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    Pirates of the Flying Fortress/Worldmerge 1.4a Walkthrough by Keith_I

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    Two Worlds 2/Pirates of The Flying Fortress/Marvin Quests.
    Single Player, off-line only.
    Make sure to beforehand remove other mods, especially old
    installations of Worldmerge, if you're are in doubt whether
    these will conflict with (the newer version of) Worldmerge.
    All you require is the original Two Worlds 2 game (PC) and
    the corresponding Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion
    (which automatically patches your game to vanilla version
    1.3). It is advisable, though not required, to use an English
    language installation.
    While all non-English languages will work, the installer also
    provides a somewhat extended support for a German
    language installation - written text from PotFF, the (former)
    multi player maps and the new quest line will be in English
    though (this is only of cosmetic relevance). 
    NOTE: This is not just a TW2 walkthrough, it's for all three
    as mentioned above, where TW2
    and POTFF have been integrated into a single seamless game
    along with the online maps for the
    Marvin side quests. Remember, this is now one huge
    seamless game.
    Worldmerge combines the Two World 2 main campaign, the
    eleven multi player adventure maps and the whole Pirates of
    Flying Fortress Expansion into one coherent, newly balanced
    single player game world. The experience curve as well as the
    levels of the monsters have been adjusted accordingly - reach
    lvl 65+ and still find challenging adventures.
    Worldmerge ties everything together with a very long new
    quest-line sending you all around the world of Antaloor, even
    to the most hidden corners. You will find three new difficulty
    levels (Novice, Expert and Master) with various tweaks and
    enhancements, each for a female or male player character,
    that bring a lot of extra challenge. 
    Furthermore over 130 new hand placed encounters with
    uniquely named (Mini-)Bosses and their companions are
    added. They guard well hidden new treasures in the guise of
    potions that permanently increase parameters and grant skill
    The skill system has been revised significantly: higher level
    skills cost more skill points, a special, rather sinister
    "teacher" has to be paid in order to reach the really high skills
    levels and lots of skills, especially from the thieving arts,
    have additional skill effects now:
    Find extra loot with pick pockets, assassinate mid combat
    when attacking stunned enemies, especially with daggers,
    sneaky dodge attacks or disarm trap protected chests. Your
    enemies have learned new tricks, too:
    They refresh their health upon retreat, can take a last stand
    when severely wounded that regenerates their hit-points in
    combat, have higher chances to resist crowd control effects
    and might even teleport to your position in a surprise attack.
    Combat is more refined as special attacks cost stamina now
    (a heartbeat sound will warn you of low stamina) and only
    timed blocking allows you to recover stamina fast enough.
    Also, there is no more hp regeneration of the hero in combat.
    In addition to that, many great mods by gifted modders from
    the Two Worlds 2 community are included (see details
    The single player game time (compared to the 45+ hours of
    TW2+PotFF) is easily extended by more than 20 extra hours
    (30+ if you choose the Master Difficulty). All in all, you're in
    for a 65+ hours role playing epic. 
    For installation just double click "Worldmerge 1.4a
    setup.exe" and follow the prompts. Ignore the suggested
    install directory. Search for the Two Worlds 2 installed
    directory, select it, and click continue. It will further suggest
    Two worlds 2\new folder. Backspace to get rid of the \new
    folder, then continue.
    After installation, all files should end up in your TW2 install
    directory\WDFiles\mods. Only the readme's (TW2 install
    directory) and the sound files (TW2 install
    directory\SoundData) are exceptions. The installer will also
    create a file called unins000.exe (and a corresponding .dat
    file) for uninstallation in your TW2 install directory.
    Concerning usage:
    A fresh start is required - it will not work (properly) with old
    save games.
    1. Install the mod as described and ideally choose the Novice
    or Vanilla option.
    2. Make a fresh character in the normal single player main
    3. Save her/him.
    4. Quit back to main menu.
    5. Start a Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion game and
    choose  Import your fresh character into the expansion game
    without choosing to level her/ him up.
    It's advisable to activate subtitles: in the Main menu,
    Interface, hover cursor on the bottom choice and use mouse
    wheel to role the top choices till you see Subtitles and click it
    to On. In game, you'll be able to read the new, non-voiced
    over quest dialogue and to look for hidden treasures right
    from the beginning.
    When all works out as described, you will have a fresh level
    1 character in Vakhmaar Castle. A new entry in your quest
    log should read "Two Worlds Colliding". When you find it,
    you're set to go. Just to rephrase: Trick here is that the
    character is created using the old campaign start option, but
    the game is played via using the PotFF option (with
    importing that un-leveled level 1 character from the old
    The new quest-line starts at the beginning of the game and is
    designed to run almost to the final end. The quest giver is a
    "Crystal Man", aptly named Marvin, you will find on the
    bridge spanning the central chasm in Alsorna (the island
    where you will find yourself once leaving the dungeons of
    Castle Vakhmaar). Rogdor, Dar Pha and Ghortarius have new
    lines in the tutorial at the beginning of the game, explaining
    all the new features of Worldmerge.
    Instead of following Dar Pha right away, turn around and get
    items from the dead soldiers. Shortly after following Dar Pha,
    you'll see a sparkling lever on the wall. Pull it and enter the
    jail cell to the right. On a bench find a jawbone with gold
    teeth, sell it for 32 auras.
    Now follow Dar Pha. After the second cut-scene, continue
    following. As soon as you get to water, run around left to find
    a chest with clothes. Continue following Dar Pha up the
    stairs. She opens a door, don't go through yet. Continue up
    stairs to final landing and pick up a potion Geminus Robur
    Strength +1 permanent. Go through the door Dar Pha just
    In the room there's a book downstairs. Go up the stairs and
    run around pick up two books and a potion. Between the
    bookcases operate a switch. Go back down and follow Dar
    Pha onto a narrow ledge above the throne room, crouch to get
    through and your sneaking ability will be unlocked. After the
    crouching and cut-scene, check behind the stack of skulls to
    find a Geminus Dexteritas +1 potion. There's two books in
    the room.
    After another cut-scene, head towards the stairs and down to
    the throne room and watch a cut-scene fight between
    Sordahon and Rogdor. Sprint (hold down the right mouse
    button) and follow Dar Pha. You won't make it through the
    bars. Talk with Dar Pha and learn about lock picking. Lock
    pick the gate just to the side by hitting each gap in each ring
    to push in deeper. If you have trouble doing it, hit Enter to
    automatic lockpick.
    Swim along the watery corridor. At last intersection, go left
    up steps to find a chest with a coin. Go back the other way to
    Dar Pha, continue following.
    Inside the alchemist's old library pick up three books (one is
    to the side behind Dar Pha) and a potion. Pick up the old
    mace on the nearby shelf, talk to Dar Pha, then guard the
    entrance with your equipped mace. Defeat the guard, teleport
    to Alsorna.
    Dar Pha gets caught in a trap, then gives you a dagger.
    Before doing anything, hit ~ or Enter, to open the cheat
    console, and type twoworldscheats and hit Enter. Open the
    cheat console again and type ResetFogALL and hit Enter.
    Now the whole game world is uncovered. Also, in the cheat
    console, type in immortal 1 
    TIP: Much later in the game, you get a quest where you find
    the Casqet of Embers, a helm that gives permanent lighting
    when worn. The Casqet of Embers is only available if you
    have Pirates of The Flying Fortress installed. Also, jumping
    from one map to another only works with an official game
    that has been officially registered.
    Hold down right mouse button and sneak to the first enemy
    and assassinate him with left button and search him, then
    sneak and assassinate the others and search them.
    At the skull post, head east over the hillside, then back north
    to, 1173 3245 -106, find GEMINUS VOLUNTUS +1
    permanent willpower. Back up hill to right, turn right to the
    Teleport and speak with Rogdor and follow him. Learn about
    blocking and defeat the first 2 groms, take their weapons. Use
    sneak to safely cross the log. Defeat more enemies and take
    their weapons. After getting to the destination, push some
    logs blocking the large boulders.
    Head back across the log bridge and use your bow to shoot
    two groms. Next shoot two enemies at once by pull the bow
    (hold LMB), enter the sniper mode (by hitting X, then hit
    multiple arrows key, mark each target (RMB) and shoot.
    Return to the camp speak with Dar Pha.
    Follow her to a destroyed bridge. You end up in the Alsorna
    basement and get some magic training. Equip the staff and hit
    key 1 for Fire bolt. Get rid of three Skeletons, then return to
    the mage. Next hit key 2, go to the fire circle and blast
    several different skeletons. Head back a ways and go right
    into a new corridor. Take a book from left shelf and some
    weapons. Read the book in inventory. Continue and to the
    right and you'll see Tulok.
    NOTE: If your are not playing the first part in tutorial mode,
    you have to read the water magic skill book all the way
    through before the Ice effect card appears on the ground.
    Pick up the nearby skill book - water magic and the Ice
    (effect) card. Look at all pages in the Water Magic skill book.
    Open your inventory and choose the Fire Blast amulet. Swap
    the fire card for the ice card and accept. Attack the enemy
    with the newly created Ice Bolt. Use the teleport. The bridge
    can now be repaired. Go speak with Cassara.
    After the cut-scene, take the set of armour from the table.
    Over on the left, pick up the Dirty Trick skill book and read
    it. Go speak to Dar Pha and follow her to your private room.
    Pick up 2 small potions and take everything from the chest. In
    inventory, read the Skill mastery book. Speak with Dar Pha
    Back out in the main hall, head to the right and go down the
    stairs and speak with Sokaris the smithy about recovering
    materials. Dismantle any junk weapons to get five pieces of
    steel. Sokaris tells you to keep them and upgrade your good
    weapon. Talk again and he eventually tells you about fusing
    stones. Trade with him, then wait a few seconds. He gives a
    quest for an Orchish runestone. In inventory, read Upgrading
    weapons book.
    TIP: if you have 2 or more of the same kind of gemstones,
    you can right-click them and fuse them into a larger more
    powerful gem, just like Sokaris told you.
    Return upstairs, to the outside and Ghortarius gives you a
    personal teleport stone.
    Again speak with the Prophet, then speak to Dar Pha.
    Teleport to Ghortarius and get a mission to recover a
    stabilizing stone. Finish all talking. Pick up the Unus and
    read it. Straight across the main hall, through the door and
    left to Rogdor for a quest. You can safely pick up the ham
    and fruit.
    TIP: Some chests on Alsorna contain Meat ( ing_59 ) and
    you'll need two or more. Very shortly you'll get teleported to
    Bayan. Once there, two people will ask for food, give each a
    meat. The first guy is not critical, but the old woman Dagwa
    later rewards you for your kindness.
    Over in the other room get a quest from Nortar. Pick up the
    skill book. Back across the hall and use Ghortarius's teleport
    to the outside teleport. Go straight to an empty camp with 2
    chests. Open map to see the broken teleport green pin and go
    there. Get the stone from one of the Groms.
         On the nearby bridge, go talk to Marvin and tell him
    "I would rather...Count me in". He gives you 5 books of
    clues. Ask him "Why me..." and say "Just one lonely....". The
    books give clues to the crystal shard locations here on
    Alsorna, but wait till somewhat later to find them. 
    Directly east from the bridge, open map to see two round
    rocks to the far east. At the most east round rock, 4116 3927
    313 , LyranaBor and a creature are usually making out. Kill
    them. Both of them have weapons, one of them has a
    Geminus Vigor.
    Go to the ship wreck on the NE coast. There's a high level
    chest under the mast. The other chest has the old log. Defeat
    three skeletons. In inventory, read the old log. Teleport to
    Ghortarius and talk, then talk to Cassara. Go talk to Rogdor,
    giving him the old logbook. Go back and talk to Ghortarius
    and end up in Bayan. Give food to the man that runs to you.
    Go around left and give food to a woman, Dagwa (this way,
    later she'll reveal a secret passage).
    NOTE: lots of other people will be offering to sell you a
    counterfeit pass for the desert gate, and others will offer
    quests. Refuse their offers till much later.
    Go past Dagwa and on out the gate. Slightly to left you'll see
    a giant anthill on the hillside to the SSE. Go there and look in
    the hole to get some eggs for a later quest. Nearby, at the
    green map pin, is the Creepy Den cave entrance. Inside, head
    all the way straight east. The stone is in a chest.
         Back outside, much farther south on the road under a
    broken bridge, is Clay-Cold Den with locked door, related to
    the "Unexpected Danger" quest. Farther south, at an old
    house, is Horse Charmer's Yard teleport you should activate.
    Be sure to collect Varn Mutated Hearts. Much further south
    on the road, at a Varn camp on the left, go around the outside
    of the camp till you find the Varn's Bivouac teleport.
    Continue road south to another Varn camp up on your left
    (top if huts barely visible from road)  6_b4  3770 2848 -47 .
    Continue road south to Jurban and speak with the woman in
    the house to get a part of the quest item. There's chests in the
    house. Head SW to the docks and swim NNW along the cliff
    to find IV_Delta.
    Teleport back to the Jurban teleport. Then back north a short
    way to intersection, continue NE. After passing a shrine on
    the right, there's a Varn camp off right side of road. Then if
    you head south towards the coastline, you'll run into about 20
    OCEANBORNE WARRIORS and an elemental
    BRONZEFOCUS. Back north through Varn camp to the
    Continue road east, you soon find the Shady Copse teleport.
    Just NW is a shrine. Farther NW is Shady Kettle dungeon.
    Inside are 2 chests.
    TIP: any time you enter a dungeon or den, take not of where
    the entry/exit is so finding your way out is easier.
    Continue east in the cave and kill everything till you get
    message and a skill point. In NW corner of the north central
    square room is an attribute crystal at 2955 4242 257 . The
    exit is at 1919 4484 384 . Back south to road.
    Continue NE to Kafil, don't talk, just kill the enemies, then
    talk. Kafil rewards you. Nearby on the road is the Building
    Site teleport. From the Shadowy Copse teleport, head SE
    (lots of opposition) to the large rock offshore to find
    V_Alpha. Two chests on the old ship. Usually you have to
    speed run at the wood beam in the water and jump onto it,
    then jump onto the ship. Or just use the cheat; jump 3681
    2170 -158 . Sneak up the fallen mast to the other chest
    From the Building Site teleport, head north and NE on the
    road. In Varn camp at Sandy Coastline teleport, you'll find
    IV_Epsilon. One varn has a GEMINELIXIR. Continue quite
    a way NE, the road dips east to a Varn occupied village. At
    the last log barrier near the road sign, the Oros teleport is
    behind the large rock to the left. Be sure you activate it. It's
    best to try and clear out Oros Village, because much later
    you'll be riding a horse through here in a quest.
    Continue the road quite a way north, cross a long bridge, to
    the middle of the huge S shaped road (refer to map to see
    where N-S road crosses it). You can see V_Beta on the rock
    with 2 trees on the left under a bridge. Just NE is a dungeon
    door ( 3370 2837 108 ). Enter and find a chest to loot. If you
    have a good bow, use it on the stone sentinels below. Jump
    down to the left and deal with more sentinels.
    DON'T approach the altar or you get teleported back up.
    Turn around and head south then right to find a
    GEMINELIXIR. Don't go up the stairs. Continue due south,
    down long stairs, investigating side rooms, but no up stairs
    yet. After all side rooms, work your way north, up long stairs
    to small circular room on your left. Go up and operate lever
    to exit.
    Outside, open map and notice large round group of rocks near
    the eastern coastline. Go there and find  V_Gamma (6_E02
    3222 4397 239) on a long rock in the middle of the group of
    There's a V shaped cove to the SSW walled with rock. To the
    east of there on an islands SE corner you find V_Delta on a
    rock by the rock column. Do a speed run/jump to get up
    Teleport back to Alsorna. Speak to the smithy and get another
    stone quest. Speak with Rogdor for a quest about Velroy.
    Speak with Nortar to continue the collectibles quests. Go up
    the steps to Dar Pha's room and talk. On up to the outside
    and teleport to Horse Charmers Yard. In the house are 3
    chests. Just SE from the house, in a rock cliff, picklock a
    door. Inside, in the largest chamber is the stone inside a
    corpse. West of there is an attribute crystal, shows bright
    yellow. It's for Strength +2.
    Back outside, teleport to the Building Site. NW from there is
    the Payback quest. There is a tall wooden watch tower.
    Eliminate the human and all others. Teleport to the Oros
    green pin collectibles location. In the house, search the corpse
    for Defora's Quiver. A skill book and chest in the next room.
    Get all the Varn mutated hearts. Teleport back to Alsorna and
    speak with the smithy. Speak with Rogdor to complete the
    quest. You get a rusty key.
    Speak with Nortar for another quest. Go back and speak to
    Rogdor again, for another quest about Ghortarius' Nightmare.
    Teleport to the outside teleport and keep going around right,
    past the end of the bridge. Sneak across the tree over the
    chasm. Go down where you pushed the logs and boulders.
    There's enemies in the cave. Search all bodies and the camp.
    NE from the large campfire, DON'T kill Arghud, tell him
    "All Right". Enter the cave and search the corpse. Read the
    dead man's notes.
    Go right at the campfire and turn the wheel, over to the left
    see a dimly lit doorway just open. Hit Tab to turn on walk,
    walk over there on the narrow ledges. Work your way north,
    east, and south to red X Orchish Nightmares", and kill
    Nathas. Search him and the skeletons. Read Nathas' journal.
    Use the teleport and continue west to the outside. Kill
    Arghud and search him. As you pick up I_Delta, kill the bear
    that appears. Search the bear. Return to Rogdor to complete
    the nightmare quest.
    Go back to the outside teleport. Hit Tab to turn run back on,
    if you haven't already.
    TIP: Sometimes in the game, when you use the cheat console
    to get something, the item or ingredient name will remain on
    screen. To clear the screen, input the following into the cheat
    SetConsole2Text <>
    From the outside teleport, head SE through the camp and
    continue SE down to a large tree. Near there, 3999 2832 198,
    you'll find a GEMINELIXIR that gives 1 skill point. Head
    NE to the river, hit Tab to turn walk on slow and head south
    in the water to a couple of large rocks in the water. Slowly
    slide down the falls and quickly grab I_Gamma as you go
    past it. Teleport back to the outside teleport.
    The next shard you've probably already found at the cave
    entrance where you checked on Ghortarius' nightmare.
    The next shard, after crossing the bridge past Marvin, on the
    west end go a few steps just NW towards the large tree and
    go up the rocks and across the stone arch to I_Alpha. Just
    below there opposite the large campfire, in a shallow cave is
    an Attribute Crystal +2 strength.
    The next shard is on the NW side of the small island on the
    NW side of Alsorna. 3 Skeletons appear when you pick up
    Now the final shard. From the west end of Marvin's bridge,
    head north on the path and on around to the next intersection.
    Head all the way downhill due SE to the water. Just NW, go
    up the long sloping rock till you spot I_Epsilon across a wide
    gap. Back up several steps and get a speed run and jump to
    the right side onto the rock where the shard is.
    Go down to the water, just west is a Grom lair with many
    groms and 2 chests in first chamber and a chest in the large
    north chamber. Outside, swim west to the spur and walk up
    the path and use the Grom teleport (if you can't find your way
    out,  jump 5_a1 .
    Go give the shards to Marvin, talk again and say "What
    happened has happened", he teleports you to a small village
    (previously a multi-play map) with a lot of traders.
    Go down and activate the teleport. Just SW back uphill speak
    with the Emperor's Messenger. Go back NE to the well, then
    north out of the village and NE. Go straight to a broken
    bridge. Between it and a tree, go down the bank. Go SE on
    the small path and on around, then directly north to a large
    tree. Near the large tree, 3418 2976 -41, is an attribute crystal
    Willpower +2 next to small bush.
    Follow the main path to the blue quest pin "Way To Vokar",
    and speak to Dorthar. Continue the path to groms and big
    wooden gate. Continue the main path to the red X. Clear 2
    graveyards, then report to Dorthar. Continue along the path.
    On the last wide curve, head east to the right of stone
    gateway, continue east into the wide area to the far east side.
