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by oldschool312

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Guide and Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/28/2010
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2010


Welcome to my Toy Story 3 guide. Many will pass over this game because of it a inaccurate label of a kid's game. I'd prefer to classify it as a family game. There is enough content and fun to be had for adults and children. Considering what Toy Story 3 has had to overcome its amazing the quality is as high as it is. Afterall, this is a movie based, licensed game directed at children. If any one of those modifiers are attached to a project it often results in disaster.

In this guide you will find a step by step method to move through each of the story missions. This will include finding all of the collectibles associated with the story mode. When the story is done though the game is not. Head over to Toy Box mode and explore Woody's Roundup. This mode contains lots of interesting short missions and countless collectibles to find. The guide was written based on the Playstation 3 version but it should be applicable to the Xbox 360 version as well. Wii games are usually much different from the other consoles so I'm not sure how well this guide will translate to the Wii. Finally, thanks for viewing the guide, hopefully you find something useful here.

Version History

  • Version 0.65
    • Submitted 6-21-2010
    • Walkthrough story missions complete
    • Trophies listed
    • Collectibles close
    • Toybox information outlined
  • Version 0.99
    • Submitted 6-23-2010
    • Collectibles complete for story mode and thorough for Toybox
    • Numerous Toybox missions added (still haven't found them all)
    • Will try to add trophy tips
    • May add tips for some of the Gold Stars
    • Need to find the remaining Paratroopers
  • Version 1.0
    • Submitted 6-27-2010
    • Added tips to Pict-O-Matic
    • Added collectibles checklist
    • Added tips for many of the gold stars
    • Still need to find a few prize capsules, complete gold stars, and add more trophy tips

Train Rescue

The game begins with Woody chasing a train in an attempt to save some kidnapped orphans from the evil Dr. Porkchop. While riding Bullseye, Woody races toward the speeding train. The goal is to move down the canyon safely and quickly. Press X to jump over the gates and move Bullseye around the falling rock and any attacks from Dr. Porkchop. After the first jump move up the rock path to the left to pick up a Card then as you jump off the ramp be on the look out for a second card on the boulder below. If you miss one of the cards Woody can intentionally run into objects and he will start back at the beginning. The next card can be found at the end of the canyon with the falling rocks look to the right side near the edge of the path to get this one. Continue forward avoiding falling rocks and now jumping over gaps in the path that Dr. Porkchop has partially destroyed. Enter the mine ahead and take the path to the left to get a card. The flying swine is still destroying the road ahead so be careful. Exit the mine to see the train racing on the tracks. Continue to jump onto the falling rocks that make the path and a cinematic will take over allowing Woody to board the train.

At the entrance to the train is a bubble with a "?" inside. These are tips placed throughout the games that will provide advice or information on how actions/objects work. Enter the first train car and rush to the door on the other side. Press Triangle to bust through to the next car. Porkchop destroys the roof of the train car. Buzz will fly by asking Woody to concentrate on saving the orphans. The first orphan is directly in front of Woody. Press Square when near him to toss him to Buzz for a rescue. Once the orphan is safe a card will appear. Grab it and move forward. The next help bubble shows Woody that double tapping X will allow him to perform a double jump. This move is needed to get over the crates ahead. Once over the crates utilize the move one more time to get over the ramp. Buzz will fly by and toss a coin-ship at the train and destroy part of it. Jump over the broken part and be ready to save another kid.

The target ahead needs to be hit in order to lift the trap off of the captured orphan. Press L2 and hold L2 to enter targeting mode. Move the circle up to the star on the target. Press R2 and Woody will throw a ball at the target. Now that the orphan is free press Square next to him to rescue him. Grab the next card and press forward. Woody will now encounter his first fightable enemy, the Aliens. The aliens will shoot their laser gun at Woody. Avoid thier shots by staying ducking behind cover or moving quickly to avoid the blast. As Woody approaches an Alien he should enter targeting mode (L2) and toss a ball at the Alien to stun it. With the Alien on the ground Woody can move to the Alien, pick him up (Square), and toss him off the train. Alternatively, if a stunned Alien is hit with a ball it will blast them off the train as well. Defeat the three Aliens and rescue the next Orphan. Once the orphan is safely with Buzz, bust through the door using triangle. Move up the ramp to get the next card.

Now Woody is on the roof of a moving train. Kind of dangerous don't you think? As the train moves many obstacles will pass overhead. The goal is to move from side to side avoiding the obstacles as well as jumping over the ones that stretch over the width of the train. Once the obstacles are gone jump into the hay below. Ahead will be another target for Woody to hit. This time hitting the star will lower a catapault. Stand on the flat portion to be lauched toward the next orphan. Rescue them and collect the next card. At the end of the subsequent straight stretch of train will be Dr. Porkchop. He will fire his blue laser at Woody. Avoid his blasts and pick off each of the Aliens encountered as Woody nears Porkchop. When close throw a ball at the target hanging below the evil Doctor. This will send him away, temporarily at least. Defeat the four Aliens ahead that are guarding the next orphan. Save this orphan and jump to the top of the concrete blocks. Woody will be on the roof of the train again. This time though the roof of each car will not be solid. Instead there are wooden planks laid across the roof of each car. Below will be burning coals that Woody would rather not touch. Jump the gaps between planks to reach the last orphan. Upon her rescue Woody will get the last card in the level. The mission is not over yet though. Dr. Porkchop will fire at Woody as he tries to continue to traverse the wooden planks placed over the red hot coals.

