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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cmbf

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/20/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Skate 2 FAQ/Walkthrough - Version 1.0 - 21 May 2009 
         ___________            __           ________  
        /   _____/  | _______ _/  |_  ____   \_____  \ 
        \_____  \|  |/ /\__  \\   __\/ __ \   /  ____/ 
        /        \    <  / __ \|  | \  ___/  /       \ 
       /_______  /__|_ \(____  /__|  \___  > \_______ \
               \/     \/     \/          \/          \/
                      _       __              
              |_     |_ /\   /__ _.._ _  _  _ 
              |_)\/  |_/--\  \_|(_|| | |(/__> 
         (SKM01) Braydon's Ball Blaster
         (SKM02) Car Enthusiast
         (SKM03) High and Dry
         (SKM04) Ice Frosty
         (SKM05) Just Get Up There
         (SKM06) Lens Flare
         (SKM07) No Mugshots Please
         (SKM08) Shoot the View
         (SKM09) The Bank Job
         (SKM10) The Bowels of MongoCorp
         (SKM11) The Clampdown
         (SKM12) We Roll Large
         (SKM13) Who Lives Here?
    S.K.A.T.E. (SK800)
         Alphabet Yard 
         Back of the Library
         Dueling Snakes
         Lighthouse Park
         The Boneyard
         (THR01) 3rd Set's a Charm
         (THR02) A Little Help Here
         (THR03) Dunk Slam
         (THR04) Gold Medal Air
         (THR05) The Deep End
         (THR06) It's On!
         (THR07) Like Skate – Whatever
         (THR08) Loser Gets Hyphy
         (THR09) Oi! Let's Skate
         (THR10) Remember this Pool?
         (THR11) SOTY Off
         (THR12) Technically Hip
         (THR13) The Poop Deck Pool
         (THR14) The Scene of the Crime
         (THR15) The Think Pink Pool
         (THR16) They Call it Art
         (THR17) Train Hopping
    DEMO (DEM00)
         (DEM01) Your Sponsor
         (DEM02) Raising Coin
         (DEM03) Pick a Pro
    FILM (FIL00)
           (FIL01) Closing the Circuit
           (FIL02) Double the Grinds
           (FIL03) Drop Your Skills
           (FIL04) Playing Hooky
           (FIL05) School of Hard Knocks
           (FIL06) School's In
           (FIL07) School's Out
           (FIL08) Skipping School
           (FIL09) Air Blaow!
           (FIL10) Air Kills
           (FIL11) Dumpster Hacker
           (FIL12) Flipping 1 Footers
           (FIL13) Grab Blaster
           (FIL14) Grindy McGrindage
           (FIL15) Head Hunter
           (FIL16) Inversion Conversion
           (FIL17) Line 'Em Up
           (FIL18) Skating's About Cars
           (FIL19) Streety McStreet Skater
    RACES (RAC00)
         -Cougar Mountain Massacre
         -Da' Finals
         -Fabio Memorial Race
         -Jackknife Pass
         -K.O.T.M. Qualifier 1
         -K.O.T.M. Qualifier 2
         -Strafing Run
         -Thunderbord Ridge
         -Traffic King
         -Urban Warfare
         -Wheel Burner
           (CON01) Boneyard Blast
           (CON02) Downtown Disorder
           (CON03) Foundation Flickfest
           (CON04) Goofy Vs. Regular
           (CON05) Mountain Mayhem
           (CON06) Projects Picnic
           (CON07) Sidekick Showdown
           (CON08) Bushman Bowl Jam
           (CON09) Harsh Barge Blowout
           (CON10) Lighthouse Shootout
           (CON11) San Van-A-Slamma
           (CON12) Sewerside Jam
           (CON13) Snakestyle Shootout
           (CON14) The Bonefest
    SPOTS (SPOT00)
         Bus Stop
         By the Bridge
         Getting Technical
         Glass Awning
         Lily pads
         Manny Hip Set
         Mini-Mega Redux
         No Need for Speed
         Off Street
         Poop Deck Pool
         Razor's Edge
         Rock the Gap
         Stink Pit
         Swiss Cheese Moon
         The Statue
         The Wall
         Thrice in the Hubba
         Urban Curves
         Welcome Hut
         Winged Bench
           (BON01) Monster Open
           (BON02) Bonus Team Photo
           (BON03) Bonus Dueling Snake Race
           (BON04) SBM Man Minute 1
           (BON05) SBM Mag Minute 2
         DANNY WAY
           (BON06) Bone Drop
           (BON07) E is for Everyone
           (BON08) Going Down?
           (BON09) Pump it Up
           (BON10) Thread 'Em
           (BON11) Hold the Line
           (BON12) Keep it Flarey
           (BON13) Rail Hopping
           (BON14) Still Flaring It
           (BON15) Wild Grinding
         (PRO01) Alien Manual Shop
         (PRO02) Applebutter, Eh?
         (PRO03) BLAOW!
         (PRO04) BS Roll
         (PRO05) Busenitz Blitz
         (PRO06) Can you spell GIRL?
         (PRO07) Creativity Rules
         (PRO08) Creature Style
         (PRO09) Duffy's Rail Termination
         (PRO10) Get Blind with Jake
         (PRO11) Hit and Bounce
         (PRO12) Jam with Danny Way
         (PRO13) Lucas' Translation
         (PRO14) Over the Rainbow
         (PRO15) PJ's Stair Session 
         (PRO16) Shave your Tongue
         (PRO17) Stressing with the SOTY
         (PRO18) The Spice of Life
         (PRO19) The Streets are Calling
         (PRO20) Vert with the Vampire
         (PHO01) Big Black - Bodyguard/Masher
         (PHO02) Mike - Unlocker
         (PHO03) Sammy – Pool Chick
    FAQ'S (FAQS)
    I have limited experience with walkthroughs – the one I did for Godfather 2 
    was my first – and I did that one in a flowing style that was appropriate to 
    the game.  That is not the case here, so what I am going to do is break the 
    game down by events and sections, and put in jump-keys in the Table of Con-
    tents so you can go directly to the part you need since the odds are you are 
    not going to complete the game in the same way I did.  
    Parts of this game are very challenging, and parts are very frustrating and 
    tedious – but all in all it is a pretty good Skate game.  I had a lot of 
    help writing this walkthrough – from my son Peter, and from friends online: 
    RUPufnstuf who kept me from going insane on the races, Kim Hon who really 
    stomped the Spots, and KleinBoffer, who really is a wizard at the game.  I 
    also had the help of folks who posted videos to YouTube – and where I used 
    that I place a link in the challenge section – and credit for that strategy 
    is clearly theirs.  Thanks guys!
    Now to you Reader; remember, the Table of Contents is your friend!  Use the 
    find function to go to the jump-key you need.  Having said that, and with 
    no further verbiage, here is the proper guide!
    There is something important that I need to tell you about pushing: there 
    are two types of pushes in Skate 2 – regular and Mongo.  What constitutes 
    a regular push is really up to you – whether you use your front foot or 
    back – though purists believe that you should only use your back foot to 
    push...  YMMV.  
    Mongo Pushes are where you rotate first the front then the back foot or 
    vice-versa.  There is an achievement for doing 5000 Mongo pushes, though 
    trying to get that achievement while in career play could easily drive you 
    crazy :)  What I did was use the Mongo Pushes as a sort of safety valve 
    whever I got really frustrated with the game – and you will get frustrated 
    too so consider doing a few hundred Mongos just to let of steam – but that 
    is not the important thing I need to underscore here; doing full pushes is.
    When you push from a standing stop you need to allow the push to complete 
    fully before starting another – meaning hold down the button and let the 
    push complete.  If you hit the button fast your pushes are not full or as 
    strong – you do not gain as much speed, and depending upon the trick you 
    are trying to set  up, you may fail – especially in events like the Danny 
    Way Pro challenge.  Another trick to remember is that when a challenge 
    starts you out with one foot on the board and one foot off – ALWAYS wait 
    until BOTH feet are on the board to push, because pushing when you have 
    one foot off the board often gives you a half rather than a full push.
    When there is limited distance between where you need to kick flip, Ollie 
    or Nollie to set up a move, a half push is worse than no push at all!  
    Nuff said.
    The guard appears to let you out of your cell – it is your last day as a 
    number!  A nice series of visuals as you are taken out of the jail might 
    half-convince you that you somehow put in a DVD and not Skate 2 but no 
    worries – it really is a video game!
    The cinematic treatment ends as you close the door on your bud's ride, and 
    you get a short tour of the new San Van – and a chance to customize your 
    character – so let's do that now.
    You can stick with the guy toon and just mod him – or go for your first 
    achievement and change him to a girl for the Gender Bender (5GP).  Either 
    way, when you are finished with customizing your toon and wardrobe, hit 
    - New to Skate?  Basic Training
    Assuming that you are new to the game, take this opportunity to do the 
    tutorial – it only makes sense for you to get the basics down cold before 
    you enter the game world, right?
    Basic moves – the tutorial will teach you just the basics so after the 
    initial review try to do each of these moves before you go under the 
    barrier.  After you master grabbing your board and make it under the 
    barrier without head knots, you will be prompted to get off of your board 
    and – surprise!  Earn your next achievement: Skater Evolved (5GP).  That's 
    two down.
    The next learning move after you walk up the stairs is to do an Ollie to 
    jump a gap – that is to pull the right stick back then flick it forward.  
