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    Walkthrough by phatpat3352

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    Deus Ex Human Revolution
    Point by Point Walkthrough by PatrickVRegan
    (Flexible) – Task can be done at a future date, if desired.
    (Missable) – Must do before leaving the general area.
    (Automatic) – Impossible to miss, but not to finish.
    (Very Missable) – Must do when first possible.
    (Optional) – Not going anywhere.
    Notes: Side Quests are mentioned when they first become available 
    and not necessary when you can finish them.
    Table of Contents:
    01. Megan's Office
    02. Sarif's Headquarters
    03. Sarif Manufacturing Plant
    04. Sarif's Headquarters (2nd Visit)
    05. Detroit Streets
    06. Detroit City Police Department
    07. Detroit Streets
    08. Highland Park (FEMA Facility)
    09. Hengsha Island, Kuaigan District
    10. Hengsha Island, Youzhao District
    11. Tai Yong Medical
    12. Montrel (Picus Communications)
    13. Detroit (2nd Visit)
    14. Sarif's Headquarters (3rd Visit)
    15. Hengsha (2nd Visit)
    16. Hengsha Docks
    17. Singapore (Omega Ranch)
    18. Panchaea
    There are a few things you will want to keep in mind if you plan on 
    doing a one playthrough platinum rum. First off, do not kill anyone 
    accept for the bosses. Take special care to not set off alarms. It 
    helps to not let guards see you though this is not the end of the 
    world. Collect as many upgrades as possible in order to max out your 
    weapon (choose one first, then move on to others). Be sure to have 
    the upgrades regarding hacking, Icarus Landings, and physical augment 
    to carry heavier objects as soon as possible. Following those its 
    really up to you but I recommend stealth related augments. Also, late 
    in the game you will come across a Laser Rifle. When this happens 
    grab the weapon and keep it until the end of the game. It will come 
    in handy, trust me. Hack as many computers as you can to make your 
    upgrades come quicker and ensure that you get the hacking related 
    trophy. One last suggestion would be to knock out everyone in the 
    game who is an enemy that you come across until you get the trophies 
    related to knocking people out / not killing them.
    	Trophy: Old School Gamer - You found all the hidden story 
    items in Megan's office. (Very Missable)
    At the start of the game you will find yourself here. There are 6 
    items you must find and examine to unlock the trophy. There is an 
    eBook on the Sofa, a newspaper tablet on the table, a book “Being 
    more effectiveâ€￾ on the right side desk, a toy car next to a fax
    machine, a photo frame next to her PC, and lastly there are a few 
    emails on said PC you need to at least highlight. The trophy should 
    pop after examining all of these items.
    	ebook: The Neural Hub: Design For A Next Generation 
    Inside Office 27, on the 2nd floor. Hack or use key code 4145 on the 
    door. It is on a small table inside.
    	eBook: Tyranny of Biology (Optional)
    Inside Office 25, on the 2nd floor. Hack or access office through 
    ventilation duct in office 27. Its next to the vent grill.
    	eBook: The Nature of Neuroplasticity (Optional)
    Located in the tech lab behind Frank Prichard's desk. This lab is 
    located on the 2nd floor.
    	Trophy: Ghost (Flexable)
    Complete an objective without being seen by any guards.
    	Weapon Modification: Damage (Missable)
    Inside the factory, first mission, Lab 2, Storage 3.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    On the floor inside a box that has fallen over directly in front of 
    you upon exiting the first elevator you ride in the facility.
    	eBook: Neural Interact Protocols: The Predot Revolution 
    In the room across the hall past the security camera / security 
    turret combo. This room also has a security hub computer. This ebook 
    is underneath a small cardboard box which is on top of a crate.
    	eBook: Artificial Muscles (Missable)
    On the office desk at the top of the stairs before the brown double 
    doors which lead to Zeke Sanders.
    	Trophy: Unforeseen Consequences - You convinced Zeke to let 
    his hostage go. (Very Missable)
    Zeke Sanders is the terrorist leader of the Purity First group. Speak 
    to him in the following way to unlock the trophy: “Try To Free 
    Josieâ€￾, “Empathizeâ€￾, “Empathizeâ€￾, then “Reasonâ€￾.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity (Flexible)
    Helipad storage at Sarif HQ. Get the password from Malik's computer 
    in her office (5475).
    	Side Quest: Lesser Evil - Deal with Mr. Carella's 
    indiscretion (Missable)
    Initiate this quest by entering your office on the 3rd floor after 
    returning from your first mission and speaking with both Pritchard 
    and David Sarif. On your way you should be paged over the intercom. 
    Speak with Carella about his concerns, ask for a reward, and accept 
    the quest. Access your computer here with the password found in a 
    Pocket Secretary on your desk. 
    Carella is being threatened by a man named Tindall, whom you can find 
    in an alley way next to the gas station down the road form the HQ. He 
    is leaning against a red container. Don't speak to him yet however, 
    first you need to get into his apartment. You can either hack the 
    gate blocking access or climb the roof tops to access the apartment. 
    The easier is to just just the gate, otherwise your in for a jump 
    from rooftop to rooftop. His apartment is on your left as you head 
    towards the Basketball Court.

    Just go left once you see a punk spray painting the wall next to a 
    fire escape ladder (the same one you climb to take the rooftop 
    Just search the apartments inside until you find Tindalls, you'll 
    know when you find it. You'll need to hack the door to get inside. Go 
    through his computer, reading all his emails. Now go back and talk to 
    him. Tindall will reveal that he has his own troubles. Be nice and 
    tell him you'll help with his problem. You'll need to deal with two 
    thugs located at the Basketball Court, which is located by going 
    right instead of left at the spray painting punk. Either knock them 
    out or kill them, whichever you like, then return to get the 
    surveillance footage from Tindal. Afterwards you'll find Carella near 
    the stairs to the subway to end this quest and get a trophy and a 
    Laser Targeting System weapon modification.