At the end of the cars with the hot coals a cinematic will show Dr. Porkchop destroying the link between train cars just as Woody lands to safety. Porkchop will then fly to the end of the train and shoot his nasty blue laser at Woody. To complicate matters more Aliens will spawn near the crates that can be used for cover. Defeat the Aliens and move toward the pig. When Porkchop is in range throw a ball at the star target hanging below him. This will cause the mission to end in a success. The Unicorn will then give Ham some grief about losing to a cowboy on a horse even though Ham was equipped with a flying ship and army of Aliens. You are then placed in Toy Box mode at Woody's Roundup. Play around and complete any missions you like. When you are ready to continue the story exit to the game board and move to Andy's House and activate the mission.

Andy's House

Buzz, Woody, and, Jessie are in Andy's room and need to find his cell phone. Before looking for the phone though there are several collectibles to acquire. A townsperson is located under the bed. Move the red basket near the desk to get Roundup Card 9. Any character can ground pound the cardboard box between the guitar and window to get a card (there is a help bubble nearby). Roundup Card 12 is in the trash can next to the desk. Another card can be found using the ground pound maneuver on a box at teh end of the bed. Finally Roundup Card 18 is inside a drawer in the chest next to the door. Toss Jessie onto the chest from the bed and the drawer will open. Now that we have found the collectibles lets get the phone.

While controlling Woody jump onto the turned over red basket and make your way to the top of the desk. Switch to Buzz and move him to the desk top as well. Now move to Woody's positoin and pick him up by hitting Square. Move to the edge of the desk and throw Woody onto the shelf that is in the corner. You should be throwing toward a shelf that is on the same wall as the door out. Now tap Square to use Woody's special move. The special move will allow Woody to use his drawstring to swing to the shelf with the lava lamp. This shelf also houses Andy's cell phone. Alternatively, you can throw Jessie from the bed onto the chest and use her special land move to traverse the darts and end up at the shelf with the cell phone. Either way grab the phone and throw it off the shelf down to your buddies. A cinematic takes over and the trio head out to find the reason why Rex has not reported back with the cordless house phone.

Once downstairs, we encounter the army men. Sarge has four men stationed throughout the basement. Before rescuing all of them lets treasure hunt first. Move to the top of the stairs leading out of the basement to find a Cowboy Camp Pamphlet on top of the box at the top of the stairs. Now from this point jump onto the railing and ride down to the ironing board to get Roundup Card 13. Special Card 3 is located under the stairs. To get the card you must dash through the vent. Roundup Card 10 is on top of the fridge accessible by climbing the protruding boxes on the shelf next to the vent at the base of the stairs. The Rustler Round Card will be found next to a green army man. Roundup card on the shelf above the washer and dryer. To get this one take Jessie to the top of the fridge and use her special Land move to make your way to the card. The final card is beside a pumpkin on a shelf behind Sarge. More on getting this card below.

Now in order to reach the cordless phone we need some help from the army. The only way to get their help is to rescue the soliders in the basement. If you talk to the Sarge he will ask the soldiers to sound off. This shows you each of the 4 army men's location. One is on the dryer, one is on the shelf above the dryer, one is behind a window near the fridge, and one is on the top of a shelf full of boxes. First lets save the soldier on the dryer. Find the red basket in the floor and push it next to the dryer. Jump onto the basket and use it to reach the top of the dryer. Now pickup the paratrooper with Square and throw him toward the phone. Use the left stick to steer him around the net full of balls. Once he is floating above the phone press Circle to have him drop onto the shelf. Now drop off the dryer and switch to Jessie. Move across the room to find the bookshelf near the stairs. Climb up the boxes protruding from the shelf. Pick up the toy soldier on the top of the shelf and toss him in between the shirts and the pink raft. Go to the top of the fridge in the corner and jump onto the next shelf. Pull open the window and grab the paratrooper. Toss this one over the red rope and guide him to the phone. Use Jessie's Special Ability - Land to make it over the work bench by jumping onto the darts. Use Land again to jump on the red brackets ahead. This will lead Jessie to the last green army man. Before throwing him toward the phone, turn to the right. Look for the orange pumpkin on the shelf above Sarge's position. Toss the paratrooper toward the pumpkin to get the last card in the basement. Once he lands he will be returned to Jessie for the toss to the phone. Once he is in the air guide him around the green inner tube and around the net full of balls. Once he lands watch the cinematic ending the mission.

Buzz Video Game

This is a flight mission. Buzz can be controlled using the left stick, while his laser will fire upon press R2. Initially, steer Buzz through the debris field shooting all of the rocks in the way. If you take damage there will be emblems with a "+" on them. Run through these to replenish some of Buzz's health. As Buzz flies through the canyon the debris will appear less often. Insead there will be rock formations on the sides of the canyon as well as at the top and bottom. By press X and moving the left stick, Buzz can dodge away from the obstacles. Buzz will then enter another area of debris followed by more obstacle dodging. The goal is to shoot the meteors in the way and avoid crashing into the rock formations. At the end of the canyon a short cinematic will move Buzz to the next area. You should find at 3 cards before exiting the canyon. They are all along the path and fairly easy to see.

