed and attack to stun him, or stay far away and spam Azure Edge
   Now you'll need to go all the way back. On the way there, when the first
   bridge was raised, you'll encounter an enemy. Scene. Now head back to Aspios.

   Aspios (After Ruins)
   Head into Rita's place. Scene. A few skits on the way. Try to exit Aspio,
   scene, skit. Go and check Rita's Room. Check the upper left on the bottom
   floor, scene. This is required for Brionc and the only missable part. If you
   missed this part, the deadline is before entering Nor Harbor (just to be

   Scene. Go up to the Halure Tree and talk to Rita, scene. Skit. Try to exit
   Halure, scene. Tutorial Battle on using OL. Scene. WM. Skit. From here,
   locate the paved road on the west and follow it

   Ehmead Hills
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Francisca, Poison Bottle x3, Melange Gel, Scarf, Life Bottle x2,
    Tama-hagne, Orange Gel, Holy Bottle, 2000 Gald, Armet Helm, Tent

   Scene. Go north, another scene. You'll need to take the hidden route. Skits.
   At first, there's two routes, north and right. The separation is where you
   see the first enemy, which is a ladybug (I guess). So take the north route

   As you get further on, a scene with flowers. Evil. Keep on going north, or
   hug north to arrive to a chest, Francisca. Go back and locate the flowers,
   go to the left and arrive at another chest, Poison Bottle x3. Skits. Now
   head back down south and take the right path.

   Keep on going to the right to arrive at a chest, Melange Gel. Now head west
   and go north. Another fork, left and right. Take the left path to a chest,
   Scarf. Now take the right route. Along the way, to the north-right there's
   a chest, Life Bottle x2. North some more to a save point. Before that, go
   north and there's a chest, Tama-hagne. Now head back and save.

   Go west from to enter the next boss battle

   I guess a hard battle for some people. The hardest part isn't defeating
   this boss, it's getting the Secret Mission. You'll have to lure the boss
   in front of one of the flowers, then attack the flower to force it to spray
   its stuff, therefore knocking the boss unconscious. Tips. Free Run like your
   life depended on it and wait near a flower. Study his movements to know
   what he's about to do something. Your allies would most likely get killed
   in the process. Also, kill off his minions first. Blocking works most of
   the time. Since mine is on easy mode, that seems to work better, but still
   hard. I was at level 13~ I defeated him. Anyways, good luck.

   After battle, scene. Skit. I would save, after that, go to the left. Then
   north. Scene. Another beautiful one. Somewhat. From there, hug south and
   move to the left, Orange Gel. Keep on going to the left, then southish.
   After the bird, hug the right. There's two chests on the north side,
   Holy Bottle and 2000 Gald. Then head the left side for another chest,
   Armet Helm. Now keep going south. Scene. Tent obtained. Now go left,
   and enter the World Map.

   Now go back into Ehmead Hills. Keep going to the right to trigger a scene.

   On WM. Follow the paved road. Do notice that there's a route (unpaved) on
   the left side that basically leads to a forest. Remember this area for
   future references. Keep following the paved road and enter the place

   The Port Town - "Capua Nor"
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Paralysis Ward, Panacea Bottle, (Sorbet)

   Scene. Locate the Wonder Chef at the Southeaster corner, Sorbet learned.
   From where your members are at, to the right is the inn, which I suggest you

   From your member's location, go north and then right into that alleyway.
   Scene, follow with a battle with 3 people saying "Cut" and "Slice." Defeat
   them. It should be an easy battle, in some ways, if you're not caught in
   their comboing. Scene. Finally shows up. Head to the Inn's south entrance.
   Talk to them. Talk to them again, say yes. Go north and enter the left
   room. Scene. Exit the inn. Go all the way north and play the Dice game
   with the Dice Master. If you beat him, Rita gets herself a new costume.
   You have to beat him 3 times a row. It's all about luck. If you're sick of
   it, let's continue.

   Head west from the inn's entrance to the magistrate's home. Scene. Go back
   to the inn. Scene. On WM. Remember that route that lead to the forest, yes,
   we're going there. Along the way, near the fork, a scene. Now continue up
   into the forest. Many skits on the way. You can see him standing there
   and waiting patiently. Wasn't that easy to spot?

   Rhybgaro. I'm not going to consider him a boss battle. He falls very, very
   easily. I don't even see him taking 100 HP of my life. Actually, he never
   got the chance to attack more than once and I dodged his first attack, which
   means... yeah. Scene after battle. Now head back to Capua Nor.

   As you enter this port again, scene. Go into the inn and left door. Scene.
   Head to magistrate's home again. Scene. Before approach him, hug the south
   and check for 2 items, Paralysis Ward and Panacea Bottle. Now approach him,

   Magistrate's Home (Basement)
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Knight Sword, Leather Whip, Gladius, Kotaro, Matt

   After the scene, skit. All rooms are squares with 4 possible doors (N, E, S,
   and W). Hope you can keep up. There are hallways, which only means 1 way.
   1) East
   2) East (Hallway)
   3) 2 Chests located north (Knight Sword and Leather Whip)
   4) West
   5) West (Hallway)
   6) North
   7) North (Hallway)
   8) Scene -> Chest at SW corner (Gladius) -> East
   9) East (Hallway)
  10) Chest at East (Kotaro) -> Kill Any Enemy For a Key (Needed) -> West
  11) West (Hallway)
  12) North
  13) North (Hallway, Key Used)
  14) Wait for enemy, kill enemy. Small Wolf Key obtained -> South
  15) South (Hallway)
  16) West
  17) West (Hallway)
  18) Proceed West a little, scene
  There's nothing on this screen. I searched a lot times. Just go all the way
  north. Scene, very long and nice scene. More talking. Skit.

  Go north to see a save point with a chest nearby, Matt x1. Save game, needed

  Head north. Long, long scene. You'll get a warm-up battle. About three of
  them, not really hard. All close range attacks. Scene.

  This guy isn't hard on Easy Mode. However, we want the Secret Mission from
  him and that can be hard to do. But there are a few tricks. The first one,
  which I didn't use, is draw him to the edge of ship. Wait for him to do one
  of his special attacks, then quickly get under him and use Overlimit. I did
  it a different way. Force him into a corner with physical attacks. Perform
  Wold Strike to knock him into the air. As soon as Wolf Strike's uppercut
  connects, quickly use Overlimit to throw him off the ship. To win this battle
  all I did was abuse Free Run and attack after he finishes attacking, use
  Wolf Strike, run away and look for an opening. Blocking does help in
  some ways, but I was felt like just pounding him with the good ol 3hit 1 arte
  Or, get into OL, and keep attacking him with whatever you want.

  After battle, scene.

   The Port Town - "Capua Torim"
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Matt, Magic Lens x3, Life Bottle, Poison Bottle, Lottery Gel, Holy Bottle
    (Fried Chicken and Fries)

   Scene. Skit. The inn is on the far west side of this place, the very last
   building on the westside. Enter the inn and save.

   Go north and the right room. Scene. Skit. Go a little bit to the east and
   talk to Raven. Skit. Shop and Synthesis guy is nearby. Go back into the inn.
   Go into the left room, check the north between the beds for Matt x1, right
   central desk for Magic Lens x3. Now go to the right room, check the left
   central desk for Life Bottle x1. Now stay at the inn. Scene.

   Exit Inn. Head east. Once you go down the stairs, check the boxes on the
   north, Poison Bottle. Keep going west, when you see another set of boxes
   check it, Lottery Gel. Down another stairs, keep on going west. At the tower
   house, locate a fish to right side. This is Wonder Chef and you'll learn
   Fried Chicken and Fries. Go inside the Lighthouse. Climb the ladder on the
   right side. Take the door on the left. Make your way to a chest, Holy Bottle

   Now exit Capua Torim, which is on the west side. On WM, follow the paved
   road. However, you see that traveling inn. Why is it there? To block your
   path that's why. Them being there doesn't make sense. Do I look like I
   need your service? I just got out of a Port Town for crying loud. Anyways,
   follow the paved road. Cross a wood-like bridge. Once over the bridge, the
   forest craves a empty path which leads to over next destination. Enter.

   The Fallen City - "Caer Bocram"
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Epee, Straw Hat, Matt, Paralysis Bottle x3, Orange Gel, Password Clue 1,
    - Limit Bottle, Magic Lens x3, Apple Gel, Cocktail Dress, King Sized Belt
    - Holy Raven, Orange Gel, Tsurugi, Password Clue 3, Lamellar Leather,
      1000 Gald, Password Clue 2, Purple Ribbon, Apple Gel
    - Life Bottle, Paralysis Bottle, 3000 Gald Chest Enemy, Matt, Magic Mist,
      War Axe

   Scene. Skit. Go north. Two paths, left and right. Before that, talk to the
   machine thing that looks like a piston head. Skit. Go left. After the first
   door, there's a chest on left of that house, Epee. Keep going left and on
   the bottom there's another chest, Straw Hat. Now make your way to the north.
   Scene. Go down into that new entrance. Scene. Use SR on it. Scene, go back
   up to the top. Skit.

   Go back to that house that has Epee close to it, or the first door that you
   saw on the left side, use that door. Check north, Matt. Go talk to the
   Piston head, scene. SR the dot on the piston head and it will go sink down.
   Before we use this, take the right path. There's a chest near the south
   part, Paralysis Bottle x3. Go into the house. Check the right side,
   Orange Gel. Check the northeast side, Obtained Password Clue 1. Exit the
   house and use that piston head. From now, let's call these things PH.

   Use this PH and Move Forward. Go to the left and enter that door. Check the
   chest on the southeast corner, Limit Bottle. Go a little bit north and check
   around, Magic Lens x3. As you can see, there's 2 stairs, one goes up and the
   other ones goes down. Go up first. Check the left side to get Apple Gel.
   Two chests south of that, Cocktail Dress and King Sized Belt. Now go back
   down, and use the stairs going down. Save.

   Go back to the upper floor and use the door on the right. Activate the
   PH with SR. Use it and Move to the Left. From where you landed, use the door
   on the right. Open the chest up on the right side, Holy Raven. Check a bit
   to the north, Orange Gel. Use the ladder on the left. Activate the PH with
   SR once again, use it and Move to the Right. Grab the chest located up and
   left from where you landed (it's left of the statue), Tsurugi. From there
   go south and check, you'll jump down to the bottom floor. Go left and use
   the door on the left (the same house we were just in).

   Climb Ladder. Now use the PH and Move Forward. Go left and enter that door.
   Go up the stairs. Check the books on the right, Obtained Password Clue 3.
   Open chest on the northwest side, Lamellar Leather. Go back down and exit
   this house. Head to the right and check to move down to the lower floor.
   Now go all the way to the right and enter that door. Check the upper left
   for 1000 Gald. Go down the stairs. Check the upper right bookshelves to the
   upper right, Obtained Password Clue 2. Open the chest on the south,
   Purple Ribbon. Head back up and exit the house. Forgot to mention. Outside
   of this house, there's a chest nearby, Apple Gel.

   Go all the way to the left. Scene. Keep going left and up the stairs. Enter
   the door on the north. Check the chest on the right side, Life Bottle. Check
   the north west side, Paralysis Bottle. Exit the house. Make your way down
   the stairs. Near the stair's bottom, there's a chest. It's actually an
   enemy. Optional. If you win though, you do get 3000 Gald. Keep on going to
   the right and it's time for that tutorial battle that I skipped earlier.

   This tutorial battle, learn it well. It's very useful. SR the PH on the
   south part. Use it and Move Forward. Enter the house on the north. Check
   the northwest side, Matt x1. Check the chest on the middle north, Magic Mist
   Exit the house. On the upper left, there's a chest blocked by an enemy,
   War Axe. Now head southwest. Check the south part to jump down. Use the
   the PH to shoot yourself back up. Use the Left-most house. Use the stairs
   that take you down. Save your game. Boss battle time

   Go all the way down and then to the left. Scene. Check the machine. This
   part is where everyone on the message boards has question on and most
   people the answer for it. The answer is: sun

   After that, enter the vault like door. Scene.

   Boss Battle #6 Gusios
   As the battle starts, you only get to use Yuri. As time passes by, one
   member joins up with you. You'll eventually get a party of 4. There is
   a Secret Mission in this. I figured out a foolproof way to get it, but it
   does take some effort. When he's trying to do his special attack, he will
   stand on his two feet. During that time, go below one of his paws, jump
   up to it, and do a normal slash. That should do it. There are other ways,
   but I found this one most useful. Before that, stay close to him and
   constantly be on block mode since all of his attacks are physical, except
   for a few. Attack 3 times and guard works as well. Overlimit when you can.

   After battle, scene. Go back up and save your game if you want. Try to exit
   this house and go to the left. K will rejoin your party. Skit. From that
   scene, head south and jump down. Then proceed south and attempt to get
   out of Caer Bocram. Scene.

   After that talking, Skit. Now check the north side to see this thing
   swinging around. It's the Wonder Chef, today we learn Fish and Miso Sauce.

   Now proceed south, and south again. Scene

   The Rising City - "Heliord"
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    (Fish and Miso Sauce)

   Go west a little and Rita will be there. Go more west and talk to F. Scene.
   More west again, tutorial time. Time to learn the next step in Overlimit,
   the power of Burst Arte. After that defeat them. From there go to the Inn.
   Synth guy is there and you can save your game. Go left and then up the
   stairs. Talk to the guard to the right. Head back down and try to stay at
   the inn. Scene. Skit. Exit the inn and go east. Talk to the blastia core.
   Scene. E joins up.

   Head over to Chevaliers HQ and north again, check the north side to see
   this thing swinging around. It's the Wonder Chef, today we learn Fish and
   Miso Sauce. Skit. Talk to Flynn. Scene. Exit the HQ. Scene. Very long.
   Back at the inn. Talk to Karol. Scene. Go back to where Estelle and Rita was
   at, that room. Scene. A few skits. Stay at the Inn. Scene. Skit.

   Very Sidequests 1
   1) Go outside of the Inn. From the entrance, check the right side of that
      balcony. Check carefully. Wonder Reporter should be there.
   2) Head to where the Blastia is. Automatic scene with Drake.
   3) Head into the Chevaliers HQ. Scene with some knight guy.
   4) Exit the HQ and exit Heliord from the east side... Now walk yourself to
      Caer Bocram (your previous dungeon). Once you're inside, take the left
      path and keep going. You'll meet D. This is a talking scene, didn't
      notice that when I heard about it. Get yourself back to Heliord and save

   Now exit Heliord from the west. There's only one path to the next area.
   However, once you cross the bridge, look for the place with a Blastia Halo
   on top of it. Proceed and enter it.

   The Den of Guild - "Dahngrest"
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Panacea Bottle, Orange Gel, Apple Gel, Holy Bottle, Dark Bottle,
    Limit Bottle, (Minestrone Soup)

   Scene. From where you start, keep on going north. Scene. Go south and get
   ready to battle. There's 2 battles. No strategy, just kill and win. Don't
   you like how Yuri uses his artes? A few skits. Head north, then go west into
   Tavern "Sagittarius" located on the north side. It's a building of course.
   Go west and check the drawers in the middle by the wall a few times:
   Panacea Bottle, Orange Gel, and Apple Gel. Go to the right side now, check
   the drawers on the southeast corner a few times: Holy Bottle, Dark Bottle,
   Limit Bottle. Now exit the Tavern and proceed west. Scene.

   During the middle of the scene, another battle. Scene again. After that,
   go east. Once at the 4 way fork, go north. Scene. Keiv Moc is it? Skit.
   Go north and into Don's HQ (Guild Union HQ). Go a little bit north, but
   then stay on the right side and talk to that thing. It's Wonder Chef and
   for today we get to learn Minestrone Soup. Wtf is that... A few more skits.

   Time to exit this place and go to the world map. Before that though, get
   familiar with where the inn and shops are, there are clumped in one
   section. Save your game as well. From the Inn, go west to exit this place
   and back on the WM.

   As soon as you're on the WM. There's a trail of forest. Follow it. It only
   leads to one place and that place is where you're suppose to go to next.
   Look for that extra green lump on your left

   Forest of Keiv Moc
   Relevant Youtube Links:
   Items Found In Area:
    Bastard Sword, Chain Wip, Estoc, Orange Gel, Weak Bottle x2, Rabbit's Foot
    - Poison Bottle x2, Limit Bottle, Mind Bottle

   Scene. R joins for some reason. Guess who R is? Skits. I suggest using a few
   Holy Bottles if you're planning to get every chest in this place. The battle
   here can come constantly, thus ticking you off. This place is quite weird,
   well at least the first part. First part being before the save point. There
   is a lot of stuff before reaching that spot. Anyways, enough of that.

   Go up the only branch, scene. Head down and keep going down. Another scene.
   Keep going down (down as in more into the earth, up as in more into the sky)
   At the bottom, you'll get 2 chests, Bastard Sword and Chain Whip. Go back up
   and take the left path. Scene. A 4-way, and you came from the east. Head
   south and there's a chest, Estoc. Head west and also a chest, Orange Gel.
   Now head north and you'll be in a 3-way. Don't get confused. If you go to
   the right, you'll be backwards rather than forwards because that whole
   part is a circle. So we should go to the left instead.

   As you head to the left, we are given another 3-way. The south path leads
   us to the save point and the west path leads us to more treasures. We
   take the left path for now. This whole left path is a 1 way with 1
   branching out at the end. As you keep going this path, you'll end up on the
   ground and then it seems your going to the west. On the way there, you'll
   meet up a huge plant creature. To the west of that creature, there's a
   chest, Weak Bottle x2. Then hug to the east and keep hugging it to trail
   you off to another route/branch to a chest, Rabbit's Foot. Now, if you can
   proceed back north, up the branch, and to the that south route to where
   the save point is. One screen south of that save point though, there's a
   chest, Poison Bottle x2. Now go back north and save your game.

   From save point, there's a chest on the north central side. The chest is
   a monster. Nothing special. The battle itself gives you 4000 Gald and
   afterwards, a Limit Bottle. Head up the branch to the west. On the way there
   stick to the left side for a chest, Mind Bottle, but I doubt anyone will
   miss that chest. Keep on going west. Soon you'll arrive at a save point.
   Save your game because there's a boss battle ahead.

   Head toward the left (for a boss). Scene.

   There is a Secret Mission for this battle. That is to use Raven's Serpent to
   counter the boss from healing themselves. When the boss heals, green numbers
   flashes. Serpent is like setting a landmine, well basically, it's a trap.
   I know some people might say to use it near the water/puddle, and that's
   also what I did as well, but I don't think that's needed. As long as serpent
   can knock him down during his recovery phase, it counts. What I did was draw
   the enemy near the pool, get next to it, and constantly set up Serpent like
   a madman. If you do this one by one you'll need to time it and I'm an
   impatient person, so setting up in a single blob and wait for him to him
   works. He also needs to be at 23K HP or less in order for him to use
   recovery. If you're going for the secret mission, I advice you to use items

   Now you'll need to walk out of Keiv Moc. Near the entrance, scene. Make
   yourself to Dahngrest.

   Save at the Inn if you want. Proceed to the Union's HQ, which is northeast
   building in this place. Keep going north, scene. Try to exit the HQ and
   proceed south, scene. Now go back into the HQ and go into the left, which
   is the prison. Scene. Exit the HQ again and go south. Scene. Might want to
   save now. Head to the right/east, where you previously couldn't the cavern.
   Scene, a very good one, VA comes at the end. After some time, you'll end
   up in...

   The Tower of Gears - "Ghasfarost"
   You'll be sent into a battle by yourself (Yuri only). Not too hard. Block
   and freerun as needed. Scenes after scenes. J is the hawtest person ever in
   this game. Don't argue, she's the best. After that, from where you stand,
   go to the right and enter that room. Save your game.
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Area:
    Pineapple Gel, Life Bottle, Melange Gel, Life Bottle, Specific,
    Magic Lens x3, Leather Coat, Battle Suit, Crescent Axe
    - Rivet Belt, Holy Bottle x3, Kurama, Orange Gel
    - Blue Dragon, Wizard Horn, (Salad)
    - Holy Cloak, Spike Hammer
    - Smash Bow, Lemon Gel, Halberd, Warrior Symbol, Thief's Cape

   Go left to go back to where we left off. From there, go to the left until
   you are on the wall, then to the north, scene. After that enter the SW door,
   which is very close to you. You get your equipments back. Scene. Now open
   that chest directly left of Yuri, Pineapple Gel. Now chest the table at the
   center of the room on the left, Life Bottle. Exit back to the right. Make
   yourself to the NE section. (As you pass by, the guy near the SE door is
   seller/buyer.) Once at the NE section, go to the left to see 2 chests,
   Melange Gel, Life Bottle. Now enter the NE door (kind of hard to see). There
   is a chest to the north, Specific. Check the NE section, Magic Lens x3.
   Go left to exit out.

   Go to where that shop guy is. To the left of him is this machine, SR it to
   activate it. A set of stair is lowered down. Use these stairs. Go south,
   scene. There are 3 south exits, take one of them and don't go into a battle
   while trying to do so. Scene.

   Now head north and back into where you came out of. There are 3 enemies on
   the south side (which is where you are at right now), and 1 enemy to the
   northside. Make your way to the left side and enter the NW door. Check the
   upper left, Leather Coat. Exit to the right. Go through the north side and
   there's a chest on the north, Battle Suit. I forgot to mention another chest
   and that chest is on the SW side close to the bat enemy, Crescent Axe. I
   went back down to save, your call.

   Head back up to the place where you joined up with everyone. If you're
   wondering, you should head south and you should be outside of this castle.
   There's 2 ladders, one to your left and right. Take the right one and go
   up. Go north to find a chest, Rivet Belt. Go left and check he boxes,
   Holy Bottle x3. Now go north.

   Now here is the fun part. Go to the upper right of the bottom floor, scene.
   Before I go any further, listen. Each screen has many floors. I'll number
   these floors. The lowest floor will be the first floor, the next one up is
   the second floor, and so forth.

   After that scene you'll need to use the SR to activate/move these
   gears/parts Go to the left, scene. Go up these stairs. To the left should be
   an enemy, and nearby it is a chest, Kurama. Go right and head up to the 3rd
   Floor. Go to the right and SR the machine on the North. Go to the left and
   go to the 4th Floor. Go to the left and SR the machine there. Go the right,
   which has an enemy, and there's a chest nearby on the right, Orange Gel. Go
   to the 2nd Floor and to the left (where you got Kurama) and SR the machine
   to the north. Go to the 4th floor and go up to the next screen.

   Go to the left and take the stairs up to the 2nd floor. Chest north of the
   stairs, Blue Dragon. Go to the 3rd floor and another chest nearby the
   stairs, Wizard Horn. To 4th Floor, scene. Go to the 2nd Floor, go to the
   right, enemy nearby, SR the machine on the south. Which activates a path.
   Go to the 3rd floor, go the right, to the north, and activate the machine
   on the left. Down to the first floor, a new path has opened up on the
   right. Go to the north to find this spinning blue and white, star-like thing
   This is Wonder Chef, he'll teach you Salad in this dark dreary place. How
   nice. Then SR the machine to the right. To the 2nd Floor, and SR the north
   machine on the left. Go north, west, south, and SR the other machine, which
   is the south machine on the left. To the 4th Floor and go all the way to the
   left. A little bit to the south and SR the machine on the right. This
   extends the path you now stand. Go more south and activate that other
   machine nearby. Now head up to the next screen.

   On first floor with a chest on the NE side, Holy Cloak. Up to the 3rd Floor
   and to the right. Head North and SR the machine on the left. Down to the
   2nd Floor and go to the right, enemy nearby. All the way south, SR the
   machine on the left. Down to the 1st Floor and SR the machine on the left.
   Up to the 2nd Floor, go to the left and then south, SR the machine on the
   right. Up to the 3rd Floor, to the left, north, and SR the machine on the
   right. Up to the 4th Floor, chest near the stairs, Spike Hammer. Go to the
   left, south, SR the machine on the right. Get yourself to the right side.
   South, and SR the machine on the south. Enemy nearby. Cross that newly
   made path though. SR the machine on the left. Down to the 3rd Floor. Go to
   the right, north, and SR the machine on the left. Now to the 4th floor and
   up to the next screen.

   Save point near where you are. Two chests on the right, with enemy guarding
   it, Smash Bow and Lemon Gel. Save your game. Up to the 3rd floor. No more
   SRing! Chest near the stairs, Halberd. Two chests on the NE side,
   Warrior Symbol and Thief's Cape. Head to the west and you'll notice an
   elevator/door. Don't go into it yet, boss is up ahead. Do some preparations
   and might want to save. Now go up. Scene.

   The secret mission for this battle is as simply and easy as it gets. Set
   your targets to one of those "greenish orbs" that surrounds this area. There
   is 4 of them total. While you do these, freerun away from minions or even
   the boss. If it is the boss, attack a different one. I used Azure Wolf
   Strike along with a 3 hit combo to take each one of them out. After that,
   you'll get the SM. If I was to play this battle again, I'll probably do it
   even if I didn't need the achievement simply because it eliminates more
   minions coming in. After those 4 are taken down. Concentrate on the mages,
   then whatever is left. The boss does have a ground pounding attacking. Free
   Run away when needed. Don't forget about Overlimit and Burst Artes. I don't
   like his Hammer Roll. Keep pounding him.

