• Use PC Console Cheats with the 360 version

    Hold down L1 + R1, then while still holding it press and release buttons in the following order: START -> DPAD UP -> START -> DPAD DOWN. The console box appears. Press X to bring up an in-game keyboard if you do not have a keypad or other means of inputting WARNING: THIS DISABLES ACHIEVEMENTS ON THIS GAME SAVE PERMANENTLY To re-activate the ability to get achievements restart the game from the dashboard and use a non-cheated save

    Physx.Char.Kick.Str #<UNTESTED>Increase Kick Ability Strength (kick enemies into space) <UNTESTED>
    addgold # (Replace # with any positive number)Add Auras (Currency)
    AddSkillPoints #Add skill points
    AddParamPoints # (replace # with any positive number)Adds parameter points to spend (Strength, Accuracy etc.)
    TWOWORLDSCHEATSEnables console cheats
    AddExperiencePoints # (# is any positive number)Gain Experience Points
    GOD 0God mode off
    GOD 1God Mode on (Maxes all stats and abilities)
    Player.InvisibleForEnemies 1Invisible To Enemies
    ms.Grav #Jump Height/Gravity (use a negative number)
    Hero.Move.FastRunSpeed #Run Speed
    Time #Set time of day (0-255, with 0=midnight, 40=dawn, 20=sunset, 255=just before midnight)
    ec.dbg levels # (replace # with any positive number)Sets player level
    IMMORTAL 0Turns off immortality
    IMMORTAL 1Turns on immortality (Unkillable)
    Physx.Char.SlopeLimit.Rock #Walk Up Any Rock or Mountain (use a big negative number)
    Physx.Char.SlopeLimit #Walk Up Any Slope (use a big negative number)
    KILLWith equipped weapon, kill selected enemy


  • Unlock Items.

    Pause the game and enter the code at "Enter Bonus Code".

    6770-8976-1634-9490Anathros Sword
    4802-6468-2848-6286Black Legion Ax
    4149-3083-9823-6545Dragon Armor
    9199-0035-9610-2338Dragon Scale Armor
    8233-3296-3311-2976Dusty Scroll
    4677-1553-6730-1272Elexorien Sword
    9122-5287-3591-0927Lucienda Sword

    Contributed By: thml7 and GranNephilim.

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