    The gap is in the direction of the arrows, so three-push in that direction 
    and jump the gap!  On the other side you will see arrows by a dumpster – a 
    dumpster that is blocking your path – so get off your board and move the 
    dumpster for your next achievement: I Like to Move It (5GP).
    Place a session marker and then 3-push forward and Ollie the ramp in front 
    of you, leaning to the right on the landing and you meet Slappy for another 
    achievement (didn't see that coming right?): Meet Slappy (5GP).
    After you meet Slappy you are prompted to go to your previous marker – 
    do that then 3-push and do an air-grab over the same ramp we used to meet 
    Slappy then kick over to the orange lightbulb for Flipping Wood 101.  You 
    can press X once you have started it to have him repeat the instructions 
    for the flips.
    You will be prompted to do each move, after which you get a Redo award.
    After you meet a few notable skaters and do a CS you can do the next 
    challenge – a Grinding Photo Shoot.  Grinding is basics – so view the 
    tutorial if you do not know how – then grind that rail!  I did a tail 
    grind myself but there is no reason why you can't center grind it.
    Next tut is the Manuals – Two on the Floor.  Hit X for the 411 and then give 
    it a shot!
    Just get it Up There – your next photo challenge – look for the orange 
    camera icon – is to get up on the fun box and grind.  What you need to do 
    is move the 
    ramp that is next to the fun box in front of it but slightly at an angle so 
    that the right edge is more or less lined up with the rail.  That way you 
    can use the edge to guide you right on to the rail for a nice Ollie grind.  
    You do not have to do it flawlessly and you will get to pick the photo that 
    is used from a selection of five or six – so pick the one that makes you 
    look good, right?
    You get a CS of the guys from Skateboard Mag saying they need to split, and 
    during the conversation you are reminded that skating in town is not as free 
    as it was in the original game.  Next stop is to get started on your Sponsor 
    Me tape, so follow Slappy to the school!
    - Follow Slappy
    Your primary objective is to stay within 150 feet of Slappy – not so hard 
    When you arrive at the school you will notice that there are some unique and 
    even challenging surfaces to skate and thrash.  And as you do that, you will 
    very likely get your first introduction to the Hall of Meat! (When you read 
    Hall of Meat do it with the announcer's voice from WWF).
    What the Hall of Meat is – to be kind – is pay-off for bailing, derfing, 
    and crashing – wouldn't it be nice if that happened in real life too?   
    If you do it right – err... wrong?  Whatever!  You should notice several 
    types of bonus items in your first HoM entry – like for instance speed and 
    different types of breakage.  Just derf a bunch and you will see what I 
    You should be well grounded in the basic moves now, so it is time to jump 
    into the story line and the side quests – which as I said before I have 
    laid out by section.  Just look at your radar map, pick an icon and go for 
    it.  Once you flag the challenge if you need help, hit the ToC and jump to 
    that section!
    (SKM01) Braydon's Ball Blaster
    This one is fairly easy – when the challenge starts get two or three pushes 
    in, Ollie the stairs, another push and get into your pre-Ollie crouch fully 
    before you hit the statue.  Time it right and you will clear it with no 
    problems.  Land and another push, than Ollie the next set of stairs and 
    exit the building for the win!
    (SKM02) Car Enthusiast
    The object here is to slide over the car and land beyond it successfully.
    Just be sure that you grind all the way between the arrows, and land 
    gracefully.  You do not need to land on the ramp to complete this challenge.  
    (SKM03) High and Dry
    You should be able to get this in your first run, but just in case place a 
    marker at the start.
    Take three good and fast pushes and then Ollie/Nollie just before you reach 
    the raised lip of the edge of the top of the waterfall, and grab your board 
    as soon as you are in the air.  You will sail over the gap and as long as 
    you remember to release your grab, you should land on the ledge or the floor 
    below – which you land on determines whether you stomp or kill this.
    Get the photog action CS, your reward, and a look at the Skateboard Mag Blog 
    featuring your most recent exploits.  Cowabunga Dood!  Be sure you clear the 
    area quick when you resume play as the rent-a-cops are now actively on you.
    (SKM04) Ice Frosty
    You need to beat Koston's grind for this challenge, and you can expect him 
    to score reasonably well (between 500 and 800), so bare that in mind while 
    you are planning your tricks.  
    The easiest way to score well on this challenge is to  get a few good pushes
    in and trick across the gap (play to your strengths and use whatever tricks 
    you are good at or have down cold).  Koston uses the simpler grinds on the 
    rail (BS/FS) and then tricks-out at the dismount, and you should too.  Just 
    play to your strengths on tricks and you will do fine!  Landing over the gap
    on your trucks for a center grind will also help boost your score.
    (SKM05) Just Get Up There
    In theory you could try to just do this one – I did that, and failed it a 
    lot.  To make it easier grab the nearby ramp and set it up in front of the 
    funbox.  Now try and succeed!  Isn't that much better than failing?  Yeah 
    I thought so too.
    (SKM06) Lens Flare
    This challenge can be a little frustrating because it is such a high jump 
    to begin it.  Your best tactic is to get a few really strong pushes, then 
    be sure you are fully crouched before you Nollie/Ollie up on to the edge 
    of the ledge.
    Once you are on the ledge the object is to grind and slide (in that order 
    is best but it can be reversed).  What I found worked best was to land on 
    my trucks, and then use the right stick to rotate off of them and onto the 
    board, rather than trying to hop and turn in the air, which more often 
    than not caused me to bail off the hubba.
    Stomp this and then choose your favorite photo!  
    (SKM07) No Mugshots Please
    Basic grind challenge.  Just get a few good pushes in and time your Nollie/
    Ollie to put you right and you cannot bail this one.  Your first photo 
    session for SM and some easy money – it just gets funner from here!
    (SKM08) Shoot the View
    This is a straight-forward challenge but it can be a bit daunting if you 
    are not used to doing quick transitions.  Lucky for you you get do-overs!  
    Just Nollie/Ollie on and grind – at the gap kickflip over, grind down, and 
    then kickflip off and land properly (without derfing) and you are done!
    (SKM09) The Bank Job
    If security is after you lose them before you start this challenge – and it 
    would be an idea to call Big Black in too once you have lost the rent-a-cop 
    magnate before starting the challenge.  Once Big Black is doing his thing, 
    go ahead and take the challenge.
    Depending on your style choose your approach angle to the bar and Nollie/
    Ollie onto it, and grind down.  You should have started and ended on the 
    ramp – otherwise I think you fail.
    (SKM10) The Bowels of MongoCorp
    This one is a little frustrating but with Big Black's help you can do it.
    Let me repeat that – the host calls Big Black before you start this - there
    is no timer, you can take all the time you need, BB is nto leaving.
    There is a rail nearby that you can drag to the edge, so get it as close 
    as you can with the upturned part facing the statue (obviously),and 
    then start your run.  
    Ollie/Nollie onto the rail and grind to the end, then Ollie/Nollie up and 
    through the wings of the statue just before the end of the rail.  Make sure 
    if you did a grab for distance that you release it so you can land properly, 
    and bang!  This one is killed.
    You may have noticed that this challenge was heavily griefed?  Yeah, the
    guards move the rail, one of them can actually climb up onto the statue and
    stand in the opening, it is pretty gnarly.  But you can get this done if you
    keep trying.
    (SKM11) The Clampdown
    The object is to grind the rail without getting busted by security, sounds 
    simple enough, right?  Just do a few pushes, Ollie or Nollie onto the rail 
    and grind down to the bottom.  When you hit bottom you get an action CS 
    from the photographer's point of view and your reward, at which point the 
    rent-a-cop (remember him? What a doofus) goes into Cop Mode.
    You may be tempted to use this challenge to try for the escape from a cop 
    on foot achievement, and you might get it, but probably not.  You could 
    wait for the next event where Big Black is introduced to you and unlocked,
    and then red-flag the cop and call in Big Black, who will run interference
    while you hoof it away and, once safe, get that achievement easy-peasy!
    (SKM12) We Roll Large
    You get a CS with Atibo who explains that he called in some backup – and he
    did!  You get your introduction to Big Black, who for a price will run 
    interference for you while you skate in high security zones.  This time it 
    is free, but next time you gotta pay!
    This is probably one of the challenges that will be right up there in your 
    top-ten list of frustrating events, because let's be honest here, nobody 
    likes to fail over and over again, right?  Frustration is your enemy here, 
    so if you just cannot get it, bail on the challenge and go do a few hundred
    mongo pushes to relax, and then come back and try again, d'accord?
    Ready now? When the challenge starts, place a marker so you can quickly 
    restart.  The thing to remember here is to follow the arrows and expect 
    to get messed with – in fact sometimes Big Black himself gets in your way!  
    It doesn't appear to matter whether you go left or right at the start, 
    there seems to be an equal chance of getting blocked, so if you do get an 
    obstruction go around or restart your marker, but hopefully you will have 
    more good runs than bad.
    As you approach the jump-point – you will be grinding up the side of the 
    statue – remember that it is all about timing for this one.  Try not to 
    over-push – three good pushes is all you need and in fact three gets you 
    as fast as you can go pushing anyway – so start your final three pushes 
    just before you hit the ramp going down to the statue, and resist the urge 
    to make that fourth push.  Instead use the extra distance to begin your 
    Ollie/Nollie so that you have more time to get the timing right.