   After the battle, scene. Then:
   Achievement Unlocked: 100G Recovered the Aqua Blastia
   Therefore, it means Part 1 is done. Time for Part 2 now.

   Need you'll to go back to Dahngrest. To do that, you're on the sand like
   area. Look for the green area. There is a bridge that connects the two pieces
   of lands. Then keep going west.

   Part 2
   Once back, scene. Go to the left. Now go rest at the Inn. Save your game
   as well. Scene, very long. Now you're outside the Inn. Go south. Scene. Now
   your on the bridge. Exit to the WM. Stop! Don't move! Go back into Dahngrest
   right now. Scene. Return to the WM and make your way to Heliord. You'll get
   a lot scenes on the way there, as well as skits.

   If you're on the resting area, talk to everyone. Then talk to Repede again,
   pick the option to rest. Now head to Heliord.

   Heliord 2
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Area:

   Scene. Go to the Inn. Save and stay at the inn. Scene. Exit the Inn. Go the
   left to find Judy. Scene. Exit Inn, go to the Blastia. Scene. I personally
   save right now because I want to see the scenes offered. There's 3 options
   to pick, just remember that. Anyways, talk to the guard. Now pick between,
   Estelle, Judy, and Karol. All three scenes are good in their own ways. Plus
   each comes with their own skits as well. Now go to the Inn and talk to the
   shop keeper. Scene. Now you need a few items before you can continue. I
   already have these items from battling previously. These items are:
    1 Soft ball (or was that a Soft tail?)
    1 Basilisk Scale
    1 Small Bird Feather

   I already had all 3 of those and you can test it too by just talking to
   the shop keeper afterwards. Scene. Now go talk to the guard south of the
   Balastia. Depending on who you pick, you'll get a different scene. After
   that, the scenario splits into two options: Yuri or Karol. Same thing as
   before, different outcomes in some ways, as well as skits. I personally
   picked Karol both times just for the fun of it. If you picked Yuri, it
   will automatically continue. If you picked Karol, you need to go to the
   HQ to the right. Scene. Head back to the blastia. Scene. Save if you're
   unsure about yourself, battle up ahead. Take the elevator down to the
   working field. No items, boo! Head to the SE section. Scene.

   No SM for this battle. Take the minions out first. Then concentrate on
   the boss. I don't like his gun. Overlimit, Burst Arte, and Fatal Strike
   whenever possible. Shouldn't even be hard with Free Run abuse.

   After the battle, scene. You'll need go to Torim (Port Town). Make your way
   to the south, and keep on going east. If you're doing it right, you should
   be near the ocean and on the southern part of the continent. Keep going
   east and you should be able to use a bridge to get out of the forest. If
   you see a mountain range, the bridge is likely to the right of it. Once you
   cross the bridge, scene. Everyone is hungry! Keep going east. Enter Torim

   Capua Torim 2
   Scene. Go to the right, pass the inn, shop, Fortune's HQ, and to the right
   of that should be a tree with a lady standing next to it. Talk to her, scene
   Now go left and back into the Inn. Save if needed. Rest at inn. Scene.
   Everyone is thinking. You need to go to each of them and talk to them before
   going through to the rest of the game. Here it goes:
   - Karol: Right room of the inn. Very obvious.
   - Rita: Left room of the inn
   Exit Inn
   - Repede: Left of Inn's entrance
   - Estelle: SE of the Inn. Bottom area
   - Judith: Try to exit Torim from the west. Remember this habit.
   - Raven: Way far to the right. Left Docking Bay

   After that, head back into the inn and rest. Scene. Exit inn. All the way
   to the right. Scene. Keep going to the right. Another scene. One of my
   goddesses has returned. Now go to the left Docking Bay and talk to her.
   After that, talk to her again and pick yes.

   Not hard to control at all. It's the same thing as when you're running on
   the world map. Only difference from what I can see is RT moves you forward
   and LT move you backwards. Besides that, nothing new. The quest itself is
   linear. Very linear. Head south. Scene. Get ready to battle.

   I got no strategy against Mermans because to me, they're like going into
   a random battle. Too easy in my case. Keep going south and the area would
   slowly get more and more foggier/mister. Scene. This is getting exciting

   The Ghost Ship - "Atherum"
   The scene keeps on going. I like this. No escape! No! After that, save. You
   will be forced to use Yuri, Repede, and 2 other members of your choice. The
   only difference in this case are the skits they share with Yuri from my
   testing. Repedge and Yuri will have a skit no matter what you do. Yuri can
   partner up with Estelle, Karol, Judith, and Raven. To get these to work,
   you need to pick them first. If you saw one of them, you can't repick them
   to see the other one. However, you can reload your game to see the other
   ones and you'll need to repick them again. From my test, it's impossible
   to get a Yuri + Rita combo. I hope the skit from the Grade Shop can prove
   me wrong.

   As for who I pick, I added Estelle and Raven. Estelle to heal and Raven
   because I don't want that many casters left behind. Overall, your other two
   members don't matter because I'm using Holy Bottles for this whole entire
   place. I don't enjoy these battles at all even though I can win. Anyways,
   lets move on.

   Pick your party. Restock items (for me, 15 Holy Bottles). Skit. Use a Holy
   Bottle. BTW, Holy Bottles last for a limit amount of time. I played this
   area a few times to know where the chests are. That's what I've been doing
   throughout this whole game thus far. I like hard battles on easy mode.
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Area:
    Ogre Sword, Trident, Lemon Gel, Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Magic Lens x3,
    Seal Bottle, Specific, Takemikazuchi, Holy Bottle
    - Seal Bottle, Limit Bottle, Specific, Treat, Pineapple Gel, Melange Gel,
    - Limit Bottle, Orange Gel, 4000 Gald, Seal Bottle, Pirate Hat, Holy Symbol

   Okay, you're on the ship. Go to the left and use the stairs. Near the stairs
   is a chest, Ogre Sword. Go back down and move all the way north to see a
   chest, Trident. Go to the central of this ship and find the hole on the
   right side (which is the cabin if you will). Now go all the way through
   the hallway. Another hallway with an apparent chest, Lemon Gel. Keep going
   to the right through another hallway. That's 3 so far.

   A room with a set of stairs. Under those stairs on the south side is a chest
   with Orange Gel. Go to the NE side and hug the east wall, Life Bottle. Now
   take the right door. From where you are, go north and hug the west wall for
   two items, Magic Lens x3 and Seal Bottle. Take the left door back to the
   room with the stairs. Use the stairs and go up. Another stair going up.
   There's a chest under the stair on the south side, Snipe Xiphos. Take the
   left door.

   Walk to the south, then to the left. This is a kitchen. Check the left side
   for Rice x1, Dried Seaweed x1, and Salmon x1. I wonder if the whole ship
   is a refrigerator or something. That's the only reason I came up with. There
   are more items in this room, but invisible enemies block your way. So go
   back to where the door is. Go north, then west, then south to a chest...
   Whoops, it's a monster, forgot to mention that. Block when needed and fairly
   easy battle. Well it does give you a Specific after the battle. Now use the
   right door to exit out.

   Head to the NE room. If you're using Holy Bottle, you'll have to go north
   and maneuver yourself to the left and right, then quickly to the south
   to get a chest, Takemikazuchi. Now exit with the left door. Use the stairs
   to go up. Go to the SE door. Check the left side of desk, Holy Bottle, nice
   I love these. Exit to the left. There's a chest under the stairs on the
   north side, Limit Bottle. Now take the left door (the stairs don't go any
   higher, don't be fooled). Keep going to the left. Scene.

   Now, time to use the members that you didn't take with. Restock Holy Bottles
   if needed. Save before seeing any skits. You only get one shot and they are
   always random. "I'll save them" is Karol's skit, and "Sounds like fun" is
   Judy's skit. That's all I know for right now. Reload to see all. Now go
   north and onto the ship.

   Near the hole to the right, there is also a ladder. Use the ladder. At the
   top is a chest, Seal Bottle x1, Limit Bottle x1, Specific x1, Treat x1. If
   you've been here before, you wouldn't see this path extension. Take this
   new path. The reason I didn't get these before is because climbing the
   ladder takes time and that is wasted on my Holy Bottle's time and I'm going
   go up here anyways, so why bother? Take this new path to the right. Keep
   going to the right, then use the southern ladder to go down. Enter the
   door to the right of the ladder. Open the obvious chest, Pineapple Gel.
   Another chest on the north end, Melange Gel. Exit this place. Use the door
   to the north/right. Go through this hallway. Another hallway with a chest,
   Matt x1.

   Reunion scene. Save point under the stairs. Use the left door. Chest on the
   south, Limit Bottle. Hug the walls until you get to the NE chest, Orange Gel
   Use the stairs and go up. Check the NE's bookshelves, 4000 Gald. Go to the
   right. Scene. Check the desk in the middle of the room, Seal Bottle. Check
   the SE side along those desks, Pirate Hat. Now up the ladder to the north
   side. There's a chest on the east, Holy Symbol. Now back down the ladder.
   Talk to the corpse, scene. Get ready for a battle. No difference from the
   other random battles that you've encountered in this place. Scene.

   Use the left door. Check the NW side, scene. Go down the ladder. Use the
   ladder on the upper left. Check the SE side and use the ladder. Go back
   on board the Fiertia, scene.

   Very Sidequests 2
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Miracle Gel x2, Spicy Potion, Limit Bottle, 2000 Gald, Veil, Power Light,
    Lottery Gel x3, Golden Horn, (Seafood Bowl)

   We are now free to use the ship and go to anywhere we please. Don't let the
   storyline stuff bother you. We have a few sidequests to do.

   1) Go to Zaphias (where the story began). Attempt to up the stairs to the
      noble's area. Scene. Apart of the Clay Quest.
   2) Go west to find the same guy again and talk to him.
   3) Exit out of noble's area, go to where the shop is. Talk to the lady to
      the east of the shop. There should be other kids around her. Scene. Done
   4) Go to Deidon Hold, save game. Talk to the guy on the NE side and do the
      first Warehouse minigame. Here's my solution, but you should probably
      watch the vid to get it. Or, figure it out yourself.
   Deidon Hold Warehouse Mini-game
   E = Enter
   a) B1 Left 2, Up all the way
   b) B2 Up 2, Left 3, Up all the way
   c) B3 Left 2, Up
   d) B4 Right, B5 Right, B6 Down, #1 Miracle Gel x2
   e) B7 Left, All the way down, #2 Spicy Potion
   f) B8 Up, B9 Right, All the way down
   g) BX Left, All the way up, Limit Bottle x3

               B4  B5                   #3


             B3    B6                BX

                #1           B8
  -> E     B2

   5) Go to Halure. Near the entrance, to the west is a couple. Talk, scene.
   6) There's a man standing next to the Inn. Talk, scene. Raven will learn
      Arrivederci afterwards
   7) Go to Halure tree and talk to the Major, scene
   8) Stay at the inn. Go back to the Halure tree, talk to the girls, scene
      You will get Veil (Estelle Only Add-on, status menu then add it)
   9) Go onto the WM. Head to the north of Halure to fine the wagon. I've met
      with them both times and get dialogue in the process. Rest at this inn.
  10) Get back on the ship and head for Nor (Port Town)
  11) Talk to the lady outside the Inn's entrance, scene. Seafood Bowl learned
  12) Take the path to the Magistrate's home. Talk to a guy with a green
      shirt on, scene. Raven learns Vacance.
  13) Go to Torim (Port). Go north. This will start Repede's Territory Quest
      If not, go by here again until you start it. Even if you start, don't do
      it yet until you get the 2nd ship. It makes a difference.
  14) Go to the right side and talk to the Warehouse Keeper. Another one, yes.
      For this one, there are teleporters, T, and you use your SR to hit the
      stone to ride that block up, but you'll need to stand on it before
      hitting the switch. Not perfect, but job done.
   Torim Warehouse Mini-game
   a) B1 Right 4, Up 2
   b) B3 Left, Up
   c) B4 Left 2, Up. Stand on Block and shoot with SR to the right
   d) B6 Left B5 Right 2, Up, Left
   e) B8 Left 3, B7 Right 4, Up; Bottom Floor
   f) B9 Down 3, Right
   g) BB Left 2, Up
   h) BA Right, All the way up; Step on T2, Top Floor
   i) BC Left 2, All the way up
   j) BE Down, Right, All the way up; Bottom Floor
   k) BE Down, Right, All the way up
   j) BG Up 6, Left 2, Right, Up, Left 3
   k) BH Right, Down, Left 3
   l) BI All the way Left
   m) BK Down; BL Up 2, Right, Up 2, Right 3
   n) BM Right, BN Right 4; T3, Top Floor
   o) BO Down 2, Left; #1 Power Light
   p) BP Left; BQ Left 3, Down, Left; Bottom Floor
   q) BO All the way to the Right
   r) BJ Right 2, Down 2, All the way to the Right; T2 Top Floor
   s) BF Down 2, Right, Up 2; Bottom; Right 2, All the way up
   t) T4 Top Floor; BR Left; BS Up; Bottom Floor
   u) BS Up 8, Right, up; T2 Top
   v) BD Left 3, Up 3; Bottom; Down 1, Left 3, All Up, #2 Lottery Gel x3
   w) T3 Up, Left; Down; Figure it out, #3 Golden Horn

      Bottom Floor
      BJ                    T3      #3
                 BI     BH

                BM  BN

      BL                         T4
      T1                       BG
        B3       B9
      B1      (E)
      B2                T2

      Top Floor
     BP       BO  T3                   T4
     BQ                           BR

            #1                    BS
     --------------        --------------
        B5                     BF
              B7               BE
                   B8               BC
      T1                     T2       BD

   The Coliseum City - "Nordopolica"
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    (Kebab Sandwich)

   The location of this place is somewhat hard to describe. Let's just say, go
   go to where the Ghost Ship is and head SW from that place. A lot more south.
   You can tell the place by the blastia ring that's around it. I believe there
   is also fireworks near it. Also, if it's getting darker and darker, you're
   getting hotter and hotter. Scene.

   Go to the left, then a little bit south. Fine a guy close to a boiling pot,
   talk to him. Another of Judith's Spear Quest. Head back to the right and
   talk to Tokunaga, scene. Now make yourself to the north. After the wooden
   bridge, talk to the guy on the right. Scene with Drake. Keep going north and
   enter the main door.

   Save Point. All the way to the right, north into another door. From entrance
   go to the right. Wonder Chef will teach you Kebab Sandwich. Go north up the
   stairs and talk to the guy on the left (big weapon), scene. South to exit.
   Talk to the lady near the save point. Stay at the inn. Scene. About the
   meaning of Vesperia. All the way south, pass the coliseum doors and keep
   going south, scene. Talk to the couple to the right of the boiling pot,
   scene. Go back to the coliseum and stay at the inn, scene. Shining Eagle
   learned by Yuri.

   Go to the main counter of the coliseum (place with 3 girls), talk to Regaey
   on the right. Scene. Go back out and save your game, SM ahead and you don't
   want to regret it. Go back to the main counter and go up the stairs. Scene
   with Duke. Talk to the middle girl, join the battles. Scene.

   There will be 3 weak battles before you get the main event. All 3 weak
   battles can be easily done with normal attacks and free run. Block works
   as well and they don't deal that much damage. Heal when needed.

   There's a surprise twist in who the main eventer are. Clue?
    "It's the hearthrob with the steely gaze!"...

   For this battle, you can do whatever you want. However, I've figured
   something interesting. There's 2 ways to end this.
   1) Yuri's HP reaches 1 or you deal a certain amount of damage to him
   2) Each battle has a certain amount of time. Free Run until time runs out.

   Scene in-between and afterwards.

   To get the SM for this battle, it's quite simple. Keep guarding/blocking.
   Your allies will deal enough damage for him to recharge his arm. For my
   battle, splash from Rita seems to recharge him. Let him keep charging it
   until you get "Great." Then begin your assault. I would stay away when he's
   in OL mode. Use your own OL and Burst Arte. Fatal Strike whenever possible
  -  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ----------------------------------------

   After battle, scene. There's a few monsters on the fields. Kill 2 of these
   groups of monsters, scene. Try to exit coliseum, scene. Save. Go all the
   way south (left), scene, and exit Nordopolica. Like always, follow the paved
   road to get to a cavern.

   The Weasand of Cados
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Seal Bottle x3, Limit Bottle x1, Mighty Guard, Verbena, 8000 Gald,
    Spike Bow, War Harpoon, Aquamarine, Avenger's Scroll
    - Jiralya, Spine Ripper, Silver Circlet, Simple Tent, Silver Hat,
      Sinclair Saber (Maybe On Your Second Time through this place)

   Scene. Drawn into a battle against 3 enemies from Leviathan. Scene.

   Go forward. Chest to the left, of where a certain someone was at,
   Seal Bottle x3. Then to the right an enemy block a chest, Limit Bottle. As
   you keep going further, it will split into 2. Path down and path up. Take
   the right path down. Chest blocked by enemy, Mighty Guard. Now take the path
   to the left.

   Path split into 2 again. Take the lower path down. There's a Giganto
   blocking a cave. Get ready to battle it. Drill Hermit I think it's called. I
   defeated this guy and I didn't get my achievement. Use Fatal Strike always.
   I don't have much strategy on this guy. Overlimit with many strikes works.
   I used Yuri, Rita, Karol, and Judith. I would replace one of them for
   Estelle for the healing though. I wasn't prepared, but I still won.
  -  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ----------------------------------------

   The cave that Giganto has a chest (to the hidden left), Verbena. Get out
   of the cave and go to the right that has a chest, 8000 Gald. How go to the
   left and back up and take the upper path. Another split. Take the lower
   path to an enemy blocking a chest, Spike Bow. Go into the cave now.

   Two paths again. Take the right path down and around. Two chests near the
   end, War Harpoon and Aquamarine. Go to the left, and take the left path up
   and around. To the very south of that path is a chest, Avenger's Scroll.
   Go a little bit more, scene. Keep going for a Save Point. Save.

   From the save point, go north up to a chest, Jiralya. Back to save point,
   to the right. A split, take the right path to a chest, Spine Ripper. Take
   to the left path and another split. Take the right path and around to a
   chest in the cave, Silver Circlet. Now go back and take the left path,
   blocked by an enemy. After that continue the path. All the way up to a save
   point. Save game now. I would suggest Yuri and the 3 girls. Adjust
   equipment accordingly. Get ready for a boss battle. Go to the left, scene.

   This boss has 2 forms. The huge cloudy form and "Split" (up) form. We begin
   with the cloudy form. Go up to it guard and attack. As time goes by, it will
   use "Split." In Split form, I see... 8 or 9 bats? This is where the SM comes
   in. You may not like this, but this does make the battle a little bit easier
   or at least I think so. Set your target for "Leader Bat" and do whatever
   you can to kill him first. Tap R2 to get the target closes to you. What I did
   was constantly attack with UP normal hits to do most of my damage. I also
   suggest equipping the Recover skill. Keep attacking it until it goes down.
   You'll get "Great." Name aim for one Magic Bat after another and do the same
   thing as before. Azure Wolf Strike when they are on the ground works as well
   Dragon Swarm, o yeah. Rita will take care of the rest.

   Scene after battle. Before you exit to the WM, head back to where the first
   Save Point was. From there go right to get a scene with Duke. Go back to
   where the boss battle ended. Check the lower left for a chest, Simple Tent.
   Check the west for a hidden chest, Silver Hat. Now go north and into the WM.
   Find the obvious town and go into it.

   The Desert Oasis - "Mantaic"
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    (Curry), Many Bottles*

   Scene. Go north and into the Inn, save. You now need to talk to everyone.
   1) Rita. Left of save point
   2) Karol. South of Inn's entrance
   3) Raven. Left of Inn's entrance, near the shop
   4) Judith. Keep on going to the left/west from the shop
   5) Estelle. Very north, near the oasis

   A few more things to do. From where Estelle was, look to the right to find
   a guard with 2 trees to the right of it. A cactus in a pot? It's Wonder Chef
   and he'll teach you Curry. Wonder Reporter is here as well. Talk to the left
   tree while you're standing to the north. Very well hidden huh? At first, I
   thought that trigger was for talking to the guard. Attempt to go back to the
   Inn, scene. Now go stay at the inn, scene, followed with another scene. You
   will a lot of items, each for one personal. The only one I recall is the
   expensive one.

   Get out of the Inn and head toward the oasis, scene. Go back to the inn,
   rest at the inn again. Yes, we need a lot, a lot of sleep for the upcoming
   trip. Scene. Buy a few Holy Bottles just in case you get annoyed. Save.

   Exit to the left. Scene

   The Sands of Kogorh
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Flameberge, Stinger, Stone Bottle x3, Executioner, Limit Bottle, Mizuchi,
    Phoenix Guard, Rapid Shot, Air Stone x3, Riot, Mother's Memento (Mantaic)
    - Silver Circlet, Flare Cape, Aqua Cape, Striped Ribbon, Glowing Ribbon

   Scene. Okay, this is based on my personal testing. I might've missed a few
   things, but o well. This is a general mapping of this place. It's quite huge
   and this isn't drawn to scale. What else... SR the cactus to get more water.
   The bigger the cactus, the more water you get. However, if you constantly
   use Holy Bottles to get through this place, going without water isn't a
   problem. Without water, your HP will start depleting. Yet, it won't ever
   go below 1 HP.

   After the first half, scene. Oasis, save point. The longer you stay
   in the desert, the more skits you get. There's like 4 or 5 total. At the
   oasis check the lower tree's chest, Rapid Shot. Check the lower left of the
   oasis, Air Stone x3. To the left of the save point a chest, Riot. Save. Do
   not go further yet. Hate to say this, but I'll need. Go back to Mantaic and
   once again, stay at the inn. Scene. This is required for a future SM. More
   reason to do this. After this. Restock Holy Bottles and head back to the
   oasis in the desert.

   Enter into the Second Half after saving at the Oasis again. I decided to
   tackle the Giganto monster because I've skipped a lot of enemies on the
   way here. By defeating this enemy I can get myself up to date with a fair
   amount of EXP. Let see... Yuri + 3 Girls + Free Run + Overlimit + Attack
   Azure Wolf Strike + Fatal Strikes (!) + 15 Life Bottles = Win. After winning
   go back and save.
    (E) = Entrance; (X) = Exit

             First Half
   .------------------(X)--------        .--------(X)---------------.
   |                      G      |       |  (P)                     |
   | E        F                  |       | K                        |
   |                             |       |                          |
   |                             |       |                          |
   |                             |       |                          |
   |                             |       |                          |
   |                             |       |                          |
   |                             |       |                          |
   |        C                    |       |          I               |
   |                D            |       |                          |
   |                             |       |                    H     |
   |                             |       |  J                       |
   | B                           |       |                          |
   |                             |       |     S                    |
   |                          A  |       |                          |
   |                             |       |                          |
   |                             |       |                          |
   |----(E)----------------------|       |------------------(E)-----|

   A = Flameberge                         S = Giganto (Butterfly?)
   B = Stinger                            H = Silver Circlet
   C = Stone Bottle x3                    I = Flare Cape + Aqua Cape
   D = Executioner                        J = Striped Ribbon
   E = Limit Bottle                       K = Glowing Ribbon
   F = Mizuchi
   G = Phoenix Guard                      (P) = Save Point with Scene

   As you arrive to the 2nd save point, there's a scene. Save. Prepare for a
   boss battle up ahead. Getting the SM may not be that easy and you may need
   to do this battle repeatedly.

   This battle is like a flying stingray. I'm not impressed with most of his
   attacks. When the battle field is daytime, he's weak to Water and absorbs
   Fire. When the battle field is nighttime, he's weak to Fire and absorbs
   Water. That Flameberge for Yuri is great when it's night. If not, equip
   something else. Use overlimits like crazy, Azure Wolf Strike, Dragon Swarm,
   etc... If you're going for the SM though, that's where the boss' orb comes
   to action. When he does that move to change from day to night and night to
   day, you need to attack that orb that comes from his mouth. A few ways that
   people suggest are using these skills to reach the enemy: Yuri's Severing
   Fang, Judith's Up Normal, Tractor Beam. As long as you hit the orb a few
   times and it'll explode. I, however, was very frustrated and I had no other
   choice then to use Tractor Beam, which was learned in battle. In my method,
   equip Flameberge on Yuri and have the AI attack when it's night, and attack
   with Aqua Blast when it's day. Just by these actions, it will force him to
   show his Orb. With some timing, Tractor Beam can destroy the orb.

   After battle, scene. When you wake up, your in an Inn. Save game.

