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Guide and Walkthrough by metalgearsonic

Updated: 04/04/2010

Vers 1.0            Written by metalgearsonic


A: Legal Disclamier
B: Quick Introduction
C: Controls
D: Items you will find in the game
E: The Walkthrough
F: The Endings explained
G: Achievements
H: Credits

A: Legal Disclaimer

This Walkthrough Guide was written solely by me, metalgearsonic, and all 
characters mentioned or used are owned by Konami and/or Twisted Pictures . 
This guide is to be used on Gamefaqs.com only and used with their kind 
permission. All tips and advice used in this guide were found through gameplay
experience, no other help was given from any outside agency or distributor.

B: Quick Introduction

SAW is a video game rendition of the ever popular film series. Althought it 
helps massively to have seen all of them films, it isnt entirely necessary to 
understand the game and its plot. 

Detective Tapp awakes trapped in an abandoned asylum for the Insane, now very
old and crumbling, but since then, Jigsaw, the seemingly unbeatable mastermind
responsible for the events in the films, has rigged the whole building as he
sees fit, to test Dectective Tapp and make him play his own game, where his
goal of surviving will never be as simple as it seems....

At the main menu, you get a choice of normal or insane difficulty. For first
timers, id recommend normal, but if your hardened enough, try insane.

C: Controls


A- Open a door or container, use any health items when found etc when prompted
B- Cancel lockpicking, circuit boards etc.
X- Use a health hypo, bolt certain doors shut
Y- Use/ disuse your light source

Left D-stick- Walk/ run
Right D-stick- Move the camera angle

LB- Drop weapon (if one is being held)
RB- Cycle through your traps (again, if you have any on you)
LT- Hold down to go into combat stance

*when in combat stance*

A- Light attack
B- Block
X- Heavy attack

*if in possesion of any traps*

LB+RB- Drop the selected trap

START- Pause the game
BACK- Open your journal to view maps, listen to tapes, view inventory etc.

D: Items you will find in the game

There are MANY items and objects you will find whilst trying to survive. Here
is a summary of what youll encounter in your game....


These come in regular, bolted and shotgunned. The regulars, as named, open and
close, as usual, and cannot be locked at all. Bolted doors can be bolted shut 
and prevent most enemies from getting to you, however some are able to break
some down, so be careful where you choose to hide or fight. Shotgunned doors
are dangerous...when you open one, a mechanical noise will sound, and a prompt
will show you what button to press to avoid being shot. It will either be A,
B,X, or Y but be careful, take too long or press the wrong button...game over.
There are also special doors that need to be lockpicked, but once open, they 
become just a regular or bolted door.


These come in all forms....filing cabinets, drawers, desks, medical boxes,
refrigerators, gear cases....some of them contain inventory, others contain
nothing at all, so be sure to search everywhere, you never know when you'll
need something. Even dead bodies sometimes carry something, so look around.


Throughout the game, you will find things such as nails, health hypos, fuses,
couplers and so forth....Nails allow you to open lockpicking doors via a small
puzzle to complete, so get as many as you can. Gears allow you to open weapon
cases and Jigsaw boxes and are therefore quite important, so always try to
cary as many as possible. Fuses let you work fuseboxes and form small traps
later in the game, as do tripwires, shotgun shells, ammonia bottles and paint
thinner bottles. Couplers are vital to open certain doors, so get them and 
then find the necessary circuit box and complete the puzzle. Health Hypos, as
the name suggests, give you back health. One hypo will give you back around
85% of your health bar if used fully, but where possible, try to spare them.
Youll also find bandages, sweing kits and water bottles that give you back a
portion of health, as do water fountains, but they take a long time to refill
your bar, so its up to you if or when to use those. 

Schematics and traps

Only 3 in the game, but they can be found at various points, so dont worry too
much if you miss one. These come in Stun, Gas and Explosive and let you make
mini-traps of your own to use againt enemies. To make them youll need various
components which can be found around the asylum, and then when you have them,
you have to find a Jigsaw worktable to create them. These come in very handy 
if you find yourself in a bit of a pinch, just select which one you want to 
use, drop it on the floor and let your foe walk into it. DONT be too close to
it when it goes off, or it wont just be them that dies....

The only trap that doesnt require schematics are shotgun traps, which require
a tripwire and shotgun shell. When you find the appropriate places to set them
up, the prompt will say arm or disarm, so use it as you see fit, but just
remember where you set up your traps, and look carefully to see if Jigsaw has
set any up himself or you will get one very bad headache...

Weapons and Keys

There are so many weapons itd be hard enough to list them all....what you need
to know is that most of them can used 5 times before they break, as shown by 
the weapon picture when picked up, where as some EG scalpels, hypo needles,
hatchets, are one use only, so use them wisely. Your fists are default weapons
and actually pretty useful for killing, but not the most entertaining to use.
You will also find revolvers at various points, which carry 6 shots, and some
molotov bottles, but these can ONLY be used if you carry a lighter. Remember
people, you can only use weapons when you're in your combat stance.

Light Sources

Like mini-traps, there are only 3 kinds, but each has it's own good and bad
points. You start off with a lighter, which is good at close range lighting
and it allows you to use molotovs, but it isnt good at seeing further away in
dark areas, and in one section, it will ignite some barrels filled with very
flammable fuel, and of course, it blows out when you run. The flashlight is 
very good at seeing far away and it can be used when running, but it doesn't
allow you to see things near you, such as tripwires that could kill you. The
camera, as the last light source, is...well...arguable. The camera's flash 
illuminates the whole immediate area better than the lighter and flashlight
together, BUT as stated...its a flash, meaning it barely lasts for a second,
and even then, needs to charge between flashes. Personally, I can go through
the whole game with just the lighter, but feel free to experiment.


Ah yes, more people in the same deep crap as you....most enemies are simple,
theyll attack you, you kill them and survive, and move on. However, some have
traps attached to them, like the reverse bear trap guys and the shotgun collar
guys. The latter group have a proximity trigger, meaning, when you encounter 
them and get within their range, both your collars will activate and beep. 
Your goal is to run as far from them as possible to get their collar to go off
(or kill them with a weapon if you can do so safely). Their goal is to get as 
close to you as possible so they live and your collar detonates. Get the
picture now? Its kill or be killed so show no mercy (or a good pair of running
feet). Some enemies (usually armed with a nail bat and looking chunkier than 
most of the other enemies) take a little bit more punishment to kill so be
careful of them when encountered. There is one special enemy in the game who 
takes an ungodly amount of damage to kill and who can put you in your grave in
no time at all, but you can learn more when you get to them.....

E: The Walkthrough

*Be warned, from here on they will almost certainly be some spoilers, so read
this guide at your own discretion*

For this walkthrough, I will give as much information as best possible and 
give hints and tips, but will not give away combination lock numbers, as that
would make it too easy. In a later section, I will also list all of the
achievements available to earn and the easiest way to earn them. Finally, i'll
separate the guide into sizable sections so there is not too much and not too
little in each section.

Now, on with the walkthrough....read, or ignore...make your choice.

(But either way...Enjoy :D)


As you start the game, you see yourself being wheeled somewhere in the asylum
but your vision is blurred....

When you wake you find yourself strapped to a chair with a somewhat familiar
looking device attached to your upper and lower jaws. Jigsaw's doll appears on
the TV left in front of you, and explains why you have been brought there and 
offers you a choice: Do nothing, and let yourself be torn apart, or break free
and do something about your obsession with catching him.

The game starts with you trying to free yourself from the trap on your head.
To escape, twirl the Left D-stick as fast as you can and watch carefully for
a small colour flash on the device, the colour of it shows which button you
have to press. Watch for the flash and press the button quickly. The camera 
will shift to the other side of you, where you must again spin the D-stick and
look out for the colour prompt. Get it right again and then you have to push
up and down on the Left D-stick quickly. If you are successful, then Tapp will
remove the trap with just seconds to spare, and despite his protests, be 
forced to begin Jigsaw's game. If not....then you'll see what Jigsaw meant by
'torn apart'

Once free, search the bathroom. The exit has a combination lock on it, so look
around. See the cubicle doors? And the red paint on the mirror? Close all the
doors and then stand on the highlighted part of the floor to see the code in
the mirror, and escape the bathroom.


After you escape, head right and follow the path until you hear the victim up
ahead crying out for help. Enter the bathroom and listen to Jigsaw and his 
instructions. When he's finished speaking, a timer on the wall will start
counting down.

You have 1:30 to find the fuse in the toilet, which is more than enough time.
To save even more time, the toilet you need is the middle one, or the one to
the right of the broken down door, whichever way you prefer to see it. Go to
it and it will prompt you to search it. Tapp will get on his knees and start
digging through the needles when you do, but be careful and fast, if you try
to grab it and miss, you will gain more pain, and if you max out, lose a large
chunk of your health, but if you grab it successfully, no damage is done. Wait
until the fuse and Tapp's hand align and then grab it. Head back to the fuse-
box by the timer and install the fuse to stop the countdown and free yourself
and the prisoner.

Press the button to open the door and head out. As the prisoner points out, 
you are unluckily barefoot, and walking on that glass up ahead will hurt. 
Avoid it by sticking to the left hand side til you get to the end, and then 
search the cabinet you can see up ahead for a health hypo.
Up ahead it gets dark, so the in-game prompt will show and explain the basics.
Use your lighter to make it a bit easier and follow the path. The dead body
on the floor cant be searched so ignore it. Past that, there is some sort of
skirmish going on between 2 other prisoners, arguing over some sort of key 
that Tapp apparently has.....unfortunately, the guy in another familiar 
looking head-trap learns too late not to be hasty with that device....after he
falls, go to the left and listen as Jigsaw teaches you more, asking "WILL YOU
APPRECIATE YOUR LIFE?" on the wall up ahead. Head up the ladder and watch as
Tapp narrowly avoids confrontation with something very strange and angry...
At the top, go right through the door and read the case file for a little info
on the asylum you're stuck in, then to the left and through the door.