    7925 6992 94 There find a mounted trachanid. His mount
    contains a +2 crystal. Go back west to the road and through
    stone gateway.
    In the small NW area, above red X, near the end of the path,
    behind a rock 4154 7984 -12, you'll find GEMINUS
    VOLUNTUS Willpower +1. Continue to the final red X and
    kill 3 giant anthropods. Speak with Dorthar. You get the
    second 5 shard clue books. Speak to Marvin.
    Return to Bayan and head north out of town. Follow the road
    due east, crouch under a cross bar and cross a bridge. Just
    past some barrels, head south along rock on map sticking far
    to the south, you'll find II_Epsilon near the tip upon the rock
    851 830 342. Approach from the east side before the final big
    Teleport back to Bayan, and again north out of town. Follow
    the main road a long way to the Old Cart Workshop at 4-way
    intersection. Activate the teleport. Head to the red X at the
    top center of the coastline.
    At the red X, open the dungeon door with your rusty key.
    Inside fight 2 dead knights. This dungeon has lots of enemies
    and chests. Through north gate, straight to candles on table,
    down west to necris's, west, east, down. Work your way up
    to the far NE corner. In the south room is a chest with a
    GEMINUS ROBUR Strength +1 percent. Back around and
    up 2 staircases to the carpeted room.
    Head east, south down stairs and west through round room.
    South to large sunken area. Go down there and check out the
    west room to find an Attribute Crystal Willpower +2. Work
    your way back outside (the exit is at 2473 1951 334).
    Head NE towards three small trees on the beach. North of the
    small trees is II_Alpha at waters edge. Back SW to dungeon
    entrance, then south to the road. Continue road east towards
    Halhin. You'll pass near a large circular area of rocks (shown
    on the map). There's several tall termite mounds on each side
    of the road. Search all mounds to find as much as 16 termite
    eggs in all. These are for a quest much later. 10 are initially
    needed, then 30 more. Some are found in chests in other
    Continue due east on the road to Halhin. Before getting there,
    there's a Burrow dungeon on the right side of the road next to
    a small fence and shrine, just SW from Halhin. Enter the
    door, go down curving staircase. In the south central hallway,
    in cell on north side of hallway, you'll find a
    Back outside, continue to Halhin. Don't do anything here till
    much later. Go to the water's edge, at the NE from town,
    swim north along the coastline, then out to Lighthouse island
    to find V_Epsilon on the east side at waters' edge.
    South of Halhin a south road goes through the middle of an S
    shaped road. Continue south on the central road, cross a long
    bridge. At the last shrine below the S path, head SE through
    trees and between two huge rocks. Dungeon entrance ( 4507
    3615 -60 ) is on the SE edge of the left large rock. Inside,
    take first right and head directly north to corner room and
    find a GEMINELIXIR.
    Back outside, teleport back to Bayan. South of Bayan to the
    first glowing altar on your left, then SW on the road a ways,
    on the north side of a long pointed rock (looks like a fish tail)
    you'll find II_Delta, 1232 4629 278, a Giant Ogrilops and 3
    enemies playing dead there in the grass, kill all.
    In the far SW large land spur of Erimos (this island), you'll
    find IV_Gamma ( 6_a4 2615 4095 10 near a campfire among
    several varns and giant Clockwork Golems on the south side
    of the camp. 
    Go south, over the cliff, to waters edge. Nearby is a dungeon
    entrance ( 2729 3598 -160 ). Inside on the side of a column in
    the first chamber is a GEMINELIXIR. Nothing else but a few
    giant scorpions and some spiders.
    Outside, head west, follow the coastline a long way. Just
    before some dead wood, there's a locked entrance. Just
    beyond the dead wood, is the cave entrance to Fetid Den 
    2521 3018 -111 . Just as you enter the central chamber, you
    can see a potion to your left, DON'T jump there. Go on
    across the stone bridge to stairs, go to other side of stairs and
    along the ledge to get a Geminus Vigor Endurance +1
    percent. The exit is at  2580 3058 429 .
    Back in Bayan, go behind the teleport, face north and run up
    onto the rock. To SW, run/jump onto the roof and pick up
    II_Beta ( 2770 2820 52 ). Look south to see a crystal on the
    balcony. Go over there and pick it up without jumping down.
    It's an attribute crystal Endurance +2. Just south to boards in
    roof, get a Large Potion of Shock Resistance 75 percent (you
    can't jump down there, sometimes you can).
    Jump down to the teleport. Out the north gate. Facing the
    graveyard entrance, where a man is digging, go left and run
    up over some rocks. In the SW tip of a narrow gap in the
    rocks you'll find II_Gamma ( 2239 3093 12 ). Back in town,
    go out west exit and speak with Odval at the desert gate.
    Just back inside town gate, speak with Dagwa for a secret
    way past the desert gate. Out north gate, over rocks on left
    side of graveyard, go right through bushes, crouch through
    small gate. If you have an extra Personal Teleport Platform,
    drop it here. To get 10 of them in inventory:
    ec.AddObjectToInventory Personal_Teleport_Platform 10
    Teleport back to the outside teleport at Alsorna. Go to
    Marvin and give him the second group of shards, then talk
    again. You get teleported to the inside of a dungeon. Head
    east through door and a Tinker merchant talks to you.
    Directly ahead Dorthar waits. Talk, then continue up small
    east ramp. Refer to your map and go to the red X. In the first
    large area, you have to destroy all small enemies before large
    enemy. Continue east, then south to next smaller area and
    defeat all.
    Climb up the rock ramp by the teleport stairs to the west
    cubby hole for a GEMINUS ROBUR +1 Strength. South to
    next large area (up steps and to right), then south to Dorthar.
    Go back just north and head east. Refer to map and go to red
    X. Enemies spawn behind you. Pull a lever and run through
    the gate. In the next smaller round room, an enemy is above
    sarcophagus. Kill all. At sarcophagus, pick up an attribute
    crystal Accuracy +2. Continue east and find a wheel to turn.
    Go down east stairs and through door defeat a couple of
    Tuloks. Open a sarcophagus. Continue south to Dorthar. Now
    head west, and south to next red X.
    Put a box on two pressure plates. Continue west and defeat a
    Tulok. Another pressure plate. A box in the NE corner. At
    another pressure plate no box needed. Continue south and
    operate two switches by the teleport. Continue south upstairs,
    down east fight, and down west fight, defeating all. Open the
    sarcophagus. Back up, and south. You get III series of books.
    Speak to Marvin.
    Now back to Bayan. Out north gate. NE past all the large
    rocks on the right, to the next small lone rock. Then just
    NNW to one of the largest trees, 6_b1 5061 345 2 , is a
    GEMINELIXIR +1 skill point. Teleport SE to the Old Cart
    Workshop. Head SE on the road and uphill road south, take
    first right to map pin Name-159 to some burned out areas,
    6_c2  2270 2690 38 . In a house, buy scrolls from "23", the
    guy you've probably been warned about.
    The scrolls allow you to increase skills. Back up to the Old
    Cart Workshop. Continue NE on the road. On the way to
    Halhin, uphill past ant hills, get all eggs possible. Continue
    east on the road. Past large rocks, at old house on left is
    III_Alpha ( 428 319 202 ) next to a chimney. Two chests in
    house. Teleport to Sandy Coastline teleport.
    Refer to map, just NE, go to SE corner of walled in area,
    6_c3 4023 2024 -38. Picklock a dungeon door to a few giant
    scorpions and an ant. Couple of chests. In the western
    chamber, approach it from the south to arrive at the top of a
    long set of steps. To your left you can go up some sloping
    rocks past some yellow crystal growth. On the ledge behind
    them you can find an Attribute Crystal Strength +2.
    Back outside, go counterclockwise around the large walled in
    area to the very north side. In the deep bend of the wall,
    6_c03 2563 3227 69, find III_Beta. Now back to Bayan. Out
    north gate, Go over rocks on left side of graveyard, go right
    through bushes, crouch through small gate.
    You're now in Smugglers Passage. Refer to map, at the path
    around both sides of large rock, head around and NW to 4-
    way intersection. Head NE to another abandoned workshop
    and find III_Gamma at a cook fire. Back out at the 4-way
    intersection, continue NW a little and SW to red X (Nortar's
    Collectibles). Kill Derrick. Now teleport to Alsorna and
    report to Nortar. Teleport back to Lachrymose Head and
    continue NW, straight through 4-way intersection. Defeat all
    enemies at gate, and more come through the gate. Search
    bodies and the chest. Go through the gate.
    Head SW, then NW at the intersection. West side of area,
    Dragon Slayer's Den, 3170 4481 -143 with a great scorpion
    and locked gate. Back SE to main path, continue SW around
    the central boulder to a NW path, then SW from the shrine, to
    end of area, 6_a02  2124 3734 -194 , to find Gorlag's Cave
    with locked door inside. Back out to shrine, activate nearby
    teleport at the SE. Go NE around the central boulder,
    continue NE and due north quite a way past teleport (activate
    it) and between 2 large statues, and on up to the E-W road.
    If you open the gate at the triangular intersection, don't go
    through. Continue west from the triangle intersection
    (activate teleport). Get up on the overhead wooden walkway
    to find III_Delta. Go back west and through gate and around
    right and north to guards at Hatmandor Gate. After talking,
    turn around and head around right and SW through
    Cheznaddar gate. Activate the teleport. Continue on past the
    round meeting area to the small house behind the fence.
    You must pick the door lock but don't let anyone see you. If
    only you had an invisibility potion (2 Master's Fingers to
    brew one.
    ec.AddObjectToInventory ing_106 10
    gives you 10 fingers. Drink an invisibility potion, picklock
    the door. Once inside, quickly upstairs and outside. Go over
    east and run/jump to the large round roof to find III_Epsilon
    1339 1559 265 . Now return to Alsorna and Marvin, or
    simply  jump 5_a1, then  jump 3000 3970 356. Give Marvin
    the five III series of shards, talk again and say you'll do it.
    Get teleported to the magic well area.
    South of the well, speak with Dorthar. As you head east and
    all along the road, you'll encounter the following; some
    groms or vidons spawn in front or behind you. groms, wasps,
    bees, vidons, bears, wolves, wart hogs, giant walking trees,
    giant ants, and a couple of stone golems.
    Go a long way towards the blue pin on the map and speak
    with the village elder's wife twice. Continue due north and
    along the road to the far NW. Before getting there, the road
    makes a large dip to the south and swings back towards
    north. In that dip (resembles a foot pointing right), before the
    last shrine, head SE into the valley that gets wider. Swim
    across water. On the NE end of that valley, 15_a01 7328
    7187 15, you'll find an attribute crystal Endurance +2.
    Back on the road continue to the area with many varns and
    the elder locked in a cage. All enemies must be killed. When
    you can finally talk to him, he says to meet him in the village
    (after the next 5 verita crystals). You get the 5 books and end
    back at Marvin for a brief talk. Teleport to the Hatmandor
    Purlieus and east through the gate.
    North on the road, in a Varn camp on the left, there's a
    locked dungeon door to the NW. Back on the road continue
    north, after it turns east through a small human village,
    straight east from end of road to find IV_Beta on a small
    mound near a palm tree. Directly west, locate and activate the
    Daxials teleport. Teleport to Cheznaddar, go just west to the
    large round gathering structure and speak with Gart Valarin
    on all. Refer to the map to see the red X.
    Head west, then south past wide steps on the right, then past
    the ones on the left. Enter the door straight ahead to see
    someone run. Go upstairs and talk to Jarrad on all. Exit house
    and go up wide steps nearby. Then up the narrow steps on the
    left and turn left.
    Cross a wood walkway, turn right and head north to a
    trapdoor on an elevated roof. You have to run and jump on
    crate, then onto raised roof). Pick the lock. Enter warehouse
    and sneak downstairs. Pick up all potions and open chests to
    find a yellow Bottle of Dew.
    Back up to roof, back south across wood ladder and down
    small steps. Go right down wide steps and enter house,
    upstairs give medicine to Jarrad. Open 2 chests. Read
    Jarrad's journal. Exit house, go north past both wide
    staircases, head east past big round meeting place, out east
    gate. Go up to Hatmandor gate and talk to Valarin. Nearby
    quest giver may stop you, see him later for side quests.
    After all Valarin talks, enter Hatmandor. Head around right,
    past fountain (overhear a conversation about a stolen corpse)
    to winged statue and pick up IV_Alpha. Make sure you
    activate the teleport station inside of Hatmandor across street
    from blue map pin "Inside Man" (on the east side, at 3277
    2898 173 . Teleport to Alsorna outside teleport and head to
    Marvin on north bridge. Give five IV shards and get
    teleported. Talk with village elder at another magic well just
    Refer to map and head over WSW to the green pin marker
    "The Well of Wisdom" . Past first intersection, groms. Both
    sides of the second large boulder/intersection, werebeasts
    hopping around. Continue along, smaller tree enemies with
    Soon there's orcs. Continue to more werebeasts. Cross a
    bridge. Continue along to more small tree enemies. Straight
    NW past teleport. Continue road to several werebeasts. Cross
    wood walkway, several orcs. Cross another walkway, first
    defeat small tree enemies, and some glowing creatures. After
    all dead, the water oak giant loses power. Kill it to open cabin
    door and get a quest crystal from a chest.
    The other three crystals are found in the same manner, just
    follow to the next quest marker noted on the map. When you
    go down the middle of the three paths due south, get off the
    middle path before the end and follow the water on down.
    Before the board blockade in the water, go left into a
    depression in the rocks, 16_a01 8340 1939 -535 to find a
    GEMINELIXIR. Go back NW to the middle path and
    continue to the end.
    Once you have all four crystals, speak with the elder at the far
    NE you're presented with the V series of verita clue books.
    You might already have all V series crystals. Speak to Marvin
    and get teleported. South past the Soulpatcher, speak with the
    messenger. Activate nearby teleport. Go to the Elven Temple
    red X on map at far SW.
    First up, Trachids spawn where Panthers are. Some trachids
    are overhead on high rocks. All along the path are ghouls,
    orcs, drakonai, and more panthers. Across first bridge are
    orcs, many trachids and blighted vesters (giant bees). Leaping
    werebeasts, trachids, then a boss red glowing Mantis. More
    panthers, drakonai, two boss mantis's. South of the teleport,
    at the temple, you're told to destroy 2 obelisks.
    North towards the red X. Just past the Shrine, on the final
    northerly approach, go left and follow the water downstream
    to where it runs under a cliff side. You'll find a
    GEMINELIXIR at 2639 6636 -7 . Back over on the road,
    continue up to the red X, jump 2688 9222 65. The Obelisk is
    high up on a column where a trachid keeps spawning vespine
    guardians. A Second red X, jump 9207 3806 -491, to the far
    SE has steel golems, ghouls, and drakonai. Destroy the
    second obelisk and teleport to elven temple teleport at SW,
    then just north to receive the VI clue books.
    Speak with Marvin. Go speak with Nortar to make sure
    you've learned of his bow in New Ashos. Teleport to inside
    of Hatmandor and continue Valarin's quests and the Tower of
    Fangs. Later, it's Cassara that eventually makes the New
    Ashos teleport available.
    In Hatmandor, refer to the map and go to the blue pin "Inside
    Man", just NW from the teleport. Inside the inn, go all the
    way forward and up steps, turn left, go forward and up to
    speak with Basel and accept quests. Downstairs, talk to Old
    Yerske in the main hall. Ask all, then follow him. Crouch
    behind the barrels to right. Things go wrong, jump out and
    help defeat the two enemies. If you accidentally kill Old
    Yerske, it doesn't affect the game.
    Search them to find the precious gemstone. Speak with
    Yerske and follow him out. Return to Basel and give the
    gemstone. Down first stairs and straight into Reesa's room
    and talk. Outside, go SE across the street and activate the
    nearby teleport just SE across the street. Teleport to
    Hatmandor Purlieus and go straight east through the gate.
    Kill everything in the area.
    Now head south. Refer to map and go to green glowing pin
    "The Package". Tell him "You don't want to know". Enter
    the nearby trapdoor and get the package from a chest.
    Go outside, teleport back inside Hatmandor, go north to the
    temple and around the right side to back entrance and deliver
    package. Teleport or run back to "Delivery" pin and go talk
    to Basel. Ask all. Go down and speak to Yerske on all.
    Outside, teleport to Cheznaddar, go west to end, head south
    to door and Reesa says "Don't kill him". Tell her "I don't
    know.... ". Go in and tell Jarrad "Go". Return to Basel and
    ask all questions from top to bottom. Then say "I'm
    listening" to accept quest to fight in the pit. That's somewhat
    Outside, Tongue stops you. Follow him and you get locked
    up. Defeat two guys. Talk to Tongue and agree to the task.
    Ask all. Back through the cage to outside, a guard gives you
    keys. Teleport to Southern Gate. Head left and through gate.
    Down left hand path, fighting along the way, go down to the
    camp and activate the Teleport. At a fire in front of tent,
    you're stopped, tell him "I'm here to see the Captain". Inside,
    tell the captain you'll find his men. Ask all. You should
    already have found Gorlag's cave.
    Teleport to the Southern Gate, then NW to shrine, SW, and
    NW to Gorlag's Curse shown on the map. Enter and go to the
    first blue pin map location. Go under the platform and up the
    steps. Loot the chest and read the journal. Operate the wheel
    switch, go down and through the south door. Nothing will
    harm you. Don't kill Gorlag, ask questions always at top:
    "I'm not here to hurt you", "That's not going to happen",
    "She died".
    Gorlag wants a stone. Leave out south door, teleport to inside
    Hatmandor and go to the grey "Hatmandor Sewers pin
    location, just west on other side of wall and enter.
    Go to far south "Old Wounds" blue pin and down into the
    sunken area. Ignore the games player. Head south through the
    round tunnel to the Scythe, don't threaten her. Tell her,
    "Scythe stole...", "He was trying to cure....", "I didn't know".
    Before leaving, talk to her again. She has a job for you, which
    involves taking out the ghosts of some dead bandits
    elsewhere in the sewer system.
    They can be reached by going up to the balcony above the
    Bouncer's room, go to other end, and following the
    passageway, notice the room with a mirror, continue on .
    After speaking to the
    ghosts, "Unbelievable". "Stay here." return to Scythe, and
    talk twice. Return to the mirror near the ghosts' room and get
    close enough that "Found mirror" message appears on screen.
    With walk speed on, go to the ghosts and lead them to the
    mirror. Make certain all of them follow to the mirror room.
    You can now return to the locked sarcophagus they were
    guarding to find three unique weapons: Groucho's Fist,
    Harpo's Grace, and Chico's Retort. Scythe will also reward
    you, giving you Scythe's Nail, a unique dagger that provides a
    passive +20% to your Accuracy, and a reputation bump with
    the Thieves' Guild. Take the east corridor to find the "Book
    of Aphorisms".
    In the large NE oblong room lower level, between east stairs
    and a barred tunnel, go through a small round tunnel ( 6_a1_1 
    2712 2335 762 ) and through water to small square room at
    the east end to find a GEMINELIXIR.
    Outside sewers, teleport to Southern Gate, go through gate
    and head SW. Go to Old Wounds blue map pin to south
    6_a2_1 1583 3063 621 and give the stone to Gorlag. You get
    a key and he dies. Now the critters attack.
    Go through the east door to rescue Harlef. Ask about others.
    Head west, then south through the door to outside. Follow
    Harlef to the Captain. Talk on each top option. He gives
    another quest, agree. Outside, go to other side of east tent, go
    around right to the teleport, and south uphill, just left of palm
    tree, and while nobody is looking, picklock the door. Open
    the chest by north doorway to find two letters, read them. Go
    upstairs and talk to Imram and say "I don't know what to
    say". Report back to the Captain, then exit the tent.