    	Side Quest: Motherly Ties (Automatic)
    Upon exiting the Sarif HQ for the first time you will be confronted 
    by the mother of Megan (the chick from the beginning of the game). 
    She will ask you to investigate her daughters murder a bit more. 
    Accept the quest. You will find the (former) police officer she spoke 
    of in an apartment complex in an alleyway beside the gas station. If 
    your having trouble finding it just follow your map waypoint. He will 
    tell you of 3 people to speak with and an item in the evidence 
    storage locker to deal with.
    Now make your way to the police station. If you jump the fense on the 
    left of the police station using the two dumpsters there you will 
    discover the storage area. Read all eBooks here to complete one of 
    the tasks for this mission. Then open the lock box to get Megan's 
    Necklass, which is important for another trophy.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity (Missable)
    After exiting the HQ go right instead of left to a dead end then down 
    an alleyway. Here you will find a hackable garage door next to a bum. 
    Inside is this weapon mod.
    	Weapon Modification: Damage & Burst Round System (Optional)
    Bought from the Gas Station weapons merchant.
    	Praxis Kit x2 (Missable)
    Inside the LIMB clinic these can be purchased. Each costs 5000 
    	eBook: The Visual Cortex 2.0: The Eye Redesigned (Missable)
    Inside the LIMB Clinic in Detroit. The hallway past the front counter 
    has an ebook on an operating try.
    	eBook: -Augmentation: Pipe Dream Or Theory For The Future? 
    Locate Greg and Josie Thorpe's apartment. During the side mission 
    Motherly Ties, the building where there apartment is located is a 
    blue marker on your map. On their bedroom nightstand is this ebook.
    	Trophy: Balls (Missable)
    In the back alleyways of Detroit is a basketball court. Take the 
    basketball here and make a basket.
    	eBook: Arms And Legs For Man: The Structure Of Cybernetic 
    Limbs (Missable)
    Locate the apartment building with the exterior gate near a 
    basketball court. There is a room inside which has a Level 5 locked 
    door (2356). Enter the apartment and find this eBook on the bedroom 
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    While inside the apartment from the last eBook, unlock the security 
    cage in here (2356) for the kit.
    	Weapon Modification: Laser Sight (Missable)
    Complete the Side Quest “Lesser Evilsâ€￾ after asking for a reward.
    	Weapon Modification: Silencer (Optional)
    Bought from a weapons dealer inside an apartment complex next to the 
    basketball court in Detroit.
    	eBook: Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous Environment Parsing 
    From the weapons dealer mentioned last, this eBook in the bedroom of 
    this apartment.
    	eBook: The Intelligence Circuit (Missable)
    Head to Adam's apartment in the Chiron Building. The ebook is on the 
    nightstand in his bedroom.
    	Weapon Modification (Missable)
    Inside Adam's apartment is a hidden safe. The hackable lock is on 
    your left as you enter the apartment. Hack or unlock using password 
    found on his computer's email. 
    	Trophy: The Desk Job - You Convinced Wayne Haas to let you 
    into the morgue. (Missable)
    During your first visit to the Police Station you will talk with 
    Wayne Haas the Desk Sergeant in an attempt to gain access to the 
    morgue. To get this trophy simply convince him to give you access. 
    There are a few paths to take but honestly just be nice and you'll 
    get in.
    	Weapon Modification: Rate of Fire (Missable)
    After deactivating the security laser grid inside the vents in the 
    2nd floor offices you'll have access to the room attached to the 
    armory. Knock out the guard in here (whether or not you were given 
    permission to roam the Police Station), hack his computer, and unlock 
    the Armory. You'll find this modifier inside.
    	Weapon Modification: Reload Speed
    Upon visiting the Morgue in the Detroit Police Station you'll find 
    lockers just outside where the M.D. resides. Inside a locker is this 
    	eBook: The Threat Of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder
    This ebook is on the mortician's desk in the Detroit Police Precinct 
    	Trophies: Cloak & Daggers - Deal with the man in the shadows
    			The Take - Greedy bastard. You accepted 
    O'Malley's blood money and let him go.
    The Quest is activated by speaking with a undercover cop dressed as 
    one of the whores just outside the alley leading to the Derelict 
    District. She will assign you 3 main objectives: find incriminating 
    evidence of corrupted cop O’Malley, secure MCB witness Double-T, and 
    locate a weapons shipment in Derelict Row, DRB turf.
    To start find O'Malley in the alley beside the Police Department 
    building. There are a number of ways to gain access to this area, 
    I'll leave you up to figure out how. Now go find that weapons stash. 
    It is in Derelict District territory technically so if your going to 
    do this with stealth you have your work cut out for you. Simply 
    follow your map to the entrance to Derelict Row where this crossbow 
    is located. 
    Now to deal with evidence to convict O’Malley’s. His apartment is the 
    same one you accessed for the Lesser Evils side quest. Upon entering 
    his apartment look for 3 three things. First hack your way into his 
    bedroom and find the Weapons Shipment on his bed surrounded by 3 
    active mines. Simply crouch and capture each mine remove the danger. 
    Now get the drug package found on a table. Finally hack his computer 
    for an e-mail linking him to a crime.
    Now we need to secure Double-T and his goons. Climbing up the fire 
    escape near the basketball court and enter into the apartment through 
    an open window. On the 3rd floor is the apartment. You'll need to 
    knock out all the guards without killing them including DT himself.