You'll hear a woman down in the theatre below, but for now you cant do any-
thing to help her. Follow the path to the dead body. Search him for a health
hypo and an audio tape, Jigsaws favourite method of communication. There is
another case file to read if you wish, either way, head through the now open 


Once in, the door closes behind you, and the guy you freed earlier stuns you
enough to get to safety and leave you fending for yourself. The guy in the red
room opposite wants you dead, so now you have to learn about combat. Use LT to
go into combat stance and wait. When he breaks through the door and runs at 
you, jump back a little bit and then hit A to punch him, avoiding his attack.
Keep punching him til he falls, or, if given the chance, when he falls stunned
to the floor, use combat stance to look at him on the floor and hold LT and 
press X. Wait for the button to appear in the icon that has appeared and then
press it to curb stomp him to death. Alternatively, use the pipe in the bin to
attack instead of your fists if you wish.

When he's dead, the prisoner from earlier learns he was betrayed and tries to 
leave, but he learns the hard way what happens if you fail a shotgun door.
Search the body of the guy you just killed to find a key to the door at the
back. Go through and stick to the right to avoid the glass to the door ahead. 
This is your first shotgun door, so open it and watch carefully. Press the
correct button and live, or miss and die horribly. Once you've done your first 
door, the rest aren't so bad, just remember to listen for the mechanical noise
in future.

In the corridor are some bandages should you need them and 2 closed doors. The
door-less room contains nothing. The door to the right, opposite that room,
has a nurse's cart but that is empty. The other closed door contains some more
interesting objects however. Walk in to see what happened before you awoke 
here. The Jigsaw note explains the key the minion wanted earlier is useless to
you, but not to him or the other people trapped with you...search the nurse 
cart in the room for a nail, then go back outside and to your right to get a
lockpicking prompt. To open a lockpick door, match all the symbols along the 
inner ring of the lock chamber, and the door is unlocked.

Successfully unlock the door and head through. The door up ahead strangely 
closes and is locked before you can get to it, so you must find another key.
Head right through the double doors (and look to your right to see someone
who has failed their game) and on the right, beside that window is another
audio tape. Collect it and listen before heading through again to the water
fountains. The doors to the left are bolted shut, so head right and follow the
path. Another case file is there to read, and a little beyond that is an iron
lung to examine.......past that is a doorway and another doorway into a leaky
bathroom. Ignore the bathroom, there's nothing inside it. Going ahead, the 
next door is another shotgun door so be careful.

To the left you see the words "THE KEY TO SURVIVAL LIES WITHIN", but that door
is currently sealed shut. Go through the open door you can see and read the
case file about the walls. After that, go into combat stance and punch the 
wall down where you can see the cracks and gaps. Squeeze through when prompted
and search the filing cabinet for a fuse. Go back through the wall and use the
fuse on the fusebox to open the door previously sealed. Head inside.

As Jigsaw says, there are 4 bodies before you, but only one has the key inside
them. Check the x-rays on the right and youll see that A. Faulkner has it.
Listen to the audio tape on the cart by one of the bodies and then grab a
scalpel. Check the toetags for Mr. Faulkner and then slice him open to start
searching the same way you did in the toilet. Grab the key before you pass
out and watch the TV to see whats going on. In referance to the tape, if you
happen to pick the wrong body, a minion will be waiting to attack you just
outside. Pick the right one and he never appears, so save yourself a fight.
However, before you head out, look for the first aid cabinet and search it.
Press the buttons when the little point on the rotating symbols reaches the
dots on the lock to unlock it for a health hypo. Mis-time it and any stopped
symbols will start again.

Head outside, unbolt the door and go back to the main hallway door. Go 
through and watch to see how desperate some people are to escape, with
unfortunate consequences....unfortunately for you, that narrow beam he fell
from is also your only way across. Step onto it and use the Left D-Stick to 
move forwards and backwards, and the Right D-Stick to balance yourself. If you
tilt to far in either direction, you'll fall to an early demise. Make it 
safely and look at the TVs on the left. Dont try to escape on the right by the
window, after all, "FREEDOM....IS AN ILLUSION".

Go through the double doors and left. There will be some more bandages so take
if needed, then go into the control room. It'll show you a circuit box and the
doors/ grate you went through, so now you need to find a coupler. There's a 
nail in one of the filing cabinets, so grab that and the health hypo in the
first aid cabinet as well. Go through the door next to the cabinet and left 
through the next door, then ahead again through the door in front of you.

The corridor in front of you is dark, so use your lighter. On the right, with
the candles is a Jigsaw box containing a note, giving patient details of an
unknown man.....behind the counter are a crutch and pipe if you wanted either
of those as a weapon. Go forward and right until you get to the beam crossing.
Get across as before. If you need either, go right, sticking to the left to
avoid the glass and into the bathroom on this floor. The door is shotgunned so
watch it. There's a pipe and some bandages near the sinks, so grab them if you
want, then go back to the broken elevator shaft. Drop onto the scaffolding and 
climb down the ladder. The big door behind you is currently shut but remember
it. Go right to the morgue area and watch/ listen to Jigsaw talking to the 
woman in the theatre trap. Underneath the TV it will now say "DARKNESS ALSO
ILLUMINATES". Whats that mean? You'll find out. By the body bag are 3 filing
cabinets, so search and find the fuse. After the lights blow out, there's some
paint all over the walls you can now see. Look at it...looks like some kind of
shape.....a gun, don't you think? Use your perspective if you aren't sure...
Go into the morgue and listen to the audio tape left for you. Jigsaw explains
that perspective helps you see that the shape is a gun. Now look along the 
morgue body holding areas. Find the one with the gun on it and search it to
get the coupler. AFter you grab it, get the hell out, as the bombs will now
detonate in about 15 seconds. Before you leave, go back in and explore the new
gap in the wall that has appeared. You'll find some ammonia, paint thinner,
bandages and a baseball bat. Head back out and to the large door. It is now
opened and there will be a minion telling you to stay away. Fortunately, this 
guy is too guilt-ridden to attack you, so you can either leave him be, or get 
a courtesy kill.

If he runs, follow him to the outside area, avoiding the glass on the floor.
There are yet more bandages and another audio tape explaining the key inside
Tapp's body, so grab both before climbing the ladder nearby. Unlock or let 
minion break down the door to end up back behind the counter with the Jigsaw 
note. Head back to the little control room and go to the circuit box to start
a mini-puzzle. 

There will be a 3X3 grid of wires, lights and a power source, which looks like
a black and green square. To complete it, you must connect all the present
lights to the power source so they turn from red to green. Use the Left D-
stick to move the cursor to a different square and A to rotate the pieces.

Once the puzzle is complete, push the button to unlock the other metal grate 
door and go through the wall space. Search the filing cabinet for a nail,
then go right and stick right to miss the glass, and open the next door on
your left. Its shotgunned so be careful. At the back is a weakened wall, so
break it down and squeeze through. To the right, is a pipe and a dead body,
which normally doesnt have anything. Take the left from there and head 
forwards until the SAW checkpoint logo appears. From there go right, and watch
the small cutscene of the minion. From here you have a choice: Either let him
get to you and kill him, or follow the screen prompt and barricade yourself.
If you choose the second option, close the door, bolt it and then quickly
push the barricade box in front of the door and you'll be safe from him.
After you secure the door, go through the metal door with the jigsaw piece on 
it and listen to the tape on the desk...Jigsaw talks both about the victim in
the theatre and Tapp's late police partner, Detective Sing. When done, go 
through the new open door and right, then left and open the next closed door
you see. 

Be careful in here....once you step in far enough, a timer appears and starts
counting down from 1:00. To escape, search all the filing cabinets in the room
for a fuse. Once you find it, go into the small room with the broken window in
the door and activate the fusebox. Near the door you entered the room by are 3
TV sets. They will switch on and give you the combination to the lock on the
double doors. Open the doors and you can grab the key on the table. Once you 
do, that strange pig-headed thing you saw before returns and knocks you out 
for the count.

When you awaken, you are rather helpfully back outside the theatre doors. Go
forward and down the stairwell. At the bottom are some newspaper clippings you
may want to read....after you've finished with them, go through the metal 
doors and listen/ watch why Jigsaw has put this woman back in her second trap,
as it seems. Go through the door and towards the theatre curtains to meet your
first victim.


It's none other than Amanda Young, someone anyone who has seen the films will
know very well. As Jigsaw explains when the trap is set, Tapp and Amanda are 
injected with 2 different poisons, each requiring a specific antidote. Red 
vials go to the left, to Amanda, and blue vials go to Tapp, on the right.
Pressing LT drops a red vial and RT a blue vial. What you need to do is drop
vials so the resultant path lands them where they are needed. The vaguely 'L'
shaped components change direction each time a vial lands into it, so you
must take each change into account with every vial. 

After the first doses are complete, the trap changes a little and 2 of the 
components have one path that can hold 2 vials. By now you should have the 
hang of this, so again, just watch which way they face, as if a vial is the 
first to land in a 2-space bit, the direction WON'T change until both spaces
are filled. Be careful though, if you mess up the antidotes 3 times, then both
Tapp and Amanda die painfully. Successfully use the vials and you both walk 
free from the operating theatre, even if Amanda is a little ungrateful.


With Amanda in tow, head down the stairs and search both nurse carts. Unless
you have the maximum you can hold already, one of them should contain a nail.
After 2 flights, look right and examine the dead body for something.....
interesting. Head further downwards and search the desk opposite the metal
door, it contains a health hypo (and in some cases if both carts are empty,
the nail as well). Take the audio tape and listen to Jigsaw's message, then
head through the door when it opens.

