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  1. What buttons do you use on the PS4 to trigger the special move? I have no idea how to use the over limits and no one seems to have written anything for the PS4 version. How do i use my overlimit 3?

    User Info: radsbarton

    radsbarton - 3 weeks ago

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  1. Directional pad.

    Up is Level 4
    Left is Level 3
    Down is Level 2
    Right is Level 1

    To get a higher level of 'Overlimit' you have to synthesis a key item (which can be done at any item vendor)

    To trigger a 'Burst-arte' in any level of Overlimit hold down your arte button ( X by default) after using an 'Arcane-arte' (you can see which artes are arcane in the menu)

    To trigger a 'Mystic-arte' you must have the skill called "Special" either equipped in your skill menu or on your weapon. Then simply hold down your attack button (O by default) while in Overlimit 3 or higher after using an 'Arcane-arte'. (can be used after a ;Burst-arte; also)

    User Info: MidnightSix

    MidnightSix - 3 weeks ago 1   0

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