    When you reach the top of the grind, immediately do a board-grab – that will 
    get you over the fountain and, with a little in-air maneuvering you should 
    be able to easily angle to the left or the right of the other side.  You are 
    NOT going to try to grind down the other side – you could do it if you hit 
    the first grind perfectly but it is more likely that you will end up derfing 
    and bailing if you do try, so angle to the left or right and be sure to 
    release your grab before you land on the other side of the fountain.
    Pick your photo and get your rewards – which includes unlocking Big Black – 
    who will come in handy later for sure.
    (SKM13) Who Lives Here?
    The challenge here is to gap from lot to lot, which is simple enough, right?
    Despite the fact that the gap does not seem to be that hard, landing on the 
    other side is a problem without derfing, so look for a ramp on the other 
    side and pull it into position so that you can land on it.  With that done, 
    you will notice a remarkable ceasing of failure.  How cool is that?
    (SK800) S.K.A.T.E.
    -Alphabet Yard
    -Back of the Library
    -Dueling Snakes
    -Lighthouse Park
    -The Boneyard
    This may seem a bit confusing at first, but basically you are playing 
    yourself and your competition.  The object is to either lead or follow 
    doing the same move.  If you are setting the move and your competition 
    matches it, you move on.  If you set the move and they fail it, they get 
    a letter.  The first to spell SKATE loses.  Nuff said.
    Once you beat Shingo (the Competition in Alphabet Yard) you unlock additio-
    nal challengers with whom you can throw down, by using your cell/PDA with 
    the left bumper.  Be aware that these guys gamble, so you will need cash 
    for the rest of the S.K.A.T.E. Challenges. 
    (THR01) 3rd Set's a Charm
    This challenge was something of a challenge for me, in fact it was really 
    frustrating, and I ended up needing to be shown how to do it – which is why 
    I have a 13-year old son :)
    With both feet on the board get in a few strong pushes and then Ollie/Nollie 
    the first set of stairs.  As you approach the second set, angle slightly to 
    the right so that when you Ollie/Nollie you end up landing on the ledge so 
    you avoid touching the bottom threshold of the stairs, which will cause you 
    to bail (and is why I kept failing).  Come off the ledge and head for the 
    last set of stairs and get going as fast as you can to clear them.  If you 
    want to nail this you need to get a 3x multiplier – I did that by board 
    switches on the first two and a double-grab and 360 on the last.
    It may take you a few tries to get this one but it is doable!
    (THR02) A Little Help Here
    When you go to the 'T' on the map you will find yourself at the gate to a 
    swimming pool – and yourself D-Listed from the party.  Let's face it, we 
    are not cool enough yet to be included.  The guy at the gate had a dis or 
    two for us, but tells us that if we find him some more pools we can come 
    in.  Three pool icons appear on your radar, so skate on over to each to 
    'discover' them.
    After you discover the third pool you can warp back to the first pool – 
    do that.  When you enter the gate you discover it as the fourth (out of 
    a total of seven) pools, and you can now take this challenge – A Little 
    Help Here.
    “Burnett is shooting an article for Thrasher on the pools in New San Van.
    He is looking for a photo of a huge tweaked air.  Give it to him.”
    This is one of those situations where you can make the challenge harder 
    on yourself than it really needs to be...  Basically all you need to do 
    is get high enough air to go above the level of the deck above, and do 
    a grab that you tweak with the right joystick.  That is not really all 
    that complicated, but if you are new to the game, you may not know how 
    to get that sort of air momentum built up.  Here is your chance to learn 
    The easiest approach to this challenge is to skate back and forth between 
    the side of the pool with the diving board and the side opposite it, doing 
    a simple grab at the apex to boost your speed.  Just go back and forth – 
    avoiding derfing into the diving board obviously – and you will see your 
    speed and height start to build.  Keep doing that until you feel that you 
    are high enough / fast enough, then do your grab and tweak it. 
    You will know you succeeded when you get a CS from the photographers POV as 
    he is shooting the pic's – and then you are asked to choose the one you like.
    Choose the one that makes you look best of course.
    After you choose the photo you get another CS – and meet Sammy – the chick 
    who drains the water out of pools and who you can call (see Phone section) 
    to do that for you – for a fee.
    (THR03) Dunk Slam 
    Grab the nearby pipe and drag it over to the board, back up to the other 
    end of the court and place a session marker, and then with both feet on 
    the board get in three good strong pushes and hit the pipe, at the top 
    go into a handplant on the board and bang!  Easy-peasey!
    (THR04) Gold Medal Air
    The challenge is to bust some air over one of the pool's diving boards, 
    and I rate this challenge a little less than medium.  You should be able 
    to nail it on one or two tries.
    Start out at the far (shallow) end of the pool, make three good pushes and 
    angle in so that you almost hit the board.  Do a grab and let inertia do 
    its thing to carry you up and over the board.  Remember to release your 
    grab on the way down the other side, so that you land instead of derf.  
    Choose your picture and head for the next event!
    (THR05) The Deep End
    On your radar you will see the three pool icons (full pools) that you 
    discovered for the first Thrash challenge – go to this one and call Sammy 
    to drain it – costing you $200 but what can you do?  Once the pool is 
    drained, hop on your board and take the challenge.
    Again this is not as difficult as it may seem – all you need to do is get 
    up some speed and pop-up to grind the edge of the pool in the deep end.  
    As you are grinding, do two different grabs, and there you go mate!  
    Photo session!
    Pick the pic you like best, and move on to the next mission.  Note you 
    may want to do some missions that get you money without costing you money – 
    that is what I ended up doing to build up a nest egg for the ones that I 
    needed to pay to prep, but as always YMMV.
    (THR06) It's On!
    What you need to do is score better here than the competition – and all your
    points do not necessarily have to come from the grind.  But anyway you must
    grind down the designated rail, and beat his score.  Try to time it so you
    grind the entire rail, and do a nice Ollie/Nollie spin or kickflip board 
    move off the end of the rail for extra points.  It took me a few tries, so 
    don't get frustrated if it takes you a few too.
    (THR07) Like Skate – Whatever
    First things first – this is one of the places where you absolutely need 
    Big Black to run interference for you.  You could be a doofus like me and 
    try to do it without his help – did not work out so well for me – or you 
    can learn from my stupidity and just spend the money.  If you are short on 
    money, do some of the deathraces and bet everything you have to maximize 
    the payout, then come back to this.  
    To begin, grab the curved rail and the two ramps – set them up so that the 
    rail is in between the two ramps, and you have enough of a gap so you can 
    comfortably make the transitions from ramp to rail to ramp.  Obviously if 
    you prefer to Ollie/Nollie that would be a slightly bigger gap than if you 
    kickflip, but by now you know what works best for you.
    Now get pushing, hit the first ramp transition to the rail, grind it, then 
    transition to the second ramp, and despite the tude shown by the rent-a-cops 
    you have stomped (maybe killed) another challenge!
    (THR08) Loser Gets Hyphy
    This is a best score challenge against one of the pro's – and in theory all 
    that you need to do is grind the full rail, then dismount with a trick move 
    to beat his score.  What I found was that going too fast caused me to lose.
    Two pushes is enough speed to let you time it so you land right on the start
    of the rail with more than enough momentum to do it.
    To get a better score what I did was Nollie up and land on my trucks for a 
    center grind.  At the middle of the rail, I used the right stick to rotate 
    into a slide, and then kickflipped off the end for a 180 FtW.
    (THR09) Oi! Let's Skate
    Remember the pumping tutorial challenge?  Well then remember it, because you
    need air and pumping is the way to go here.  Once you have enough air do a 
    handplant on the railing – not on the edge of the halfpipe – and gently move
    the right stick to maintain your balance for the dismount.  Land it without
    derfing and you have done it again!  Challenge surmounted!
    (THR10) Remember this Pool?
    This is a really simple challenge – just drop in get some speed going between
    the sides and when you are in the air, kick loose first your front foot, and
    then on the next air, your back foot.  That is all that there is to it!  Pick
    your photo and move on :)
    (THR11) SOTY Off
    This is one of the handful of challenges that will probably end up on your 
    ten most frustrating list.  I am not certain if this has been grief-coded 
    or not, but the rail that you can land on seems to have an invisible cap 
    on it, which means you think you have done a perfect land and grind, and 
    about halfway along the rail it knocks you off for the fail.
    After many retries I ended up realizing that the best way to do this was to 
    go for some hanging air points – as much as you can get – and then land just
    beyond the rail FtW.
    (THR12) Technically Hip
    There are three launch positions you can use, and you do not need to air 
    (jump) them sideways, you only need to get in the air and do your finger-
    flips while in the air.  This one is not all that hard because there are 
    button-stick prompts on-screen as you are doing it.
    Stomp this, then pick your photo and head for the next event!
    (THR13) The Poop Deck Pool
    All that you need to do is a single trick that scores at least 750 points.
    The easy way is to get your multiplier up with some basic moves and then, 
    when you have the speed, do your big trick – something that hangs for some 
    nice air points works best.  That really is all that there is to it!
    (THR14) The Scene of the Crime
    This is another one that can frustrate...  The easy way is to make sure that
    you have both feet on the board, and then do one strong push.  As long as it
    was a strong push, go straight forward into your Ollie/Nollie crouch – be 
    fully in the crouch before you launch at the edge, then do a 540 spin and 
    land on the other side FtW.
