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Guide and Walkthrough by thedragonlady

Updated: 12/17/2010


I tried to be as helpful as possible without spoiling things.
Many quests in this game have multiple possibilities and many
problems have multiple solutions. I did not get all the quests
possible so if you found one that I didn't, please let me know
at dragonlady@netcourrier.com. Be sure to write Two Worlds II
on the subject line.
Only Gamefaqs, Supercheats and Cheat Happens have my permission
to use this faq.

+ + + + + + + + + +
+ Castle Vahkmaar +
+ + + + + + + + + +



Like the first Two Worlds, your character starts this game off kinda 
clunky and through the game you'll need to build up the skills you
prefer. You begin in jail in Castle Vahkmaar and you're rescued by
some Orcs. You're told to follow them, and well, there's nothing
much else to do, other then grab some unusuable weapons, for now, 
and auras (money) off the dead guards, so follow them. Once you
reach the sewers, there's a chest around to the left. There are
two locked doors but nothing you can do with them right now. You'll
come across a few more guards as you move up but the Orcs will take
care of them, don't forget to search the bodies for loot. Dar Pha, 
the female Orc, will take you through a locked door and then down a
few halls to the library. She'll complain that a door is missing
and send you to look for a switch to open it. It's upstairs in an
alcove and very easy to spot. Search both up and downstairs for a 
small healing potion, the Architect's Notebook, Ancient Cults and
Orders and The Teachings of Tarayel. Read the books. Sneak through
the throne room for a cutscene. Afterwards, there's another library
and more books, Attributes of Armor and the Architects of Antaloor.
Go down the stairs for another cutscene. Darn, the warp portal is
gone! Don't forget to grab the stuff from the fallen and run for the
dungeon. You'll get separated from Dar Pha but learn to pick locks.
There're two locked doors, one showing the lock red and one green.
Red locks are quest related and can't be picked. Attempt to pick the
lock yourself by pressing A to start the tumbler rotating and then
the RT when your pick is over the opening. Depending on the level
of the lock you will have two to several layers to unlock. You can
also use Y to autopick, or If you have no lockpicks, or prefer to
savethem, you can just kick the lock or give it a few whacks with
your drawn weapon. Go for a swim and you'll end up between two
stairways. A chest is up the one to your left and Dar Pha is waiting
for youto your right. Enter the Lab where you'll find some potions,
the Alchemist's Agenda, the Properties of Plants and the weapon,
Warlord which will automatically equip. Speak to Dar Pha for a
cutscene. Kill the guard, loot his body and escape.

Tips on Stealing.  First, stand behind a distracted person. A
distracted person is someone who is talking to another person like
a merchant, a guard at his post or two people just chatting. Always
save first because this is not that easy to do even if your level
is reasonably high. When you approach a person from behind who it's 
possible to steal from, a prompt will appear with an A. So push A
and three snakes going in circles will appear. I believe the center
and outer snake are going clockwise and the one between them is
going counterclockwise. The trick is to have the hand follow the
center snake's opening. When all three openings are more or less
aligned, push A to grab the loot. It takes practice and high skill
for Theivery (to raise your skill level push BACK and go to the
first screen, the one with the face on it. Click on Assissin skills
and then add skill points to Thievery). Even with high Thievery,
you can still fail through no fault of your own because sometimes
it just never lines up good, so again, save first. Don't even
attempt the Thieves Guild Quest to steal from three guards until
you've upgraded Thievery. I was able to do it at level 7. You can
save between each save, however.

+ + + + + + +  
+  Alsorna  +
+ + + + + + +

- to Save Dar Pha

You're outside on an island. Dar Pha gets caught in a trap and you
must find the warp portal to get her help. Check your map, This is
a very small island and it's pretty straightforward. There are Groms
about to kill and loot. Look around for some herbs, then teleport to
the Orcan camp for a cutscene. Ghortarius and Nortar will go to help
Dar Pha. Follow Rogdor to distract the Groms from her. Facing the
teleport, go left. You'll see a bridge and just right of it, a path
through some rocks. Head down that path for a fight with a Grom (You
cannot stray from the path or you will automatically be put back on
it). Defend from his blow, then kill him. Head further down the path, 
continuing to follow Rogdor's instructions. Sneak, use LT, across the
log bridge to fight another Grom, then approach the stack of logs to
cause a cutscene. Head back across the log bridge and talk to Nortar.
You now have a bow and a quiver (limitless arrows), use it to kill
the Groms that followed you. To shoot two arrows at once, press and
hold RT to pull back the bowstring then press LT to enter sniper mode.
Press Y to use two arrows. Now, click on each target with LT, then
release RT to fire. It must recharge to use again. Head back to the
camp for a cutscene. There are two chests in camp, one locked and one
you can use to store stuff.You can't buy or sell anything just yet,
so store what you don't absolutely need.

+ + + + + + + + + +

(Inbetween Quests)

After the first quest you can do a little adventuring if you like 
before the next one. Press the BACK arrow to bring up your inventory
screen and go to the first page, the one with a face up top. You've
earned some attribute and skill points to spend. Use them to increase
whatever you prefer. I did Endurance, Strength, Metallurgy, Steady
Hand and Multi Arrow. But you should increase whatever skills you
prefer for your particular style of fighting. With good strength and
endurance you can climb to seemingly impossible heights with a good
run and jump start. If you absolutely have to have the chest several
Groms are parked next to, then find a nice steep pile of rocks or
cliff to pick them off with your new bow. Don't forget to equip your
quiver. A bow isn't much good without the arrows! You only need to
equip it the first time you use it, afterwards, it automatically
equips when you equip your bow. You can shoot birds with the bow, but
it won't auto aim like it will for an enemy. Don't waste lockpicks
on simple locks, just break them off with a swift kick or a weapon.
Approach the lock and press A, then equip an axe or a sword, for
example, and give it a good whack or just start kicking. If you want
to get the hang of lockpicking, I suggest buying as many as you can
afford and then save before a chest you find difficult. Then just
practice til you open  it or run out of lockpicks, then reload your
game and do it as many times as necessary for it to become easy. Look
at the tumblers carefully and make note where the first three slots
are. Each ring actually has two slots, one across from the other, so
if you miss one or it's too close to the one you just did It, go to
the next one, but if you miss too many, your lockpick will break.

You'll have the ability to upgrade your weapons, yourself, very early
in the game. You'll be able to break down other weapons to use for
materials for those upgrades. Crystals can be added your weapons and
armor to inhance certain attributes and skills. You can equip one
twohanded weapon, two onehanded ones (my favorite) or a onehanded
one with a shield. Use different kinds of weapons on different
enemies. For example: Skeletons are best beat with blunt weapons
and/or fire. So experiment! 

The main island is really two islands connected by three bridges. 
I will refer to these bridges as the northern, center and southern
connecting bridges. I  will give directions based on the three main
paths, western, middle and eastern, all starting in the south. The
one in the west, is where you started. On your map you'll see the
marker of the first teleporter you used. Just east of that marker,
and ever so slightly north, is an Air Altar of Maliel where you can
temporarily increase Willpower and regain your health. East of that,
again just slightly north, and a bit west of the center path is a
Fire Altar for strength and northeast of it, along the path heading
to the north connecting bridge, is an Earth Altar for endurance.
Once you've visited an Altar, it'll show on your map as a big blue
pin. Subquests, people and places of interest will be small, darker
blue or green pins. The white flag with the one red stripe is for
an active quest. You can also mark the map yourself with green Xs
or one blue Flag. To do so, open your map and point the finger at the
place you want to mark, and press X for the flag or A for an X. Re-
peat to erase. Arghud's cave is east of the center bridge and N/W of
the teleport in the Orcan camp. Grom's Lair is near the southern end
of the middle path along it's west coast, tucked into the rocks.
There's a wrecked ship just east of the north end of the eastern path. 

The teleporters aren't yet active, so you'll be on foot. Go back to
the place where you killed the Groms with the two arrows and pillage
their camp, which is just a little further up the path. Of course,
search for more herbs. The Fire and Earth Altars are nearby. There are
caves and other camps with chests up and down the paths, (you can't
really get lost on such a small island) so get busy building up your
skills and money. Some of the Groms here are better equipped but if
too difficult, can be lured out one at a time, sniped with arrows
(which do not work as well as they did in practice) or simply avoided,
but what's the fun in that? The main path loops back to the Orcan camp.
When ready, follow Dar Pha over the bridge to meet with the Prophet.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- to Meet With the Prophet Cassara

The bridge is down and Ghortarius' magic is being blocked by the
Necris. He gives you a fire staff and warps you both to some under-
ground ruins. There you learn to use the staff. Just keep doing
what he tells you to, eventually the door is unlocked and you'll
find a book, the Nature of Magic in Antaloor and your very first
skillbook, water mastery. Read it, then pick up an ice card. Follow
the instructions to change your staff from fire to ice and kill
the demon blocking the path to the teleporter. Pick up the demon's
heart and warp out.  Ghortarius can now raise the bridge. Go meet
the Prophet for a cutscene. You'll find new armor on a table to
your right and another skillbook, A Dirty Trick, on the ground to
your left.  Dar Pha will give you a torch. Follow her into the
Alsorna Interiors.  There's nothing here until you go to your room,
so follow her there. On the table you'll find a small mana potion
and a health potion. In the chest there's an Air Effect Card,some
Auras (money), Fabric, 4 pieces of Steel,an Air Mastery Skillbook
and 5 pieces of meat (hang onto the meat for starving people).
Put what you want in your chest and have a chat with Dar Pha.
She'll send you down to the Forge. Return to the stairs but don't
go up. Enter the area to the left and go down the stairs. The Forge
is at the bottom. Talk to Sokaris for a new quest. 

- to find Steel for Sokaris

Sokaris wants 5 pieces of Steel but there were only 4 in the chest
in your room. You should have a metal weapon in your inventory, but
if not,there should be one in the chest in the Orcan camp, if you've
been stashing your surplus there. To dismantle it, push and hold LB
and then Y to get some steel. Return to the Forge and speak with
Sokaris. He'll offer to trade with you but when you say yes, he stalls. 

- to find Runestones for Sokaris

Speak to him again and he tells you about the Orcish Rune in the
Savannah. The Savannah will be available to you shortly. Agree to look
for it then speak to him again to trade. The rune is located in a cave
called Creepy Den and it's just south of the town Bayan. You'll see a
flag. When you find and return the Orcish Rune he'll request you look
for the Elfish Rune and tells you it's in the Savannah, in a town
called Hatmandor, but it isn't. Go southwest of Bayon, check your map,
you'll see the flag again. Return that one and he'll send you after
the Human Rune Stone, but it's on another island, Eollas. When you
eventually return with that one, he'll ask you to find the last one,
the Dwarvish Runestone, which is supposed to be in New Ashos, but
it's in the Mystical Cave north of Scavangers teleport. Return to
Sokaris when you have it.

- to Examine a Wrecked Ship

Speak to Rogdor in his room in the southeast. Don't bother to try his
chest. It'll only wake him up and make him mad. However, you can take
the food off his table without disturbing him. The ship is located
just east of the north end of the eastern path. Jump up on the ship
and search the two chests fot the Ship's Log. Read it then arm your-
self with your Fire Staff (make sure it's set on fire and not still
on ice) because you'll be fighting a few Necris again. Take the Ship's
Log back to Rogdor. 