At the next area of the mission, Buzz finds himself on a flat, desolate piece of land. His jet pack is overheating so he must proceed on foot. Meteors begin to rain down from the sky. Avoid being hit by them and press forward. Eventually the area becomes so hard hit with meteors that the ground under Buzz gives way. He safely lands and can proceed across land that will crumble under his feet. Move forward quickly and jump to the next area before the ground gives out. Space Command recognizes a blip on their radar. The blip knocks buzz out and destroys most of the area. All that remains is broken pieces of floating land.

Grab the 6 nearby coins and the health if needed. Now move foward only to have the floating land masses crumble when jumped on. The will not give way but don't dawdle. Jump from one broken piece to the next until you arrive at the first hint bubble. This floating rock will be easily identified by the flashing green grid work. Buzz needs to jump high into the air and come crashing down onto the rock to bust it into smaller pieces. Basically press X to jump then Triangle to smash down. Use the smaller pieces to make it to another similar rock. Smash it and Buzz can reach more solid footing. Grab the three coins then shoot the crystals (especially the large set in the center) by holding L2 and tapping R2. Once the central crystal is destroyed a strong gust of air will flow from the ground. Also an enemy robot will appear. Shoot him with the laser causing two more to appear. Avoid their blasts and shoot them into scrap as well. In order to reach the next floating rock formation Buzz will have to jump into the updraft created by the destruction of the crystals. Guide Buzz down onto the floating bolder only to have it shatter on impact. Continue forward but keep an eye out to the left. Look for a set of crystals for Buzz to shoot. Destroying these crystals creates a path to continue. The rock platform after the health bonus will need pounded into smaller pieces. Once the platform is destroyed look toward the right for a set of crystals. Destroy them to create a moving rock platform that will allow Buzz to get the card floating nearby. Quickly jump onto the platform that is moving by then onto the one with the card. Finally jump to the rock platform that is moving on the other side of the card. If done quickly Buzz can be a jump away from more solid land. If Buzz gets stuck the checkpoint is nearby so there really is no harm falling into the abyss.

Jump onto the large land mass ahead and grab the coins. Destroy the crystal structures with Buzz's laser. Again the central one will open an updraft of air. It will also break loose two boulder from the ground. Destroy the bots that appear. Their destruction though will create a damaging wave of energy that Buzz will need to jump over to avoid harm. Once both bots are defeated ground pound the two pieces of ground back into place. After knocking one back into the ground three enemies will appear. Defeat them with the laser then smash the other shard into the ground. This also brings the appearance of three enemies. Defeat them, then use the gust of air to reach the next set of rock platforms. This circular rock formation will shatter when Buzz lands. The majority of the platforms ahead are moving in circular patterns around a central stationary platform. One of these stationary platforms houses a card. Jump onto a moving platform and ride it around to the next set of moving rocks. If Buzz stays to the left the next set should lead to the final set of platforms before the next large land mass.

This large piece of rock is much like the others. Destroy the small bots and jump over the radial explosion that ensues. Destroy the crystals to create an updraft. This time though there will be a larger army of soldiers that attack. Take them all out with the laser. Now Buzz can smash the broken pieces of rock back into place if you like. Doing so will cause the appearance of more enemy robots to destroy. Once they are dealt with use the updraft to fly over the pit. When Buzz lands grab the coins and be prepared to avoid a laser turret. Shoot the turret and the ground opens. Jump inside to enter Zurg's Fortress.

Walk through the door ahead and move down the hall. The next door is actually a moving metal trap. The door will open revealing spiked sides. Once it is open move through it quickly to avoid being smashed. Insead of opening from the side the next door will raise to the ceiling and smash down. Avoid the spikes by timing your movements and continue down the hall. The next set of moving spikes are accellerating much too quickly for Buzz to safely make it through. Instead back track down the hall a little bit and find the coins in the red tinted alcove. Use Triangle to smash through the vent. Buzz falls into a room that he appears to be trapped in. He can not get back to the vent, there are no doors, and a red force field is blocking the only path. He is not stuck though. Use the laser to shoot the crystal in behind the red force field. The resulting explosion inactivates the blockade. Move over where the crystal was and drop below. The camera changes to an overhead view and Buzz is in a narrow corridor. Follow the path but be sure to watch for the electrified floor ahead. Jump over this dangerous portion and use the hatch on the other side (ground pound). The camera changes to a side view now. Jump over or duck under the electric pulses to find a large spinning cylinder. This cylinder has an electric current on either side. It also has a groove that Buzz can jump onto and grab. After grabbing onto the groove try to continually center Buzz as the cylinder spins. Doing so allows him to reach the top. Just be sure to not move too fast or slowly or he will hit the current on the sides. At the top grab the card to the left then move to the right. Jump over the gap to reach the next corridor. Now leap the current and the double current to drop into the hall below. Move down the path avoiding the two moving electric traps and the electrified floor. Ground pound through the vent at the end.

