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Bioware sets the bar yet again. 02/03/10 Master Chief 117 23
An excellent game with no story to speak of-- O' Story, Where Art Thou? 02/11/10 Trohan
Who's ready to seduce more Asari women and save the galaxy again!? 02/17/10 WallStreetWolf
Hey Tali - you look lonely, baby. 03/02/12 Archmonk Iga
I wish it were perfect... 02/05/10 Boot_Bunny1
I'm Commander Shepard and This is My Favorite Review on the Citadel 03/08/10 DandyQuackShot
Combat Took A Mass Effect. 02/10/11 EpicKingdom_
Longer. Stronger. More Simple. More Tedious. 06/14/10 Flare_Dragon123
Bioware's masterpiece for the ages... 03/01/10 Galactus21
A Worthy Sequel 02/26/10 GloryBound87
The perfect assimilation of roleplaying and shooting set Mass Effect 2 in a whole other galaxy of gaming. 02/16/10 HailToTheGun
The Reapers Strike Back 08/09/10 horror_spooky
A little refinement goes a long way 03/09/10 jfvaughn1012
The Empire Strikes Back of video games.... 02/23/10 MattRyanPerez
A solid streamlined sequel 02/02/10 mixedlion
One of the most engaging plots ever in a game? I should go. 02/26/14 nastynate3118
Big time improvement, but suffers from pacing issues and easy combat 02/18/11 neonreaper
Finally a Western RPG that I can actually like. Mass Effect 2's a great experience and one of Bioware's best 06/01/11 nintendosega
A Sequel That Surpasses its Predecessor in Every Way 02/19/13 redsoxfanx8
Different than the First, but Better in Many Ways 03/22/13 rubicon14
The Greatest Space Epic Ever 03/22/10 SoraLink2649
One of the best games this generation. 02/16/10 thecrobar
One step forward, and another step back. 02/12/10 Vincentsdream
Good, but not the best 02/09/10 Z1ZYX
I know that it might be a bit early to say this, but Mass Effect 2 could actually be the best game this decade. 03/30/12 Zylo the wolf

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
A big step backwards. 02/05/10 Foreman22
Mass Effect 2 - More like an expansion than a sequel. :( 01/29/10 Lerei
Imagine this as a sad face emocon 01/28/10 xjuggernaughtx
Amazing yet I feel nostalgic for the first game 01/28/10 cronos603
Surpasses the original in every every way 01/27/10 Doom_Art
Mass Improvement 11/21/11 DouglasFett
Major Improvement on the Original 01/28/10 dub_trips
Mass effect 2 rules but has it's flaws... *Spoilers* 9.0 / 10 02/02/10 eatssteak020
Very Compelling (Possible Spoilers) 01/29/10 golden_sailor
BioWare shows why they are the dominant Developer for RPGs. 02/02/10 hellslinger
Revolutionary -Intergalactic- Road 07/21/10 IamTakkun
Mixed Effect 02/26/10 InitialDluvr88
Bioware has, once again, exceeded expectations. 02/02/10 inversion0424
Best game eve made? Yes 09/02/11 Jdv161
Mass Effect 2 + Xbox 360=Best. Game. Ever. 09/06/11 Jdv61
A game that is unbalanced without the DLC. I wonder if EA designed it that way..? Spoilers 08/27/10 Mephistofun
The Good, The Ba... No wait, just the Good. 02/17/10 Merphy06
Mass Satisfaction 09/10/12 Myrdraal8
Modern day Masterpiece. Spoiler free review 01/18/11 nickgelstharp
Mass Effect: The mini game 02/02/10 oblivax
Dismiss the hype, Mass Effect 2 is mediocre at best. 07/19/10 ratlank501
Well darn my socks and call me an Asari Matriarch! 02/05/10 Rue2003
Mass Effect 2: Systems not Engaging 02/12/10 smuc90
Yet another step backwards for Bioware 02/24/10 timmyv38
Bioware, you amaze me once again 02/02/10 Wheezy247
Outstanding fusion of shooter and lite-RPG 01/28/10 wilson336
A Mass of Poop evolves into a Mass of Greatness 02/04/10 XeLLoS_o9
Mass Effect 2: A Game of Mass Improvements 02/11/10 youneedalife

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