    Now simply head back to Derelict Row and follow the markers to find 
    the stash making sure not to be spotted. Simply knock out as many 
    guards as you can without being seen. Its not game over if you get 
    spotted but the rewards in experience will be less if you get caught. 
    Once you have it, its hidden under a building, head back out the way 
    you came and return to the detective undercover.
    Upon turning in all you've gathered, including the crossbow, she will 
    ask you if you desire to arrest O'Malley yourself or not. Say you 
    will and head back to O'Malley's apartment where he is waiting for 
    you. Save before speaking with him. He will attempt to bribe you. 
    Accept to get both trophies after speaking with the detective outside 
    once your done. Reload if you don't want the case to end this way, 
    but leaving it will get the quest rewards & the cash bribe.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity (Missable)
    When you find the weapon stash in Derelict Row during Cloak & Dagger, 
    you will see this upgrade.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity (Missable)
    Upon completing the Cloak & Dagger side quest (if you gave up the 
    crossbow) you will receive this.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    Near where you found the ammo capacity upgrade and weapons stash in 
    Derelict Row you will find a manhole cover to the sewers. Use this 
    entrance the at the fork go left and find a crack in the wall in this 
    dead end. Inside this hidden room are some credit chips and this kit.
    	eBook: Vestibular Augmentation And Enhanced Agility Factoring 
    Head back to the manhole cover entrance to the sewers in Derelict 
    Row. From here continue to head south to find a building leading to a 
    lower ground area with more MCB thugs. Take them out if you want or 
    just grab this eBook on top of two white barrels.
    	Trophy: Hax0r1! - Successfully hack 50 devices within the 
    same playthrough. (Optional)
    This can be done at any given point in the game depending on how 
    you've been playing, this is just when I unlocked it. So if you 
    hacked EVERYTHING regardless of passwords obtained or not then you 
    most likely will have this trophy by this point.
    	Trophy: Transhumanist  - Fully upgrade your first 
    augmentation of choice. (Optional)
    Augmentations are basically abilities that you can acquire in game 
    through using Praxis points. The Back Category is the easiest to max 
    out, but I highly recommend maxing out your Hack: Capture first. This 
    results in the trophy popping around now instead of awhile back but 
    its worth it because you can more easily get into locked areas.
    	Opportunist - Perform 50 takedowns within the same 
    Takedowns are performed by sneaking or going up to a target, and 
    tapping the circle button. This will disable the target but will not 
    kill him/her. Because I knocked everyone out this way in the game I 
    got the trophy here but you can even manage it near the end of the 
    	Weapon Modification: Target Leading System (Missable)
    Bought from the gang leader in Highland Park just outside the FEMA 
    	Weapon Modification: Laser Sight (Missable)
    FEMA camp, outside camp area. Inside the trailer next to the 
    electrified pool of water.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity
    FEMA camp warehouse with the elevator leading to the lower levels. 
    Take the ladder down from the catwalk to a security building. Enter 
    through the window to silently take out the guard and find it here.
    	Trophy: Consciousness is Over-Rated – Knock out 100 enemies 
    in a single playthrough
    Non-Lethally knock out 100 enemies throughout the course of the game. 
    I knocked out everyone this way so I got this trophy at this point in 
    the game.
    	eBook: Blurring The Boundaries Between Man And Machine
    The ebook is in an office (7984) adjacent to the facility's cafeteria 
    where the two friendly FEMA personnel are.
    	Weapon Modification: Reload Speed
    Inside the FEMA camp, level -4 inside a security office near the 
    elevator to level -5.
    	Trophy: Yes Boss – You had an argument with your boss, David 
    Sarif, and won
    After finishing up at the FEMA camp you will arrive back at Sarif 
    Industries. When Pritchard calls you in for a meeting ignore him and 
    talk to David Sarif first. Then talk with Pritchard afterwards and 
    return to confront David. Simply win the argument to activate the 
    trophy. This can be done but there is no clear path because it is 
    randomized. After your victory return to your office and read all 
    your emails. You must do this to activate a future quest.
    	Weapon Modification: Burst Round Upgrade (Missable)
    From your drop off point by Malik, go straight passing the rooftop 
    entrance to the Hung Hua Hotel. You will climb a small set of stairs 
    to a outdoor dinning area with glass tables and chairs. From here go 
    left and then right down a narrow path with a bunch of stairs leading 
    down. Once you come to the area with both a bicycle and a few worn 
    tires jump on the railing of the following stairs leading down on the 
    right of your position. Then jump to the balcony here to find one of 
    the most hidden upgrades in the game.
    	Weapon Modification: Damage Upgrade, Laser Sight, Silencer, 
    Target Seeking (Optional)
    On the bottom floor of the Hung Hua Hotel you will find this vendor. 
    He sells these items.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    In the back of the vendor store in the Hotel is a door leading to a 
    very long ladder leading down into the sewers. At the bottom go left 
    and walk a few steps forwards to find a breakable wall on your left. 
    Inside of this hidden room is your kit.
    	Trophy: Rotten Business – Help a lady in the oldest 
    Professions clean house.
    First speak with Chuang Li on the rooftop and bribe him with 2000 
    credits. Then go the where the blue marker indicates on your map. 
    Here you will need to take out three guards. Don't bother trying to 
    do this with stealth its impossible; instead just avoid alarms by 
    taking them out as fast as possible and don't worry about the 
    civilian. Open the garage door by hacking the console here. Speak 
    with Ning and then go back to Mei and tell her what happened.
    She will then ask you to deal with Diamond Chan. Tell her you want to 
    do it non-lethally just to get the option. Follow your markers to 
    his apartment which is on the roof tops of the Youzhao District. 