    (THR15) The Think Pink Pool
    All you need to do is two different handplants on the edge of the pool.  
    Easy is just to drop in, get some air, and do a front and then a back 
    handplant on the first two airs.  To nail this get your bonus multiplier 
    up before you do the plants, which is easy enough considering the fact 
    that you can get easy air in this pool.
    Choose your photo and move on!
    (THR16) They Call it Art
    Ollie/Nollie off of the ramp ahead of you, do a footplant on the box, and 
    then land on the ramp on the other side.  Easy?  No.  In fact I rate this 
    one hard, and not just because it is hard.  This one is almost completely 
    timing and speed – if your footplant is to early on the box, you lose 
    enough momentum to reach the ramp.  As far as I know there is no finesse 
    or trick that will make this easier – you either have good timing or 
    really good luck...  So try and try again until you get it, and then be 
    glad it is behind you, right?
    (THR17) Train Hopping
    For this challenge you need to cross the first gap, land on the platform, 
    and then cross the second gap.  I have watched friends do this with fancy 
    moves and flare, and I have tried to do it that way too and failed it.  
    Sometimes easy is better than fancy, so just get really good speed (make 
    sure both feet are on the board for the first push) Ollie/Nollie the gap, 
    then Ollie/Nollie off the platform to clear the second gap.  It might be 
    ugly but it works.
    (DEM00) DEMO
    (DEM01) Your Sponsor
    Score 7,500 points in two-and-a-half minutes.  There is plenty of pointage 
    here, just be sure not to repeat tricks too close together.  You can get the 
    multiplier up by doing rail grinds and kick flips and Olle/Nollie.  It 
    should not be that big a challenge for you to work up a routine – 360's in 
    combination work well here, bare that in mind.
    (DEM02) Raising Coin
    Score 12,500 points in two-and-a-half minutes.  This is basically the same 
    as the Your Sponsor Demo – it just requires more points in the same amount 
    of time.  Just do better than you did on the first Demo, d'accord?  :)
    (DEM03) Pick a Pro
    This is a follow-the-leader challenge you unlock after you successfully shop
    your demo tape.  Once you have done that use your phone to start this 
    challenge.  Which Pro you call determines who your Sponsor ends up being.
    (FIL00) FILM
    (FIL01) Closing the Circuit
    Get in three good pushes and then Nollie/Ollie the first gap to the loading 
    dock.  Nollie/Ollie the next gap.  Walk over and grab the ramp and drag it 
    over to the container and position it for your best approach – how you 
    Nollie/Ollie and your preferred angle are what matters.  Hit the ramp and 
    grind the container FtW.  
    There is no timer, so no rush, just take your time and nail it.
    (FIL02) Double the Grinds
    Get up on to the first rail and grind it, kick flip off and try to land 
    straight so you don't lose too much speed.  You want to be heading at the 
    arrow as you land, and if you lost too much speed do a full push 
    immediately.  Ollie/Nollie over the ledge and you should be perfectly 
    lined up with the rail – which you grind.  If you are not confident just 
    turn your board sideways in the air to be sure you hit the rail and then 
    adjust your grind with the right stick.
    (FIL03) Drop Your Skills
    This one can be a bit frustrating – I had to have it demonstrated for me – 
    but what you need to do is a Late Flip over the rail, One Foot over a rail, 
    Hippy Jump over a rail, and clear all five drops.  If you find you are 
    having trouble with this and you do know the moves, check out some of the 
    videos on YouTube to see how others do it.
    (FIL04) Playing Hooky
    The easiest way to stomp this challenge is to back up ten or twenty feet at 
    the start, do a single push and then pop into a smooth manual before you 
    reach the ledge.  Now hold it and cruise the ledge for an easy finish.  Now 
    head for the next camera challenge.
    (FIL05) School of Hard Knocks
    There is a temptation on this challenge to not see the obvious – so you 
    probably tried to just do the jump and failed.  There are two points to 
    this challenge; the first is to underscore that you can manipulate your 
    environment by moving and repositioning objects, the second is that often 
    it is the basic moves that can get you past a hurdle.
    To beat this challenge first drag the low ramp to your left in front of 
    the dumpster to create your launch point.  You can try the jump now but 
    you won't make it!  The next step is to turn both dumpsters sideways, snug 
    them up together, and there you are!
    If you tried to Nollie or Olly this and failed, well... That is mostly due 
    to Lack-O-Air ™  Try grabbing your board instead.  Easy, right?
    (FIL06) School's In
    Time to work on your grinding skills.  A short CS shows you the targets, 
    and this is a dead easy challenge really.  Just do a few pushes and then 
    Nollie or Olly onto the first rail, grind down, then rinse and repeat for 
    the second.  You should get this on the first try, but if not, try again!
    (FIL07) School's Out
    If you have trouble with this challenge don't sweat it – you can redo it 
    as long as it takes to get it right.  Just remember that the objective is 
    to completely clear both sets of stairs.  If you touch any of the yellow 
    painted parts you fail, so time it right and no worries mate!
    (FIL08) Skipping School
    The object here is to do four grabs off of the flagged banks.  If you are 
    unsure of how to do this view the tutorial (X) for hints and then, as the 
    man says, let her rip!
    Like before, try not to over complicate this; just do four grab moves 
    without bailing or derfing, simple as that.  You can even use the same 
    ramp to do all four.  Now head for the next orange camera icon on your 
    You activate these with your phone, after you get your sponsor.  Some of 
    these are easy, but some require you to set the conditions for the 
    challenge, so bare that in mind!  When you get frustrated with a challenge, 
    either find an alternate location or go do some Mongo Pushes for a while – 
    don't let it get to you in other words.
    (FIL09) Air Blaow!
    This is another challenge that seems to be high on the frustration list – 
    though that may have less to do with the code and more to do with the 
    challenge...  If you have put a lot of time into the game and are good 
    with the moves and board control this is not going to be as hard as it 
    will be if you have not put in the time to get good – yeah that is 
    obvious but I say it because, to be blunt, this challenge requires you 
    to either be really lucky or really good.
    What you need to do here is a 540 Tweaked Grab, a 360 Flip Trick, and a 720 
    any trick.  This challenge takes place at the Mega Compound in the section 
    we first got introduced to in the Danny Way challenge.  There are two ways 
    to begin this – the left ramp or the right – but you will not get the speed 
    and air you need from the left one, so it has to be the right. 
    The right ramp is straight ahead of you but there is a gap you have to 
    Ollie/Nollie or jump and grab to clear – and you need to get in three good 
    pushes to do that, so that you land straight on the ramp and not on the 
    threshold of the dirt in the middle of the gap.  The idea is to hit that 
    ramp cleanly so that you get really good air off of the end.
    Set your marker before you begin – and you should probably do the move that 
    is hardest for you first, since that way it gets easier as you progress.
    (FIL10) Air Kills
    For this challenge you need to do three things: a Body Flip, a Quad Kick 
    Flip, and then a Late Flip and Finger Flip in the same move, not 
    necessarily in that order.  Obviously if you are not comfortable with any 
    of these moves, you need to practice it.  The big ramp at the Mongo Compound
    is a good place to both practice and do these, because you get really good 
    hang-time in the air.
    There is no substitute for practice here – get the moves cold and you will 
    not have a problem killing this.
    (FIL11) Dumpster Hucker
    The big problem with this one seems to be where to do it – you need three 
    dumpsters in one area unless you really feel like hunting down dumpsters 
    and dragging them all over town!  
    The first place you can do this is the G.E.D. Plaza, where you can find 
    plenty of dumpsters.  Another place you can find the required objects is 
    the Boneyard.  You can also just find a good natural launch spot and then 
    hunt down the three dumpsters that you need and set them up there.
    The object is to get good air and clear all three dumpsters – and then not 
    derf on landing.  Simple enough!
    By the way if you are curious, a Hucker is a person who jumps objects or 
    uses objects to jump objects.  The term was first widely used to describe 
    using objects as launch points in mountain biking and dirt biking in the 
    early 1990's, and has since been co-opted by skaters.
    (FIL12) Flipping 1 Footers
    To complete this challenge you need to do a One-Foot Body Flip, and to do 
    that easily you need a ramp that will give you major air.  The best place 
    to do this is the big ramp at the Mongo Compound in my opinion, but YMMV.  
    It will help you to practice this move a bit before trying it so that you 
    know what you are supposed to do – which is get air, do a grab, and flip.
    If this one causes you more grief than you like, you can see good examples 
    of how others have done it on YouTube... But there is no substitute for 
    confidence, so practice this until you have it cold.
    (FIL13) Grab Blaster
    This challenge requires you to do 5 different Tweaked Grabs.  You will 
    find it easiest to do this either at the Mongo Compound or the Boneyard.
    By now you should be pretty well-versed with tweaking grabs so work out 
    the routine you want to do and then do it!
    (FIL14) Grindy McGrindage
    For this challenge you need to do a minimum 75 foot grind.  The Boneyard 
    skate park has a long rail that runs downhill, and that is probably the 
    best place to do this but it is not the only place.  There are some long 
    rails in town and ledges that you can do this on – look for long tiers 
    of stairs.
    There is nothing complex about this one – just find a rail/edge that is 
    long enough, get some speed, and grind it.
    (FIL15) Head Hunter
    To do this challenge all that you need to do is get air over a pedestrian.