    This next part is ONLY if you killed Scythe:
    *** Teleport to Queens Crossroads, head north between two
    large statues. On the road, just before the camp on the left,
    head west through narrow pass 4125 5098 -98 to left of the
    camp. Continue up over to the red X Desecrated Shrine cliff
    side door 2707 4822 80 and enter. Many dead knights. At the
    intersection, head left and on around to a north pointing
    hallway and go up it to the end to find a GEMINELIXIR. Not
    much more except another dungeon area with a few chests
    and tons of opposition, clear everything out.***
    You can still enter the Desecrated Shrine, as if you had killed
    Scythe. In cheat console, type in jump 6_a2_1 and hit Enter,
    DO NOT move, again in the cheat console type in jump 2433
    4578 1205 and hit enter. Many dead knights. At intersection,
    head left and on around to a north pointing hallway. At the
    end of it find a GEMINELIXIR. Make your way back
    Teleport to Hatmandor and over to west side of town, to
    Valarin's Informant blue map pin and report. Go out the
    south exit. Teleport to Cheznaddar, head west to end, then
    south, past first wide steps, then east, NE, east. At the Murder
    Investigations blue map pin 1471 1223 166 , speak with Zask
    the smithy. Always ask top questions and work down the list.
    Accept task for dragon scales.
    Teleport to Queen's Crossroads. Go to the red X just west in
    the next valley "Dragon Scales". Inside, go just around the
    corner to map red X. Head south to first room on the right,
    get dragon scale in chest.
    Continue south, go right and south to last large square room.
    On raised area are 2 scales in chest. At west wall, loot the
    chest. Go back due north to a table with blue bottles, go east
    to 4-way intersection. Head south, 2 side rooms, dragon scale
    in east room. Continue south, work your way around the
    passage. At 4-way intersection, head north and downstairs
    into a library. Loot chest at north wall between 2 shelves. The
    south corridor has chest with a scale. You should now have 5.
    Work your way around the loop in the north corridor and up
    stairs. Next small room on right has a cabinet. Just south,
    take next corridor west and north to exit. Return to Zask at
    map indicator "Dragon Scales" in Cheznaddar. Accept the
    swords quest. Refer to map, head to Hatmandor Imperial
    Delivery. Inside go right and right again to the jailer. After
    delivery, back to Zask the smithy, tell him "I'll do what I
    can". On map see "A Friend in Need".
    Just left from Zask, keep heading clockwise around the
    building and up 2 small staircases, go across the ladder
    walkway and tell Reesa "And Zask said...", then "What's the
    plan". In Hatmandor, go to red X The Third Man and speak
    with Reesa. Inside, go past the jailers room and up the stairs
    around first corner to hide. Wait a few seconds to watch a
    cut-scene. Wait a few more seconds, then go release the
    prisoner. The lever is on wall over from cell.
    In the hallway, go out the north door. Slightly to the right, go
    straight to the sewer and enter. Follow the prisoner. Follow
    them both, below make sure you defeat all mummies. Use the
    teleport. After the prisoner leaves, speak with Reesa. Return
    to Zask the smithy and report. Return to Reesa and look at the
    plans from Reesa and your upgraded map. Teleport to
    Hatmandor and go to front of the temple. Sneak (or
    invisibility potion,  potion_invisible_01 , while sneaking?)
    Inside and go left then straight to a door into main area.
    Along the side are two switches on back of columns. On the
    other side are two more switches. Once all four are activated,
    go to the NE corner outside the columns and enter the
    dungeon. Some Stone Sentinels come alive. Use kill cheat on
    them. Head straight west to small room with sarcophagus ,
    operate switch on wall. Go south down wide stairs.
    Eventually find a switch at a gate, operate the switch and
    speed run straight through 2 gates.
    Upstairs pull a lever. Then down to the sunken room. Up
    several staircases into the final chamber with several
    mummies. Get Maliel's Tear and go out east door. Return to
    Reesa's roof top house. Tell her "I don't understand" (she's
    Turs Duran's Daughter!) Then say "I can't let you do this
    alone." Teleport to Hatmandor, turn right and go around
    back, where you were locked in a cage, to the map blue pin
    "Transaction" marker.
    Upstairs, the door is now unlocked. Speak with Tongue. Just
    west of the Hatmandor teleport, on other side of wall enter
    the sewers. Go to the "Transaction" marker and speak with
    Reesa. Follow her. Tell them "I think Valarin...." She kills
    Yerske. Quickly kill Tongue. After the, uh... cut-scene, get
    items you see and pick all chests. Read note from Reesa, and
    read 2 letters to her.
    Return to Hatmandor. On the north side of the weapons
    delivery, at the blue pin marker Valarin's Informant, enter the
    door. Find Valarin's office, 3151 276 -1986 , and speak with
    him. Now outside, teleport to the Queen's Crossroads. Head
    just NE and enter The Society Mage's Guild Master. Go
    forward and use the teleport.
    Go all the way upstairs, turn left and through the door. Speak
    with the guild master on all, and get a quest. Pick up a scroll
    and a skill book. Read the scroll about a Golem's last
    thoughts. Get the book, on the guild master's desk, and read
    it. Go outside and teleport to Zah' Dan. Head east up steps,
    NE to a Shrine on the left. It's partially hidden, so look
    From the shrine, head right to the cliff and find a narrow
    passage leading due east. Work your way through a cave to
    an open area. On the west side is a teleport. North from the
    teleport is a very narrow path, barely visible on your map,
    leading towards the red X "Belly of The Beast". Take a fang
    (quest item) from the large dragon skull on the ground.
    Search nearby human corpse. There's two chests in the area.
    Teleport to Queen's Crossroads and enter the guild. Report
    back to Master Dattan. Follow him through the teleport.
    Follow the two men to the red X and all the crystals below
    are turned into crystal golems. Talk on all and choose a
    weapon offered. Back to the intersection, continue north to
    small chamber with skill book and 2 chests. At the
    intersection, go east to the exit.
    SW a little, tailers and jackals. South and go through to a
    varn camp. Continue west to larger varn camp. Head SE to
    red X "Way To The Tower" and use the teleport to a large
    dungeon. You have to make it to the doorway on the west
    central side. Head north through door to intersection and left
    to room with tailers and in south cubbyhole a
    GEMINELIXIR. Back at the intersection, NE to varns.
    Continue north and west to several varns.
    Continue north, west, and south to couple of mummies. Take
    small side corridor east to a sarcophagus. Back around and
    continue south to a mummy and 2 stone sentinels, and skill
    book. Continue west and work your way around. Head
    straight west through a gate, and through another gate to a
    sarcophagus with a skill book. Back out a little way to
    intersection, south down steps through stone door to room
    overlooking sunken floor.
    Go down and defeat mummies and stone sentinels. Through
    east stone door, straight north and left to a GEMINELIXIR.
    Back to the hanging fire pot and left to a sarcophagus.
    Continue north and down to more sentinels and mummies,
    two sarcophagus'. Continue north and east finally down
    through stone door and through another stone door. Go up to
    a sentinel and head left, 2 sentinels, continue 2 more and
    sarcophagus. Continue, sarcophagus and 2 sentinels.
    Continue heading north to red X on map. Out gate and uphill
    through giant Tar Scorpions to the Tower of Fangs. Inside,
    you must make it through 5 or 6 portals on opposite side of
    rooms to final room, through gate, pick up items on your
    right BEFORE you pick up Gandohar's journal. Defeat the
    giant beast and search it. Read "Wimps To Warriors" guide.
    Go through the portal and straight out the exit.
    Teleport back to Ghortarius's chamber at Alsorna. Make sure
    you've spoken to Nortar about his bow, and finish all talking.
    Go up stairs part way and speak with Dar Pha in her room.
    Go on up to outside and speak with Cassara, you give her
    Gandohar's Journal. Go down to her room, opposite Dar Pha,
    and talk.
    Outside, teleport to Hatmandor. Head down to the Mage's
    Guild just east of Queens Crossroads. Inside, use teleport and
    go to room on left at bottom of stairs. Speak with the old guy.
    Get all quests from the board and read them.
         Do you have 5 Varn's Mutated Hearts? Bookshelf on
    east wall, get book "Night and Magic: Handbook For Lovers"
    and read it. Exit guild and down to red X Unexpected
    Danger, near Horse Charmers Yard teleport. Kill all rhino's
    and other creatures around the cave area. This is Clay-Cold
    Den you probably found much earlier.
         Enter the cave (bulletin orders were a trap). A chest
    contains Sordahan's Orders and a key. Read the orders. Now
    leave the cave. Go to the red X Dog's Life near Zah' Dan.
    The house is just SE from the teleport. Place 5 Varn's
    mutated hearts in chest middle of floor. Check out other
    chest. Outside, go to the red X Aberrant Pet just SW from
         At the doghouse, you spy tracks. Continue to the next
    red X Aberrant Pet. Examine the body in front of cave. In
    there, kill a giant snake. Outside, back to Bayan, exit north
    gate, go to red X Palm Grove. Find a trapdoor in the house,
    clear out all Scapulari and take their brains. Find a Crystal
    Clear Mixture in a basket. DON'T go up nearby trapdoor, go
    back through basements to be sure to clear out all Scapulari,
    you'll get "Basement Clear" message.
         Red X The New Clothes. From Hatmandor Purlieus
    teleport, head just NE, then NW through narrow rock gap to
    get there. One of the warthogs has an ampule of blood for the
    quest. Now head to the red X The New Clothes, in SE area of
    Cheznaddar to an unlocked door next to carpet sales. Pull
    lever and go upstairs. Inspect body. Get Robe from basket.
         Downstairs, put Warthog Blood in pot. Put Necro
    Robe in pot, pull lever. Take out finished robe.  Outside, go
    to green pin marker The New Clothes south on the road to
    varns. Before the bridge, a trapdoor to left, access it and put
    finished robe there. Teleport to Queens Crossroads and
    follow the road due north to some palm trees. In the sunken
    area at a shrine is a small beaver pond. You can hear the
    beavers calling. There's four you need so look carefully and
    use your bow on them. Get four beaver fats.
         If you're having trouble spotting all of them, use the
    cheat console command ec.AddObjectToInventory ing_32
    xx, replace the xx with number of beaver fats you need.
    These are for a quest very soon.
    Back to Queens Crossroads teleport and east into guild. Go to
    the quest room to the rewards chest. Pick up quests from
    board and read them.
         In the nearby room, put 4 beaver fat in the stove. Pull
    lever and get 2 Black Candles from the stove. Outside, go to
    the green pin marker Black Candles to the west. Just past the
    infirmary entrance is a teleport at the palm trees. Through the
    infirmary entrance, straight to the partition. Behind it put 2
    candles in the basket.
         To the SE, near Horse Charmers Yard, go to red X
    Weaponry. In the house, examine body. In next room defeat
    Breathing Blade, rob it if you want. Return to the Mage's
    Guild for rewards. No quests on board. Now teleport to New
    David talks to you. Accept his quest. Make sure your walk
    speed is on Tab, then go north of the teleport, walk down the
    curving steps and on right across the railing you should be
    able to pick up a University Document. It's for a quest much
    later. Head to the red X Nortar's Bow. Pick up document
    lying near more curving steps, 2375 2968 -21. Go up the
    curving steps and enter King's Court Inn. To the right, go
    upstairs and enter the room to hear about an old hags house.
    Back outside, notice on the map the red X Nortar's Bow has
    shifted to the south. Go there 2611 2393 4 . Inside after
    talking, talk again and offer 100 auras to get the bow.
    Outside, teleport to Alsorna Ghortarius's chamber, go to
    Nortar and give him his bow. The reason for doing this
    immediately is you often forget Nortar's bow "The Bone" is a
    quest item.
    Teleport back to New Ashos, go out the west exit of town.
    Kill the guy and take David's package. Teleport to New
    Ashos teleport and give package to David.
    Open your map and notice, on north side of town, a map pin
    "Plu Via". From the New Ashos teleport, go just north, west
    to next north walkway and go north. Plu Via is dressed in red
    and standing on her porch. She gives you a quest "Exclusive
    Umbrellas". Go to red X just east and kill the beasts. Go to
    the blue pin map marker "Exclusive Umbrellas" and talk to
    the woman.
    Go to the red X "Exclusive Umbrellas" just south and kill the
    beast. Dead parrots have powerful healing eggs. Go to next
    red X on north end of town and kill beast. Talk to Plu Via for
         From the teleport, go south through the archway, and
    continue to the university, up either side steps and enter. Go
    to the other side and down steps, through west door, then left
    in the hallway. Someone says for you to "Stay Here". Open
    the door and speak with Mar Conie on all and agree to his
    Back upstairs, go to other side and out north door. Go north
    towards archway and you should witness an argument. Speak
    with the woman Lon Ran, at the bench and say "I heard you
    got some new jewelry", and you tell her to take it off.
         Go out west exit from town and head north to the red
    X Telepathic Sender. The building is infested with skeleton
    warriors. Work your way through and out another door,
    destroy the beast. Return to the area where you talked to Lon
    Ran and Mar Conie will be nearby. Speak with him. Face the
    east grassy area and find another University Document, 3090
    1992 2.
         West through the other grass area, then go left, then
    right between the two buildings and pick up University
    Document 2502 1763 -1, right again and between two
    buildings, then left to last building on left. Inside first door on
    left get University Document.
    How close to the red X are you? Finally there 2611 2393 4,
    after talking to the Jarek's wife, talk again and offer 100
    auras to get the bow. Outside, teleport to the town teleport.
    Head south, then first east past Des Mon's bulletin board
    (don't do any side quests at this time). Continue out due NE.
    At corner of building near palm tree, get a University
    Document 3412 2671 -23.
         You now might have at least 5 University Documents.
    Of the 15, five of them are the most difficult to find because
    they're inside a structure, one in the Staff Office, one in the
    building to the west of the Staff Office, three in the
    University building. The other 10 are outside.
    jump coordinates:
    These are in the map area 3_a3 for outdoors.
    2370 2978 -21
    2457 2840 -40
    3115 2910 -68
    3161 2667 -18
    3416 2692 -29
    3107 2003 2
    2835 1090 30
    2502 1763 -1
    1566 2312 12
    746 2256 -152  only appears after accepting the quest from
    Bursar in a downstairs hallway room of the University
    The following 5 are inside buildings map area 3_a3_2
    3428 836 -1869
    1655 2910 -1999
    2651 996 -1880
    2774 771 -1879
    2462 1056 -1880
    One on the south patio outside of the University building.
    You'll find the rest much later when returning to New Ashos.
    Back in town, head south through the archway towards the
    main entrance of Veneficus University, grey pin on map, and
    get VI_Gamma behind the large statue 2915 1644 18. Enter
    the University, go around the balcony and out the rear exit.
    Outside you'll likely spot another University Document over
    on your right 2835 1090 30. Go back over left and down the
    steps and head on down to the boat docks. Don't talk, but
    drop a teleport platform if you have one.
    East of the docks is a large north-south rock (refer to map).
    At the end near the water there's a dungeon entrance 3742
    381 -122. Inside, on the lowest level, in the center chamber,
    there's a Geminus Robur Strength +1  3_A03_1 3793 598 10,
    west side at spiraling corridor downwards.
    The exit is at 3784 326 144.
    Teleport to New Ashos and head directly south, through arch,
    to Sarius in front of the University. Agree to help him
    organize a party. Straight west, then north to pin marker Stag
    Night. On north side of two buildings, to the west door  2190
    2010 -1 . Inside, first door on left, tell Lisa 200 auras to dance
    for an hour. Return to Sarius to report. Enter the University,
    go to other side and down steps. Through west door and left
    in hallway to first door on right.
    Tell Dr. Annaya "I'll take care of it". Back north in hallway,
    a stranger stops you. In main hall, through east door, left in
    hallway to Rhodeus' office. Tell him "On second thought...."
    then hit him bare handed. In the hallway, you're stopped
    again. In main hallway, west door, left in hallway to door on
    right back to Dr. Annaya and report.
    Back upstairs, exit University south door and speak with
    David, tell him "Fine, I'll cover your debt". Finish talking on
    Head just north to plaza crossway, then west to location door
    "David and the Doctor. Inside, first room on right Dr.
    Lavarius, pay the 2,000. Tell him "I'll perform the ritual".
    Drink Lavarius's Potion. Tell him "Please. The suspense....."
    In the University building, downstairs, you might witness
    Bursar arguing with Tymothy near east door. If not, go east
    main hallway, then go right (south) to next room on your left.
    Speak with Bursar and agree (sometimes he's in the library).
    You've probably already found some of his documents, but
    there is a total of 15. 
    Go back to the main hall and Speak with Tymothy and agree
    to find his book. Outside, from New Ashos teleport, go out
    west gate and due west to the marker "Blood For A Stone".
    The campers briefly speak to you. As you approach the pile
    of rocks, you discover a secret passage. Go through to find
    University Document 15. Go back through secret passage and
    stand on the small pile of rocks and use Lavarius's Stone.
    Tell the man "You're overreacting". Head back to town and
    to the "Blood for a stone" and speak with Lavarius.
    Back to front of University and talk with David on all. Inside
    university, down stairs and through east door, right in
    hallway and straight to library, through west shelves, up steps
    and to end of shelves and get Of Ancient Artifacts from the
    bottom shelf and read it. Go give it to Tymothy in the main
    If you now have all 15 University document, take the east
    main hallway, then go right (south) to next room on your left
    and give the documents to Bursar. He might be in the library.
    Upstairs go out the south door and talk to David. He's been
    accused of steeling the book you just gave to Tymothy. Tell
    David you'll have a look around. Tymothy is not in the
    University. You only have 20 minutes before David is
    Head to the north end of town and find Tymothy sitting with
    his back turned, on a bench. Choose the bottom option
    "Don't lift a finger....  The book is hidden outside of town
    east exit. Follow the path a short way. When you're close,
    there might be two Necrises. The book is on the right side of
    the path, in a rock pile near the two benches.
    Quickly return it to David outside the University's south
    door. An expelled mage Tai Lin the Horologer, just west of
    Demon's bulletin board, might stop you about creatures in a
    garden, Accept the quest. SW map marker "Expelled Mage".
    Shui Biana is at the gate to far SW. Pay him. Enter the garden
    and fight 6 or 7 Tailers before time runs out. Human bodies
    have auras. Enter house to SW. Fight your way through the
    basement to the second part of the house and find Tai Lin's
    mother's body. Return to the expelled mage, outside Ashos
    west gate, and follow him to his house, and to the second
    He gives you a note for Kaineth's former assistant. She's at
    the market place on the east side of town. You'll hear an
    argument between her and an Archivist, give her the note.
    Return to Tai Lin's house and report. Follow him to the
    basement and fight your way to Tai, then kill him.
    Back inside at the library, speak with Senoir for a quest in the
    From NW town exit, head west to red X "Science Career"
    and find a door to an underground passage 3_a3  1350 2948
    28 . Fight through and up ladder to enclosed island to NW.
    Kill all weirbeasts and get the quest message. Return to the
    University and follow Senoir to the lecture hall where you
    give a lecture. Afterwards talk to Senoir.
    Exit lecture hall and Apis wants you to meet him about a
    grant. Upstairs, out south door, at crossway in front of
    university, go west through door at red X , then inside door
    on left. Tell Apis "I've done worse..."
    The next red X Science Grant north up the road. Clear all
    Vespine from apiary. Report to Apis at the blue pin Science
    Grant. From the teleport, head north a little then west to end,
    then south up steps just through round arch with lanterns, up
    steps on right.
    At the red X Into The Lion's Mouth, go inside. George is
    outside the game room. Talk and Lexington eventually shows
    up. Follow to his office, tell him "Anything you want....". Go
    outside the building and ask George "Someone hurt your
    niece?" and "That's suicide...." You get George's poison
    Head to where the picnic is at the red X. Out NW exit, south
    on road to building on left. Once there, you will see a servant,
    scare him away with a single bare-handed hit. Get close to
    table and click George's concoction in inventory. Quickly
    hide behind the nearby large boulder. Wait till the poison is
    consumed. 2 guards come after you, kill and search them,
    search the victim at the table.
    Now equip a dagger if you have one. At red X Sammy the
    Bull, just west of the teleport, crouch behind wall with boxes.
    SNEAK up on guard, kill him and take his items. Inside,
    fight, follow after to a trap. Continue through and back
    Return to outside the lion, where Georgie stands, and speak
    to him for reward. Go inside and speak with Lexington. Go
    out to Matre D' at game door and talk. Click your member
    card in inventory. Through door, straight to Kaineth at north
    wall and talk. Leave town at the east exit. You might get a
    screen message that Lexington has further work for you.