The door in front is sealed, so go left and through the other door. On the 
floor to the left is a mop handle and a case file for your pleasure, but the
desk is empty. Go right until the TVs turn on and show you a little more about 
Jennings and his predicament. There is also a pipe on the shelves to your 
right if you want a weapon/ dont want the mop handle. Head through the metal
grate door that opens and watch as Amanda is dragged off by the Pighead,
leaving you alone again....hmm, dragged to where, I wonder? Anyway, search the
nearby desks for a nail (sometimes a health hypo too) and down the steps to 
see one of Jigsaw's game players lose. The locker near there is empty so dont
bother with it. Back on track, youll see a barrel up ahead with an 
industrial corrosive symbol on it, which you have to search. Unlike toilet
searches, the acid barrel doesnt show the key right away, so the best tactic
I;ve found is just keep your hand still and grab,grab,grab, youll get it way
before you pass out. Use the key on the door to the left of the barrel and
search the locker hidden behind the little wall on the left, it has a health
hypo. Search the body bag nearby for a tripwire and shotgun shell, you'll be
needing these a fair bit in the asylum. Follow that guy you saw down the steps
but STOP before the wall (the prompt should do this for you). Disarm the trap 
by looking at the tripwire joints and pressing A when it says so. Not only is
it disarmed, but you also get to keep the goodies from it too! (Note that you
can only hold a maximum of 3 tripwires and 2 shells, or possibly vice versa,
which either way seems a bit odd....)

The double door past the trap is shotgunned, so do what comes naturally. Down 
the steps, head left as the right grate door is sealed for now. Listen to 
Jigsaw and do NOT touch the steam in any circumstance, it hurts. When he's
done speaking, do as he wall says and "GO SEE THE JANITOR ABOUT THE STEAM".
The grate door that was sealed is now open, as the green light shows, so head
that way. Just before the door is a case file to read, and when you get to the
door.....Pighead catches up to you and once again knocks you out.

When you wake up again, your game's rules have now changed. As Jigsaw and 
Pighead watch, you now have a sense of deja vu, as you see the collar that
has been put around you. It's the same one that guy from earlier asked you to
take off, and if you aren't careful, has the same result. However, for now, 
you must escape another bathroom. Again, the mirrors and paint say that 
"DARKNESS ILLUMINATES", so look for the light switch and turn it off to find
your hint. Head to that toilet and search it to get the key for the door. Get
out of there and then go ahead and play the tape near the dead body by the
burning dumpster. The tape explains how the collars work (as also mentioned in
the enemies section of this guide). If you encounter another collared minion,
run away, or kill him before he kills you. The closer he gets to you, the more
likely it is your collar detonates, but the further he is from you, then his 
collar will go off first. Once a collared minion dies, then yours deactivates
until you next find another collared minion, so you dont have to worry too
often about them.

Pick up the mannequin arm upon exiting the bathroom if you wish, then head up 
the steps ahead of you and BOLT THE DOOR, I cannot stress that enough. Why?
Because your first collar minion is somewhere up ahead, and by bolting the 
door before he shows, he cannot break the door down, and therefore all you 
have to do is walk away from him once your collar starts blinking, and kill
him. You'll get a prompt when he gets in range, but this will be the only time
so from now on, stay alert. Once he's dead, unbolt the door and go through
Search his body for a nail or health hypo, and before going ahead, go left and
pick open the door. At the end in the lockers are a nail and a gear, which you
use on the Jigsaw box near you. The gear mini-puzzles aren't always the same 
pattern, so learn how to spot where and when gears can connect.

To complete a gear mini-puzzle, there is always 1 stationary gear and 1 gear
that rotates. To complete it, these 2 gears must be connected so that both are
turning. The gears come in 3 sizes, so take a little time to see how big each
size is and how much area they cover, and also how certain holes may/ may not 
be reached by certain sized gears. X will remove a highlighted gear, A will
place a new one, Left D-stick moves the highlighter/ cursor and the two
Trigger buttons change the gear size. COmplete the puzzle and the box rewards
you with a shotgun shell, a tripwire and some bandages. Aftaer that, exit that
room and go towards the police tape but turn right, thats where you need to
go to. To the right of the bathtub is a shotgunned door and inside that room 
is a weapon case containing a baseball bat. The bathtub itself has a mop 
handle to use. To the left are a couple of steps and a room marked STORAGE.
Inside is a dead body which holds a nail but be careful, once youve searched
him you get attacked by a minion in a reverse bear trap. Either kill him 
outright or hit him once to start the timer on his device and then evade him
until it kills him. Search his body afterwards in case he has any items. Head 
back to the board that says "THE WHEEL IS NEARBY" and follow the path, but go
slowly, a tripwire trap is at the end of the narrow corridor. Disarm it, pass
by it, then arm it again, youll need it in a little bit. If you wish, check
the nearby dryer to find something inside and then the lockers past it and to
the right for some tripwire, a shotgun shell and a medical box with a health
hypo. Near the red exit sign is a case file if you want to read it, with more 
info on the Whitehurst Asylum and its past. Go through the UTILITY door and 
look in the locker, just left as you enter. Head towards the electrified 
puddle and watch a minion meet a grisly fate. Switch off the fusebox and go 
inside. In here a few weapons, such as a table leg and a table lamp, as well
as some lockers and another 2 case files. Either way, search the area before 
you take the wheel. Once you do, the cutscene shows 2 minions that have
tracked you down to this area, which is why you reset that trap earlier. Stay 
where you are until you hear the gunshot, then unbolt the door and wait for 
the other minion to arrive and kill him too. After that, head back to the
bathroom you escaped from.

When you get there, go left and through the grate door, then up the steps.
Immediately bolt the door on your right, then turn around and lockpick the 
door behind you. Search the room for more tripwire trap goodies and a nail.
Head out of the bolted door and go straight, into the dark room for another
shotgun shell and a fuse. Go back to the bolted door and open it. Go forward
a little and see what happens. If a wheelchair appears up ahead, then move 
back and set the tripwire trap, as another collar minion is looking for you.
You could use the fusebox for an electric trap, but it will come in handy for
the later stages of the game. If however a wheelchair doesnt get pushed into
view, then it means the minion is a little further ahead. Go roughly up to the
red light area and your collar should start blinking. Run like hell back to
the tripwire and set it up once youve gone past it, then wait for the minion
to catch up and set it off. Search his body for items then lockpick the door
to the left. Inside are a desk holding a nail and health hypo, a medical box
and a crutch. Head back out, go to the red lights and then right. A room to 
the right has more supplies if yours aren't already maxed out, and a pipe just

Drop down onto the scaffolding below and down the ladder. Head to the end for
a crutch, and a health hypo inside the lockpick door. Turn around and you'll
see a turn to the right. Head inside.

Once the door slams shut, you have a minute to escape. Quickly go left and 
open the shotgunned door. Grab the health hypo inside if you wish, then search
the lockers for a coupler. Take it and then go to the circuit panel and solve
the puzzle before you run out of time. Once you've done it, you're safe for
now. Head through the opened door and go straight ahead: you've arrived back
at the acid barrel. Follow the way back to the path blocked by steam and use 
wheel valve to turn off the steam. Take note of Jigsaw's message though, and
listen to the tape next to the steamed corpse against the wall. Go ahead and 
left to the ladder and climb it. Behind you on the rafters is another case
file, then squeeze through the gap and walk. If you angle the camera in the 
gap, you can see someone else who also discovered what Game Over means. In the
locker at the end is a tripwire and health hypo. Climb down the ladder about
halfway. If you hear someone basically say they want to kill you, climb back
up. Wait for them to follow and kill them when they appear. Use the nearby 
pipe if you wish. If you hear nothing, then turn off the steam via the valve 
and search the small room for a medical cabinet. Head forwards until you hear 
the minion and get ready. He has a scalpel which does some serious damage if
it hits. If you can, kill him before that happens and grab the scalpel he 
drops, you'll need it soon. Dont worry if it gets lost though. Head forwards 
until you see "LIKE RATS IN A MAZE". The room on the far right has a gear and
tripwire, and a case file to read. Turn the valve so the left path is clear,
then head down the ladder and turn off that valve. Head back up and turn the 
valve again so the right path is clear, and follow the arrows to avoid the
steam. When you see the grate door, look for "WHAT LIES BENEATH?" and down 
the ladder there. Theres a pipe down there as well as the valve to shut off.
Climb back up, and if you want it, there is a weapon case with a baseball bat
inside. Head left by the case and use the control to open the grate door. 

Follow the path and squeeze through the pipes, avoiding the steam. They burst
out at regular intervals so time it, and when it stops, go through. Pause
slightly before the second so when it stops you can get past it again without
harm. When you see the door and "YOU HAVE MADE IT INTO THE HEART OF THE 
BOILER", head in so you see the berserker. Head left but don't touch the 
tripwire there. Wait behind it so the berserker eventually runs into it and
gets stunned, leaving you and your weapon or fists to finish him off. Search
the small room down the steps at the back for tripwire items and a crowbar, 
then back up and search the berserker's body for the valve and a gear. If done
right, you should have seen him run through a disarmed trap before hitting
the one you were standing behind, so go that way and follow the path round to
the pipe dial puzzle.

These mini-puzzles, I find the hardest. To win them, you have to connect the
2 randomly place exhausts on the very outside of the ring. There are 4 movable
rings in the pipe dial, which can rotate all the way round, with pipe pieces
in all 4 rings. Using Up and down on the Left D-Stick to select a ring, and 
left and right to rotate the ring selected, you have to find the unique path
that makes a fully connected path that joins the 2 exhausts. It's best to 
start with the outer-most ring and find which pieces connect to the exhausts,
and then work your way inwards. After a couple of these puzzles, you start to
get the knack with them.

Once you've completed the pipe dial, do a 180 and down the steps to grab the
furnace gate key, then RUN LIKE HELL. The boiler is under too much pressure
and will explode in 2:30. Turn around and run. Go back through the gap, again
avoiding the steam jets and get back through the maze, back past the dead
minions and back to where the acid barrel was. If you make it in time, the
boiler explodes and Tapp escapes the blast.....even if Jigsaw believes he has
other motives for survivng it. You know you've made it when you see pipes that
are leaking water, just past the steamed corpse.