    Don't open the door until after you hear that he has finished his 
    conversation. Silently open the door, sneak up to his back, and knock 
    him out. Either plant the drugs or throw him off the edge of the 
    rooftops nearby. For “the fallâ€￾ trophy you will want to do the 
    latter. For a pacifist run simply reload after doing this. Upon 
    return to Mei to finish the quest.
    	Trophy: The Fall – You send Diamond Chan on the trip of a 
    lifetime. (Very Missable)
    During the above trophy side quest when you are given the option of 
    either throwing the unconscious body of Diamond Chan off the roof or 
    planting drugs in his apartment; do the former.
    	Weapon Modification: Reload Speed (Missable)
    Head left from the Hung Hua Hotel to find a level 2 secured garage. 
    Hack to get inside to find this.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    Much like in Detroit, this LIMB clinic also offers 2 Praxis Kits for 
    5000 credits each.
    	Weapon Modification: Target Leading System (Missable)
    The area west of The Hive entrance is an area with a locked garage. 
    Hack the door to find this inside.
    	Trophy: Darker Shades (Very Missable)
    Be sure to get the main story to the point where you need to head to 
    The Hive to speak with Tong Si Hung. Now on the 2nd level of this 
    club you'll find a bartender. Speak with him and convince him to let 
    you speak with Tong Si Hung. There are a few ways to accomplish this 
    but if you want to know one simply use the options: Pinpoint, 
    Pinpoint, & Advise.
    	eBook: Optical Enhancement Functionality (Optional)
    Upon finishing the Darker Shades trophy you will have deep access to 
    The Hive which includes the sewers / back rooms. Entering the coat 
    room from the back room area you will find this eBook on the desk.
    	eBook: The Use of Neuromuscular Facilitation Systems 
    In the office of the back rooms of The Hive where you find Tong Si 
    Hung you can find this eBook on a table by a water heater.
    	Weapon Modification: Rate-of-Fire (Missable)
    The back room / sewers of The Hive contain a room guarded by a camera. 
    This is the interrogation room. Inside is a dead guy sitting in a 
    chair near a table. This table has the weapon mod.
    	Trophy: Bar Tab – Help the Hive Bartender settle a tab 
    Follow your markers to locate one hackable security antenna after 
    another until all 3 are hacked and deactivated. Simple work. Then 
    head into the nearby hotel (Hengsha Court Garden). On the top floor 
    of the hotel you will find Jaya. Tell her you will try and help her 
    out by talk with Bobby about her situation. Now head back to Bobby in 
    The Hive. Agree to pay him off and you will get this trophy.
    	Trophy: Guardian Angel – You paid poor Jaya's debt in full. 
    How very..... humane..... of you. (Very Missable)
    As long as you followed how I told you to end the previous side 
    mission you will get this trophy. Basically as long as you pay off 
    Jaya's debit to Bobby then this trophy is earned.
    	Praxis Kit (Very Missable)
    The reward for finishing the side quest “Bar Tabâ€￾ nets you this kit.
    	Weapon Modification: Armor Piercing (Very Missable)
    Inside the Alice Garden Pods find the southern most set of stairs. 
    Under underneath it on the right side sitting on a box is this 
    	Weapon Modification: Rate-of-Fire (Very Missable)
    3rd floor Alice Garden Pods in “section 4â€￾. In the back of this pod 
    area you will find a breakable wall. Your upgrade is found behind 
    this wall.
    	eBook: Electrogravitic Technology Applications (Very 
    2nd floor of Alice Garden Pods in “section 1â€￾. In one of the pods in 
    the rear has this eBook.
    	Trophy: Shanghai Justice – It may take some sleuthing, but 
    justice must be served. (Automatic)
    Only after speaking with Tong at The Hive will this side quest even 
    appear. Upon heading into the pod section of Alice Guarden Pods you 
    will run into Malik. Tell her your concerned about her to gain access 
    to this quest.
    First things first. Head to Pod 090 to find the eBook and Pocket 
    Secretary here. Then head to the LIMB clinic and speak with Anonymous 
    X using the key phrase she told you to use. Speak again with him 
    outside in the alley to get the information needed. Read it 
    immediately to activate the next step. This is very important 
    otherwise it won't trigger.
    From here head into the Youzhao District and find Hong's apartment. 
    Search it for a few key items; a baseball bat, his computer emails, a 
    broken clock, & listen to his answering machine message. Doing all 
    this will help with another trophy described after this. Now head 
    back to The Hive in the previous District. Find Hong on the 2nd floor 
    by a balcony on a couch. Be sure to use the following evidence in 
    this order: Inaccurate, Drunk, Antique Clock, Pregnant, & finally 
    After this hack the terminal beside the bar on the same floor. Then 
    head outside The Hive to meet up with Malik. Then watch the front 
    entrance of The Hive to finish the quest and pop the trophy.
    	Trophy: Super Sleuth – You really nailed your case against 
    Lee Hong. (Very Missable)
    In the previous side quest / trophy you gathered evidence against Lee 
    Hong. These items were a baseball bat, an antique clock, emails, and 
    phone messages. Use this evidence when confronting him in the way 
    described above and this trophy will pop. To remind you its as 
    follows: Inaccurate, Drunk, Antique Clock, Pregnant, & finally LIMB.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    Upon completing the side mission Shanghai Justice you will receive 
    this as a gift from Malik.