Immediately start running toward the screen to avoid the rapidly approaching wall of spikes. Move to the edge of the bridge to find a series of small colored platforms. Once you jump on one color then jump off all of that color will fall. Its easy to make it across simply jump in this sequence: Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue. This will ensure that Buzz reaches the other side safely. Bust through a couple of metal barriers using the dash move. Next Buzz will encounter a side moving wall of spikes and a down moving wall of spikes. Time the pass through both only to encounter a double wall of spikes.. This time one is moving side to side and the adjacent one is moving up and down. As the near one opens move quickly through it. The next spiked wall should be opening as you pass by the first. If timed correctly Buzz will find himself safely on the other side. The next room will be one full of danger for Buzz. Two turrets line each side of the room. The floor ahead is has an electrifed force field interrupted only by two narrow platforms. To add more danger enemy robots will spawn in the front and back of the room. Take out the turrets then shoot down the bots. On either side of the room under the red force field Buzz should be able to see two sets of crystals. While standing on the platforms that interrupt the force field, shoot the crystals. Their destrution deactivates the force field allowing Buzz to drop below.

Once on the ground be sure to grab the card in the corner. Now move through the health bonus, grab the coins, and bust through the vent. Evade the moving electric pulses and leap over the electrified floor. Ground pound through the vent. Jump over or duck under the current ahead only to find another large spinning cylinder. This cylinder is similar to the first but not exactly. Buzz still needs to avoid the electrified sides, but this time centering will not help. Instead, Buzz should initially center himself then ride the groove to the left. Once under the opening on the left begin to move Buzz to the right so as to avoid the current above. This should allow him to reach the top and another card. Jump the electricity ahead and drop in to the opening in the floor. Follow the corridor (avoiding the electric traps) to the next hatch and bust through. On the ground below run toward the screen to avoid the moving wall of spikes. There is an added challenge this time though. There will be force fields taking up half the hall along the path. The first is on the right. The second is on the left. Buzz will have to jump over the final one. Make it to the end and Buzz will find another color coded broken platform bridge. To make it across jump onto the green platform on the right. Now move to he blue one on the right. From the blue platform move diagonally to the left landing on a purple platform. Quickly jump from the purple one to a central yellow platform. One final jump and Buzz has made it across the bridge.

The next room will have a couple of enemies and some turrets to destroy. The floor will begin to open. This time though you must control Buzz as he falls to avoid the obstacles below. Zurg will rise from the center of the yellow platform. Below his pedestal take notice of the small crystals. Shoot the crystals with the laser while circling Zurg. The resulting explosion destroys his protective force field. Shoot Zurg and he will lower to replinish his barrier. As he temporarily disappears, robots will attack. Defeat them then focus on Zurg when he reappears. Continue this pattern until Zurg is no more. If Buzz takes too much damage replinish his health using the "+" icons on the edge of the large yellow platform.

Sunnyside Daycare

The daycare has a few games you can play as well as a scavenger hunt.

The first game is Alley Throw. This game is played by talking to the rock guy near the shelf with the aliens. The goal is to keep the aliens from crossing a line. If three are able to make it to and over the line then the game is over. You are equipped with and endless supply of balls to throw at the invaders. Target the aliens as the move around the baskets. If needed you can hold down R2 to throw balls constantly. At first the aliens will move slow and enter from the back. As you knock more out they will move quicker and enter from closer to the line. Finally, as you approach the goal of 50 aliens in white suits appear that can jump over the baskets making it more difficult to hit them. The next wave are jumpers as well the difference being they move quicker. If you make it to around 60 then more of the easy to target green aliens from the begining appear. Eliminate them and a new alien will appear. This one looks a little funny but moves quickly from the back to the front. He will also frequently appear in a group of three. One running down each of the alleys. The sooner you hit an alien the better chance of preventing him from getting over the line. Also at times they will group together making it easier to pick off several. In order to receive the bonus you will have to hit 100 aliens before three cross the line.

The Teeny Racer Challenge an be played by talking to the white robot in the back of the daycare. The goal is to race through the area and knock over all at least 7 sets of blocks to qualify or all 10 to receive the bonus. R2 will accelerate, L2 is reverse, and Triangle will turn the car around quickly. You have 2 minutes to knock over as many block sets as possible.

The final game is found near the entrance ramp. Talk to the bug to play Horseback Balloon Pop. This time we ride Bullseye around the daycare in an attempt to pop balloons. You must pop 25 to qualify and all 40 to earn the bonus. Two minutes will be placed on the timer when the game begins.

If you qualify at all the games you can exit the level and move to the next mission by talking to the bear at the beginning.

Bonnie's House

The tea party has gone awry and the house is filling with tea. Jump onto the purple stool to the right. Wait for the chair to raise as the bed sinks and jump onto the chair. Ride the chair to the witch portrait then jump across to the purse. A disc with flower design will rise, jump on it and wait for the red shoe box to pass by. When the shoe box is close jump on it and use the next picture to arrive at the basket. Look toward the left end of the basket for a purple square. Jump on it then jump to or swing to the desk. While on the desk another witch picture should appear, jump on it. A short cinematic shows a which raising a shelf in the room.