After escaping the boiler explosion, go to the acid barrel and go right, back
to where you saw that guy's collar detonate. You can now enter there, so look 
around for useful items. Grab the hypo needle in particular, there is a minion
just ahead. The near area mainly contains weapons, so look around and take 
your pick if you dont want the hypo needle. (Also note another victim who lost
their game some time ago in the room marked "A MAN'S OBSESSION CAN LEAD TO

On the floor is some broken glass so walk carefully. To the left is a shotgun
door and a valve you need to turn off to venture further, but opening the door
triggers the minion, so wait for him to appear, then kill him before you turn
the valve to make things easier. (In fact I've found a useful glitch. Grab the
hypo as a weapon, then open the shotgun door, go in and bolt it. Wait for the
minion to appear and then wait til he starts banging on the door. When he does
that, go as close to the door as you can and attack, it IS possible to kill
him through the door). Check his body for items, then head to the other door
you can see. Inside is medical cabinet, so pick it open if you need the health
hypo. After that follow the path and open the grate door to see someone in the
distance gone mad and walk by. Head down this corridor slowly, as there's 
glass in sections on the lwft, then right, then left again. After you see the
video of Jennings and Jigsaw talking, head right to find the camera. Take it
if you're curious, but you can easily do the game with just the lighter. Read
the case file on the desk and then go left. Follow the path until you reach
the area with the pig trolleys. Pull each one to open up the exit. Carry on
ahead and up the stairs and you'll reach a kitchen like area with pantries and
such. Search them for items, but watch the broken glass patch to the right.

This area requires you to kill 3 minions, but it can be done easily and also
safely. By one pantry is a tripwire trap, leave it for now. Up ahead, youll 
see one of the minions in a cage. That cage opens once you go just past the
fiery window on the right, so go far enough to open his cage, then backtrack
far enough to set the trap. Wait for him to follow and kill himself with the
trap, then go forwards again and go inside the little area opposite the 
furnace room door/ the TV you can see. Bolt the door and wait near the broken
wall which has an armed tripwire just outside of it. When the second minion is
released, just wait for him to run into it and kill himself. Search in this 
area for a health hypo and some tripwire trap items, and then reset the trap
that was just set off. Wait a little while and eventually the third minion
will find you and run into it. Search his body for the furnace room key, and
then enter the door. Both the desks in this area are emtpy so just wait for
the end door to open and then head in to find Jennings.


Anyone who has seen SAW V will remember this. Jennings is strapped to a table
with a huge pendulum blade swinging overhead. If you dont rescue him fast
enough, then the blade will cut him in half, right down the middle.

To rescue Jennings, you need to have your gears puzzles worked out. There are
4 consoles to complete. Completing one console buys you some more time, but 
the longer you take, the lower the pendulum drops. Go to the first console
and place the gears as follows, starting from the stationary gear:


Small, right of previous gear

Small, right of previous gear

Medium, down and right of previous gear

Small, down and right of previous gear

Large, down from previous gear

Small, right of previous gear

Small, right of previous gear

Small, down from previous gear


Small, down from previous gear

Small, left of previous gear

Large, left of previous gear (2nd space, you'll see it moving to confirm it)

Large, left of previous gear

Small, down from previous gear

Medium, down and right of previous gear

Small, down and right of previous gear

Large, down from previous gear


Small, up from previous gear

Small, up from previous gear

Medium, up and right of previous gear

Small, up and right of previous gear

Small, right of previous gear

Medium, down and right of previous gear

Small, down and right of previous gear

Small, right of previous gear

Small, right of previous gear

Small, up from previous gear

Large, up from previous gear (again, the space where it moves as usual)

Large, up from previous gear

Small, left of previous gear

Large, left of previous gear


Small, up from previous gear

Medium, up and right of previous gear

Small, up and right of previous gear

Medium, up and left of previous gear

Small, up and left of previous gear

Large, left of previous gear (you know how it works by now :D)

Small, left of previous gear

Medium, left and down from previous gear

Small, left and down from previous gear

Large, down from previous gear

Small, down from previous gear

Medium, down and right of previous gear

Small, down and right of previous gear

Medium, up and right of previous gear

Small, down and right of previous gear

Small, right of previous gear

Medium, up and right of previous gear

Small, down and right of previous gear

After completing the final console, Jennings is freed having narrowly avoided
the blade. Although yet again, having been freed, he's pretty ungrateful.
Watch the cutscene and you'll be taken onwards.


Starting this area, go straight ahead and the door will shut behind you. Take
note of Jigsaw's words and choose either the Blind path or Sighted path. I'll
own up and say I've only ever beaten the Blind path once because I find it 
harder than the Sighted, despite what Jigsaw says. Here's a summary of what
lies ahead, depending on your choice:


In the Blind area, it is pitch black, and if your light source is your lighter
then you are around 97% screwed. The whole area is decorated with fuel-filled
barrels, which will ignote if you get too close to them. You must fumble in 
darkness until you eventually find the door leading out of there, so in my
belief, you only survive through luck. If you got the camera earlier, than it
won't be as difficult.


As described, there are lights around which makes it easier to see, but there
are more obstacles on the way. Follow the path, climb the ladder and traverse
the beam carefully to the other side. Climb down the ladder and then look to
the left. Unfortunately for you, you must squeeze through the gap and time 
your steps to avoid being smashed/ sliced by the sheet metal that slams into
the wall. Make it through and search the lockers for a coupler. Return through
the gap as before and then complete the circuit panel to unlock the door. Go
through and turn right. There is a flashlight and some bandages if required.

Once you've completed either path, head through the door opposite the items
and close it to be saved from the bombs. In the new area, the door you can
see is currently locked and needs a key. The only other route is up, so take 
the stairs and go through the door. Go into the security checkpoint on the
right and use the medical cabinet if necessary. Through the doorway is a 
filing cabinet with some ammonia and on the table, the Stun Trap Schematics,
so grab those now. There also some newspaper article pinned up for your 
leisure, but your main goal is in the bathroom at the back. Open the closed
booth door and you'll see some poor guy already being rat food, but also 
another toilet to dig through. Grab the key from the toilet and then go back
to that locked door downstairs.

Inside, go down the steps and through the other door. It will shut behind you
and you will find yourself in another timed trap. To escape, first search the
area for a coupler, you'll need it inside that grate area. Once you've found 
that, look on the floor for the highlighted jigsaw piece shapes and then look
around at the walls and numbers. Somewhere on the walls contains the code to
get to the circuit panel. Once you find it (a small tune should play if you
find it, if not, then just look carefully....there is only one place where the
numbers can be seen properly). Use the code on the door and then complete the
panel to restore the power upstairs. Head back up and watch Jigsaw talking to
your next person to rescue. Someone Tapp knows well....

At the security point, watch yourself, a guy in a 'venus fly trap' trap will 
appear from the middle area. Easiest way to take him out, maybe the most fun
too, is to punch him once and start his trap's timer, then merely circle the 
the table and avoid him until he dies. Check his body for items, then push 
the button in the checkpoint. The TVs will show the resting place of your old
pal...Detective Sing. Head out and then through the opened path. When you go
into the room with "HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR GOD?" inside, read the case file and
examine the strange chair in the middle to see some....things happening.
To your left is a bathroom that has a pipe in it, which is also in a guy's
skull. Nice. The door on the right is the way forward, so head out. The 
sealed doors eventually open so don't worry, but watch the glass on the floor.
Again when you go through, too. Past the glass on the left is a circuit panel
to complete but you need a coupler. Head to the grate and turn right. You'll
see some distressed guy up ahead who will end up shooting himself in the head.
(He can't be killed or saved by you so just let it happen). The first door on
the left in here has a wardrobe with some items inside. The door on the right
a little further along is shotgunned, but has a flashlight and a lockpick door
to open. Inside there is a scalpel and a case file. Opposite the shotgun door
is a room with an empty wardrobe so ignore it. Keep watching for glass on the 
floor in this area. For now, leave the revolver and take the door on the left
(the others blocked shut). As soon as you enter, find a valve in one of the 
cabinets or desks and solve the pipe dial puzzle FAST. That chlorine gas is a
killer. Once you've solved it, go to the Jigsaw box in the corner and take the
coupler. If you wish, break down the wall with the gap in for a case file, but
that's all youll find in there. Head back into the corridor and pick up the 
gun from the body. Go back further and solve the circuit panel to open the 
grate door from before.

Cross the beam and then pick up the audio tape on the desk by the candles.
Head down the stairs and then go behind the counter to search the filing
cabinets for items, the medical cabinet and a water bottle on the main desk. 
When you're ready go outside and watch the minion try to attack you. Don't
fret though, just aim the gun using combat stance and pull the trigger, he
only takes 1 bullet. Watch the centre for 2 tripwire traps, so disarm and take
the goodies. Go forward and down the stairs to find a lockpick door. The left
door is shotgunned, and holds a baseball bat ina weapon case and a nail. The
right door has a filing cabinet with a gear and 2 bottles of paint thinner. 
Either way, head back out when you've finished and at the top, you'll see the
Pighead kill someone on the floor above you.......head to the ladder near 
where the minion you shot is and climb up. There'll be molotovs but I'd keep
the gun over any weapon.n Check the body for items and go left through the
broken brick wall. Avoid the glass and go forwards til you get to the lockpick
door on the left. Open it up and then break down the wall to your left inside
the room. In here is a Jigsaw worktable to make Schematic traps. At this point
you don't really need to make any unless your achievement hunting but I'll
cover achievements at the end of the guide. Head back out and take the flash-
light if you want it. Down the corridor, the room on the right has a wardrobe
to search. Carry on forward but watch for and disarm the tripwire trap when 
you get to the set of shelves blocking half the corridor. Past that on the
right is a case file, and on the left, another searchable wardrobe. Cross
the beam, and follow the wall, spotting the dead guy who it appears only just
failed his game....opposite the double doors is a lockpick door, and inside is
a medical cabinet, a flashlight, a case file and some paint thinner. Past 
the double doors, the left room has a wardrobe with a gear and bandages. The
room on the right has a gear, case file and tripwire items. Eventually, the 
path is blocked except another door on the left, so head in. It has another
baseball bat, but you still have the gun, so ignore it. Watch for the tripwire
trap by the broken wall and disarm it. Break down the breakable wall you can 
see (drop the gun and punch it so you dont use ammo), pick up the gun and 
squeeze through. Stay in this bathroom for now...walk around until you see/
hear your collar beeping or blinking. When you do, get as far away from the
door as you can and wait. The collar minion may die before he breaks down 
the door, but if not, then shoot him.