   The Heartland Town - "Yormgen"
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    (Croquette), Hourglass, All Divide, Limit Bottle, Simple Tent,
    Clear Crystal Ciel, Strange Mark

   Before exiting the inn. Check the right inside the room. Wonder Chef will
   teach you Croquette. Check the left side for Hourglass and All Divide, check
   this twice to get both items. Head outside, scene. Outside of the Inn's
   entrance, check the right side for a hidden chest, Limit Bottle. Now go
   north while hugging to the east. Umbrellas with a wood patio. Open chest on
   the bottom floor's north corner, Simple Tent. Talk to the girl nearby, scene

   Now go into the only north house of this place. Enter the Sage's residents.
   Scene. I want my time/money back! After this, everyone splits up. You will
   need to talk to everyone again.

   1) Rita. Go back into the Sage's home. After that, check the upper left of
      the home to get Strange Mark.
   2) Raven. Exit Sage's home and hug the left side.
   3) Karol. Go back to the wood patio where you met the girl, top section
   4) Estelle + Repede. Outside of the Inn
   5) Judith. Try to Exit Yormgen from the south.

   After doing all of this, go to the Inn and rest. A few Holy Bottles wouldn't
   hurt. Save if needed. After resting, head out of the inn and then south.
   Scene. When you're on the WM, head south and back into the desert. Go back
   to the Oasis. Near the save point there should be this greenish cloud, talk
   to it and pick yes. You'll be teleported back to the first half's exit. Then
   go back to Mantaic. (I love the scene with Judith and Showers)

   Mantaic 2
   Scene. Head north and hug the eastside to reach two children, talk to them,
   scene. Go to the inn. Rest at the inn. Scene. Very, very long. Go to the
   oasis, scene. Another long one. Go back into the inn and rest, exit inn,
   scene. Now go north into the hole to the right of the inn's entrance. The
   K-Z wants items to feed his friend. For starters, he wants a common
   Apple Gel for the first time. Give it to him. In return, you'll get...
   Milk. Exit Mantaic and make your way back to the caves.

   As you're traveling to the caves, scene. Into the caves, scene. On your
   first screen of where you are in control, as you go south, there's a chest,
   Sinclair Saber. I'm pretty sure this wasn't there on my first trip through
   this place. Keep going backwards. Scene. Scene. Twiddle A and B. Back to

   Nordopolica 2
   Go north, scene. More north, save, and stay at the inn, scene. Go talk to
   the guy that guard's Belius room. Scene. Head to Belius' room, scene. Go to
   where the Colesium is, scene. Into Colesium, scene. Can't save, just go.

   Free Run and block. Overlimit as well. Not too hard. Now, for the SM in this
   battle. Wait until she decides to turn all the fire off from the torches.
   When that happens, by using Yuri, use Destruction Field while targeting each
   one of those torches. Light all 4 of them back up for "Great." After that,
   the duplicate will be gone. So just finish the battle. When the enemy gets
   into Overlimit mode, she is on berserk or something. Dragon Swarm, don't you
   love the sound that she makes?

   After battle, scene. Scene. Make your way to dock, scene. Save.
   You'll need to talk to everyone again as well.
   1) Raven, south of exit.
   2) Rita and Repede. SE of exit.
   3) Estelle. North of Exit
   4) Karol. Northwest side
   After that, talk to the cabin, rest. Scene.

   Travel North. The fastest way to do this is by landing on the shores near
   Heliord and walking your way to Dahngrest to the north. Scene.

   Dahngrest 2
   Go the inn and rest. Scene. From the inn's entrance, go to the left, scene.
   Exit out to the left. You'll now need to head for the Manor of the Wicked.
   From here, head west to Keiv Moc. Hug the north for a bridge. Then move your
   way to the north until you see this castle/house. Enter

   Manor of the Wicked
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Gothic Plate, Lemon Gel, 7000 Gald, Grim Cardian, Orange Gel, Apple Gel,
    Panacea Bottle, Holy Bottle
    - Gothic Guard, Ruby Wand, Crimson Axe, Limit Bottle, Stone Slasher

   Scene. Go north and use the only doors. Scene. Drawn into a battle. Okay,
   there's 2 floors in this place. The right side is the same (3 doors to the
   right). From where we start off, check the left of the stairs on the ground,
   Gothic Plate. Go to the left and check the north as well, Lemon Gel. Check
   the lower left, top chest, 7000 Gald. Now make your ways to the right of the
   stairs. Enter the first door to the right of the stairs. Search the lower
   right of the room, Grim Cardian. Exit out. Head to the right. There are 3
   rooms to the right and 1 door to the north. The lowest door will be number 1
   and next one up will be 2, and the northeast door will be 4.

   Door 1 - Orange Gel (Top Right chest)
   Door 2 - Apple Gel (Top chest)
   Door 4 - Panacea Bottle (Right shelves), Holy Bottle (Top Left)

   Go left and back to the stairs, go up. See a save point south. Check the
   left of the save point, Gothic Guard. Check the right of the save point for
   a chest, Ruby Wand. Save.

   Door 1 - Crimson Axe (Near Top Left)
   Door 2 - Limit Bottle (Upper Right)
   Door 3 - Stone Slasher (Bottom Right chest); Might want to head back, save.
   Door 4 - Scene. Get ready for a battle. Same as the minions before.

   Scene. Head all the way back to Dahngrest.

   Dahngrest 3
   Scene. Head north, scene. Go south. Get outside of the HQ and to the 4-way
   cross. Once there, go left, and you'll find Karol on the north side. Talk to
   him, scene. Head for the inn. To the south, you'll find Estelle, talk to her,
   scene. Take the east exit out and you'll meet up with Rita, scene.

   Sorry, head back to Dahngrest. Yes, walk back there. Sleep at the inn, scene
   Karol will get his Insomniac title. Sleep again. And again. And again. Keep
   doing this until you get a scene. Now, keep staying at the inn until Karol
   learns Special. Mystic Arte required.

   Head to the west Cavern. Scene. Exit cavern, scene with Drake. Now exit
   Dahngrest and jump back on the ship.

   Heading Zaphias, which is the capitol where the story started. Go to Yuri's
   room, scene. You'll get a Bread afterwards. Exit Zaphias and back to the

   Okay, this might be tricky, but it's quite possible. You need to enter the
   area northwest of Nordopolica by ship. You'll need to slowly slip your
   way into there. Do whatever you can and after that find a shore to depart on
   Yormgen is near this place if you didn't already know. Anyways, head to the
   north and arrive at a place near two mountain-like area

   Mt. Temza
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Tent, Red Sage, Saffron, Deadly Horn, Lemon Gel, Crimson Phoenix +1, Treat,
    - Transform Bow, Aries, Tribal Guard, Limit Bottle

   Scene. Go up and to the left, Tent. Now to the right. Up for a scene. To the
   left and up that path to find a chest, Red Sage. North again to find another
   chest, Saffron. Go back to the right and use the right path. Hug the right
   and keep going to arrive at a chest, Deadly Horn. Go back and keep going up.
   No matter what you do, you have to beat this tree enemy, as well as any that
   block your path. Keep going up, ignore the left and open the chest on the
   right, Lemon Gel. Then head up. Scene. Along the path a chest,
   Crimson Phoenix +1. More north. Before crossing the bridge, check the right
   side for a chest, Treat x1 + Specific x1. Now go north. Scene. Hawtness is
   back. Save.

   Proceed to the right. To the right there's a path that goes down to a chest,
   Transform Bow. Go back up and on the right side is a chest, Aries. Go north
   to the next screen. As you go the right, the paths will split into an X. You
   came from the lower left. Go to the middle for a chest, Tribal Guard. Go to
   Top Left to find a chest, it's a monster. Battle itself is worth 20000 Gald
   and after battle you will get a Limit Bottle. Head to top right, save. Go
   up and get ready for a battle. Scene.

   (You do get to repick your team before this battle. Judith has to be in the

   This battle, honestly, is the first time that I lost twice in a row. I was
   not prepared both times, but I soon was. In the process of doing so, it was
   actually pretty easy. Oh, yeah, the SM for this battle. When T uses his
   attack called 'Dragon Blade: Advent,' he sticks his arm onto the ground
   and 3 yellow snake comes out. Before this move ends, attack him. That takes
   care of 1/2 of the SM. Now for the other half. When N uses an attack called
   'Rending Slash,' she is stuck on the ground for a certain amount of time.
   Her body is like stuck to the ground and her feet struggling to get up.
   Attack her quickly to get this SM. Trigger both 'Great's and the SM is
   yours. You do have to win the battle for it to count though. To win this
   battle though, I suggest to take out N first since she can revive her
   partner in the process and she can also use First Aid, which can make the
   battle longer than needed. It's possible, but bothersome. I suggest using
   using Burste Artes with OL slashes constantly. I used Dragon Swarm in the
   process as well. Good luck.

   Into the cave and a scene will trigger. Your ship will not have an
   attachment that will greatly increase the ship's capabilities. Save.

   Waiting On Ship
   You'll need to talk to everyone again.

   Rita. Near where Judith is sleeping. Along of Repede
   Estelle. East central.
   Raven. North westish
   Karol. South eastish
   Now go back to where Judith was and talk to her. Scene.

   Ready to try the new attachment? It's quite the same thing as with
   controlling the ship. It's more powerful then you think, at least that
   what I thought when I first used it. Okay, here are some of the new

   1. Click the Left Stick to land or fly
   2. Weather and environments don't affect where you can go.
   3. However, that doesn't mean you can land anywhere. Land on flats and water
   4. Ba'ul can pick you up and bring you onto the ship while you're standing
      on any land itself. It can't pick you up on ice however or land there.

   Sidequesting A

   - Waiter/Waitress Mini-Game:
   Head to Dahngrest and into the West Cavern. Scene. Talk to the middle
   bartender, scene. Time to do the Waiter/Waitress mini-game. I've did it with
   everyone and it's easier than you think. Each person has 3 levels that they
   must complete in order for them to get their Costumes. Tips? Well for one,
   you don't have to pay attention to the customers' signs. That doesn't matter
   at all. Doing it faster wouldn't get you anything. The whole point in this
   game is to order the right amount, the right type, and bring it to the
   right customer. If I were you, use a paper/pen to write down whatever they
   have to say. Later on, actually say out loud what they ordered and how many,
   then read the next part. If they canceled it, then don't write it down.
   Order the right stuff next and bring it to the customer. I actually used
   3 pieces of paper because I didn't want to read something that I wrote
   down a long time ago. Also, it would be nice to remember certain parts of
   the order so that you don't have to write down the full name. Last tip, take
   your time writing everything down. Pausing won't make a difference,
   Good luck
      (Note: I think Judith's costume is the best. Bias, I know)
   - Judith:  Glamorous Maid
     Rita:    Kitty Cat Waitress
     Estelle: Gracious Waitress
     Karol:   Lunch Lady
     Raven:   Gentleman
     Afterwards, you'll get a lot of skits regarding these costumes.

   - Head out of the West Cavern and go to the 4-way crossing, in the
   middle. Find a girl to talk to, scene. Go to the right and talk to a girl
   in pink, scene. Now head to the HQ's entrance, scene. Go into the HQ, scene.

   - Well, since we have Ba'ul now. Now is the earliest time to do the Dog Map
   quest. Here is what you do and yes, this can seem long or it can take
   forever. Look at the world map via menu. Press Y to open the Dog Map. Red is
   an enemy's and blue is yours. You have to claim more land for Repede, thus
   beating the other dog out. You travel around the whole world and use Matts,
   Tents, Barriers, etc.. to rest at each single area to claim that land for
   yourself. That's a lot of places. You can't use these staying items
   constantly though. The fastest way I see it is use Tent, get into a random
   battle, use tent, etc.. You don't have to win these battles, just go into
   one. It took me about an hour to get enough territory to trigger a scene
   with the enemy. I would have to say that I covered a little bit more than
   50% in order to trigger this scene. (NOTE, I was told you can do this at
   the end of the game.)
   - Go to Dahngrest and enter from the east side. Talk to the cat nearby.

   - Go to Mantiac (desert town). To the right of the Inn's entrance is a hole
   to the Kow Kids. Hand over a Trident to get... Rice, Potato, Onion, and
   Carrot. While here, go to the north and talk to a guy in a tux, scene. This
   will be your first BV Job. Accept it. Now go to the man standing outside
   of the Inn's entrance, scene. You'll get the Book of Friendship and
   Comrade Crest. To end this job, go the inn at Torim. Delivery complete.
   You'll get Rainbow Bookmark as proof. Go back to Mantiac and to the left.
   A talking scene. Reward: 3000 Gald.

   - While at Mantiac, go to the Oasis and talk to the the guy siting next to
   the kids. Scene. Go sleep at the inn, scene. Go to the oasis again, scene.

   - Go to Aspio. Go the library. Check the books to the left of the shop lady.
   Scene. Mention about a book. Hermes' Notes

   - Go to Shaikos Ruins. Scene.

   - Go to Ehmead Hills, from Nor's side. Go up and hug the right, scene. You
   will get Fire Lily.

   - Go to Torim and sleep at the Inn. Scene about Hermes.

   - Go to Nordopolica, go north, scene.

   - If you've finished the Mantiac job, go to Dahngrest, west cavern, and
   talk to the right waiter to get your second job. Accept the job. Go to the
   inn and talk to the lady near the beds, scene without Karol. Attempt to exit
   out from the east, scene. Fly to Heliord. Take the lift down to the campsite
   Talk to a girl on the left side in a brownish/red shirt, scene. Go back to
   Dahngrest and into the inn. Talk to her again, talking scene. Job Done.

   Judith's Spear Quest Parts:
   - Go to the place where you met Judith for the first time (Tower of Gears,
   Ghasafrost). The room where the first save point was at. Scene
   - Go to Torim, up to Fortune HQ, and talk to Kaufman, scene.
   - Go to Dahngrest, head into the right store. The one without the inn. Scene

   - If you did everything else so far, go to Mantiac's Inn. Scene. Rest at the
   inn, scene.

   Phaeroh's Craig + Aspio
   Time to continue with the storyline. To get to this place, from Mantiac,
   using Ba'ul, fly north to find this odd rock. Scene. Go north, scene. Now go
   to Aspio, scene. Go up the stairs and talk to the key in the central circle,
   near the top left, scene. Now go to Rita's place, scene. No matter what
   Karol said in terms of where to go next, DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM. His direction
   are awful. Very Awful. It's no where close to where the real location is.
   This is what he said, quoted:
   "I'm pretty sure it's on the west side of Hypionia, to the south of here."
   First, not on this continent. South... and a lot of west.

   Egothor Forest
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Panacea Bottle, Gaia Cleaver, Magic Lens x5, Mythril Helm, Tent,
    Queen's Whip, Limit Bottle, 3000 Gald, Life Bottle
    - 9000 Gald, Turquoise, Mythirl Circlet, Mythril Boots, Lavender,
    Red Saffron, Sage, Overdrive Warrior

   Okay, I'll tell you the real location of where Egothor is. First go to
   Nordopolica. Go to the continent to the east. It's on the north side, it is
   covered in a forest, and has this thing sticking out from the top. Enter it
   and you'll get scene.

   As you go north, hug the right to a chest, Panacea Bottle. North again and
   take the 2nd left to find a chest, Gaia Cleaver. Now make yourself to the
   right leading to a chest, Magic Lens x5. A little bit north, scene, drawn
   into battle. Finish the spell users first. Scene. The road now splits into
   3, one to the left and 2 to the right. Remember this area. Take the upper
   right path first. You will come to a bridge, but first take the chest to the
   left of that bridge, Mythril Helm. Now go south and onto that bridge. After
   crossing the bridge, check the north for a chest, Tent. Now head south and
   around, scene. Drawn into battle. The same thing as last time. Scene.

   Now go back to that 3-way cross and take the lower right path. Cross two
   bridges. Take the north path. Then another split, left and right. Take the
   left to two chests, Queen's Whip and Limit Bottle. Now use the right and
   into that cave hole, scene. As you keep going, there may seem to be a lot
   of splits, but each one of them are short. Take the 2nd left to a chest,
   3000 Gald. Take the only right path to a chest, Life Bottle. Finish it off
   with the north path and keep going. You'll end up at a save point, save.

   Split into two, north and south. Go north. 2nd split, right and south. Take
   the right one to two chests. Right chest is a monster, 3000 Gald from battle
   and 9000 Gald afterwards. Left chest has a Turquoise. Now take the south
   path. 3rd Split, left and right. Go left to a chest, Mythril Circlet. Now
   use the right. You'll run into a Giganto. I rather leave it be for now. I
   used a Holy Potion to get by it. Keep going and to a chest, Mythril Boots.
   Keep going, and to the next screen.

   4th Split, north and southeast. Take the SE first. End up with 2 monsters,
   both guarding a chest. You'll have to defeat them in order to claim their
   chest. Left chest has Lavender, right chest has Red Saffron. Now go back up
   and take the north path. 5th Split, left and right, with 2 very noticeable
   chests for each side. Right chest has Sage, left chest has Overdrive Warrior
   Now make your way all the way back to the save point. Save.

   Go north and prepare for a few battles, both of which are the same exact
   thing. These guys seems to be a little bit stronger than before. There are
   only two battles. Scenes. Now, see that jellyfish-like object floating in
   the air, approach and enter it.

   The Home of the Kritya - "Myorzo"
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Barrier, (Cream Stew), All-Divide x2, Flare Stone, Frost Stone, Air Stone,
    Geo Stone, Specific, Treat, Dragoon Boots

   Scene. Head north. Before entering the main doors, check the lower left
   of that door near the ruins, Barrier. Enter the main doors, scene. Go to the
   lower right of this screen to see this blue/white top spinning thing. It's
   the Wonder Chef! Nice disguise! Today he'll teach you Cream Stew. The shops
   are on the next right. The resting/save area are to the left of that and to
   continue the storyline, proceed into the house to the left. Before that
   though, we should do the Warehouse of this place. It'll become unavailable
   if we progress with the storyline and I don't want to find out when it'll
   open up again.
   Myorzo Warehouse Mini-game
   a) B2 Down; B1 Left, Down, Right 5, Up
   b) B2 Up 2, Right 6, Up 2
   c) B4 Right; B3 Right, UP; B5 Up 3; B4 Left
   d) B6 Left, Down, Left 3; B8 Left; B9 All the way Up
   e) BA Left 2, Down 5, All the way Up, to a chest, All-Divide x2
   f) BC Left, Down, All the way Right
   g) B7 Right 2, Left, ATW Up
   h) BD Right, ATW Up; B5 Up 5, Left, Up
   i) BE Up, Right 2; B3 Right, Up 5, Left, Up, Left
   j) B4 Up 7, Left, Up 5, Right 2, to a chest, Hourglass x2
   k) BI Right 2; BH Left; BF Up; BG Down 3
   l) BI Left 2, Down, Right 2, Down
   m) BH Right 2, Down, Right, Down.
   n) Now go down the stairs, to the left and chest it:
      Flare Stone, Frost Stone, Air Stone, Geo Stone
   o) 2000 Gald afterwards



   B9                             BC
     B8           B6      B7

       B1                            B3
   B2                                    B5

   Now head into the Elder's Residence, scene. While in his home, go all the
   way to the top/upper part. Check the right side, Specific, and then the
   left side, Treat. Go to the resting area, scene. Raven and Estelle are both
   out of your party. Now head back to the main gates, scene. Go back into town
   and talk to 2 Krityans, then go talk to the Major. Head back to the gate
   again, scene. Judith will now get the Title 'Guardian of the Truth' (which
   is actually a costume that you may remember) and Dragoon Boots

   Fly yourself to Yormgen. Here are a few hits.
   1) From Mt. Temza, go south
   2) From Phaeroh's Craig, go north
   3) It's near the lake/body of water

   Yormgen 2
   I guess this place hasn't changed at all. How nice. Scene. You may check
   around, but there's definitely nothing to get here. Go talk to the knight.
   Exit Yormgen. We now need to go to Bactition. It's to the east of Egothor
   Forest. When you approach it, scene.

   The Forgotten Shrine - "Baction"
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Pineapple Gel, Life Bottle, Dark Bottle, Lemon Gel
    - Twinkle Star, Panacea Bottle, Holy Bottle, Lemon Gel, Limit Bottle,
    Masakari Cleaver
    - 8000 Gald, Wind Cape, Magic Lens x5, Lottery Gel, Kylin, Simple Tent,
    Limit Bottle, Mermaid Cloak, Magic Lantern, Mythril Gauntlet, Melange Gel,
    6000 Gald, Heal Bracelet, Lemon Gel, Panacea Bottle

   Scene. What! No battles? Chest on the left (near entrance), Pineapple Gel.
   Then there's a hidden chest on the right, north of the pink flowers,
   Life Bottle. Go into the shrine, scene. There's a chest on the lower left,
   Dark Bottle. There's another chest on the upper central, Lemon Gel. Then go
   to the upper right and use the ladder.

   Go north. Scene. Well Karol is deciding to make a map, and guess what, so
   will I. I'm only going to give you the stuff that you should know, meaning
   there's parts that you can't go to yet. We are currently on BF1.

   -------------------------------    X = Ladder (aka Exit)
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   A = Twinkle Star
   -------------------------------    B = Panacea Bottle
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   C = Holy Bottle, Lemon Gel
   -------------------------------   SP = Save Point
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  XA = Limit Bottle, Stairs to BF2
   -------------------------------   XB = Stairs to B1, Masakari Cleaver
  |   |   |   |   |XA |   |   |   |  YD = Dark Room, Jump Off
   ----------------- -------------   XC = Stairs to B1
  |   |   |   |   -   | XC|   |   |
   ----------------- --- ---------
  |   |   |   |   |SP | YD|   | A |
   ----------------   -- ------- -
  |   |   |   | C |   |   -XB |   |
   ------------- --- ----------- -
  |   |   |   |   -   - B -   - X |

   -------------------------------    XA = Stair to BF1
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |    A = 8000 Gald
   -------------------------------     B = Wind Cape
  |   |   | L |   |   |   |   |   |    C = Scene with Statue, Magic Lens x5
   --------- ---------------------    SP = Save Point
  |   |   | K |   |   |   |   |   |    D = Lottery Gel, Kylin
   --------- ---------------------     E = Scene + Battle, Simple Tent
  |   |   |SP |   |   |   |   |   |    F = Limit Bottle
   --------   --------------------     G = Scene
  |   -XA |   |   |   |   |   |   |    H = Mermaid Cloak, via YD, Magic Latern
   - --- --- ----------------------    I = Mythril Gauntlet
  | B | A | XC| I |   |   |   |   |    J = Melange Gel
   - ----------- -----------------    XB = Stairs to BF1
  | C |   | H -   -   |   |   |   |   XC = Stairs to BF1
   - ------- ------- -------------     K = 6000 Gald, Heal Bracelet, Lemon Gel,
  |SP |   | G |XB - J |   |   |   |        Panacea Bottle
      ------ ---------------------     L = Dungeon Boss
  |   | D |   -   | F |   |   |   |
   - --- ------- --- -------------
  |   -   -   - E -   |   |   |   |

  Now this is pretty much self-explanatory. Get the chests if you want. They
  are in those rooms. I could give you the location of each, but you should
  get some fun once and a while. I do want to say one thing though. In the
  YD, aka Dark Room, purposely jump off to reach H in the BF3 floor. Do this
  3 times total. This will trigger a scene in which you'll obtain this key item
  called 'Magic Lantern.' With this, all rooms like this will be so bright
  forever. So no more eerie Dark Rooms. This item could be missable.

  His attacks are the same as before. Whatever he used before, he uses in this
  battle as well. There's nothing really hard about this boss compared to a
  normal human boss. The SM for this battle, is another story. You'll have to
  wait until he uses his Mystic Arte 'Blast Heart' and then attack him while
  he's trying to recover. For him to use Blast Heart though, he has to be in
  OL form. Chances are higher when he is in his 2nd OL, but for battle, he
  only used it during his 3rd OL (Overlimit if you didn't already know). So
  until then, you'll just have to attack him or guard. If you're killing him
  too fast, equip a weaker weapon and combo him constantly to charge his OL
  bar. Another thing that you probably want is the skilled called Recover.
  Once he gets into OL form, stay very close to him. After Blast Heart is over,
  you should see him grasping his heart. Quickly break his shield and add one
  more attack to get the SM. If you don't see him grasping the heart, you'll
  have to wait again for Blast Heart to come out.
  Quote: "Burn this life to punish my enemy. Blast Heart!" Aagh! Excellent!

  Scene after scene. You now need to find Heracles. This so called battleship
  is in the ocean SW of the capitol, Zaphias. Hopefully you can manage to
  trigger the scene. I suggest you rest somewhere first. Your HP/MP might be
  very low right now and for some reason, it doesn't automatically recover for
  you after the last battle.

   The Mobile Fortress - "Heracles"
   Scene. Immortal Old Man title obtained. I was extremely mad in this place,
   you don't even know. I was just persistent ftw. Head down to the left stairs
   and you see Tweedle A and B there. Talk to one of the Tweedles, they should
   be selling items etc... Me, I got maxed out Holy Bottles of course.