- The Payback

Rogdor asks you to assassinate a man named Velroy. He's located in the
Savannah on the island of Erimos, in a Varn camp just east of the
teleport, Sandy Coastline, which is along the S/E coastal road. You
can choose to kill him as agreed or to lie to Rogdor and let him live
in exchange for the key to a cursed dungeon.

- Orcish Nightmares

I'm not sure when this becomes available but I got it when I returned
Nortar's Bow to him. Speak to Rogdor and he'll tell you about his
concerns over Ghortarius' nightmares. He asks you to go check out the
bridge that he thinks is causing the nightmares. When you exit the
ruins, go straight until you can turn left. Follow the path across the
log bridge and then down to the Grom camp. Make a right and then another
right into a cave. You'll see someone inside, Arghud. Speak to him. He
asks you to speak to his God. Follow him. There's a secret panel at
the end, open it for a new cave but speak to Arghud again before you go
in or the quest will glitch. Read the note on the dead guy. Left is a
dead end so go right and turn the wheel before you head down. Check
your map to see where the path continues and follow it to the two doors.
Nathas is inside. After you finish, return to Rogdor. 

- Nortar's Collectables

Go to Nortar's room in the south west. There's a Fire Arrow Skillbook
on his fireplace mantel. Speak to him and he'll ask you to get some-
thing for him from someone named Mongar. (since Nortar and Rogdor are
both in their rooms, nobody is watching the chest in the Orcan camp!)
Mongar lives in Jurban which is located in the southern most tip of
the Savannah. You arrive to find him dead, but the widow will give
you what you came for. Return and he'll ask you to check on a friend,
Defora, in Oros and pick up a quiver from him. Defora is dead, too.
Return to Nortar. He asks you to try and warn a third friend, also
in the Savannah, that he is in grave danger. Go to Bayan and out the
west gate when you can. Make your first left. It's marked with a red
pin on your map. Nortar's friend isn't here but Derrick, the black
robbed figure that killed the other two, is. Slice and dice him and
report back to Nortar. For your troubles, Norton will give you auras.

- Nortar's Bow

A man named Jarek, a drunk, supposedly has Nortar's favorite bow,
The Bone, in a place called New Ashos. From the New Ashos teleport,
go to the N/w corner of town to the King's Court Inn. You'll find
Jarek is upstairs where you will overhear that he lives nearby. Go
find his house. It's S/W of the New Ashos teleport. Get it from
Jarek's wife.

- to find Ghortarius

Exit Alsorna Interiors and Ghortarius will give you another Staff.
This one operates the teleporters. Speak with the Prophet Cassara
for a cutscene. She'll give you a teleportation stone and ask you
to speak with Ghortarius in his quarters. Speak to Dar Pha to learn
she isn't an Orc.  Perhaps we were'nt supposed to notice that she
didn't exactly have an Orcan build! And with those pointed ears,
what else could she possibly be? Use your new teleport stone or
just go back inside and Ghortarius'room is in the northeast across
from yours.
- to Fix the Broken Teleport.

You can't go to the Savannah just yet, the teleporter is still
busted. It's missing it's Stablizing Stone and Ghortarius wants
you to go get it back from the Groms. Explore the Teleportation
site just north of the eastern end of the northern bridge, on
the eastern island. One of the Groms there has it. Take it back
to Ghortarius. He'll need time to fix the teleporter so he tells
you to talk to the Prophet. You don't need to look for her,
she'll just appear where you are. She will give you the start of
the main quest, to speak with the leaders of the Resistance
in Hatmandor to find out how to get into the Tower of Fangs.
Speak to Ghortarius again to teleport to Hatmandor. You'll have
to make your way across the Savannah as the teleporter wasn't
working perfectly so you missed your mark by quite a bit. You're
now in a little backwater town called Bayan.

- The Prophet

When you've finished the Tower of Fangs, you meet the prophet,
Cassara, on her Throne and then after, in her chamber located
across from Dar Pha's room. She tells you how Gandohar was
experimenting with combining different magics to make something
more powerful, but apparently failed. She asks you to go to
New Ashos to find out more about these experiments.

- Gandohar's Trails

Find information on Gandohar's experiments in New Ashos, which
is now available to you. See Chapter II - Past Present

- Sordahon

After Chapter II - Past Present, you return to speak with the
Prophet, Cassara, to tell her of what you've learned. She's
not on her Throne, instead you find Sordahon, ressurected. Kill
him again and go downstairs to find everyone, Using Ghortarius'
teleport will start Chapter III. If you want to do something else
first, then go upstairs and use your own teleporter.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Go to Hatmandor to find the leaders of the resistance.
They can tell you how to get into the Tower of Fangs.

- Desertgate

You need to go through, or around the west gate in Bayan.
To go through you need to get a writ of protection. To go
around, you need to have someone unlock the gate to the
Smuggler's Pass or climb over the rocks.

- Getting to Hatmandor

Once you're through or past the West Gate in Bayan, head west
as far as you can, then north, west and north again, following
the marked routes. You finally arrive at the city gates of Hat-
mandor only to be told that no one can enter, by order of
Commander Valadin, until three murders have been solved. You
can find the Commander at the bar in Cheznaddar. Go have a talk
with him.He tells you all three victims were criminals and to
go talk to Jarrad, his informant. He also tells you that IF he
eventually lets you into his city, you should talk to Basel if
you want to know more about the Tower of Fangs. From the bar, go
west, then turn left before the stairs at the end, then go to the
end house and Jarrad is inside. He'll tell you about the crime
ring, Mirage that controls the Black Market. He also tells you
the leader of the resistance is called The Captain. Jarrad needs
medicine for his mother and asks you to break into the military
storehouse to get some. If you check with Valadin first, he'll
tell you to go ahead and do it. Go after dark from the rooftops.
From Jarrad's go up the stairs to your right and then the ones
on your left. Cross the rickety wood ladder and go right til you
get to the boxes. Take the steps up on your right and jump across
to the area with the trapdoor. There are three chests so look
carefully. Retracing your steps, return to Jarrad with the
medicine. He'll tell you that Mirage isn't behind the murders
and doesn't know who is. He also asks you to tell the Commander
that he quits. Valadin is at the front gates to Hatmandor. He'll
tell you to go work for Basel in Hatmandor and that he'll pay for
any information you bring back. You finally have access to the
city, Hatmandor.

- Inside Man

You're looking for information about the murders, the Tower of
Fangs and the resistance leader, The Captain.  Start at the local
bar, Under the Influence, and offer your services to Basel. You'll
find him upstairs, Just barge in, don't need to bother with his

- The Escort

Basel, the owner of Under The Influence, the local bar in Hatmandor,
wants you to safely escort Old Yerske to buy a stone. You'll find
him downstairs in the bar. Follow and protect him. (if you go into
the sewers before hand and clean it out, this quest is much easier)
Return to Basel with the Stone and he'll give you another quest.

- The Package

You'll find Reesa on the second floor of the bar, Under the
Influence, in Hatmandor. She'll mark the location where you're
to retrieve a package. Go, fetch! Take the Harmandor Purlieus
and go east. Turn right after the gate and go south to the end.
You'll be asked, What lies beneath the Tower?, answer, You don't
want to know. The cache is next to the guy you just spoke to, once
he returns to his regular spot. It's a trap door. Reesa meets you
outside and gives you a new quest, The Delivery.

- The Delivery

Take the package directly to the client, a priest in the Temple at
Hatmandor, because Basel is being watched and only priests are let
into the temple, Reesa suggests using the east wall. Do so and then
return to Basel. He'll tell you what he knows about the murders,
but won't tell you anything about the Temple just yet. He'll give
you another quest.

- The Elimination Job

Basel wants you to kill Jarrad, Valarin's informant, who helped you
before. You must decided to kill him or not. Basel tells you to speak
to Yerske, downstairs. Do so. When you head to Jarrad's, Reesa stops
you at the door and asks you not to kill him. Return to Basel regard-
less of what you decide and he'll tell you what he knows of the 
person known as the Captain, the Tower and Reesa.  All of which,
isn't much! He then makes you an offer, to fight in the arena at the
fighters guild, for money and fame, of course.

- Murders Investigation

When you leave the bar, after the quest, the Elimination Job, Tongue
will be waiting for you. He says, if you want answers about the
Tower, then to follow him. It's a trap, sort of, but go along with it.
You'll get more information and will be offered a job by Mirage.
Speak to Zask who has a small workshop in Cheznaddar. Upon leaving
your meeting with Tongue, you're given the keys to the locked gates.
You can now go through the Southern Gate.

- Captain

Tongue told you how to find the Captain, who knows how to get into the
Tower of Fangs. He's in a small town called Zah'Dan, S/W of the South-
ern Gate. Talk to the man outside his tent and he'll let you in to see
him. He'll send you to Gorlag's Cave to find his missing men.

- The Society Mages Guild Master

Master Dattan is in his quarters at the Mages Guild,now. Go see him. He
says he's been watching you since you arrived on Erimos. He asks you to
help the Captain with a distraction. He also asks you to find a dragon

- Belly of the Beast

Follow the east rocks N/E from Zar'Dan. Look for the dragon's skull, it
holds a fang, Return to Master Dattan at the Mages Guild. He'll say that
everything is in place, and to follow him.

- Crystal Army

Follow Master Dattan through his personal teleporter and you'll end up in
a cave where you'll meet up with the Captain, Fallanon the Butcher. Follow
them both for a cutscene. A devious plan!

- Way to the Tower

Exit the cave to find yourself in a new area. Make your way past the Varns.
Look in the old ruins south of the cave for the entrance (the teleport)
to an underground maze that will lead you to the Tower of Fangs. It's not
really a maze though, you've got a map. Find a way out. Now just make your
way to the Tower

-The Tower of Fangs

Fight your way up. Not very impressive for all the hype. At the top you 
find Gandohar's Journal (save before you pick it up) and the Reaper. The
journal has a special lock on it so you can't open it. Take it back to to
the Prophet Cassara on Alsorna. She'll be on her throne. She gives you a
rather cold reception and tells you to meet her in her chambers across
from Dar Pha's. See Alsorna Quest, The Prophet.

+ + + + + + 
+ Erimos  +
+ + + + + + 

The Savanah and desert have a lot of game you can hunt, Ostriches,
various birds, Wart Hogs, Giant Ants, Baboons, Rhinos, Cheetahs,
Scorpions, Tar Scorpions, Tailers and Hyenas. There are Varns of
all sorts and a few bandits.  You can outrun anything if you get
in a difficult fight, but the baboons will chase you for quite
awhile. I don't even want to know what they're throwing at me.
There are chests in many of the Varn camps and even one on the
beach N/W of Halhin, and there's also one on a shipwreck E of the
town Jurban, but I was disappointed in how few there actually were
in the caves.  

The Savannah is also riddled with caves and ruins. Most of the
caves only have Giant Ants and/or Scorpions and just a few have
Giant Spiders. Only a few of those caves have treasure chests,
but the ones that usually do have Necris, Mummies, Dead Knights
and/or Stone Sentinels. The best way to find caves is to walk
around rock croppings and along the beaches. If there's a red
lock on the door, then it's Quest related, so you can't get in,
yet. Be careful and make separate saves outside and inside caves
or you just might get trapped.

