Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 09/11/08

Ever wondered what your face would look like if it were broken?

Facebreaker is one of those games that came out of nowhere and my OCD is the only reason I even rented the game.

At a young age we're told not to judge a book by it's cover and the same thing could be said about this game because it has one ugly cover that doesn't do the game justice. Actually, it does do the game justice as the poor art work shows how much effort went into making this game.

So many things are wrong with this game but it is able to do a few things correctly. The create a character this a little above average. You can use a pic of yourself via the internet or if you have the Camera for the 360 you can take the pic that way, you upload those and make a boxer that kind of looks like you.

It's a fun feature because it's cool to think that anyone who breaks your face will always have your head on their wall. There's also a ton of downloadable characters and you can always upload your own. Some that stuck out were Michael Jackson, The Joker and Chuck Norris.

The problem is that the basic stuff is very limited and it isn't as indepth as a fighting fan would want. Wait, you thought this was a boxing game? I guess at it's core it is but the fast action and the combo system makes it a fighter more than a boxing game. If you want real boxing then get the new Fight Night due next year, this is all about the fighting.

Visually the game has a cartoon look to it, most likely to keep the game at a T rating. It looks pretty good and the animations run smoothly. The characters in the story lack originality but still look good. Arenas feel a bit drab and lame.

The game offers a quick player feature, a story mode and an on-line mode. Nothing much else to do which kind of sucks I guess. The achievements are mostly story based and shouldn't take anyone more than a day to net 600 or so, once you learn the games mechanics.

See, the game has an odd fighting style to you. The B button throws your opponent. The A button is a light attack and the X button is a heavy attack. Once you build up your meter you can hit Y to instigate a super attack, if landed it opens up the chance to break their face. The game never says this but you have to random mash buttons here or you will just allow them to continue to the fight.

You can block with the right trigger and if you hit A when they are attacking with a low attack you can parry. You can also dodge but I have no clue how. The game kind of throws you into the ring and it's a tough battle.

The AI feels too cheap and even on the easiest setting I found myself having a lot of trouble very early in the game. If this was a little more like the other arcade boxer back on the PS2 and Dreamcast then it might have been fun but it becomes frustrating, not fun.

The on-line mode seems fairly lively for just coming out and not being a AAA title. I did notice there is a lot of lag depending on who hosts the match and there is a delay from when you hit a button to when the character performs the action on-line.

The game offers a lot to unlock but most of it has to do with create a character so if that isn't your cup of tea then there isn't much to do besides aim for the achievements. The story mode is fairly short, if you're able to finish it.

At $60 this game isn't worth it at all and even if it was $10 I'd be hard pressed to even think about buying it. If you like the demo then rent the game because it most likely won't be what you're looking for as I see the target audience for this game to be almost non-existent.

Maybe I'm being harsh with the game but it isn't exactly fun, except on-line, and even that has problems. Even the EA servers crashed this morning and we pay for this kind of service via Xbox Live... For $10 it might be worth buying but right now I'm going to have to say to just pass this game over because it doesn't have enough to warrant the price tag and what you do get isn't very good either.

Story - N/A
Graphics - 6/10
Sound - 5/10
Control - 7/10
Game Play - 4/10
Replay Value - 3/10

Final Score - 4/10

Rating: 4

Product Release: FaceBreaker (US, 09/05/08)

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