    There are a couple of ways that you can do this – you can set a ramp uphill 
    on a sidewalk and then drop a session marker above and try to time it so 
    you launch over a ped, or you can do it the way that I did and jump a ped 
    off of a set of stairs.  Either way with a little effort in finding a spot 
    you should be able to get this easily.
    (FIL16) Inversion Conversion
    For this challenge you need to do 4 different Hand Plants.  Just find a 
    pool that you can do side-to-sides in and get going.  Once you have enough 
    height to do plants, do four different ones and you nail it.  To kill it, 
    build your multiplier before you enter the pool and try to enter with 
    enough speed so that you can immediately begin the plants.
    (FIL17) Line 'Em Up
    For this challenge all that you need to do is grind three picnic tables 
    within the time limit.  There are several places that you can do this – 
    the park and G.E.D. Come to mind.  
    (FIL18) Skating's About Cars
    For this challenge you need to do a Flip Trick over an occupied car.  The 
    easy way to do this is to drag an object into the road to block traffic, 
    and then Flip Trick over the first car.  You can use a ramp for that or 
    the lay of the land (depending on where you decide to do it).  Since 
    there is no timer for this challenge, you can take your time, so do that.
    (FIL19) Streety McStreet Skater
    For this challenge you need to do a Flip to Grind to Flip, a Nose Manual 
    to Flip Trick to Nose Manual, and a Grind to Slide.
    These are basics and you should have them down cold by now, but even if 
    you don't there is no timer on this challenge, so as long as you don't 
    derf and bail, you can nail this at your leisure.
    To decide where you want to do this, bare in mind that you will need a rail 
    or a ledge that is low enough so that you can flip to it, grind, and flip 
    off without derfing.  The manuals you can do anywhere, and the Grind to 
    Slide is simply kicking onto a rail in a grind and then using the right 
    stick to rotate into a slide – something you have done on several other 
    challenges before and should not be a problem now.
    RACES (RAC00)
    -Cougar Mountain Massacre
    -Da' Finals
    -Fabio Memorial Race
    -Jackknife Pass
    -K.O.T.M. Qualifier 1
    -K.O.T.M. Qualifier 2
    -Strafing Run
    -Thunderbord Ridge
    -Traffic King
    -Urban Warfare
    -Wheel Burner
    There really is not anything in particular one can say about the Races 
    other than bring money and resist frustration.  Seriously this is all 
    about board control and knowing when to use a move.  Practice your 
    downhill and speed skills, pay attention to obstructions, and just 
    Skate brah!
    After you complete your first race – the Fabio Memorial Race – you will 
    get the Still Alive achievement (5GP), and a sense of the action.  Just 
    stick with it and improve your skill in board handling and she'll be 
    Fair Warning: There is grief code in the race sections of Skate2.  If you 
    don't know what grief code is, it is simply the practice of adding in code 
    to cheat in favor of the game – this is usually done when the programmer 
    thinks that the activity is either not challenging enough for the reward 
    you get for doing it, or because the programmer lacked the skills to make 
    the section interesting or naturally a challenge and had to resort to 
    grief code as a result.  
    Either way, be aware that during the races you can expect every now and 
    then to have a pedestrian appear as if they just beamed down from the 
    Enterprise right in front of you, or for your board controls to suddenly 
    go wonky or lock you into a 1 second rail.  I have heard from other 
    players that every now and then the game throws you into a landscape 
    obstruction but that has not happened to me yet.
    It has been suggested that the grief code appears more often the higher 
    you make the bet on the race, so that is something to think about if 
    you find yourself having problems with a race.
    (CON01) Boneyard Blast
    Another three rounds of fun!  First round is a best trick off of the Fun 
    Box – this is one of those challenges where it really helps to play to your 
    strengths, so if there is a set of tricks you happen to be really good at 
    obviously here is the place to do it.  There is no sure-move here, and most 
    of the trouble you may have has to do with derfing at the end of your 
    routine, so if you are going for an air move, try to land on the flat 
    section of the Fun Box.
    Round two is a best grind on a pretty good sized rail.  You can boost your 
    score by doing kick flips or transition grinds – i.e. use the right stick 
    to change from grind type to grind type – and you should have no trouble 
    with this.
    Round Three is a best trick off of the arrowed surfaces.  Plan your 
    routine and remember if you get frustrated and decide to re-do this, 
    you have to re-do all three rounds not just the third :(
    (CON02) Downtown Disorder
    For Round One, use the stair rail, and either Ollie/Nollie up for points 
    on the mount, then grind, then kick flip or Ollie/Nollie off for some easy 
    air points.  A 180 or 360 if you can manage it will help take your points 
    over the edge.
    Round Two is a longest grind challenge – let me repeat that: Longest Grind.
    Score and fancy moves do not matter, distance of grind does.  Pick what you 
    are going to grind and then move off to a distance that will allow you to 
    get in three strong pushes.  Time it so that you can mount the grinding 
    surface as soon as you can, and then ride the grind down.  Avoid using 
    tail or nose grinds as they can slow you down, and remember to grind 
    grind grind!  Grind until you literally fall off the rail.
    Round Three is best trick, and you may want to stick with the grind on this
    with a trick on and a trick off as that seems to be the easy route FtW.  
    Remember to play to your strengths and this should be the easier of the 
    three rounds!
    (CON03) Foundation Flickfest
    A three-round elimination contest, so just don't be in last place at the 
    end of each round, right?  The first round is a best grind – this should 
    not be a problem for you at this point in the game!  The second is a best
    trick over a gap, and obviously an in-air combo should get you some nice
    pointage.  The final is another best trick this time over a car.  If you
    have trouble with this challenge it will likely be with the third round,
    not the first two, and concentrating on maximizing your score is the only
    way to go here.   
    (CON04) Goofy Vs. Regular
    Round One is best trick – there are several surfaces you can use, so you 
    will want to play to your strengths – I say that a lot don't I?  Seriously 
    though, using the tables you should be able to trick on, and trick off, 
    with some grind or kick flips in between.  You need to carry the bulk of 
    the score here, so seize the initiative and get some air score at the end.
    Round Two features the Fun Box – and it would be an idea to take a look at 
    the features to best plan your routine – did I say routine?  Yeah I did!  
    You need to combine some tricks here to make this work, so again, play to 
    your strengths, make sure you have good speed going in, trick onto and 
    along the box, get some air, and if you can, try for a landing grind or 
    maybe a good spin for hang-time pointage.
    Round Three is a best trick round and you can use any surface in the park.
    If you did really well on the Fun Box that is the logical place to attack,
    since you already know what to do.  
    (CON05) Mountain Mayhem
    Round One requires you to trick off/on to the dome in the center of the 
    park.  This does not have to be frustrating, just figure out a move that 
    will get you the points you need and do it.  Since this is the first 
    round, restarting has little penalty so experiment until you find the 
    right trick for you.
    Round Two is best trick on the ledges or surfaces along the side of the 
    road by the dam.  Transition tricks are probably what will work best for 
    you here – kick/Ollie/Nollie from level to level, get in some spin time 
    in the air, you know what works for you.
    Round Three is a best trick at the Hut Spot.  Just do whatever you did to 
    nail that spot the first time and you are golden.  If you have not nailed 
    it, work that out before you do this challenge so you don't bail and have 
    to repeat.
    (CON06) Projects Picnic
    There are three rounds – the first is best trick, the second best grind, 
    and the third is a trick off of this pyramid thingy.  Obviously you 
    should play to your strengths in Round One, while Round Two should not 
    be a problem.
    The Third Round is not as hard as it seems – just get in some good pushes 
    and get air off of the Pyramid, then try for a 360 or 540 (if you can) – 
    with good air hang you should easily rack up the points you need.  There 
    are videos on YouTube if you need an example.
    (CON07) Sidekick Showdown
    Round One is best grind – there is a set of ledges that you can alternate 
    by kick flipping from one to the other but the trick here is to begin with 
    max speed.  Just grind as long as you can FtW.
    Round Two is best trick – look for grindage on the ledge and do some trick 
    mounts and a spin dismount and you should get this easily.
    Round Three is a best grab contest.  It really does not matter how well you 
    do if you fail to do the grab, so plan your routine with that in mind.  You 
    will find it easier to start from uphill so that inertia helps you with 
    (CON08) Bushman Bowl Jam
    Round One is anything goes – I found that getting air points in the hang 
    was the way to go but YMMV.
    Round Two is grabs – but as long as you combine other tricks with the 
    grab I am pretty sure that they count too.
    Round Three is a repeat of Round One so just do that again :)
    (CON09) Harsh Barge Blowout
    Round One is grinds – just grind the edge of the pool for easy pointage.
    It might help if you build up the multiplier before doing the grind too. 
    Round Two is tricks only – so flex your pumping muscles (seriously by now 
    you should be really good at that) – and get pumping.  Once you have decent 
    air built up start tricking.  Try to land straight if you are doing spins 
    so you don't derf or eat into your speed.  
    Round Three is an anything goes round – grinds or tricks – and you will 
    want to build your multiplier as soon as you can because you need to get 
    some good points here quickly.
    (CON10) Lighthouse Shootout
    Round One is air tricks only – but this is not a problem considering you 
    are in a pool with some good potential after you get pumping.  Spins, 
    combos, play to your strengths here.  A word of warning – this is one 
    of the challenges that has grief code in it – you will not skate as 
    perfectly as the competition in this and they often pull off some amazing 
    points, so you likely will be re-doing this one.