    Check on that somewhat later.
    Go to Video Ergo Sum blue pin map marker somewhat to the
    east. At Scavenger camp activate the teleport, speak to Olmar
    first option "The curse of sight....", then talk all options.
    Through the gate and straight ahead, go up 2 sections of steps
    to the top and enter heavy wood door on the left.
    Down steps and speak with Eric. Talk all after getting quest
    to find an Oculus. Down to the right is a chest. On your way
    out, before the door, there's another chest to the left. Outside,
    Hal Den gives quest to find a necklace. Talk all. Go past him,
    up steps and left to Revnar. Talk to Revnar, he asks you to
    find Mornar. Ask all. Back down scaffolding, continue SE a
    little to left of yellow boulder, then SSW.
    Continue due south on  the road, at intersection head south.
    Near end of south path, map shows a small light colored
    alcove to your right. Go there to find a Geminus Dexteritas
    Accuracy +1  3_b3  1307 854 -67 . Continue up steps to
    Video Ergo Sum marker. Inside there's a chest with a book.
    On down, to a dungeon, and go to Video Ergo Sum. There's
    nothing in the two curved hallways. Kill Damai. Nearby chest
    has the oculus you're after. Exit dungeon at NW corner of
    Back up to intersection, go NE but NOT to end of road. On
    the way over to the red X Lost Partner (view large map), the
    map shows a rock formation resembling part of the letter C.
    If you go around the tall rock in the correct direction, go
    through a narrow gap to find a GEMINELIXIR, at 3249 1603
    -102 .
    At the red X, someone tells you to get the eyes. Get eyes from
    corpse. Back at intersection, head due north toward red X, a
    side path leads to an Abandoned Workshop. At the red X The
    Trophy, Get necklace from Toe's body. Teleport back to
    Scavengers camp. Banagh stops you, giving quest. Up steps
    and through wood door, go speak with Eric to hand over the
    Oculus. You get an implant. Now you can see ghosts and
    Outside speak to Hal Den to hand over Necklace and talk on
    all (the necklace stays in inventory, a game bug?). On the
    scaffolding, talk with Revnar to hand over the Eyes. Go down
    the steps and head towards the yellow rock. You'll overhear a
    group of soldiers talking about a failed mission. After they
    leave, to the right of the wide stairs speak with Delmon on
    all. Turn around and go speak with Knantuk sitting nearby,
    say "We're in this together". Learn everything.
    Head to far north to the red X "Painter of Magic" near the
    University. Along the way up some steps, witness a cut-
    scene. Go to the red X Last Crusade to find "Holy Cave".
    Inside next X for another scene. Following the red X's, arrive
    at intersection facing a huge statue. Go right and get old
    document from small casket. It shows the correct path at a
    floor trap.
         Face the other direction, SNEAK through hallway, all
    the way past curve and get message about passing the trial.
    Sneaking avoided setting off electric force fields. The next
    trial is a floor puzzle (press Tab to walk:
    0  o  o  o  o.
    0  o  0  0  0.
    0  0  0  o  0.
    o  o  o  0  0.
    x  o  o  0  x.
    The third and final trial, DON'T choose to fight, say "Alright,
    hit me", answer the Dark Knight; casket or coffin, star, wave
    or towel. Continue out south exit. Head left in the oval
    shaped hallway, continue all the way around to the SW curve.
    Behind some stone blocks, find a GEMINELIXIR. If you
    can't pick it up, Quick Save Alt F1, restore and pick it up.
         Back to the intersection, continue south then east,
    don't use teleport. Open the sarcophagus and take the
    damaged Holy Grail. It allows invisibility for 1 minute, and
    refreshes in 5 minutes. Equip it in a quick slot. Now use the
    teleport. Head north and west.
    Back out on the road, continue all the way north. Near the
    destination, go through a round tunnel.
    Go left under some lamps and continue straight on to red X
    "Painter of Magic". Knantuk is fighting some beasts, help
    him kill all of them. Speak with Knantuk. Search the bodies
    to find the mysterious spell. Stand on the destroyed teleport,
    read the scroll and appear in Renoir's laboratory.
    After a conversation, go outside and activate a nearby
    teleport. Go west from the teleport, then south through the
    round tunnel. Go to the left side of the large tree to find a
    bulletin board. Take the four scrolls and immediately close
    inventory. Open inventory again and read the four scrolls.
    After taking any bulletin board scrolls, always close
    inventory, then open inventory again before reading them. If
    you don't do this, their red X might not show on the map.
    Go north through nearby round tunnel, then go west to the
    door at the red X "Insect Tamer". Inside destroy two enemies.
    Open a door between two overturned bookcases, down to
    cellar, clearing the place out and get a message. Outside, the
    next red X "Training Hall", south through tunnel, go west,
    north through another tunnel, then west, follow road a short
    way, then NW.
    In the training hall, 3 levers to open two doors (middle,
    middle, right), another lever to lower water. When all are
    dead, get an all clear message.
         Next red X "Suspended Ritual". Finally last red X
    "Remine the Remains" and get an Urn. 
    Return to the Scavengers camp. Enter the camp, go just east
    and speak with Knantuk, who rewards you for helping him.
    Exit out camp gate and due south to Love's Labour's
    Lost/Lost Grove blue pin. Talk with Banagh about Ann Nah.
    Teleport to New Ashos.
    Go out east gate and north to graveyard, activate the nearby
    teleport.  Enter graveyard, go left to last pot on left and put
    the Urn in it. Return to New Ashos.
    At the University patio, outside in back, speak with Mal Nis.
    West of the University, find the door ( 3_a3  2393 1856 -1 )
    to Ann Nah's room at Love's Labour's Lost pin marker.
    Speak with her always top options. Now go see Lexington at
    the Lion and agree. Just out town east gate speak with Erdon
    on all. Wait and kill those that arrive. Search them. Report
    back to Lexington.
    Teleport to the Scavenger camp and speak with Banagh and
    agree to go with him. Go back down to the Lost Grove
    /Love's Labour's Lost marker and witness conversation.
    Approach and talk, top options always. You get a ring of
    willpower. Now back to New Ashos for some side questing.
    Go to blue pin marker Yao The House Seller. Buy for 30,000.
    Enter the house right there to find a man and woman dead.
    Loot the chest, read orders.
    You might get on screen message for Lexington. If not, just
    wander around till you get the screen message. Now check in
    with Lexington. Since he often calls on you, drop a personal
    teleport platform outside his building. Accept the quest. Go
    to red X The Candidate SW of town. Try to bribe guard and
    say "That sounds a little steep.
    Head up to next red X and to beach, go across to Cormic and
    immediately knock him down (you probably don't kill him).
    Return to Lexington. Go to next red X just east of the New
    Ashos teleport, go upstairs and finish the job.
    Rob the 2 chests, take everything. Go to the boat docks and
    down south steps just into edge of water. In inventory click
    family crest to throw it into water. Return to Lexington for
    reward. Go to pin marker Sol Pan, just west of teleport, and
    speak with the woman on the raised area, all options,
    choosing always the top option.
    Leave town by east exit, go down to the "Dead Lover" green
    pin marker. By the stream, the corpse might be under a dead
    monster. Take all the body inventory and defeat several
    Return to Sol Pan at Dead Love marker pin, follow her to
    nearby door just east. Accept her Betrayal quest to deal with
    some ghosts. Go to the raised market area, near east gate, and
    speak to the ghost top options every time. The ghost
    Down east steps, go to the red X near the stream, and listen to
    the four ghosts. They attack, so kill them. Now head to the
    red X "Unmet Need" to the north. In the cave area to the side
    of the house, ask Trow "How are you doing here? Need
    Head just SE to the Unmet Need pin marker. Ask the farmer
    about renting the barn. Since he's deaf, just return to Trow,
    nearby at NW, and tell him he can stay in the bar. Return to
    Sol Pan, at the blue pin marker Betrayal, and get your reward.
    The Restless Spirit.
    Go to the King's Court Inn, in NW section of town at the
    curving steps. In there upstairs, speak to the drunkard Vor
    who's talking about someone. Teleport to the Old University
    in the Swallows, head west, then south through tunnel, SW
    under lamps then NW through tunnel. Continue NW through
    the Ruined Ashos pin marker. You'll see a vision of Vor
    arguing with the ghost of Alicia. Back in New Ashos, go up
    to the King's Court Inn and speak with Vor and agree to get
    him a drink.
    Go downstairs and buy a beer. Go back up and give Vor the
    Beer and learn everything. Agree to help. Outside, teleport to
    near the graveyard just NE of town. Just past entrance, talk to
    learn about Alicia's pendant. Follow Vor into the graveyard,
    talk to him.
    Teleport back to New Ashos, note the map pin marker
    Restless Spirit. From the teleport, go left and left again, head
    south through the round archway and immediately left into
    door. The father will give you the pendant. Return to the
    graveyard and give the pendant to Alicia's ghost. Speak to
    Vor for a big reward.
    Bulletin Board Quests.
         Finally go visit Des Mon at the bulletin board. Speak
    with him and agree to start some quests. There's at least 20 of
    them. Get the first batch of 5 quests from the board, then
    close inventory. Reopen inventory and read the scrolls. Doing
    each quest, look it up in the list. As you complete each quest,
    check it off the list. When all quest scrolls are removed from
    inventory, return to Des Mon's chest for rewards and get new
    batch of quests from the bulletin board and read them.
    If you have a personal teleport platform, drop it here well
    away from the chest.
    * Umbrella Story.
    Somewhat east of the Holy Cave, in the Swallows  3_b3 
    3755 4560 -46 . You run into more of those ball shaped
    toothed beasts. At the green pin marker "Umbrella Story",
    once you get rid of all the flying Leraphs you get the quest
    message. Just leave them lying around. Someone else will
    take their inventories.
    * Kaboom.
    Leave town at the east exit and head north to the graveyard at
    the green pin map marker near Vor. Get the four bombs and
    put them in a quick slot. First target is north of town at the
    red X. Note path the guard walks, and when his back is
    turned, crouch and place bomb, then get well away. Do the
    same for the other two guards. The third guard walks a short
    path, so be quick and don't let him see you place the bomb.
    With all three guards are dead (using the special bombs only)
    the quest ends.
    EXTRA DIVERSION: In the NW section of Eollas, in an
    enclosed area, there's a path that resembles a ? when viewed
    on the map. Just SE from the odd shaped path at  3_a2 4224
    1372 442 , is a dungeon door. In there is a small dungeon
    with a teleport leading to a larger dungeon with teleport in SE
    room that leads to a NW room that has 2 levers, but couldn't
    figure out what they're for. The western large room has steps
    going down. In the NE room is a GEMINELIXIR. 
    * The Ashos Tea Party.
    Find three special plants. The first plant can be found on the
    beach, at the pin marker, guarded by a couple of panthers.
    * Before the next plant, go to marker for Beach Boys. Clear
    the beach of all the Cyclops, one comes running out of the
    The second plant is on the coast west of the boat docks.
    * The Gardening quest is east of the boat docks. Clear the
    glade of several Giant Mantises.
    The third Gardening plant isn't far outside of town. It's
    guarded by panthers, take the plant and head north to the
    cemetery and leave all three in the indicated place.
    * Brother's Chest.
    Teleport to the Scavengers camp in the swallows and head
    down to the indicated location. There's four chests on south
    side and four chests on the north side, all 8 are trapped. On
    the north side, the left one has the Vase. Taking it causes a
    big toothed beast to appear. The other chests have some good
    stuff, if you can survive the damage.
    Teleport to the Scavengers camp, then exit camp. Head north
    to the indicated place and access the sparkly rocks, put the
    vase there. Return to bulletin board in New Ashos, get huge
    rewards from chest, and get next 5 quests from board and
    read them. 
    * Pied Piper of Ashos.
    Equip your bow for this one. Go out the east exit to the green
    pin map marker. At the stream
    destroy the 4 beavers under the bridge and take their fat.
    Follow the stream due north to next bridge and destroy the 3
    beavers, take their fat. Now equip your hand weapon.
    Continue upstream to the red X kill 3 Hypnotized Snakes,
    then the Piper himself, search him.
    * The Gargoyless.
    Work your way north of New Ashos. After entering the cave,
    you soon meet a single Vidan, then 5 more in the main
    chamber. Outside, head north to the next red X.
    * Aquila's Head.
    At the red X, kill all the personal guards scattered around.
    Near the structure at water, Aquila himself appears. Kill him
    and search the body.
    * Brain Collage.
    Head to this marked location, first enter house and operate
    switch behind the partition. Outside, enter the cave killing all
    Scapulari and taking their brains as you kill them. You need 9
    brains. Put them in the chest by front door of house..
    * Bone Wand.
    Teleport to the Scavenger camp teleport. Enter camp and
    work your way due SE to the second intersection, then north
    to the red X Kill all monsters at the red X location and you'll
    get the screen message. Teleport back to New Ashos and Des
    Mon bulletin board and get rewards from chest. Get next
    group of quests from the board and read them.
    * Execution.
    Go out the east exit of New Ashos and north to the graveyard
    and the green pin Execution. Find and read the ransom note.
    Now go to the red X at the SE in the Swallows ( 3_b3  2155
    467 -72 ) and SAVE before entering the door. Entering starts
    a timer, you have couple of minutes. Kill first group of Necris
    on the way down, clockwise to second door and destroy,
    continue clockwise and destroy at 2 more doors and get quest
    * Grimoire of Elah. Teleport back to New Ashos.
    The dorm room is hard to locate by map. The back door is;
    jump 2196 2008 -1
    You might be facing away from the door. Just turn around
    and go inside, then the first door on your right.
    Open the chest and get the book. Read it and you lose health.
    Read the book again and read the text that appears. It tells
    you exactly what to do. Go to the indicated spot north of
    town. In the cellar, fight your way to the final room. Read the
    book and defeat the man that appears.
    * Pleasure of Treasure.
    The red X NE of Maggie's Cay. Kill the first guardian
    outside the house and take the flute and music sheet. In the
    house, approach the gate and click flute, then click music
    sheet. Door eventually opens. Hit Esc to close scales. Kill
    giant spider and take drum and music. At next gate click
    drum, then music to open. Kill third guardian and take the
    harp and music. At final gate, click harp, then music to open
    gate to several books and potions. Exit to outside.
    *Drakonai Park.
    Go to the red X at far NW. Find the Forgotten Passage but
    don't enter yet. Drop a personal teleport platform. Now swim
    or water walk to the hook shaped rock formation on the south
    beach of the large island. Locate and destroy the queen
    drakonai and several egg carrier warriors. Now get back to
    the red X and enter the Forgotten Passage.
         Fight your way through to the island. Destroy all
    beasts on the interior of the island there's 12 or 13. You
    should finally get the quest message. Use the island teleport
    or your personal one back to the mainland.
    * Feeling Well.
    Head to the green pin marker NE from the New Ashos
    Outskirts teleport. When you get near, 3 skeletons attack. Get
    water from well. At second well further north get water. The
    third well is just west, get water. Just north at the red X, hop
    up on the platform and defeat the monster.
    * Emotional Luggage.
    Head SE out of Scavenger's camp, defeat beast and take the
    hat. Further due east on road, defeat beast and take second
    hat. The third red X just SE, get the third hat. Temporarily
    put this quest on hold and do the next quest.
    * The Hamlet  3_b3  3754 4481 -44 .
    Note the Hamlet quest marker and make your way there off
    road through narrow passages. Open the village gate and find
    the teleport, several giant stingers in the area. Once the
    teleport is activated, make sure no stingers remain among the
    buildings to the south of the teleport. Once you get the quest
    message, teleport to the Scavenger's camp.
    Enter the camp, go right and up two sections of wide steps, at
    camp fire go right and up more wide steps. Go around left
    find the chest and put the three hats in it to complete the
    Emotional Luggage quest. Now teleport to New Ashos
    bulletin board and collect rewards from chest. Get next set of
    quests from the board.
    * Father's Workshop.
    The red X due SE of Scavenger's camp. Once there, clear the
    courtyard. Then clear out the workshop, and the basement, in
    the last room there, a huge Deuce.
    * The Seven Brothers.
    Red X further up the road near Old University. Enter the
    house and dispatch the seven skeletons.
    Be certain you've gotten and finished all quests from Des
    Mon's bulletin board.
    Go down to the boat docks, talk to the seller, tell him "Tale
    weaver?" Continue to talk, more than once if necessary, till
    you get teleported to the Pirate Islands. Watch a tavern scene.
    Watch another scene with Jack. In jail, tell the captain "Take
    what you can" and leave the cell. Go up steps and straight
    into Teal's cabin. Keep choosing the top dialogue choice.
    To right of Teal, get journal from shelf and read it. On other
    side by glass jar, get another journal and read it. Outside on
    deck automatically talk to Nicky and choose top answers
    every time. Off ship, use the near teleport and return to New
    Ashos teleport, or the one you dropped at the boat dock, if
    you had it. Pay 3000 for the boat. Ask all about sailing. First,
    sail east towards the "Runestone" location shown on your
    map. Enter the bay just beyond the large upright rock.
    Head NE to the right side of the cliff to find a crypt  3_c3 
    829 2207 -30 . Inside, south to 3-way intersection, continue
    south and take the next left. Get a GEMINELIXIR that gives
    1 skill point. Continue around, through water, to east
    intersection, continue south to skeletons and a pickable
    cabinet at the end. Back north to first left, west through water
    to intersection, then south and up winding stairs. Fight
    through the hallway and in a room get Human Runestone
    from a chest 1173 1010 485. Back through the hall and
    At first left, go to exit. Back down to boat. Continue sailing
    east to the small island. In middle section is IX_Beta. At the
    SE area of the island is an Attribute Crystal Strength +2 on
    the beach by a tree. Continue sailing north a little way to the
    north side of the weird looking island (refer to map) and head
    westerly to the small beach on the east central part of the
    large island. Use cheat Display.show 1 to make sure the map
    location is 3_c03. On the beach there's a GEMINELIXIR
    1198 4713 -95. Sail just NE to the small island. On its east
    coast at a small rock, find an attribute crystal Accuracy +2.
    Now sail NE past southern tip of Eikronas and Vahkmaar
    castle, to the island east of there. Make landing near the V
    shaped cove just down from the NW coast of the island, leave
    the boat well out in the water.
    WARNING: If you leave the boat too far out and wind is
    blowing away from land parallel to it, the boat may drift
    away. If you make landfall, you may never get the boat back
    out into the water. 
    TIP: If the boat is not too far onto land, you might be able to
    nock it back out into water by equipping a weapon and using
    battlecry, key 1, or just 2 and sometimes 3). When the boat is
    fully in water, you can even run against or bump it a bit
    On land, head NE to a large Vidon camp, at the north central
    area, to find VI_Alpha next to a campfire 2_a01  2290 3989
    18 . Back SW to the boat, sail back SW a long way, past
    Vahkmaar castle, to the island west of Cheznaddar. Leave
    boat well out in water off north coast near north path. At 4-
    way intersection pick up VI_Beta. Back north to boat, sail
    WNW past the southern tip of New Ashos, and NE along
    Eollas towards the island at NW coast. On the east side of
    that island is a tiny island with VI_Delta. 3529 4256 -148
    Sail NE towards group of 3 small islands north of Eollas. The
    largest eastern island, looks like an upside down foot, has
    VI_Epsilon 3613 1727 -79 , on a stone platform north of a
    large stone head. 3 bear ghosts might appear behind you. In
    the middle of the smallest, west, island is a trapdoor to a
    chamber with a ton of potions and 7 chests. On the NW tip of
    the south island you'll find an attribute crystal Endurance +2.
    South to the beach in the southern dip, of the large cove on
    north coast of Eollas, there's a GEMINELIXIR. Return to the
    boat and sail back around to New Ashos docks, leave boat in
    open water near the docks. Now you should have all five VI
    shards, and a Runestone. Teleport back to Ghortarius'
    chamber, go see the smithy and get another stone quest.