   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Naginata, Life Bottle, Limit Bottle
    - Holy Bottle, Melange Gel, Wonder Symbol, Lemon Gel, Pineapple Gel
    - Dark Bottle, Rose Whip, Specific, Tent
    - Panacea Bottle, Treat
    - Guardian Stamp
    - Lemon Gel, Pineapple Gel

   From where the shop is, go to the right to find a chest, Naginata. Now go
   all the way to the left and down the stairs. All the way to the left, down
   the stairs again. Once you get there, go to the right for a chest,
   Life Bottle. Proceed to the left, down the stairs. Keep going to the right
   to get a chest, Limit Bottle. Go to the left and enter that red door. You
   should now be inside. Now go north to trigger a scene.

   Go left to find the first room. Talk to it, and you'll get constant signs
   of '?' To get rid of that, just SR the door to unlock it. Go inside that
   room. Chest on the right, Holy Bottle. Check the left bed's left side,
   Reflex. Exit out. Continue to the left to see 2 more doors.

   Right Door: Chest with Melange Gel
   Left Door: Wonder Symbol on the upper right

   Continue with the south stairs. To the south of those stairs, you'll see
   a ladder. Climb down. To the right for a chest, Lemon Gel. Back up the
   ladder and keep going to the left to find another ladder. Chest to the left,
   Pineapple Gel. Up again. Talk to the machine to the left, select Move. Enter
   the second door to the right, the very big one. There should be a scene, if
   not, you got the wrong door. There's a save point at the very bottom floor,
   just to let you know ahead of time, but don't go down there just yet.

   Now, from where we left off after the scene, take the leftest door. Chest
   on the very left side, Dark Bottle. Exit out. Use the south stairs and go
   down. Below the first set of stairs, there is a room to the right, SR it and
   go in. Check the upper right, Rose Whip. Continue to the bottom floor and
   get to the save point. Check the upper and right side of the save point,
   Specific. Go up the south stairs (where all the guards are), then check the
   right side for a chest, Tent. Of course, if you're not using a Holy Bottle,
   then you might as well go this chest later on, since you'll be passing
   through here eventually. Now save your game

   Now go all the way to the top floor and take the right door. You'll be
   outside now. Go to the right for a chest, Panacea Bottle. Up to stairs, then
   up another set of stairs. Don't go up yet, there's a chest on this floor and
   it's on left side, Treat. Now go up the stairs and use the red door on the
   right. You're back side again. Go to the right and keep going to the only
   path. Don't use the ladder yet, keep going on this level and use the door
   on the left.

   To the south is this yellow-aura machine, SR it and make it explode. Go
   north and up those stairs and exit to the right. To the right you'll
   see a box. Push this box to the left and keep pushing even on the next
   screen. There's this gate blocking your box from dropping down, SR it, and
   push the box once more. Another machine explodes. Okay, to the left of
   south stairs that we just used recently, you'll find a ladder, use it.

   To the left. Go up the next ladder (not down). Chest near the top,
   Guardian Stamp. Move south. This is a game. SR the box when you think that
   when it drops, it'll crush that machine at the very bottom. Do so and
   another piece of the barrier is removed. Use the ladder and go back down.
   Go to the left, hug south to find this ladder, use it. If you look closely
   at the lower level, there's another machine and just so happen there's boxes
   moving on top of it. Time the SR to make the box hit that one as well.
   Remember this section well, we'll be coming back here sooner than you think.
   Let's call this section QW.

   Now climb back up to where all the barriers walls were at. Defeat the mage.
   Talk to the computer panel once. Now go back to QW. From there, take the
   south ladder. There's a computer panel near the bottom of those ladders.
   Talk to it and pick "Upper Level." Climb back to the upper level and go
   west to where that moveable floor is at. You'll see a box. Push the box
   all the way to the NW side. Then push the box over to the SW side, which
   should break the machine in the process. Therefore, the last piece to the
   puzzle has now been solved. Head over to that area now. There's a save point
   nearby. I suggest you save. Boss and SM is next

   This guy is faster than usual. Some of his attacks are hard to stop. Be
   cautious when he get into his OL mode. Keep comboing and pounding him down.
   Sooner or later, he'll use 'Poison Perfume' on himself. His attacks now will
   inflict Paralyze. Okay, here's the SM for this battle. Use Nice Recovery
   Smash next to Zagi to cure him of his poison. If you don't have Moon
   Selector right now, you'll need to start the battle and control Karol. Karol
   is the only one that can do this SM. After that, just finish him off.
   (Nice Aid Smash =/= Nice Recovery Smash)

   Scene after battle. There should be a item nearby, but maybe I thinking too
   much. Anyways, exit out. All the way south and use that unfolded ladder. The
   main place you're going to is to the first Save Point that we used in this
   place. Whatever works for you, I already said the shortcut. Before going to
   that save point, scene. Enter the door to the right, aka Engine Room. Use
   the elevator and go up, scene.

   It's a circle and you're at the bottom central of it. Go to the left to get
   a chest, Lemon Gel. All the way to the north now, scene. There's a chest
   on the right side as well, Pineapple Gel. All the way right to exit this
   place. Scene after scenes.

   Capua Nor
   After all of that, you're here now. Save. Exit the inn, scene. Go back into
   the inn and talk to Judith, scene. Exit Capua Nor. We need to go to the
   Blade Drifts of Zopheir (Zopheir for short from now on).

   Go get there keep going east and north at the same time. Another way to say
   it would be north of Ehmead Hill's entrance. Just make sure you're
   constantly going north in the process. As you keep going, you'll see a lot
   of glaciers (aka flat layers of ice). Keep find the right path to go and you
   will end up in Zopheir.

   The Blade Drifts of Zopheir
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Tabar, Panacea Bottle, Melange Gel, Lemon Gel, Limit Bottle
    - Pineapple Gel, Hades, Cure Bottle, Falcon Needle, Life Bottle
    - Diamond Guard, Tent, Body Pain, Limit Bottle, Bloody Coat, Seal Bottle,
    Psychedelica, Lottery Gel, Magic Lens x5

   Scene. First go north. There's a chest to the left/north side, Tabar. Go
   north again, and there's another chest on the left side as well, Panacea
   Bottle. Keep going north to encounter another chest, Melange Gel. Try to
   go any further on and that creature will do some destruction. Scene.

   Go south and back to where you got your first chest. From there, go east.
   Another chest on the north side, Lemon Gel, Keep going to the east. The road
   will split into 2, north and south. Take the north. Encounter a chest, Limit
   Bottle. Keep going on this path, more destruction. Scene

   Go to the south, there's a chest, Pineapple Gel. Go onto the newly made path.
   A split into two, use the north path. There's a chest on the path, Hades.
   Keep going north to see two chests, Cure Bottle and ... destruction. Other
   chest has Falcon Needle. Now go back and take the south path. As you keep
   going, another split. South path for a chest, Life Bottle. To the east to
   find a save point. Save needed. Watch the scene afterwards before reading
   any further down. Doing so means you'll be reading spoilers.

   As the battle starts, you'll only get to use Karol and no one else. Karol
   will be by himself and you need to stay alive. There's a lot people saying
   they can't get pass the first part, which is this. You don't need to hit
   this boss at all, meaning you can just Free Run constantly until all the
   scenes are triggered. Another issues is, even if you Free Run, the enemy
   can still get you. If that happens, heal with items and/or use Reaper
   Knock to buy yourself some time. Reaper Knock will sometimes stun the enemy,
   if not, it will still knock the enemy down while you get the chance to run.
   If you lose all your HP though, that is game over.

   After a certain amount of time, another scene is triggers and everyone joins
   in for the battle. This battle is hard if you don't know what you're doing.
   However, I do know, so I'm here to guide you. I've used Yuri to beat him
   and that wasn't really easy. I won, but a lot hassle. Since this monster
   is a flying type, I suggest you use Judith. She can jump to attack and most,
   if not all of her attacks, are aerial. I picked Judith to use, Rita, Karol,
   and Raven to heal. Another key to make this battle easier is Raven. Karol
   can heal you up as well. I, on the other hand, use normal attacks, normal
   up, and Luna Gale to trigger FS hits. Her FS is what I used to kill this guy
   fast. About he SM for this battle. You wait until this guy dive under the
   land and he'll stick his fin out. As far as I can see, you can only hit his
   fin once fin stickup. So you'll need to wait for him to do this 3 times in
   a row. After that, hit him again on the fin and the SM is yours. Besides,
   that, Free Run whenever you can't see him and find your chances. Read his
   movement and block when needed. I used a lot of items in this battle.

   After the battle, scene, Brave One title for Karol. Go south to find a
   chest, Diamond Guard. I suggest you go back and save. Go back to the blastia
   and hug the north to go to a chest, Tent. Go back down, east to 2 paths,
   north and south. Go north and get the obvious chest, Body Paint. From there,
   keep going north/eastish. At the end, you'll get a chest, Limit Bottle.

   Go all the way back and take the south path, rather the middle path. Another
   split, take the left one of course, chest with Bloody Coat. Nothing on the
   the other one. Go all the way back again, and now take the very bottom path.
   Keep going east and you'll find a chest eventually on the south side,
   Seal Bottle. Back to the east path. Keep going more and you'll see another
   chest near the bottom/central, Psychedelica (sp?). Keep going north now and
   to the left/north part there's a chest, Lottery Gel. All the way to the
   right now, but try not to trigger the event yet. From here, go north to
   reach a chest to the right, Magic Lens x5. Now to east and scene triggers.

   We are now on the very east of Aspio and Halure. Go south first though. So
   for right now, go to Halure as that's apart of the storyline after all.

   Halure + Quoi Woods
   Scene. Head to the inn for a rest. Scene. Attempt to exit Halure. Scene. Go
   back to the inn, second door from the left. Scene. After:
   "A job nobody wants to do." Attempt to exit Halure again, scene. Now, really
   exit Halure. Go to Quoi Woods. Try to go to where the save point was in this
   place. Scene. Exit Quoi Woods, not the way you came in here with. In other
   words, we're trying to get to Zaphias.

   Before going to the castle though. Make a stop at Deidon Hold. Go into the
   HQ and up to the top. To the same place where you saw Duke last time. Guess
   what, he's there again. Scene.

   Zaphias, City Not Livable
   Scene. There isn't much to say since this is a one-way road to the castle
   entrance. Scene at gate. Go into the castle now. Once inside, take the right
   upper door. Then north and north again. That should trigger a scene. Nice,
   relaxing music. Save. Once you exit this area, the BG music goes back to
   its original state.

   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Elder Cloak, Spirit Bangle, Mystic Mark, Limit Bottle, Breaker Bow,
    Lapis Lazuli, Vagabond +1, 15000 Gald, Transform Bow +1(a) + Moon Guard

   Okay, exit this place to the left to go back into the halls. Go south and
   take the first hole on the left. Keep going north and north until you
   trigger a scene. A chest to the left, Spirit Bangle. Another to the right,
   Elder Cloak. There's an enemy/mage or something on the throne. To the left
   of the throne/chair check it, Mystic Mark. You may go north to check the
   doors for clues, but that's not really required at all. In which case, exit
   to the south. Down the first set of stairs on the right and enter the hole
   to the right. All the way north now. There's 2 chests here, Limit Bottle and
   Breaker Bow. Afterwards, SR the angel in the middle. This will trigger
   an image above the angel.

   Go back to where the save point is at. There's a blastia on that floor,
   which is in the center/top on the first floor. Check behind it, Lapis Lazuli
   Exit to the south. Then go to the left. South again. Lower left. SR the
   angel on the top. Exit to the right. North. Right. North again. Now up the
   stairs on the left and enter the left hole. Go north. Two chests are seen,
   Vagabond +1 and 15000 Gald. SR the angel in the middle. Exit out. From here,
   keep going south and east until you're back to where the prison is at.
   There's angel near the prison. Go to it and SR it. Puzzle is now solved
   and all, but there's one more thing left. Go into the prison. Check the
   rightest chamber, Transform Bow +1(a) + Moon Guard. Now go back to where
   that last scene with trigged with that hawt chick. Proceed north to the door
   and then SR that door to activate it. Save point nearby. Save.

   Do some minor equipment/skill adjustment as needed. This won't be a hard
   fight at all. I would say that I was not surprised. Keep going up now. Yes,
   it's very long. Hope you don't lose. I'll laugh if you do. Scene at top.

   There's two parts. The SM is on the second part. So before then, give her
   everything you got. You can keep comboing against her, thus stunning her and
   making her not be able to move. She is quite slow is some sense. Make sure
   Raven is in your party is you're having trouble.

   Now for the second part. You'll only get to use Yuri for this SM part. The
   SM is very, very easy. Unless of course, you didn't get the item before. As
   soon as this second part starts, go into the menu and use the item
   'Mother's Memento' on the Boss. That's it, the 'Great' will be triggered.
   I've personally tried to use it on the first part, but that doesn't do
   anything at all. Even if you did use it during then, you'll always get it
   back afterwards. It's like you can use as many times as you want before
   doing this SM. Go figure. After that, destroy her! I kept going into OL
   and using Burst Artes and comboing her constantly. She is so easy to guard.
   Don't like it when she gets into OL mode though. Her Burste Arte is quite
   nice. Interrupt her when she is casting. Soon, it will end.

   Scene after battle.

   Zaphias, City Livable
   You now need to talk to all your party members. Here are the locations.
    Karol  - Save point where Lower Quarter gathered up
    Judith - One screen south of the other save point
    Rita + Estelle - Angel near the Prison
    Raven  - Prison Chamber, where you first met him
    Repede - From Prison area, keep going to the left to find a guy standing
     near the exit. Talk to him. Rest.

   Scene. Go to the Lower Quarters and you'll have to use the upper right exit
   instead of the other one. Scene.

   Sidquesting B - First Fell Arm - Abyssion
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Golen Helm, Golden Horn, Holy Ring, Overdrive Lady, Chamoile,
    Great Raptor Beak, Savory, Stone Charm, Spirit Ring, Feather Coat.
    - Specific x3, Treat x3, Paralysis Ward
    - Flare Cape x3
    - Abyssion
    - Pineapple Gel, Hotengeki, Red Basil, Antenna Guard, Savory, Amulet, Basil,
    Poison Charm

   Another sidequesting part. It shouldn't be that long, unless you read
   everything that is. Never mind, it is long even without reading it all.

   - Go to Mt. Temza. Go north, talking scene.

   - With the powered up SR from Heracules, a few chests that can't be obtained
   before is now available. 1st screen with enemies, after the tree, SR the
   right to get a chest, Golden Helm. As you go up so more, look for the rocks
   on the left, SR it and chest it, Golden Horn. Another one to the right as
   you go up, chest it, Holy Ring. The screen after the save point, SR the
   rocks to the left, Overdrive Lady. Next screen. Take the left path and SR
   both the left and right side. Left chest, Chamomile; Right chest,
   Great Raptor Beak. To the lower right side now, SR the rocks, chest it x3,
   Savory, Stone Charm, Spirit Ring. I forgot a chest before, so I'll get it
   now. It's the cave to the left of Ba'ul area, chest it, Feather Coat.
   Use the greensih portal nearby to exit this area faster.
   Nordopolica Warehouse Minigame
   This place is now avaliable. It's near Belius' chambers.
   NOTE* B? = A box is there, but you don't need to touch it.
   a) BA All the way Right
   b) BB All
   c) BC Left 2, Up, Left 2. Chest for Specific x3
   d) BD Down, Right 3, Up 2
   e) Take T1 to the top, BF All the way Left, BE into the same hole as BF
   f) Go back down, BH Right; BI Right, Down, Right
   g) BH Down 2, Up, Right, Down, Right 2 (Tricky)
   h) BJ All the way Right, BK All the way Left
   i) BL Down, BM Down, BN Left, Chest for Treat x3
   j) BO All the way Left, take T2 up
   k) BP Left 2, BT All the way Right
   l) BR Left, BR Down. Go back down
   m) BT Up 2, Left; BR Right 5, Up, Left 2, Up. Go back up stairs
   n) BQ All the way left. Go back down stairs.
   o) BQ Right 2, Up 2, Left. Chest for Paralysis Ward

   Bottom Floor
              T2    BK

                   B?  BL
         BH      B?  B?
           BI      B?  BM
                 B?  BN


              BA     BB
       BC   X
   - - - - - - - - -
   Top Floor
              BP  T2
      BR        BQ

   - - - - - - - - -
     B?    BF


   2000 Gald for clearing. While you're here at Nordopolica, go buy these items:
   Poison Ward, Paralysis Ward, Stone Ward

   - Go to Mantiac. Talk to Kow Kid and give him the 3 Wards. In return, he'll
   give you 3 Flare Capes. Yes, 3 of them.

   - Go to Heliord. Talk to a kid close to the Blastia. Scene. You'll go into
   a battle. Afterwards, Repede gets his "Special" skill and along with the
   title of "Nanny"

   - Go to Nor. Head to the left and locate Duke on the bridge. Talk to him,

   - Go to Myorzo. Go rest at the free place. Scene. Voice acting

   - Go to the Elder's Residence to trigger a scene. This triggers the
   Fell Arms event. Scene. Abyssion obtained.

   - With the new SR's powers, Baction's hidden area can now be uncovered. For
   this section, I'm just going to copy/paste from the previous and add details
   to it. I don't want to type that stuff out and make  you confuse about it.
   With this map and my guiding, you should be able to notice what areas are
   now avaliable and new.

   -------------------------------    X = Ladder (aka Exit)
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   A = Twinkle Star
   -------------------------------    B = Panacea Bottle
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   C = Holy Bottle, Lemon Gel
   -------------------------------   SP = Save Point
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  XA = Limit Bottle, Stairs to BF2
   -------------------------------   XB = Stairs to BF1, Masakari Cleaver
  |   |   |   |   |XA |   |   |   |  YD = Dark Room, Jump Off
   ----------------- -------------   XC = Stairs to BF1
  |   |   |   |   -   | XC|AB -XD |
   ----------------- --- --- -----   AA = Dark Room
  |   |   |   |   |SP | YD|AA - A |  AB = Pineapple Gel, Hotengeki
   ----------------   -- ------- -   XD = Stairs to BF2
  |   |   |   | C |   |   -XB |   |
   ------------- --- ----------- -
  |   |   |   |   -   - B -   - X |

   -------------------------------    XA = Stair to BF1
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |    A = 8000 Gald
   -------------------------------     B = Wind Cape
  |   |   | L |   |   |   |   |   |    C = Scene with Statue, Magic Lens x5
   --------- ---------------------    SP = Save Point
  |   |   | K |   |   |   |   |   |    D = Lottery Gel, Kylin
   --------- ---------------------     E = Scene + Battle, Simple Tent
  |   |   |SP |   |   |   |   |   |    F = Limit Bottle
   --------   --------------------     G = Scene
  |   -XA |   |   |   |AE -   |   |    H = Mermaid Cloak, via YD, Magic Latern
   - --- --- --------------- ------    I = Mythril Gauntlet
  | B | A | XC| I |AC -   -   |   |    J = Melange Gel
   - ----------- ------- --- -----    XB = Stairs to BF1
  | C |AG - H -   -   |AD |   |   |   XC = Stairs to BF1
   - ------- ------- ------- -----     K = 6000 Gald, Heal Bracelet, Lemon Gel,
  |SP |   - G |XB - J |   -   |   |        Panacea Bottle
      ------ ----------- ---------     L = Dungeon Boss
  |   | D |   -   | F |   -   |   |
   - --- ------- --- --- --- -----    AC = Stairs to BF1
  |   -   -   - E -   |AXX|AF |   |   AD = Red Basil
   -------------------------------    AE = Antenna Guard, Savory
                                      AF = Amulet
                                     AXX = Location of Shovel*
                                      AG = Basil, Poison Charm

  To start off, look at BF1 and more directly, from AA. Anything that is A? are
  new areas. This will lead to BF2. AXX, Location of Shovel is apart of a future
  sidequest. I guess it wouldn't hurt to wait for that sidequest before doing
  this part. Another reason is, there's no quick exit out of this place.

  - Go to Torim and enter this place from the docks. Go north to trigger a scene
  with Sciliy. After the scene, your ship will get the crane and fully powered
  up features to travel any seas/oceans. The purpose of the crane is so that you
  can get treasures from the ocean, just like Search Points. They are usually
  identified by having a lot of seaguls circling around them.

  - The Hotspring is now avaliable. It's located in the Northwest region. If
  you see a forest with weird designs on it (cirlce with some slashes in the
  middle) then you found it. It's not an island, that's Cobanda. Anyways, go
  inside and talk to the main desk. Scene.

  - Go to Phaeroh's Craig. Scene. Go north, scene. This is apart of the
  EX Dungeon. You need to trigger this in order to get this dungeon at the end
  of the game. If you don't do this before then, well, you missed it. Go to the
  Sage's house and talk to the sage. Scene. Talk to him again, and stay for the
  night. Scene.

  Well, time to continue with the storyline. Head to center of the world map.
  Scene. Enter that island in the middle of the map. Scene.

   The Enduring Shrine of Zaude
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Barrier, Panacea Bottle, 20000 Gald, 15000 Gald, Moon Cloak, Life Bottle,
     Limit Bottle, Special Gel, Splash Dress
    - Pineapple Gel, Dunamis, Lemon Gel, Rare Plate, Rare Protector
    - Rod, Mjolnir, Shiden
    - Lemon Gel, World Charm, Melange Gel, Death Contrast, Asura

  Go to the right and keep going on the water to find a chest, Barrier. Save
  point up ahead. Go continue to the north and check the vent, scene. Go inside

  Descend the stairs and go to the left/up path, into the next screen. Make
  yourself to the north. You'll see a bunch of chests. These are the items that
  you'll get in the process:
  Panacea Bottle  20000 Gald            Life Bottle   Limit Bottle
                              Zaude Orb
  15000 Gald      Moon Cloak            Special Gel   Splash Dress

  You can take all of them. Zaude Orb is the key, so you'll have to take it.
  After that, go back to the south room. To the top/middle, which you passed
  through before, is a room with an altair, talk to it. This will place the
  Zaude Orb on it. Now SR it. The whole place would be flooded. Return back to
  the south room.

  The whole place is now changed. Go to the left and onto the ramp. Take the
  lower/left path to a chest, Pineapple Gel. Now to the right and into that
  hole, into the north section. Go north and back into the water. Go north and
  up the stairs to a chest, Dunamis. Back into the water, to the right, and
  back onto the ramp. Make your way south and to the south section. Go to the
  right and it will lead you to a chest, Lemon Gel. Now you need to backtrack.
  To the north, to the left, back to the south. Enter the water, swim south
  and up the ramp to the left. Scene. Now up the stairs.

  There are 2 chests in this room. The upper left one, Rare Plate, and the
  upper right one, Rare Protector. If you go to the south door and enter it
  further on, it will trigger a scene. This is optional. Anyways, take the north
  door. As you keep going north, a save point. Definetly save your game.

  This boss uses a gun and spams it at will. Comboing with Yuri's Shining Fang
  works wonders in immobolizing him. Forgot to mention, there's 2 parts. When
  he goes into OL mode, I suggest Free Running away; it's quite deadly. He can
  also jump high and shoot the ground you're standing on. Estelle is good for
  healing in this situation.

  There is a SM for this battle. When he reveals his thing to you, you have to
  use Raven and hit his chest with Rain. This is by far, the hardest SM to get.
  There's a certain angle you have to him and he must not be guarding himself.
  Not just that, he also has auto shield, which you need to break before
  shooting with Raven's Rain. When you attack too much, he will also guard.
  There's 2 methods and I've used both of them. I would say method one is better
  1) Have Yuri set as AI and have him use only Shining Fang. At the same time,
  you use Raven, get into OL mode and spam Rain. Keep Raven in OL mode and keep
  spamming Rain like crazy. When I got it, twice that is, both of his arms
  aren't near his chest and the shield is gone as well.
  2) Set everyone to Defend and control only Raven. Go into OL mode and keep
  spamming Rain. If you do it right, Rain will destroy both the shield and
  hit his chest at the same time. This took quite many attempts.

  After the battle, scene.

  Go back and save, especially if you got the SM from that battle. Or like me,
  who got the whole next section memorized, continue until the next save point.

  From where the last battle ended, go north. See that monster front of you,
  ignore it for now. It's a Giganto, but if you insist, go ahead. Well, I'll
  fight him. Shining Fang to hit him for more than once, Azure Edge with OL
  form to constantly knock him. Or use Rita and spam spells in OL mode.
  There are 3 chests after that battle, Rod, Mjolnir, Shiden. AFAIK, you do need
  to defeat the Giganto before you can get the chests. Go to the right.

