Review by Galactus21

Reviewed: 11/08/10

Well at least the graphics aren't too shabby.

Facebreaker is hands down the worse boxing game (realistic and arcade like) I’ve ever played. It even makes a run at being one of the worse games I have ever played on the Xbox 360 as well. It’s highly repetitive, riddled with cheap and unforgiving enemy AI. From the trailers, I was fooled. It looked great, fast paced, and look like a ton of fun to just beat each other up. Facebreaker was far from that. If you asked me, EA typically releases games of mediocre quality, but Facebreaker dips below mediocrity and hits the depths of poor gaming.

Facebreaker’s boxing style mechanics are more arcade like. It’s relatively fast pace, so don’t expect it to play like Fight Night. For the most part, button mashing would be enough for you to play through the game. The game doesn’t require you to be strategic in your attack. Some games don’t need you to be in order to have fun, but in Facebreaker’s case this does not hold true. You can utilize several different types of attacks such as haymakers. The control scheme was also poorly implemented. This is worsening by the fact that the controls aren’t very responsive or fluid.

Fights last 3 rounds, with an overtime round if necessary. In those 3 rounds, the character that knocks the opponent down 3 times will win. If this doesn’t occur within 3 rounds, then overtime round will occur. In this overtime round, the character that does the first knockdown wins. This isn’t necessarily a bad scheme, but the computer A.I is so cheap that it makes these 3 rounds almost pointless. The game modes are also not very fun.

The graphics in this game for the most part does look fairly solid. The animation when performing attacks look fairly good. The character models are not bad. The cartoon style graphics fits the arcade like scheme well. Voice acting for the most part is pretty forgettable. To top it off, the background sounds are hit and miss as well.

EA really hit a snoozer with Facebreakers. The graphics are really the only thing that Facebreaker has going for it. There’s no redeeming quality to consider this game fun even for short amount of time. If you want to fall asleep, then this game is the right game for you. If not, then definitely do not buy or rent this game. This game is the very definition of shovelware.

Gameplay – 1/10
Graphics – 6/10
Sound – 2/10
Value – 1/10
Overall – 2.4/10

Rating: 2

Product Release: FaceBreaker (US, 09/05/08)

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