    Round Two is anything goes, but there are some invisible obstacles that 
    can derf you – and I don't know where all of them are.  The best tactics 
    here seems to be to stick to the pipes and maximize your air score.
    Round Three is all grinds and inverts, and is in the pool from Round One.
    You know what to do here – I had better luck with grind-trick-grind but 
    (CON11) San Van-A-Slamma
    You worked your way here, the Big Prize is within your grasp – a cool 
    $100K woohoo!
    First Round: You do three separate runs through he park, and anything 
    goes trick wise.  Basically you need to develop a routine that works 
    for you, to max out your score.  There is nothing I can say that is 
    going to help you other than to play to your strengths here!  A word 
    of caution – like with Danny's Pro Challenge, if you fail to complete 
    the run, your score does not count, so be sure you complete it, right?
    Second Round: Again anything goes – there are four ramps in total that 
    you will be running but there will also be other contestants present, and 
    there is a bit of active grief code here.  Well, that makes sense 
    considering the prize includes money, unlocking the park, and getting you 
    an achievement, but still don't let it frustrate you if it does not go 
    your way.  
    I know I say play to your strengths a lot – but in this sort of challenge 
    it really helps to do so!  Pick surfaces that give you the boost you need 
    for your best type of trick – whether that is air (like me) or grind, or 
    whatever.  Try not to get too fancy – now is not the time to work in moves 
    you don't have cold!
    (CON12) Sewerside Jam
    Round One: All I can say that will really help is run the course once to 
    see its layout and plan your routine accordingly.  You need to get really 
    good air score on this – and getting the multiplier up quickly early on 
    will help a lot.
    Round Two: Same as Round One but only Air Tricks count here – so if Air is 
    your Friend (it sure is mine) this should be a breeze (pun intended).  If 
    not, well then it is time to work on your Ninja Air Skills mate!
    (CON13) Snakestyle Shootout
    This is a three-round elimination competition and there really is no trick 
    to it, just play to your strengths.  The first two rounds are easy, just 
    do Nollies and Ollies and combos and have fun with it.  The third round 
    is in a steep-sided pool and it can be a challenge.  If you are good with 
    moves, you will have no trouble – especially pumping – though to be honest 
    I took one look at it and decided to just go on one side and do handstands 
    on the edge over and over.  I won first try... Go figure.
    (CON14) The Bonefest
    Round One: Air Tricks ONLY.  Get in the half-pipe and get pumping, and do 
    lots of combos in the air and spins for the pointage.  
    Round Two: All Spins, All Day!  Seriously this is one of those times when 
    other tricks – and score – do not factor in.  The object is to get in a 
    lot of spin, so do that.  Good air control and good board placement in 
    the transitions makes a big different here – but by now you have that 
    down cold, right?
    Round Three: You are doing three runs through a half-pipe, and any trick 
    you can think of will count here, so go crazy with your best stuff.  
    Whatever you have cold for routines is what you should use.  Air is 
    your friend, as is speed, and the timer is your enemy!  Mind the timer 
    because you MUST reach the end of the run for your score to count – and 
    it will suck to get a good score and get forced to bail because you 
    never reached the line, eh?
    SPOTS (SPOT00)
         -Bus Stop
         -By the Bridge
         -Getting Technical
         -Glass Awning
         -Manny Hip Set
         -Mini-Mega Redux
         -No Need for Speed
         -Off Street
         -Poop Deck Pool
         -Razor's Edge
         -Rock the Gap
         -Stink Pit
         -Swiss Cheese Moon
         -The Statue
         -The Wall
         -Thrice in the Hubba
         -Urban Curves
         -Welcome Hut
         -Winged Bench
    I consider Owning Spots to be part of the End Game personally, but YMMV.
    Before you can own them though, you have to find them.  I did that by 
    skating all over the city but if you do not want to do that, there are 
    plenty of sites with maps that will lead you to the spots.
    There is a challenge that has you own six spots, so you will actually being
    doing the spots in the course of completing them game, but chances are you 
    will not have completely finished them until the end.  As for owning them, 
    each spot is its own unique challenge, and each has many different ways 
    that it can be owned, so there is no definitive how-to for this.
    Creativity is really what these are all about – you should approach them 
    with your eyes, scout the spot, and decide for yourself the best way for 
    YOU to own it.
    Once you have mastered the Spots, you may want to go on Live and check out 
    the Spots that other Skaters have created – and download some so you can 
    continue your Spot Ownage.  You can even build your own Spot using the 
    Spot Editor!
    This is sort of the Game-within-the-Game for Skate 2 that allows the 
    players to extend the challenge of play.  Yeah, it does not replace 
    expansion packs, but still it is pretty cool.
    (BON01) Monster Open
    This is a little different than the other contests in that your goal is 
    not the best trick, but rather your cumulative score, so try to plan out 
    your routine to maximize the multiplier and air time.  
    There are three rounds in total, and the prize for this event is $50,000.  
    There really is nothing I can say to you other than work out a good routine 
    for each round, and then nail it!
    (BON02) Bonus Team Photo
    The challenge here is to trick over your hand-planting sponsor.  This one 
    can be really frustrating, but with a few tries you should be able to 
    figure out the timing.  
    If you watch the other skater you will see that he repeats the same basic 
    pattern, so the trick here is to get your timing right so that you begin 
    pushing before he does.  It would probably be an idea to lay down a marker 
    before you do your first try, so you can warp back to the start as needed.  
    I know that this is frustrating, but if you look at it like trial-and-error,
    you will find it is a lot easier!  Just keep trying until you get the timing 
    right – the challenge here is really knowing when to start, and getting in 
    the three good pushes to bring you up to max speed so that you can trick 
    over the big pipe while he is hand planting the little one.
    (BON03) Bonus Dueling Snake Race
    This one is not like the others because the gates do not add time to the 
    timer here – only tricks do that.  Still you have to hit each gate, because 
    it is required – so make sure you do.  As far as adding time to the timer, 
    you should not have to work at that – just take the opportunity whenever 
    you get air to combo and do not derf and you will be fine.
    (BON04) SBM Man Minute 1
    Six Spots Tricked is required, and the first spot is in a rent-a-cop rich 
    environment so call in Big Black.  As far as I know other than the first 
    one, there is no requirement for specific spots so do the ones you like 
    or that are easier for you.
    (BON05) SBM Mag Minute 2
    When the challenge starts set your marker, and then begin your grinds – the 
    order does not matter.  I did the two stair rail grinds first because they 
    were easier for me, and then the windowsill grind.
    (BON06) Bone Drop
    This one is the easiest of Danny's challenges.  Just get in one really good 
    push, pop kick up and do a 180 spin on the way down.  Land without derfing FtW.
    (BON07) E is for Everyone
    Gap through the tower – sounds a lot easier than it is...  First thing 
    first – if you teleport to this it places you nowhere near where you need 
    to be – so get off your board and run down the path past the orange pylon 
    to the foot bridge.  Run up the stairs to the footbridge and another set 
    of stairs, then turn right and follow the walkway turning left to start 
    the challenge.
    You will get a short CS that sort of shows you where you need to go – 
    ignore it.  What you need to do is get in a good push directly at the 
    arrows and kick flip at the edge so that you drop at a nice angle, 
    landing on the spillway between the two arched pipes.  Alternatively 
    you can just push off the edge and land just in front of the two 
    arched pipes, but either way you want to land so that you are heading 
    straight along a line that will take you through the center of the 
    Crouch if you have not lost speed or get in a kick if you have – see 
    the bank/ramp approaching fast?  You want to get good air off of that 
    and then tuck into a single or double grab and sail right through the 
    gap in the lower part of the power pylon tower.  Be sure to release 
    your grab so you do not bail on landing, and badaboom!  Another 
    challenge down!
    (BON08) Going Down?
    Obviously get in three or four really good pushes and then get fully 
    crouched as you approach the edge of the drop off.  Nollie/Ollie hard 
    and do a single or double grab to sail towards the bowl.  You can hit 
    the incline on the bowl and still nail it, so no worries there.  This 
    is a combination though, so as soon as you hit the incline tuck into 
    your next Nollie/Ollie and get some air to the pool ahead of you.  
    Once you land in the pool that should be it, you should see the second 
    task highlight, and you have nailed another challenge!  
    (BON09) Pump it Up
    This one is a little misleading by name, but a pump at the bottom is 
    necessary.  What you need to do is get three really strong pushes in, 
    then air into the pool below using whatever works best for you – I 
    prefer to Ollie and Double Grab, landing on the shoulder of the pool, 
    and then push, pump on the threshold, and Nollie up, going over the 
    balcony rail and landing FtW!  My son likes to Ollie or Kick up and 
    grind the balcony rail before kick flipping down onto the deck FtW – 
    either way will work! 
    (BON10) Thread 'Em
    The object here is really good control in the air so you thread the vert 
    hole and smoothly hit the horizontal one.  I have seen this done in one 
    go, but for some reason when I try I always derf on landing.  What 
    worked for me was to grab the small ramp below and drag it into position 
    on the landing marker below, so that when I thread the horizontal hole 
    I land on the ramp FtW!  That is my advise to you too.
    (BON11) Hold the Line
    Drop onto the ledge, gap over the stairs, then grind the rail.  The only 
    advice I can give is for you to be sure to get in three good full pushes.  