Once he's dead, check the body as usual, then the room opposite for some
bandages and a wardrobe. Back in the corridor, go towards the fire and then
right. CLose the door and look down at the courtyard. Its the gravesite at
last, and there's 3 minions as well. The 2 you can see will brawl to the death
so wait for the survivor to spot you and climb the scaffolding to give you an
easy shot. The last guy is another molotov thrower but he is nearly impossible
to spot on the rooftop, so do your best to avoid his cocktails. There is a 
tripwire near the headstone you need, so watch your step. Read the stones 
until you find Detective Sing and then open the Jigsaw box on his grave for
the key. Opening the wrong box blows up the bombs nearby. Head inside Cedar
Ward and shut the door. Go forward and through the security checkpoint on the
right. The shotgunned door on the right has quite a few items inside so do
check it out. Move the barricade for some bandages, and then carry on.

Where it says "DANGER" on the door, it ain't lying....as soon as you go 
through it, go right and right again and move the barricade out of the way to
get the fuse from the desk. Go back on yourself and then open the shotgunned
door in that area. In that red room is a berserker so be careful, as you next
have to use that fuse in the fusebox and then push the button to the right to
let him out of his cage. Let him come to you and then kill him however you
have to. Once dead, search the body and then go into the room he was in. You
can just see a small ray of light poking through the wall, so have a peek to
get the 3 digit code. Exit the room and go right, then open the door on the
left with the code and then bolt the door. I say bolt, I mean BOLT, it makes
a difference to whether you die or not. Oh, and I forgot to mention but that
area IS bomb-filled and on a timer, so get your ass moving in there. Once the
timer has counted down and the bombs detonate, it's safe to leave. Grab the
health hypo from the medical cabinet if need be then go back out and left,
braking down the new wall thats appeared. To the right is another toilet you
have to search, so get the key from it, open the door behind you, and then
unlock the door directly ahead of you when you leave the bathroom.

Go down the stairs and follow the path until you enter the room with all the 
articles inside. Listen to the audio tape and then exit when the door opens.
The next room is almost identical, so read the articles here as well and then 
the recording on the desk to be able to move ahead. As you move, you will get
ambushed by the Pighead, but this time, thanks to the obstruction, Tapp gets
away..... Head down the stairs and listen to the next audio tape. Seems yet
another victim of Jigsaw's games is down here too, as you can see. Up ahead,
the door on the left has a desk in the area which has a nail and a fuse, the
nail of which can be used to lockpick the door to the Jigsaw worktable if you
wanted to make some traps, but again, I'd save that for later. Enter the door
marked "WINGLESS ANGELS MUST FALL" and it will seal itself behind you.

Go through the grate area on the left and look for a coupler and gear in the
next 2 rooms. There's also some bandages and a medical cabinet if needed and a
baseball bat in a weapon case, but if you're following this guide, you should
still have the gun and 4 shots left, so don't take it. Back in the main area,
there is a desk and a newspaper clipping by the circuit panel, so search those
too, then do the puzzle. This puzzle is now a 5X5 grid, so it's bigger but
still follows the rules of the others before it. Get all the lights green and
then go up the small ramp to the left of the desk. There's a minion in the 
very first room, so use the button control to open the door and wait for him
to appear. Shoot him and then drop the gun before you punch the wingless angel
statue in the room for the chapel key. Go back out and grab the revolver again
before watching the TVs by the doors. (There is another minion in this area,
but there's no point in killing him unless you really just want to go on a
killing spree.....do you?)

Head through and watch: There is a new type of minion in this area. He's got 
some kind of trap on his hand, and he is very aggressive, so.....follow the 
path round but don't let him out YET....turn around and then open the door
that's shotgun-trapped. Go around the rooms (ignore the barricade, trust me)
and install the fuse in the fusebox, but switch it off so you don't get killed
when you go out that door. Head up to the door release and wait until the
minion is a fair way away from you, then hit the button. Run back into the 
fuse room and switch it on. He will follow and into the electrified puddle,
but stay back from him, he'll explode and burst into flames when he dies. Turn
off the power from the fuse and search the body (he should have a coupler) and 
then go into his cage and follow until you reach the circuit panel. Solve the 
puzzle and then go in and search the other dead body, then up the ladder to
find the chapel. (Ignore the room near the circuit panel with the fusebox, it
makes you waste a fuse, so don't go in it).

Up the ladder, go forward and unlock the chapel doors and watch Jigsaw talk to
Melissa. When the door opens, go insde and up the stairs on the right to meet
Melissa and her trap.


Once you learn why Melissa is here, it is up to you to save her. Around her 
trap are 3 glass boxes each containing a unique magnetic puzzle that you'll
only find in this part of the game. To complete it, you must use the Left D-
stick to guide the metal cube onto the spiral symbol. Each time you move the
cube, it will not stop moving until it hits an obstacle cube or the side of
the glass box. Also, if you move the cube over an X in the puzzle, it will
count as a 'strike' and the saw blades on the iron maiden will become a little
looser.....6 strikes and Melissa becomes some very bad sushi, but using this
guide, that won't happen. Use the following moves:


Right, Down, Left, Down, Right


Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up


Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left

After completing the 3rd box, Melissa is freed from the trap and you both
walk out of the chapel alive....but this time she's allowed to be miffed at


Once in the corridor, go forward and climb all the stairs. Go through the door
until the little cutscene plays. Seems Melissa really doesn't give a crap
about you, and thus, on the whim of a choice from Jigsaw, leaves you and locks
the door behind you. All alone again.....oh well, better keep moving. Go
through the open doorway and through the rooms, picking up the Gas Trap
Schematics along the way. Ignore the bat, you still have 3 shots left. Move
the barricade out of the way and go out, then into the bathroom. Search the
corpse for a nail, and the toilet for a gear. Go back out and through the
unlocked door.

Search the area in/ on the corner for a lot of items, and an audio tape which
is strangely for Melissa, not for you....anyway, take what you need and then 
go up the debris ramp and over the other side. If you go up the stairs, there 
is a minion waiting for you (but sometimes appears after you unlock the lock-
pick door on this floor up ahead, just warning you). Past said door are a few
items kept in a wardrobe and a table lamp. Head back down, go right, then left
along the corridor. The first and second doors on the right are blocked so
take number 3. You'll see a breakable wall but dont do that just yet. In the
next room is a tripwire so disarm it, and in the 3rd room (the 1st locked door
you saw) is another minion. Kill him, search the body and also search the 
shopping cart there with him. After that you can break down the wall and past 
the gap. Head to the stairs and then wait for the collared minion to appear.
Kill him immediately, there's nowhere to run far enough to blow his collar.
Search the body and then up the stairs but GO SLOW, there's a second tripwire
trying to catch you out. Disarm it and then go left to the water fountains.
If you open the door and search the bathroom and then drop onto the scaffold-
ing below, you'll be in that room you saw that guy crawl into. Be extra 
careful though, there's a reverse bear trap minion hiding in the dark who will
jump out at you, so kill him carefully as there is very little room to 
maneuvre yourself. Search the body and grab the nail bat seeing as you'll
have used the last bullet on the collar minion. Exit the bathroom and go back
upstairs and go straight into the area ahead. (You still don't need the
Jigsaw worktable just yet).

As the grate door shuts, go to the small table behind the barricade and grab 
the nail from inside it. After Jigsaw has explained what will happen, look 
along the corridor for room 207. Take note, ALL doors in this corridor are
shotgunned. Inside, look in the table on the right for a gear if you need it
(or take it afterwards) to complete the gear puzzle on the Jigsaw box. Once 
the puzzle pieces have been taken from the box, the timer stops. Feel free to
search the area now you aren't racing against the clock before you move on.
Past the unlocked door are a few more rooms to search before you drop down, 
and then a couple more before you break down the wall in the middle room.
Follow the path and climb down until you hear some smashing/ squelching noise.
The guy responsible is a minion to kill, but he takes a bit more of a beating
before he dies. Kill him and search the body as is normal, then check the
security checkpoint area ahead. It has the Explosive Trap Schematics and a gun
in the weapon case so open it up and take it.

Head out and down the steps, then climb the ladder. Walk forward so Tapp's
head touches the overhanging piece of floor from above then go back to give 
yourself some aiming room, as a minion will drop down from there. Kill him, 
then move forward a little so you can just about see the molotov guy. Shoot
him and then go over and search his body. The area on the left has 3 doors.
Pick open the left one for a bat, a medical cabinet, a shotgun shell and a
Jigsaw worktable. Guess what? Now i'm actually gonna let you use it! Make one
of each trap if you can, and then head out. The middle and right side doors
are connected and contain nothing but another message painted on the wall by
Jigsaw, so let's move on. Drop down the broken floor back out by the sign and 
listen to the audio tape. When the tape ends and the door opens, head on
through. The dead body has a pipe near it, but you have a gun, so carry on
past it. You'll see some poor guy get dragged back into a room (and then
presumably killed) and the door seal shut. All the doors can't be opened so 
keep goin forward and into the grate 'room' ahead, avoiding the glass on the
floor. When Jigsaw is done talking to Oswald, go through and read the case
file. There's also a lighter if you want it, then go down the steps. As you
may have learned in the game. The eerie music means there are some minions
nearby. Go slowly until you can see them fighting each other up ahead. Wait 
until one of them is dead, then shoot the other one. Search both of their
bodies and then climb the large pillar of scaffolding in the lift shaft.

At the very top, cross the beam and go left. The door you can see is combo-
locked, so you need to find said combination. Go right and cross the first
beam. AT the second beam, as odd as it looks, you CAN enter the open doorway
on the left for a medical cabinet. Cross the second beam, then go left, then 
right at the blocked stairs. The door will shut behind you and then another 
will open in front of you.

As you can see inside, there are several pig racks and bombs inside...not good
at all. Head inside. In order to escape, go to the other side of the room and
to the rack blocking the exit door. You should see a rack thats next to it
(length-ways) that can be pulled back. Pull it, then go to the rack in the
corner and pull that one away. You can now pull the rack blocking the exit out
of the way and exit the room before it explodes. Before you head down the
stairs, search the wardrobe nearby for pain thinner. Move the barricade and 
head downwards. The message on the wall says "RIGID ARMS CONTAIN THE CODE".
Go in the room of mannequins and start putting on any lights you find. You'll
eventually find the correct set and the code will be highlighted on the wall.