    	Weapon Modification: Rate-of-Fire / Explosive Rounds 
    The weapons vendor inside the Alice Garden Pods hotel sells these 
    items. He is found in the 1st floor storage closet.
    	eBook: Understanding Vision (Part 1)(Optional)
    The front entrance to the Hengsha Court Gardens hotel has a bunch of 
    apartments on its left and its right, along with two guards. Avoid to 
    eliminate these guards anyway you see fit and hack and enter the 1st 
    apartment on the entrances left side. In the kitchen is this eBook.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    The rooftops surrounding the Hengsha Court Gardens contain an 
    entrance to the hotel. Another point of reference is the “parking 
    lotâ€￾ sign that it is just behind. Another way in, instead of hacking 
    the door is to use the breakable wall adjacent from the door around 
    the corner. Careful as there are guards patrolling that area. You'll 
    need to pass through a vent shaft to get to an elevator shaft. At the 
    bottom of this shaft, under the elevator is this kit.
    	eBook: The Science And Theory Behind Cochlear Implants 
    On the 2nd floor of the “Downtown Apartmentsâ€￾ you will find a 
    hackable door. Inside this apartment on a table next to the rooms 
    	eBook: Invasive Brain Machine Interfaces (Missable)
    On the rooftops of this District you will find a couple of man made 
    bridges. The one with the woman looking over the edge is the one you 
    want to head to. Just past her is an apartment locked. Hack it to 
    find this eBook on a table inside.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity Upgrade (Missable)
    South of the Metro Station, climb the stairs just past a hackable 
    gate. Now find and climb the ladder in the alley next to where a 
    civilian stands alone. The is also opposite the alley leading to the 
    Kuaigan District. At the top of this ladder on your immediate right 
    are a few boxes. Stack them to jump over the cage and grab your 
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity Upgrade (Missable)
    Just past the apartment complexes 1st floor entrance and also a 
    manhole cover you will need to turn right. Here you will find a 
    locked garage door. Hack it to gain access where this modification is 
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity Upgrade (Missable)
    Found in a locker after crossing the second catwalk after speaking 
    with the guard and unlocking access.
    	eBook: Icarus Landing System. "Better Than 
    Nature?" (Missable)
    You will need the Icarus Landing System to retrieve this ebook. At 
    the point where you will encounter an electrified pool of water 
    blocking your way and switch it off you will climb up the boxes to an 
    area containing a huge freighter elevator.  Grab a box from the right 
    of the elevator and use it to access the vent shaft on the left. 
    Dropping down into the depths of the vent shaft will gain you access 
    to the area with this eBook.
    	Weapon Modification: Reload Speed Upgrade (Missable)
    In the same shaft and area as the previous eBook.
    	eBook: Radical Evolution Is A Reality (Missable)
    Enter the Lee Gang Memorial Laboratory and find the unoccupied 
    workstation next to the station with two female scientists bickering 
    about TYM's latest bio-chips. The ebook is on the gray box container 
    under the unoccupied workstation.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    2nd floor Upper City Labs of the Tai Yong Medical building in a desk 
    drawer of Laboratory B-2. Look for an out-of-the-way door on the 
    catwalk above the large open lab (Lee Gang Memorial Laboratory) to 
    find where this office is.
    	Weapon Modification: Heat Targeting System (Missable)
    Inside the Tai Yong Medical Penthouse, behind Zhao's desk, is a safe 
    containing this upgrade. The Pocket Secretary containing the code for 
    the safe is under the second left soft next to one of the back legs.
    	eBook: Brain Implants (Missable)
    After your meeting with Zhao Yun Ru, Adam will make his way to a TYM 
    hangar that's patrolled by two active large Security Bots. Either 
    eliminate the Security Bots or sneak your way to the Security Office 
    in the upper right side of the room. The eBook can be found on the 
    desk here.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity (Missable)
    After landing this modification is in the cage beside the rooftop 
    entrance door. Hack the lock, use boxes to aug. jump over, or break 
    the wall inside the maintenance closet just inside on the right. On 
    top of a small box is where this upgrade is found.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    One of the office cubicles on the floor with room 404 has this in a 
    	Weapon Modification: Rate-of-Fire (Missable)
    6th floor men's restroom, Picus TV, inside the first stall just 
    before the elevator room.
    	eBook: Human Powered Autonomous Energy Reclamation Systems 
    Locate the broadcasting room. This is the large room with a turret 
    and multiple guards patrolling. Above the broadcasting room is a 
    video control booth with an ebook. The ebook is on the counter near 
    the ventilation grill. Alternatively you can find this room by 
    jumping down the open elevator shaft instead of riding down the 
    previous elevator from the broadcasting room. Though to do this you 
    will need the Icarus Landing aug.
    	Weapon Modification: Silencer (Flexible)
    In the same broadcasting room in one of the desk drawers in front of 
    the turret.
    	eBook: Healing Thyself: Health Preservation Implants 
    After passing the large hand shaped sculpture (cannot miss) and going 
    through the double door into “Operating Area 3â€￾, turn right at the 
    first opportunity. Stay on the same floor and enter the first office 
    door on your right hand side to find the room containing this eBook 
    on one of the desks.
    	Weapon Modification: Cooling System (Missable)
    In “Operating Area 3â€￾ 2nd floor you will find a door on your right 
    after climbing the stairs near the Sentry Bot doors. This leads to a 
    hallway with another camera and directly on your right is an office 
    containing the armory. In the armory is this weapon modification.
    	Weapon Modification: Reload Speed (Missable)
    Inside a locker within a locked office of the Picus Sub-Basement.
    13. DETROIT (2nd VISIT)
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    The LIMB clinic has another 2 for sale.
    	Weapon Modification: Rate-of-Fire / Target Leading System / 
    Target Seeking System / Heat Seeking System (Optional)
    The Gas Station vendor has more for sale.