Jump onto the chair and from here onto the shelf. Move froward only to have a set of blocks placed in your way. Smash through the blocks then jump and hit square to get over the book blockade. Charge (Triangle) through the next book to lower it. If you destroy the blocks under the book you can get a card. Continue forward and jump onto the block with the flower and heart designs, where the book case turns to the right. Shimmy to the end and jump for the hanging popsicle stick. A card is just below you on top of the book. A platform is created between the book and the milk carton space ship. Jump and press Triangle to smash through it. Now bust the blocks with the dash move and use Square to move up the wall. The tea level will rise so quickly bust through the blocks after "BONNIE" then climb the wall using square. The tea level will stop at the suitcase level. So once Woody's on the bag he is safe. Now jump to the books that rise with the tea. Once you see the picture that looks at you turn towards the screen and run. The picture will chase you destroying the book path. At the end of the books move quickly to the purple platform.

Stand pack and watch what happens ahead of Woody before moving foward. This will hopefully give you an idea of how the next part is meant to work. As the sponge approaches the platform be prepared to jump. Grab hold of the "spongy" edge and hang on as it moves toward the next sponge. The one Woody is riding will spin around and the next one will lower to the one Woody is on. This creates a sponge wall. From you position on the lower sponge jump straight up to the higher sponge. Due to a change in the camera angle this jump can be kind of tricky. The best thing to do is to move the left stick before deciding to jump to a position where Woody is looking up. When he is looking up and raised away from the sponge you know that he will go up during the jump instead of to the side. Ride the next sponge to a shoe. Once the shoe and the sponge are aligned jump onto the sole of the shoe. Take the shoe to a ruler and ride it to the bar of soap. When the soap is even with the ruler press Circle to drop onto its edge. Ride the soap to the purple platform and drop. At the end of the platform is another bar of soap. Jump onto its face and wait for the next bar to approach from the left. Jump onto it and ride it to the next bar. Continue to ride the soap until back on solid book shelf ground.

Charge the suitcase to lower it. Now destroy the blocks and jump to the higher platform. Use Woody's string on the three helicopters to swing to the next platform and a card. Swing back and jump onto the shelf to the right of the screen. You will hear the witch say "Rising, Rising", this is an indication that the tea level will rise again. Jump over the books and climb up the mail holder. Shimmy across the popsicle sticks and climb up the crayons. Bust through the blocks on the notebook and jump onto the levitating book. To the right behiind the blocks is a card. Ride the book to the top shelf and go to the left. Ride the book into the tube system and follow the tubes to its exit. The side of the house will be destroyed as Woody stands on a suitcase. Books will begin to fly in his direction use them as a wall to move to the left. Do not stay too long on any particular book because the witch is firing green magic to destroy them.

Once you have arrived on the pink suitcase move forward but watch for the picture ahead to come towards Woody. As it does jump to the safe platform on the right. Now jump back onto the intended path and grab the card on the left. Once the picture moves away again return to the path that leads to the window. Any time the picture approaches look for a side platform to escape to. Upon exiting the window jump from the plate to the rail and glide along its path. Woody will have to jump from the multi-colored rail to the green one. He will also approach an opening in a milk carton that he should duck through. At the end of the path enter the space shuttle. The engine room has no power. Look for a battery on the right side of the room. Pick up the battery and place it in the console next to it. This powers up the engine room and causes a red platform to lower. We need three more batteries now though. Jump on the platform and ride it to the second level of the space ship. Before exiting move to the left to get a card.

Ride the multi-colored rail to the first green rail. This one circles a meteor. From this green rail jump to the adjacent green rail and duck through the meteor ahead. When the rail ends Woody should be inside a large meteor. Look to the left for a small cavern with a cracked floor. Bust through it to get a Townsperson. Otherwise ride the rail on the other end of the meteor. Duck through another couple meteors and the path ends placing Woody face to face with the witch on a large rock platform. Bust the platform with the ground pound move and jump to the battery in the distance. Ride the green rail (jump the fan) to the next green one. Jump to the one circling the meteor and back to the multi-colored rail leading to the space shuttle. Place the battery in one of the consoles; only two more to go. Jump back onto the platform and ride it to the exit. Ride the multi-colored rail to the first yellow one. It will circle a heart. Jump to the next yellow rail and duck through the star. It ends placing Woody on a rainbow platform. Jump onto the fake nickel then to the next rainbow platform. The witch appears and causes the rest of the money spin. Woody needs to jump on one when its level then jump to the next before the current one turns. He ends up on a heart platform. Ride the yellow rail jumping over the two fans to the next heart platform. Jump across the spinning candy pieces and the spinning buttons to arrive at the next battery. Ride the yellow rail to a star platform then jump on the next yellow rail that returns Woody to the yellow rail circling the heart. Use this rail to get to the multi-colored one that leads to the space shuttle. Be sure to jump over the monsters. Place the battery in a console and ride the platform to the exit. Now ride until you reach the purple rail circling the tea cup. Jump onto the next closed circle purple rail and use it to jump onto the purple rail that spins around the chair. This one takes Woody to a platform where he can jump onto a chair. From the chair jump onto the book then the purple shaded protrusion on the box. Shimmy to the left and the witch will bust through the box breaking your path. Jump to the other side of the box and drop below for the final battery. Ride back to the space shuttle and place the battery in the last console.