    Go to Marvin at the north bridge and give him the VI shards.
    You get teleported to a dungeon. Around to west speak with
    messenger. Continue west to find a GEMINELIXIR at the
    end of the small corridor. Go back and start east and make
    your way towards the red X at NE.
    Notice the small middle chamber in the dungeon has a short
    curved hall at its top. At the beginning of that curved short
    hall you'll spot a bright yellow gem before getting there. It's
    First are 2 giant Anthropods and 3 orcs and orc shaman.
    Continue due east and around north, demons, broods, orcs, 2
    more giant anthropods, couple of giant deuces and more orcs.
    Down long circular path, assuming you're in area 18_a1_1 ,
    3455 3151 1733 , keep going down to a flying gargoyle, keep
    going down past a shrine and teleport. Several more demon
    broods and through gate 3296 3896 1406 to small dungeon.
    Several skeletons, continue counterclockwise down winding
    stairs, through gate and work way north to red X. Giant
    anthropods. Go right and down, orcs, giant anthropods,
    demon broods, giant anthropods, many orcs, anthropods,
    skeletons. Final room, 4 deuces and several skeletons.
    Down stairs and use teleport. You get VII shard clue books.
    Talk to Marvin. For now, teleport WNW back to Pirate
    Islands Kanger Bay teleport across from Wandering Wrath
    ship. Continue NE looking for bear. Kill 3 for their fat. Kill
    any deer that come near you and take their digested grass for
    a later quest. There's an old shack in the NE of island, refer
    to map and see what looks like the outline of small ruins .
    Inside, at a trapdoor, find XI_Gamma  3352 3961 -79.
    Once you have 3 bear fat, return to ship and speak with Nicky
    Go below deck and speak with Cutter between the stairs.
    Choose options, top to bottom, but don't say see ya. Say
    "You're an old hand at ships....". Then you ask about ships in
    the sky, an important clue. Pick up the pirate book to the
    right. Now get off ship and talk to Nicky by your new boat.
    Talk on all options always at top of list. Sail SW, from other
    side of ship, to the middle of NE coast of the largest island.
    Remember the following two clues:
    1. If you leave the boat too far out and wind is blowing away
    from land parallel to it, the boat may drift away. If you make
    landfall, you may never get the boat back out into the water. 
    2. If the boat is not too far onto land, you might be able to
    nock it back out into water by equipping a weapon and using
    battlecry, key 1, or just 2 and even 3). When the boat is fully
    in water, you can run and push or just bump it a bit.
    Find the path heading west, 7_b1  4546 1854 -132 (watch out
    for Quercus's). Continue west past a shrine to a 4-way
    intersection, then NW path to a teleport. Head back SE to the
    4-way intersection and continue south to a 3-way, then SE to
    another teleport, don't talk to woman yet.
    Head back to the boat and sail SE to the ship wreck (there's a
    teleport just NNW of the wreck. There's several enemies you
    must contend with. In one end of the wreck at water's level is
    a chest with the Silk Gown. Farther back is a chest with
    items. On the other end, run up a slanted rock outside the ship
    and jump to the upper deck for an item.
    One end of the wreck has a chest under a fallen mast.
    Through a doorway is another chest. Up on the front of the
    ship is XI_Epsilon.
    Sail south along the east coast of the nearby largest island.
    Off the SE coast is a small island with X_Delta  7_b2  4805
    315 -143 .
    Sail west to the SW island and stop near the deep cut bay in
    the south coast. Walk inland to the map blue pin shrine and
    head west find a square alcove in the rock containing
    X_Epsilon 7_a2 1316 1590 -10 . Continue sailing to NW
    island and stop at the Lonely Tree near the NW section of the
    island. On one side of the tree, search it for Foliage of Lonely
    Tree, for a later side quest if you decide to do it.
    Continue sailing clockwise around the north side to the NE
    coast of the small circular island. Inside at the inner area, find
    XI_Beta 7_b1 1752 4165 -154 on north side among some
    huge columns.
    Sail SW, then just south along west coast of largest island,
    stopping out from the large portion that sticks out in the
    water at the NW. Head a little inland (watch out for Olorums
    and KanJi Ongama big tree). Start up the north side of the
    first large fat rock to the south, jump a gap, and on the SE
    edge is X_Gamma  7_b1 1620 280 136 .
    To the SE, in the middle of the largest island, east of the
    monastery debris, on the north end of a rock is XI_Delta. If
    you jump there, make sure you are invisible before using the 
    jump 7_b2 . This lands you in the midst of lots of enemies,
    but later you'll be coming here on foot. Whether or not you
    decide to remain invisible or fight, finally use the command 
    jump 3164 4583 162 .
    You can now go sail the boat back to near the Wandering
    Wrath, or just teleport there. Later, you will have to get to the
    small island east of the ship wreck. You can either swim the
    short distance from the NE most island to the small curved
    island just south, or brew up a water walking potion.
    Back at the Wandering Wrath, go below deck to Cutter's
    room between stairs, and put the gown in the chest and take
    Ox Back. In inventory, a bronze badge appears if you don't
    already have one.
    The Missing Chest.
    East from shipboard to the island and speak with Jerry in the
    storehouse. Accept the chest quest. Pick up the Pirates of
    Antalor book. By the door examine the first tracks. Drop a
    platform just outside. The next tracks will show as a green
    dot on the mini-map. Examine tracks north along the beach.
    At the NE shore of the largest island is the next tracks. Swim
    there, use water walking potion, or go by boat. Keep
    examining the tracks till you find a chest. Attack it, then run
    after it till it stops. Attack again and Malvick appears.
    Accept his food quest. Drop a platform. Return to Jerry's
    storehouse and take apples, bread, and meat. Return to
    Malvick and give food. You get a special mushroom for
    Petey. Go back to the storehouse, and give it to Petey. You
    get some items in return. You should have perfume that Teal
    gave you. Teleport to Maren's workshop. Tell her about
    Captain Teal and give the bottle. Two chests in the house,
    one has Exquisite Tilia Log, a later quest item.
    Get to the island to the far west with the red X. Go ashore at
    the deep cut bay  7_a1  3349 3517 -118. Head north to an old
    watchtower and look in the house 7_a1 3941 4114 -38, for
    three chests. Back down to the bay. Heading inland on the
    path to 3-way intersection and go left to Ghost town and a
    teleport. 5 merchants with just about anything you want or
    Go back out to the 3-way intersection, continue north (you
    run into three different pair of elementals) and around to the
    red X "The Treasure" . You begin a conversation with two
    souls. Agree to their request. Clear the first cemetery of 4
    Black Eyes and search them for a Proof of Death certificate
    and read it.
    Head to the right NE, up steps and right, unlock a crypt door
    and enter. Head straight north, don't talk to creature yet. Go
    right and enter room. Kill enemies, go west to other room
    open sarcophagus, kill more. Exit to the middle of the
    hallway and talk to Un-dead Maitre d' and show him the
    death certificate.
    You can now enter the un-dead bar. Pick up Regulations of
    Organ Exchange, from the counter, and read it. Talk to Ghoul
    on right side of the counter, to customer Deer Skull at a table
    NW corner, and Knuckle at a table SW corner. Each of the
    three gives you a note. Read all three. Talk to Un-dead
    Monger, behind the bar, and buy a Human Eyeball. Now talk
    to the following in order; Deer Skull for a Human Leg
    Muscle, Ghoul for a Human Brain, and Knuckle to get an
    invitation card, read it.
    Again talk to Un-dead Maitre d' here in the bar. You can now
    enter the un-dead dancing club. Now SAVE game. Get on the
    dancing floor and you make a comment. Defeat all attackers,
    and eventually a vault door will open huge amounts of
    potions and gold. Now go back outside and continue to the
    second area and clear it of skeletons and black eyes. Clear the
    third area of Badagris's, skeletons, and black eyes. Talk to
    the two souls and enter the tomb at NE.
    Wait for the souls to go down the stairs. Go talk to them, and
    talk to the tomb. Try again with the different name and Hunn
    Kanga appears. Talk to him and accept the quest. Outside,
    continue through the stone wall doorway, go to right and
    open the gate. Go forward and up towards the cathedral.
    Don't go up the steps yet.
    Go around the right side of the cathedral. Keep going around
    the wall to the SW edge of the cathedral, and find XI_Alpha.
    Go back clockwise along the wall. Once at the front of the
    Cathedral, SAVE before going in. You have to defeat various
    opponents, then the Bailiff who seems invulnerable. Search
    his body and take everything and search all other bodies. Go
    Before going down and through the gate, go left through
    break in wall. Remember when the woman ghost was in a
    side area looking at 3 stone sarcophagus? In there is a
    dungeon entrance, 1400 3811 -4 , with lots of sarcophagus
    and enemies.
    Go back to Hunn Kanga and get family Urn from
    sarcophagus. Take it back to the Cathedral and place it in the
    available sarcophagus. Hunn Kanga appears and thanks you.
    Outside, tell the two souls "I got the location", "He said it's
    somewhere south of here" and the password.
    Now there's another dungeon, off the circular path of the
    stone garden, that can be opened, 1587 3446 -3 .
    Now go a good ways SE to the indicated map marker "The
    Study" and give the password The Goal Is The Horizon. Go
    inside. Find all chests, one behind a bookshelf.
    Pick up a package from Nanook and open it. First of three
    glass map pieces, and read the note for further clues. Go
    outside and teleport to Maren's Homestead. After going
    inside, a lengthy automatic discussion. Then speak to Maren
    and Teal again on everything.
    Outside, teleport back to the ship and picklock the captains
    door. Speak with Nicky for glass jar and spirits quests. Go
    down in the hold and wait for Cutter to leave, then speak with
    Billy and agree with the exchange. Teleport over to the island
    to the east, and ideally to the Aged Distillery. Open the
    trapdoor in the old house there and go down. 
    Go through door, in left room get 2 bottles of Birch Water.
    Room across hall, get Maple Syrup. Through next door, get
    Grimoire of Wisdom, from raised area, and read it completely
    through. Be certain you read the note from Nanook. Go
    outside and head just west to green map pin The Glass
    Map Second Piece. In the well defeat 2 Ublarions. Get
    second map piece.
    South of the Aged Distillery teleport, in the middle of the
    island between 4 rocks you can find a GEMINELIXIR  3369
    3198 -99 .
    Outside, go south and swim to the small curved island. Now
    If two Meenguls are close together, try to separate them.
    Often when you kill them close together, one of them might
    not be searchable.
         Kill 5 Meenguls and take their Midguts (qitem_6234).
    Find 3 bundles of Horse Radish (qitem_6235). North part of
    this island is a GEMINELIXIR 4287 1324 -127.
    Here is a list of 3 more hidden items on the other Pirate
    Islands; you have to have Worldmerge installed for them to
    be revealed:
    1. NW Pirate Island, northern part, 3 rocks in a straight line,
    lots of opposition, against the middle rock, between rock and
    tree, attribute crystal of accuracy +3.  7_a1  2566 4138 69 .
    2. SW Pirate Island, in its large north cove, under a downed
    tree at the beach, Geminus Robur strength +1 percent.  7_a2 
    1958 2474 -144 .
    Largest Pirate Island.
    3. NW part, next to broken over tree, GEMINELIXIR.  7_b1 
    2221 2241 -45 .
    Teleport back to the distillery. Put 5 midguts in the cooking
    pot and pull the lever. Take residue from pot. Put 3 horse
    radish in the indicated container and pull lever. Get horse
    radish extractor. Put extractor and the residue in indicated
    barrel, pull lever, get moonshine. Deliver it to Billy below
    decks and get glass jar. Speak to Teal in his room. Outside,
    teleport to Maren's Homestead and talk to her. You get a
    book and a magical flat stone. Read Kaglivor Spirits . Talk to
    Edwin on all.
    Outside. First up, go to the red X to the SW, The Glass Map
    third piece 7_b1 1986 639 -74 . Lots of fighting. Enter the
    house ,by the teleport, and down the trapdoor. Through door
    to couple of olorums. Continue east and 2 more. Continue
    north and cross bridge. Head east to olorum rex and olorum.
    Go down and destroy all for a cut-scene. Back up and to right
    through new passage. Go right and use teleport.
    Many olorums. Go up steps, keep going up till you get to
    south steps and north steps opposite one another. Go up north
    steps and continue up east steps and use teleport. Get third
    map piece. ***In inventory, click completed glass map for
    clue to destination. Head out south to exit. You're close to
    the red X Spirits of Nature. Approach the wall between 2
    poisoners, and go through opening to many wardens.
    Continue east to wolves and wardens. When all are dead, go
    through opened passage to east. In the first area you soon find
    the first ancient ongoma with Raglivok Spirit bug. Go up
    north and through tunnel, then down long winding path.
    Don't go down into water, continue up north and through
    bushes, bearing right through bushes. Keep wandering the
    tunnels till you find the final area with 2 ancient ongomas
    with spirit bugs. One of the ancients has Ancient Ongama
    Wood, a quest item.
    Go back up and SW through new passage, down and south to
    exit. Now return to the Wandering Wrath, Nicky on deck
    looking out at the water or scrubbing the deck.. Speak with
    Nicky. Go below and get Billy who sleeps near the cage.
    Follow him outside to others. Talk to crew and wait for
    others to arrive. Talk and wait for message to switch jars. Get
    journal on other side of room and read it. Once done, back on
    deck Teal briefly talks to you, answer top to bottom.
    Now teleport to Maren's homestead, talk to Edwin on all for
    important clue about moon door being a trap. Tell Maren,
    "All right, fine". Then talk on all. You now have a sight
    steeler, a quest weapon. You now have two new quests,
    Needle In a Haystack and Casqet of Embers (a helm). Head
    SW towards Sanerk and the red X.
    TIP: to make a later quest easier, kill any Zygophylla you see,
    some contain Saltpetre and you'll need 3. A Zygophylla looks
    like a poisoner, except Zygophylla are open till you approach
    them. Also you'll need "Digested Grass from 3 Deer that
    jumps around a lot and are difficult to chase down and kill.
    Once at the Sanerk red X marker, enter the tomb by the
    shrine and fire. There's 2 chests and 2 olorums. Just south out
    of village and west into revealed area to Casqet of Embers.
    Fight Olorums and continue out north. Up steps and on to
    chest. Back down steps, go west and down, defeat all. New
    door opens up north, go through and down stairs. Through
    north door. Defeat all, then you can defeat the ringleader.
    Search it for Casqet of Embers. It gives permanent light while
    A new teleport has appeared, use it (Back to Wandering
    Wrath). Go below decks, talk to Billy, agree to find him a
    companion. Go to red X on biggest island to Pirates Don't
    Cry. Several Hamadryad women to fight.
    The house you need, is near the end of path in village and
    slightly SE, house has side entrance 7_b2  4211 2356 68 , but
    the door won't be accessible until you've pretty much cleared
    the village.
         Inside kill Hamadryads and pull lever on the east wall
    to free Pat. Her ring is at the blue map pin south at the
    Wrecked Raft. Two enemies have it. Return and give ring to
    Pat. Tell her about Billy. Return to the Wandering Wrath and
    tell Billy. Read Billy's brochure, and drink the special potion
    he gave you.
    Head SW towards the red X on the SW island. Just east of it
    is a short path to the north. Go speak with Gayar Orkso at
    7_a2 3665 3919 -52 , you get a note, read it. Speak to Orkso
    again. Fist punch the varn, then talk to it. Talk to it again,
    then punch it while it is taking a wizz.
    Talk to it again. Talk to it one last time. Talk to Orkso. Read
    note. Talk to Orkso one last time. Loot the doghouse.
    Back south and take the west path to the red X. Your target
    moves to the SW. Go towards the red X, follow long road all
    the way, don't miss any Zygophylla's Saltpetre and a teleport
    station. Before getting to the red X, in the circular path, on
    it's north side, pick up the Hunter's Diary, next to statue, and
    read it. Continue towards the red X and you automatically
    hide. SAVE game!
    Use the Sight Steeler to control it. Fly it to the Basilisk, target
    its face and fire with attack button to blind it. Then go start
    fighting it. It eventually releases three different groups of
    statues while you keep fighting it. Once you destroy all three
    groups, you should be able to eventually kill the Basilisk.
    Search it for a powerful Basilisk Eye Ring, and Basilisk's
    Claw (useful shortly). Enter the newly opened large crypt
    doors in the deep alcove.
    In the first round chamber, get diary from table and read it.
    There's three sets of armor lying about. Continue NW to
    more armor. Put basilisk claw, on the rocks next to the tea
    kettle, to open a doorway. Go through and get a helm from
    the table. In east room get 3 Silas's Tears. In north room,
    armors. Back outside at the green pin map marker Needle In
    The Hay, put a tear at feet of shaman statue feet, he's holding
    a staff forward. Quickly step back and wait. Talk and say you
    want to do Maren a favor.
    Ask what he wants from her. Say .... Agreed. Now ask all top
    to bottom, the last two options, select the bottom one ..... All
    right. Teleport back to the Wandering Wrath and get bottle
    from water. Uncap the bottle and read the Message From
    Bottle. Now talk to Cutter who's sweeping the deck. He tells
    about an inventor (another statue back in the stone garden
    Go to the red X on the south tip of the largest island, follow
    road for any Zygophylla or teleports, fight in the village.
    Between shrine and teleport, enter the dungeon.
    WARNING: It is critical that you do this dungeon exactly as
    outlined below. After getting the clay, DON'T teleport out of
    this dungeon, it breaks the quest.
         In the NE section upstairs and through door. Straight
    across, stay around right and through a door. Continue east
    and down, Olorums. Around left and through door. Around
    right and down, move small lever to drain water. On down
    and south. Swim to lantern over on right, through, go right
    and get Karaska Clay.
    Continue east and swim over south, up through door, up
    winding path, straight across west. Around left through door.
    Work your way up to exit, jump over to NW stairs. Go left
    and up south to exit. Go to the red X Message In A Bottle
    7_b1  2245 2107 -63, in the north part of the largest island. A
    small lake has an entrance to a cave with a huge cache of
    weapons and 3 chests.
    After getting what you want, exit the lake and teleport to
    Southern Sauwok on SW island, back to the Stone Graveyard
    on the SW island to Scientific Revolution. At the gap in outer
    wall of circular walkway, on north side a statue stands with
    arms raised up  7_a2  1998 1535 -50 . Get close, use a Silas's
    Tear, move away and wait. Speak to Grim Grimdahl, "Big
    plans" and "You've got my attention".
    Teleport to the Southern Sauwok, go left and head towards
    the green pin on map (Scientific Revolution). Kill any deer
    and take digested grass from them. They jump around a lot.
    You need 3 digested grass for Grimdahl. At his camp 7_a2 
    4339 987 -104 , clear it out and Grimdahl appears. First he
    wants 3 digested grasses. Along cliffs west of his camp is
    where some deer hang out. After a failed experiment,
    Grimdahl says to get him 3 saltpetre from Zygophylla.
    Activate the nearby teleport.
    Zygophylla are similar to poisoners but they are usually open.
    Not all of them have saltpetre. First, though, go down NE and
    activate the teleport. Teleport to Southern Sauwok and head
    due north on the road. The first one is likely to be where the
    road first heads back SW. Try staying away from the huge
    enemy camp and go around the outside of it. At the
    intersection, head west away from Gayor Orkso's camp. Near
    the coastline you'll find another saltpetre.
    Teleport to the southern area of the biggest pirate island and
    head due north on the road to find more Zygophylla. Once
    you have 3 saltpetre, a message tells you to return to
    Grimdahl. Teleport back there. The experiment is a success.
    With the explosive in inventory, teleport to the NE island to
    the blue pin Scientific Revolution and speak with Cutter.
    Follow him, place bomb at wall and back away and wait.
    Fight 2 enemies and follow Cutter, fight 4 more, keep
    following and run past next group. Keep following and find a
    machine 7_c1_1 3055 2790 460 . There's armours and a
    chest with Horse Armour. Exit the cave and teleport to
    Grimdahl, at his camp, or  jump 7_a2 then jump 4339 987 -
    104  and get him to join the crew. Teleport to Wandering
    Wrath and speak to Cutter on the upper deck.
