Guitar Hero World Tour (Xbox 360)

How do we get the mic to work?

  1. We just got the game and we can't figure out how to get the mic to work. The Guitar and Drums sync up wirelessly, but the mic has a chord that we tried to connect but won't work.
    BerserkSlayer12 - 13 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. You have to connect a regular Xbox 360 controller to the xbox first
    DaOnEsChIlD - 13 years ago - report
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  1. To correct Mogiron, you can also activate Star Power by tapping really hard on the head of the microphone (where you sing into)
    Southrop - 13 years ago - report
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  2. you have to have a XBOX 360 connected to the XBOX 360 or you just CANT sing!!!
    mario_preyas123 - 13 years ago - report
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  3. In order to connect the microphone, plug the microphone into the USB port and turn on a normal Xbox 360 controller. You use the controller to navigate the menus and activate star power.
    NOTE: Do NOT have an Xbox 360 headset connected to the controller while turning it on, the game will use the headset as the microphone to sing into, but has various lagging issues in game.
    Mogiron - 13 years ago - report
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  4. Related to star power, you can also activate it by using the XBOX 360 controller by pressing A . The MIC has to be plugged into the port and the contoller has to be on.
    Mysterywriter - 13 years ago - report
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