Where is the disk?

  1. In the secret room in strip club there is a empty dvd player where can i find the disk?

    User Info: m2rg

    m2rg - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. It's in the same room as you find the DVD player.Look for a box with a lady on the front of it. Pick it up and open up the DVD tray and then you get the option of inserting the disc. Don't expect anything great though ;o)

    User Info: PhilR1

    PhilR1 - 8 years ago 2   0


  1. On the desk in a tray is the dirty movie case. Insert into the Duke-Ray player and voila! Duke at his best...

    User Info: Gakere

    Gakere - 8 years ago 1   0
  2. On the table it is in a yellow box I belive called

    User Info: k_snake

    k_snake - 8 years ago 1   1

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