+ + + + + + + + + +

List of Towns, Cities and places of interest I found on Erimos

Abandoned Workshop is north of the teleport Lachrymose Head
Bayan is the town you begin in
Cheznaddar's bar. Look at the map for a round dark roof 
cheznaddar is on the west coast south
Daxials is in the north, on the right side of Hatmandor
Fighters Guild is on the path west of Hatmandor
Fighter's Guild board and chest are at Hatmandor's entrance  
Halhin is in the N/E
Hooks is at the north end of Cheznaddar
Infirmary is south of Cheznaddar, on the west coast
Jurbin is far south of Bayan, on the coast
Last Meeting is 2 gates west of Bayan, left then the second right
Mages Guild, from Bayan, pass the 2nd western gate and go right
Necromancers Guild is through the Mages Guild
Merchants Guild is in Hatmandor
Oros Village is far south of Halhin, on the coast
Thieves Guild is
Zah'Dan is south of the Southern Gat

+ + + + + + + + + +

List of ruins and caves I found on Erimos

Burrow is S/W of Halhin in the first stretch of rocks
Cave of the Crystal Golems is near it's teleport
Clay-cold Den is S/E of the Abandoned Weaponry
Collapsed Salt Mine is near the Quiet Spot teleport
Creepy Den is just south of Bayanteleport
Dragon Slayers' Den is west of Queens Crossroads teleport.
Desecrated Shrine S/W of Hatmandor Purlieus teleport
Forgotten Basement is far east of Halhin near the coast
Gorlag's Cave is west then N/W of Southern Gate teleport
Gorlag's cave exit is south of the entrance
Littoral Cave is N/W of Jurban and S/W of Varn's Bivouac
Shady Kettle is just /W of Shadowy Corpse teleport
Spiders' Lair is West of Bayan, the first left
Varn's Secret Treasury is east of Halhin
Varn's Sepulcher is N/NW of the Quiet Spot teleport. Look at your
map, above the teleport is a large rock with alot of little rocks
around it. Due north of the large rock is a medium one by itself
and that's where it is.

+ + + + + + + + + +

A List of Un-named caves and ruins (these don't show on the map)

N/E of the Oros Village teleport, in the second large boulder
N/NE of the very middle of the S shaped path. A trap or a glitch?? 
N/NE of Sandy Coastline teleport on the big ring of rock
N/WW of Jurban, in the rocks on the beach

+ + + + + + + + + +

List of Teleports on Erimos

Abandoned Weaponry is along the southern route from Bayan
Bayan is in Bayan
Belly of the Beast,follow the east rocks N/E from Zar'Dan
Building Site is on the N/E route from Jurban
Cave of the crystal Golems is N/W of Pal; Grove teleport
Cheznaddar is in the north end of the city of Cheznaddar
Forgotten Temple Ruins is east of Hatmandor Purlieus teleport
Halhin is next to Altan's house in Halhin
Hatmandor is in the center right of Hatmandor
Hatmandor Purlieus is north of Queens Crossing teleport
Horse Charmer's Yard is along the southern route from Bayan
Infirmary is east of and next to the infirmary  
Jurban is north of the town of Jurban
Lachrymose Head is west of Bayan
Old Cart Workshop is along the eastern road from Bayan
Palm Grove is N/NE from Bayan
Oros Village is N/W of Oros Village
Queens Crossroads is W/SW from the Mages Guild
Quiet Spot is far N/E of Oros Village near a ring of rocks
Sandy Coastline is on the N/E route from Jurban
Shadowy Corpse is on the N/E route from Jurban
Site of Fire is south of Old Cart Workshop teleport
Southern Gate is on the same road S/W of the Mages Guild
Stony Batter is far S/E of Halhin near a grouping of small rocks 
Termite Mounds is west of Halhin in route to Bayan
Tower of Fangs is due east of the Hatmandor teleport
Varn's Bivouac is on the southern route from Bayan
Woody Cliff is far N/E of Halhin near the coast
Zah'Dan is in the village Zah'Dan S/W of the Southern Gate

There's a blue light, like the teleporters have, south of the
cave Fetid Den and N/W of Jurban. There's nothing there so
I think it might be a glitch.

+ + + + + + + + +


You miss your mark, Hatmandor, and end up in a small town
called Bayan. To get to Hatmandor from here you need to go
through the west gate but it's not that simple, the guard
wants a writ of protection first. Find someone to help you
get one or find a way around the gate. If you go through the
gate, you'll spot a guard running. Speak to him to discover
that the next gate has been over run with Varn. The Varn
will still be there if you go around, but the running guard

Alima is the leader here. You'll find her at the Stables.
There are merchants, some quests, a few people willing to
help you and a few anxious to fleece you, so save beforehand.
A starving man, Sambu, and a starving woman, Dagma, ask for
meat in exchange for information. Handy Andy will tell you
about gambling. The dice games are easy and you can knock
the table with your knee if you don't like what you got. You
can wager up to a 1,000 auras. So go make some money and buy
whatever supplies and skillbooks your little heart desires.

Washed up Joe will sell you a suspect treasure map, but
nothing ventured, nothing gained! A citizen will sell you
some supplies and lockpicks. Above him is an open window
with a potion inside. Take to the rooftops to get more from
other open windows, balconies and roofs. After speaking with
the guards at the western gate, Smart Mat will offer to sell
you a forged writ of protection. Lewsam the gravedigger
wants you to deliver a head. Thome the Scribe will offer
to forge you a writ of protection, himself, but only after
you've spoken to the gravedigger. Thome's ex wife will offer
to show you the smuggler's route if you don't help her ex.
Smooth talking Tobias The Trunk will also offer to show you
the smugglers route, for a price. The graveyard is to the
north. The smugglers route (and I'm telling you for free) is
just behind the graveyard. Unfortunately, the gate is locked,
but if you've been practicing climbing rocks, you should
have no trouble getting past it. But beware, there are Varn
along this route. Keep up above them. At the end of the route
you'll find the teleporter, Lachrymose Head. Now you can get
there without the gate, but do you want to miss out on other


The eastern road has an Earth Altar just before the gate.
There are three roads leading out of Banyan, southern,
eastern and western. Alima, also a horse trader is just
outside the southern gate. Ransack her house now, while
she's outside. Just west and then north of Alima's is a
vacant house with chests to open. A little east of the 
town's teleport, but outside of town,in a small cropping
of rocks, is a trapdoor leading back to town. For your
trouble, you score a small health potion and whatever's
in the two cupboards, it's random, as are many, so you
might want to save first.

+ + + + + + + + + +  


- Donation for an Addict

Buy the treasure map from Washed up Joe to start a series
of quests to go Tomb raiding, starting with the Tomb of the
Archpriest Narmer 

- Tomb of the Archpriest Narmer

It's just right of the main path in route from Bayan's west
gate to Hatmandor. Check your map for a red X. It's a maze
and the first time you'll really need your torch. If you have
trouble with mazes when there's no map, there's a simple rule
to follow. Hug either the left or right wall, whichever you
prefer, just don't deviate, from beginning to end. It will not
only get you to where you're going, but back out again. You
found a note on a dead archaeologist inside, which gives you
the next location, the Tomb of the Archpriest Aha. 

- Tomb of the Archpriest Aha
From Queens Crossroads head north on the path to the end, then
a right to a gateway, Check your map, it's not far. You'll see
an outdoor market. The tomb is behind the butcher's stand. Inside
you'll find a wounded archaeologist who will tell you about
another one, the Tomb of the Archpriest Raneb. Continue on to the
main chamber. The archaeologist you met on the way in has died,
so don't forget to loot the body.

- Tomb of the Archpriest Raneb

Follow the rocks N/E of Bayon towards the coast. A little less
than halfway between Palm Grove and the beach is a cave tucked
back behind some boulders. Besides, you have a big old red X to
help you find it. Find the main chamber and another note.

- Tomb of the Archpriest Qaa
I think I hit a glitch with this one, it wouldn't give me the next
location. Over the past few weeks I've gone in and out of the last
tomb and read all the notes and quest log over and over again and
it finally registered.  To get to the next Tomb take the Southern
Gate teleport and go through the gate, Take the right path but
follow the left rocks, The Tomb is at the end. Go in following the
right wall but out following the left or you end up in a loop.

- Tomb of the Archpriest Userkaf

Take the Hatmandor Purlieus teleport and go through the gate to
the east. Turn left and follow the rocks on the left to the tomb.
I started to follow the right wall but then there was a trail of
bodies to follow instead. This one is tricky, both the left and
right sides put you in a loop so stick with the bodies.

- Tomb of the Archpriest Huni

Take the south road from Bayan and it's just past Creepy Den Cave
on your left. Ok,this one is really tricky, so from the ladder
follow the left wall and take the third right. Go to the end and
turn left, then make three rights and a left. Go to the end and
go left. Follow it to the end and then left, right, left, right,
left, right and then follow the right wall to the tomb.You should
have passed all the people in the maze.Make sure you spoke to the
survivor,Dave Spade, and he'll tell you there are ten tombs, and
he'll mark the seventh one on your map.In the main chamber you'll
find a tomb, open it to instigate an attack.To leave, follow the 
left wall til it ends at a T junction and go left, right, left,
right, left and go to end then right, once again go to the end
then right, left, then follow the left wall to another T junction,
turn left and follow the right wall to the ladder. All the other
people are dead and most stuck in the walls, at least on mine so
it was impossible to check all their pockets. Good luck with this

- Tomb of the Archpriest Den

From the Abandoned Weaponry teleport go S/W to the red X. It's in
the south side of the boulder, in a crevice. This one, although
seemingly difficult is really quite easy, just follow the trail of
dead rats to a stone panel you can open. You'll meet the Architect.
Kill him and you'll know the locations of the last three Tombs. So,
follow the dead rats back out again.

- Tomb of the Archpriest Sahura

It's next to the teleport, Site of Fire. Look for the red X. Enter
the ring and it's located up high in the rocks. There are barrels
that seem to show a path but they're rather far spaced. After the
last one it's very long with turns but no crosspaths to the Main

- Tomb of the Archpriest Unas

It's west of the Tomb of Archpriest Den and next to the Fetid Den
cave on the west coast. This time follow the barrels.

- Tomb of the Archpriest Teti

The last is S/E of Cheznaddar. Take the Queens Crossroads and head
north, making you first left, through a narrow gap. Follow your
map to the red X. Hmm, barrels again!
- The Lost Head

Speak to Lewsam the gravedigger and he'll ask you to
deliver a head to Ghazan at the "Last Meeting" Funeral
Home on the Savannah. From Bayan, go west through two gates
and turn left, then make your second right. You should be
able to see Ghazan's house. He has a problem, of course, the
basement is full of the undead, and he'd like you to eliminate
them.  Afterwards, he tells you that the body that the head
goes to was sent to the Necromancers in Hatmandor. we're going
there anyway, so why not just take the head along. Once you
finally manage to get inside Hatmandor, turn right until you get
to a short wall around a courtyard. Follow it around to the
other side and go in the door at the other end. Go down to the
basement and deliver the head. You can now return to both Lewsam
and Ghazan to collect your rewards. When you leave the building,
read the mysterious note in your pocket. It self destructs after-
wards, so pay attention.

