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    Achievement Guide by jimmythesnowman

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                          | Deus Ex: Human Revolution  |
                          |    Achievements Guide      |
                          |    Published 7/3/2012      |
                          |      jimmythesnowman       |
     A     Table of Contents
     B     Version History
    1.0    Overview
    2.0    List
     2.1    Story
     2.2    Actions
     2.3    Challenge
    3.0    Guide
    4.0    Statistics
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    / v 1.00            7/03/12                            \
    | First version of the guide comepleted. Likely final. |
      [ 1.0 ] OVERVIEW
    This is an achievement guide for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, explaining how to
    get the fancy achievements/trophies packaged into the game. That being said,
    Deus Ex has a pretty balanced achievement spread. Most of them are what you
    expect, achievements for completing story objectives, both primary and
    secondary, either in general or with specific parameters. There is the
    standard "find the goodies" achievement you would expect from such an
    exploratory title, dedicated to the Hugh Darrow eBooks. And there are a few
    more complicated ones, a few throwbacks, a few "getting started" and "getting
    finished" achievements, and finally, the difficult ones (Pacifist, Foxiest of
    the Hounds).
    Deus Ex is a game with good replayability, because of the different paths
    that can be taken to complete objective, because inevitably you miss things,
    and because there's more then one way to finish things. You must play through
    the game at least twice to unlock everything under ordinary circumstances;
    however, you can, with a bit of effort, do everything in a single playthrough
    through save scrumming for achievements.
    A big part of Deus Ex: HR's achievements is that the better part of them are
    hidden, and cannot be immediately seen on the list. They will not affect 100%
    completion if not finished, but no real achievement nut will skip by them
    just like that. Achievements that are not immediately visible are marked
    [SECRET]; those that are not immediately obvious as well (ae. are not
    dialouge choices leading in certain directions, or otherwise without cues)
    are marked [SECRET+]
       [ 2.0 ] LIST
    [ 2.1 ] STORY
    Unforseen Consequences --- 15, Bronze
    "You convinced Zeke Sanders to let his hostage go."
    [SECRET] You get this one by winning your very first social battle and
    convincing Zeke Sanders to let the hostage go. This is the best course of
    action, actually; if he gets to kill the hostage you lose out on a few
    things, and if he dies you lose out on a lot (some access codes, bonus XP,
    and a Praxis kit much later on). Reason and Empathize work best on him;
    save beforehand or reroll autosaves if you fail. Chose the "Try to free
    Josie" path in the conversation.
    Lesser Evils --- 10, Bronze
    "Deal with Mr. Carella’s indiscretion."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked by completing the Lesser Evils
    sidequest, the very first one in the game, appearing after you return from
    the Sarif Manufacturing Plant raid. It sees you dealing with complications
    from stealing and blackmail between two Sarif employees. It's a simple task,
    and gives you a useful Laser Weapon Weapons Mod as a reward.
    Motherly Ties --- 10, Bronze
    "Put a grieving mother’s doubts to rest."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked by completing the Lesser Evils
    sidequest, available immediately upon leaving Sarif headquarters, where you
    bump into your girlfriend's mother. It sees you retrieving and weighing
    evidence related to her death. As later events reveal, the stuff you find out
    in this quest are complete and utter bullshit, and you don't learn much about
    the attack or Megan, besides the obvious (someone in power is running a
    cover up).
    Sentimental Value --- 10, Bronze
    "You kept Megan's bracelet for yourself. Apparently, letting go really is the
    hardest part."
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET+] You get this one for keeping Megan's bracelet secret
    from her mother. There any particular reason to hide it from her.
    Nonetheless, this is there, and it's the first sidequest secondary
    achievement, in which you complete the sidequest in a certain way. If you
    come back and hack the safe at a later date, it will not count.
    The Desk Job --- 15, Bronze
    "You convinced Wayne Haas to let you into the morgue."
    [SECRET] You get this achievement by convincing Haas to let you through. The
    nice way to win it is to convince him that he did the right thing and what
    was expected of him in Mexicotown, and that sometimes you have to bend the
    rules. The mean way is to point out the drugs sitting on the counter behind
    him. Both actions have consequences (he approaches you later and you offer
    him a job and consolances, or he approaches you later and fights you), and
    both will net this achievement.
    Cloak and Daggers --- 10, Bronze
    "Deal with the man in the shadows."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked by completing the Cloak and Daggers
    sidequest, which sees you sneaking around, posing as a hitman, and breaking
    into a corrupt police official's apartment to prove that he's double dipping.