  Hallway, go to the right. Up the stairs on the right. Push the right statue
  to the lower ground. Then move it to the left of the bottom statue, so they
  are side by side. Go back up the stairs and SR the blue orb. Water is
  raised. Swim to the lower right and then make yourself to the left across
  that self-made bridge. Continue to the north to see a red orb. You have to
  position yourself on the left side first. Then SR the red stone. If done
  correctly, you'll now be on the left ledge. Go to the left and use that door.
  Hallway, go to the left. There's an altair on north central side. Keep going
  to the left. Hallway, left again

  Now you're on the room with no enemies and you're on the top floor. Go to the
  bottom floor. Push the top/north statue (the first one that you'll see after
  going down the stairs), which has the blue orb, to the lower left area of it's
  limits. Now push the left statue to the right. Then all the way up into the
  water. Stand on the left staue and SR the blue orb. If you don't understand
  that, this should help.

             |        |   B = Blue Orb Statue
             |B       |   S = Left Staue, Stand on it and SR the Blue Orb
           S  --------
   |        |
   |        |

   After you SR the blue orb, water will rise. There are 2 chests, Red Orb and
   Lemon Gel. You do have to fight that enemy. After that, SR the Red Orb. Go
   to the left and SR that other Red Orb to take all the enemies away. Go to
   the right and back to that room with the altair. Set the Red Orb onto the
   altair and SR it. Go all the way back to the left with stairs. Go to the
   bottom floor. Make yourself to the upper right part. Push that statue to
   the south, cross it. Two chests on the south side, World Charm and
   Melange Gel. Go into the door on the right.

   Hallway, to the right door. Go up the stairs and to the north, enter that
   door. There are two chests in this place. Upper Right chest, Death Contrast;
   Upper Left chest, Asura. Go to the north door on the bottom floor, enter it.
   There's a battle up ahead. I can't tell the difference between them and
   normal battles that I've fought in this place before. Scene after battle.
   Save at the save point. As you might already know, boss battle up ahead.
   Scene as you enter the north doors.

   I can't see how this battle is any special then fighting other human enemies.
   He does have a few magic atacks that send ice which is apart of a quick
   attack. Shield as well, just like the last battle. Run way when he OL himself

   The SM in this battle is weird. I don't consider it hard, just tedious. To
   sum it up, you need to let him use his Mystic Arte until he gets tired. This
   will take at least 10 minutes and it will only work when see him being
   exhausted. The features of him being exhauted is as follows:
   1) His whole upper body is bent down toward the floor
   2) His sword is basically touching the ground
   3) His left hand is holding onto his chest
   4) You can see the very top of his ahead, if not more.
   When you see this happening, use Shining Fang twice. First to remove his
   shield and the next one will bring him down. I've done this 3 times so far,
   and I notice that when he's in this stage, you have 6/7 seconds to knock him
   down. That's plently of time.

   After the battle, scene. Then:
   Achievement Unlocked: 150G Ended Alexei's Ambitions
   Therefore, it means Part 2 is done. Time for Part 3 now. The last part.

   The Gathering - Zaphias, Aspio, Dahngrest
  Scene. Suggest that you save once you exit the house. Go north, scene. Back
  inside the house. Go back outside, keep going north to the fountain, scene.
  Keep going north, scene.

  Now, go to Aspio. North until you trigger a scene. Into Rita's house and talk
  to her. Scene. Exit Aspio and head for Dahngrest.

  Enter Dahngrest. Make your way to the central area. Scene. Head to the Union
  HQ, scene. Cyano Ciel Crystal obtained.

   Sidequesting C
  There are a few sidequests that needs to be done now.

  - Go to the Torim. From whatever you're at, head toward the houses at the
  central area. Scene with Gauche and Droite.

  - With the previous task done, go to Zaude. I suggest you save outside, since
  the one inside has been removed. Put Repede in the main party. Now make your
  way to the area where you fought your first boss in this area.
  This battle is hard and on the side, you have steal both weapons from them.
  You don't have to steal both, but why not? Stealing of them, means you can
  make the other from Synthesis, but why bother when you can just take both
  of them. To do this, change into Repeded. OL repede and constantly spam
  Thievery until the words "No Item to steal" shows up, swtich your target, and
  do the same thing again. Being in OL mode means you won't see Repede's sitting
  down part, which speeds up the process. The reason to get both of these swords
  are because of the skills that they teach. After stealing both weapons, defeat

  Change back into a character who you're familiar with. It's a hard battle
  overall and I was on Easy mode. I suggest setting everyone
  "Target: Same enemy" and Items: "Up to you." From what I see, take down the
  red-haired first because she tends to heal more frequently then the
  other one. Plus, I'm pretty sure she's the only one that can revive. Then on
  the last one, no matter what you do, don't let them cast magic because they
  both heal a lot of HP. Comboing to stun them. Fun battle huh.

  After battle, scene. Divine Cannon and Letter of Challenge (L. Claw) obtained
  Divine Cannon is Raven's Strongest Weapon, not counting Fell Arms.
  - Go to Heliord and into the bottom camp site. To the lower left section.
  Scene with Sicily

  - Go to Dahngrest. To the east entrance, talk to the guy near the bridge.

  - Go to Torim and into the docks. Talk to the guy on the right side. Scene.
  Accept the job.

  - Go to Dahngrest. Go into the inn and talk to the girl near the beds. Scene

  - Go to Mt. Temza. You'll have to make yourself all the way to the top. When
  you see that greenish portal, hugged the north part and go the right for a
  trigger. Everlight Ore obtained. Use the greenish portal to get out.
  As you try to exit this place, scene.

  - Go to Torim. Go the harbos again and talk to the same guy. Scene.

  - Go to Dahngrest and into the west tavern. Talk to the waiter on the right
  side, scene. Accept the job.

  - Go to Zaphias and to the Public Quarters. Locate LeBlanc on the right
  side, sitting on the chairs. Scene.

  - Zaphias, enter the tavern close to Yuri's house/home. Talk to the lady with
  the blue hair near the counter, scene.

- Zaphias, the noble quarters, this scene will trigger as you walk around.
Dark Enforcer

  - Go to the Manor of the Wicked. Scene will take place near the entrance

  - Go to Dahngrest, talk to a guy near the east entrance, scene.
  Letter to Leviathan's Claw obtained.

  - Back to the Manor of Wicked. Drawn into battle. Win and scene.

  - Go to Zaphias and head for the same tavern as before, scene. You are now
  given 2 options as to how will proceed. Picked number 2 at the end. I saved
  first of course as I wanted to see how both worked out. In any case, to talk
  to them to trigger it.
  1) Accept their reward
  2) Refuse to take their reward. Then head toward the fountain and locate
  LeBlanc on the right side. Talk to him, scene.
  Both leads to the same voice acting dialogue.

  - Back to Dahngrest again. Into the west tavern, right waiter. Scene.
  6000 Gald awarded.

  - Into the Union HQ and to the left side is the Bunny Guild guy. Talk to him.
  You get items as you get more titles. Many attachments are obtained like this,
  aka Bunny Ears. You do have to agree to it first though. You'll get the Badge
  and some ears first.

  - Same area as the Bunny Guild, now to the right side and talk to the 2 guys.
  Scene. Accept the job

  - Go to Baction. I drew a map early on where the shovel is. Use the control
  function to search for: AXX to locate the shovel and then bring it back to
  this guy.

  - Go to the right waiter on the west tavern again. He'll give you basement

  - Go to Ghasafrost and enter the big door. Talk to the level on the left side,
  scene. SR the machine. Go down the new path, scene. Fake Dein Nomos obtained
  There's also a chest nearby, Limit Bottle. FDN is a very good weapon. I
  suggest using it on the final battle as well.

  - Go to Myorzo and into the Mayor's house. Check the very back for a trigger,

  - Go to Aspio and talk to the same guy that told you about Egothor, scene.
  Estelle learned Astion. Lose Bush Baby Doll

  - Fly to the top of Mt. Temza, scene.

  That was fun. Now to continue with the storyline

   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Spirit Symbol, Miracle Gel, Lapis Lazuli, Limit Bottle*, All Divide,

   Enter Zopheir from the east. The west doesn't work at all. Scene. By using
   the SR, you can move Ice Pillars to unlock chests in this area. There's
   quite a lot of them. Anyways, proceed further for another scene.

   After that scene, SR the north pillar. Now go to the left and to where the
   blastia is. Don't go near it yet. Take the path 1 up from where you were
   and continue on. Then SR the south pillar. Go to the right and opened the
   chest you knocked early on, Spirit Symbol. Go to the furthest right and SR
   that pillar. Now head back and make yourself all the way to the left side,
   even further away from the blastia.

   When you get to the 4 way path, go south and SR the pillar. Take the west
   path, locate the pillar in the north, and SR it. Make west. South chest,
   Miracle Gel. North chest, Lapis Lazuli. There was another chest nearby,
   Limit Bottle, but I might've skipped through that one previously. Now go to
   where the blastia is and talk to it. Scene

   This minigame of some sorts is pretty easy. Y, X, A, B are the only way to
   complete this. Are (buttons) will come from the right side and go to the
   left. As it approaches Estelle's blueish absorber, push the button
   accordingly. When you do it right, the are will go to the right and increase
   the energy bar. I've managed miss 1 every time, but that's good enough. From
   what I've tested, it needs to be over half way full. Scene.
   "The Splishy-Splashy Water-Colored Quee--"

   Take the south path to the east. Open the chest nearby, All Divide. Keep
   going to the right. Locate the pillar on the north and SR it (it's near
   the big ice surface at the end). Go up and open that chest, Hourglass.
   As you head toward the right exit, scene.

   Sidequesting D
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Krones' Dew, Ultimate Red Cape

  - Go to Zaphias and into the noble quarters. Scene in the same area as before.
  Dark Enforcer Final Part (One of my favorite costumes for Yuri)

  - Go to Myorzo. Talk to the little girl on the bottom right where all the
  Krytians are. Scene. This is a challenging minigame I admit that. But there
  are a few ways to cheap/cheat your way through. You can open the minimap to
  locate where all the yellow/red circles are. Just make a quick path for
  yourself, memorize it and it's easily as yours. There are 5 levels total.
  Personally, I only used the world map for the very last one since they are
  all over the place, literally. Complete level 3 to get Krone's Dew
  Krones' Dew let Ba;ul (ball) land on a few new locations. Ba'ul can land
  on ice now, the left side of Mt. Temza, etc...

  Completing all 5 levels will get you Judith's Super Dragon Rider and
  Ultimate Red Cape

  - Go to Halure and to the Halure Tree. Scene will trigger. Storybook.
  Estelle's Fairy Tale Weaver.

  - Stay at the inn. Head back to the tree. Scene. Estelle' Force Field

   Nordopolica Attacked
  As you approach it, drawn into battle with 2 Outbreakers. This can be quite
  a long battle. After that enter Nordopolica, scene. Attempt to exit, scene.

  You'll be back on the ship, scene. Relewise and Crystallands.

  - Go to Dahngrest and stay at the inn. Scene. Raven's ...

  - Go to Heliord's bottom camp site (lower left). Sicily scene. Go to the
  right and look for that robot. Talk to it, scene. Go back scene.

  - Go to Aspio. Scene with Rita. Go up the stairs, scene. Rita's ...

  Storyline suggest Crystallands first because it's easier, so we'll tackle
  this place first. This place is located north of Nor/Torim and NW of Halure.

   The Erealumean Crystallands
   Relevant Youtube Links:

   Items Found In Section:
    Limit Bottle, Melange Gel, Stun Talisman, Cowboy Hat, Rare Protector,
    - Highlander, Dark Avenger, 25000, Lemon Gel + Pineapple Gel, Strike Eagle,
    Spinning Drill Hammer, Sword Whip, Red Savory, Basil, Saffron, Orochi +1,

  Scene as you enter this place. Go north and there's a trail on the right side
  leading to a chest, Limit Bottle. Back onto the trail and to the north. At
  very north, before going to the right, there should be a chest that can be
  shattered with SR, Melange Gel. After that go to the right, SR all crystals
  in your parth. As you keep goin, there's a very tall icicle, SR it to create
  a bridge to the right side. Before crossing the bridge, check the north side
  for a chest, Stun Talisman. Now cross the bridge.

  After crossing the bridge, go to the north side and SR a path. A turle enemy
  will appear. Behind them are two chests, Cowboy Hat and Rare Protector. Go
  back south, and make your way to the right, scene. Battle? No. Save point

  From where the save point is at, a four way. Take the south path to a chest,
  Highlander. East, SR it for enemy, chest behind it, Dark Avenger. Then to
  the north path to move on. Split into 2 paths. Take the left path to a chest,
  which is an enemy. Battle itself gives 10000 Gald, afterwards, 25000 Gald.
  Now take the right path. Chest on the way there to the north, Lemon Gel +
  Pineapple Gel. Proceed to the right. You'll notice that the north is full
  of red.

  Another split, take the right path. Another split again, take the south
  path. SR a few crystals to make a path. 3 chests, Strike Eagle,
  Spinning Drill Hammer, and Sword Whip. Now go back to where the split was
  and take the upper right. SR crystal/enemy. Keep going. You'll need to SR
  another tall icicle for a bridge. See that enemy to the north, that's
  Fenrir. You can tackle him, I didn't since he isn't guarding/blocking me
  from getting those 3 chests north of him, Red Savory, Basil, and Saffron.
  To see those 3 chests though, you do need to SR the crystal in front of it
  btw. Holy Bottle ftw.

  Now go all the way back to the area where you saw a field of red. Go north
  and head the right side. SR the right side which path leads to 2 chests,
  Orochi +1 and Longinus. Now go back and continue the path to the north.
  Save sphere nearby, save. Boss Battle ahead. Scene as you enter

  If you have low levels like I do, I suggest guarding when he attacks and
  only attack when he stops. He does have a shield though. Shining Fang can
  bypass this. The SM is really easy to get. When he pounds his chest, just
  using Shining Fang on him to knock him down. It works wonders. If you're
  having trouble killing him. Use Rita, OL and spam a spell constantly.
  Tidal Wave anyone?

  After the battle, scene. Now you'll have to backtrack all the way back to the
  entrance. There's no shortcut, yet. Exit the place and it's for the next
  spirit to be obtained. It's located southeast for Zaphias. The whole place
  flat on top except for one area, locate it and enter it.

  Relewiese Hollow
 Scene as you enter. First off, Holy Bottle and dodging enemies work 60% of the
 time. And this place has many splits and turns. As you go down, enemy blocking
 a chest to the right, Forte Staff. Continue to the left. A split, left and
 right, take the right path. As you go through, a chest is blocked south,
 Bahamut's Tear. Nevermind, I decided to just draw a map. Describing this is
 too confusing, even for me. Plus, later on when your SR is powered up even
 more, a few more places can be unlocked. When that time comes, I'll just
 copy/paste and add details into this map. If you don't want to do this now,
 just head for SP and finish the boss battle. You're going to come back here
 anyways right?

  A = Forte Staff
  B = Bahmut's Tear
  C = Life Bottle
  D = Dragon Protector
  E = Kritya Circlet
  F = Hero Crest
  G = Pineapple Gel
  S = Scene/Save Point + Sonic Cleaver
  H = Alexandrite
  I = Dragon Helm
  J = Limit Bottle x2
  K = Melange Gel + Apple Gel + Orange Gel
 SP = Save Point #2

                          ?     /
                          |    /\________
                           -D-C          \
                          |\    E        /\
                          | \---|-F     ?  B
                    --S- ----
                   |   \    /\
                   ?    |  ?  H

 A few of the places with ? on them means they are unlocked later on, just like
 how Mt. Temza was. S is the first scene along with the save point, save your
 game. SP is the second save point, which has a cave to the north, that's where
 the boss resides. Scene as you continue more north

 I would have to say it's like the same battle as last time. The SM for this
 battle is someone different. You'll have to wait for the boss to fly high in
 the sky, then it will strike the ground, causing an earthquate of some sort.
 And right then, you have less than 2 seconds to hit her. I've tried jumping
 to dodge, but that didn't work. Both cases, the AI got the SM for me. I guess
 it depends on luck with your character. The first, I was paralyze and I
 couldn't attack her. The second time, I was dizzy and I was on the ground for
 5 seconds +. Sylph

 Scene after battle. Don't exit the cave yet. Go all the way north to find
 a chest, 40000 Gald. Save your game if you want. We need to backtrack now, but
 not all the way back to the beginning, just to the first Save Point. As you
 approach that area, scene. You'll be given an option to call Ba'ul to exit this
 place quickly. Pick yes.

  Few Minor Siders
 It was stated that I should've obtained this quite a while ago, but I haven't
 got it. People told me to get into more random battles to trigger this, but
 I didn't want to at the time. Since Releweise is cleared, that's good enough.

 - Go to Aspio and go up the stairs. Scene. Rita's Meteor Storm. (I love this
 attack. Combine this with Tidal Wave and I can clear 100-Man Melee in less
 than 4 minutes time.

 - Go to Myorzo and talk to the Elder.

  Last Spirit
 This spirit could've been obtained once you got Undine, but I decided to pick
 him up last, just because. Now go to Phaeroh's Craig. You'll see him going
 around in circles. Just try to ram Ba'ul into him in order to trigger a scene.
 Events will automatically trigger itself. (Efreet)
 "The Fearsome Fiery Fireball Ki--"

 Exit back to the WM. Scene. Fly to the top of Mt. Temza, scene.

  Sorcerer's Ring Level 4 and Second Fell Arm - Zarich
 To get this, the requirements for having the 4 spirits is already done. You
 do have the Abyssion right, one of the fell arms? Yes? Good. Now go to the
 are crane southeast of Weasand of Cados (southwest of Nordopolica). This place
 is basically runes (rocks) that roses up. Not that hard to find. Enter this
 place. Scene. Go toward the runes/aer crane, scene. Zarich obtained. Which
 is your 2nd fell arm. An entrance is made, go inside.

 Head towards the left and make your way to the center of this place. Scene.
 Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 4 Obtained

  Third Fell Arm - Nebilim (Keiv Moc)
 Well, this section isn't just about getting Nebilim. It's about getting all
 the hidden areas in this place. From where you first enter, SR the grasses
 on the left side for a 2 chests, Sage and Blue Talisman. Now go up the branch,
 keep on the north, which will lead you to the left and down to the ground.
 Stay on the ground and head to the end of it. SR the vines to open a new
 path. This will lead you to another bush to be SRed with a chest afterwards,

 Now, go back and hopefully, you remembered where the the save point in Keiv
 Moc is. Go to where the first save point is. From there, little bit north and
 SR the bush to the left to find a chest, Red Saffron. From the save point, go
 a little bit south and hug the right. Take this path to a chest, Lemon Gel.
 Keep going to the right and take the north path, SR it for a chest, Lavender.
 Keep on going to the right now and you'll see a chest, SR it. Hug south and
 approach the left and you'll be on another path. At the bottom, you'll get
 the chest that you just SRed, Overdrive Old Man. SR the south side to get
 another path. A chest at the end, Mysterious Piece

 Go back to the save point and go north into the branch. Hug the north and
 keep going to the left. You'll then need to SR the bushes. To the right,
 behind an enemy, is our prize, the third Fell Arm - Nebilim. Now go to the
 left and SR another bush. Defeat the enemy at south. Go all the way south
 to end with 2 chests, Blue Dice and Paralysis Charm. Now go all the way to the
 end of this place to find the greenish teleporter. To the left of that, find
 some bushes to burn. There are 2 hidden chests afterwards, Chamomile and
 Elemental Goggles. Use the teleporter and exit this place.

  Fourth Fell Arm - Mercurius (Relewiese Hollow)
 Remember what I said about hidden areas? Well one of the fell arms are here.
 Copy and paste from before, but now I'll fill in everything else. Besides
 getting the Fell Arm, I would also advice getting the Overdrive Princess as
 well. Not too hard to find and it's verr close to the entrance. All other
 hidden places are full of stat increasers. Both save points now have a
 green teleporter next to them, so it makes leaving easier.

  A = Forte Staff
  B = Bahmut's Tear
  C = Life Bottle
  D = Dragon Protector
  E = Kritya Circlet
  F = Hero Crest
  G = Pineapple Gel
  S = Scene/Save Point + Sonic Cleaver + Green Teleporter
  H = Alexandrite
  I = Dragon Helm
  J = Limit Bottle x2
  K = Melange Gel + Apple Gel + Orange Gel
 SP = Save Point #2 + Green Teleporter
  T = Red Sage
  U = Red Chamomile
  V = Death Slinger
  W = Red Savory
  X = Mercurius
  Y = Red Lavender
  Z = Red Verbena
 OP = Overdrive Princess

                          U     /
                          |    /\________
                           -D-C          \
                          |\    E        /\
                          | \---|-F     T  B
                    --S- ----
                   |   \    /\
                   X    |  W  H

  Now that you have 4 Fell Arms, go to the ship to trigger a scene. One more
  Fell Arm until I quit.

  Gigantos and the Fifth Fell Arm - Glasya Labolas
 Since I'm way overleveled and I think I can handle all of them. It's time to
 do some Giganto Hunting. The Fifth Fell Arm will come by in the process.
 Let's list the ones that I've done and the ones that I've missed. In either
 case, I'll list them all and where you can find them. Shining Fang is the
 recommended attack to deal with enemies with shield.

 1) Hermit Drill - Weasand of Cados, From the save point, go left to the next
     screen. Hug south and go towards the right. I've done this one already.

 2) Medusa Butterfly - Sands of Kogorgh. It's on the screen north of the save
     point. Find it on the southwest section. I've done already as well

 3) Poseidon - Zaude. From where the 2nd save point was, or I at least hope you
     remember where it was. Go north 2 screens. That big goliath in the middle.
     Done this by force because he was blocking 3 chests.

 4) Brutal 'Lord of the Plains' - North of Deidon Hold, on the world map that
     is. I haven't done it. Land near the Deidon Hold and beging to walk around
     the area. It will rush toward you. In battle, don't bother with the minions
     since they can constantly respawn in the process. Set everyone to same
     enemy and attack Brutal only.

 5) Chimera Butterfly - Quoi Woods. From where the save point is, go to the
     right and all the way north to find bushes. SR it to find this Butterfly.
     I see no major difference between this and Medusa. It however, does have
     a flying attack and thrust forward. Shining Fang. I suggest having Judith
     knock him down to the ground if he decides to fly. His attacks are stronger
     than Medusa of course, way stronger. If you feel the need, don't hesitate
     to bring Estelle in as well.

 After the battle, begin checking this area for chests. I'm pretty sure you
 don't need to defeat Chimera in order to get this fell arm, but o well. Check
 the chest to the left of the tree to get your Fifth Fell Arm, Glaysa Labolas.
 Check the right side of that tree for Overdrive Kid. Check the right south
 section to find a chest, Rebirth Ring.

 6) Fenrir - Crystallands. Hope you remember where this guy is. Far right
     of this place. Hard to miss. All I did was use Limit Bottles, Rita, and
     spammed Meteor Storm. I should've thought of this for the Chimera battle
     as well. It's weak against Fire, but Meteor Storm is non-elemental, so
     meh. Power > Weakness affinity. It does inflict poison, so it would be
     wise to bring some Poison Bottles. Use the greenish portable where you
     fought the boss to escape.

 7) Pterobronc - Mt. Temza. Very close to the entrance. Hug Bird. Just like
     the one that was chasing the Everlight guy. Shining Fang FTW again.
     Free Run when it uses OL. You have to keep him stunned or he'll do a
     lot of damage (small, but can build up really quickly).

 8) Brucis - Egothor Forest. Of where the save point is, take the lower right
     path to find this guy. Farming a few of these guys would be nice.
     Bull Wing. In order to synthesis a weapon for Judith, I had to farm from
     him. Later on did I find a better way for Bull Wings. About this Giganto.
     Must have Recover and Shining Fang to keep him in place. He runs around
     like crazy. Somewhat hard. Meteor Storm again. When he gets into OL,
     Free Run when needed. FS works wonders. Pain in the ass, that's all I have
     to say about this guy.

 9) Griffin - This guy is located on the plains east of Yumanju (hot spring).
     You won't see him on the world map because he'll spawn on you. I don't
     know why, but I find him one of the easiest Giganto's ever. Every other
     Giganto put up a fight, but not him. He was just taking it as it is.
     Funny thing is, he's very slow. When it's drawn into someone, go control
     them and walk around. He won't attack anyone until he gets what he wants.
     His magic attack though, does hurt a lot. Long battle.

     Obtained: 50G - Big Game Hunter

   With all the Giganto defeated, watch the skit. I love it.
    "I feel a little lonely inside."

 SPECIAL NOTE*: All Gigantos can be respawned. However, the chances that they
 do is quite slim. I had to reload my game 35+ times in order to see them once.
 There's 2 methods of respawning them, save and reload from a save point nearby
 is my method. The other way is to go a few screens away and come back. Why
 not save yourself the trouble and just reload a previous save location? That's
 way faster

 The main reason why people want to respawn them is quite simple. Each Giganto
 drops an item that they can only drop and no one else drops it. Usually it has
 to do with a synthesis item. If you are doing this for the items, it's wise
 to equip the Hunter's Monocule to someone in the battling party. It guarantees
 the item to be dropped and if it doesn't, at least you increase the odds.
 Finishing it off with a FS also increases the chances for an item drop.

   Now, go back to Rich (North of Halure). Talk to him to get your many
   prizes. It doesn't matter when I talk to him because I got all of my prizes
   right after killing all 9 Gigantos in a row. Just keep on talking to him.
   This is the order that I got them in.