Go through the open door and into the room with the electrified flooring. To 
the right is a nurse's cart and case file, and a bat weapon in the case. Leave
it. Go back to the first beam crossing and head out the door on the other side
of it. If you head left and follow that path upon exiting, you will be caught 
in a gas trap. Open the shotgunned door, find the valve for the pipe dial and
solve it to shut the gas off. Search for other items and use a health hypo.
If you wish, grab the gun from the weapon case, it depends on how much ammo 
want to have. Head back out and up the stairs back to the combo-lock door.
Input the code and be careful, that minion who was there earlier still is
around somewhere, and he's the type with the explosive attached to his hand.
Enter the room and shoot him from afar. When his body has stopped smouldering,
search it and then go into the next room. Grab the health hypo and puzzle 
piece bag and then get back to the scaffolding in the elevator shaft.

Climb down and head back to the place where the audio tape was. Along the way
a new path will have opened up, so take it. After Jigsaw tells Oswald how he
will soon find out how flexible he is, the room seals and starts filling with
gas. The valve you need is in the room where the wooden door opened but it is
being guarded by a tripwire trap. Disarm it and take the valve and then finish
the pipe dial puzzle as fast as you can. If your health gets too low, back off
from it and use the water bottles and bandages in the immediate area before
continuing the puzzle. If it gets really bad, then after you've solved it, 
open up the medical cabinet for not one but two health hypos. After that, it's
all clear back to the puzzle piece area.

The puzzle is now just a regular puzzle. Use A to select the piece to move,
and then select the piece to swap it's place with. The finished picture is 
that of Billy, Jigsaw's famous child's doll mascot on his tricycle. The only
help I can give here is to stick to the basics and remember his head is at the
top of the puzzle, and then work your way downwards. When all the pieces are
in place, the door to Oswald's trap opens and you must go in and save him
from his fate.


In here, Oswald is strapped to a strange machine that will twist and bend his
body if you do not free him in time. To save his life you must solve 3 circuit
panel puzzles before the timer reaches zero. Again, there is not much help I
can give for this trap, as the designs for each puzzle are random each time.
The first puzzle is a 3X3 grid, the second is a 5X5 grid and the last one,
tagged as 'minigame' difficulty, is 7X7, so is gonna be harder than the first
2. If you're good at these by now, then the 3X3 and 5X5 shouldn't take longer 
than a minute, maybe a minute and a half. Just try to keep your cool, and
you'll eventually complete the circuits and release Oswald...and get this...
he is THANKFUL!....mainly, but still!


Yes, THAT Obi, for those who know who he is, but you've got a lot to do before
you reach him.

Follow Oswald up the ladder to your left and then go forward. He'll suggest
you 2 split up and search different areas for clues, but his search, as you'll
find out....doesn't go so well.....search his body for a few items and then
drop down the hole ahead. Go foward again, avoiding the glass, and listen to
the audio tape. Open the door on your left to see the Pighead in the distance
dragging another victim to some unknown fate...go right through the metal
door and then open the lockpick door to the left. Inside are some Stun Trap
Schematics should you have missed them, a table lamp, a flashlight and a pair
of scissors, so take what you need and go back out.

Go left and read the case file, and then disarm the tripwire nearby to search
the lockers. The steam vent is blocking your way to the second floor, so look
around. There is a door opposite the bathroom you have to unlock, so go to it
first (bear with me here). SOMETIMES, a collared minion will appear behind you
when you go near this door, so kill him with whatever weapon you have then 
search the body. If he doesn't appear, then go to the bathroom and search the 
toilets for the key to that door. Open it up and search the locker on your 
left before the ladder. Now, if you didnt find the minion before, then he's
definitely down here. Climb down the ladder and then climb straight back up.
You'll see your collar beeping and flashing, so run back out and wait til
you hear the minion's collar detonate before going back down. Search his body
then search the lockers along the narrow corridor for a few items. Disable the
tripwire before the valve and then use the valve to turn off the steam. Head
back to the ladder, search the lockers and then climb up.

Head right at the top and use the Jigsaw worktable if need be, then cross the
beam to the opposite room. Search the filing cabinets for a health hypo and
shotgun shell, and if you need 'em, there's a mannequin arm and camera there
too. Go out and you'll see a combo-locked door. Open the shotgunned door on
the right, and move around so you are next to the projector. Flick through the
slides to get the combination, and then look around for the minion who will 
appear. If you get lucky, he'll come through a door to the left of the wall
the projector is lighting up. Stay put and he'll walk right into a tripwire
trap just in front of you. If he doesn't, he'll appear through another door by
the desk as you walked round, so kill him quick. Search the body and the area
for items then open up the combo door. (Warning note, in odd cases, he won't 
come through either door, and will in fact ambush you by the combo door, so be
on your guard if that happens) .

Head through the door and go right and down the hole, past the rather cheerful
chap behind the mesh wire. Follow the path around until the TVs turn on and 
show how Obi's doing. There's a small alcove to the left with a case file and
a locker with a fuse, so grab it. Go into the security checkpoint you saw and
then bolt and barricade the door. Input the fuse in the fusebox to switch on
an electric puddle, and then look for a coupler to complete the circuit panel
on the opposite wall. If Jigsaw hasn't spoken yet, head out (with the puddle
still on) and edge yourself towards it. Hopefully his voice will say "It looks
like you've attracted some attention" and a minion will appear from the way 
you came, but get fried in the electricty. Turn off the puddle and head past
the new open grate door. (Make sure you checked the small room at the back of
the checkpoint for some items first though).

Up ahead you'll see the words "CUT BY A SURGEON'S HAND", and a flashlight and
a Jigsaw note on a trolley. Head left so you can see the Berserker ranting and
then disappear somewhere. Don't worry about tripwire traps here, the prompts
that appear ask you to arm them, so all of them are of no threat to you. The
current area has one shotgun door and one lockpick door, so search each area 
well for various items, nigh all of which will come in useful/ you've run out
of. Grab them and go back out and switch off the electric puddle. Climb the
stairs and then go towards the button on the table. Pushing it will kill the
minion inside that room, so whether he lives or dies.....make your choice.
Either way, past the door with the broken window, another collared minion is
waiting somewhere in the darkness....find him and kill him quickly to put
yourself back in the safety zone. Go through the door near the grinders and go
round to the crossing beam. Get across without becoming mulch and break down
the wall in front. Through there is the X that marks the spot. Climb down the

Down here, search the dead body and the fridge for items, then grab the frozen
hand from the icebox. A new door will open up outside so time to get moving.
Open the shotgun door ahead and then search this area for items before moving 
the barricade from the door. Let the berserker find you, don't go looking for
him, it makes it easier. Kill him when it's safe to and then search the body.
Head back to the "CUT BY A...." message and go right to the new open door. The
area has a dead body containing a nail, a fridge and a breakable wall, behind 
which is a weapon case with a gun, so if you've liked using it so far, get it.
Head to the exit sign and look left as you do to see someone waiting for you
impatiently....after Jigsaw is done talking to Obi, go through and right, 
searching the lockers as you go. Head down the steps and get ready....

Once you go inside the door, hurry. This area is rigged with bombs and getting
out alive isn't easy. Head left and follow the path until you get to the valve
and the locker. Turn off the steam and grab the coupler from the locker and 
then use it to complete the circuit panel (5X5). Head back to the start and 
then go down the right side. Look in the lockers until you find another 
coupler. Listen when Jigsaw tells you to watch your step as there is a trip-
wire in the middle area there, so look for it and disarm it. Once you get the
coupler, go to the end of that area and complete the other circuit panel to
open up the exit door. Head back and get through before you get killed. If you
look to your left and up the steps you can see that someone isn't happy that
you survived....either way get ready for a bigger challenge now.

Once you go through this door, then seriously get your thinking cap on. Search
the desk in case it has a coupler, as this is a bigger and harder version of 
what you just did.....head left and ignore the caged minion for now, but do
search the lockers and the other desk for couplers. Once you have at least one
(you sometimes get 2), then break the wall down near the second desk and 
squeeze through the gap. Avoid the sheet metal slammers and get to the other
side. Unbolt the door and search the other locker just in case. Now solve the
7X7 (yep, 7X7...) circuit panel to have done half of this trap room. Open the
minion's cage and kill him before he kills you. Search him for a health hypo
or 2, then go back to the start and take the right path. Open the door ahead
of you and run. (Ignore the other door, its another fuse-wasting room). This
room is filled with gas so search EVERY locker for a valve and a coupler. Find
the area with the pipe dial and lockpick (yes, you have to do that too) open
the door quickly. Solve the pipe dial inside (yes, really) to shut off the gas
and then look for a small 3X3 circuit panel. Open that door to find the other
7X7 circuit panel puzzle. Complete that panel to finally open the exit door.
Run back to the start and finally get the hell out of there....whew, at last.

Head up the stairs and then to the left to find another audio tape. Listen to
it and then go through the door that opens to find the crematorium. Place the
frozen hand in the furnace and then grab the key to unlock the door ahead and
find Obi.


Here we find Obi trapped inside one big-ass furnace, and if he isn't saved in
time then the temperature will rise so greatly that he will be boiled alive by
his own bodily fluids....lovely.....in order to break him free, you must first
complete 3 different pipe dial puzzles in order to reduce the air and
temperature pressure inside the furnace. You can only move onto the next dial
once you have completed the one before it, and from left to right, I'd easily
say they go from easy to medium to difficult. Keep an eye on the gauges on the
corners of the dial, if the needle gets into a different coloured zone, then
the temperature rises and Obi's chances of living start to slip away.... keep
your cool (literally if possible :D) and don't panic. As far as I can tell, 
if you fail the first time, the patterns on each dial never change so try to
remember as much as you can.

In the end you'll be successful and Obi will be sprung from the trap, as
ungrateful and insane as he is....time to move on.