- Scribe's Inkwell (this is the one I chose, but long beforehand,
I jumped the rocks and explored all over)

Thome the Scribe will forge you a writ of protection if you
go to his burned down house, east of Bayan, and get his ink-
well. There's more than one area of burned houses, so look
for the X on your map. When you return his ex wife will tell
you where the smuggler's route is if you give her the forgery
equipment instead. Thome is in the house behind her and if
you give it to him, he'll forge you the writ, as promised.

- Veterinarian Practice

Find yourself a horse! Talk with Alima, just outside the
the southern gate, and agree to find her 3 Mint Roots.
Ostriches eat them so go hunting! The spot is marked on
your map. When you have the mint, take it back to Alima
and she'll teach you about making potions. Once the sickly
horse is cured, she'll give it to you, but on the cond-
ition that you help save her people. To mount the horse,
stand next to it and press A. To dismount, just press A
again. Tap LT to trot or gallop but watch the second bar
from the left to keep at the top of green.  It can be red,
but only just, or the horse will throw you.  Press A while
running to jump, pick up herbs or use an altar.  Use RT 
to stop the horse. You can store stuff in your horse. Go
to the inventory page with a chest on it and you'll see a
saddle. Click on it to use. You can now change pages with
LT/RT to store anything you like by pressing Y and close
the saddle by pressing B, however, horses aren't the same
as in Two Worlds. He doesn't always stay where you leave
him and if he's gone, so's your stuff, so keep that in
mind. It's a pity that they changed it. It was so nice to
leave a horse stocked with supplies at every teleport.

- Starvation

Alima will ask you to go to Halhin to ask for aide for her
people.  To get to Halhin from Bayan, take the eastern gate
and follow the northeastern path to the coast.  Along the
way, there are teleports, Varn, Altars. caves (check around
large rock croppings), structures and termite mounds, so
explore.  Get the termite eggs from the mounds but don't
use them in potions, yet. Speak with Altan when you arrive.
He won't help unless you participate in a horse race. After
you finish everything in Halhin, return to Alima.  What
happens next depends on what you decided in Halhin, to work
with Selen or kill her. Either way, trade is restored, only
the items you get are different. If Alima steps down,
her idiot brother takes over and you get your writ of
protection, but if you kill Selen, you get her Hurricane
Pitchfork and Alima will give you a choice of reward, magic
(burned trousers), archery (patched trousers) or warrior
(drab trousers). Although not the best reward, each will
add a nice amount of attribute points to the one you chose.
The town will give you 300 auras for saving them. 


Altan is the leader here. You'll find him at the Stables.
You're locked out of town for now but if you need to buy
or sell items, teleport to Bayan or go the backway round.
If you follow the fence to the shore you can swim around
the rocks on your right to find the location Lighthouse
with a Weapon Forging Skillbook at the top.  You'll also
find Selen there. On the other side of the Lighthouse
there's a field. If you'd like to gather some herbs or go
hunting, there's plenty. From the lighthouse, you can
swim to the town where you'll find a Citizen. Baasan the
Entomologist is next to a termite mound. Speak to him to
help with the quest for water. At the end of the pier
you'll find Purew who will give you a quest after the
water quest.


- Initiation Ceremony

Altan says you must participate in an initiation ritual
to be in the Rustler's Run, a local race. Read the paper
he gave you, then look on your map.  There's an S shaped
path just south of town. Head for the big red X to begin.
Once you've passed all the markers and seen the sympol of
a Horse carved in stone, head back and talk to Altan
again to enter the Rustler's Run.

- Rustler's Run

Altan is now sitting in front of his house. Put your horse
on the path in front of him, facing southeast, to the right
and a little bit in front of the sign post.  Speak with
Altan, agree to race, then jump on your horse and ride.  At
the end is the town of Oros and a flag. There are creatures
of all sorts and Varn to distract you, just ignore them. 
Don't bother with the Varn hanging around the flag, just
grab it and head back along the same path before you run
out of time.

- Drought

You won the race but Altan still won't sell Bayan supplies.
You must find a fresh water source first. Go into town and
speak with Baasan the Entomologist,twice. Be nice and he'll
give, or I should say sell, you the information you need.
Read his book, then head back towards Bayan but stop a little
less than halfway, at the termite mounds. There are 10 Varn
camped out here but it's easy to pick them off from the
southern cliffs. After you kill them all, return to Altan,
you guessed it, renegs on the deal again. It seems he's
not really the boss around here after all. He tells you to
go the lighthouse if you want trade re-established between
Bayan and Halhin. So, if you haven't been there yet, it's
northeast of Altan's and you'll need to swim to it. Selen
works for the Mangano family and they want to force Alima to
step down from being Bayan's leader. You can agree and go
speak to Alima or disagree and kill Selen. If you kill her,
report it to Altan. He'll agree to send the supplies but
warns you to watch your back.

- Termite Eggs

Purew wants termite eggs to make a salad dressing, If you've
been collecting the eggs, you should have enough now.  Other-
wise, head for the termite mounds and at a hole on the side,
press and hold A to open.You can get anywhere from one to five,
it's random. Return the eggs to him and he'll ask for 30 more.
Return with thirty and you're finished with this quest.

- Jade's Marathon - Rounds I, II and III

Speak to Sambu. He's just below Bayan on the south road. He
will tell you about the race, what it'll cost you and about the
prizes. The route is the same each time. You ride, on the path
only, from where Sambu is to Jurban and grab a mug (it'll be on
your right side on a little shelf) then on to Oros Village and
it will also be on your right. Now on to Halhin. Here it's on
your left. Once you have all three, on to Samu. I rode the first
round to see what the route was and then went back to clear it
of those pesky Varn before I did the last two rounds. Even with
the Varn there, it's not a difficult race.

+ + + + + + + + + + +


- Unexpected Danger

A family is trapped in a cave by Rhinos. Use the Abandoned 
Weaponry teleport and go to a cave S/E of you. Kill the Rhinos
and search for the family. Enter the cave but save before you go
through the door. Enter the next room quickly or you may get
locked out and not be able to finish the quest. Anyway, it's a
trap, and you'll need to fight your way out. You'll find a key and
Sordahon's orders, so read them. Return to the guild to report
what happened. 

- Palm Grove

His house is located N/NE of Bayan, tucked into the rocks. There's
a trap door in the house leading to the basement so go kill the
mutated fish, the Scapulari. Take the right room first as you'll be
exiting through the other. Don't miss the basket that opens on
your way out. Return to the Mages Guild for your reward.

- Aberrant Pet

Exit Bayan's south gate and go west, hugging the north rocks until
you get to the house with the dog house. Examine it and it'll say
there are tracks to a nearby cave. Check your map for the red X and
go there. Look around til you find a body in front of the cave.
Fluffy's been a bad dog. Head on in and do what must be done, kill
the poor little mutated Fluffy. Return to the Mages Guild for your

- Polite Request

This is actually a request from the Necromancers Guild, see their
Black Candles quest. 

- Weaponry

A blacksmith seems to be missing so go look for him. Use the Abandoned
Weaponry teleport and it's just slightly S/E of you. Enter the building
and examine the body and in the next room is the Breathing Blade. Fight
it to obtain the Cursed Blade (if you're too close to a wall when you
beat it, it can get stuck in the wall). Return to the Mages Guild for
your reward.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- Herbal Slops

Speak to Salah in Cheznaddarand, try his potion for callouses (it's in
the chest) and then speak with him. The next is a bedsore cream. Take
it to the Infirmary and try it on the old miner and then the sick miner
in the beds downstairs. Then try it on the dying miner upstairs. Return
to Salah with the results. The third is Salah's treatment for Red Death.
Go ahead and drink it. Report that there are no serious side effects and
get paid. Now he asks you to get him some seeds from Ammar the Baobob.

- Seed Shop

Ammar the Baobob is at the open bar in the north of Cheznaddar.  If you look
at your map you'll see a round roof. Ammar is the one passed out on a table.
Speak to him and agree to pay 900 to get the seeds then take them back to
Salah who is in the N/Z part of Cheznaddar.

- Sick Aunt

Salah asks you to pretend to be a Doctor and treat his Aunt Karima with Dew
for the Red Death. She lives near the top of the road that runs along the
east side of Hatmandor. Do as she says and she'll take the potion.  Return to
Salah with the good news. Unfortunately, she later dies from the cure.

- Hand of Justice

Salah tells you that a man named Zul Figar is hunting him and has already
tortured and killed his friend Ammar the Baobob trying to find him. If you
accept to help him,, you can find Zul Figar S/SE of the bar.  From the bar
go west. Turn left at the end, before the stairs. Take your first left and
your second right. It's the last door on the right. You'll know you have
the right place, he's blind and only has one arm, yet he's armed with a two-
handed sword. Rip his artificial heart out, literally. It can be added to
a weapon or armor. Go tell Salah that his worries are over. To find Salah,
from the bar, go out the eastern gate and turn right. He's on the second

- Sweet Vengence

This will happen if you killed Selen back in Halhin. You're approached by
Isidore Jules III when you enter the open bar in the north of Cheznaddar,
and strongly advised to meet with his employer just south of Cheznaddar
in an underground chamber marked by a silver pin and a big red X. Ooh,
mysterious! Save first, then, slay them, but if it's too difficult, just
follow him inside the door, then turn around and leave. You can always
come back later when you're stronger. I killed them at level 26, endur-
ance 32, strength 44, with an executioner blade and curved falcata with
damage crystals 10 poison, Figar's heart, damage 50 lightning and retri-
bution 2. 

- Factory Investment 

Speak to Abbas for a business venture.  If you accept, go see him in a
couple of days on the road between Cheznaddar and Hatmandor. 

-  Expanding Factory Production

Speak to him a few days after your initial investment and he'll give you
your share of the profits and the option to invest another 5000. Do so if
you've got it.

- New Factory

Find him again a few days later for more returns, but this time he wants
20,000 to buy an abandoned factory. Ouch! Oh well, back to the dice tables!

- Valarin's Informant - Mirage's Identity

Valarin offers you a reward for any information about Mirage. Once you're
in the bar in Hatmandor, speak with Old Yerske to find out where the boss
is. Speak to Basel for a quest. See Steps to the Tower - The Escort. Once
you discover the identy of and kill Mirage, report it to Valarin at his
office in Hatmandor.

- Valarent's informant - The Murders

You must decide on whether or not to tell Valarin what you know about the
three murders. You'll find Valarent in his office in Hatmandor. From the
front gate it's the first door on the left.

- New House in Hatmandor

Speak with Jerry Black, in the bar Under the Influence in Hatmandor, to
purchase property in Hatmandor for 50,ooo. Back to the dice tables.

- Murder Investigations

Look for Zask for information on the murders and to find a boy Mirage
wants you to kill. Zask is just a little south of Cheznaddar's teleport.
He's outside hammering on a sword. Speak to him for a new quest to find
five dragon scales. He'll give you a key to the Dragon Slayers' Den. 