    	Weapon Modification: Explosive Rounds / Ammo Capacity / 
    Damage Upgrade / Reload Speed
    The apartment complex next to the basketball courts that has a vendor 
    inside from before has new merchandise for sale which includes these 
    	Trophy: Gun Nut (Optional)
    Fully upgrading a weapon, whatever weapon you choose, which includes 
    stat upgrades (i.e. Reload Speed) and modifiers (i.e. Explosive 
    Rounds) will net you this trophy. I choose the pistol which is why it 
    took me this long to get it. Mostly likely you will have already 
    obtained this trophy long ago.
    	Trophy: Acquaintances Forgotten – Follow Pritchard's lead to 
    uncover the truth. (Very Missable)
    This side quest will only automatically activate if you previously 
    got the “Yes Bossâ€￾ trophy and checked your Office computers emails 
    after doing so. Upon nearing the convention center in Detroit during 
    the riots you will get a call from Pritchard giving you this quest.
    Head to the apartment marked on your map to find a guard standing 
    over the bloody body of Brent Radford. Silently take out the guard, 
    easy as his back is turned to you. During your talk he will ask for 
    morphine. You can find this behind some boxes in the wardrobe. After 
    your conversation with him, ask everything you can, he will politely 
    ask for you to give him an over dose of morphine to kill him. Do it 
    to achieve another trophy; “Kevorkian Complexâ€￾.
    Head to the storage locker, found most efficiently by using the short 
    cut just under the fence after the basketball courts. Hide using the 
    cement brick here to listen to one of the guards converations on the 
    phone. When he is done take him out. As for the rest of the guards 
    you can deal with them anyway you choose. Do note that if done right 
    the two guards standing near each other can be taken down with one 
    silent take down move.
    Be sure to hack and read all emails from the computer and grab the 
    eBook and photos from the safe. Then head on over to Michelle's place 
    to have a chat. Be sure to show her the photos you found. After 
    leading Michelle's apartment you'll call up Pritchard. Once that call 
    is finished so is this trophy.
    	Trophy: Kevorkian Complex (Very Missable)
    During the side quest “Acquaintances Forgottenâ€￾ simply agree to over 
    dose Brent Radford upon his request.
    	Trophy: The Throwdown – You convinced the smooth-talking 
    politician Bill Taggart to tell the truth in public (Very Missable)
    Upon visiting the Convention Center you will have a social battle 
    with Bill Taggart. If you win this battle you will unlock this 
    trophy. Either toy around with it the way you want or use this 
    method: Confront, Redirect, Discredit, and Redirect.
    	eBook: Vagus Nerve Stimulations: Repurposing The Technology 
    After speaking with Mr. Taggart, you will meet with him in his 
    dressing room. On the way there you will pass through a room with a 
    couch and TV and a few guards watching it. On the small table to the 
    left of this large TV is an eBook.
    	Trophy: Smash the State – Help Officer Nicholas take out the 
    trash (Automatic)
    This is a side quest given to you by an officer helping with the 
    convention center security detail. Upon existing the convention 
    center after dealing with Mr. Taggart he will approach you. Calm him 
    down to get as many details as possible and agree to help. Head to 
    the sewers because this is where the hideout is located.
    Work your way past all the guards, laser grid, and mine traps to 
    eventually get to Jacob. Silently take him down, ideally after having 
    taken out the security turret via the security hub nearby. Then you 
    can either hack the bomb to deactivate it or use the code (0000). I 
    highly recommend using the code because it nets you another trophy. 
    After you deactivate the bomb return to the convention center to turn 
    in the job.
    	Trophy: Lucky Guess – Next time, Jacob better use a more 
    complex code to arm hid bombs. (Very Missable)
    When taking on the side quest Smash the State simply defuse Jacobs 
    bomb using the code “0000â€￾.
    	Weapon Modification: Silencer (Missable)
    Finish Smash the State side quest to receive this as a reward.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    In Isaias Sandoval's apartment, which you will find automatically by 
    following the main story quests, you will find one on the floor of 
    his living room next to a dead guy. Move the dead guy to reveal a EMP 
    mine trap. Take the mines before the kit. Upon grabbing the kit Zeke 
    Sanders (from the first mission of the game) will emerge from the 
    bedroom. Take him out before grabbing this or after, its up to you.
    	Trophy: The Last Straw – You talked Doctor Isalas out of 
    suicide (Very Missable)
    Upon meeting Doctor Isalas in his sewer hideout convince him not to 
    take his own life. Do this by using any number of dialog options 
    (Tough Love, Tough Love, Inspire).
    	eBook: Dermal Modification Processes (Missable)
    This book is located on Dr. Sandoval's desk in his sewer bunker.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity (Missable)
    Just after confronting Sandoval exit the door near his desk. After 
    turning right there will be a breakable wall immediately on the right 
    wall. In this secret room is this mod.
    	Weapon Modification: Burst Round (Missable)
    In the helipad storage room down the ladder. Yes, this room does 
    refill with items every major event.
    15. HENGSHA (2nd VISIT)
    	Trophy: Good Soul – Against all odds, you saved Faridah 
    Malik's life. (Very Missable)
    This is a difficult trophy to get, probably (besides foxiest of 
    foxes) the hardest to get. You can do this without killing anyone AND 
    still get Ghost. It is possible but extremely difficult. I recommend 
    making a save before you leave Detroit for Sarif Industries to make 
    sure you have enough equipment. For the purposes of this guide I'm 
    going to tell you how to maintain stealth and take everyone out 
    without killing anyone.
    Your going to need an EMP grenade, a stun gun with plenty of bullets, 
    at least 4 bars of augment, and luck. Start out making a separate 
    save immediately when you land in Hengsha. A good note to make here 
    is that you have a VERY limited time to get this done before Malik's 
    ship blows up. If she starts talking like she is dying its too late.