   Chimera Butterfly - Chimera Scale
   Brutal            - Boomerang Horn
   Medusa Butterfly  - Medusa Scale
   Hermit Drill      - Fragment of the Skies
   Pterobronc        - Pterobronc Claw
   Poseidon          - Fragment of a Sea God
   Brucis            - Bulsis Mirror
   Griffin           - Griffin Feather
   Fenrir            - Silve Mane (I checked, no r)

   Talk to Rich again and he'll suggest that you stay the night. Stay for
   the night. Scene. Talk to rich again, scene. Karol will get the title of
   'Valiant Swordsman.'

   We're not done yet. Go to Torim from the inn's direction. Talk to a guy
   standing under a tree, that is to the right of the shop. Scene. Go back
   to Rich and talk to him, scene. Giganto sidequest is now fully complete.
   Time to go back to the storyline.

 After that, head to Port Nor. Yuri mentioned about checking on Ehmead Hills.
 I went it and it didn't do anything at all. So in which case, just go to Nor.
 Hopefully, you've done everything you can in Aspio.

  Port Nor Shopping
 Scene. Stay at the inn. Scene. Go back into the inn and into the left room,
 scene. Attempt to exit Nor, scene.

  Blastia Destroyer (Final Part)
 I made a small detour to do this. Fly to Zaphias and it should trigger a scene
 with Judith. Enter Zaphias and toward the intersection between the public
 quarters and the lower quarters, scene. Go to the castle, scene. Exit Zaphias
 and make way to the battle site. It's located southwest of Zaphias. Some more
 hints. Look at the world map. Egothor is to the left, Baction is the middle,
 the place you're aiming for is to the right. Quite similiar yes?

  Reinforcements and Vesperia No. 1
 Scene. A special guest joins your party. You have to now battle your way
 through a lot of enemies, a little bit over a dozen. A very good conversation
 in the beginning of the battle. I love it. Just random monsters sent to
 fight you, nothing to hard. Scene after battle. Attempt to exit this place
 from the south, scene.

  Gathering of Leaders and Sidequesting E
 You can do this in any kind of order, I'm just going to do it the way I like
 it. Well, first go to Dahngrest.

 - As you cross the 4-way cross in Dahngrest, if you've been following the
 Vesperia job quests, you will trigger a scene.

 - Go up to the Union HQ, scene. You can go to Nordopolica if you want to
 continue on, but I'm going to finish more sidequests.

 - Go to Mantiac. Attempt to go to the 3-way split, scene.

 - Go to Mt. Temza. Go to the second screen to trigger a scene. Prepare to
 fight a battle against a Giganto. I've already defeated this one before, but
 I don't mind fighting it again. After defeating it, you'll get another
 Pterobronc Claw. I got one from Rich before; it's the same thing.

 - Go back to Mantiac and to the same area, scene.

  The Happy Place - "Nam Cobanda Isle"
 I'm going to give this place a whole new section for itself, since this is
 the introdcution to it. This place is located on the far northwest region on
 the world map. It's an island of course. It's very close to the hot spring,
 Yumanju and with the help of the people on gamefaqs, there's a gald trick to
 spam in the process. Anyways, during the scene, buy the ticket, very cheap and
 it's an one time deal.

 Go north and enter the left door, which leads you to the gym. Scene. You will
 now be standing at the entrance. There's a cow kid and an Ant Lion Man to the
 north. The Kow Kid lets you buy chips in exchange for gald or grade. The ALM
 lets you trade ships for items or rather, prizes. Behind the ALM, located the
 Wonder Chef. Wonder Chef will now teach you the recepie Vichyssoise.

 Go to the far left and talk to that guy near the stage. Scene. Titles will
 be given to the characters.
 Yuri:     Improvisionist
 Estelle:  Heroic Actress
 Obtained: Shield of Valor, Hero's Sword
 Karol:    Brillant Support Role
 Rita:     Spotlight Hog

 The Kow Kid standing on the lower left is called the Movie Player. He can show
 you scenes that you've seen in the past. If you haven't seen them though, they
 will appear ???? on them. The scene that you will see while talking to the
 Kow Kid is the Halure Tree part with Estelle. At this time, there should be
 2 ????

 There are a few others, but I'm not going to get involved in those yet.
 Instead, exit the gym to the right. Go north/right and enter a place called
 the Shoe Locker. Check the middle for Magic Lens and All-Divide. Well,
 time to get rich and finacially free in this game. This section is for those
 who want to finish the Orphange Donation, Hot Spring Event, and the
 achievement of "Piggybank" which is to have 10,000,000 Gald Chips. You'll
 also get Jackpot, which is 10,000 Chips Won.
  Gald Grinding Casino Trick
 Even though you get to finish 3 things in the process, your goal should be to
 get Piggybank (10 million gald).

 1) Talk to the Kow Kids that does the exchange for chips. Talk to the ALM that
    let's you trade in chips for prizes. Talk to the poker Kow Kid and then
    exit/quit the game.
 2) Go to the Kow Kids and trade in your gald for 500 chips. Exit Cobanda and
    save your game.
 3) Go back inside and play poker. Aim to get 10,000 Chips at first, but your
    true goal should be to get at least 500,000 chips. People that like this
    a lot, like myself, shouldn't be too surprised if they reached 3,000,000
    chips or more.

  a) Always to aim to get pairs, or multiples. Pair, Three of a kind, four
     of a kind, and 5 of a kind.
  b) When you're missing 1 card to get a flush or straight, take the chance.
  c) The true method to get a lot of chips is not to get pairs or anything
     else, it's actually taken place when you double up. It can go from
     double your winnings to, 32 folds of your winnings and more. I've
     managed to get a little bit over 300K in one hand
  d) When you first start out and you have 500 chips, bet 100 each time and
     if you lose it all, reload. If you accumulate over 5000 chips however,
     exit Cobanda and save your game. Then start betting 500 each time.
     The more you bet, the faster your chips will grow. You can always reload
     your game, so that shouldn't an issue. Over time, saving isn't required
     anymore. You should confident now.
  e) During doubling, if you get a 2, 3, or 4, bet high. If you get a J, Q,
     K, or Ace, bet low. Get anywhere from 5 through 10, and you'll need to
     think about it. This is a gamble though. It's possible that you'll get
     a 2 when you're current card is a 3. The system can sometimes piss you
     off. Expect that to happen... a lot.
  f) Joker (Yuri) is a wild card. I hope I'm not seeing things because I've
     got different results from it. Anyways, when you get Joker, always bet
     low. Joke is suppose to be the highest hard, higher than Ace.
  g) Don't judge their pictures alone. You have have 2 Kings with different
     pictures on them.

 4) I kind of lied. You don't really need over 500K. 150K is more than enough
    if you just want to get rich. This process however, is quite tedious, but
    it's proven to be the fastest of all methods. Time to do some math.
 5) Talk to the ALM to trade chips. To get rich, we only need to pay attention
    to the first page. Anyways, you should see this:

    Miracle Gel            10
    Barrier                10
    Specific               20
    Treat                  20
    Special Gel           100
    Limit Bottle          500

 6) Get 15 items of these:
    Miracle Gel x 15 =  150
    Specific    x 15 =  300
    Treat       x 15 =  300
    Special Gel x 15 = 1500; Grand Total = 2250 Chips per trip
     - You don't need to check your inventory. They'll tell you if you can carry
     anymore or not, meaning you're full on that item. You do have to do this
     one at a time, but I wish you could just massively get all of them. This
     is the most tedious part.

 7) Exit Cobanda. Fly to Yumanju (Hot Spring). Talk to the shop and sell all of
    your Miracle Gels, Specifics, Treats, and Special Gel. Selling 15 of each
    these and then combining that altogether gets you 172,500 Gald per trip. And
    this is per trip. It usually takes 3 to 5 minutes each trick.

 8) 2,250 Chips = 172,500 Gald
    172,500/2,250 = 1 Chip is worth ~76 Gald
    10,000,000/76 = 131589 Chips
    This means, you need at least 140K Chips in order to get Piggybank

 9) The second page on the prize:
    Holy Avenger +1           35000
    Calabash Potion           50000
    Harold's Mask             70000
    Miracle Bangle           100000
    Risky Ring               111111
    Final Symbol             222222

    Calabash Potion is an attachment for Raven. Harold's Mask is an attachment
    for Rita. So both of items, you can only buy them once and they'll disappear
    from the list. All others, you can buy multiples of.

    Mircale Bange: Great for the colesium since it recovers 10% HP and TP for
     ever enemy defeated. Excellent for Rita in the colesium. Tidal Wave!
    Risky Ring: Lower your defense and magic defense, but you don't have to
     worry about TP anymore because all uses of costs 1 now
    Final Symbol: Most used by myself. Occasionaly recovers 3% HP and TP
    Holy Avenger +1: A sword for Estelle. She doesn't any Combo Plus, but this
     will do, if not better than that.

    Personally, I would get 2 Miracle Bangle, 2 Risky Ring, 1 Holy Avenger +1,
    and 5 Final Symbols. However, there are some people that would just get
    7 of each. There's also some people would get many Holy Avengers +1 and
    sell them. I think that's a waste, but you can do whatever you want. It's
    your game after all.

 10) By using this method, I think it took me about 2/3 hours to get 10 million
     gald. I could've been slow, but whatever. For all other sidequests, I
     suggest at least 2 million. The Donations and Aurnion.
 Okay, time to continue with other certain tasks that you can do here.
 - Legendary Gambler
 As you get more chips, save at WM, and come back, you have a chance to
 trigger a scene. It doesn't matter if you defeat him or not, you'll still get
 the title. If you win, you get more gald (20K), if you lose, less gald, (15K)
 Judith will get the title of Legendary Gambler. To win, it's all about luck,
 nothing else. If you get a good hand and you can manage to double it up more
 and more, you'll win.
 - Judith's Poker Face
 If you decide to buy at least 5 of the high priced items (35K+), you'll
 trigger a scene. Judith will get the title of Poker Face.
 - Raven's Hardcore Gamer
 A little bit south of the toy dispensers, you can find a Kow Kid. Talk to him
 to play Tales of Draspi. In order to get the title, you'll need to enter the
 first screen of the game itself. That being said, you just need to see the
 "Tales of Draspi" screen 30 times or so before you get the title. Besides the
 title, I really don't see the point in playing this game. There are no prizes
 and the game is endless. Each time you play, that'll cost you 10 Gald. Soon
 you'll get Hardcore Gamer title along with Ultimate Blue Cape.

  Donation Time
 Now that you're filthy rich, you should start donating that to charity.

 - Go to Yumanju (Hot Spring) and talk to that guy in the front desk. That's
 50K per person, which means you'll end up giving up 300K total (dogs don't
 count). Scene.

 - Go to Torim. Find a plump purple lady on the south side near the Inn's area.
 Talk to her, scene. She's asking for 500K. Give it to her. Attempt to exit
 out to the left. Scene. Estelle will get the title of Noble Princess.

 - If you already haven't done so, go to Nordopolica. Scene. That was fast.
 - I suggest you make a seperate save before entering the next area. Nevermind,
 I'll just tell you. Go to any shop and create the Limit Trio. This is needed.
 Also, make sure that Yuri has the skill "Special" learned and equipped.

  Leader's Meeting
 Go back to the same place where you did the reinforcement phase. Enter the
 city/town that's there. Scene. Go talk to Flynn. Go to the far right of this
 place to find the Wonder Chef. Today, Wonder Chef will teach you how to make
 Crepe. Now, you should be prepared for a battle. Go inside the inn and check
 the left and the right, Specific and Treat. Save your game. No spoilers. Talk
 to knight at the south entrance. Scene. Don't read the next section until you
 have played the battle. It's full of spoilers and I'm saying that to you right

 BOSS BATTLE #23 (SPOILERS, Don't read unless you already know)
 Free Run. All of his attacks can be free run'd if time correctly. When he
 starts casting magic however, attack him to interupt it. However, if you're
 going for the SM. You need to have Flynn use all of his attacks. Here's a list
 of all his attacks of when he used it on me.

  1) Radiant Dragon Fang (Mytic Arte)
  2) Demon Fang
  3) Dragon Swarm
  4) Beast
  5) Tiger Blade
  6) Demonic Chaos
  7) Demonic Circle
  8) Sonic Trust
  9) Guardian Field (Healing)
 10) First Aid      (Healing)
 11) Sword Rain: Alpha
 12) Holy Lance

 To activate Radiant Dragon Fang, which is Flynn's Mystic Arte, you must have
 Yuri perform his Mystic Arte as well. It has to say Mytic Arte. It's not the
 same thing as Burste Arte. For this to happen, Limit Trio is needed, as well
 as the Special that I told you to equip on Yuri. Activate Yuri's Mystic Arte
 ASAP. After that, keep on bring Flynn's HP lower than 20K so that he can use
 Guardian Field and First Aid. Don't interupt Flynn when he's casting, unless
 you've already seen all of his magics. Holy Lance is usually done after First
 Aid is used. Right after Flynn uses his mystic arte and you've lowered his HP
 to 20K or less, just wait until he gives you the "Great" and the SM is yours.
 Also, he can use his Mystic Arte anytime he wants after you made him use it
 for the first time. So don't be surprised.

 Scene after battle. Go north, scene. Go to the HQ and check the north side,
 Limit Bottle x3. You can go around and talk to everyone. If not, go to the
 inn and stay for the night. Scene.

  Sidequesting F Part 1
 - Go to the gym at Cobanda. Talk to the Kow Kid left of the casino table. This
 is about the Miska Doctoral Degree. It's somewhat log I guess. But the costume
 is nice.

 - Go to Aurnion. There's many things that you can trigger. Right now, I trigger
 the part in which I get Flynn's Letter of Challenge.

 - At Aurnion, talk to Flynn standing next to the Blastia. Scene. Yuri learns
 Final Gale in the process.

 - At Aurnion, go into the HQ and search the center left side, scene.
 Obtained "Against a Backdrop of New Hope"

 - At Aurnion, stay at the inn. Scene. Related to Hermes.

 - Stay another night at Aurnion. Scene. Four Spirits

 - Stay another night at Aurnion. Another Hermes scene.

 - Stay at the inn again. Judith's Spear scene

 - To the left of the HQ's entrance, talk to Drake. Yuri will get the title
 of Certified Soldier.

  Restoring Aurnion
 In Aurnion, outside of the HQ's entrance, there's a knight. Talk to him. Time
 to start part 1. He wants you to gather the following items for him:
  - 3 Desier Gold Dust
       Sand Thief drops them. Go to the area outside of Yormgen. They are in
       desert obviously. A faster way, would be to use the search point on
       southwest island of this desert.
  - 3 Hypionia Tree Dark
       Square Shoulder drops them. From Aurnion, go south to find two islands.
       Pick the island on the east. It must be a sunny day. You can steal from
       them as well. Eastern Hypionia if you're lost.
  - 3 Yurzo Fruit
       EX Rhino drops them, you can steal from them as well. They are found
       commonly all over the area where the hotspring is. Most likely in the
       plain (non-forest) areas.

 Those are the methods that I use to get them. There are others, but with this
 plan, you'll know you'll get them for sure. This applies to all parts that
 I've done. When you're done getting 3 of each, go back to Aurnion and talk
 to him again.

 *NOTE: Whenever you don't see him and you have the materials. There's a way to
 get him out. First stay on Aurnion's Inn. Check, if no. Exit to the WM and use
 a matt. Go back to Aurnion and check. Repeat until he comes out. It should take
 no more than 4 minutes by using this process.
  Restoring Aurnion Part 2
 Now he wants the following items:
  - 3 Might Orb
       The Warrior of Mt. Temza drops them. I would rather steal from them
       though because you will have to do a lot of walking. I would use the
       central area of where the save point is to spawn the north side by going
       2 screens away.
  - 3 Treant Flower
       Go to Yumanju (Hot spring), at night, there's an enemy called Bloom. They
       drop them.
  - 3 Crystal
       They are very common in the Crystallands. The tortoise and scorpions drop
       them, but I'm pretty sure the others do as well. Just keep killing them
       until you have 3.
  - 3 Mystic Orb
       Go to Caer Bocram (near Heliord), and find an Umbrella. They drop these.
       The closes one to the entrance is to the left. These enemies are
       called Fancy Parasol. To spawn, exit to the world map and come back
  - 3 Great Leo Fang
       You'll have to go to the last Dungeon Tarqaron in order to get these. So
       fly to where Aspio is and triggers scenes after scenes. When you have
       control of your character, go north and into that whole. Scene. This
       area should be really bright and blue. Hug the left and go down the
       stairs to see this lion-like enemy. They are called Schwert. They drop
       this item, semi-rarely. To spawn this guy exit to the world map and
       go back inside. Unless you want to explore this place to find more of

  *While you're getting Might Orbs in Mt. Temza, if you cross the midway point,
  you'll trigger a scene. Judith will learn Sundering Moon

  After you have all the items, go back to Aurnion and give it to him.
  Restoring Aurnion Part 3
 This is the final part. Good grief. He wants the following:
  - 1 Greenlight Stone
       Outside the area of Nordopolica at night time. Find these glowing bug
       that look like fireflies. They drop them fairly commonly.
  - 1 Pitch-black Ink
       Between Egothor and Baction is an island, in snowy weather. There are 2
       types of enemies here. A red one and a purplish one. The purplish one is
       huge. The purple ones drops this kind of item, very rarely. You'll
       probably need to kill at least a dozen of these in order to get one.
       Don't confuse this with Jet-Black Ink. Those are too common. We want
       Pitch-black Ink
  - 1 Rare Metal
       I'm not going to bother with Giganto hunting. Save at the inn in Mantiac.
       Find the only island south west of the Desier. There should be a skeleton
       head. It's a search point. It's very common for it to have Rare Metal. If
       not, reload and try again. It has it 50% of the time.
  - 500,000 Gald
       By using the Casino/Poker trick in Cobanda, this shouldn't be an issue.

 Now that you have all of them, go back to him and give it to him. We now need
 to wait for Aurnion to be rebuild. We don't actually wait, we spend nights
 at the inn to speed up the process. First, stay 5 times at the inn. Then go
 to the World Map and use a matt. Go check to see it triggers a scene. If not,
 go back to the world map, go into a battle, escape, use a map, go back to
 Aurnion again. Keep doing this until the scene triggers. Well, Aurnion is
 finished being rebuilt. Save game.
 * Blue Crystal Rod
 With Aurnion fully rebuilt, go to the left side to find loder. Talk to him.
 Scene. Obtained BC Rod. BC Rod is Estelle's strongest weapon, not counting
 Fell Arm. That is because of BC Rod's Magic Attack. If you don't see loder,
 come back to this later on. Just remember. Or you can stay at the inn a few
 times until he shows up.
 * Tough Dog
 To the left of the Blastia, if Repede has learn a certain number of skills,
 a scene will trigger. Tough Dog title will be given to Repede
 * Shining Star
 If Raven has learned a certain number of skills, a scene will automatically
 trigger as you enter Aurnion. Raven will get the title Shining Star. A fairly
 decent costume.
  Aurnion Warehouse Sidequest
 This only exists if you rebuilt Aurnion and this is the final Warehouse to
 clear in order for Karol to get his title.

 a) BB Right; BD Down, Left; BC Down, Left
 b) BE All the Way Up. Chest it, Special Gel x3
 c) BF Right; BG Left 2, Down, All the Way Right
 d) BH Right 2; BJ Left e) BK Down 4; BM Left, Down; BL Left
 f) BM Up 3, Up; BK All the Way Up, Right. Chest it, Spring of Wisdom
 g) BI Up 3, Right 3, Up. Chest it, Mysterious Piece

   BE          BKBM
       BF  BG

     BC  BD

   BA  BB      BH
     X       BI

  For me, this is my final warehouse to clear and I just did it. Scene. Karol
  will get the title of Warehouse Master

  Sidequesting F Part 2
 Well, the Doctoral Degree isn't finished yet, so let's continue with that.

 - Go to Mantiac and into the inn. Scene. This will trigger the Everlight
 Refinement Quest, which is done later on. Check the north central bookshelf,
 scene. Obtained The Legend that Sleeps in Searing Sands

 - Go to Heliord and in the HQ. Go north again and into the meeting room. Check
 the left bookshelf, scene. Obtain Urban Planning for Bustling Cities

 - Go to Torim Habor from the Inn's side, scene. Karol will learn
 Rendering Drop in the process.

 - Torim Harbor. Go to Fortune's HQ in the central park. Check the bookshelf
 to the upper right corner, scene. Obtain Reflections on the Scent of the Sea

 - Go to Halure and toward the tree. Scene

 - Halure. Go to the major's house. In the central area, check the left side
 of books, scene. Obtain The Village Carpeted with Flowers. Another scene.
 - Hot Spring (Part 3)
 Go to Yumanju (Hot Spring) and talk to the main desk guy. Scene. Yes, you'll
 need to pay another 600,000 Gald (900K so far) and this is the final one.
 Paying wise. Scene.
 - Miska Doctoral Degree (Final Part)
 Go to Cobanda and talk to Miska. Now get ready to take the test. O, here,
 I'll help you cheat. The answers are always the same and they don't change at

     Q1: When was "Tales of Destiny" released in North America? (1)
     A1: 3) September 30, 1998

     Q2: In "Tales of Symphonia", who is the worst cook in the party? (24)
     A2: 1) Raine Sage

     Q3: What is Norma Beatty's nickname from "Tales of Legendia"? (52)
     A3: 4) Bubbles
     Q4: Which of the following characters does NOT appear in (81)
          "Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology"?
     A4: 3) Presea Combatir

     Q5: Which of the following events does NOT take place on Nam Cobanda Isle
          in "Tales of the Abyss"? (100)
     A5: 1) Ishtar turns to stone
  Scene afterwards. NOTE* No matter if you get all of them correct or not,
 Karol's score never changes. 82 Points. In the process, Rita will get the title
 Miska Doctoral Degree, which in my opinion is one of her best outfits in this
 game, second or better than her Seeker. Karol will get the title of
 Little Shrimp Professor. He doesn't take it though, how sad.

 If you got them all correct, you'll get:
   * 10G - Smarty-pants
  Seduction Costumes
 Sorry, but I don't recall how many of each item I'll need for one of these,
 but they are both the same thing. Just farm more of these. Or pay attention to
 how many that guy wants and multiple that by 2, since the first one is free.
 And leaves two more sets. If I mentioned something that isn't needed, just
 ignore it.

 - Spirit Fragment
    It's dropped by both forms of ghosts at Antherum (Ghost Ship) and they
    drop it commonly.
 - Cheagle Fur
    Dropped by Gentlemieu at Niffel Lake, night time. From Mt. Temza, travel
    north (south from Hotspring) to this crater like area. The lake is dried up
    so it's filled with sands. These are the only guys that you see during the
    night time. They do drop it rather rarely though.
 - Sacred Tree
    Blooms drops them. Night time at the area outside of Yumanju (Hotspring)
 - Cockatrice Claw
    Passion Cockatrice drop them. Desier on the world map at night. Fairly
    common drops from them. They are flaming red. Close to Yormgen.

 Heliord. Go down to the campsite and to the lower left. Siciliy scene.
 You'll get Murakumo, weapon for Repede.

 Titles that will be given in the process:
 Karol   - Girly
 Estelle - Enchanting Belle
 Judith  - Sultry Tempest
 - Hot Spring Costume (Final Part)
 Go to Yumanju (Hotspring) again. Talk to the same person as before. Scene.
 You now need to talk to all the other characters in order to move on.
    - Raven and Judith: Main Lobby (near the main desk)
    - Karol: Men's locker room
    - Estelle: Woman's locker room
    - Rita: North of Woman's locker room

    After all of that, go to the main desk again to trigger a scene. You will
    obtain "Yumanju, Permanent Free Pass." This doesn't mean you'll get any more
    scenes at this place. Just the name of it. Also, each will get to keep their
    costumes and a title  to boot.
    - Yuri:    Tank Top Lover
    - Estelle: Massage Therapist
    - Karol:   Towel Fanatic
    - Rita:    Fashionista
    - Judith:  Enchanting Beauty
    - Raven:   Spa Manager
 - Sorcerer's Ring Level 5
 Time to get the final level for the Sorcerer's Ring, even though I don't see
 how more powerful it is from level 4. Level 5 just shoots farther away. Go to
 to the are krene south of Yumanju. Any one of them works, but I find this
 somewhat convenient. Once there, SR any rocks that blocks your path. Make your
 way to the right side and head towards the center of. Scene. Level 5 SR is
 now yours. It's WHITE! Nice! Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 5 obtained! Final Form.
 * Very good skit afterwards
 - Dog Map Part II
 As much as I want to recommend this, I don't think you should do it just
 yet. There are some areas that requires you in order to clear the game
 first in order to open up new areas and get them. I did it, but I kinda
 regretted. At least I don't have to bother with a lot areas. Do this later
 and I'll give a little more advice on the subject.

