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Reviewed: 12/08/08

Africa is a Sanbox...

If you have wanted an open good all around shooter than look no further. The graphics, the lighting is far from superior. The weapon design and story are quite intricate and play nicely no matter how you use them together. One moment I sent some grass on fire to kill a guard post the next im gliding over a refinery dropping off and slaughtering them all with a dragonov. Cars and boats handle perfectly. An upgrade system adds some complexity to the game making it all that much more enjoyable to play.

You start off pick one of a dozens characters all wanting to take down one man. In this part of Africa, like many, it is close to war. The government and a radical rebel group are at each others throats. Each side hires you to complete missions, paying you in rough diamonds. These diamonds can later be traded in accuracy, ammo, armor, and weapon upgrades. Weapons are unlocked by completing missions and when purchased are placed in a warehouse. After a time weapons degrade (you can see by how dirty they are), they then become prone to jamming. Pressing X would fix this but can be quite dangerous. I love the graphics, the explosions (with the trees shaking and falling.

The AI is evil. Evil. They know where they are. They will hunt you. They will find you. You take one breath a mile away and they come at you. One mission I was hunting down a mark on a assassination outfit in the middle of the night. I was in full camo and I was walking crouched, slowly. My mark and his guards were across a like about a half mile away. I came towards the edge of the cliff I was overlooking the lake and scoped in to take the shot. Suddenly like if Jesus Christ or Thor came down to warn them they all freaked out and started running around. Dumb. On missions I would be interrupted by a guard station I chock full of enemies that I slaughtered five minutes earlier, then chased by patrol later on unrelated to the mission or the post.

Other than those oddities this game is all around fund and beautiful and is something to pick up when you are tired of Gears of War 2, and Viva Pinata.

Graphics, are just out of this world
Enriching realistic story, if you are interested in politics then this is for you
Multiple mission paths
Choices, never end the game
HUGE landscape from jungle to desert with NO LOADING
Jamming weapons and a buddy system makes it just more real

Random guards in trucks interrupt everything you do
AI are god like in their senses and can hear you fart from a mile away
No overhead map, makes it real but....
Gun play is a little shallow in the end
Clearing out a guard post only means they respawn when you leave an area

Bottom Line: You wont have crashing helicopters and huge scripted events but you will have a heck of a time playing this.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Far Cry 2 (US, 10/21/08)

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