    You'll get a message about it from Pritchard if you don't run into Jenny
    yourself, so you can't miss it. This quest is cancelled upon leaving Detroit,
    if you haven't completed it yet.
    The Take --- 10, Bronze
    "Greedy bastard. You accepted O'Malley's blood money and let him go."
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET+] You get this one by accepting O'Malley's blood money
    and letting him go, which is a very vulgar way to finish the sidequest, and
    one I doubt any players would take were it not an achievement. It doesn't
    affect Cloak and Daggers, but if it bothers you, get this achievement, reload
    the save, and then take him down the old-fashioned way.
    The Bull --- 25, Bronze
    "You defeated Lawrence Barrett, elite member of a secret mercenary hit
    [MANDATORY] [SECRET] You will get this during the course of the game, upon
    defeating the first boss.
    Acquaintances Forgotten --- 10, Bronze
    "Follow Pritchard’s lead to uncover the truth."
    [OPTIONAL+] This achievement is unlocked upon completing the Acquaintances
    Forgotten sidequest, which sees Jenson uncovering the truth about his
    origins, the most plot-relevant and riveting of the bunch. However, this
    sidequest has caveats. First of all, upon returning from the FEMA facility
    you MUST talk to Pritchard first, to learn the context of the situation; if
    you speak to Sarif instead, the quest will be aborted. Second, when talking
    to Sarif you MUST win the social battle and get him to reveal what the
    purpose of the hole was; you can reroll the conversation or enlist the CASIE
    aug if you're having trouble. Third, you MUST go to your office and read your
    mail before leaving for China, to the same threat.
    Done right, this is easily the most interesting side quest in Human
    Revolution, revealing a sizable chunk about Jenson's origins. The second part
    will be activated soon after arriving at Detroit for the second time.
    Yes Boss --- 15, Bronze
    "You had an argument with your boss, David Sarif, and won."
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET] You get this one on your way through the Acquantances
    Forgotten sidequest, by winning the social battle with David Sarif that is
    an intergral part of it. As with the other social battle achievements, if you
    miss this one, you can just reroll it.
    Rotton Buisness --- 10, Bronze
    "Help a lady in the oldest of professions clean house."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked by helping Ming find her whore
    friend, who is trapped god knows where and awaiting a forced augmentation
    job to "leash" her to the hotel, and then eliminating the man responsible,
    Chan. You land right above it and hear several NPCs comment on an argument
    (and hear it yourself), so it's hard to miss. Both parts must be completed
    for the achievement.
    The Fall --- 15, Bronze
    "You sent Diamond Chan on the trip of a lifetime. "
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET] On the Rotten Buissness sidequest, drop Chan off of the
    roof, instead of planting the drugs on him. Suicide, indeed.
    Darker Shades --- 15, Bronze
    "You convinced a fast-talking bartender to let you see Tong Si Hung."
    [SECRET] This is a social battle achievement for convincing the VIP lounge
    bartender (actually Tong himself) to let you see the man (himself) in his
    Bar Tab --- 10, Bronze
    "Help the Hive Bartender settle a tab."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked by helping Bobby Lee collect a debt.
    It is one of the ways to gain access to Tong - you will be bumped in that
    direction by a friendly bouncer if you manage to piss off the man himself
    in the social battle - but if you already know what you need to know (either
    by Silver Tounging the man or infiltrating his lair), this one is fully
    optional, and very possible to miss. So pay attention to it. Note: the
    reward is a Praxis kit if you are doing it optionally, and a meeting with
    Tong otherwise. In the latter case, you can knock it off and loot it off of
    him, but be prepared for a gunfight unless you can cloak out of there,
    Guardian Angel --- 10, Bronze
    "You paid poor Jaya's debt in full. How very... humane... of you."
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET] By the statistics, players opt for this path two times
    out of three, out of "morals". You can finish the quest any of the three ways
    (get the chip, get the money, or pay her out of it) and then loot whatever
    he has (your money and/or your Praxis kit) off of his unconcious body, but
    this has complications (ae. an enourmous fight).
    Shanghai Justice --- 10, Bronze
    "It may take some sleuthing, but justice must be served."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked by completing the associated quest,
    which sees you sleuthing about for evidence of murder, then making the
    panicy perp confess to it. You run into Malik on your way into the Alice
    Garden Pods, so you can't miss it.
    Super Sleuth --- 15, Bronze
    "You really nailed your case against Lee Hong."