 With 85% of it complete, go to Aurnion (My Aurnion is fully rebuilt) and go
 to the left side to trigger scene. Obtained Pork Chop, for Repede.
 - Dark Enforcer Conclusion
 Go to Zaphias, and to the public quarters to the right. This is the final
 scene for Dark Enforcer even though you have the title already. It just shows
 what happens to one of the people involved in it.
 - Map Nerd
 You could've done this a long time ago, but I just decided to do this right
 now. By using Ba'ul, go to every corner of the world map. Use both the little
 minimap and the huge world map to locate what you have missed. The Mini-map
 usually shows these white spots which you have no covered, if it's on the
 blue ocean that is.
 - Everlight Refinement (Long Quest)
 Go to Dahngrest and into the inn. To the left side and talk to the woman

 - Go to Cobanda and head to the upper left corner of the first area. Talk to
 the couple, scene.

 - Go to Aurnion and into the HQ, talk to Flynn, scene.

 - Go to Zaphias and near the exit of the Noble Quarter, talk to one of the
 guards standing on the left side, scene.

 - Go inside the Zaphias' Castle and into the Prison Chambers. Find that
 bitch in one of the cells, talk to her, scene.

 - Go to Nor and towards the inn, scene.

 - Go on aboard the ghost ship and to the north side, scene. Drawn into a
 battle. Scene.

 - Go to Caer Bocram and straight north, scene.

 - Go to Dahngrest and all the way north into the Union HQ. Go into the
 Prison cells and talk to that person imprisoned. He wants you to cook
 something for him.

   *While traveling through this part, you will trigger a scene.
    Pick 1st Option to be declared the winner.
    Pick 2nd Option to be in second place
     - Both leads to the same outcome. You'll get Karol's Infinity.
     * Infinity is Karol's strongest, not counting Fell Arms

 - Go to the Dahngrest Inn. Save.
   1) Use Estelle to Cook Friend Chicken and Fries until you get the recepie
      Scottish Egg. Sleep after cooking and keep cooking/sleeping, until you
      get Scottish Egg.
   2) Have Raven Cook Scottish Egg like before. Keep doing this until you get
      the recepie Okonomiyaki

 - Go back to the prison cell of Dahngrest's Union HQ. Talk to the prisoner
   again and cook for him Okonomiyaki. Obtain Irmine's Manual.

 - Go to Mantiac and to the inn. Talk to that guy, scene. Everlight Refinement
   quest is now finished. Only the conclusion is left.
 - Golden Soldier
 Go to Keiv Moc. As you enter, scene. Afterwards, Karol will get the title
 of Golden Soldier (best costume for Karol, IMHO). Another:
 Letter of Challenge (Hunting Blades) Obtained
 - Motivational Requirements (Siciliy Finale)
 Go to Halure and go to the same place that you met Sicily. Talk to him and
 he'll give a list to do in order to give him some motivation. I've listed
 all the tasks and what needs to be done in order to get it. For each
 character, you'll get a weapon for each task done. To check your progress
 just go to your Records. All of them in there. For Battle Evaluation,
 just get into a battle (Hard Mode) and get grades from it. After battle,
 look at the report as to why you got the grade that you got.

 1) Motivational Ran Away from Battle:  50 Escapes Total
     - 765kg Hammer for Karol (Heavy Weight)

 2) Motivational Amount of Money:       Carry 1,000,000 Gald
     - Slingshot for Raven (Endless Shot, Vacance, Cooking Plus)

 3) Motivational Repeat An Attack:      200 Hit Combo
     - Shinai for Yuri (Dragon Buster)

 4) Motivational Finish a Battle:       Win in 3 seconds or less
     - Grilled Chicken for Repede (Lucky Call + Lucky Plus 2)

 5) Motivational Number of Battles:     Get into 1000 Battles or More
     - Deck Brush for Judith (Temptation)

 6) Motivational Deal Damage:           10,000,000 Damage Given
     - Measuring Tape for Rita (Randomize + Lucky End)

 7) Motivational Battle Evaluation:     Get Grade, and look at the chart
     - Cat Teaser for Estelle (Sleep 'n Heal)

 After all of those are done, this quest is over. This is the finale.
 - Vesperia Job Conclusion
 Go to the Halure Tree. Scene. Rita will get Ivy Blade. Ivy Blade is Rita's
 strongest weapon, not counting Fell Arms. There's only 1 part left. That's
 triggered by going into the center of Dahngrest. It's a talking scene.
 - Repede, the Royal Dog
 Go to Adventure King's Inn (North of Halure, place where you got the Giganto
 prizes) Stay at the inn. Scene. Repede will learn Shining Fang. Stay at the
 inn again, scene. Repede will recieve Order of the Loyal Hound and get the
 title of Ultimate Dog Warrior.
 - Estelle, Dedicated Paramedic
 Go to Aurnion and into the Inn. Talk to the doctor, scene. There's two other
 scenes left to trigger before you get the title. It all depends on how much
 Estelle has healed throughout the game. Here's a small guide to accomplish
 this task fast.

  1) Control Estelle. Set all of her attack to Revitalize or anything that
     massively heals. Equip Risky Ring on Estelle.
  2) Black Onyx on other battle members (optional, just to increase HP)
     9999 HP would be great, but not needed
  3) Set the 3 characters to:
     Help Allies
     Avoid Risk
     Do Not Use
     Keep Distance
     Do Not Use for the last three
  4) Then change the formation. Put Estelle in the front, and the other 3 on
     far left/back as possible. Therefore, all the enemies concentration would
     be on Estelle when the battle starts. Easy Mode
  5) Exit out of Aurnion. Go to a battle that has at least 1 bunny. Using
     Estelle, kill off all the enemies except the bunny.
  6) Use Taunt once and keep casting Revitalize. Since we have Risky Ring on,
     you can basically cast way more than needed. Every cast cost 1 TP, so
     after 150 casts or so, defeat the bunny and save your game.
  7) Attempt to trigger the last events in Aurnion. Go back into this process
     if those scenes didn't trigger.

  Scene 1 - The one stated before, inside the inn
  Scene 2 - Talk to the guy standing to the lower right of the inn's entrance
  Scene 3 - Just outside of the inn. May need to go to the left of the inn's
    entrance and back to the entrance in order to trigger it.

  Dedicated Paramedic afterwards.
 - Estelle's Teacher Final Part, Worldly Adventurer
 In Aurnion, check the north, then a little to the right to find Drake. After
 the scene, Estelle gets Wordly Adventurer. You may need to exit and re-enter
 Aurnion to get Drake to show up. Also, Aurnion must be fully rebuilt
 - Raven's Vanji Lost
 Go to the world map and make the on screen battle into Raven. Enter Aurnion and
 go north to trigger a scene. After that, Raven will learn Vanji Lost. I'm
 pretty sure you need to trigger a few other events before getting this one.
 Worldly Adventurer may be needed before this.
 - The Red Box
 Go to the real Yormgen (the one near Mt. Temza) and find this red box to
 the north side. It's where the inn is suppose to be at. Talk to it to trigger
 a scene.
 - Rita's Seeker
 This is one of the best costumes for Rita. I know there are a few statements
 floating around about what one needs to do to fight this requirement.

 a) Whole Party Deals 70,000,000 damage or more
 b) Rita deals over 20,000,000 worth of damage

 I'll have to stick with option a because you can't really count how much damage
 Rita has dealed so far. Even so, Rita is the best character to rack a lot of
 damage towards the enemy. I can suggest 2 places to do this grinding process.

 a) 100/200 Man Melee (Colesium)
 b) Memories (Post Game)

 For me, after 60,000,000 worth of damage (check your records to see this list)
 before I got Seeker. Now ahead over to Halure. Once you enter Halure, keep
 going to the left. Then talk to a lady standing near the fountain. She is
 wearing a white robe. Seeker obtained.

  Recollection Guardian
 This is somewhat of a long task; depending on your luck. The main reason to do
 this is for Yuri's Title, Recollection Guardian.

 1) Go to Dahngrest and into the right shop (not the one with the inn). You'll
    notice a guard giving off "..." constantly. Talk to him to trigger an event.

 2) Open the door on the right and check around inside that room for items. You
    should find the following items: Stun Bracelet, Poison Ward, and
    (C) F Statue

 3) Go to Yumanju (Hotspring) and into the main lobby where the clerk is. Find
    an old guy on the top left. Talk to him for a scene. He wants you to
    collects things. The following lists where they are.

 4) Three statues in Yumanju. Top left machine.
    500 Gald - Toy Dispenser  = (C) H Statue
    500 Gald - Toy Dispenser  = (C) B Statue (Same one has H Statue)
    500 Gald - Toy Dispenser  = (C) J Statue (Same as previous)

 5) One Statue in Zaphias. Talk to Hanks in the Lower Quarter, is to the right
    of the fountain. That makes 5, including the one from Dahngrest.
    (C) L Statue obtained

 6) Go to Nam Cobanda and into the Gym. To the north are toy dispensers again.
    10 Chips - Toy Dispenser  = (C) S Statue
    50 Chips - Toy Dispenser  = (C) I Statue
    50 Chips - Toy Dispenser  = (C) N Statue
   100 Chips - Toy Dispenser  = (C) R Statue
   100 Chips - Toy Dispenser  = (C) P Statue
   500 Chips - Toy Dispenser  = (C) M Statue

    With that, you should have the following:
    F - H - B - J - L - S - I - N - R - P - M
    Which totals 11 Statues

 7) Go back to Yumanju (Hotspring) and talk to the guy that requested these
    statues. Yuri's Recollection Guardian afterwards.

  Grade Grinding Rita
 I'm not sure if my Grade Shop/Grinding FAQ will be posted or not as of right
 now, so I'm just going to C/P it into here. It contains just about everything
 I want to say, and I don't want to type it out again. This is quite huge btw.
 One thing I do want to add though is that you'll get an achievement and maybe
 even 2 titles; Get a combo of 100 and more:

     20G - The Hit that Keeps On Hitting
     Yuri will get the title of: Combo Master
     And maybe even: King of Combos

 The main concept of this method, I've learned from someone else, but I'm going
 to put this in my own words. I'm not going to copy what they said and put them
 here. That's copyright infringement. Besides, two different methods.

 *If you feel like this is too much information, that's beacuse 25% of this
 serves as an arguement of why this method works, and why this is better.

 Well, like the title states. You use Rita, obviously. What else? Tidal Wave.
 Both you should already have and I don't need to describe how/why. With Rita
 being used, the other 3 characters don't matter. It can be anyone.

 Okay, now let's talk about skills you want Rita to have. Just doing this as
 I run down the list from top to bottom:
  - Light Magic: Decreases TP consumption and cast time. Also decreases the
    spell's power.
  - Minimum Damage: Damage inflicted will be reduced to 1
  - Spell End: Able to move immediately after casting a spell.
  - O.L. Boost: Increases the duration of Over Limit.
  - *Spirits, 2, 3, and maybe even 4: Increases Max TP by 20 - 50 - 100 - 150
    If you have 999 already, then you don't need it.
  - **OVL Bonus 2: Occasionally fully restores TP during Overlimit

 *Not really needed if you have a Risky Ring, but Rita should be at level 50
 and up. Just to be sure that you have TP to do this.

 **Even though this isn't needed, I rather have this equip if it's possible.
 This guarantees that you won't need to use items to recover ever again, no
 matter how long you want to do this before quitting.

 Here are list of weapons that you might want if you don't have the required
  skills used in this method. Most of which comes from synthesis.

 - Ever Blue (All) = Light Magic
 - Sash +1         = Minimum Damage
 - Psychedelica +1 = Spell End + Spirits 2
    *Blade Drifts of Zopheir
 - Nova (All)      = O.L. Boost
 - Ivy Blade       = Spirits 4
 - Sword Whip +1a  = OVL Bonus 2 (and +1b)

 - Lovely Cat Dictionary = Spirits 3
 Other equipments
 - Risky Ring = TP casting is now 1; This is for Rita
    To get this item, trade in 111111 Chips in Nam Cobanda Isle. This is towards
    the end of the game, when the final dungeon is revealed.
 - (0-3) Blue Dice = Earn 20% More Grade; This is for all other characters
    This is not required, but speeds up the process
  1 Kow Kids final exchange/prize contain a Blue Dice
  2 With a Level 4 or 5 Sorcerer's Ring, find it near the end of Keiv Moc from
    burning bushes. Blue Dice is in a chest.
  3 Third Encounter with Zagi gets you a Dice. Secret Mission may be required

    * If you have a Dice and want to make into a Blue Dice, the material needed
    synthesis is to the west of Mt. Temza's mountain areas at night.
    Gentlegolem has it.

    * If you do a lot of searching/grinding at the EX Dungeon in post game, you
    will end up getting a lot of Dice.

  Besides the Blue Dice, everything else equipped to the other 3 characters
  does not matter. The same goes for Rita and Risky Ring
 *NOTE: This isn't the original method. The original method was to use Wonder/
  Mystic Symbol and have skills that support TP, and having Repede use items on
  Rita whenever she is low on TP. However, if Rita is in Over Limit mode
  already, the casting time is set to 0, so there isn't a need to reduce the
  casting time any further. You can't get negative for casting. Therefore, using
  Risky Ring is the better method

 *It was said that Risky Ring makes it more difficult. I don't find this to be
  true at all. I find it to be way more better. I got a combo over 5000 hits
  without breaking. Don't tell me that's not good. You can argue the point as
  much as you want. Risky Ring does work.

 *Test Risky Ring first before you say anything bad about it. Pretend you're
  using Wonder/Mystic Symbol
 Battle Sequence
  1) You'll be controlling Rita, so her's doesn't matter

  2) For battle formations, but Rita in the very back and the other 3 characters
     in the very front and surrounding her.

  3) For all 3 characters set this up for them
      Target:      Help Allies
      HP:          Avoid Risk
      TP:          Do Not Use
      Action:      Defend
      Position:    Keep Distance
      Item:        Do Not Use
      OVL:         Do Not Use
      FS:          Do Not Use
        *The key into all of this, is "Defend"
  Set Tidal Wave for all the commands. This is the only spell you should be
  spamming. To kill them, when you want to quit, use FS. You don't have to use
  FS, you just get more grade and you don't have to do with some other person.
 Random Battles
  I'm going to stick with the same area mentioned by the creator. That is the
  area outside of Halure during night time. You'll run in this hog/pig that
  has yellow ears with body of purple. Get into a battle with 4 of them.

  *Honestly, this works with 3 monsters as well.

  *It has been said that you need to link encounter with 6 enemies and up.
  That's because they wanted to fill the OL bar to level 3 or 4. For this
  method, I don't need 3 or 4, level 1 is good enough. Level 3 and 4 makes it
  so that the TP cost of all spell is 0. TP isn't an issue if I'm using the
  Risky Ring. Level 3/4 doesn't make me cast Tidal Wave any faster.
 Difficulty Setting
  Set the difficulty to Hard or if you can, Unknown. Setting it on higher
   difficulties will give you a bonus for grades at the end. 1.5x more Grade
 Last Preparation
  Before going into battle, increase your OL to at least level 1.
  IF you do enter the battle without level 1, use a Limit Bottle with someone
   else besides Rita. So that you can OL with Rita ASAP.
 The Actual Grade Grinding Process
 With everything else that is stated previously and taken into consideration,
 you should be using Rita with Tidal Wave set up. Encounter the battle with
 the 4 Warhogs.

 1) As soon as the battle starts, double check to see that the Battle Sequence
    is indeed turned on and working.

 2) Over Limit Rita and cast Tidal Wave constantly.

 3) If the Over Limit Bar is about to run out, keep on hitting the Over Limit
    button to make sure that Rita stay in Over Limit form.

 4) The purpose of this isn't to get a nice long combo. It's to get a good
    FS chain going. As long as you see Chain ####, that's good enough. Even
    if you get constant Chains of 10, break, Chain 10, break, that still
    counts. All we want is FS Chains and they'll accumulate. Breaking any
    chains will not concern you in getting more Grade. This is the key
    concept of getting Grades from this battle, FS Chaining

    *You can of course, attempt to get a nice long combo which isn't related
    into getting more grade. I've managed to pull a combo of 5535, but that
    does take over 30 minutes non-stop. The reason that it broke was because
    I accidently triggers a Burste Arte by actually holding it down.

    *Combo of 999 also gives you a small amount of Grade. Isn't needed.

 5) What does concern you in regards of how much Grade you get, depends on
    how long you do it before quitting, and saving. I suggest no more than
    20 minutes. You could be doing this for 40 minutes straight or longer
    and get grades equal or worse than if you stopped at 15 minutes.

    *Prepare to listen to the following:
      Tidal Wave, Blah Blah Blah, Tidal Wave, I'm so going to make you
      Blah Blah Blah, Tidal Wave Blah Blah Blah, Tidal Wave...

 6) I suggest any where from 8 to 20 minutes per session before stopping.

 7) When you think you're done. FS the enemies after casting Tidal Wave.
    If you don't want to, you always have your AI partners destroy them for
    you, but you would need to mess with their stuff, and taking damage in
    battle also gives you a deduction in Grade. Your choice.

    *Using Burste Arte/Mystic Artes works just as well. You do get grade for
    using them in battle.

 *NOTE: To get one of Judith's Costumes (Sky), it's required to get 1000
  FS Chains. So really, you're just killing two birds with 1 stone.

 After the battle, don't expect too much. The grade that you get can range
 from 700 to 2500+. Doing it for 20 minutes, usually gets you around 1300~
 or so. But sometimes, you will get more or less. This process flucuates,
 so there isn't a guarantee of how much grade you'll get.

 Do this for an hour or so, then go to Cobanda to check your overall Grade.
 Aim to get 18,450 Grades. This can take about 2 to 4 hours, but it's
 proven to the fastest method.

  Cook Master Section
 Most of this info is C/P from my currently working Cooking Guide. Here's what
 I want to put in and I'll explain the process later on near the end.

 Rice Ball
 Beef Bowl
 Omelette Rice
 Meat Sauce
 Cream Stew
 Udon Noodles Hot Pot
 Mabo Curry
 Salisbury Steak
 Pork Stew
 Kebab Sandwich
 Fish with Miso Sauce
 Seafood Bowl
 Fried Chicken and Fries
 Scottish Egg
 Minestrone Soup
 Miso Soup
 Clam Chowder
 Pork Miso Soup
 Japanese Stew
 Vegetable Stir Fry
 Soup Noodles
 Fruit Parfait

 This is the complete list of all the recepies and the order will go like this.
 This is the fully detailed part of the recepie list.

 Recepie Name
 Ingredients Used
 How It Is Obtained
 Game Description

 Note: Question - What do you mean by Estelle - Sandwich?
 Answer - That means you use Estelle to cook sandwich until you get it

 - Sandwich
 Bread, Egg
 Obtained: Quoi Woods (First Receipe, Storyline Connected)
 HP 10%
 Egg salad sandwiched between two slices
 of bread. Restores a small amount of HP

 - Rice Ball
 Rice, Dried Seaweed, Salmon
 Obtained: Estelle - Sandwich
 HP 5% and TP 5%
 Rice rolled into a ball with a salmon filling.
 Restores a small amount of HP and TP.

 - Beef Bowl
 Rice, Beef, Onion
 Obtained: Yuri - Riceball
 HP 20% and Cured Poison
 A scrumptious bowl of rice topped with
 beef and tofu. Restores some HP.

 - Omelette Rice
 Rice, Egg, Onion, Chicken
 Obtained: Karol - Beef Bowl
 HP 10%, TP 10%, Cured Petrify
 The harmany between eggs, ketchup and
 rice is to die for! Restores some HP and TP

 - Curry
 Meat, Rice, Potato, Onion, Carrot
 Obtained: Mantaic (From Wonder Chef, Tree Near Oasis)
 HP 30%
 An all-time favorite dish made from a blend
 of spices. Restores a moderate amount of HP.

 - Meat Sauce
 Sticky Flour, Tomato, Onion, Pork
 Obtained: Karol - Omelette Rice
 HP 15%, TP 15%, Cured all negative status
 Take caution when wearing white!
 Restores a moderate amount of HP and TP

 - Cream Stew
 Milk, Potato, Carrot, Onion, Chicken
 Obtained: Myorzo (From Wonder Chef, Lower Right, near the little girl)
 HP 40%
 The heavenly cream sauce is perfect with
 potatoes. Restores a large amount of HP.

 - Udon Noodles Hot Pot
 Sticky Flour, Shrimp, Squid, Shiitake, Napa Cabbage, Egg
 Obtained: Yuri - Pork Miso Soup
 HP 50%
 These noodles are piping hot! Don't scorch
 your tongue! Restores a large amount of HP.
 - Mabo Curry
 Rice, Onion, Tomato, Potato, Tofu
 Obtained: Nordopolica (From Wonder Chef near the docks, must mastered all
  other recepies before he shows up.)
 HP 25%, TP 25%, Revived from K.O.
 It's been said that this dish is for heroes.
 Restores a large amount of HP and TP.
 - Salisbury Steak
 Beef, Egg, Onion
 Obtained: Aspio (Left of the Entrance, hard to miss)
 HP 4%, P. ATK increased by 2%!!
 A juicy meat patty topped with a savory
 sauce. Increases Attack slightly.

 - Pork Stew
 Pork, Radish, Kelp
 Obtained: Raven - Beef Bowl
 HP 4%, P. ATK increased by 4%!!
 These tender pork lions just melt away,
 in your mouth. Increases Attack.

 - Kebab Sandwich
 Bread, Beef, Lettuce, Tomato
 Obtained: Nordopolica (Right of the battle registration desk)
 HP 5%, P. ATK increased by 7%!!
 Pita bread stuffed with meat and vegetables.
 Increases Attack moderately.

 - Sukiyaki
 Beef x2, Napa Cabbage, Shittake, Tofu, Egg
 Obtained: Judith - Japanese Stew
 HP 5%, P. ATK increased by 15%!!
 Thin slices of beef and vegetables cooked
 in sweet soy sauce. Increases Attack greatly.

 - Fish with Miso Sauce
 Rice, Mackerel, Miso
 Obtained: Heliord (From Wonder Chef, in the HQs. It swings)
 HP 5%, P. DEF increased by 5%!!
 The miso sauce goes well with steamed rice.
 Increases P. Defense slightly.

 - Sashimi
 Tuna, Mackerel, Salmon, Scallop, Squid
 Obtained: Raven - Salad
 HP 5%, P. DEF increased by 10%!!
 A delicacy consisting of raw, very fresh,
 thinly sliced seafood. Increases Defense.

 - Seafood Bowl
 Rice, Tuna, Salmon, Scallop, Shrimp, Cucumber
 Obtained: Capua Nor
    (Lady near the Inn, In Part 2, connected to a Heliord sidequest)
 HP 5%, P. DEF increased by 15%!!
 A bowl of rice topped with variety of fresh
 seafood. Tasty! Increases P. Defense moderately

 - Sushi
 Fish x3, Rice, Dried Seaweed, Kelp
 Obtained: Karol - Sashimi
 HP 5%, P. DEF increased by 25%!!
 A delicacy of vinegared rice and fresh fish.
 Increases P. DEF greatly.

 - Fried Chicken and Fries
 Chicken, Potato
 Obtained: Capua Torim (Near the docks' tower/house to the right)
 HP 5%, M. ATK increased by 10%!!
 A set of french fries and fried chicken.
 Perfect for parties. Increases Magic Attack slightly.

 - Scottish Egg
 Meat, Egg, Tomato
 Obtained: Estelle - Fried Chicken and Fries
 HP 5%, M. ATK increased by 20%!!
 A hard boiled egg wrapped with meat and
 fried with bread crumbs. Increases Magic Attack.

 - Croquette
 Meat, Potato, Onion
 Obtained: Yormgen (At the inn, right side of the room with beds)
 HP 5%, M. ATK increased by 30%!!
 A deep fried potato morsel with a light,
 crispy texture. Increases Magic Attack moderately.

 - Okonomiyaki
 Meat, Sticky Flour, Egg, Shrimp, Squid, Cabbage
 Obtained: Raven - Scottish Egg
 HP 5%, M. ATK increased by 40%!!
 A hearty pan-fried meal cooked with various
 ingredients. Increases Magic Attack greatly.

 - Tempura
 Vegetable, Sticky Flour, Shrimp, Squid, Egg, Chicken
 Obtained: Judith - Croquette
 HP 5%, M. ATK increased by 50%!!
 A dish of deep fried, lightly battered seafood
 or vegetable. Increases Magic Attack greatly.

 - Minestrone Soup
 Onion, Tomato
 Obtained: Dahngrest (First screen in the HQs, right side)
 HP 5%, M. DEF increased by 20%!!
 A soup made with sun-ripened tomatoes.
 Very nutritious! Increases Magic Defense.

 - Miso Soup
 Tofu, Radish, Miso
 Obtained: Estelle - Minestrone Soup
 HP 5%, M. DEF increased by 40%
 A traditional soup made with miso broth.
 Increases Magic Defense.

 - Clam Chowder
 Onion, Scallop, Potato
 Obtained: Estelle - Miso Soup
 HP 5%, M. DEF increased by 60%!!
 Made with broth filled with all the goodness
 of the ocean. Increases Magic Defense moderately.

