Review by bomb_blister00

Reviewed: 09/09/08

Crashed and Burned - Awful

Well I decided to hit this out as a shot in the dark and bought this on the precedent that EA Sports Fight Night was a decent game and so was Prizefighter. Can this keep up with the pack......... No!

Gameplay - 1/10

Gameplay is rigid and your boxer only has one fighting style that cannot be customised and cannot be tweeked to make more difficult fights easier. Also, the whole dodge and parry sequence is a bit difficult to pull off against some of the tougher opponents. But the worst thing about this game is how hard it gets and quickly. If you can't master the fighters strengths and find the opponenets weaknesses its don't comeback next week.

Graphics - 9/10

The game has some good graphics given up for it. Some of the characters look very cool. Also between rounds you can see the boxer getting dizzy and a bit battered. I also like the look and cartoon feel of the game and the arenas and fight settings. Its a fun game to look at and takes off the edge of how difficult the game is.

Sounds and music - 6/10

I take it you've all played EA Sports games in the past. Well this is very typical. Its just shafted music from one game to the other and added a couple more songs, some of which are difficult to listen to. When your boxer is getting pummeled into submission then it sounds like an old cartoon and a bit dodgey really.

Extras - 5/10

You can create your own boxer and dominate things with him, but that again is tedious and it doesn't allow a lot of room for editing and making him look either slick or just plain weird. However, possibly the coolest part of the game is the ability to upload your own photo and create a boxer around that and then watch your face get destroyed.

Replay Value - 8/10

There are a fair few boxers to use so the reply value is probably the best aspect of the game. Its a system of belt challenges and the ability to unlock more things and acheivement points. But if your anything like me it'll get so difficult you'll switch it off sooner rather than later. However if you do ever get bored its worth playing 2 player and smashing your mates or going online and playing there just to take the edge off the campaign mode.

So in review its a pretty game with a decent replay value but folks, I'd wait in till its a lot cheaper and buy it second hand. Its a complete dissapointment to boxing games.

Rating: 5

Product Release: FaceBreaker (EU, 09/05/08)

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