A side door should open. Exit to the red rail and ride it down the space ship. The witch will create explosions in the side of the air craft. Woody will have to jump or duck over the broken pieces of the shuttle. Once you see more colored rails be prepared to jump. The witch will destroy a portion of the red rail so jump to the yellow. Do not stay to long though because she attacks this rail as well. Continue to jump between the solid colored rails avoiding the gaps created by the witch. Watch for broken pieces of the space shuttle that will impede your path as well. Finally several of the bugs will come rushing down the rail. Jump from rail to rail to avoid them as well. The red and blue rail will end so jump to the yellow one. This leads Woody inside the motor of the shuttle. Jump over the electrified portions of railing and get on the purple rail before the yellow one ends. The purple one will eventually guide Woody outside where the witch will create more bugs. This time though instead of charging from the front the bugs will chase Woody. You can either move from rail to rail to avoid them or jump over them as they approach. Pieces of the railing will again be destroyed. This time multiple rails can be affected and it happens quick. Avoid the gaps in the rail and watch for all but the green one to end. The green one leads to Woody's desired destination.

Inside place the large battery to the right inside the console to activate the platforms. Jump on the red and green moving platforms to reach the central area. Cross it and find the next battery console. Make a right and cross the rotating blocks to find the next battery. Pick it up and toss it onto the higher platform. Pick it up again and walk it across the moving block bridge. Insert the battery into the terminal and the centeral structure will begin to spin. Jump onto the lowest green spining platform, then to the blue one, and finally to the red one. Ride the red one until you see the up arrow. Jump and use the Square button to reach the next level. Circle around avoiding the rotating red disks. Jump to the orange platform next to the up arrow. Cross the colored rotating platform bridge and jump on the button at the end. This moves a red block allowing Woody to jump from side to side on the walls to reach the top. Red the red rail to the bridge ahead. The bridge will have two gates that are electrified. The current will appear and disappear over time. Jump through the gates when it is safe and grab the battery at the end. Woody will have to toss the battery through the gates but be sure to do so when they are not electrified or the battery will disinegrate. Drop off the end of the bridge and place the battery in the console. A bridge will extend allowing Woody to reach the shuttle's controls to end the mission.

Prison Break

Move up the ramp and jump to the platform where the "!" is located. Press Square to talk. The voice says that Woody's friends are all imprisoned and heavily guarded. If Woody is seen while trying to help them alarms will sound. The voice also helps out by unlocking the gate. Move to the unlocked gate and push it open. Move down the ramp to find Jessie protected by a red spotlight. Look for the button on the wall and press it. This turns the light off. Move to Jessie to save her. Move by her and pass the sink and the stove to find an Alien Prisoner. Return to the red basket Jessie was on and push it out to the wall. Jump onto the brown shelf from the top of the basket to get the coin and enter the daycare grounds. When safe drop below while controlling Jessie. Move to the table and jump onto its top. You should see Rex behind a cage. When safe drop off the table and avoid the lights moving around the entrance to Rex's location. Once behind the wall move to the darts on the cabinet and use Jessie's Land move to reach the top. A red light will lower and raise over head. Use the side to side jump ability (Square) to climb to the top. Jessie needs to start her ascension as the light raises to avoid detection. At the top Jessie will want to move to the right. Here she will find the button that turns off the red light guarding Rex. Move by the button to find a card. Now head toward Rex. On the wall will be a set of blocks that will be circled by spotlights. Jump onto the block and shimmy to the left. Jump when the spotlights are not in the area and drop to Rex's position. Talk to Rex to free him then jump off the desk.

Switch to Woody and move toward Slinky Dog. Enter the guarded area near his location and jump onto the box on the ground. Use Woody's pull string ability to swing to the book shelf. Find the butterfly hanging from the ceiling and use it to swing to a shelf where Slinky will talk to Woody. Climb the mail holder on the wall and jump to the red strip over the door. Shimmy to the right and jump to the shelf with the books. Take note of the overhead lights. They will flash on and off in a pattern. Wait for the first one to go off then move foward avoiding the subsequent lights. Hit the button to turn Slinky's red light off. Return to Slinky the way you came and free him. Jump off the table and head to the right.

When you come to the small desk you should be able to see a water hose outside. A card is under the table just past the small desk. Continue toward Hamm. Enter his prison area and jump to the table top. Avoiding the moving spotlight jump onto the platform and keep moving. Jump to the next platform with the bottle of cleaner. Wait for the light from the helicopter to lower then jump over it to the next higher platform. Grab the coin and jump up to the red trim around the window. Move to the right to get a card. Otherwise go left avoiding the lights to hit the button turning Hamm's red light off. Drop below and go talk to Hamm to save him.


Three unfortunate aliens are on the conveyor belt to destruction. Buzz the kind hearted toy that he is plans to help them. Pick up the aliens and throw them towards the far end of the belt to prevent their demise. Continue to do so until Jessie and Woody figure out a way to open the hatch behind the conveyer belt. When it opens toss all three aliens inside to rescue them. The conveyor belt begins to move quicker. Keep Buzz's momentum moving forward so he is not destroyed. When necessary leap over the blocks so they do not knock Buzz into the grinder. Buzz will continue forward until he sees the rest of his friends.