- Dragon Scales

From the Queens Crossroad Teleport, go S/W and make your first right. The
Dragon Slayers Den is at the end, behind the deserted merchants camp.
Afterwards, you can either return with the scales or sell them to Vigorous
Sulajman from the fighters guild (he'll be waiting for you on the path out).
If you return them to Zask, he'll give you another quest and later reward
you with some armor.  If you sell them to Sulajman you'll get 2500 auras
and Zask will be disappointed but still give you another quest. If you want
to avoid Sulajman, then teleport as soon as you leave the cave.

- Imperial Delivery

Zask wants you to deliver swords to the Hatmandor City Guard. From the
front gates it's the first door on your left. Inside, go right and it's
just before the stairs on the right. Give them to the City Guard. Make
note that in the next room is a prisoner, Mazon. Ask him his name.

- A Friend in Need

Zask asks you to talk a friend of his out of doing something dangerous.
She's in the N/E end of town in a rooftop room. from Hatmandor teleport,
go out the gate and follow the buildings on your right to the next gate,
Go up the first two sets of narrow stairs you see. Head across the narrow
N/E board. You'll see a chest to your right if you're in the right place.
Head north as far as you can, then west.  You'll see Reesa sitting on a
bench. She explains that she owes powerful people and they want her to
steal a gem in return. She asks you to free a thief named Mazon. Remember
where he is? The guard house in Hatmandor where Valarin's office is. Wait
in the staircase near the jail until Reesa distracts the guard. After,
you meet up with Reesa and then follow her. Kill any mummies, then take
the new teleporter in the sewers. It will take you directly back to
Reesa's place. Report to Zask. He'll reward you if you brought him the
scales from the Dragon Scale quest.

- The Third Man

After you rescue Mazon he agrees to help retrieve Maliel's Tear from
the Hatmandor Temple.

- Maliel's Tear

After reporting to Zask, return to Reesa's, Mazon will be back with the
plans to the Temple's dungeon. Head to the temple but take a look at the
plans before you enter. The first part, the right side seems the easiest
to sneak past the guards. The second part, sneak down the left side first,
pulling the two switches behind the statues, then over to the right for
the other two switches. Continue forward to find an entrance on the right.
There's a switch in the chamber with the stone chest that opens the path-
way south. At the end of the next section you'll find a stone panel, just
open it like any door. The next part is to your right. You'll see two
gates in a row, with one switch to open them both. Throw the switch but
just go to the room between the gates to open another stone chest. Return
to the last room to throw the switch that opens both gates, again. As soon
as you throw the switch, lean on the gate holding LT so you're already at
a run when it opens and you should make the next gate. There's another
switch along the way. Just keep following the path til you reach a second
stone panel. Open it and collect your prize from the center of the room.
Move on to the next room and go right. Open the gate and you're outside
the temple. Return to Reesa in Cheznaddar.

- The Transaction

When you return to Reesa with Maliel's Tear she tells you the real reason
she wanted it. Choose to help her or not. If you help her you'll use Tongue
to  arrange a meeting to sell Mirage the Tear in the sewers.

- Gorlag's Curse

Go find out what happened to the Captains men. Of the three paths leading
out of Zah'Dan, take the middle one. Take the first left after the Southern
Gate and it's at the end of the path. You'll find evidence of someone
living there. Up the stairs you'll find a wheel, turn it to open a nearby
door. Kill Gorlag! There are two doors, one is an exit and the other has a
survivor, Harlef. Lead him safely out of the cave then follow him back to
camp, and the Captain's tent. He'll give you some helpful information and
offer you a another quest.

- The Traitor

The Captain tells you to take care of a suspected traitor for him. He,
Imram, is in a nearby building. You'll need to pick the lock to get in.
Talk to Imram then decide to kill him or not. I chose not to, but either
way, return to the Captain and report.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- Interrupted Burial

Take the path on the west side of Hatmandor north to the Guild.  Along
the way you'll be asked to help a man, Azhar, from being burried alive,
I'm  afraid you're going to have to make mincemeat of Grandma Haadija.
Talk to Azhar's sister, Galija, afterwards. Now talk to Azhar. He asks
you to stop by the Guild later. Do so, it's just a little further N/W.
There's a Merchant out front. Inside, speak to Sagacious Mahdi. Go out-
side and Azhar is sitting on a bench. Speak with him. He tells you to
speak to Mahdi. Go back inside and Mahdi will offer you a position with
the fighter's guild. Go introduce yourself to Vigorous Sulajman and he
will give you a task to test drive his new axe.

- Bound for Blood

Equip the axe you got from Sulajman and show it to Mahdi. Downstairs
there's a rotting skeleton. Search it for another quest. Go to the
Memorial Hall downstairs. When you've cleared the Memorial Hall, head
back upstairs and speak with Sulajman and Mahdi. Now go speak with Azhar. 

- Hunt
Look for Azhar. His sister will stop you down the path and give you a
gift, Grandma and Grandpa's rings. Speak to Bahir, his father, a little
farther on, and he'll tell you that Azhar has fallen ill, Go to the Hooks
at the north end of Cheznaddar and enter the town gate. Go up the stairs
to your right and it's the first door. Azhar tells you that Granny bit
him and asks that you kill him. You refuse and take him back to the guild.
You have a cunning plan! Talk to the guild leader. Afterwards,speak with
Azhar, who is just outside and then return to speak with Mahdi again.
You'll get a new axe. Equip it. Go downstairs to the Memorial Hall and
face Sangaire and his minions. You do have both axes equiped, right?

- Cursed Blood

Sangaire summons flying armor to defeat you. Just waste them with your
axes. I was at level 19, playing on hard, and had no real trouble. I
boosted my strength and endurance by 20 percent each and, after upgrad-
ing them, had Figar's Heart, and a damage crystal on the axes. Afterwards,
go upstairs and speak with Mahdi again, only to discover that Azhar has
died. Sulajman will now sell to you. Don't forget to check Azhar's body
before you leave. You can now do the rotting skeleton quest, but only if
you checked Azhar's body.

- Contract for Fame

Find the old guild building and slay the creature inside. It's located
accoss from the present guild, tucked into the rocks. Check your map for
the red X. Inside you'll find your first Tailer. Speak to the guy, Bad Yi,
standing by the guild's board near the entrance to Hatmandor for you
reward, which will be in the chest.  

- The Arena I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and CHAMPION

After you finish the Steps to the The Tower, The Elimination Job Quest,
the Arena is open to you. Go make some money! Speak to Harun the Thunder
and give him the password you got from Basel. Your first opponent is a
Gladiator, then two Archers, followed by a Dwarf, a Tamer with two of
his cheetahs, the Deadly Three (a gladiator and two archers), a Mage
Summoner and summoned Necris, a Giant Spider, a Werebeast, a Champion
Mage and a Cyclops. For your troubles you get rewards and the
Achievement, I Am Spartacus.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- Black Candles

You need to get the ingredients, 4 beaver fat, to make two black candles.
From the Mages Guild, follow the path and make your first right.  Follow
that one all the way to the red X on your map. You'll find several beavers
wallowing in some water around an Earth Altar across from the second Varn
camp. Return to the Guild and cook 4 pieces of beaver fat in the oven in
their lab. Take the candles to the Infirmary, south of Cheznaddar and place
them in a basket behind a screen downstairs. 

- Rotting Skeleton

After you've killed Sangaire, spoken with the guildmaster, and searched
Azhar's body, return to the rotting skeleton downstairs and press A again.
This time the skeleton will get up and open the chest for you, then
collapse. Seach it and the chest, read the last will and testament and
you're finished.

- The New Clothes 

Pick up a black robe at the tailor's in Cheznaddar and dye it red with
Warthog's Blood. First go outside S/E corner of Hatmandor's wall where
you'll find several Warthogs romping. Slaughter them and obtain an Ampoule
of their blood. Go to the Tailor in the S/E corner of Cheznaddar. He's not
at his stand, so enter his house to the left of it. He's upstairs, but dead.
The real robe is in the basket. Go downstairs and place both the robe and
the ampule in the kettle and then throw the switch. Take the red robe to
Nuri's secret locker located N/W of the Southern Gate teleport. On the
right side of the path in a trapdoor.

- Dogs Life

An old man needs five mutated Varn hearts (you should have them in your
inventory, already, if not go hunting). Leave them in an abandoned house
in a chest in the middle of the room in the town of Zah'Dan.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- Stolen Corpse

Someone has been stealing corpses. Speak to Nur Udin in Hatmandor and
he'll tell you to speak with the guards at the Hook in Cheznaddar. There
you learn that Commander Valarin sent an entire patrol over to the old
Mages Guild. Head to the Queens Crossing and then check your map for the
red X. Kill all the Giant Ants and speak to the one guard that's still
alive. Look around, you'll see the building he's talking about. Go check
it out. Inside you'll find caged wild animals and a guy running away and
locking bars behind him. Check the cupboards and read the papers in them.
It seems somebody is raising wild animals for fresh potion ingredients
and has been feeding them the missing corpses. After you kill the Giant
Spider, check the back wall for a lever. Pull it to open the bars and go
after the guy. The idiot locked himself in a cage to get away from you.
Get out your lock picks! Choose to let him live because he just won't die
no matter how much you wail on him, so if you even try to kill him you
can't finish the quest. speak to the Merchants Guild in Hatmandor and
speak to Nur Udin, he'll make you a member.

- Eviscerating Creatures

Ubaj was working on an encyclopedia of animals. You need to find all
the pages and the cover in the old Mages Guild where all the wild animals
were being fed dead people. read it and get a skill point.

- Nutritious
Nur Udin wants you to meet with Ubaj at his home near Hatmandor. Go to
the Daxials teleport and head S/W.There are chickens here you can pick
off with your bow, but don't get caught, the guards don't like weapons
drawn in town. Ubaj and Udin want you to go to the mines and talk to
(more like stong arm) Jazid into creating a false shortage in medical
supplies, so they, the Merchants Guild, can charge more for their's.
The Imperial Verita Mines are at the other end of the path you're
already on. Jazid agrees if you kill whatever animals are killing his
miners. Agree and follow him. I was hoping for a new critter but it's
just a bunch of Varn. Qudamah the Jackal is the boss Varn. Slay him
and find a way out of the mine, picking miner's pockets on your way,
for some pretty good crystals.

- Spider's Lair

Kill a pack of spiders. Their Lair is West of Bayan, the first left,
at the end of the path.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- Persistant Guards

Kill the undead guarding a factory near the Queens Crossroad teleport.
Head south from the teleport and make your first right. It's not rocket
science, pull out a couple of clubs or hammers and make splinters! 

- Buyout

Take the Harmandor Purlieus teleport and go east. Turn right after the
gate then left at the fork to play a pickpocket game. Pick the pockets
of the three guards before the time runs out.

- Family Jewels

A jewel was stolen and broken down into several pieces. The first piece
is in a house in Zah'Dan, S/W of the Southern Gate. Save before entering
the house! There are several Occultisits ready for a fight inside. Just
keep a close eye on your health. Lots of treasure here and the crystal
piece, of course.

The next piece is in Bayan. Not as many Occultists and not as many chests.

Another one is in Daxials, the town next to and east of Hatmandor. Only
two Occultists and just a basket holding the crystal piece.

