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    World Exploration Guide by Fjoeri

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    ================================ Two Worlds II ================================
    ==================================== FAQ ======================================
    ================================= Version 1.3 =================================
    =============================== - Copyright - =================================
    ================================= - Fjoeri - ==================================
    ======================== - Joeri.Crauwels@gmail.com - =========================
    ================================== - 2010 - ===================================
    Version 1.3 - Added the green portal location north of Eollas.
                  Added the pirate loot location north of Eollas.
                  Added a way to get into Eikronas and explore the lands.
    Version 1.2 - Expanded "the swamps and vahkmaar" section
                  Expanded "pineforest" section
                  Expanded "Eikronas" section
                  Expanded "fishing village" section
                  Expanded "shorelines" section
    Version 1.1 - Content/grammar/spelling corrections
    Version 1.0 - Initial guide
    Two Worlds II is the sequel to Two Worlds. Unlike the previous installment,
    this game is available for the Playstation 3 as well as the Xbox 360 and PC.
    The game was released for mainland Europe in 2010 and is scheduled for a UK and
    US release in January 2011.
    Two Worlds II takes place in the world of Antaloor, the same world as the
    first game. However, it does not take players to the same landmass. Instead of
    just one large piece of land, Two Worlds II takes place on several islands
    surrounded by vast oceans, all of which are free to explore. All, except the
    largest island, Eikronas.
                                   Table of Contents
     I. The world of Antaloor
        I.1 Alsorna ..............................................................
        I.2 Erimos ...............................................................
        I.3 Eollas ...............................................................
        I.4 Eikronas .............................................................
     II. Ways of exploring the world
        II.1 By foot .............................................................
        II.2 By horse ............................................................
        II.3 By teleport .........................................................
        II.4 By swimming .........................................................
        II.5 By boat .............................................................
     III. Eploring the world .....................................................
        III.1 Unnamed island one .................................................
        III.2 Eollas's islands ...................................................
        III.3 Unnamed island two .................................................
        III.4 Eikronas ...........................................................
          A The swamps and Vahkmaar ..............................................
          B The wall .............................................................
          C Beach settlement .....................................................
          D Jungle temple ........................................................
          E Fishing village ......................................................
          F Shorelines ...........................................................
          G Pineforest ...........................................................
          H Northern settlement ..................................................
          I Getting into Eikronas past the wall ..................................
     IV. Credits .................................................................
     I. The world of Antaloor
     I.1. ALSORNA
    Alsorna is the most northern and smallest island in the game. It is where the
    game takes the player first and forms the base of operations for the entire
    resistance during the single player campaign. There are no settlements on this
    island, other than the main hideout, a dungeon and some Grom camps.
     I.2 ERIMOS
    Erimos is the most south east island. It is the setting for the very first
    chapter of the single player campaign and is unlocked at the start of the game.
    This land is identified mostly by it dry climate and similarities to the
    middle eastern like settings.
    Besides vast deserts and savannas, it houses the twin cities Hatmandor and
    Cheznaddar, the two largest cities in the game. Both are located right next to
    each other, on the north west end of the island. Right in the middle of this
    island is the small town of Bayan. Other than these locations, there are small
    settlements being Jurban in the south, Halhin in the north and Oros in the far
    east. All of these locations are free to explore from the start on. Both
    Hatmandor and Oros feature a house that the player can own. The one in
    Hatmandor can be bought for 50.000 auras and the one in Oros is one of the
    prizes won in the first horse race in the savanna.
     I.3 EOLLAS
    Eollass is, on the southern end of the map, the most western island. This
    island is roughly one third the size of Erimos, making it the third largest
    landmass in the game. This island is surrounded by several explorable islands
    of notable size. It is heavily inspired by the Japanese culture and
    As soon as the first chapter is completed, the player ends up in the center of
    New Ashos, the main city of the island which is located on the most south
    western corner of the island. The entire western end of Eollas, as well as the
    northern shores enjoy a subtropical climate.
    The Swallows is the name for the dark and groomy east of the island. Other
    than creepy beings, it houses the lost and partially destroyed city of Ashos.
    The reason why this area is so hellish, is explained throughout the story.
    Eikronas is without doubt the largest landmass in the entire game, being
    larger than all other islands combined. This island is located in the northern
    half of the map and can be devided into two parts, Inisith as the main chunck
    of the island and Vahkmaar as the most southern peninsula.
    Eikronas becomes accessible as soon as chapter three is started. However,
    only an area called the swamps will be explorable. This area houses only one
    settlement, being the town of Tir Gael. There are however, other locations
    in the swamps, such as ruins and a dungeon.