    Start out by running down the ramp to the right and over to the vent 
    slightly off to your right as you continue forward. Crouch down and 
    go through the vent. As you emerge on the other side take out the 
    guard here with your Stun Gun. No stealth knock outs here people, we 
    can't spare the augment bars. Grab the items on his body and then 
    immediately cloak yourself. The guard had a large augment refill so 
    as long as you move fast enough you should have plenty of time. From 
    this point on you will remain in cloak status with few exceptions as 
    you see fit.
    Take out the three guards shooting at Malik's ship, all with your 
    Stun Gun. Then, turn to your right and run up the ramp here refilling 
    your stealth meter as needed before you run out. Stun all the enemies 
    on this floor. Now use an EMP grenade to take out the newly landed 
    Drone below. Use the ladder here to take out the sniper above. While 
    climbing the ladder you can de-cloak until he is taken out because no 
    one will see you.
    Quickly make your way back down to ground floor (cloaking yourself 
    again) and take out any remaining men here. Run to the other platform 
    ramp which is beside the elevator. Take out all the guards on this 
    including the sniper on the top and Malik should still be alive and 
    take off thanking you as she goes. The trophy should pop and when you 
    enter the elevator a short time later you should get the Ghost bonus.
    	Praxis Kit (Flexable)
    Another two are waiting to be purchased form the LIMB clinic. Beware 
    the guards just outside are easily hostile and might require you to 
    cloak yourself to get past them.
    	Trophy: Talion A.D. - Descend into the bowels of an urban 
    jungle and confront a warrior-priest. (Missable)
    Inside the LIMB clinic you will meet a Doctor named Wing. Agree to 
    help him and head to the sewer entrance near where you saved the 
    hooker before. Its also below the area with the Alice Garden Pods and 
    many storage facilities. Make your way over to the group of thugs and 
    you will be engaged in a social battle with Michael Zelanzy. You can 
    either gas them before approaching with a Gas Grenade (non-lethal) or 
    simply get information from him and side with him letting him go. 
    Either way you can then return to Doctor Wing and tell him the 
    results to unlock this trophy.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    This is a reward for completing the side quest Talion A.D. See 
    details about that quest above.
    	Weapon Modification: Laser Sight / Silencer / Target Leading 
    System / Target Seeking System / Cooling System / Heat Target System 
    The vendor in the Hung Hua Hotel now has more for purchase.
    	Weapon Modification: Armor Piercing / Target Seeking System / 
    Burst Round / Explosive Round (Missable)
    Visit Peng Xin Hao the vendor from the Alice Garden Pods. This vendor 
    is now located in the Youzhao District in the southern area in the 
    alley to the right of the apartment complex on the map.
    	Trophy: Corporate Warfare – Protect a client's intrests by 
    proforming a less-than-hostile takeover. (Automatic)
    Upon first entering the Youzhao District you will automatically get a 
    call from Huge Darrow giving you this side quest. Meet his agent Ming 
    Yao on the rooftops. She will tell you she needs a chip retrieved and 
    a few men knocked out. Follow your marker to find a scientist dead on 
    the floor. Then head back to the other District and to the sewers 
    like area below the Alice Garden Pods and the storage lockers nearby. 
    Here are a few guards you need to knock out and one will have the 
    chip on them. Do this silently and without being noticed by any of 
    them. Upon getting the chip return to Mingyao. You can either hand 
    over the chip or charm her for information on what is inside of the 
    chip for another trophy. Either way, this trophy unlocks.
    	Trophy: Ladies Man – You convinced Mingyao to spill the beans 
    on the mysterious Hyron Project. (Very Missable)
    Upon returning the chip in the previous quest (“Corporate Warfareâ€￾) 
    simply inquire as to what information is on the chip and use charm on 
    her (speech augment) to earn this trophy.
    eBook: Understanding Vision (Part 2) (Very Missable)
    Upon entering the Harvesters' Hideout from the sewers in Youzhao 
    District there is a surgical chop-shop next to four holding cells. 
    The door is closed and inside is a thug you may or may not need to 
    knock out (depending on if you located the GPL signal already). The 
    ebook is in the chop-shop, on a table in the back near the wall 
    	Weapon Modification: Reload Speed / Ammo Capacity / Target 
    Seeking System / Cooling System (Missable)
    From Tong Si Hung in the hideout take the door on the left of the 
    window a thug is standing behind (or was depending on your previous 
    actions) to another area of the sewers. Here you will find a vendor 
    named Lu Rin Rong. Its from this vendor you can buy these upgrades.
    	Weapon Modification: Damage Upgrade (Very Missable)
    In the cells beside the chop-shop room you will find this 
    modification. Its the one that needs to be hacked.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity (Very Missable)
    In the living quarters (bunk beds are found here) of Tong's Harvester 
    Hideout you will find a safe. Hack the safe and inside you will find 
    this modification.
    	Weapon Modification: Target Leading System (Missable)
    After jumping the fence in the Hengsha Docks into the open area with 
    the snipers on the far you will see a bunch of large shipping crates 
    stacked on each other spread out across the area. One of the crates 
    is on top of another and is open. Inside this crate sitting on a box 
    is this modification. Most likely you will need the jump augmentation 
    to reach it.
    	Weapon Modification: Rate-of-Fire (Missable)
    At the Hengsha Docks sublevel on the left side of the outside area, 
    guarded by a mounted turret gun are a few locked storage areas. 
    Inside storage room A is this modification.
    	Weapon Modification: Damage Upgrade (Missable)
    At the Hengsha Docks sublevel on the left side of the outside area, 
    guarded by a mounted turret gun are a few locked storage areas. 
    Inside storage room B is this modification.
    	Weapon Modification: Reload Speed Upgrade (Missable)
    Level 4 Hengsha Docks, area with the sniper patrolling the terrace of 
    the warehouse is, just inside on a shelf.