    When you are grinding the rail you need to kick flip off early and be sure 
    you land right – there is a small amount of grief code in this challenge 
    and if you do not leave the rail soon enough, you get derfed from an 
    invisibly obstruction. 
    (BON12) Keep it Flarey
    A short CS sees your camera man heading off for coffee, while the pro takes 
    control and directs you in this challenge, so gird your loins and get going!
    Okay, let's be honest here...  This is another one of the events that is 
    going to be in the top-ten frustrating ones.  The problem with it is that 
    you only have 30 seconds to complete it, and you cannot even graze the 
    stairs at either end.  There are people on benches who will jump in front 
    of you at the round ledge knocking you off your board and causing you to 
    bail, and the process of grinding and gesturing can be a challenge all 
    on its own.
    Completing this means getting a good jump up and a good grind on each of 
    the three and completing any gesture while you do it.  A lot harder than 
    it sounds.  The frustration factor is high, and as frustration is your 
    enemy – it will only make it seem harder – if you do have problems with 
    this event, bail out of it and go do a few hundred mongo pushes to cool 
    down, or do a different event.  Come back when you are steady and calm 
    and ready to give it another try.
    Eventually you will succeed – I promise you.
    (BON13) Rail Hopping
    Do 4 unique tricks over the rails – just plan your tricks as a routine and 
    you should have this down cold. 
    (BON14) Still Flaring It
    Gesture and drop on to each bank.  This can be a pain because the first two 
    drops make it seem easy.  The third is the problem, because it looks like 
    you did it perfectly but you end up derfing at the bottom!  The problem is 
    a small ledge below that you will hit – and bail – especially if you are 
    moving too fast.  Just take it easy on the last one and try to land and 
    kick flip over the ledge.
    (BON15) Wild Grinding
    Do 5 different grinds and then grind all the planters.  There is nothing 
    to say about this one, you should nail it in one go.
    (PRO01) Alien Manual Shop
    Another potential top-ten frustration challenge: what you need to do is to 
    manual along the ledge and then hop up to a higher ledge, staying in the 
    manual as you land on the platform, which you manual along to the gap, 
    where you hop across and – again – land still in manual, and roll on FtW.
    The only thing that I can tell you is that nose manuals seem to work best, 
    and you need to begin this with as much speed as you can manage.  I failed 
    times ten this thing and went away more than once in disgust.  What I 
    finally ended up doing was going to the skatepark from the pump tutorial 
    and spent a half hour just doing nose manuals to sharpen my kills in 
    gapping and hopping while landing in the manual, and I really think that 
    helped a lot because when I went back to this I nailed it in one try,  
    (PRO02) Applebutter, Eh?
    Another follow-the-leader run – just be sure you stay within 90 feet of him 
    till the end FtW.
    (PRO03) BLAOW!
    This is just nasty, gnarly, plain hard.  I don't know about you but it 
    scored numero uno on my most frustrating list of challenges.
    You must transfer between two hips of the pool, and then do a minimum 24 
    foot grind on the coping.  I ended up having to go look this up on 
    Wikicheats – it was that frustrating for me – and discovered that the 
    mistake I was making was not doing the grind first!  My failures happened 
    on the grind stage, not the hips, and though I am not saying that I nailed 
    it in the first try – I did not – once I started the grind before the 
    transition, it really does help a lot to have that out of the way.
    I am not going to repeat what the author at Wikicheats posted – that would 
    not be fair to him – so I will just say that if you have trouble doing 
    this one grind first then transition, go read his in-depth assessment of 
    this challenge and do what he says at the end, as that worked well for me.
    Just look up the Skate 2 FAQ/Walkthrough on Wikicheats.gametrailers.com 
    (PRO04) BS Roll
    Another follow-the-leader challenge – just stay within 150 feet till the 
    end FtW.
    (PRO05) Busenitz Blitz
    This is a simple follow-the-leader challenge.  Stay within 150 feet at all 
    times FtW.
    (PRO06) Can you spell GIRL?
    This would be number two on my list of dreaded frustration generators.  
    This challenge is a game of S.K.A.T.E. Between you and two Pro's who are 
    way better than you, even if you are way better than me.  Trust me on this.
    I am not a big fan of shortcuts (a nice way of saying cheating) but this 
    challenge is so frustrating that I am going to give you two ways to finish 
    it (and I strongly suggest you go with option two because games are 
    supposed to be fun, not frustrating, and it is better to just get this 
    out of the way and forget about it).
    1st Way: Play it like it was designed – play S.K.A.T.E.  Then play again.
    And again.  And again. And maybe, eventually, possibly, you might win.  
    If you are REALLY good at S.K.A.T.E. 
    2nd Way: go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzz4KZVh_EY and watch this 
    video.  Do what they do, and this will be one more bad memory that you 
    can quickly forget.
    (PRO07) Creativity Rules
    This one requires some preparation and skill as well as timing, so you 
    will want to get the No Comply move down cold BEFORE you try it.
    No Comply: Do a Mongo Push and Ollie in the middle.  Look at the tutorial 
    in game as your guide.  Go to one of the skate parks and practice practice 
    practice!  When you are sure you have this down cold, head for the challenge
    and start it up!
    To complete this challenge you need to do a No Comply over the rack, then a 
    combination of Revert and Pop Shuvit, and finally foot plant the dumpster.
    No it is not an easy challenge, but with practice you can do it.  
    There is a visual aid on Youtube that you can refer to if you need to 
    better understand this challenge:
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZj6_Ek0p84
    (PRO08) Creature Style
    Another follow-the-leader, so stay within 150 feet.  Pay attention to the 
    route, you are about to learn a secret and unlock other content here!
    (PRO09) Duffy's Rail Termination 
    All Duffy wants is three different grinds – which by now should not be a 
    problem for you, right?  
    This can be a little frustrating because bailing fails it, so what you 
    should do is back up to the wall and drop a marker, then give it your best 
    shot.  Landing on the stairs between the arrows does not end the challenge,
    and you can still get credit for the grind – as long as you do not derf.
    While this may take you a few tries, it is not one of the really frustrating
    ones, so have fun with it.  And in the interest of full disclosure here, I 
    did not kill this, I was only able to stomp it.
    (PRO10) Get Blind with Jake
    Your mission is to 540 over the gap and then get halfway up the Vertical 
    Stick.  This is pretty straight forward – with both feet on the board kick 
    hard three or four times, get fully into the Ollie/Nollie and 540 over the
    gap.  You really need to try to land in a controlled fashion (duh) and as 
    straight as you can so that you are heading for the quarter pipe.  Ollie 
    off the top of that and, if you landed right you will have the speed you 
    need to get the air you need to nail this.
    I admit this one was a challenge and a half, and required more than one 
    attempt.  The landing/speed is key.
    (PRO11) Hit and Bounce
    There are three rails marked with arrows that you need to grind here while
    avoiding/evading the rent-a-cops.  The order in which you grind them does 
    not seem to matter, so do them as it suits you.  As far as I could tell 
    how much of each you actually grind also does not matter, but to kill 
    this you are going to have to get the multiplier up – I did not kill it, 
    just getting it done was satisfying enough.
    (PRO12) Jam with Danny Way 
    The objective appears simple in theory – beat Danny Way's score.  Of course
    your score does not count if you don't finish the course, so knowing the 
    course layout is paramount.
    On your first run do not try for score, just follow Danny so you can learn
    the layout.  You are not trying to win, in fact what you are doing is 
    looking for the big air launch points so you can plan out your moves 
    when you do it for real.  Now restart the challenge, and give it a real 
    Starting out be sure to wait until BOTH of your feet are actually on the 
    board, otherwise your first kick will be a weak one.  Three good pushes 
    and a double grab will land you perfectly on the first ramp, so be ready 
    to Nollie/Ollie and then do some combo moves or manipulations for long 
    hanging score.  It is really important that you nail this first ramp, 
    that you get really good points in the air, and that you land it right.  
    There is small air ahead, so keep it simple but get some points, then 
    back down and hit the hump ramp to get you over the water with a good 
    Bank to reverse and head for the pool – get big air off of the bank just 
    before the pool and take some air score.  At this point you should be 
    ahead of Danny so immediately exit to the right at the bottom.  Do NOT 
    delay, do NOT try for extra points.  Doing that will just get you a big 
    fat FAIL because Danny is a LOT better than you are.  When ahead in 
    points, end the challenge.
    So you might be thinking you won, right?  You wish!  This is a best out 
    of three challenge, so even though you did win the first run, he has two 
    more chances to beat you, and if he does – you lose brah.
    You know what grief code is, right?  Well it is blatant in this challenge.
    You will derf on perfect landings that should not derf you.  Invisible 
    obstructions will knock you off your board.  The controls will get sloppy 
    for a fraction of a second and send you to derfville.  Why did they go so 
    way-over-the-top with grief code on this challenge?  I suspect that it was
    simply that they wanted to add time to the game here.  If it takes you 
    three hours to nail this, that adds three hours to the “quality” of the 
    game, right?  Well, not so much, really.  Unless when they say quality 
    they mean tedious...
    It is too bad that the programmers felt the need to be so blatant with grief
    code here, because otherwise this is a great game!  I can see how some 
    players might get frustrated and walk away, and it is this and a handful 
    of other really blatant griefed challenges that has people badmouthing 
    this game, but don't let it ruin it for you.  Almost all of the rest of 
    it really is a great game!