 - Vichyssoise
 Sticky Flour, Milk, Potato
 Obtained: Nam Cobanda Isle (From Wonder Chef, right side of the gym)
 HP 5%, M. DEF increased by 80%!!
 A potato soup usually served cold.
 Increases Magic Defense greatly.

 - Pork Miso Soup
 Pork, Tofu, Carrot, Miso
 Estelle - Vichyssoise
 HP 5%, M. DEF increased by 100%!!
 A hearty soup with chunks of vegetables and
 pork in a miso broth. Increases Magic Defense greatly.

 - Salad
 Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber
 Obtained: Ghasfarost (Two screen from last save point, first floor)
 HP 5%, AGL increased by 2000!!
 Greens are good for you! Try them without
 dressing. Increases Agility.

 - Japanese Stew
 Raddish, Squid, Kelp
 Obtained: Judith - Pork Stew
 HP 5%, AGL increased by 2000!! (I know, same thing)
 A traditional home cooked meal. It's difficult
 to get the flavoring just right. Increases Agility.

 - Vegetable Stir Fry
 Meat, Cucumber, Carrot, Onion
 Obtained: Rita - Salad
 HP 5%, AGL increased by 2400!!
 A nutritious dish that can be made with any
 kinds of vegetables. Increases Agility greatly.

 - Soup Noodles
 Sticky Flour, Pork, Cabbage, Onion, Carrot
 Obtained: Raven - Vegetable Stir Fry
 HP 5%, AGL increased by 2800!!
 Noodles and stir fried vegetables served in
 a light chicken broth. Increases Agility greatly.

 - Sorbet
 Fruit, Milk
 Obtained: Capua Nor (Lower Right of the first screen.)
 TP 10%
 A frozen and refreshing dessert made with
 fruit juice, Resores some TP.

 - Pudding
 Milk, Egg
 Obtained: Yuri - Sorbet
 TP 20%
 A creamy custard dessert with a rich
 caramel sauce. Restores some TP.

 - Cake
 Milk, Egg, Strawberry
 Obtained: Yuri - Pudding
 TP 30%
 A sweet treat topped with a big, red
 strawberry. De-lish! Restores moderate amount of TP

 - Crepe
 Milk, Egg, Kiwifruit, Banana
 Obtained: Aurnion (Right side of town)
 TP 40%
 A very thin pancake eaten with fresh
 cream and fruit. Restores a moderate amount of TP

 - Fruit Parfait
 Fruit x4, Milk, Egg
 Obtained: Rita - Crepe
 TP 50%
 Fruits, ice cream and pudding! Oh my!
 Restores great amount of TP.
 Okay, that may look like a lot stuff to do and quite frankly it is. I'll try
 my best to explain how the whole process works.

 * The fastest way to do this, is to go to Aurnion. Cook, use the inn to rest,
   cook, repeat. Buy recepies when needed.

 1) Taken into account that you've picked up all recepies so far, you have the
    potential to finish this. If you miss even one of these, you won't be able
    to finish the process. Do this in EX New Game.

 2) Follow this chart to unlock every single recepie left, except for one:
     Estelle - Sandwich -> * Rice Ball
        Yuri - Riceball -> * Beef Bowl
           Karol - Beef Bowl -> * Omelette Rice
              Karol - Omelette Rice -> Meat Sauce
           Raven - Beef Bowl -> Pork Stew
              Judith - Pork Stew -> Japanese Stew
                 Judith - Japanese Stew -> Sukiyaki

     Estelle - Vichyssoise -> Pork Miso Soup
        Yuri - Pork Miso Soup -> Udon Noodles Hot Pot

     Raven - Salad -> Sashimi
        Karol - Sashimi -> Sushi

     Estelle - Fried Chicken and Fries - > Scottish Egg
        Raven - Scottish Egg -> Okonomiyaki

     Judith - Croquette -> Tempura

     Estelle - Minestrone Soup -> Miso Soup
        Estelle - Miso Soup -> Clam Showder

     Rita - Salad -> Vegetable Stir Fry
        Raven - Vegetable Stir Fry -> Soup Noodles

     Yuri - Sorbet -> Pudding
        Yuri - Pudding -> Cake

     Rita - Crepe -> Fruit Parfait
    All of these are correct, and they're tested and proven by me personally.
    The chances of them creating these recepies are very random. You'll just
    have to keep at it until you get it. It does NOT matter if you already
    have that character Master that recepie or not. Even if you do, they can
    still create that recepie. I have seen that done 4 times so far. So it's
    really not that rare.

 3) Now that all the recepies are now unlocked, pick one character to master
    all of them. Lets pick.. Judith. Have Judith master every single one of
    those recepies that you currently have. It goes like this:

    1 Star
    2 Star
    3 Star

 4) So you now have it all mastered. Good. Go to Nordopolica. To the right
    side of the docks you'll find Wonder Chef in his original form. Talk to him,
    scene. You'll get Mabo Curry. Get Judith to master Mabo Curry.

 5) Now go to Dahngrest. Save game, once you do this, you can't redo this part
    again. Near the west entrance, go talk to the guy standing outside of the
    cooking coliseum. Scene. Pick Judith, since she has mastered everything.
    She will win the battle. If you pick anyone else that hasn't matered every
    single recepie, you'll lose.

 6) If you win that event, Judith will get that title for cooking.
    After that event, one more chat. Then you'll get titles for everyone. Yes,
    just by winning that event, everyone is rewarded with Cooking Titles,
    regardless if they have anything mastered. It's as follows.

    Yuri    - Commoner Chef
    Estelle - Cordon Bleu
    Karol   - Guild Chef
    Rita    - Chemical Chef
    Raven   - Weekend Chef
    Judith  - Chef Mom

    * Great Skit Afterwards

  100 Man Melee (Colesium)
 This place already opened a long time ago, but in order to get to the 100 man
 part, you'll need all the Challenge Letters. Ctrl + F + Challenge to find out
 how to obtain all 3 Challenge Letters. These are the three:

 (L. Claw)        = Leviath's Claw - From Gauche and Droite
 (Flynn's)        = Flynn          - Aurnion
 (Hunting Blades) = Keiv Moc       - From Nan

 Now, you're read to start. Start with the lowest one and work yourself up.
 If you decide to jump to 100 already, that won't work. The recepionist will
 tell you the reason why. So in other words, you'll have to go in this order:

 1) Thirty Man Melee         -  3,000 Gald
 2) Fifty Man Melee          -  5,000 Gald
 3) Eighty Man Melee         -  8,000 Gald
 4) Hundred Man Melee        - 10,000 Gald <-- Aim for this one

  A Few Tips:
 With what we've done so far, if you actually followed every step so far, your
 level should make this thing very easy. I am playing on Easy Mode btw. You
 really don't need to train for this.

 The only thing that I do suggest you equip is Miracle Bangle. Since each kill
 during battle will restore a good amount of HP/MP. I would have to say Raven
 is the hardest character to win these Melee battles with. Spamming OL and doing
 attacks works, I guess.

 Here are some spoilers, so don't read this if you don't know who's in the
 Adecor       - After 28 Enemies Defeated
 Boccos       - After 28 Enemies Defeated
 Nan          - After 41 Enemies Defeated
 Tison        - After 63 Enemies Defeated
 Gauche       - After 89 Enemies Defeated
 Droite       - After 89 Enemies Defeated
 Flynn        - After 92 Enemies Defeated (For Yuri Only)
Win the 100 Man Melee 3 times in order for Estelle to get a title. Like
 I picked Yuri for the first round. Then I picked Rita and Estelle for the other
 2 wins. You can pick anyone else you want. Rita has to be the easiest character
 to use to cruise through this thing fast. With Estelle, I just combo/melee'd
 my way through.

 Prizes for first time winning the 100 Man Melee:
 Yuri     - 20000 Gald
            Star Mail
 Rita     - 20000 Gald
            Elemental Goggle
            Sacred Chain
 Estelle  - "Magical Maiden" Title
            20000 Gald
            Imperial Guard
            Comet Light
            Star Light
 Judith   - "Moonlight Talon" Base Arte
            20000 Gald
            Dragon Coat

  Too Much Free Time
 I don't know about you, but as I reach this point, I've just racket about
 100 hours in playing time. Which gives me the achievement "Too Much Free Time".
 Yes, I do have a lot of free time, thank you very much.

 * Too Much Free Time = 20 G
 "100 hours. Almost 4 whole days. Your journey will continue for as long as
  you want..."

 * Now time to move on since most of the sidequests doable are done. Head to
 Tarqaron. If you forgot where that is, it's where Aspio was once was.

  The Ancient Tower - "Tarqaron"
 If you've done the Rebuilding/Restoring Aurnion process before, you know we
 have been here before. This time, let's finish this place. Like before, I'm
 not going to bother with telling you, go left, go right. How about a map?
 Sounds good right? Good. I'll add comments every now and again. Just 1 thing
 though. You'll have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. In
 the future, I might re-organize it. Just maybe. But for now, just think of it
 as following the flow.

 On the upper right part of each section is a footnote. P1 = Part 1. The Parts
 go from P1 to P11. P11 is where the dungeon ends at. However there is a extra
 part. I call it E. E1 = Extra 1. The extras will start below the P1 and then
 it will work down. "Just pay attention to the footnotes and you won't be
 confused, too much."

 X1, X2... XC = are exit and entry points
 c = crstals that you should SR

       L7--- ---R7  XD = Ends the game, point of, aka "Point Of No Return"
            |       R7 = You'll have to do the second part to unlock it
            XC      L7 = Unlocks the left teleporters on the left

  If you decide to head over to XD without doing the extra section, scroll down
  to the part labeled "Final Boss" to continue with this guide. However, if you
  decide to do the extra section, that is below (P1).
                 XC                 |
                  Save Point
              (S11 x2)         (S4)
      (S7)      \              A
       |         |             |
      (S6)  (S9) |             (S3)-(S10)E
(S8)--C----/    \              /           E = Empress Dress
 D       |       -- B-(S2)Z --             D = Miracle Gel x3
        (S5)           |                   C = Limit Bottle
         |            /                    B = Special Gel
         -- ---- Y(S1)                     A = Rune Jacket
           |                               Z = Panacea Bottle x5
          XB                               Y = Lemon Gel x3, Pineapple Gel x3

  This is the Dark Cave Area. The legends/keys tells you want to do first and
   continue. Or, you can just ignore all the chests and just do S1, S2, S3...
   all the way to S11. Just think of (S#) as stones that you should SR them.
   You only need to SR them once. SRing some other stone won't effect any other
   (S#). SRing them will only change the landscape.

  *(S9) and B-(S2) are connected on a horizonatal path. I just didn't feel like
   redrawing the whole damn thing and making them equal in paths.
    \  /
   --XA-W  |
  |        |  X = Energy Wand
   --------   W = Caladbolg

 XA-- -V
     | U
     | |
     |  ---BB1     |-|   |
           |       V = Limit Bottle
           X9      U = Effecti Ring

  Boss Battle #24 = BB1
   All I did for this battle was guard until he uses Blastia Bane. Once he does
   attack him. You need to let him use that attack enough times until he's tired
   out. Meaning after he uses BB, his head will look down. This can take a while
   because it's like how the SM for Alexie is. After that, just comboing him to
   death. This is secret mission 22. I suggest saving afterwards

   Grab the chests and you might want to go back to save, since the next save
   point is a long way off. Then head into XA.

    T-/ \---
       |--- _X8__       T = Special Gel
           |_S_SP|      S = Limit Bottle

  Start at X8. A chest to the south and SP = Save Point. Then grab T and go to
  X9. Up ahead is the first boss of this place.
    /|  P    02<-   |  |
    |O1       Q     03 |
    |                  |
    |                  |
    |______R___04___ __| <- Circle Start
     _|__________   |
    |__ __     __|  X8    R = Rare Boots
       |  |   |           Q = Miracle Gel
       |  |_O_|           P = Life Bottle
       X7                 O = Red Basil

  Start out at X7. Go to the right to get O. There could be something to the
  right of that, but I can't test it now. You could check to see if there's
  anything there. "Circle Start" indicates that the section from that point and
  up is a circle. I don't want to bother with creating the image.

  Push O1 South
  02 to the Left
  03 South
  04 Up
  *Basically, push all the silver orbs to the center. Even if you messed up,
   you can push them a 2nd time to get it in. Not sure if there's a 3rd time.
  The items are only estimations. You'll have to figure out the routes, but
  since there's no triggering involved, you'll figure it out. Go to X8 after
     \ /
     - -
  N-/  |
   L   /
    \ /            L = Limit Bottle
     |             M = Lemon Gel x3
      ---          N = Warrior's Principle         |

       X6        K
      _|       ||
     |    ----- |
     |   |      |_     J
     _ccc_______  |    c        c = crystals to be SR'd
                | |____|        I = Rune Mail
               |c c____         J = Limit Bottle
               |c |    |        K = Specific x1, Treat x1
                X5   I-

  Starts at X5. SR the c's and grab J and I on the right first. Grab K and
  head to X6.
              ------ H
        ______     |
       | X4   |----|

         _______    _________
        |    C  |  |E       _X3      C = Magic Lens 5
      __|       |  |_      |_____    D = Terra Crest
    X2__        |    |________  F|   E = Gungnir
        |______ |         _|  |__|   F = Miracle Gel
               |         |_|         G = Limit Bottle
        D      |    _______|         H = Syrup Bottle x3, Nectar Bottle x3
        |_____/    |G      |
              \    |_______|
               |   |

  Start from X3 and grab the chests on the way. Proceed to X4.
          |X2|     |  |     |X3|
          |  |     |  |     |  |
        __|  |_____|  |_____|  |_
       |________            _____|
                |          |
                |          |
                |__    ____|
               /   |  |
              /    |  |

  Besides X2 and X3, the rest you should not worry about. Go to X2 first, then
  get the chests in Part 3's left side. Return back to Part 2 and go into X3.
         ----------    ----------
        |A                      B|    A = Holy Bottle x3
         ----------     ---------     B = Dark Bottle x3
                  | X0 |

  Starts at XO, which leads you back onto Ba'ul. There's only one path to the
  north. A and B are to the sides of where X1 is.

 ^ *** Parts ***

 * Bottom are the Extraz******************************************************

  Tarqaron's EXTRA SECTION
                  Save Point
              (S11 x2)         (S4)
      (S7)      \              A
       |         |             |
      (S6)  (S9) |             (S3)-(S10)E -> ** XOXOX**
(S8)--C----/    \              /
 D       |       -- B-(S2)Z --
        (S5)           |
         |            /
         -- ---- Y(S1)

  If you have collected all previous Fell Arms which totals 5 so far, make sure
  you save before doing this part. This serves as a backup plan. You may need
  this backup save just in case you're struggling later on. Don't ask why, just
  have an extra before doing this Extra Section.

  As you can see, the map above is showing the Dark Cave. Once you've SR the 2
  (S11) stones, a new path will be unlocked. Locate "XOXOX" on the far right
  side. Keep going into that path.
          \ /
          / \
          A--         A = Glorious Guard
             \        B = Mumbane
          -B |--X1

         C --X2     C = Red Chamomile

      \ /          D = Milky Way
      / \          E = Kritya Coat
     D   \
     -E  /

  *Before you go into X3, set the leader to Raven. Put the Shining Star title
   on. Then continue to X3. Once done, it should trigger a scene. If you don't
   then you probably didn't meet a requirement.
          X3    F = Terra Crest
       F /

  Terra Crest is actually blocked by an enemy/ice crystal in this part.
        |      G = Laurel
    |G  X5|

  Just go all the way down to the lowest floor and check the left side for the
  chest. It's close to the entrance of X5
   H-- ---    H = Lemon Gel x2, Pineapple Gel x2
      X6  |

  X6 is a teleporter.
    ------|         I = Miracle Gel
   |I J|  |         J = Golden Hammer
    ----  X6

  X7 is a hidden light path.
        ___     _|_      <f
       |   |___|   |    ___|e>
      c>     |    <d   N    |    __g>
          ___|b>          M<|_ _|
         |    |    __ ________|____h>
       L<   _a|>__|  |
           |         i >
        ___|          X8    K = Prism Protector
       |                    L = Special Gel
       |      < X7          M = All Divide
       |______|             N = Limit Bottle
          |    _K

  ">" and "<" points towards the direction where you should SR something. You
   will just have to look closely at what it is I'm trying to indicate.

  *I left the first 2 SR parts out, you can figure that out, right?

  One of the most confusing parts people have troubles with. We start out at
  X7. Make your way to K. Go back up and make your way to a and keep going up.
  Go to b and SR right. Then go to c and SR to the right. Go to where L is and
  get it. SR at d. Go to a and SR to the right. Go SR M. SR e. SR f. Pick up
  N. SR g. SR h. Pick up M. SR i. Go down to X8.

  RX8 and LX9 Is Skipped because there's only 1 way through the stairs

             LX9 RX8
         P    |   |    O        O = Susanoh  (Fell Arm)
          \   |   |   /         P = Uroboros (Fell Arm)

 p = pods
 On the lower right and left of this place are 2 pods that needs to be triggered
 in order to go on. They should be glowing white/pink once you stand on them.
 Then go to LX9
                  |           Q = Red Verbena
                  |           R = Special Gel
           X10    |
     <kQ    |           |
        |   |           |
        |_____          __
        X7         R<__   |
          |           |   |
          |___ ___ ___|_____

  Start at LX9, SR j. Go into X10. Read below. After that go back to this
  screen. Pick up Q. SR k. All the way to the right. SR R, it will fall down
  and you won't see the chest in this screen anymore. X7 is where we first
  started off, you can go there just to make sure you're following this
  correctly. If you don't, proceed to X11.

  * The spaces near X11 indicates light/created paths that you triggered
  a while ago. If you did activate them, you'll just walk through them.

  X10 - There are 2 pods. Left and Right. Step on the right one to activate it.
        The left one sends an enemy at you. So just the right one is needed.

  X11    X12
   |      |         R = Special Gel * Only if you SR it
   |      |

  R is the same chest that you SR'd before, but was no longer on the screen.
  It just came down here in the process.

  X12 has one route and obvious. It leads to the Meteorite Blade. Once you get
  the Meteorite Blade, the right teleporters are now unlocked. With that being
  done plus the 2 Fell Arms, we can do the extra stuff, but before that, let's
  save our progress. Take either L1 or R1 back to level 6 to save.

                    S <- X12                      S = Meteorite Blade

          |X2|     |  |     |X3|
          |  |     |  |     |  |        U _ X14
        __|  |_____|  |_____|  |_         |       T = Limit Bottle
       |________            _____|X13->___        U = Sacred Chain
                |          |              |
                |          |              T
                |__    ____|
               /   |  |     \
              /    |  |      |
             L1    |X1|      R1

  *Since both elevators on left and right side are now unlocked, they give
   you the option to trave to any of the 7 floors. I'm not going to include
   where these floors are stationed at because I don't think there's anything
   else that needs to be acquired since I've already stated them all.

  There are some other items that you may or may not want to get. Of course,
  I'm here to provide the location of this. Go to towards X13 to find the
  new area.


                -X14            V = Crusader 13
            V  |                W = Treat
           -|-----              X = Ninja Dog Mask
                  |             Z = Life Bottle
               W  |
            Y__   |
  * All the rest of these are Mandatory.

               X15-A         A = Ancient Ribbon
              /              B = Life Bottle
          B-X16    /


       D -- -- C      C = Specific
           |          D = Magical Ribbon

  Now continue back to the last point. Do the Seven Fell Arm Sidequest or just
  finish the game. Up to you.

  Seven Fell Arm Sidequest - Ending Extention Sidequest
 *NOTE. If you leave Tarqaron right now, that will trigger a scene. OR you can
   just head over to the final stages and fight the final boss. Let's say that
   you want this extention, then you should keep reading this part. Okay, we
   now have the 7 Fell Arms. If you don't, you can't do this extention. Go to
   Aurnion to trigger another scene. After that, use the teleporters to get back
   to the last Save Point and save your game.

  Final Boss
  As you probably know by now who the last boss will be. No strategy for this
  battle, but there is a Secret Mission for this. I guess you should read this
  part after you've played through him and won, or died.

  The Secret Mission lies in Duke's 2nd Form. It's quite simple really. You
  just have to kill Duke with a Mystic Arte. Like before, you need to max your
  OL bar first. Then Duke's HP until he has about 35K or less. I used Yuri to
  do this.

  What I did was equip Hit Plus as well (it let's you do extra hits when
  performing Yuri's Mystic Arte). When I see 60K or less (use Magic Lens
  to check his stats, and then R1 to check it again), I go into Lv. 4 Limit
  OL. Then keep on using normal attacks until you see 30K or so, perform a
  Arcane Arte (like Dragon Swarm) and then activate Mystic Arte. While he's
  doing all the attacks, keep on tapping that button for extra hits.

  By doing that, after the battle, you'll get the Secret Mission, plus one
  of Yuri's top tier weapons, Last Fencer.
  * SPOILERS #2 *
  Depending on who your controlling character is during battle (set to leader),
  each one will give a different dialogue after you defeat Duke's First Form.
  I don't know if there's one for Repede or not. It would be quite funny if
  there was one.
  * SPOILERS #3 * If you did the Fell Arm's Ending Extention
  If you decided to get all 7 Fell Arms and travel back to Aurnion to trigger
  the scene with Flynn, after you defeat the 2nd Form of Duke, you'll get
  another form. Duke's 3rd and Final Form. Even set on easy, this guy is
  hard. Only level 140+ can make this walk in the park. If you find this hard,
  hope you have that spair save which I said before. If not, you're stuck with
  trying to defeat this guy.

  Duke's Third Form
   He has two ultimate attacks. Big Bang and Brave Vesperia. Equip your best
   skills and stock up on a lot of Life Bottles, Specific, and Treats. A good
   enough strategy is get into Lv 1 OL and use normal attacks on him. By the
   time that OL drive ends, you should probably would've got another bar.
   Big Bang reduces everyone's HP to 1, but Brave Vesperia actually kills.
   Don't be surprised if only 1 is left standing after he uses it. BV is
   rarely used, at least when compared to BB.

   A cheaper method would be to have most people in Defend mode, control Rita
   and spam Tidal Wave and/or Meteor Storm. Really cheap when done in OL mode.
   Rita, the Broken, wins again.

   After you finish the 3rd form, all the fell arms are fully unlocked. They
   will now get an extended name with their original name included as well.
   Their attack power and magical attack power is based on the number of
   enemies that character has killed so far.

   The sad thing about this is that once you restart the game (EX New Game),
   the Fell Arms will stay unlocked, but the kill counter will reset to 0. This
   has been fully tested by many, including me.
  Good luck with the last boss, and enjoy the ending.
  You have just finished the game.

  Post Game
  After finishing the game, you are prompt to save your game. Do so. There are
  two paths you can take.

  1) Continue to EX New Game (Read the Grade FAQ)


  2) Reload that last save (Star'd) and do the extra features

  For now, let's say we stick with option number 2. Quite simple. Just load your
  Star'd save and you would be back at Tarqaron's last save point. Now you may
  think "What else is there to do?" or "We're doing Memories, right?" Yes,
  we're doing Memories.

  *NOTE. You can constantly get more Last Fencers from doing Secret Mission 23
    over and over again. Why you want to do this is not about reasoning, it's
    just to see how a great weapon can be grinded. If you made the Last Fencer
    through synthesis, I feel sorry for you. I gathered all the Gems up, then
    I read about getting it from SM 23. Therefore, I didn't use those Gems.

  Here's the jist and the rest will be added in the future. So expect a lot more
   detailed text then this. This is just a quick summary of what you can do.
  1) Assuming you've done the EX Dungeon Unlocking Part 1, go to Phareoh's Craig
    and talk to the sage.
  2) Enter Dahngrest from the right side to trigger an event
  3) Go to an area south of Yumanju (Hotspring) to find the portal.
  4) Get enough Fake Gald to fight the final boss
  5) Go to the coliseum and finish the 200 Man Melee

  *) There are many titles and attachments that you can do. Even though you can
     not carry over Key Items (aka Valuables), you can still carry over
     Attachments (for some reason). Read the Rita Grade Farming section if you
     didn't get everything that you wanted. Remember the magic number, 18450.

   To be continued...

  - KADFC (The Author of This Walkthrough)
  - Gamefaqs for hosting this
  - Kouli: Major help with his Subevent Flow Chart. Subevent also means
     Sidequests that can be done, but are hardly known. Besides that, he has
     also given me a lot of help on the message board as well. Link to chart:
  - Welch_Vineyard: The original creator of the Grade Grinding. This isn't their
    method, since it's way different, but the idea remains the same. The topic
    "Farming Grade with Rita: The Sequel: The Reckoning" also deserves credit
  - HiyruuMax: The original Grade Grinding vids. * Mine will be posted later on
  - VyseTheLegend: The first mentioning of using Risky Ring
  - miyuki308
  - dbz fan
  - Commander_Greil
  - KudZu, first gald grinding suggestion posted on gamefaqs. 9/3/2008

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