As soon as you start, take the audio tape and listen to Jigsaw. When the door
opens, check the puddle of blood to find a hatchet (quite a rare weapon) if
you want/ need it. Climb the stairs, On the first floor is a restraining
chair for you to examine, and on the second floor is an acid barrel. You need
to dig around inside for the key to the door, so do what you must. Open the
door and go along the path until Obi decides you are too foolish to hang 
around with....go it alone down the hole and then go left. There's a table leg
around there but the hatchet is better. Go up the stairs and examine the dead
body halfway up for a scalpel, whichever weapon you'd prefer. Carry on up and
look around for items and the audio tape. When its over, head back down.

A minion will appear and attack, so slice him up with your weapon and search 
his corpse. Just before the exit door is a lockpick door to the left. Inside
are some tripwire items, a health hypo and a weapon hypo, so take your pick.
Go through the exit door afterwards and follow the path around. Search the 
locker past the fusebox for a fuse. (You'll also see a shadowed figure by the
hole in the wall but he runs off so don't worry for now). Read the case file
in the corridor then continue along. When you reach the room with the
chandelier and torture chair on the small raised area, watch every step there
are many tripwire traps and broken glass patches everywhere. WHen given the
choice, take the left hand path first.

Go right after taking the left. There's a shotgun door with a few useful items
inside. Head back out and follow the sign. Take the first door on the right
and look for a coupler in there. Head back out and into the security area to
complete the circuit panel puzzle. Head back through the open doors and listen
to Jeff complain, and then move forward. When you reach the outside-ish area
with the mesh square fence, take the first door on the left for another fuse,
coupler and nail and then go back out the same door. Stay left and disarm the 
tripwire on that side before carrying on. When you see the painted message on
the wall, go through that doorway and up the stairs where you'll be greeted
with a combination locked door. Time to get searching....find the crossing 
beam and then get to the other side carefully. The room on the left has a hypo
needle weapon, a table lamp and a case file for you. Back on track, head down
the stairs. At the bottom, keep going round and open the utility door and go
to the end. Look through the peephole to find the combination for that door
that was back at the top of the stairs originally, and grab the shovel if you
want it. When you head back out, be careful of the minion wo appears. Kill him
and search his body before you go back up the stairs. Head back to the combo
door and open it up.

In this area, go ahead and over the planks for a few pipes and a tripwire. Go
back and then take the other route into the women's wing of the asylum. The 
door on the left has a bat, but you shouldn't need it if you're already
equipped with something else. In the room marked "DAYROOM", squeeze through 
the gap and avoid the sheet metal traps to get to the other side. Search the
desk as you exit for a shotgun shell and paint thinner. If you go into the 
dark room ahead and go left, there is a weapon case with a scalpel for anyone
who wants it. Go back and follow the sign to the stairs. Be careful when you
reach room 204, it will shut and fill with gas. Complete the pipe dial once
you find the valve and then take the bottle of water to refill any lost health
from the gas. Head out and go into room 203. Be careful again, as one of those
minions with an explosive hand trap is waiting for you....deal with him as 
best you can and try to avoid the explosion. If you lose more health there is
a medical box back in 204. The best tactic I've found to deal with him is to
bolt the door before you go into 204 the first time, but leave the barricade.
Go near the door after the puzzle so he starts trying to knock it down, and 
run back near the disarmed tripwire when he gets through. Arm the trap and 
wait for him to follow and set it off. Let him burn out beafore you search him 
and then exit through the door he broke down. Unbarricade the door you reach
and then head all the way back to the large chandelier room.

Now for the right hand path....

Go down the steps and follow the path until your collar starts beeping. There 
is a tripwire trap near the wall so set it up and the minion should run into
it for you. If not, kill him with your weapon. Search the desks nearby for a
nail and a lighter. Go along the path and take a right where its darker. A 
has a gear for you and the lockpick door has a mannequin arm, a nail, a weapon
case with a gun and a health hypo. Take that, the nail and the gun before you
go back outside. The room ahead of you is rigged with a tripwire so disarm it
and search the room for another coupler if you need it. Head right out of that
room and then take the shotgunned door on the left. Inside is a nail, a pipe,
a case file and a health hypo, plus another case file to read. In the security
checkpoint opposite, use the medical cabinet if you need it and then solve the
circuit panel puzzle to open the doors. Head and through to get to the combo
lock door to play Jigsaw's TV tape. To find the code, head back and look at 
TVs within the security area to find the code. Head back to the door and put
it in to get through.

Head right after opening the door to find yourself in an outdoorsy area, which
is also next to the cafeteria area. Be careful....there is one minion nearby
with molotovs, so shoot him if you can see him (He's usually on the opposite
side of the area where you walk in), and another somewhere inside the kitchen
(but most times, you can hear him walk into a tripwire trap, but watch out in
case he does get to you). Once both are dead (or the area seems clear), head 
around to the valve located by the molotov minion's location. Switch it off
and then open the lockpick door for a crowbar, a gear and a Jigsaw work-
table. Head back out and then go inside where the steam used to be. Search the
locker and disarm the tripwire inside. Open the lockpick door for tripwire
items, a hypo weapon and an already made Stun Trap (awesome!). Head back out
and open the other door, which is shotgunned, to be shown the freezer door. 
Head to the right to the open doorway and into the kitchen. Watch out for a
tripwire and go the door with the grinder message next to it. Ignore the 
molotovs if you still have the gun.

Head down the stairs and search the area for items before heading to the
grinder itself. Drop your weapon for now and then push the control button on
the machine to start it. Here you have to pick up the bricks and throw them at
the pig bodies to knock them into the grinder, using the X on the wall as a
makeshift crosshair. Once you have knocked enough of them in, you can take the
freezer key from the ledge next to you and head back into the kitchen. (For
SAW fans who've seen all the movies, you'll know where the idea for this mini
puzzle came from :D). 

Go to the freezer door and unlock it. Inside is a VERY tough puzzle to solve.
You have to move racks of pigs as before, but this time you are slowly
freezing to death. As soon as you begin, head to the middle of the freezer,
left hand side and pull one of the racks towards you. You can then slowly
work in an anti-clockwise direction (if you were looking at the room from 
above) and move the racks out of the way, eventually working your way on the 
right hand side to pull the racks down and then move the rack blocking the
exit out of the way. I know it isn't the best description but you'll know what
I mean when you see it. Make it out of there in time and then grab the light
bulb upon exiting the freezer. Head back out to the kitchen and deal with the
tougher minion that attacks you. Search the body and then head back to the
chandelier room. From here, head all the way back up to the stagelight area to
install the bulbs, BUT....on the way, take note of the colours on the TVs that
say "SHED SOME LIGHT". Ok? When you install the bulbs, change the colours of
the light to match the order of the TVs and you will then get the combination
to the theatre to save Jeff. Head down and open the door, then get on the 
stage and behind the curtain to find Jeff.


For a simple concept, this game requires you to have a good memory (or a very
good pen and piece of paper....>_> <_< >_>.....) As Jigsaw told you, you must
match the symbols that correspond to release Jeff from the trap. For every
correct pair, a spike is removed from his body, or nothing happens if he is
already not impaled, but get a wrong pair and he will be impaled. If you get
5 pairs wrong (in a row) then Jeff will die. The order of the symbols on the
TVs is always random, but you should be able to do this without too much
hassle. Use the Left D-Stick to select a TV and press A to show the image.
Here are the corresponding symbols to help you match them up....









The order of each pair doesn't matter as long as you get the pair correct.
When all pairs have been matched correctly, Jeff is freed from the machine...
although you can guess he's not very grateful....mind you Tapp is really
focused on catching Jigsaw....anyway, time to move.


This is the last level of the game, so it is time to save yourself....

Move forward to the table and watch the small cutscene before listening to the
audio tape. While listening, search the desk for a nail, and then go through
the door that opens. You should still have the revolver and maybe 4 shots left
so drop the gun and open the cage. Kill the minion with your hands and then 
get your gun back. Search the area for items before going through his cage.
On the other side, feel free to explore the area for items. The minion with 
the reverse bear trap can't escape so ignore him. At the end of the path round
him is a shotgunned door with some goodies, so pinch what you need. Upon
leaving that room, you'll see the minion no longer have to worry about being
trapped......carry on ahead and climb the ladder by the scaffolding and then
cross the beam. The door on your right is shotgunned, so open it carefully and
then search the area. The lockpick door in the room also opens up a room with
some goodies inside, so take, take, take. Back outside, go along until you
find the room with the mesh on the floor and you will see Jigsaw himself in 
his usual black and red robe, face hidden by the hood, just leaving the room
below.... go in and break down the wall at the back (drop the gun so you don't
use bullets). Search the desk, grab the gun and squeeze through. Go along the
rafters until you drop at the end. You'll lose a little health but there are
2 medical cabinets, so grab as many hypos as you need. Ignore the weapon case 
with the nail bat as you still have the gun, but the door with the broken 
window cna be picked to reveal a Jigsaw worktable inside. Make sure you have
an Explosive Trap with you. When you're all set, go back and pick up the audio
tape to find out why you need it all....

Yep, that's right....it's now time for you to take down the Pighead once and 
for all in a boss battle. Go through the door and watch the Pighead murder a
victim of Jigsaw's game. Search the pantries and then find the breakable wall
at the dead end. Again, don't use bullets and pick up the gun after the wall
is broken. Squeeze through and listen to the berserker turning insane from
within his room. When you come out the other side....be calm.

Go forward and select the Explosive Trap. Place it by the white-grill door and
watch and wait. The Pighead will either come through that door, or the wooden
door, of which has an active tripwire trap. He'll either get shot by the trap
which does a little damage, or set off the Explosive Trap and lose a full 50%
of his health bar. If he sets off the shotgun, wait for him to lunge at you 
and then go into the room behind him, you can circle the small obstacle to
keep him at a safe distance. If he sets off the Explosive Trap, disarm the
tripwire and then go into that room. Wait for him to follow you and then let
him swing his nail bat at you. DOdge it and then shoot him. Repeat this 
process until he either dies or reaches very low health. If he's still alive,
use your fists when he gets the nail bat stuck in the floor to finish him off
once and for all. If at any point he grabs you and strangles you, use both of
the D-sticks to follow the red dots on the circles. When both are confirmed, 
press the Trigger button shown to break free and stun him momentarily. Once
he finally dies, search his body for the library key, and then leave outside
and left to find the library entrance.