    It should be noted that the player gets stuck in this area until the very end
    of the chapter. The swamps are located right in the middle of Eikronas, which
    means the area is part of the Inisith part of Eikronas.
    Chapter four takes the player to the Vahkmaar area of the island, an area
    enclosed by cliffs located on the southern peninsula of Eikronas. There are
    no settlements or towns in this extremely hostile area. The only place of worth
    is Castle Vahkmaar.
    It is said that Eikronas is reserved for multiplayer. When the map is
    compared to the multiplayer maps, then several similarities can indeed be
    seen. However, usage of the mages's super jump and oculus have pointed out
    that there is nothing beyond the boundries of the multiplayer maps. Therefor,
    it is possible that they exist in a seperate part of the game, rather than in
    the very same map as the single player.
     II. Ways of exploring the world
     II.1 By foot
    The world can be explored on several ways. The most obvious way is by foot,
    which is how most of the world will unlock it's secrets. The player is able
    to access most of the world by just walking and running, though sometimes
    rocks, cliffs or certain slopes will prevent the player from reaching a
    certain area.
     II.2 By horse
    Horsebackriding is restricted to the deserts and savanna of Erimos. Near the
    beginning of the very first chapter in single player, the player gets a quest
    with a ridable horse as winning.
    Horses tend to spawn at various locations, but all of them are at either
    Varn hideouts and camps, or settlements. The player can never tryly own a
    horse, nor can a npc. Hence, taking a horse will never count as stealing and
    it will not count as a crime. Just remember that a horse can die and drown,
    so no swmimming for the horsey. If the player does lose the horse, or it dies,
    then it will respawn after a while.
     II.3 By teleport
    Though not really a way to travel, teleports are important for fast travelling
    and preventing tedious backtravelling. Teleports are located on fixed locations
    and are unlocked once found. From that point on, the player can travel from
    any teleport back and forth to any other unlocked teleport.
    Other than the fixed teleports, the player also holds a portable teleport.
    This functions just the same as any teleport and allows the player to warp to
    any of the teleports from any place, as long as it is not indoors. This
    teleport cannot be consumed and will hence always be in the player's inventory
    without the worry of losing it. There is only one teleport of this kind.
    The third kind of teleport is the personal teleport. This works just like the
    other ones, but can be consumed. They can be found in chests or can be
    bought from vendors only. Once obtained, they allow the player to put them down
    on the ground to create fixed teleport which can be used just like any other,
    as long as it is not indoors. These teleports can be picked up again, if the
    player chooses to do so.
     II.4 By swimming
    Surrounded by vast oceans, any inhabitant of the islands would not be able to
    explore the world if not for the art of swimming. The player can swim any
    river, shore and sea for as long as he/she wishes without the danger of
    drowning. However, if the player ventures too far away from the coast, a
    message will appear on the screen forcing the player to return to the shore to
    prevent drowning. The game thus makes it impossible to cross the oceans by
    swimming. It is impossible to dive, so surface swimming only. The sprint
    button can be used to swim faster. And no worries, there are no sharks. There
    are numerous little fishies, but they don't bite. Also, there is the occasional
    driftwood, but that's just for show.
     II.5 By boat
    Near the very start of the second chapter, the player can meet a guard spared
    at the opening of the game. This guard is situated at the piers, just south
    of the city of New Ashos. He sells the player a small boat for 3000 bucks.
    With that boat, all of the waters can be explored.
    Boating can be quite tricky. Once taken position in the boat, tiny blue arrows
    form sort of a blinking line on the mini-map. This is an indication of the
    wind direction. On top of the mast of the boat is a tiny red flag, another
    indication to point out where the wind is coming from.
    Console users must use the shoulder buttons to move the sail of the boat so
    that the wind catches the sail. This way, the boat will speed up. There's only
    one catch to sailing, and that is that the wind never seems to blow in the
    direction you want to go. Thus the player is often forced into sailing into
    the wind.
    Sailing into the wind is impossible, however, it is not impossible to sail
    into the opposite direction. The player must sail diagonally into the wind
    while positioning the sails is such a way that they still catch the wind. This
    requires practice, as well as patience, since the speed is drastically
     III. Eploring the world
     III.1 Unnamed island one
    The first unnamed island is an island about half the size of Alsorna. It's
    located right in between Erimos and Eollas and is viewable from both islands.
    It can only be reached by boat. The island houses nothing of worth, other
    than a couple of Vidon camps.