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET] This is an easy one, just find all four pieces of
    evidence and do a convincing job panicking him.
    The Mantis --- 25, Bronze
    "You defeated Yelena Federova, elite member of a secret mercenary hit squad."
    [MANDATORY] [SECRET] You get this one for defeating the second boss in the
    game, so it's pretty much a free achievement. Compare to The Bull, The
    Snake, and The End.
    The Throwdown --- 15, Bronze
    "You convinced the smooth-talking politician Bill Taggart to tell the truth
    in public."
    [SECRET] Another secret social battle achievement, you get this one for
    talking down Bill Taggart.
    Smash the State --- 10, Bronze
    "Help Officer Nicholas take out the trash."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked by completing the Smash the State
    sidequest, which sees you investigating and eliminating a heavily armed
    hostile and his bomb. You bump into Officer Nicholas on the way out of your
    talk with Taggart, so you can't miss it. This quest is cancelled upon leaving
    Detroit, if you haven't completed it yet.
    Lucky Guess --- 10, Bronze
    "Next time, Jacob better use a more complex code to arm his bombs."
    [SECRET+] You get this for knocking the bomb out instead of hacking it. The
    code is 0000, not exactly smart, but hey, you know, whatever. It's not
    written down anywhere (no pocket sentries, nope), so you just have to guess
    it, or read it off a guide like this one. The bomb can also be disabled by
    using the AUD on it, or by (strangely) hitting it with a gas grenade, or by
    doing an Icarus stun drop on it, all of which will give you the achievement.
    The Last Straw --- 15, Bronze
    "You talked Doctor Isaias Sandoval out of suicide."
    [SECRET] Similarly to The Throwdown, this one involves a social battle with
    a Humanity Front activist - this time with Taggart's aide, Doctor Sandoval.
    Kevorkian Complex --- 10, Bronze
    "You granted a dying man his final request."
    [SECRET] This one is tied to the second part of Aquaintances Forgotten, but
    happens here in the storyline, so here it goes. You have to give the dying
    detective his final request, and kill him.
    Good Soul --- 15, Bronze
    "Against all odds, you saved Faridah Malik's life."
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET] If you didn't save Malik's life in the ambush, after all
    she did for you, you suck.
    Corporate Warfare --- 10, Bronze
    "Protect a client's interests by performing a less-than-hostile takeover."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked by completing the Corporate Warfare
    sidequest, which sees you "retrieving" sensitive data from thugs. You will be
    informed of it on your infolink soon after entering Hengsha for the second
    time, so you can't miss it. You can use CASIE to make the girl spill the
    beans on what's on the disk, but what she tells you isn't particulary
    interesting, and something that you will witness yourself later in the game.
    Ladies Man --- 15, Bronze
    "You convinced Mengyao to spill the beans on the mysterious Hyron Project."
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET] She doesn't spill much, and it takes the CASIE aug to get
    her to say anything at all. You're going to need CASIE to do this one.
    Talion A.D. --- 10, Bronze
    "Descend into the bowels of an urban jungle and confront a warrior-priest."
    [OPTIONAL] This achievement is unlocked upon completing the associated
    sidequest, which sees you locating and dealing with an augumented soldier.
    It's quite easy to miss - I did so the first time I ran a playthrough from
    the game - but the associated NPC can be found in the LIMB clinic soon after
    the biochip malfunction causes Pritchard to advise you go there.
    The Snake --- 25, Bronze
    "You defeated Jaron Namir, Leader of Belltower's Elite Special Operations
    [MANDATORY] [SECRET] You get this one for defeating the third boss. The most
    boring of the boss fights, to be honest.
    The Final Countdown --- 15, Bronze
    "You pointed out the flaws in his logic to millionaire Hugh Darrow."
    [SECRET] Hugh Darrow seems like such a good guy, until the very end, when you
    discover not only that his supercomputer is run by tortured, mangled,
    spineless, blinded slaves, but that his plan for saving the world involves
    driving a large percentage of it to insanity. You get this one for convincing
    him to give you the life-support deactivation codes, and the security
    disabling codes. This makes your job vastly easier in the final boss fight.
    The End --- 25, Bronze
    "You defeated Zhao Yun Ru and by doing so, destroyed the Hyron Project."
    [STORY] [SECRET] You get this for beating the fourth and final boss, and
    reaching the very last stage of the game - chosing your ending.
    The D Project --- 15, Bronze
    "You watched the entire credit list and saw the surprise at the end."