    	Weapon Modification: Ammo Capacity (Missable)
    Upon gaining control of Jensen look around for a orange door with a 
    level 5 lock. Either hack the door open or use the rafters and fork 
    lift to get to the roof and use the vent for easy access. Using the 
    roof access will require augmented jump.
    	Weapon Modification: Damage Upgrade (Missable)
    In the building with the signal jammer inside the same room is a room 
    locked with a level 5 glass door. Inside this room is the upgrade.
    	Weapon Modification: Reload Speed (Missable)
    In the same building with the signal jammer inside the solider 
    barracks. In a locked room (code 1385) is this modification sitting 
    on a chair.
    	eBook: Delgado And The Stimoceiver (Missable)
    Identify the building where Eric Foss and Nia Colvin are being held 
    in, and find room G-23 on its second floor. The keycode to get in is 
    5377. It is well hidden on the table in the back of the lab on the 
    left side.
    	Weapon Modification: Target Seeking (Very Missable)
    After entering the tunnel and opening the blast doors by uploading 
    the program hide until the Security Bot passes then head inside. In 
    the first room you see directly in front of you is where this lies. 
    The room must be hacked to get in. On top of the lockers inside the 
    room you will find the modification.
    	eBook: Re-imagining Retinal Implants: Doctor Dobelle's 
    Success (Very Missable)
    After defeating the previous boss and locating speaking with Dr. 
    Reed, hack the safe in this white room for the final ebook and its 
    corresponding trophy.
    	Trophy: Doctorate – Read all 29 unique XP books within a 
    single playthrough (Very Missable)
    If you have collected all of the eBooks up to this point this trophy 
    will pop. If not, your screwed out of getting this trophy and will 
    need to go back through the game again collecting them as you go.
    	Trophy: Hangar 18 – You found and read the secret message. 
    Now you know too much... (Very Missable)
    After the scientists get on board the ship and take off your left to 
    deal with getting off Omega Ranch yourself. When this happens sneak 
    or walk (depending on how you handled Malik's dilemma earlier in the 
    game) to the corner of the walkway here. Move the box by the door 
    entering the area to find a vent. Travel through this vent to a room 
    containing a PC. Hack the PC and this trophy will pop.
    18. PANCHAEA
    	Weapon Modification: Cooling System (Missable)
    After gaining access to the main offices of the facility via riding 
    an elevator, you will find an office locked by a level 5 security 
    door. This door is located on the 1st floor on the top left of your 
    	Trophy: The Final Countdown – You showed millionaire Hugh 
    Darrow that is logic was flawed (Very Missable)
    Shortly after reaching the 2nd level of the main facilities offices 
    you will enter a room via a broken window and encounter Hugh Darrow. 
    If you convince him to give you the access codes to shut down 
    Panchaea then this trophy will activate. What actually works is 
    unfortunately random so I recommend reloading your last autosave if 
    you happen to fail with social battle.
    	Praxis Kit (Missable)
    There is a LIMB clinic hidden behind a vending machine. As usual 2 
    Praxis kits await purchase. After visiting the control tower and 
    riding back down the elevator, pass through the newly opened door. 
    This area is labeled "Ring Section" on your map. There is a side path 
    with a vending machine jamming a door. Obviously you need the 
    strength augmentation to move it but by now you likely have almost 
    all augments this being one of them.
    	Pacifist – Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone 
    dying by your hand. (Boss fights don't count) (Very Missable)
    To get this difficult trophy you will need to go through the entirety 
    of the game without killing a single enemy or being the cause of 
    their death by other means (i.e. having a knocked out opponent 
    falling into electrified water or falling off a tall building). There 
    is only one boss encounter where you can actually ruin your chances 
    of getting this trophy and that is the final battle.
    During the final boss fight, you will most likely encounter crazy 
    augmented people who attack you. Thought it might be easy to knock 
    them out, leaving them on the floor will lead to their deaths later 
    in the battle. Your only way to keep them sleeping and not dead is to 
    hide their bodies in one of the storage areas of this battle map (or 
    simply knock them out while inside here).
    A nice and easy way to bypass this hassle is the simply bring a laser 
    rifle to this boss and use it to kill the boss because it will 
    penetrate the forcefield shielding her. Simply cloak when the battle 
    begins and run over to where she is and start firing away. This makes 
    it so you never actually encounter the crazy augmented people.
    	Foxiest of the Hounds – Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution 
    without setting off any alarms. (Very Missable)
    Known as the hardest trophy in the game to get. The only thing I can 
    really tell you are things that DO NOT count against this trophy. If 
    your radar says hostile this does not mean the alarms have gone off. 
    If an opponent sees your character, as long as he does not go to then 
    set off the alarms, this does not count against the trophy. Your 
    allowed to kill soldiers and this does not affect the trophy. Turrets 
    firing upon you do not affect the trophy. Only when you hear alarms 
    going off by your own fault does this trophy become blocked. Also 
    there are certain story line points where alarms will automatically 
    go off, this does not count against this trophy. So long as you've 
    not set off an alarm the whole game this trophy will pop.
    	Trophy: Deus Ex Machina – Experience all the different 
    endings that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has to offer.
    On Panchaea, you need to have spoken with Bill Taggart and Sarif to 
    unlock 2 of the possible 4 endings. After defeating the final boss, 
    move forward into a room with 3 panels. Save your game here. You are 
    offered 4 options in this room as long as you spoke with Bill and 
    Sarif. Save after this happens but before choosing and simply choose 
    an ending, watch or skip the endings / credits, reload and pick 
    another. Rinse repeat till you've watch all four endings and this 
    trophy pops.

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