Do the upgrades go straight on a terminal after asking the squad or do i have to keep going back and asking?

  1. Everytime i save up enough stuff to upgrade i keep going back to ask them about upgrades but the conversation is repeated and its annoying me. I was wondering if it all goes to that upgrade terminal after asking them about upgrades just one time or if i do have to keep going back and hearing the same conversation again.

    User Info: Jessie21xxx

    Jessie21xxx - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You just need to talk with them once. Each squadmate has only a single upgrade available, which will be made available at the Terminal after selecting the appropriate dialogue option.

    Choosing the same option with a squadmate that already provided you with their upgrade will only repeat the dialogue, but won't unlock anything new.

    Hope to have helped.

    User Info: Vanuatu222

    Vanuatu222 - 1 month ago 2   0

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