    [OPTIONAL] [SECRET] Watch the credits in full to reveal this teaser at the
    end. The transcript is on the wiki:
    It's mightily interesting, and ties into the next (well, chronogically
    previous by release date) games, and the Deus Ex world of the future.
      [ 2.2 ] ACTIONS
    Old School Gamer --- 10, Bronze
    "You found all the hidden story items in Megan's Office. Point-and-Click
    [EASY] [SECRET+] There are a number of items in Megan's office at the
    beginning of the game that can be interacted with: a computer, an eBook,
    a book, a newspaper, a picture, and a toy car. You haven't yet been
    introduced to the story aspects of the game - this is the very first scene
    in the prequel after all - and she keeps insisting you hurry, so one would
    hardly expect you to figure this one out on your first playthrough. Luckily
    you can start a new game and get this one quickly if you missed it.
    First Takedown --- 5, Bronze
    "Perform your first Takedown. Civilians don't count, so be nice."
    [EASY] Playing the entire game without taking down anyone at all would be
    a very poor game; this should be the very first achievement you unlock, at
    the first guard in the Sarif Manufacturing plant.
    First Hack --- 5, Bronze
    "Perform your first Hack successfully."
    [MANDATORY] This one is strictly required; there will be several points where
    you must hack a door to get through, the first of which is early in the
    manufacturing plant (before you have access to a AUD). This should be your
    second achievement, after First Takedown.
    Up the Ante --- 5, Bronze
    "Upgrade your first weapon of choice"
    [EASY] Another easy one, why wouldn't you upgrade your weapon? You'll get
    this one quick; if not by finding or buying anything early on, you'll score
    a laser weapon mod upon completing the first sidequest.
    Balls --- 5, Bronze
    "Seems you like playing with balls, eh?"
    [SECRET] You get this by playing basketball in the Detroit courts and nailing
    a ball in. This is actually harder then it sounds, but if you want to do it
    the easy way, stand on top of a few crates and drop it in, or use the jump
    aug to reach the correct hieght for the drop. You just would never think of
    doing it. This is a reference to Deus Ex, where JC Denton does the same
    Transhumanist --- 5, Bronze
    "Fully upgrade your first augmentation of choice."
    [EASY] Augments with only one thing in them count. You'd have to try hard to
    not have enough Praxis kits to fully upgrade at least one thing by the end of
    the game, so this one is a cinch.
    Hax0r1! --- 15, Bronze
    "Successfully hack 50 devices within the same playthrough."
    [EASY] Considering how incredibly useful hacking is, how easy it is to
    invest in, how much of the story it flushes out, and how much XP and money
    is tied into it, hacking is one game element that should be at the top of
    every player's list of things to do list, and there are hundreds of hackable
    devices, so this one will be achieved by almost everyone in the duration of
    their game.
    Opportunist --- 10, Bronze
    "Perform 50 takedowns within the same playthrough."
    [EASY] See Conciousness is Over-rated, below; this one includes lethals as
    Consciousness is Over-rated --- 15, Bronze
    "Knock out 100 enemies in a single playthrough."
    [MEDIUM] Non-lethal takedowns are rediculously effective, give the highest
    amount of XP, and are virtually undetectable. You should be performing them
    like mad through the course of the game, but if you always go for a frontal
    assault instead often enough, you'll miss this achievement.
    Gun Nut --- 20, Bronze
    "Fully upgrade one of your weapons."
    [MEDIUM] This one isn't so much hard as requiring foresight. There are plenty
    of weapon modification kits strewn around the game world, and you should have
    enough to fully upgrade your weapon of choice. However, if you rely on two
    weapons instead of one, and don't read up on this achievement's existance
    beforehand, then you can very well finish the game with a couple of highly
    upgraded, but not quite maxed out, weapons.
    Hanger 18 --- 10, Bronze
    "You found and read the secret message. Now you know too much..."
    [MEDIUM] [SECRET+] You'll miss this one if you don't look carefully. You get
    it by hacking a hidden console; look for it behind a grate behind some boxes
    at the point when Malik rescues the scientists. You can read the message
    here: http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Hangar_18
    Deus Ex Machina --- 50, Silver
    "Experience all the different endings that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has to
    [EASY] No, you don't have to replay the game four times, you just have to
    save the game before activating each ending, or reload an autosave without
    starting a new game.
    Trooper --- 50, Silver
    "Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution."
    [EASY] The sad thing is, only 42% of people actually finish the game. I don't
    understand that at all, but hey, what can you do?