The fourth piece is in Cheznaddar. From the teleport, go out the gate and
follow the houses around to the right. Go right again at the end and it's
the very last door. There are four Occultists this time, another basket
and several loose items on the shelves, etc.

The last one is also in Cheznaddar.  Go back the way you came, it's the
last door you can open before you reach the gate by the teleport, or from
Cheznaddar's teleport, go out the gate and it's the first door on your
right. There are only two Occultisis and the crystal piece is in one of
the baskets, again.

Head to the sewers in Hatmandor. From Hatmandor's teleport, the sewer
entrance is just behind the wall you're facing. Make your way to the
flashing green pin. Just keep going right and you'll get there. There's
a skull on the wall, place the Family Jewel there. Head south a keep to
the right to exit in Cheznaddar.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

- Name's David

You arrive in New Ashos at the university where you meet David who
offers to introduce you to the right people if you retrieve a package
for him. Return the package to him and he'll tell you two names, Sarius
and Angie, both students.

- A Place in the Forest

The package for David is in the local forest. It's really just next to
the N/W corner of the University, where you'll meet up with a Shifty
Stranger. Give him the money or kill him. Take the package back to David
by the teleport. If you don't kill him he'll continue to shake you down
for more and more money. I don't know if something eventually happens
because I got fed up with him bugging me and killed him.

- Sarius the Student

Sarius is in the S/E part of the University. He wants you to bring a girl,
Lisa, to his end of exams party in exchange for help. You'll find Lisa in
the upper left of the dorms. You'll be stopped by a stranger and more or
less threatened. You can offer Lisa 200 for dancing at the party or per
hour for company.

- Stag Night

Hire Lisa to dance at Sarius' party and then go tell him. He'll tell
you to go speak with Dr Annaya, a professor at the university.

- Dr Annaya

She'll help you if you convince Professor Rhodeus (a sexual harasser
of female students) to retire.

- Professor Rhodeus

He denies everything at first, then admits to some and then accuses
Dr Annaya of running an escort service.

- Doctor or Madam?

Confront Dr. Annaya. She'll explain about the Black Rose and ask you
to speak to Angie.

- Angie the Student 
- Most Monstrous Mind

Speak to Angie to find out who's telling the truth, Dr Annaya or
Professor Rhodeus. She has proof at her place. It's in the dorms.
Read it to see who the Professor really is. Decide who to side with.
I chose Dr Annaya, who then referred me to Dr Lavarius.

- Dr Lavarius

You'll find him in the Staff Offices. Accept to help him with a ritual.
On your  way out of town you'll be stopped by a stranger, you know, the
one who keeps stopping and threatening you. Apparently, his boss does
not want you to help the Dr. Accept or decline his offer. 

- Blood for a Stone

If you're helping Dr Lavarius, drink his potion, then go to the Narrow
Passage west of town. Put the stone he gave you down when prompted.
It's not on the beach like the Dr. said, it's closer to the vagabond's
camp. After, return to speak with the Dr. He'll tell you Kaineth at the
Lion, a gambling house, was involved in the Event you're trying to get
information on.

- Into the Lion's Mouth

The Bouncer won't let you in but Lexington talks with you and agrees to
let you speak with Kaineth if you promise not to kill him and to do him
a little favor first. He wants you to convince Sammy (the Bull) Mangano
to drop out of competition with him, Lexington. On your way out, pick up
another quest from the Bouncer.

- Sammy the Bull

Pay a visit to Sam Mangano. Hide next to the steps on the left and wait
for the guard. Take him out quietly. There's a key in his pocket. 

- The Specialist

Inside you find Mangano already dead and the guy that killed him. Escape
through the cellar with the mystery asassin. Apparently, this was
Lexington's plan all along. Go speak with him.

-A Card Carrying Member

You get a membership to The Lion as part of your reward. Now go speak to
the Maitre D' and show him your card. Inside you'll find Professor
Kaineth at one of the dice tables.

- Video Ergo Sum

Speak to Eric, the head of the Scavangers. He wants you to go see Master
Damai in the Swallows to get an Oculus. Head S/E from the Scavenger Camp
and then south to where the white flag with the red stripe is, It's a
building called the Astronomy Department. Small problem, Master Damai
doesn't want to give it to you. Return with it and after a cut scene,
he tells you to go see Kaineth at The Lion, for further instructions. 

- Shadows from the Past

Return to speak with Kaineth at The Lion. He wants you to meet him at
the entrance to the Swallows. Now he wants to meet you at the Heart of
the Swallows, N/E of the Holy Cave. He then asks you to meet him on the
old University's grounds, by a well. The well is underground. You'll
need to go through the Clammy Cellar to get there. Each talk with
Kaineth will come with a vision. You'll learn more about Gandohar
and the Event. There's a panel with a wheel behind it to lower the
water. When you get to a great hall you'll have another vison. Con-
tinue on, to a teleport and go talk with Kaineth again. He's back at
the Heart of the Swallows. After, report back to the cranky Prophet,
Cassara, on Alsorna island. 

- On the Way to the Swamps

You're forced to use the Orc's camp teleport and when you arrive at
Cassara's throne she isn't there, but Sordahon is. After a cutscene,
kill him. You'll find everyone downstairs and a new location will
open up to you. Take Ghortarius' teleport to go to the new location. 

+ + + + + + 
+ Eollas  +
+ + + + + + 

Veneficus University is in the south of the city and it's Staff
Offices are in the middle of it. The library, the Assembly room
and faculty offices are in the S/E building, as is a SoulPatcher.
The men's and Women's dorms are in the West part of the University
grounds. It seems the Mangano family lives here in the north end
of New Ashos city. Did you kill Selen? I did. The city isn't that
big but very familiar if you played Two Worlds. There's a musician
S/W of the New Ashos teleport. Des Mon is in the east of the city
and has a jobs board you can make use of. Past him, and slightly
N/E is a citizen and some merchant stands. N/W of that is another
area of merchants. The docks are south of the university. Mr
Lexington's Summer Residence is in the N/E corner of town, and he
is the owner of the local gambling establishment, The Lion, a
private club, located in the west of town, just north of the
students' dorms. The King's Court Inn is in the N/W of town.
Jarek (Nortar's Bow) is inside. You can buy a boat at the docks
from Aglovall Shell-back. The docks are just south of the Uni-
versity. Press A to get in or out and use LS to steer. Daishin
Island is west of Cheznaddar and S/E of Eollas.I had already
been there because I used one part Scapulari brain (or perhaps
it was a pearl) and nine parts Bamboo Tongue, so I could walk on
water. It should last around five minutes, more than enough time
to get to Daishin at a run. Either way  you can now get to the
shoreline of the really big island, Elkronas, from the southern
most tip heading round to the eastern tip is the most interesting
part. Also, there's an island, with no name, east of the southern
most tip mof Elkronas. Bon Voyage! 

For hunting, you have black Panthers, Drakonai, Elepharachnids,
Werebeasts, Gargoyles, Lereph, Taedium, Mortifiers, Phantoms,
Ungodly Colossus, and a guardian on a very small island just
south of the big one in the N/W.

+ + + + + + + + + +

List of Towns, Cities and places of interest on Eollas

Bright Beach is the coast west of the University
Cemetery is east of the N/E part of New Ashos
Lost Grove, east of the University on a path south running along
the rocks Narrow Passage is W/NW of The Lion in New Ashos, by
where a lone camper New Ashos is the town you begin in, it's in
the S/W of Eollas Prescott Cormic's fishing spot is at Bright's
beach across the bridge Scavenger Camp, follow the east path out
of New Ashos.

List of Ruins and Caves on Eollas

Abandoned Workshop is slightly north of Shattered Teleport
Ancient Tombs is in the S/E and marked with a flag (runestones)
Clammy Cellar is in the Old University ruins
Forgotten Passage is along the N/W coast
Heart of the Swallows is N/E of the Holy Cave
Holy Cave is north of Shattered Teleport up some steps
Mystical Den is east of the cemetery with a flag (runestone)
Ruined Ashos is in the N/E of the island
Old University is in the N/E of Eollas island
Secret Vidon's Camp is north of New Ashos and east of Maggie's Cay
Subterranean Passage is West of the N/W exit from New Ashos
Veneficus Repository is N/W of Hidden Entrance by the rocks

List of teleports on Eollas

Consumed Hamlet is located far N/E of Scavenger Camp
Descrated Ashos in the Old University ruins
Maggie's Cay is N/W of New Ashos, near the coast
New Ashos in the N/E of Ashos
New Ashos Outskirts is north of the east side of New Ashos
Quincentennial Oak is next to the New Ashos Cemetery
Sacred Wells is far north of the cemetery
Scavenger Camp, follow the east path out of New Ashos
Separated Island is on the island in the N/W
wuthering plain is N/E of the Mystical Den

+ + + + + + + + + +


- New House in Ashos

You can buy a new house from Yao, but it'll have a complication.

- Dead Lover

Sol Pan, just across from the Mangano's house. will give you some
information about the experiment and a quest to retrieve Dir Tal's
wristband. You'll find his body not far to the east of town, but
when you touch his wristband something unexpected happens. What
can I say, but RUN! I actually teleported out and came back on
higher, much higher, ground, as they can climb pretty good! If
you survive, go talk to Sol Pan. She'll offer you another project.
Go see her at her home.

- A Book Like No Other

Timothy, in the S/E building of the University, lost a book Of
Ancient Arti- facts, and will pay you to find it. It's upstairs
in the library at the very end on the bottom shelf.

_ Paper Trail

Find all 15 papers the Bursar lost that morning at the northern
entrance to the city. All locations are in or near New Ashos and
listed below.

Just before the red X in town, when you first arrive
Near the Mangano house at the north end of town
Out the eastern exit, and slightly north, in the grass 
In the grass in front of Mr Lexington's Summer Residence
In the grass in front of The King's Court Inn
On the path running north to south on the western side of town
At the end of The Narrow Passage to the beach, west of town
Inside the University's Staff Offices
Just past the University's Staff Offices
In the grass in the N/E corner of the University grounds 
Inside the Dorms
In  the University's Library (University's S/E building)
In some of the Professor's offices (University's S/E building)
The Lobby (University's S/E building)
South patio of the University's S/E building

- A Prayer for the Dead

Follow Steria and pray with her at her lover's grave. She resurects
Balin who clearly wants to eat you and Steria runs off. Need I say,
kill Balin?

- Exclusive Umbrellas

This is a new one, umbrellas that eat people! Hmm, isn't there an
umbrella in the house you bought from Yao? Both of Plu Via's
customers are in town so just use your map. Go save the merchant's
customers, Professor Hai Mer isn't at home, but his umbrellas are.
After, go find Oro Ave. Talk to Iga, Oro's daughter to find out that
he's at a bird exhibition in town. Return to speak with the merchant
in her shop, a little N/W of the New Athos teleport, to find one more
killer umbrella. 

- George's Problem

a man named Lester hurt George's niece, help him get revenge.

- A Vintage Bottle

You'll find Lester outside of town behind The Lion. Punch his
servant to make him run away, then put the poison in Lester's
wine. Go back and speak to George, after.

- The Racketeers

Some Racketeers are shaking down the local merchants. Speak
with one of the merchants, Erdon's just outside the east gate
of New Ashos. Then deal with the three thugs that show up. Report
back to Lexington.