    Due to the notable size of the island and the acceptable loot gained from
    slaying foes, it is advised to place a personal teleport on the island. This
    way, the island will remain visitable after the initial visit without the
    use of the boat.
     III.2 Eollas's islands
    Eollas is surrounded by six islands of notable size and several other rocks.
    Of those six islands, only two of them offer more than just an explorable
    area. Both of these islands are located just west of New Ashos and both are
    within swimming distance, just like the other islands.
    Of these two, the most southern one is an open world dungeon. It is explored
    during a quest for the mages guild. Though this island is within swimming
    distance, it cannot be accessed this way. The only way is by going through an
    entrance, located right next to the island, on the the shores of Eollas.
    The largest of the six islands surrounding Eollas is located to the north
    west. The island itself is a dungeon as well and as such holds an entrance,
    though the island can be reached by swmimming. Other than functioning as a
    dungeon, the island holds a teleport.
    However, the most interesting aspect of the islands around Eollas is located
    on the beach of the separated rock of the largest island. On it, the guardian
    can be found. The guardian is a flaming Ostrich which drops around 50000
    bucks as well as other precious loot. This is enough money to by the large
    house in Hatmandor.
    North of Eollas are three tiny islands, located just right next to each other.
    Of these three islands, the two top ones hold something special. The most
    eastern one holds some rubble, ruins that is. On a stone platform of these
    ruins is a green teleport of some sort. It doesn't do anything, it's just
    there being green and all. The most eastern island of these top two holds a
    trapdoor. This trapdoor is locked and must thus be unlocked using either
    bashing or lockpicking. Past the trapdoor is a room with seven chests full of
    loot and two tables with dozens of potions. Hooray for the pirate loot!
     III.3 Unnamed island two
    The second unnamed island is located just east of Vahkmaar, however out of
    swimming range. This island is roughly the same size as Alsorna but contains
    no settlements of any kind, nor has it dungeons or a fixed teleport. It does
    however houses several Vidon camps.
    Due to the large size of the island, as well as the large amount of loot that
    can be gained from these enemies, it is advised to place a portable teleport
    on the island. This way, the boat is no longer needed to visit the island
    later on.
    Reaching this island might be hard to do. It is out of swimming range and it
    is located far away from where the player obtains the boat. Therefor it is
    nearly unavoidable to sail into the wind. This requires patience and some
    experience with the boat.
     III.4 Eikronas
    Eikronas is the largest area in the entire game. However, only small parts of
    it are explorable for the player. This has caused quite a fuss with players,
    who are disappointed by the lack of exploration of the largest landmass in
    the game. Apparently, the inside of Eikronas houses the areas used in the
    multiplayer missions, five distincs areas. The other two multiplayer missions
    are dungeons, and as such, not part of the land itself. It is unclear where
    the village is located.
    Around all of that, there is a huge rocky wall that was made to prevent the
    player of accessing all of that land in single player. It thus seems that
    Eikronas is just a means of filling up the map. Currently, hopes are that the
    area will be filled and used via upcoming downloadable content.
    However, Eikronas is not as empty as it may seem...
    Preparation for the exploration of Eikronas
    Before starting the exploration of Eikronas, several preparations
    must be made. First of all, the player must own the boat. And that boat can
    only be bought from the second chapter onwards.
    Another must are personal teleporters. It is strongly advised to own several
    of them. This way, in case of trouble or glitches, the player can always get
    back to the boat. If not, there is a chance of losing the boat forever. Also,
    leaving a personal teleport allows the player to revist certain areas without
    the need to sail all the way back, saving several hours in time. It is
    extremely advised to place a personal teleport at the very location where the
    player leaves his/her boat. This way, there is always a direct way to travel
    back to the boat and it prevents the risk of losing the boat forever.
    Eikronas holds several interesting and worthy areas the player can visit.
    Most of them are located in the large bay area in between the Inisith and
    Vahkmaar areas. All of those shores can be accessed and there are several
    camps with enemies and precious loot.
    Also, the player needs several hours of free time. Why? Simply because it will
    take a very long time to reach these areas. The main reason is that sailing is
    a relative slow way of traveling, especially when sailing against the wind.
    This, as already stated, to do this, the player must zigzag in the direction
    of the wind. If done correctly, the sail should catch enough wind to make the
    boat move.