    Go below the decks and get a Dice challenge from Billy.
    SAVE before you access the table. Now access the table and
    choose Lucky Throw. You must win two rounds in a row and
    Billy will give you a new super potion. If you fail the
    challenge, reload the save and try again.
    After winning the new potion, Billy challenges you again.
    SAVE again before accessing the table. This time, after
    winning two rounds, Billy gives you volume III of the
    Captain's Journal. Read it.
    Teleport to the Drowned Mine, south end of largest island,
    head due west on the road, and straight towards the coast,
    clear area around abandoned cart. Search the dead traveler on
    side of the bank.
    Examine the dead reindeer bodies to get a message, then
    search the cart chest for red clothes and a special staff.
    Restless ghost and ghost deer appear. Search sacks on cart
    and get three letters and three gifts. Read the letters.
    First destination is back east through the village, then north
    on the main road to red X Restless Ghost. First house, with
    an old cart under window. Climb the cart, message instructs
    you. Put on the red cape and hat, equip the special staff, enter
    the window.
    Under bed pillow, put Suus's present. Back through window.
    Teleport to Sanerk, house directly NNE, on back side ( 2064
    933 -58 ) climb 3 ladders and enter chimney. Under bed
    pillow, put Little Tom present. Back up chimney. Teleport to
    Wandering Wrath, in Cutters room put his present under cot
    pillow. Ghost appears, talk to it, unwrap your gift. You get
    Weasel boots, great for speed run/jump higher places. Put
    your regular outfit back on.
    Now teleport to Marren's homestead. You briefly talk to her.
    Follow her to her workshop. Talk on all, you get a figurine.
    Teleport back to Marren's homestead. Go inside and rob the
    chest that Edwin prevented before. Go out back door and to
    left speak with Edwin on all. Teleport to Wandering Wrath,
    below decks talk to Nicky behind the cage. Go speak with
    Teal on upper deck, first say that "Nicky has betrayed him",
    then tell him to go to the crypt on Tornar.
    Down to main deck and get hair sample from Nicky. Teleport
    to Old Cemetery on NW island and go to the crypt ( map pin
    Lover's Conspiracy ) and SAVE before going inside. It's
    important you tell them inside "Stop - This can't happen...."
    it eventually gets you a magic dagger that gives permanent
    Water Walking when it's equipped.
    Go inside and the ceremony starts, choose the option "Stop -
    This can't happen.... Teal is reunited with his soul and leaves
    with Maren.
    Kill everyone and search bodies if you care to. Go outside to
    Teal and Maren, and talk on all options. Teal tells you about
    a key under a doormat. Teleport to Old Cemetery near Ghost
    Town and head NE over to the lighthouse 4218 3939 -26 .
    Get key from underneath the doormat, and open the door.
    Go down trapdoor, head south down winding stairs to red X,
    fight past several Olorums, first room pull lever. Out and
    through gate. Continue around north. Kill all to open gate.
    Continue south in west corridor. More fighting, continue SE
    to red X. Another big fight to unlock final gate. Operate 4
    levers and defeat lighthouse warden, search him and take all.
    Go out another gate. Next gate on left, a chest. Adjacent
    room has a chest. Continue back up, operate a wheel and on
    up to NE small circular room exit.
    Go up stairs to top of lighthouse, use teleport to another
    lighthouse. Down to another trapdoor immediate fighting and
    large rocks being thrown. Navigate circular hall, a small
    round east room, take stairs down. A room has two wheel
    switches and a lever. Operate them, wait for gate to open,
    fight lighthouse warden and take his items. Go back up
    trapdoor, on to top of tower and use teleport to third
    Go down, outside turn walk on and keep heading around right
    till you get a cut-scene. Downhill defeat Olorums and search
    body in cage. Replace your equipped dagger with the Smart
    Traveler dagger to have permanent waterwalking. Notice a
    walkway overhead. To left of there is a low part in wall with
    a crack at lowest part. The boots you found earlier (20
    percent speed increase) if worn, a speed run/jump will get
    you over the low part of the wall. Over there is a chest in
    front of tent.
    Teleport to Old Cemetery on NW island. Follow road all way
    down to last intersection south of last shrine and head right
    (SW), 2 elementals attack. At the small side path, go meet
    Quercus Robur Lecterus, a talking tree chopping wood. He
    wants a salad made from 4 items you should already have.
    Read the Carved Oak Bark, give salad to tree and he gives
    you a wood bracelet that you automatically wear.
    Swim to the small island off the west coast. Go down the
    trapdoor 7_a1 884 1370 -120  to 4 chests. Back outside, swim
    or water-walk towards the red X "The Glass Map". At the
    destination there's 2 or 3 to fight. Pick lock on door and
    If you previously told Nicky about the Moon door, he's dead
    in that open room, you can safely enter and rob his corpse. If
    you had been here earlier, wondering about the Moon door,
    going through it would have trapped you inside a blast
    furnace. Go up the stairs. Face south towards three pedestals.
    In inventory, click the map to separate it. Approach left red
    pedestal, access it and place red map piece, put green on
    middle pedestal, and yellow on right pedestal. Go through
    doorway. Open door and fight several Olorums. Continue
    west. Fight, then open door to east hall and gate to large
    round room, lots of fighting. 2 chests on upper walkway, and
    one chest below. Back in the hallway, open big doors to
    Olorums, open sarcophagus.
    Continue north to stone door, open big metal gate. Forward
    pick up Pirates of Antalor vol V and Nanook's Journal. Read
    both. There's a chest. Back towards big iron gates, turn right
    and up stairs, go around the balcony to a chest. Back a few
    steps, look up high to the left and see a shiny plate. Use bow
    in closeup and shoot the plate to unlock a door. Back down,
    go towards desk, turn right and through new door.
    Get Twin Bracelets Users Manual and read it through. You
    automatically wear the bracelet (gauntlet). If not, you might
    have to un-equip one of your rings or badges, then select the
    Twin Bracelets. There's a chest. Just behind you, go up steps
    and out door. Teleport to Drowned Mine on south part of
    largest island.
    Go around right and uphill when possible between two large
    boulders. Continue north, and fighting to a rocky passage,
    shown on closeup map as an upside down U,  7_b2  2292
    2422 -5 . Through the narrow passage to fighting and a
    Head SE, from the teleport, to end of clear area to find a
    GEMINELIXIR  3066 2120 191 .
    Go back NW to the teleport. On the left, through broken
    columns, go through stone door with face. Continue to the
    red X.
    Take everything from the corpse. Look at sketch for clue
    about 4 switches around the room. Even walk around the
    room to see where the switches are. In inventory, click the
    harp, then click the music sheet and just watch the notes
    drop. They repeat E W R Q over and over until time runs out.
    When you do try playing the notes, don't look at the music,
    just look at your keys and start hitting E W R Q over and over
    without any gaps. The trick is to synchronize key hits with
    sounds. When you have the correct rhythm, the music
    continues till the monster awakens.
    Quickly run around the room flipping each of the 4 switches.
    Before time runs out, start attacking the monster till it is
    dead. Search it for some powerful crystals. Go through the
    east door, through another door and use the teleport. You're
    finally on the Flying Fortress. Go up long steps and listen to
    the three spirits. Speak with the woman inside. Speak with
    the woman outside and be nice. You get an amethyst rose, a
    big purple crystal. Speak with the man, top options always.
    You get a treating beverage 5000hp.
    On up steps and speak with Ulgrim. Over in the south corner
    speak with Tengo. Get the weapon from the chest. Go
    through the door, turn right and first left in the hall speak
    with Zygy. Enter captains cabin. He sends you to a new area.
    Ready your weapon. On the left open casket, quickly exit it,
    turn around and fight. Get lost thought number 1 and some
    beverage from the casket. There's 11 more caskets.
    Warning: Each time you open a casket an enemy appears
    behind you.
    NW to the floating rock, then down to next area get attacked,
    activate the center column to create a shock wave. This is
    handy if you get overwhelmed. Lost thought 2 in the casket.
    Pay attention to the mini-map. Maybe even expand the main
    Next platform down north, then SW and fight 2. Loot third
    casket here. Go through the amber portal. Go around the area
    till you kill 7 beasts. Continue up steps and talk to nameless
    guy on all. On up steps to 3 portals. Use the SW portal on
    other side. Fight, go through amber portal, fight 2. Through
    NW amber portal to casket 5. Back SE and continue SE
    through amber portal to casket 6.
    Back NW through amber portal, then SW to casket 4 on left.
    West through gate and defeat large beast, then small beast.
    Go through blue portal. Go through north red portal, casket 7
    on left. Down SE, then SW and fight. Up south, straight
    across to casket 9. Up SW and fight, up SE, then up south to
    casket 8. North through gate, destroy opposition. Through
    blue portal, then through remaining red portal. Casket 10 on
    SW and fight, north, then west to casket 11. East, NE and
    fight. South to final casket 12. North, then east through gate.
    Kill all, then through blue portal. Down NE steps and on
    down. On the left side at door speak with Geoffrey. Through
    the door and next left, speak with Nanook's Consciousness.
    Out to deck, forward and down NE steps to next level. Go
    down wide SW steps and through door to get Nanook's Map
    Back up to Geoffrey. Read the map book. Talk to Geoffrey
    again. Back down to the very bottom deck and use SW stone
    doors. You're in a large room with north, east, and south
    To your left, go through the north door and straight to wall.
    Weaver appears, ask for anything, then ask for a door. Ask
    for any of three more options. Go out the door, up steps on
    right and straight east all the way to fence, then slightly left
    and immediately right go east to middle of 3-way plaza, and
    right (south) to double set of stairs.
    Once inside the University, go to other side and downstairs.
    Go through east door, turn left in hallway to room and pick
    up New Ashos City Development Plan and read it. Leave
    room, take first right to main hall and through west door.
    Head right into lecture hall.
    After cut-scene speak with Nanook. On west wall get Misty
    Seashore art. Exit straight south to end and right into another
    room. Pick up Pine Wood Couple art. Outside, go to the red
    X Pieces of Art, just north of the University. Once inside, go
    straight into art room to a couple of sparkling wall plaques.
    Place Misty Seashore on east wall, and Pinewood Couple on
    north wall. Back outside, go out north exit and follow the
    path west, then north to the red X.
    Along the way Weaver appears, ask for Water of Coal.
    Choose any weapon he offers. Immediately drink the Water
    of Coal. Continue the road NE to the green map pin location,
    get Belgurak seeds from the giant mushroom.
    Head back to Nanook ( 9_a1  2380 2327 -2 ) at the red X. Put
    Belgurak seeds in the square patch of soil. In talking further,
    you get a quest for 12 baboon (qitem_6973) dung. Head back
    out north exit, follow the path west, then follow it south to
    the red X, kill a huge Droser. Pick up 12 samples of baboon
    dung, while avoiding baboons. A message instructs you to
    return them. Return to red X near the well.
    Look into the mushroom and place 12 dung (click your
    supply 12 times). Get a quest for water. Head due east to the
    red X Subconsciousness on the map. Weaver appears, ask for
    2 rags soaked in oil . Put one in nearby well. Go south to
    green map pin, in front of the University, and put oil rag in
    well there. Go back north, then west back to red X and pull
    lever on back of column. Talk to Nanook. You get a quest for
    2 Violet Fire Elementals.
    Head due east out of town and take the path that swings
    north, back south and back north again. Follow it all the way
    up to the estate, 9_a1  4120 3691 135 , in the NE and Weaver
    appears. Ask him for fireproof clotches 2 of them (dome
    shaped containers). At front entrance defeat 3 Fire Elementals
    (they have inventories). Before going inside, SAVE!
    Once inside, forward and go right, then immediately right
    again and upstairs. Defeat a fire elemental. Go left, then right,
    un-equip weapon and talk to the first violet elemental to
    capture it.
    Go left, and left again, downstairs to first floor and head left.
    Defeat fire elementals and capture another violet elemental.
    You witness a door open for you. To the right of that door,
    search the chest of drawers for the Bleak Moonshield art.
    Through that door to the hall, turn right, and out the main
    door. Return to town. Right after entering, head north to the
    map pin marker "Pieces of Art" and enter the art gallery. Put
    the Bleak Moonshield art on the west wall space.
    Go out doorway, and go right to a chest under a little Buddha
    statue, get several new pigments.
    Return to Nanook, at west part of town at mushroom, and
    talk. Put a captured wisp in the NE outer brazier. Put second
    wisp in brazier directly opposite the mushroom. First tell
    Nanook any option, then say "Little guy just needs love",
    then tell the mushroom "You've got a big heart", then say
    "Your origins are pretty exciting", and finally say "Spending
    time together is what makes this friendship great".
    Head due east in town, then south to the University.
    Downstairs, take the east corridor, turn left to Rector
    Veneficus and talk. You automatically return to the
    mushroom. Listen to all the conversation and you talk to
    Nanook. Read all the map book to see the present
    consciousness written to get teleported. Directly enter the hall
    with three doors.
    Now go through the East door to a shack. Go outside and
    head up to the red X where Weaver appears. Ask for a ladder.
    Go to next red X and talk to Nanook, agreeing to do his
    chores. Go SE along side of house, to the field, destroy all
    Zygophylla. Tell Weaver you want a Hoe and gather 8
    bunches of potatoes. Back to Nanook and talk. Go around
    back to the field and kill all wolves to save the cows. Tell
    Weaver you want a bucket. Milk the four cows. Tell weaver
    you want a replacement piece for the fence. Put it at the gap
    in the fence on the east side.
    Go speak with Nanook. Wait till he returns and quickly
    follow him. Go through the rock gate. There's some powerful
    nasties on your way to the next red X. Once there, you get
    another task. At the next destination witness an argument.
    After speaking with Nanook, enter the house. After speaking
    with Nanook, keep following him till he stops. Talk, open
    kitchen door and kill giant ants. Now Nanook wants a recipe.
    The important cabinets have sparkling effects on the doors.
    Get a bread recipe and read it. Now find salt, whey, honey,
    and flower. At the bowl on the furnace, put salt, whey, and
    flower. Ask Nanook to mix the ingredients. Click on bread in
    inventory to apply the honey.
    Click the switch on the wall to start fire. Put honey/dough on
    the stove and wait for message. Put logs on the stove and
    wait. Take bread from stove and Nanook really likes it.
    Follow him to the bedroom, and ask Weaver for a key.
    Unlock the door, go in and examine the wardrobe, kill the
    monster. Find a sextant in cabinet by bed and give it to
    Nanook. Follow him and unlock another door, speak with
    Kanga and choose any two answers. Follow Nanook outside
    and to the next destination. Ask Weaver for a boat. Talk to
    Nanook. If you have the Smart Traveler dagger equipped, run
    on the stream SW, NW, and west to the next destination.
    There's elementals and others along the way.
    At the destination, witness one more argument. Get Nanook
    to make up with his father, and run behind him. Defeat three
    different mini-bosses along the way. At next destination
    witness conversation between father and son. Read the map
    book and you'll return to the main hall of three doors.
    South Door.
    Exit the shack and go to indicated location. Ask Weaver for a
    bridge. There's several of all kinds of enemies on your way to
    the destination. At the house, try to enter. Nanook's wife
    needs an herbal solution. Head due SE, following the road,
    then to the indicated destination. Weaver creates herbs.
    Collect Hop, Melissa, and Chamomile. Ask Weaver for a
    cauldron. Put the three herbs in there and take the potion.
    Return to the house, 10_a1 1884 2995 -42 , and Denia will
    come outside. Accept her request. Go to the indicated
    location to the far NE, just follow the road that eventually
    curves back around left, and get remains after fighting many
    baboons and sneaky dog Varns. Return to Denia and agree
    again. Go to next location at the west, examine grave and put
    remains there. Nanook appears, listen to the conversation,
    then read the map book and appear at the hall of three doors.
    Step to the middle of the hall and fall through the floor.
    SAVE, then head west to next large room. Fight the beast till
    he loses health. He summons altar guards. Ignore the huge
    beast, first destroy the 4 altar guards and the 4 altars before
    time runs out. Continue fighting the weakened beast and you
    can eventually defeat it. Take the map book and read it
    Use the teleport that Weaver creates. Go up the steps to the
    top level and to Nanook's chamber. Speak with Geoffrey.
    Before talking to Nanook, SAVE. There are 3 different
    endings. Not choosing happiness allows you to give Laura
    and James a map to their body's.
    After starting the conversation, choose "I came to talk to
    Nanook". Then the following options in order:
    NOTE; Choosing just options 2, 3, and 4 are to help James
    and Lora find their bodies.
    1. "Help me find happiness". You get the ultimate treasure
    2. ...About the spirits Lora and James
    3. ...how to free them, the ones outside.
    4. ...There has to be another way.
    If you're starting the game with the standard
    TwoWorlds2.exe, during the destruction of the Flying
    Fortress, sometimes the screen goes black and the game
    freezes. Hit Ctrl Alt Delete all at same time, select "Start task
    manager" and select "Applications" and select the game, then
    select "End now". Restart the game, restore and speak with
    Nanook again. Or you can start the game with
    You finally end up on a beach. There's a brief conversation 
    and you wonder off. Now for your personal search for the
    ultimate treasure. Go to the ruins in the middle of the largest
    island with lots of fighting. Using the teleport there gets you
    to the top of towers at the small circular island to the north.
    Navigate the tops of the towers and start down spiral stairs.
    Run downstairs and, through the small, flooded tunnel you
    find below, reach the hole in the wall and open the hidden
    room to finally approach the mysterious chest, open it   and
    collect your reward... but what is it really? After a tavern cut-
    scene, you end up just uphill from the trader village.
    The final rune stone for Sokaris.
    Teleport to New Ashos teleport. Leave town at the east exit,
    go to the green map pin to the final rune stone 3_b3  363
    3383 293 . Enter Mystical Den, navigate through the dungeon
    and get the stone from a chest. Return to the smithy at
    Alsorna chambers to complete the rune stone quest. 
    Now go teleport back to your boat at the New Ashos docks
    and continue with the VII series of verita shards. Sail east and
    up north to the elongated island off the NE coast of Eollas.
    You will find VII_Alpha  3_c2  2122 3074 -69 between the
    large square rock and the huge one. It's on a smaller rock just
    south of the large palm tree.
    In southern part of central Eollas, near the southern coast is
    VII_Beta  3_b3  222 1013 16 , west of boat docks, on a stone
    block near the curve in the path that comes near the southern
    coast. You can get there by walking most of the way along
    the southern coast.
    You can find VII_Gamma  3_a3  4069 4727 611 just NE of
    New Ashos, on the west end of the large 7 shaped rock.
    You can find VII_Delta  3_a2  4842 1651 334 , north of the 7
    shaped rock. It's on a small rock with a path circling the rock.
    Take the path directly north of the VII_Delta location, and
    follow the crooked path to its NW end. VII_Epsilon  3_a2 
    4172 2645 166 is on a raised round platform.
    Teleport to Marvin and hand over the shards. You get
    teleported to a swamp with the sarcophagus wagon stuck in
    mud. Speak with Emperors Messenger, then fight 4 undead.
    The paths, to the abandoned portals, don't line up on the
    maps. You just have to find the right direction to start and
    follow the path across bridges. The first portal is due SW. If
    you have trouble heading in the right direction, or get lost, the
    following jump coordinates will get you there. They are for
    the current map area, so no need to use the map indicator.
    jump 2081 1791 -452
    Once you're at the portal area, just walk through it. Nearby is
    a teleport. NE from the portal, quite a way through the
    swamp, under a very old tree between rocks, you'll find a
    GEMINELIXIR  2510 3171 -533 . Then teleport back to the
    stuck wagon area and head to the second portal, or jump there
    from where you're at. jump 1125 8255 -533 . Nearby, to the
    south in water, is a teleport by the footbridge.
    The third portal.
    jump 5581 7850 -533
    nearby to SSW is a teleport.
    The fourth portal.
    jump 5207 2409 -531
    Nearby to WSW is a teleport.