    Legend --- 100, Gold
    "Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution at its hardest setting."
    [EASY] Come on, why are you playing on any other difficulty level? Did you
    not see this one coming you wuss?
      [ 2.3 ] CHALLENGE
    Ghost --- 15, Bronze
    [MEDIUM] [SECRET] "You made it through an entire hostile area without so much
    as a squeak."
    Awarded by finishing an area without ever being seen by an enemy, earning a
    Ghost bonus, one of two stealth-related area bonuses (the other, Smooth
    Operator, is described under Foxiest of the Hounds). You only need to do it
    once for this achievement, but doing it for every area is more impressive,
    and quite possible to boot. You get the Ghost bonus if the enemy never sees
    you; if they raise alarms, it's fine, so long as they still didn't see you.
    That means weapons fire without them firing back (ae. them not spotting you),
    tossed grenades and mines, and cameras briefly seeing you are all fine. The
    caveat of never being seen by turrets is more of a pain, requiring cloak,
    fine motor skills, or hacking domination in several instances to complete
    Doctorate --- 50, Silver
    "Read all 29 unique XP books within a single playthrough."
    [HARD] This is the standard "find all of these items for an achievement"
    challenge often seen in these sorts of games. The books in question are Hugh
    Darrow eBooks scattered about the game world, which, when read, will grant
    nice 200 XP "Scholar" bonuses (5800 XP in total, which is a free aug and
    change). Some are elematary to find, some are more difficult. The challenge
    is as hard as you make it; given the amount of space you would have to search
    to find them all, the fact that missing even one will cause you to miss out,
    and the fact that you cannot go back to most areas after you leave them,
    means that finding them all unassisted is a real intrepid achievement.
    However, guides exist exactly for this sort of thing. The challenge is
    quite easy if you follow Absolute Steve's instructions in his eBook guide:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/944090-deus-ex-human-revolution/faqs/62861. Just
    be sure to pay attention.
    Pacifist --- 100, Gold
    "Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss
    fights do not count.)"
    [HARD] This one sounds very difficult, but it's more tedious then anything.
    A Pacifist run is basically just a Stealth run that invests in non-lethal
    weapons instead of lethals; Stun Guns and Tranq Rifles instead of Silenced
    Pistols and Crossbows. That being said, it is incredibly time-consuming;
    there is no confirmation when an enemy is killed, so you can accidentally
    shove one enemy off a ledge at one point, and kill no one else, and the
    achievement will still be locked. The solution is to examine every enemy
    you kill and make sure they are knocked out, not dead, after combat actions.
    Even situations that you wouldn't expect to kill occcassionally do, so be
    thorough. This achievement is the biggest pain in the ass in the prequel,
    when you have no non-lethal weapons nor takedowns.
    Foxiest of the Hounds --- 100, Gold
    "Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms."
    [HARD] This one also sounds harder then it really is. This is basically the
    stealth runthrough achievement, involving lots of silenced weaponry (or if
    you're doing Pacifist as well, non-lethal weaponry), non-lethal takedowns,
    the cloaking system, etcetera etcetera. There are 21 missions in the game
    in which you can earn the Smooth Operator bonus, 20 of which are mandatory
    (the last, the police station, can be handled by Silver Tounging Wayne).
    No alarms means no WIDE-RANGE alarms, ae. blazing horns alerting everyone in
    the base that anything's up. While one might think that this involves not
    getting noticed at all, ever, it is in fact not so. You can tick off an
    entire room of baddies and still get the bonus, if they either do not reach
    an alarm panel, are killed before they reach it, or the alarm panel is
    disabled beforehand; localized alerts don't count. Similarly, cameras will
    take some time to trigger an alarm as well; their first-hit "Suspicious"
    state will not last, and will not matter. In addition, tipping of robots
    and turrets, and even having them fire on you, doesn't matter at all.
    To confirm that you're on the right track, make sure you get a Smooth
    Operator bonus at the end of all associated missions. The list of missions
    with the bonus can be found on the wiki:
    Note: There is a bug with the game that prevents Smooth Operator from being
    awarded in situations where it should if the player has another,
    independant save file (in my case, it was from my first runthrough). This is
    a pain in the ass and makes accountability hard to achieve, so you're going
    to have to delete it first, before continuing.
       [ 3.0 ] GUIDE
    Although completing all of the achievement in the game would ordinarily
    require two playthroughs, by save scrumming for achievements and then
    reloading older ones, it's possible to do it in one. Here's how.