    (PRO13) Lucas' Translation
    This one is fairly simple in theory but can be frustrating if you do not 
    have good board control and a grasp of transition.  What you need to do 
    is either tail or nose slide a ledge, jump a gap, then tail or nose slide 
    on landing.  You will need to have some good speed to do this, because 
    you want to be able to slide the whole thing...  
    (PRO14) Over the Rainbow
    You will need to do three grinds off of the designated rail – and it is a 
    bit high so if you are not good at mounting it you will need to use the 
    nearby ramp – set it up against the near end of the rail so you can almost 
    ride on to it.
    The grinds need to be three different ones, but by now that should not be 
    a problem for you.
    (PRO15) PJ's Stair Session  
    Meet PJ Ladd and show him three different fliptricks!
    This is easy mate, but if you do not remember the stick for the different 
    tricks, take a look at the trick guide by hitting start.  Once you have 
    decided which ones you want to do, do them!  Remember to go back to the 
    marker instead of trying to hoof it up the stairs on this – there is a 
    timer remember.  You should have no trouble getting this done, so head 
    for the next star!
    (PRO16) Shave your Tongue
    Here is another one that might make your top ten frustration list – get 
    in three good pushes and you need to do a Hippy Jump over the barrier, 
    Finger Flip over the stairs, and then do a Late Flip off the wall.  
    About the frustration – it will only be really bad if you are not 
    comfortable with or do not know the moves well.  If that is the case, 
    hold off doing this one, head over to a skate park, and practice the 
    moves until you have them down cold.  There is no substitute for skill 
    in this one – if when we say skill we mean pushing sticks and hitting 
    buttons, but still...
    (PRO17) Stressing with the SOTY
    Don't expect to nail this the fist few tries...  You need to grind two 
    ledges – but they are pretty high and require you to transition well.  
    All you need to do is get good pushes in, Ollie/Nollie over the small 
    ledge on to the other side, lining yourself up with the table ramp 
    ahead as you land.  After you hit the ramp and Ollie/Nollie or kick 
    up onto the ledge, land in a grind and then as soon as you can Kick 
    Flip down and aim for the next table ramp down the slope.  Air off of 
    that onto the second ledge and grind.  Be aware of and avoid the 
    obstructions and you should do this pretty well. 
    (PRO18) The Spice of Life
    This is basic skateboard 101 – do four different Flip Tricks up the stairs.
    To nail this make sure you get good pushes and get fully crouched before 
    you trick – easy peasy.
    (PRO19) The Streets are Calling
    This one will be easy for some and really hard for others – it requires 
    some good board control and familiarity with in-air manipulation.  You 
    need to Flip Trick onto a ledge and grind, then Nollie onto a table – 
    and grind – and finally do a 360 Flip over the Hubba.  When you start 
    make sure you get good full pushes – three should be enough if you do 
    them well, as you need full speed.  If you have problems with higher 
    hops you should go to a skate park and practice them, but at this point 
    that should not be a problem for you.
    (PRO20) Vert with the Vampire
    Tweak a Hand Plant, do a One Foot Grab, and get air up to the windows, 
    simple enough?  Well it is because you do not have to do them in any 
    particular order, so pick whatever you are really good at and get it 
    done first.
    Ride up the quarterpipe and do a hand plant – and while in the plant 
    tweak it.  A one foot grab should be easy enough for you at this stage.  
    Getting air to the window just means remembering to pump – you did do 
    the pumping challenge right?  So you already know how to do this!
    (PHO01) Big Black – Bodyguard/Masher
    For $500 Big Black will put the cool on the rent-a-cops that make life 
    difficult for Skaters.  Use your phone and select Services to call in 
    Big Black.
    (PHO02) Mike – Unlocker
    When you get busted by security, they will install caps on any rails in the 
    area.  To uncap these blocked rails and get back to your grindage, call Mike!
    (PHO03) Sammy – Pool Chick
    Sammy has a van.  Sammy has a water pump.  Sammy will drain any pool/fountain
    you find.  Call Sammy!
     - A Budding Star (25GP) Complete all film challenges at Rob's Fantasy 
     - Active Skater (20GP) Successfully complete all online freeskate activi-
    ties with your created skater
     - Amateur Skater (15GP) Achieve Amateur Rank Online
     - Anyone Else? (20GP) Beat all the pros at Throwdown challenges
     - Best in Class (25GP) Win the Best Trick Contest at Oliver Elementary
     - Best Trick Valet (25GP) Win the Best Trick Contest at the Parkade
     - Big Air Champ (50GP) Win the San Van-a-Slamma
     - Center of Attention (25GP) Complete all film challenges at the 
    Community Center
     - Community Jammer (25GP) Win the Jam Contest at the Community Center
     - Cooperation is key (10GP) Complete 50 online freeskate activities with 
    your created skater
     - Dethrowned (20GP) Download and own a community-created spot
     - DIY (35GP) Spend 30 minutes moving objects in career mode
     - Film School Dropout (25GP) Complete all film and photo challenges 
    at Oliver Elementary
     - Fully Sponsored (50GP) Obtain all sponsorships
     - Gender Bender (5GP) Change your skater's gender
     - Good Samaritan (20GP) Knock down a security guard chasing another 
    skater in career mode
     - Graphically Extreme (5GP) Add a custom graphic to your skater
     - Grasshopper (20GP) Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 
    feet in career mode
     - GVR Champ (20GP) Win the GVR Contest
     - How you like them apples? (20GP) Acquire all phone numbers for the 
     - I Like To Move It (5GP) Move your first object in career mode
     - Jam Fantasy (25GP) Win the Jam Contest at Rob's Fantasy Factory
     - Juggling Chainsaws (20GP) Wipeout at high speed in career mode
     - Make it Big! (15GP) Use Big Black's service 10 times in Career Mode
     - Meet Slappy (5GP) Meet Slappy
     - Need for Speed (50GP) Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds in career 
     - New San Van Hero (20GP) Call Mikey 10 times
     - Online Legend (50GP) Achieve Legend Rank Online
     - Online Pro (25GP) Achieve Pro Rank Online
     - On Top Of The World (20GP) Perform an invert on one of the highest 
    points in the city in career mode
     - Parking Lot Attendant (25GP) Complete all film and photo challenges at 
    the Parkade
     - Perfectionist (50GP) Complete all paths in career mode
     - Playing Nice Together (5GP) Complete your first online freeskate 
    activity with your created skater
     - Pown some noobs (15GP) Win an online ranked match
     - Pull the Plug (15GP) Drain every pool and fountain in career mode
     - Race Hero (20GP) Win all races in career mode
     - Real Estate Mogul (50GP) Purchase all property in career mode
     - Running Man (5GP) Escape a chase off board in career mode
     - Sandbag (20GP) Break at least 15 bones in a single wipeout in career 
     - SBM Cover (30GP) Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag
     - Skater Evolved (5GP) Get off your board in career mode
     - Skater's Choice (20GP) Win the Skater's choice award in an online 
    ranked match
     - Skitched Up (5GP) Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet in career mode
     - Spare Parts (50GP) All Hall Of Meat paths complete
     - Stairmaster (20GP) Perform one stair gap of at least 12 meters or 
    36 feet in career mode
     - Still Alive? (5GP) Win a Deathrace in career mode
     - That's the Way (20GP) Beat all of Danny Way's film challenges
     - The Architect (5GP) Upload a created spot
     - The Critic (10GP) Rate 10 community videos and photos
     - Thrasher Cover (30GP) Get the cover of Thrasher
     - Uninsurable (20GP) Break 100 bones in career mode
     - Urban Legend Too (40GP) Own all spots in career mode
     - Where's my TV show? (20GP) Beat all Rob Dyrdek challenges
                           Secret Achievements
     - No Hard Hat Required (25GP) Touch the top of the construction full-pipe 
     - Skylight Superstar (25GP) Drop into Rob's plaza through the skylight
     - Taste The Mongo (20GP) Mongo Push 5000 times in career mode
    FAQ'S (FAQS)
    Q1. How do you play as Dem Bones?
    A1. First you have to beat all of the Hall of Meat Challenges, after which 
    you set it in the Options Menu for Online Play.
    Q2. How do I ask you a Question?
    A2. You send me an Email at the address below with Skate2 as the start of 
    the Subject.  If you did not put Skate2 as the first word of the subject 
    and you are not in my address book, your question never got past my Spam 
    Q3. Where do you play Skate2?
    A3. On the Big Comfy Couch of course.  Where do YOU play Skate2?
    I have been gaming on console since before most of you were born, starting 
    with Pong in the early 1970's.  I quickly moved on to the Intellivision and 
    then the Atari 2600 and never looked back.  In real life I write a column 
    for the Cape Cod Times Business Section called Digital Grind, covering the 
    Internet, technology, and every now and then, games. 
    I can be reached via email at chris@boots-faubert.com
    My personal web pages are at chris.boots-faubert.com
    If you are writing me about this walkthrough, please be sure to begin the 
    subject line with Skate2 as my spam filter can be weird.
    This guide Copyright © 2009 CM Boots-Faubert.  This document is licensed 
    for use exclusively on www.GameFaqs.com and My360.com.au. Unauthorized 
    use or republication of this guide will result in my releasing a hoard 
    of angry ninja hamsters on you, and my nana being very disappointed in 
    you...  It is not pretty, so do not do it.

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