Once Buzz has broken though the fan he needs to drop to the lowest level and move the block of trash out of his way. When Buzz gets to the yellow and black striped bridge switch to Woody. Bust through the vent and head down the corridor. Use the special pull string move to pull the lever that will lower the bridge for Buzz. Switch to Buzz and cross the bridge. Pick up the block of trash. Wait for the bridge to raise then throw the block in the hole that is left. Switch to Jessie and jump onto the red dial. Now move to the coins on the pipe. Find the block of trash and use it to reach the higher area. Grab the coins and the card. Jump across the gap toward the coins at the back of the screen. To the left will be a card while to the right is the second valve shut off that stops the steam blocking Woody's progress. Switch to Woody and grab hold of the yellow and black bar. Move to the right and jump the gap when the electricity is off. Climb up the remaining bars and jump back to the left when safe. Hit the button to turn the electricity off and switch back to Jessie. She can now jump on the remaining valve controls to stop the fire the remaining toys are headed twoards. This action saves them from fire but further ahead there is the potential for them to be smashed.

Move Jessie onto the next platform with coins and follow it to a button. Jump on the button and a door will open above. Switch to Buzz and move him forward. He should find a dead end with an opening above. Use the wall to wall Square jump to move through the opening. If its closed when you arrive switch back to Jessie and jump on the button again. Grab a block of trash with Buzz and drop into the first gap in the platform. Toss the block over the rail then move Buzz back to the trash blocks. Pick up a block and find the fans in the distance. Toss a cube of trash onto each of the fans to destroy them. Switch to Woody and move him away from the button back to the yellow and black bars. Jump on the duct work and grab the card. Woody can now cross the area where the fans were. Climb the ventilation duct and use the draw string on the lever that lowers a bridge below. Switch to Buzz and cross the bridge. Quickly move over the pumping action of the smashers. Once on the other side jump to the top platform and push a block of trash over the smasher to stop it. Move to the other side and push the other trash cube onto the second smasher. This action stops them from destroying your friends.

The ride isn't over yet because another grinder awaits the trapped toys. Control Jessie and if the button you left her on is rotated to the right jump onto the next platform (if not then jump on the button and it will rotate). Use the block that Buzz tossed down to grab the Alien - Zurg. Then move forward. Use her Land ability to jump on the broken pipes when there is not a flame present. Jump on the valve control to shut off the steam above then grab the card. Switch to Woody and swing to the next platform using the lever if you have not done so already (grab the card). Move down the walkway to find another pull string jump with a card below it. Swing over and push the button that was protected by steam that was shut off by Jessie. The button creates a platform pendulum below. Switch to Buzz and jump on the swinging platform to reach a red button. Hit the button then drop down and pick up a block of trash. Toss the trash over the edge near the black and yellow striped floor. Pick up the other block of trash and move to the side of the platform where Buzz can throw the block toward the grinder. Switch to Jessie and move toward the cube of trash Buzz threw down. Use the block to reach the higher platform where the coins are located. Switch to Woody and swing back away from the button. Move down the walkway and jump to the platform on the right. Woody should be able to jump onto the swinging platform that Buzz's button started. Jump on the first then the second. Wait for the second platform to swing to the right then grab one of the bars on the wall. Drop to the longest of the bars and jump to the ventilation duct. Swing across the lever opening a gate below and grab the card. Switch to Jessie and jump on her button again. Now controlling Buzz toss some trash into the opening. So Woody has to pull the lever, then Jessie needs to Land on the button. This will open the gate and the door to the grinder. When both are open Buzz can toss a piece of garbage in.

Haunted Bakery

Buzz is equipped with a more powerful laser this time. The bakery at the end of the street will shoot out possessed muffins. Shoot them a couple of times to destroy them. Unfortunately, more muffins will be created this time though they are closer to Buzz. Destroy them only to face another round of demented muffins. This round of evil baked goods also has a giant burnt muffin that will create a radial attack Buzz can leap over when it smashes the ground.

The witch will appear and change the bakery into a giant evil wedding cake. Fortunately for Buzz a giant space cannon has also fallen from the sky. Enter the cannon and unleash fury on the flying witches. As their numbers diminish more muffins are created from the cake. Some of these new muffins can even fly. Once the witches are dead Buzz will exit the cannon. Look for the shiny orbs scattered around the area. Collect as many as possible for ammo. A new large laser eyed witch is now on the prowl. A new weapon to help with this witch is dropped into our laps. Enter the cow launcher and fire at the witch. Basically, the rest of the level is all about shooting the group of witches, the muffins, and the large laser eyed witch. Alternate between the cow launcher and the cannon while collecting health and ammo when low.

Toy Box

At the end of the Train Rescue mission you are placed in Toy Box mode automatically. You can leave at any time by exiting to the game board.

You are designated the new sheriff of this small town. Mayor Hamm is just ahead and he needs you to destroy the shack behind him. Press Triangle to help him out. Hamm will immediately give you the next mission. Destroy the three shacks with the green light emitting from the top. Hamm will then explain how to tell which person in town has new mission ready. Those characters with "!" over their heads need help.

Woody's Roundup Missions

This section of the guide will provide a list of all the missions available in Toy Box mode, who to obtain (OBTN) the mission from, a description of the mission, the reward for completion, and any tips if necessary about how to complete the mission successfully.