(Alternatively, but personally more boring, lure the Pighead outside and into
the electric cage he used a few minutes ago. Get him to get his nail bat stuck
in the floor, then exit and flip the fusebox to kill him in one go).

In the library, take the door on the immediate right and find the valve so you
are ready for the gas. Solve the pipe dial as fast as possible and use the
medical cabinet on the right to refill any lost health. Head down the steps
and then listen to the audio tape to open the door at the back. Head through 
and up the wodden steps to finally meet Jigsaw himself......he will explain
your last choice to you, as well as your last task. When he leaves, head to
the back and get ready to face his final gauntlet. You have 10 minutes from
when the door shuts behind you, so run.

Head left and through the door that opens, and then right to catch up to 
Jigsaw in the smoke filled room. At the end of the pathway, take the right and 
climb down the ladder. Ignore the minions fighting each other and then climb
the ladder on the nearest scaffolding to the minions. Head up to the platform
Jigsaw was on and go right through the open door to clear this area.

When the door shuts, go right and up the steps. This area is a cross beam area
so use your balancing skills to get to the end. Be wary of the 3rd beam though
as jets of steam shoot out at intervals, so wait for the pauses and then cross
the beam. When you get to the end, take the final choice key from the box. 

In the next area, find a valve as your first priority. Once you have it, go up
the stairs at the start of the area and into the room. Shut the door so you
dont get continuously poisoned. Solve the pipe dial to stop the gas, refill
your health with the water bottle and then go back out of the room to find a
coupler. Go around and then solve the 7X7 circuit panel to open up the door.
Throguh the door, go right and drop down, then turn round and go along the
path to the bolted door. Unlock it and go along until you see the TV on the
right side. Turn left and go out the double doors to complete the gauntlet.
Go back to the 2 doors marked FREEDOM and TRUTH and make your final choice...

If you choose the door marked FREEDOM, then Tapp's game ends here and so does
yours so sit back and watch the ending! (Explained in the Endings section).

If you choose the door marked TRUTH, then you have a little bit further to go
to the end of the game.... open the door and follow the path til you reach
the scaffolding. Climb the ladder to the top and continue to the path. At one
point you will see Billy on his tricycle chuckling at you before riding off...
follow him! Squeeze through the gap and go along the path on this floor until
you get to the long crossing beam. Balance well and get to the other side, and
Jigsaw will try and stop you by kicking down some bookshelves (they dont harm
you in any way). Follow him to where he runs and then grab the gun from the 
weapon case. Drop down to the floor to fight one last minion. Kill him with 
the gun and search his body in case he has a nail. Go to the closed double
doors and pick them open to stay in pursuit. Head up the stairs and go right
where you will se Jigsaw escape out the door. Open that door and watch the

Congratulations, you are still alive....most people are so ungrateful to be
alive....but not you....not anymore.

Well done on beating SAW: The Video Game! :)

F: The Endings Explained

Not sure whats going on at the end of the game? Let's explain....


In this ending, Tapp escapes from the asylum and informs the police of the
survivors left inside. He is hailed a hero for saving so many people from
Jigsaw's game, and his reputation restored....however, back in his apartment,
Tapp is distraught.....despite his heroic status, he is in a state of pure
disbelief....he has wasted his life trying to pursue Jigsaw, and on the one
occasion, trapped in the asylum, he was so close to finally capturing him,
but gave up his only chance.....he sits down on the sofa and spots his old
revolver when he was still in the police force, picks it up, and holds it
against his head......just then his TV turns itself on and plays the game
credits....when the credits are over, Tapp pulls the trigger out of sight and
splatters his TV with blood, as an image of Billy, Jigsaw's doll, appears on
the screen and laughs.......


Finally...Tapp has tracked won Jigsaw....he breaks down the door and knocks
him to the ground before pummeling him mercilessly with punches and kicks, 
screaming how his trial will see him sent down forever and how he will never
hurt a living person.......but the blows knock free something from the robes,
something familiar....a tape player.....it plays and to Tapp's horror, it is
not Jigsaw he's been pursuing, but Melissa Sing, forced into a game of her own
since she was freed from her trap.....if she survived the chapel trap, then
that tape you found afterwards for her was part of her game....Melissa should
have stuck with Tapp and forgiven him, or she wouldn't have been made to play
her game....but abandoning Tapp and continuing her resentment left her no
choice.....she was forced to place all the items and traps after her own in
order to keep Tapp on track in his game....if she did not, then the sone she
abandoned, Franklin, would be killed whilst in Jigsaw's care, kidnapped  while
she was taken to the asylum....if she managed to follow her orders and then 
wait until 6 o' clock, she would be freed and win her game....but Tapp's
obsession destroyed her chances.....she tries to escape an hour too early,
and in doing so, meets the exact same fate as her husband, as she stumbles 
into a tripwire and gets blasted by a shotgun, before falling to the ground,
dead.....Tapp watches despairingly as Billy laughs at him and Melissa's corpse 
from the exit gates...he falls to his knees, clutching his collar as his mind
starts slipping away.....when he returns to consciousness, we find that he is
now in another mental asylum, strapped to a table, eternally insane and 
believing that he is still playing in Jigsaw's games, and in a trap of which 
he cannot escape.......when we saw him being wheeled in at the very beginning
of the game, that was when he was taken into the current asylum....what we 
play is his flashbacks and memory of Jigsaw's game......back on the table, we
see him become more and more panicked as the trap in his mind slowly becomes
closer to killing him....and when the trap timer approaches zero....a door
shuts to keep him held in his asylum cell forever.........GAME OVER

G: Achievements

Here are all the achievements and their details for SAW....remember you can
replay any level once unlocked, and for totals, like unlocked doors, you can
reach a checkpoint before a lockpick door to unlock it and then reload the
checkpoint to do it again, the game totals it up for you :)

Absent Parent: 40G
How to get: Release Melissa from her trap

Aphasia: 40G
How to get: Release Oswald from his trap

Born Victim: 40G
How to get: Release Jeff from his trap

Choked up: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a Gas Trap

Cleaning Up: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a mop handle (plenty of those around)

Cost of the Truth: 100G
How to get: Complete the game using the Truth door

Curb Stomp: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a Curb Stomp
Good way to get: The very first minion you kill, reload the checkpoint until 
you get the chance to curb stomp him to death

Damaged Goods: 40G
How to get: Release Amanda from her trap

Darwin would be proud: 20G
How to get: Die. No really, just die, find a way to kill yourself and its
all yours! (EASY!)

Duress: 20G
How to get: Kill 20 minions throughout the course of your gaming

Eager Student: 40G
How to get: Release Obi from his trap

Fire Hazard: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a molotov cocktail
Good way to get: In the area where you must kill 3 minions to get the furnace 
key, kill the 3rd, slower minion with molotovs in the area near his cage.

Forced Entry: 10G
How to get: Unlock your first lockpick door

Give me five!: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a mannequin arm (quite a few around so look for

Grave Digger: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a shovel
Good way to get: In the graveyard is a shovel, so wait until the 2 minions are
done fighting each other and kill the survivor.

Hatchet Job: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a hatchet
Good way to get: In Jeff's level, get the hatchet in the puddle and kill the
first minion you encounter.

Hit and run: 40G
How to get: Release Jennings from his trap

Homerun: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a bat (plenty of these around, look for them)

I can stop anytime: 20G
How to get: Use 20 health hypos in the course of your gaming

I'm in charge: 10G
How to get: Fight your first minion (IE punch the first minion you encounter
to get the achievement)

It was an accident: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion via any method

It's a trap!: 40G
How to get: Escape the reverse bear trap at the start of the game

Just experimenting: 10G
How to get: Use your first health hypo

Kill or be killed: 30G
How to get: Kill a collared minion with a collar detonation
Good way to get: Kill the first collar minion you encounter with this method

Lights off: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a table lamp (look around for these, not

Locksmith: 20G
How to get: Unlock 5 lockpick doors throughout your gaming

Merciless: 20G
How to get: Curb stomp 5 minions to death
Good way: Like the other curb stomp achievement, reload the checkpoint until
you successfuly do 5 curb stomps

Never truly free: 100G
How to get: Complete the game via the Freedom door

Penetrated: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a hypo needle
Good way to get: Use the hypo past the furnace gate in Jennings' level on the
first minion you encounter

Pipe dream: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a pipe
Good way: There's a pipe in the bin with the very first minion...use it

Professional: 50G
How to get: Unlock 20 lockpick doors over the course of your gaming

Say hello to my little friend: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a revolver

Self-defense: 15G
How to get: Kill 10 minions throughout your gaming

Sometimes it sticks: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a nail bat

Splitting headache: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a pair of scissors
Good way to get: There are a few pairs in Obi's level, look around

Surgeon: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a scalpel

Treasure!: 10G
How to get: Unlock your first container (the cabinet after you learn about
broken glass gets you this)

Violence begets violence: 40G
How to get: Kill the Pighead

Wait for the boom: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with an Explosive Trap

What was that?!?: 5G
How to get: Encounter the Pighead for the first time (you get this when you
climb your first ladder)

Who is the Jigsaw Killer?: 15G
How to get: Read your first Jigsaw note
Good way to get: Read the Jigsaw note in the area with the first lockpick door

Whoops!: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a Stun Trap
Good way to get: Get a minion to very low health and then set the trap to
finish them off

Would you like to know more?: 20G
How to get: Read your first asylum case file (all over the place, easy as pie)

You'll need this afterwards: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a crutch (look around for them)

You've been served: 10G
How to get: Kill a minion with a table leg (not uncommon, look around)

You've wasted your life: 5G
How to get: Do nothing for 5 minutes
Good way to get: After the reverse bear trap, stand completely still in the
bathroom for 5 minutes

H: Credits

Thank you to everyine who has read this Walkthrough, I hope it helps as much
as possible :)

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