    A. The swamps and Vahkmaar
     The game forsees only two explorable areas in Eikronas, the swamps region
     and the Vahkmaar area. The first is part of the third chapter and cannot be
     left during that chapter due to the storyline. The Vahkmaar area is where the
     fourth chapter takes place and this is the most hostile area of the entire
     game with no way out, other than one teleport location.
     There is however, one way out of the swamps. From the village of Tir Gael,
     the player must head north past the teleport and follow the road all the way
     up north. There will be a blockade, made by some boulders, rocks and trees.
     If done correctly, the player can jump onto the rocks all the way to the top
     of the rubble. Then, the player can drop down beyond the blockade. Do so to
     get beyond the wall. However, only a few steps into the unknown will be
     enough to trigger the automatic respawn in the nearest village. When explored
     with an oculus, it becomes clear that there is only terrain beyond this part
     of the wall, with no trees, animals or anything.
    B. The Wall
     The main chunck of the island is blocked for the player by a huge wall.
     Really, a wall. This rocky wall prevents the player of visiting areas other
     than the two above. However, the wall does not enclose all of Eikronas.
     Therefor, most of the shoreline and inward regions are explorable.
     During the exploration of Eikronas the player will find various interesting
     locations. Frequently these locations contain roads leading towards the
     center of the island, beyond the wall. At certain points, it becomes
     visually obvious that the wall was just placed to hide the inside of the
     lands. On occasion, the player will also be able to see beyong the wall. That
     will reveal that there truly is land beyond the wall. As of now, there is one
     area in the pine forest where the player can actually travel beyond the wall.
     However, a message appears telling the player that he/she has gotten lost at
     which point the player respawns back outside of the wall. That's the reason
     why the usage of personal teleports is strongly advised. If the player ever
     spawns in an area out of reach of the boat, it will can still be recovered.
     Skip down to section I. to find out how you can jump beyond the wall and
     explore Eikronas.
    C. Beach settlement
     Located in the most western end of the bay between Inisith and Vahkmaar the
     player will find a large seaside settlement with a pier and a river running
     straight through it, right into the sea. This area is habitat to several
     Scapulari clans. It also has a one water altar of yatholen. Around the
     buildings are several chests to be found.
    D. Jungle temple
     If the player ventures land inwards from the beach settlement and follows
     the river, then it will take him/her into a tropical forest. Following this
     forest and the river, the player will pass by a fixed teleport. This allows
     for easy revisits later.
     Following even further landinwards, to the west, the player will stumble
     upon large temple ruins within the jungle. The temple itself is crowded with
     Vidons. On every platform between the stairwells of the temple are chests
     with loot. There is a small portion of jungle beyond the temple area, though
     it offers nothing but a few animal foes and some plants.
    E. Fishing village
     Located along the northern shoreline of the bay, the player will stumble
     upon a reasonable large town with houses, piers and even a fully explorable
     lighthouse nearby. There are no chests to be found in this village and it is
     completely deserted. There is a road that runs straight through the town and
     crosses another in between the village and the lighthouse. This second road
     leads right to the wall. However, when looking at the map, it's obvious that
     this road actually leads towards the swallows, the area unlocked when playing
     the third chapter.
     It is possible to get beyond the wall. The player must approach the wall
     that runs straight across the road leading to the swamps. To the left is a
     grassy slope. From the top of that slope, it is possible to jump onto the
     rocks. With some good jumping, it is possible to get on the other side of the
     wall. Beyond the wall, there is more terrain and there are plenty of trees,
     indicating that this part of Eikronas was planned to be used at some point.
     More even, all the terrain between the village and the swamps, as well as the
     road seen on the map, is there. The only thing lacking are details, other
     than the trees. Venturing too far will prompt the automatic teleport and
     makes the player spawn back at the beach. An oculus can be used to explore
     more of the area.
     All of the above terrain is viewable from the top of the nearby lighthouse.
     This lighthouse also provides a very nice view over the bay between Inisith
     and Vahkmaar, as well as castle Vahkmaar itself.
    F. Shorelines
     All around Eikronas are shorelines. Only in a few places does the wall reach
     out into the ocean. Therefor, it is almost possible to run around the entire
     island and explore the shoreline. On several places, the player can find
     small camps with enemies to kill and chestst to open. Other than the bay
     where most of the interesting places are found, there is also the entire
     west side of Eikronas to explore with beaches, enemy camps and jungles. There
     is however no fixed teleport for later use.
     For the most part, only beaches can be traversed. But, there are several
     areas where the player can enter the woods and jungles which are habitated
     by several creatures. Depending on the type of plantation, there will be
     other animals. Jungles will house panthers and hogs, while pineforests will
     be home to wolves and bears.