Mayor Hamm

  • Destroy the Old Shack
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Knock down the old shack
    • RWRD: 250
    • Tips: Press Triangle near the shack to bust through it
  • Clean up the Town!
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Destroy 3 shacks
    • RWRD: 100
    • Tips: The three shacks are highlighted. Simply move to them and bust them down using Triangle
  • Give an Alien a Hat
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Throw Alien into the Hatshop and give him any hat
    • RWRD: 500
    • Tips: Grab the alien and toss him in the shop. The hat chosen does not matter.
  • Paint any Building in Town
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Paint the walls of any building
    • RWRD: 300
    • Tips: Move into the circle outside any of the buildings and press Square to customize. Choose walls from the menu and select a design. Back out to receive your reward.
  • Populate the Town
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Buy a Townsperson
    • RWRD: 200
    • Tips: Move to Al's Toy Barn and purchase any of the townspeople currently available. The only one appears to the the Pioneer for 100 gold.
  • Build the Jail
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Build the Jail
    • RWRD: 350
    • Tips: Outlaws are invading and the town needs a jail. Go to Al's Toy Barn and purchase the jail if you have 1000 gold saved.
  • Mayoral Election
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Mayor Supporters
    • RWRD: 500
    • Tips: Help Hamm remain mayor by dressing the townspeople in "I Love Hamm" shirts. Throw at least three people from town into the Tailor Shop and make them wear the shirt with Hamm on it.
  • Build the Bank
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Build the Bank
    • RWRD: 350
    • Tips: Purchase the Band at Al's Toy Barn for 1500 Gold
  • Blow Up the Dam
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Destroy the dam that the outlaws built
    • RWRD: 1000
    • Tips: A gate opens at the end of the street near Al's Toy Barn. Move through the gate and follow the path marked by the targets that you need to hit with a ball. At the end of the path you will find the dam. Throw a ball at the explosives and a boulder will destroy it.
  • More Buildings
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Build 4 buildings on the outskirts of town
    • RWRD: 750
    • Tips: This mission is given to you automatically after destroying the dam. The Candy Shop, the School, the Hotel, and the Post Office
  • Save the Stagecoach
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm (Random)
    • DESC: Find the Stagecoach and clear out the bandits
    • RWRD: 150
    • Tips: Move to the stagecoach and throw balls at the bandits to scare them off.
  • Save Mayor Hamm!
    • OBTN: Randomly got this mission after building the post office not sure how to unlock
    • DESC: Rescue Hamm from the outlaws' hideout
    • RWRD: 1000
    • Tips: We need to destroy all the shacks in the Bandit's hideout and rescue Mayor Hamm. First though lets find the hideout. From town head toward Slinky Dog's area. As soon as you get there go to the right and cross the broken bridge. Ahead you should see a wall to wall jump area. Land on the left side. Jump onto the tracks and ride them down. Enter the mine and clim the boards at the end. The bandit gate should open. Use TNT to destroy the shacks located here. The final shack is on the ground below you. Look over the ledge and find a safe place to fall. Once the fifth shack is destroyed Hamm is free.
  • Marble Sculptor
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Make a statue
    • RWRD: 350
    • Tips: Go grab some TNT from the TNT shack and throw it at the rock next to Al's Toy Barn in town.
  • Legendary Treasure
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Find the legendary treasure at the well
    • RWRD: 7500
    • Tips: Grab a TNT barrel and jump into the well behind Town Hall. Look for the debris under the track leading to the second level. Toss the TNT at the rubble to find the treasure.
  • The Pig Finish
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm after completing the Legendary Treasure
    • DESC: Defeat Dr. Porkchop
    • RWRD: 25000
    • Tips: The giant Hamm ship is stealing all of the towns gold. Go to a TNT shack and throw the TNT into the ship's gravitational field that is pulling up all of the gold in town. The best thing is to wait for it to start then throw to be sure you hit the ship. After three direct hits the pig comes crasing down.

Stinky Pete

  • Talk to Stinky Pete
    • OBTN: Mayor Hamm
    • DESC: Talk to Stinky Pete
    • RWRD: 150
    • Tips: Stinky Pete is across from Hamm.
  • Mine Some Gold
    • OBTN: Stinky Pete
    • DESC: Mine gold vein
    • RWRD: 200
    • Tips: Find a pile of rocks with gold on them and press Square to use the newly acquired pick.
  • Help Slinky
    • OBTN: Stinky Pete
    • DESC: Help Slinky
    • RWRD: 150
    • Tips: Go through the tunnel behind the courthouse to find Slinky Dog.
  • Conroy's fallen in the Well!
    • OBTN: Stinky Pete
    • DESC: Rescue Conroy from the Well
    • RWRD: 250
    • Tips: Find the well behind Pete and jump in. Once you find the boy inside the mission is complete
  • Rescue the Trapped Miner!
    • OBTN: Stinky Pete
    • DESC: Find the mine and rescue the miner trapped inside
    • RWRD: 250
    • Tips: The mine is located outside of town across from the exit to the game board. Use the pick to destroy the rubble blocking the mine.
  • Save the Mule!
    • OBTN: Stinky Pete
    • DESC: Find the mule and return him to Stinky Pete
    • RWRD: 500
    • Tips: Climb the mining area behind Al's Toy Barn. Do not forget that you can go to the missions menu and turn an arrow on to guide you to the objective. At the top of the mining area when you find the donkey throw a ball at him to knock him to the ground.
  • Tinfoil Hats
    • OBTN: Stinky Pete
    • DESC: Give 3 townspeople tinfoil hats
    • RWRD: 300
    • Tips: Pick up three people and toss them in the hat shop to provide the alien proof headgear