    After clearing all four portals, return to the wagon and speak
    with Gandohar, who's just arrived, and receive the VIII series
    of clue books. Speak with Marvin. Now teleport back to
    Bayan and pick up some quests.
    Go just NW and talk with Andy sitting on the bench. Talk to
    Joe and say "Here's your money" to get information on
    treasure in Narmer's Tomb. You'll need to carry a torch in
    the tombs. Teleport to Queens Crossroads, and head due
    north to the red X Archpriest Narmer, around the shrine is a
    beaver pond you've already been to.
    Inside the tomb, if you don't have the Casqet of Embers,
    equip a torch with your single hand weapon then SAVE.
    Make these turns just as soon as allowed; R L R L L.
    Skeletons and dead knights. In the main chamber, search the
    dead person and read the moldy letter. Open the sarcophagus,
    more dead knights appear. Go back out R R L R L.
    Teleport to Hatmandor Purlieus, then follow the road due east
    to the red X Archpriest Aha, north of the roadside market. In
    the tomb, SAVE. Now go L L R R L L R and north to second
    right and all way east. Along the way a dying man stops you.
    Search his corpse. Continue east and investigate the main
    chamber. Exit the tomb R all way west, L all way south, L
    then 2 immediate rights, next L to end, L all way east, R R.
    Past mountains to east is Raneb Tomb. Teleport to Old Cart
    Workshop, then head NW to the red X tomb entrance hidden
    behind rocks  4237 1340 112 . Inside, go left, north to end,
    right/left, east to end, right/left, east to end, due north to tomb 
    1180 1120 -1994 . Giant Ant and dead knights. Open
    sarcophagus, more dead knights. From sarcophagus read
    notes to next tomb. Right/left, south to end, west to end,
    north, west to end, left/right, south to end, left and right to
    Next dungeon Qaa, teleport to Southern Gate. Go SW to
    intersection. Approach destination from the north, going
    along west side of long rock, through Varn camp with a huge
    beast. SAVE before entering the dungeon because the main
    chamber is bugged (in there the game crashes). In the tomb,
    left, right/left and east to end, north to end, west and examine
    bodies to find notes.
    SAVE right now. Once you manage to enter the main
    chamber, sometimes the game will crash due to the
    tremendous activity in the chamber.
    Read Archeologist's Notes to open the door and enter. Once
    you kill all enemies, open the sarcophagus and more enemies
    appear. Rob the sarcophagus and all bodies. If the game
    crashed, restore and try again. Once you loot all bodies and
    sarcophagus, go back east all way, south all way, west all
    way, right/left then right to exit.
    Next tomb Userkaf on SE side of Hatmandor. Teleport to
    Hatmandor Purlieus, then east and head north a little and
    west from the shrine, Varns and invisible enemies. Inside the
    tomb, left at small barrel, examine body, south and examine
    another body, west and examine 2 bodies, south to
    intersection, east and examine 2 bodies, south, 10 skeletons,
    sarcophagus has notes, giant ant. Read Old notes. Left at 2
    bodies, next north and east at 2 bodies, north at body, west at
    body and exit north.
    Next tomb Huni, south of Bayan, at the previously locked
    door next to Creepy Den. Inside, Go left to end, north to end,
    hard left, immediate hard right, all way north, left then right
    to intersection, automatically talk.
    Now go west, north, west, south, west to a body, then north to
    2 bodies to loot. Head east to end and a body. North to
    another body. East a little and immediately south to 2 body's.
    A little south and immediately west to a body, another body
    just north. Back south and east for 2 body's. South and east
    into the main chamber. Clear the place out and check the
    sarcophagus. If you can't seem to find the chamber, use these
    jump coordinates 1299 1420 -1994 .
    Exit west to wall, north to wall, west just a little and
    immediately north to wall, west, south, then west to wall,
    south to wall, east, north, east, south to wall, east to first right
    then south to wall, east to wall, south to wall, east, north,
    east, then south to wall, west then immediately north to exit.
    The exit coordinates are 1055 421 -1994 .
    Tomb of Den is further south on the road. Teleport to Horse
    Charmers yard and head NW to the  south edge of a large
    rock. Inside, go south, west, south, hard right back north to
    end, left, right and next left, next right and north to end, right
    and north to end, right to end, north to end, hard right back
    south and continue to main room 738 989 -1995 . Inspect
    sarcophagus and Architect appears, he moves twice in the
    chamber, talk both times, defeat him and skeletons. Open the
    Leave out north to end, hard left back south to end, right to
    next left and south to end making short turn along the way.
    East to end, south to next left, then immediately south to end,
    hard left around north and to exit  819 392 -1994 .
    Unas is next, straight west past giant bees and varns, down
    on the beach at old trees. Inside head left and always stay
    against left wall as you make your way north to main
    chamber. 3 giant scorpions and sarcophagus. Back out,
    always staying against right wall all the way to exit 778 856 -
    1994 .
    Sahura is next, near Site of Fire teleport, just south of Old
    Cart Workshop. Sahura is on the cliff above the Burn site.
    Approach from the west side  6_c2  2581 1952 242 . Inside,
    keep heading north as soon as a turn allows. After a long
    northward path, at a 3-way intersection, turn right and head
    east all the way, then turn left to find a GEMINELIXIR. Turn
    around and take first right, head west to second right and
    keep following the long hallways clockwise till you enter the
    main tomb, many Dead Knights. Open the sarcophagus.
    Back out and north, west, south, east. North, south, west, east
    and a hard right west to third left and keep heading south
    when possible and exit  3460 278 -1994 .
    Teti is the final tomb 6_a1 2749 310 114 . It is a bit
    complicated and you have two different basic directions
    through it directly to the main chamber. There's small barrels
    placed at or near where you should make a 90 or 180 degree
    When a barrel is placed near the end of a thin wall separating
    two corridors, make a hard turn around the end of that wall
    and head back the opposite direction. Look carefully at each
    intersection, if you see no barrel, continue in the direction
    you're headed. Make your way to the Teti red X, enter the
    tomb and SAVE!
    If you get lost, the main chamber coordinates,  2261 3658 -
    1994  .
    Go south, west, north, west,
    north, west and immediately north,
    west, north, east, north,
    west, north, east, north,
    west, north, east, north,
    west, north, east and immediately north,
    continue hallway to an intersection,
    east, north to corner, east,
    north, east, north, east to next left go north,
    east, north, and immediately west, north,
    east into chamber.
    The main chamber has many giant ants. The sarcophagus is
    huge cache. Now make your way back to the exit  1857 2494
    -1994 .
    Now for the Lost Head quest. Back in Bayan, head out the
    north gate and go to the graveyard. Speak with Lewsom and
    accept quest. Tome The Scribe is at the blue pin map marker
    just south in town. He's sitting on a bench, under a veranda,
    outside his house. Agree to his request. The destination is to
    the east at the red X marker. Head out north gate and travel
    the road, or teleport to Old Cart Workshop, then due south on
    road. The inkwell is in a chest in a burned house.
    Return to Lewsom's house and tell his wife you had an
    agreement with her husband. Go inside and give inkwell. You
    don't really need the pass. Teleport to Southern Gate, walk
    NW and up stone steps and enter house. Speak with Ghazan.
    Through next door, down to basement and destroy 3 undead.
    Back up for reward.
    Teleport to Hatmandor. Quite awhile back, do you remember
    overhearing a conversation about a stolen corpse?  Walk
    down to the blue pin marker, "Stolen Corpse", and speak
    with Nur Udin sitting on a bench under a lamp post.
    Go out Cheznaddar north gate to red X Stolen Corpse, get
    close to 2 guards and speak with the left one. Read
    "Confidence Message" when it eventually appears in
    inventory. Back to Hatmandor and to the blue pin marker
    Lost Head. Down in basement, speak with Rigid. Teleport to
    South Gate, go NW and up steps into house. Ghazan gives
    you an oculus. Return to Lewsom at Bayan graveyard. Read
    his manual, then talk again to return it.
    Veterinarian Practice.
    Back in town, go out south gate and speak with Alima. Agree
    to the quest and head east to the red X in the valley under a
    bridge. Kill at least 3 ostriches and take their mint roots.
    Return to 
    Alima and brew 3 mint roots and save the recipe, name it
    anything you want. Before taking the horse, go inside house
    and rob chests. Read Alima's Adventures and the Alchemy
    Ride the horse to Halhin to the blue map pin Starvation.
    Speak with Altan and read his drawing. Go to the first red X
    on the S shaped path. Just follow the path through all
    markers. No time limit. Return back to Altan, but DON'T
    talk yet.
    TIP: you will only have about 3 minutes to make it straight
    down the south road, passing through checkpoints, getting the
    trophy (qitem_447) at the end, and returning to Altan. Very
    few gamers have done this before time runs out. SAVE
    before agreeing to the contest. Try it and see just how
    difficult it is. If you fail, consider this:
    Restore your SAVE. Drop a personal teleport platform near
    Altan, then speed run down the course and you should make
    it in 2 minutes or less. Place another platform near where the
    trophy will eventually be. Go back to Altan and agree to the
    contest. Run down the course, pick up the trophy, then use
    your personal teleporter, not the platform. Teleport back to
    Altan and hand over the trophy. He will go to open the gate.
    Teleport back down to the south platform you dropped.
    Notice on the map the red X is still active. Just walk or run
    back north clearing the checkpoints. Now go through the
    gate. Go out on the pier and speak with Purew and he asks a
    question, tell him termites. Go to Baasan at the next blue pin
    Drought and talk on all, tell him "I'm sure it is". Go down the
    road to the red X Drought and clear out all varns. Start
    looking for termite eggs in the mounds.
    You easily find 10 or more, but when you eventually return to
    Purew, he makes a mistake and wants 30 more. Some are in
    other towns. To save a lot of time, do this in the cheat
    first activate cheats by typing in twoworldscheats and enter,
    then type in ec.AddObjectToInventory ing_200 xx and enter.
    The xx is whatever amount you want.
    Near where the gate was opened, go tell Altan about the
    water source you found. He's not in charge. Go out to the top
    of the Lighthouse and talk with Selen. Don't agree, choose
    bottom option "No. I'm not....", then just kill her and inform
    Altan. Go out on the docks and complete the termite quest.
    Return to Bayan and speak with Alima. Just down from her
    house, Sambu sits under a roadside shelter. SAVE before
    talking to him.
    He gives a quest for Jade's Marathon. You ride three
    different times on the same course, each time several seconds
    less to do it in. You have to ride south to Jurban and pick up
    a Kunis pint (qitem_700). Then ride NE to Oros and pick up
    another pint (qitem_701), then up north to Halhin for another
    pint (qitem_703), finally back SW to Bayan before time runs
    After winning the first ride, you're presented with a Property
    Act. Read it and you're the owner of a house on the
    savannah. Each of the races is more profitable than the
    previous one.
    If you can't win any of the races, RESTORE to before you
    talked to Sambu. Open cheat console with ~ or simply Enter,
    then type the following:
    ec.AddObjectToInventory qitem_700 3
    then hit Enter.
    Again in the cheat console;
    ec.AddObjectToInventory qitem_701 3
    and hit Enter.
    And a third time in the cheat console;
    ec.AddObjectToInventory qitem_703 3
    and hit Enter.
    Talk to Sambu and accept the first challenge. Talk to him
    again to hand him the first three pints. Accept the second
    challenge, talk and hand over the second 3 pints. Accept third
    challenge, talk again and hand over the third group of pints.
    Since you cheated, the quest markers are still active. You can
    either go through the entire course, picking up all three pints
    at once at each of the three locations or not. It doesn't really
    Teleport back down to Oros, on the map there's a green map
    pin House, "your house". Swim NE across the bay to a
    narrow beach. You'll find a Geminus Vigor Endurance +1
    percent  6_e3 747 3588 -123 . Swim a little west along the
    cliff side and north through the gap in rocks. Head NE a ways
    to a Varn camp, on the map it looks like a small circle
    surrounded by a fat rock. Behind it is entrance to Collapsed
    Salt Mine. Inside, at the end of a short corridor, on SW side,
    is an attribute crystal Strength +1.
    When you've had enough of Bayan, return to the boat dock at
    New Ashos and sail back to the NE to the large entry bay to
    Eikronas and start gathering the VIII series of verita shards.
    TIP: around the entire island of Eikronas, 24 potions or
    crystals can be found mainly near the coast line, some of
    which are part way in the large cove on both the north and
    south shores. There are 2, of the 24, farther inland in an
    enclosed area in the northern part of Eikronas.
    At the west end of the long wide southern cove, walk all the
    way up stream. You'll find VIII_Alpha next to a cliff.
    In the middle of the nearby large circular area, NE of
    VIII_Alpha, on a high platform with many Vidons you'll find
    On the south beach of the cove, next to a finger looking rock
    pointing to the bay, you'll find scapulari's and VIII_Gamma,
    on the east side of the finger-rock.
    NNE, on the other side of the bay, in a small dome shaped
    cove under overhanging rock, find VIII_Delta.
    Top of tower above Dead Fishermen Village, on north shore,
    near the beginning of the long straight section of cove, find
    Return to Marvin and give him the shards and get teleported
    to a question mark shaped area (?). Speak with Ronlan. Head
    east and due north on road. At third shrine kill all, then talk to
    Sorban. Between the sixth and seventh shrine, between a
    dead tree and the south cliff, you'll find a Geminus Voluntus
    Willpower +1, 6791 2833 -234 . First up are those darn ball
    shaped things with teeth, taedium. Then several more and a
    big one. 2 Ungodly Collosus'.
    The next red X marker to the far east Howl From The Past.
    Eventually a graveyard full of spirits and a pressure plate in
    small building. Head to next red X to NW, use the teleport.
    Continue NW through invisible enemies. The second
    pressure plate in a building. More invisibles show up.
    Continue NW and more toothy beasts and many Vidon
    ghosts. Before all fighting is over, quickly run NW past
    fourth teleport and find a GEMINELIXIR behind old tree
    next to the cliff  5435 8146 -266 . There's a seemingly
    endless amount of phantoms. You finally get the IX clue
    books. Speak to Marvin, then teleport to Cheznaddar.
    Earlier, you learned from the two guards, at the hooks
    gallows, that the commander sent out a patrol that never
    returned. Teleport to the Queens Crossroads and head down
    to the SW. You'll find the guards dead in the road. Talk to
    Colonel Ishaq, then search his body for keys and read orders
    from Gart.
    Your map might show a red X. Enter the nearby house and
    down to the basement. Chase Ubaj till you find him in a cage.
    Pull a nearby lever, then pick the cell door lock. Spare Ubaj
    and tell him "It's morbid...." You get one of three books,
    "The Encyclopedia of Animals" over on the table, read it.
    There's lots of chests and potions in the basement. Find and
    read the other two booklets on animals. In a chest or cabinet
    you'll find more termite eggs.
    Return to the blue pin, stolen corpse,  merchants guild in SE
    corner of Hatmandor, inside speak to the man, walking back
    and forth, and agree. Teleport to Hatmandor Purlieus and
    head north to the red X Nutritious Diet, and enter house 4128
    3248 -164 . Agree to the quest. Outside, head south to the red
    X Nutritious Diet at the mines.
    Just before entering compound main gate, head NW through
    the small fence. Near the palm tree, with largest base, you'll
    find a GEMINELIXIR +1 skill point 318 1444 060 .
    Continue to the mine and follow Jazid deep into the cavern
    and go through a door. Continue east through several varns.
    Continue to a brief discussion with Qudamah the jackal, then
    kill him. Search and take his key. Just to the north of him is a
    Geminus Dexteritas accuracy +1percent. Continue towards
    the Nutritious Diet red X to the west and through a door.
    Eventually someone warns about strange noises.
    Continue south a little and east to red X "Crystal Rage"
    through a door, destroying crystal golems, in two large rooms
    and a side corridor, till a screen message shows.
    View your map to determine the shortest route back to
    Gloomy Jazid and talk. The exit is to the far SW through a
    long passage.
    Teleport to Hatmandor Purlieus, east through gate, then head
    due north or teleport to the Daxials,  to Nutritious Diet pin
    marker and enter the house for your reward.
    On the map you'll see a blue pin marker "Salah" outside
    Cheznaddar along the south wall. Go out Cheznaddar's east
    gate. Turn right and follow the wall south and around to west.
    Near a fence, speak with Salah. Agree, get potion from chest
    and try it. Speak to Salah again for a quest. Directly west of
    the SW corner of Cheznaddar, behind a large boulder you'll
    find an attribute crystal Willpower +2.  Jump 633 451 59 .
    Work your way down SW to the red X Herbal Slops. Three
    thugs attack near the infirmary. Through gate, straight
    forward, around left and inside. To left treat Old miner. Next
    cubicle treat Sick miner. Outside, around right and up steps.
    Threat Dying miner.
    Return north to blue pin marker Herbal Slops and talk. In
    inventory use the yellow herbal treatment. Talk to Salah to
    learn about Ammar. "Smuggling is a job..." Go to
    Cheznaddar tavern, large round open building.
         Ammar is out drunk at a table. Tell him "How dare
    you....", then everything else always choosing top option.
    Talk again and say "I can't let you..." and choose top options.
    Talk a third time and buy seeds. Read the cookbook.
    Walk west in the tavern and Isidore Jules III should give you
    orders. More on that later.
    Talk to Ammar again to get a cookbook and seeds.
    Salah is west of the tavern sitting on a bench near north gate.
    Get another quest. Teleport to Hatmandor Purlieus and out
    east gate. Back north to village Daxials. NE of Daxials map
    pin marker is the Daxials teleport. Make sure you activate it
    if you haven't already.
    At the blue map pin marker "Sick Aunt". Inside, after talking
    to Karima, go down to the basement and get list from chest,
    read the list. Again talk to Karima. Talk again next to the
    bed. Return to Salah, blue map pin "Sick Aunt" west of
    Tavern, and tell him "I'll take care of it...". Go to "Hand of
    Justice" pin marker south in town.
    Talk to Figar, then teach him manners. In a chest, book
    Conviction of Death, read it. In Cheznaddar, go out east gate
    and around right along the buildings to "Hand of Justice"
    map pin, Salah sits on a bench. Speak to him. Go to the red X
    marker "Sweet Vengeance". A varn camp near a dungeon
         Inside, follow Isodore to a trap, kill the two. A chest
    between the candles. Go out north hallway to exit. Teleport to
    Cheznaddar and go out north gate to the hooks, speak with
    one of the two guards. Speak with him again. Nearby speak
    with Abbas and say "Here's the money".
    From the SW corner outside Hatmandor, take the NW path to
    the map blue pin "Haadija". Speak to Haadija, speak to man
    on ground, kill the beast. Speak to standing man, speak to
    Galija. Speak to Azhar. Continue up the path to the guild.
    Inside, on the left speak to the smithy. In the middle speak to
    Mahdi. Talk again. Go outside and speak with Azhar. Back
    inside, speak with Mahdi. Speak to smithy. Equip Sulejman's
    Go down two flights of stairs and speak to the rotting
    skeleton to get screen message about finding the skeleton.
    Back up and speak to Mahdi. Back down 3 flights of stairs
    (ignore man in left room till later), open door on right and
    enter red room. DON'T kill the red man, kill two waves of
    summoned warriors. Go back up and report to the smithy.
    Speak with Mahdi again.
    Outside, find Azhar's father Bahir walking away, speak with
    him. Go down the path and speak with Galija. Go to The
    Hunt, west of the tavern, go up wide steps opposite north
    gate. Inside house find and speak with Azhar and get him to
    go to the guild. Go there, talk to Mahdi. Outside speak with
    Azhar. Inside speak to him again and get his tooth. Speak
    with Mahdi and you get an improved axe. Equip Sulejman's
    Go down two levels and speak with the rotting skeleton. He
    unlocks the chest. Search him and the chest. Read the last
    will and testament. Go down to the red room, defeat the red
    beast and others. Search the red beast body.
    Back up and speak with Mahdi. Inspect Azhar's body. Trade
    with smithy if you want.
    Mahdi has put up a notice on Bad Yi's bulletin: "Contract For
    Much earlier, if you accepted Basel's offer to fight in the pit,
    go down to bottom level and opposite the red room, speak to
    Harun The Thunder, tell him "You can swallow....) and get
    first fight: return to Harun after each fight .