     On the Vahkmaar peninsula, the west side, the player might notice a lack of
     the wall. And that is correct. On the direct west side of the Vahkmaar
     teleport, the wall will be missing. If the player travels there, he/she will
     only have a steep slope to conquer. If done correctly by zigzagging, the
     player will be able to reach the top. From there on, there is a clear view
     of all the land in between the west and east sides of Vahkmaar. The area is
     not detailed, but there are numerous trees. An oculus can be used to explore
     more, because the player will be warped right back onto the beach if he/she
     ventures to far land inwards.
    G. Pineforest
     The boat is needed to reach the pineforest because it's located on the east
     of Eikronas and the shoreline is blocked at certain areas by the wall. This
     forest is located in another bay. Looking at the map, the player should
     note a bay at the most eastern part of the island. This bay holds a long and
     narrow beach, with many rocks spraid out over the beach. Landinwards from
     this beach is the pine forest. Through this forest runs another road, which
     leads right into the wall. However, this part of the wall is not closed off.
     Instead, it's sort of a rocky arch with boulders in front, preventing the
     player of passing through.
     Just beyond this arch, the road leads to two areas used in the multiplayer
     aspect of the game, as well as a fixed teleport and a fire altar of aziraal.
     If done correctly, the player can move beyond the wall. To do so, the player
     must approach the rocky arch and jump on the boulders until he/she can't go
     any further. This archway is rather narrow and the player should notice a
     gap between the boulder in front of him/her and the arch. This gap is not
     large enough to run through, but with some manouvering, it is possible to
     crawl through the gap. This will drop the player beyond the wall. However,
     neither the teleport nor the altar can be reached as the game automatically
     warps the player back outside the wall. When an oculus is used, it becomes
     clear that there really isn't anything beyond the walls but rough terrain.
    H. Northern settlement
     Take a look at the map. At the north west end of Eikronas you'll notice a
     small curbed rocky island. It's somewhat shaped like a banana, or half a
     moon or even a croissant, your pick. Directly east of it, there is a beach.
     This entire area can be explored and there are some animals to kill. Now,
     west of this area is another beach, beyond swimming distance. So the player
     must sail his/her boat around this explorable chunck of land to the next
     large and open beach.
     This beach has some piers and a fairly large settlement housed by tons of
     scapulari creaturs. Also, on the west side of the settlement (to the left
     when facing it), there is a fixed teleport. Again, this allows the player
     to revisit this area later on without having to sail back or using a
     precious personal teleport.
    I. Getting into Eikronas past the wall
     Ok, there is a way to actually get beyond the wall and explore the entire
     west side of the Eikronas island. And I'm telling you, it's huge, but empty.
     The ground consists only of raw terrain with few grass and some trees. The
     textures on the ground often draw roads on the map, but they lead to nowhere.
     Unlike previously thought, the multiplayer maps are not located in Eikronas.
     One must first create a potion or a spell that allows the character to jump
     higher than normally. It doens't need to be a super jump, just an increase of
     about 100% or 200% is enough. I did it with a potion that gives my character
     a boost of 500%.
     The player must then travel to the west coast of Eikronas. Like stated above,
     there is a beach settlement on that coast and there is a rather large chucnk
     of land to explore. The tropic settlement beyond the beach contains only
     tropical fauna and some wild hogs as foes. From the beach and camps, travel
     directly towards the east until the wall appears. Then, follow the wall
     towards the south and keep following.
     Open the in-game map and have a look at the area. Following the line of the
     wall, it should be clear that following the wall will eventually make the
     player go slightly north again. If by following the wall back towards the
     north, the player has gone to far.
     So follow the wall until it goes back up north, just slightly. There, the
     wall should be lower then other places. Just in front of this lower section
     of the wall should be two other lower rocks. Using the potion or spell, the
     player can easily jump upon them, as they have a flat surface. From on these
     rocks, the player can jump upon the wall. And of course, from the wall the
     player can jump down into Eikronas.
     The difference with this place is that it will not teleport the player back
     outside the wall. Therefor, the entire western side of the land can be
     explored. Again, this area holds nothing of interest, other than grassy
     textures, some grass plants and some trees.
     It would be a good idea to place a personal marker on the location where the
     wall can be jumped and it would even be a better idea to put a personal
     teleport on the ground ones the wall has been breached. This way, there
     will always be easy access to Eikronas.
    No credits so far. If you wish to contribute, just e-mail me and you'll be
    awardes credits and kudos.

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