- Mr Lexington

He's sent word that he has work for you.

- The Candidate

Assassinate a local politician named Prescott Cormic. He at his
fishing spot in Bright Beach. Oops! Missed! Kill all the guards.
Report back to Lexington.

- One Last Chance

Go to his home on the east side, north of the jobs board. Kill
the guard then kill Prescott. Loot the house then head for the
docks where your boat is and toss the shield with Prescott's
family crest into the sea. Report back to Lexington at the Lion.

 + + + + + + + + + +


- Expelled Mage

Tai Lin wants you kill the creatures living in his mother's
house, S/W of the University. But there's a catch, of course.
Shui Bian has locked the gate and won't let you in without a
fee, but you'll have a chance to get it back by killing all
the monsters within a time limit. Clear the front yard then
go talk to Shui Bian to let you into the house. Clear the
house, the basement and the back yard. Report back to Tai Lin.
You'll find him just outside the N/W side of town. Somethings
wrong, follow him to his house where he'll show you his clock
collection. Listen to his story. He'll ask you to deliver a
letter to Kaineth.

- Obsession

Tai Lin predicts that Professor Kaineth will die and wants
you to take a letter to warn him. Give it to his assisstant,
Hai, in the north end of New Ashos.

- Death Clock 

Report back to Tai only to be told he forsaw your death in a
matter of minutes. Prove him wrong, then ring his miserable
little neck. 

- Telepathic Sender

Mar Conie is being punished for inventing telepathic earrings
which have a bad side effect, suicide. The invention is linked
to a living creature and he wants you to kill that creature to
sever the tie. If you come across any students with the earrings
try to get them to take them off. Head to his place north of New
Ashos and fight your way to the top to kill Conie's Droser.

- Evil Influence
Eavesdrop on an arguement between Ion Ran and her boyfriend. She
has a pair of the earrings that Mar Conie made. She's sitting on
a bench on the right side of and in the upper half of the
University area. Speak to her boyfriend, Zas Tar, and then to her.

- Science Career

Senoir asks you to make observations of creatures you kill in a
place marked in the middle of a local jungle, then return and
speak of the experience to a school assembly. Go to the Sub-
terranean Passage West of the N/W exit from New Ashos, which
will take you to the island just a little further west. Kill all
the beasties, then return to speak with Senoir. He'll be at the
entry to the Assembly room in the lower right building of the
University. After the lecture, ask Senoir about the crowds
reaction. Upon leaving you overhear two teachers, Apis and Hai
Mer, discussing the lecture you just gave. Apis offers you a
science grant and asks you to meet with him later for details.

- Science Grant

See Professor Apis in his office. He wants you to clear an
apiary of wasps. It's east of Maggie's Cay, you'll see a gate.

- Brother's Chest

Find a Vase in an unopened chest in the Swallows, in a place
called Strange Yard. It's due east of the Shattered Teleport.
The chests are magically booby trapped. They all go kaboom
but don't forget to turn around.  I didn't, at least not until
I opened all the chests before I realized I was surrounded by
a Taedium, two Ungodly Colossus, a Stinger and a Triper. 

- Bone Wand

Clear Desecrated Ashos and collect monster spines, Take the
Shattered Teleport and head north. It's actually a bit south
of the old Ashos. Check your map for the red X.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- The Beach Boys

Kill a family of Cyclops by a beachfront home. You can get on the
rocks behind them by going through the house in the S/W corner of
Eollas where you did the mages guild quest, Expelled Mage.

- Pied Piper of Ashos

Take the east exit out of New Ashos and follow it east to a
bridge over a stream. Kill the few beavers under and around
the bridge. Go upstream to the next bridge and do the same.
Further upstream is the Pied Piper and company. Go slaughter!

-Insect Tamer

Find the Trainers house and check on his bugs. More like,
eliminate them! It's In the Old University area marked
with a red X.

-Drakonai Park

Clear the N/W island of all reptiles. The entrance is called
Forgotten Passage, and is along the N/W coast across from the
island. There's a teleport on the island to discover before
you leave.

- The Hamlet

The fighter's guild would like you to find a lost city in the
Swallows and re- activate the teleport there. It's called the
Consumed Hamlet and it's east of the teleport Wuthering Plain
and N/E of the Shattered teleport. If you jumped the gate before,
you'll need to go down and open it to activate the quest. Even
if you've been here before, standing on the teleport will cause 
more critters to appear. You must kill them all to complete the
quest. The back gate is now open.

-The Seven Brothers

Go to a house in the Swallow and put the seven brothers to rest.
It's S/W of the Desecrated Ashos teleport. They're skeletons, so
I'm sure you know what to do.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- The Ashos Tea Party

Hunt for tea ingredients in three locations around New Ashos, then
make the herbal mix and deliver it to the cemetery.

- Umbrella Story

Find a nest of Leraphs, far N/E of the Scavenger Camp, north of
the Consumed Hamlet teleport. (the consumed Hamlet is locked but
you should be an experienced rock climber by now, so that
shouldn't stop you, but you can just stick to the path, if you
prefer) Unfortunately, the Leraphs' nest is shared by a whole
lot of Taedium, and you must kill them,too, to complete the
quest. Oh joy!

-Suspended Ritual

Finish a ritual for an Adept on the Old University grounds. S/W
of the old University is the ritual spot. Track the sacrifice.
Kill the Lerephs dogging you because if they contaminate the
sacrificial site the ritual will be abandonned. At the end,
there's a Damned One. Lead him back to the sacrifical spot
and kill him. I do hope you saved first! 

-Brain College

Find the secret husbandry of a mage. It's located just slightly
N/W of the New Ashos Outskirts teleport. The problem is, it's
flooded. Check the house above for a lever. Collect nine brains
and place them in the chest outside, next to the front door, to
complete the quest.

- Grimoire of Elah

Find the magical book and read it. You'll find it in the N/W dorm.
If the door has a red lock on it, make sure you read it in the
quest log, then go out the back door and in again. It sould be
unlocked now. Search the book for a clue, twice. Deliver it to the
basement of the Abandoned House, which is located on the west
coast. Take the teleport, Maggie's Cay and you're there. Read the
book again, in the basement. What did you expect, Really!

- Feeling Well

Take the Sacred Wells teleport and head a little north to a well,
when you can, take some water from it. The next well is just a
little further down the path. Continue down the path through the
two large stone skulls to find a third well. Once you have all
three waters, go to the cemetery at the end of the same path.
Approach the dead beast.

+ + + + + + + + + +


- Magic the Gardening

Find the jungle clearing where Mountain Breed grows and kill all
the critters. If you played the first Two Worlds, you'll like this. 

- The Gargoyles

Kill all the Vidons in the Secret Vidon's Camp, which is actually
a cave north of New Ashos and east of the teleport, Maggie's Cay.

- Remine the Remines

Look for the remains of a Caravan, specifically a Cinerary Urn.
From the Shattered teleport take the north path all the way there.
Lots of sleeping Ungodly Colossus. Take the urn to the cemetery
N/E of New Ashos. Enter, turn left, it's the last grave on the
left. Place the urn in the container.

- Pleasure of Treasure

Find the entrance to a hidden vault. It has a Guardian that needs
to be dealt with first. There's an Un-named ruin N/E of New Ashos
Outskirts teleport, in the rocks behind the camp. Find two levers
inside and flip them.(I don't know if this really has anything to
do with this quest or not because I couldn't find anything the
levers actually did so I was thinking, maybe, it released the
Guardian) Regardless, leave and follow the rocks on your left
until you come to a house where the  treasure is. The Treasure
Guardian, a Snake, is outside, near a new teleport. If you have
trouble, head back towards the camp and the Guardian will stop
at the bottom of the path and you can pick it off with your bow.
It's a bit slow but gets the job done. Go in the house and Play
the Flute with the sheet music, True Wisdom, that you got off
the dead Guardian. You don't have to play well. Now you have a
second one, a Giant Spider. He'll drop a drum and more sheet
music, True Knowledge. Now for the last Guardian, a Werebeast.
It's best to lure him into the hallway so you can control his
bouncing around. He drops a Harp and the sheet music, True
Wealth. Open the last door for your, hmm, treasure.

- Emotional Baggage

A merchant was attacked and robbed in the Swallow and would like
his hats back. Go to the Shattered Teleport and head west. You'll
come across the first robber. You should be at a fork in the path,
go S/E to the next fork. Kill another one. Head south then S/E to
the last one. If you end up at a house, you went S/W by mistake.
Take the hats back to the chest in the Scavengers Camp. It's not
far from where the only merchant is.

- Father's Workshop

The workshop is just north of the Shattered teleport, in the rocks.
Go clean it out of beasties and things that go bump in the night.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Eollas Thieves Guild

- Training Hall

A quest from the old University's jobs board. Check out the training
room. You'll find a hidden entrance west of Desecrated Ashos teleport.
Solve the door puzzle. Decrease the water level. Crack the lock. Crack
the next lock. Clear the training hall. You had to know a fight was
coming! This is for experience only, no reward.

- Kaboom

Pick up some prototype bombs in the local cemetery. Go over to Guard
station north of the Secret Vindon's Camp cave and explode next to a
guard. Then the next guard and then one more. Just place it in his path.
Trapper must be at level eight or higher to do this quest. Do not raid
the warehouse they were guarding or it'll mess up the next quest. 

-Aquila's Head

Take the New Ashos Outskirts teleport and head south but turn on the
path heading for the beach. Kill Aquilla and his associates and you're
done. You can now go kill the two guys in the warehouse from the last
quest, Kaboom.

- Execution

Rescue a University Mage who was kidnapped. Look for clues in the
cemetery. From the Shattered teleport go south then veer off to the S/E.
It's at the very bottom in the rocks. This one is rather difficult. There
are four rooms surrounding the room with the hostage. There are two guards
with bows in each of the four rooms, ready to start shooting the hostage.
Since you can only distract two at a time you cannot stop them from kill-
ing the hostage. Stay at the very top of the stairs so they don't start
shooting. I used four of the Oculus Infernus with 8000 damage each and
placed one inbetween each set of archers. If you get it in the right spot
they both die. Out of the eight, I had two survive the blasts. On them,
I used two Oculus Draconis 4000 damage to finish them off. So all I had
to do was walk down the stairs, open each room and collect the loot off
the re-dead archers and the hostage teleported himself out. My question
is, if he had the ability to teleport himself out, what was he still
doing there? 

+ + + + + + + + +


- The Trophy

Hal Den wants to have you take a test for him.  It's meant for him to
overcome his fears but he's too afraid to try. Go kill the Damned One,
Toe, for him and return with the stinky necklace. You'll come across
him eventually. I think, for me, it was when I was doing the Mages
Guild's Bone Wand Quest. After you return and speak to Hal Den, don't
speak to him again or it'll glitch and say you refused to do the quest
for him.

- Lost Partner

Revnar lost his partner, Mornar, in the Swallows. Go find Mornar. From
the Shattered teleport, follow the path N/E and take the first path
heading S/E. He's at the end. You're supposed to remove his eyes but I
had to push A from several different directions before it finally let
me have them. Return to Revnar.