    1. Gladiator, always rob inventory of each opponent.
    2. Two Archers.
    3. Dwarf.
    4. Trainer and 2 Cheetahs.
    5. Gladiator and 2 Archers.
    6. Mage and 3 Necrises.
    7. Giant Spider.
    8. Weirbeast.
    9. Champion Mage.
    10. Cyclops. Be sure to collect final reward from Harun.
    Teleport to Hatmandor. Head immediately around right to the
    alleyway, enter the building and upstairs to where Basel used
    to be. Now you can loot all the chests.
    Now go visit Bad Yi at the bulletin board near main entrance
    to Hatmandor. Take all scrolls from the board and read all of
    them. First up are the Black Marketeers inside Hatmandor.
    The door next to a vendor is locked. Either wait till dark, or
    use an invisibility potion. If you have the Holy Grail
    equipped, use it.
    You must pick the door lock but don't let anyone see you. If
    only you had an invisibility potion (at least 2 Master's
    Fingers to brew one.
    ec.AddObjectToInventory ing_106 20
    gives you 20 fingers. Brew two of them for 1 invisibility
    The next one is north in Hatmandor.
    After that, the next one is the north door of building facing
    the temple entrance.
    The next is near the NW sewer entrance. Just east of there, go
    up steps.
    Spider's Lair is just SW of Lachrymose Head teleport. Kill
    everything inside to see a message.
    Unsolicited guests is on the east side of Cheznaddar, in the
    sewer with giant scorpions. In the SE oblong sunken room,
    through the west small round tunnel.
    Ostriche Feathers, down near Horse Charmer's Yard teleport.
    Family Jewels:
    *First crushed jewel in Zah' Dan, uphill past small tent, in
    house kill occultists, jewel in chest of first room.
    *Next jewel, in Bayan, in house by west gate. Inside chest
    across from door.
    *Next in the village Daxials. First house on the right, in a
    *Next just outside SE gate of Cheznaddar, head around right
    and straight west to door 1581 453 173 , in a basket upstairs.
    *The last jewel, head east, then back north along east side
    town, when path starts to turn NW, in house a jewel in
    Head to the sewer indicated by Family Jewels map pin.
    Around behind the armorer's work area, enter sewer. Go
    straight east to the first north. On the right side, put
    assembled jewel in the container. Return to Bad Yi and get
    items from the chest. Read Address of Thanks. If you have a
    personal teleport platform, drop it just out from the chest.
    "Contract For Fame". There's a "beast" in a basement
    beneath the guild. It's just one Tailer.
    For right now, delay any further visit Bad Yi's bulletin board.
    Teleport to New Ashos docs and sail to the very beginning of
    long bay of Eikronas. On north side at very pointed wall (sort
    of looks like the letter j). Just west of the top portion, on a
    rock west of the j, find IX_Alpha.
    On eastern part of north coast of Eikronas, in lowest dip of
    coastline, on a rock off shore find X_Alpha.
    At highest point of Eikronas north shore, in the western area,
    west of bow shaped rock, on a rock off coast from the NE-
    SW sloping coastline, you'll find X_Beta.
    Off the west coast, at the NW point of Eikronas, on the
    largest rock you'll find IX_Delta.
    Farther down west coast from IX_Delta, in a deep cut cove,
    in a varn camp on the south bank, you'll find IX_Gamma
    near a campfire.
    A long way, farther down the SW coastline, on a half bowl
    shaped beach, a varn camp with a huge Brotherhalo. There
    you'll find IX_Epsilon.
    Now you should have all IX, X, and XI shards (15 in all). Go
    to Marvin and turn in the IX shards and get teleported to a
    dungeon. Speak with Muzzle, then through gate. West and
    through a gate to find an Attribute Crystal Endurance +3.
    Back around through gate and south stone door up steps,
    fight. Put a box on the pressure plate. Through east gate,
    sarcophagus, fight, sarcophagus. Back west, continue west up
    ramp, through gate, fight.
    West through round tunnel, 6 mummies, continue round
    tunnel, defeat all, search Fyodor. At north stone door, go
    upstairs, through SE gate, fight. Use lever, fight. Continue
    around and through NW gate, fight, use lever, fight.
    Downstairs, north stone door is now open. Throw 2 boxes to
    the lower level. Down and put box on each pressure plate.
    Back up and through north stone doorway.
    Fight, stone sarcophagus, fight, loot sarcophagus. Operate
    wheel switch, 2 giant scorpions, nearby GEMINELIXIR.
    Down steps and into sunken area. Through east gate, wheel
    switch, down south another wheel switch. West and down,
    many scapulari. Continue out north and down, scapulari,
    continue along fighting, continue west and north through
    round tunnel.
    Head north at intersection, fight in a room. Continue south,
    fight. Out east gate fight, up north ramp, serpent. Continue
    north, serpent. Continue due east, up steps, through gate and
    fight to upper level. East stone door, up and fight. North gate
    fight, out newly opened gate, south stone door, due east put
    box on pressure plate. Back west, north, back through stone
    door, east put box on pressure plate.
    Through east gate to sarcophagus at intersection, east stone
    door, fight and up steps, fight. South and fight. Now chase
    after Turs Duram. Go up stone slabs, and up another stone
    slab to upper level. Go out west doorway, fight to lower
    level, through south gate, fight. Make your way towards map
    pin "Underworld Takeover".
    Go out the SW corner, and out south. West to fighting, lever
    on north wall. Crouch under south door, out west and through
    round tunnel. Fight Stone Sentinels, through north stone
    door, up steps, out west gate, head right and down.
         South fight, through Stone Sentinels, sarcophagus,
    fight, sarcophagus, 2 wall switches. Back upstairs, continue
    clockwise around the walkway, fight through another group
    of sentinels, through gate, operate wheel switch.
    Back down and through north stone doorway, go below and
    fight. Go under rubble and out west gate. Through another
    west gate, Fight Turs Duram. Out gate and south, down
    through stone door, fight and kill Turs Duram. Sarcophagus
    to east.
         Out west gate to get X series clue books. You should
    already have the shards. Give them to Marvin and get
    teleported. Speak to the Shaman. North down trail, wild boars
    and a baboon, giant ants all along, several
    "KINDLEOFREBIRTH" fire entities.
    Speak with survivor. Enter city and destroy all mummies.
    Speak with Lavaz near the teleport. On the NW side of town
    is a GEMINELIXIR 1938 4395 68 . Go out NE gate, giant
    tailer on bridge. Continue up steps, giant tailers, baboons,
    flying probes. At ruins, through NW doorway. Giant
    scorpion, back out and through NE doorway. Ants, tailers,
    huge drosers, next gate destroy all to open gate.
    In the NW area, where the path is narrowly curved, east from
    fourth teleport, east past the eighth shrine, to find an Attribute
    Crystal Strength +3.
    Mummies, baboons, drosers. NE to next temple, giant
    scorpion. Back out and down the path, bearing left and due
    south to last temple. Several drosers along the way. At the
    temple, giant scorpion. Speak with Lavaz. Continue west
    through doorway. Many stone sentinels, Karghan teleports 3
    times. After he's down, speak with Lavaz. You get final set
    of books XI. You should have the XI shards, give them to
    Marvin. You are teleported. Speak to Vloran.
    Head due north to the blue pin marker Dark Clouds Over
    Grondvik. Giant vespine (bees) across first bridge. An
    occasional wolfiend, several armored necris spawn. Finally
    reach Eirik and other townsfolk just NW off main path near
    second shrine. Continue east and due south towards red X.
    Inspect bodies around teleport. Before long, spirits are
    aplenty and never seem to end.
    At the seventh teleport from the beginning, it's enclosed in a
    structure off path a little, in there go out the NW exit and left
    next to wall is a GEMINELIXIR.
    At the next or eighth teleport from the beginning, head SSE
    past the shrine, and across water. Behind large boulder is a
    GEMINELIXIR 8143 2423 227 .
    Soon, help stranded people fight. Continue due NE, more
    vespine and undead. Then several dark hunters (panthers),
    wolfiends past halfway point. Armored necris's on high
    ground to left. When you start seeing yellow crystal shards, a
    monumental battle against spawn and spell casters, undead,
    and a crystal golem that's mighty tough. You can see its red
    glow far ahead.
    After the battle, speak to Marvin for the last time. He gives
    you several permanent potions. Speak again. Now teleport
    back to Bad Yi's bulletin board in front of Hatmandor. For
    right now, go visit Abbas just to the west. Get a profit and
    some cheap armor. Give more money.
    Go back to Bad Yi's bulletin board. Check the bulletin board
    for a quest, read it. Head down to red X west of Queens
    Crossroads teleport. Get rid of the skeletons. Back at Bad
    Yi's bulletin board, get reward from chest. There's probably
    no more quests right now. Head just west to Abbas for
    profits, and give 20,000.
    Something to check on before returning to New Ashos;
    teleport to Halhin at far west and take the east exit out of
    town. Follow the road due east to Varn Camp, find entrance
    to varn's secret treasury. Head north downstairs, then east a
    ways to intersection, head right (south) and just around the
    turn, immediately on your left a room with a GEMINELIXIR.
    In the main round chamber, use the teleport to a couple of
    skeletons, a beast, and chest. Use the teleport again. Head
    east towards the oval hallway, head north to a short hallway
    to the exit. You appear to far east of Halhin. Head just north
    to a gap in the cliffs to the beach. Head right and right again
    into an alcove to find a Geminus Robur Strength +1 percent.
    Go back to Abbas, just west of Bad Yi's bulletin board in
    front of Hatmandor. Then west,  speak with Abbas. He needs
    more time. Back to New Ashos again, return to Kaineth at the
    Teleport to the swallows and meet Kaineth at the red X
    "Shadows From The Past". Go up steps. After the cut-scene,
    speak with Kaineth. From the intersection, meet him far up
    the road at the Heart of Swallows. A video, talk. Continue
    just NE and talk. Teleport to Desecrated Ashos teleport. Just
    east, go up steps and find Clammy Cellar door ( 3_b2  4011
    2235 118 ) to left of main entrance. Enter, follow the red X
    another video.
    Approach stone door to find a wheel switch. Operate it and
    go down the winding steps. When you approach a sunken
    room, witness a cut-scene. Go on down, continue east and
    through a gate, use the teleport. Go west a little and south
    through round tunnel. West, then south through another
    round tunnel. Head down the path to the Heart of The
    Swallows, another cut-scene. Go speak with Kaineth.
    Teleport back to Bad' Yis' bulletin board at Hatmandor gate,
    go just west and speak with Abbas. He gives you more profit
    and you get some armour. The deal is now closed. Now
    teleport to the outside teleport at Alsorna.
    Go to Cassara's former throne area and kill Sordahon, take
    his great inventory. Part way down the stairs, you can now
    loot Dar Pha's chest. On down to the main floor and speak
    with Dar Pha. Ghortarius gives you two choices, tell him
    "I'm ready".  Go to Ghortarius's chamber and use the
    teleport. In the new area, go investigate the nearby village.
    Fight across the footbridges. First building on left has 2 large
    potions. Behind next building on left are several plants. In the
    next building are 2 chests. Across street at smithy shop (anvil
    and fireplace), chest has keys. Further along, talk to the man
    at the wagon on the right. Just east speak with the priest "I'll
    see what... ", then on all options. Enter temple and get a
    Mega potion. Again talk to man at wagon choosing only
    these options; "What's so special....", "Where'd you find
    your amulet.", "So long Aidan."
    Head NW out of town and through swamp to red X, speak
    with Culainn. Back to SE to red X, get the rusty spike. Head
    a little north through the swamp and into open area directly
    east of south side of town (go all the way to the hillside).
    Find a GEMINELIXIR ( 4431 2924 191 ) between an old
    stump and a hollow log. Head down the road towards red X
    "The Cursed Crypt" to far SW. Along the way, visit the Lost
    Spider Pit for 2 chests. At the Sunken Cemetery DON'T
    access the glowing area yet.
    Watch a cut-scene. Kill the Ultimate Undead and take its
    inventory. Access the nearby glowing area to teleport. Return
    to the priest and tell him "I can't stay here". Ask all other
    options. Enter the nearby Inn and talk to Fergus on the left.
    Ham and potions on table. In the chest get two tomes. Read
    the largest An Old Chronicle first, then read the Second
    smaller Tome. Fruit on another table. By fireplace speak with
    Head towards the far SW red X Witch Hunt. Shortly after
    leaving town west exit, check out the small enclosed
    graveyard for 2 chests. Continue down towards the objective.
    Many Undead and Vespine along the way. At destination, the
    witch saves you. Tell her "Go on, speak your peace", then "If
    you're not a witch.....", and finally "Aidan?". Read the
    witch's journal to see a map. Go to the marker "Outward SW
    corner, in the water, beside an old well, get thousands of
    Head up to the green pin marker The Old Spell. Some ruins
    along the way with 2 chests in a side gate  1_e2  4690 3190
    201 . When you enter the tower, a cut-scene. Rob the chest
    and fight. Several pieces of paper and journals in and around
    the tower. There's at least 12 or so, some down slope from
    the tower, a couple at water's edge. Find all you can. Read all
    new notes and journals, and learn about Gandohar.
    Return to Nalia at The Old Spell, "I don't know much about
    plants.." Nalia's garden just east, cut-scene. Many items in
    the shack. Cut-scene in the garden. Many herbs, including an
    Aniseed for Nalia.
    Return to her, "I suppose it's worth my time", "Nalia, now
    that you feel better....". Head back NE to Tir Caillte and use
    teleport. Use the NE teleport just across the road. Return to
    the temple, get priest notes from chest and quickly read them.
    Tell Garadel "If she is what you claim...". Fionna stops you
    outside. A new destination back at the ruins to far NW "After
    Enter the old crypt and you find Aidan's note and read it.
    Outside, travel by foot SW to blue pin The Lost Hunter, cut-
    scene, talk to Nalia, cut-scene. Leave and talk to Garadel. Kill
    the beast, search it for a Black Heart (needed at very end of
    the game). Back north in the crypt to Nalia, a cut-scene,
    speak to Aidan.
         Outside, go just SE and use the teleport, then use the
    NE teleport just across the road. Back in town, talk to a few
    people. In the temple, check the chest for some auras. At the
    teleport north of town, go to Alsorna and speak with Cassara.
    Speak with the other three, speaking with Ghortarius the big
    guy last. Down inside at the main chamber floor, speak with
    Dar Pha. Back outside, teleport to Vahkmaar, then head down
    the long road to the red X, "Whatever It Takes". There's all
    manner of huge opponents along the way.
         Keep watch down bank to right as you go along.
    You'll see a GEMINELIXIR 1_F8  4062 3382 23 .As you
    approach the main gate, take the right path, to red X
    "Whatever It Takes" and picklock a door to an underground
    passage. Inside are ghouls to start with.
    Head west and up to red X. Two Mermidons, giant scorpion.
    Tuloks in big chamber. Continue another door to a
    Mermidon. Take round tunnel, more mermidons. Find a
    lever, find another lever. Continue south and towards next
    red X. Operate a lever in opposite rooms. Continue south and
    operate another lever. Continue up stone stairs for cut-scene.
    Another cut-scene. Get potions all along hallway. SAVE
    before using teleport to another cut-scene.
    There are four ballista. When dragon flies towards one, run to
    it and use it. You have time for 2 shots. If dragon flies
    downward, quickly get away, it will spit fire. However, if you
    have plenty of health and he rises up right in front, you can
    hit him point-blank with two shots.
    After weakening the dragon somewhat, it spawns a Magma
    Sentinel. Defeat it and continue the ballista routine. Further
    weakening and 2 magma sentinels. More weakening and 3
    magma sentinels. Finally weakening and the dragon dies.
    Watch final cut-scene. After credits, you end back in Alsorna
    and Dar Pha vanishes. You can return to New Ashos and
    check for any Des Mons bulletin board quests or any place
    else. Return to the Wandering Wrath and speak with Cutter
    and Billy Bugeyes. Cheznaddar, Hatmandor, Bayan, etc. for
    maybe some new dialogue.
    In any version of windows, if the games have not been
    properly registered, jumping to different map areas, for
    instance; jump 6_c01 doesn't work. However coordinates,
    within a particular map area, still works. To see what map
    area you're in, open the cheat console and type in
    Display.show 1 and hit Enter. To get rid of the onscreen
    numbers, in the cheat console type in Display.show 0 and hit
    A. To teleport yourself to the item II_Beta (as example):
    1. Open game console with tilde-key or Enter key.
    2. Type in each time : twoworldscheats then press Enter.
    3. Enter,  jump 6_B02 then press Enter.
    4. Enter,  jump 2770 2820 52 then press Enter.
    B. To create a copy of the item II_Beta (as example) at your
    feet: make sure the cursor is near your feet;
    1. Open the game console with tilde-key (or ^), or simply hit
    2. Type in each time: twoworldscheats then press Enter.
    3. Enter II_Beta then press Enter.
    I_Alpha = 5_A01 2370 4125 444
    I_Beta = 5_A01 1053 4699 -154
    I_Gamma = 5_A01 4350 2921 36
    I_Delta = 5_A01 3229 3472 139
    I_Epsilon = 5_A01 1645 3178 260
    II_Alpha = 6_C01 3866 3517 -145
    II_Beta = 6_B02 2770 2820 52
    II_Gamma = 6_B02 2239 3093 12
    II_Delta = 6_B03 1232 4629 278
    II_Epsilon = 6_C02 851 830 342
    III_Alpha = 6_D01 429 333 202
    III_Beta = 6_C03 2563 3227 69
    III_Gamma = 6_B02 1112 4346 -116
    III_Delta = 6_A01 3652 1430 179
    III_Epsilon = 6_A01 1339 1559 265
    IV_Alpha = 6_A01 3338 2428 179
    IV_Beta = 6_B01 290 3625 -108
    IV_Gamma = 6_A04 2615 4095 10
    IV_Delta = 6_B04 2842 2711 -155
    IV_Epsilon = 6_C03 3733 1127 -34
    V_Alpha = 6_C04 4055 1859 29
    V_Beta = 6_D02 3165 2312 49
    V_Gamma = 6_E02 3226 4393 245
    V_Delta = 6_E02 4030 543 -83
    V_Epsilon = 6_D01 4206 3561 -145
    VI_Alpha = 2_A01 2290 3989 18
    VI_Beta = 4_A01 2828 2458 -101
    VI_Gamma = 3_A03 2915 1647 22
    VI_Delta = 3_A02 3513 4266 -148
    VI_Epsilon = 3_B01 3613 1727 -79
    VII_Alpha = 3_C02 2122 3074 -69
    VII_Beta = 3_B03 222 1013 16
    VII_Gamma = 3_A03 4069 4727 611
    VII_Delta = 3_A02 4842 1651 334
    VII_Epsilon = 3_A02 4172 2645 166
    VIII_Alpha = 1_C05 868 1042 81
    VIII_Beta = 1_C05 2251 1873 71
    VIII_Gamma = 1_D06 2729 4687 -91
    VIII_Delta = 1_D05 1652 3835 -158
    VIII_Epsilon = 1_F05 2196 3772 268
    IX_Alpha = 1_I06 1414 4566 182
    IX_Beta = 3_C03 3883 1467 -101
    IX_Gamma = 1_A03 2908 447 -60
    IX_Delta = 1_A02 999 2252 -76
    IX_Epsilon = 1_D07 3309 3457 -122
    X_Alpha = 1_H02 2791 3120 -119
    X_Beta = 1_C01 2644 2850 -85
    X_Gamma = 7_B01 1620 280 136
    X_Delta = 7_B02 4805 315 -143
    X_Epsilon = 7_A02 1316 1590 -10
    XI_Alpha = 7_A01 523 3688 -3
    XI_Beta = 7_B01 1752 4156 -154
    XI_Gamma = 7_C01 3352 3961 -79
    XI_Delta = 7_B02 3164 4583 162
    XI_Epsilon = 7_C01 1039 1122 -110

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