1. Max Chapman Additional Art
  2. Ted Lockwood Additional Art
  3. Corbett Sachter Additional Art
  4. Joakim Wejdemar Additional Art
  5. Warren Seeley Animator
  6. Ben Stanton Animator
  7. Adam Houghton Art Director
  8. Ryan Bullock Artist
  9. Aimee Skeers Artist
  10. David Sursley Artist
  11. Dani Roberge Artist / UI Artist
  12. Niais Taylor Assistant Producer
  13. Alex Guilbert Audio Lead
  14. Toshiaki Ideo Audio/Video Specialist
  15. Wendi Wills Casting Agent
  16. David Kimber Cinematic Lead
  17. James Croley Concept Artist
  18. Sa-dekaronhes Esquivel Concept Artist
  19. David Cohen Creative Producer
  20. Noah Adler Engineer
  21. Kevin Hamilton Engineer
  22. Chris Hinkes Engineer
  23. Chance Lyon Engineer
  24. Russell Nelson Engineer
  25. Sean O'Connor Engineer
  26. Jeremy Airey Executive Producer
  27. Joanna Alexander Executive Producer
  28. Mark Long Executive Producer
  29. James Croley FX Artist
  30. James Cunningham Graphic Designer
  31. Brett Holton Lead Engineer
  32. Steve Holt Lead Environment Artist / Concept Artist
  33. Richard Dormer Lead Level Designer
  34. Erik Bretz Level Designer
  35. Susan Oleinik Level Designer
  36. Hunter Peyron Level Designer
  37. Rich Starr Level Designer
  38. Terence Wright Level Designer
  39. Troy McFarlane Motion Capture Lead
  40. Ian Allen Motion Capture Talent
  41. Brad Davi Motion Capture Talent
  42. Parker Levinson Motion Capture Talent
  43. Jonathan David Pedersen Motion Capture Talent
  44. Ryan Ranerie Motion Capture Talent
  45. Aimee Skeers Motion Capture Talent
  46. Bob Summerford Motion Capture Talent
  47. Alex Guilbert Original Score
  48. Terry Hendrix Platform Lead Engineer
  49. Mitch Davis Producer
  50. Simon Lai Producer
  51. Nicholas Longano Producer
  52. Sam Gray Recording Engineer
  53. Carrie Palk Recording Engineer
  54. Chris Harding Script Director
  55. Niais Taylor Script Editor
  56. Jaimie Siedow Session Engineer
  57. Morgan Green Sound Designer
  58. Ian Vogel Story / Designer
  59. Chris Harding Story / Narrative Designer
  60. John Williamson Story / Producer
  61. Douglas Rappaport Talent Director
  62. Bill Wright Technical Director
  63. James Wan Treatment
  64. Leigh Whannel Treatment
  65. Duncan Kay UI Artist
  66. Jen Taylor Voice: Amanda Young
  67. Earl Alexander Voice: Detective David Tapp
  68. Jeff Thomas Ridenhour Voice: Dex Manley
  69. Dex Manley Voice: Jeff
  70. Troy Lund Voice: Jennings Foster
  71. Tobin Bell Voice: Jigsaw
  72. Kahn Doan Voice: Melissa Sing / 911 Operator / School Councilor
  73. Marc Carr Voice: Minion
  74. Darraugh Kennan Voice: Minion
  75. Troy Lund Voice: Minion
  76. Dex Manley Voice: Minion
  77. David Scully Voice: Minion
  78. Dave White Voice: Minion
  79. Marc Carr Voice: Obi
  80. David Scully Voice: Oswald McGullicuty
  81. James Wan Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, Crazy Jezus, KingMajeh, LordAndrew, MuddyMaestro, and oliist.

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