- Love's Labour's Lost

Meet Banagh at the Lost Grove. He wishes to speak with you privately
regarding the safety of someone at the University. He's lost contact
with Ann Nah and wants to know if she's ok. So go and check on her.
Speak to Mal Nis on the patio south of the University. She'll tell
you that Ann Nah is in her room at the dorm. Speak with her and
convince her to speak with Banagh. Go with him to meet with her.
Back to the Lost Grove. Happily ever after!

- The Restless Spirit

This was my first vision. Two lovers fighting. Check at the inn
for more information on the lovers. Talk to Vor and buy him a
drink. After, meet him at the cemetery east of town. He'll walk
you to Alicia's grave. Go get the pendant from Alicia's Dad and
give it to her ghost. When she took the pendant, it glitched
and never completed, so I don't know what should've happened.

- Painter of Magic

In camp you overhear a conversation about a failed mission.
Try to get details. Talk to everyone involved and eventually
Knantuck will agree to meet with you at the entrance of the
old University in the N/E area of the island. Read the Magical
Scroll on the non working teleport. After, meet with Knantuck
back at the Scavengers camp.

- Last Crusade

This was my second vision. Two men were talking about a nearby
cave. The cave is just a little north of you up some steps to
the left. It's called The Holy Cave. Something about traps was
mentioned. You'll have another vision giving you a clue as to
how to solve the first trap. There's a parchment in the coffin
to your right. Left is the start. Disarm so you can sneak (LT)
past the first section. Another vision with another clue. Use
the parchment as a map to get through the second trap.Start at
the far right. Up two, right one, up two, left two, down one,
left two then straight up and out. You'll meet with the Black
Knight and answer three questions. Unless the questions are
random the answers are a Casket, a Star and a Wave, Procede to
the other side. Battle your way to the end.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

- Into the Swamp

Take the teleport in Ghortarius' room and you automatically go
to a swamp on the Mainland. Head into the swamps looking for
the artifact, a Flaming Heart, that Gandohar used to cause the
Event on Eollas. You're trapped. Now is the time to use your
Bow because you're going to need to conserve the healing and
mana potions that you have. Even if you've got a lot, it'll
disappear quickly here. If at all possible, raise your defense
against poison. There are chests scattered about the swamp
with some supplies and you can buy limited supplies from the
Inn in Tir Geal, if you have any auras. You can also make good
use of your bombs, here.

- First Encounters

Speak with Aidan in Tir Geal which is just S/W of where you
arrived. He'll tell you to speak to the Priest, Garadel, in
the Temple.

- The Priest and the Amulet

Apparently you've awoken something nasty in the swamp and
need to get a special amulet from Aidan. He's in the same
place you met him.

- Aidan's Amulet

He doesn't want you to have it and tells you to go get your
own. You need to attach a lightning rod in the cemetery to
attract the creatures that carry the amulets.The blacksmith,
Culainn, has the rod.

- Culainn the Blacksmith

Go find the blacksmith. he's a bit to the north. His location
is marked by a flag.

- The Rescue

When you find the blacksmith, he's being attacked, so save him.
He tells you the rod attracted the swamp creatures, so he tossed
it into the swamp.

- Crow's Puddle

The rod is in a place called Crow's Puddle S/E of the village.
Go fetch!

- The Sunken Spire

It's sticking out of the water, just look around and you should
spot it. 

- The Cursed Crypt

From where you found the rod, go all the way South west and
you're there.

- The Cemetery Creature

You automatically insert the rod. All that's left to do is kill
the creature with the Amulet.

- The Creatures Amulet

Take the Amulet from the body and head back to the Priest.
There's a teleport.

- The Priest will tell you about the Witch and that you're
trapped in the swamp, most likely by or because of her. 

- Witch Hunt

The sister village Tir Caillte was destroyed by the Witch's
undead. Start your
search there, it's S/W of Tir Geal. All you find is an unfin-
ished chronicle. Continue on the same path S/W to the very end
and you'll find the Witch waiting. The Witch says she's really
Nalia, and claims that it is really her that has been protect-
ing the villagers, not the Priest and suggests that it's the
Priest that is evil.

- The Old Spell

Nalia wants you to get an old spell from a tower in the swamps.
The tower is north of Tir Caillte and east of the catacombs.
Next to the tower you'll notice a black smoldering hole in the
ground. Nearby, and all around the Tower you'll find notes.
Inside, you'll also find lots of notes, papers, etc. scattered
about, but what you came for is in the chest. Surprise! Now
deliver the old spell to Nalia if you're still standing. Nalia
is sitting near her treehouse.

- Nalia's garden The Aniseed Plant

Nalia needs some Aniseed from her garden. Head back towards Tir
Caillte but keep to the eastern path at the fork. Hers is the
first house you'll see. The seed is in fenced yard along with
several other herbs, Return to Nalia. She's still sitting
outside her Treehouse.

- After Aidan

Grab the scrolls from the chest in the Temple and the Priest
will confront you, claiming that you couldn't have spoken to
Nalia because they found her body. Hmm, whom to believe? Upon
leaving, Fionna will ask you to search for Aidan. He's been
missing since he went in search of you. Look in the cemetery
in the N/W. Aidan has gone down into the Catacombs, follow him
through the Old Crypt.

- The Lost Hunter

You find Aidan, barely alive. Go for help. Bring back Nalia
and you'll find out who's telling the truth.

- THE Demon

You find out who the Demon really is. Kill it and save the day.

- Nalia's return

Nalia undergoes a transformation.

- Aidan's Survival

I guess his survival depends on who you believe, the Witch or
the Priest. Afterwards, you can leave the swamp, but speak to
the people in town first. Then go see the disagreeable Prophet.

 + + + + + + + + + +

Hunting - Wolfiend, Undead, Blighted Vespine, Vespine Queens,
Beaver, Raven, Dread, Malodor, Blackbone, Tatras, Mammoth
Spiders, Wraths and a Sawtooth Oak.

Towns and Places of interest in the Swamp on the Mainland

Catacombs are in the Old Crypt in the Old Cemetery in the N/W
Cursed Crypt is S/W of Tir Geal
Inn is at the south end of Tir Geal
Outward Southwestern Corner is in the southwestern corner, duh!
Nalia's Place is a treehouse in the S/W
Old Cemetery is in the N/W
Old Crypt is in the Old Cemetery
Temple is on the east side of Tir Geal 
Tir Caillte is S/W of the center of the swamp
Tir Geal is S/W of where you first arrive
The teleports only work locally, if you step on one it sends
you to another in the swamp, only. 

+ + + + + + + + + +


- The Chronicle

The village chronicles have info on the town's history. Go read
them. They're in an open chest in the back left corner of the
Inn. The first Chronicle tells you how the two towns were

- The Chronicle - Vol. II

Seems like another Event has happened. The Witch and the undead

- Long Lost Gold

The gold from the Mayor who robbed the people and fled into the
swamp was never found. Something was said about a well, so go
looking for it. It's in the very S/W corner. You'll see his
skeleton in the pool of water nearby with the gold all shimmer-

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

- Whatever it Takes

Find the secret entrance to the castle. The teleport, Vahkmaar,
is south of the Swamp. There's an un-named cave West of Vahkmaar
Teleport. There is a deserted village S/E of the Vahkmaar tele-
port. Take the first path S/W and follow it all the way to the
end to find all the buildings. On the west rockface, just before
the Castle, there's a hidden door but keep in mind, that once
you go in you can't get back out, so if you need supplies, or
have quests to finish, now is the time. Fight your way through
the dungeon to find Gandohar and the truth. There's a cut scene,
then you're following your sister Kyra. Pick up all the goodies
and don't miss the chests along the way. Save before jumping
through.(wait a minute, didn't Dar Pha say she wasn't an Orc?
Now I'm confused!) Use a 100 percent fire resistant potion if
you can and heal EVERY time you get hit. If you have them, use
Ressurect potions as well.Use the ballista closest to your target
and move to the nearest ballista as necessary. After a few hits
you'll have a minion to tend with. I summoned creatures to dis-
tract it and then used an Archmage Water Staff with a 75 frost
damage crystal to take it down. After a few more hits you'll
have two more minions. You guessed it, after a few more hits
you get stuck with three minions. After that, if you survive,
get another hit or two in and it's all over. I played on hard,
so I don't know if it's any different for other levels. 

+ + + + + + + + + +


There are Giant Scorpions, Myrmidons, Deuces, Tuloks, Necris,
Taediums, Ghouls, Magma Sentinals and a dragon.

Skirting Elkronis, you'll find Scapulari, Vidon, Seagulls,
Panthers, Wolves, Bears, Parrots, Drokonai, Werebeasts, Vidon
and Warthogs. For those of you who've played Two Worlds,
there are familiar Scapulari camps. You'll also find chests
scattered about.  

+ + + + + + + 
+ + + + + + + 


Kyra is saved, and being a natual leader, takes Gandohar's
crown. You're left to go adventuring.After the credits,
you'll be taking a stroll with Dar Pha.

+ + + + + + + + + +

- Achievements (SP, single player) (MP, multiplayer)

Adventure Part I - complete Chapter I (MP)
Adventure Part II - complete Chapter II (MP)
Adventure Part III - complete Chapter III (MP)
Adventure Part IV - complete Chapter IV (MP)
Adventure Prt V - complete Chapter V (MP)
Adventure Part VI - complete Chapter VI (MP)
Adventure Part VII - complete Chapter VII (MP)
Alchemist - create a potion
Beastmaster - Summon 50 monsters (SP)
Clairvoyant - use the oculus (SP)
Contractor - build 15 buildings in village mode
Crazy Like a Fox - kill 30 enemies using fire arrow (SP)
Dances with Mops - complete the Mage's guild auestline
Desert Rose - Confront Mirage
Duelist - win 5 duels
Fearmonger - effectively use Battlecry 75 times (SP)
Fortune and Glory - explore 25 dungeons (SP)
Gemologist - win 5 crystal capture matches
Grey Wizard - Create a Spell (SP)
Hammer Time! - Upgrade a weapon or piece of armor (SP)
Hero - reach level 20 (SP)
Hero for Hire - complete 10 bulletin board quests
I am Spartacus - Survive the Arena
I see Dead People - recieve the gift of the Scavengers
Into the Fire - Complete Alsonora Introduction
It's a trap - set 40 traps or bombs
It's Alive - Wake the army of Golems
Last Man Standing - complete the Brotherhood questline
Last Stand - Complete Chapter III (SP)
Legend - reach level 40 (SP)
Liberation - completed in single player mode
Lost - collect all 4 runes (SP)
Man in Tights - kill 50 enemies using multi arrows (SP)
Minstrel Hero - perform a song hitting all notes (SP)
Old Wounds - Complete Chapter I (SP)
Prince of Thieves - complete the Thieve's guild questline
Ruthless - win 5 deathmatches
Settler - build 5 buildings in village mode
Slight of Hand - steal from 25 people (SP)
Sweep the Leg - effectly use knockdown 30 times (SP)
The Antaloorian Job - lockpick 50 locks (SP)
The Great Escape - Escape from Castle Vahkmaar
The Merchant of Antaloor - complete the merchant's questline
The Road Less Travelled - Complete Chapter II (SP)
White Wizard - kill 50 enemies with magic (SP)
Who's Next? - kill 20 enemies using death strike (SP)                      

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