    First of all, you have to respect the two major challenge achievements,
    Pacifist and Foxiest of the Hounds. This means using only non-lethal
    weaponry, the tranquilizer rifle and stun gun, only gas, EMP, and concussion
    grenades (no frags), and only non-lethal takedowns for the duration of the
    playthrough. It also means you have to do it stealthily, which is simple
    enough; avoiding getting spotted and, if spotted, don't allow them to pull
    alarms. The game is a better stealth game then shooter anyway, and trust me,
    it's more fun and challenging that way.
    Invest in hacking and stealth. Hack devices instead of entering codes and
    perform as many non-lethal takedowns as well (this maximizes XP anyway) to
    get their associated achievements. If you play the game right, you will most
    definetly sneak through at least one area completely undetected, and get the
    associated Ghost bonus (and achievement) as well.
    In every new area, make sure you pick up all of the eBooks.
    Now, for the specifics.
    Examine Megan's office thoroughly at the beginning of the game.
    Win the social battle with Zeke Sanders.
    Shoot the basketball through the hoop (you should be there anyway during
    the Lesser Evils sidequest).
    Finish the Lesser Evils sidequest.
    When you infiltrate the mourge, convince Wayne Haas to let you in instead
    of infiltrating (to maximize both XP and story, infiltrate it first and
    search through the office required by the Motherly Ties sidequest, then exit,
    then enter through the front and convince him to let you through to the
    Finish the Motherly Ties sidequest, but keep the bracelet for yourself.
    When finishing the Cloak and Daggers sidequest, save and let O'Malley run.
    Get the achievement and roll back to an earlier save (doing it the right
    way nets you more XP).
    Upon returning from FEMA, talk to Pritchard first and win the social battle
    with your boss, before continuing with the storyline.
    Completing the Rotten Buisness sidequest is the first time where you have to
    reroll saves to get everything and continue. The secret bonus is dropping
    Chan off the roof, which obviously breaks Pacifist conduct. Upon arriving at
    his apartment, save the game. Then, break the door down, put him to sleep,
    and then toss him off the roof to net the achievement. Once you have it, roll
    back to an earlier save and plant the drugs instead.
    Talk Tong into letting you see Tong.
    Taking Bobby's quest, and finish it by paying off Jaya's debt. If you want to
    retrieve your money, take down the Hive's security and then knock him out, or
    knock him out, grab your credits, and cloak-run out of the place.
    Nail Shanghai Justice.
    Upgrade the Icarus Landing System aug by the time you hit Tai Yong Medical,
    you'll need it for one of the eBooks.
    Win the social battle with Bill Taggart.
    Take out the police station bomb, but be sure to guess the code, or otherwise
    disable it, without hacking.
    Talk Isaisis out of suicide, but grant the battered detective's last request
    in Acquantances Forgotten.
    Save Malik's life.
    Complete the Corporate Warfare sidequest, and get her to spill the beans;
    you'll need to upgrade the CASIE aug by this point.
    Complete the Talion A.D. sidequest.
    Win the social battle with Hugh Darrow.
    After rescuing Megan, pick the level 5 safe on her desk for the last eBook.
    You'll need to fully upgrade your hacking capacities by this point, or hold
    onto a AUD specifically for this safe.
    Before sending off the scientists, look around to find the computer for
    the Hanger 18 achievement.
    Talk Hugh Darrow into giving up the codes.
    Watch all four game endings.
    Sit through the credits for the full duration and pick up the suprise scene
    at the end.
       [ 4.0 ] PERCENTAGES
    This is a section that lists the achievements by percentage gotten out of
    people that own the game. This is a statistic you can look up off of the
    achievements list, on Steam. My comments are attached.
    First Takedown           86.2%     Only 86% of people who buy the game play
                                       it, apparently.
    First Hack               85.5%
    Up the Ante              71.5%
    Ghost                    70.8%     See? It's not that challenging.
    Unforseen Consequences   67.8%
    Lesser Evil              64.7%
    The Bull                 64.4%     Only 64.4% of people make it to the first
                                       boss fight, and 21.8% fall off in between.
    Transhumanist            64.4%
    Motherly Ties            61.5%
    The Desk Job             58.9%
    Hax0r1!                  53.9%
    Yes Boss                 52.8%
    The Mantis               51.2%     Only 51.2% of people make it to the second
                                       boss fight, so 13.2% fall off in between.
    Rotton Buisness          49.2%
    Darker Shades            49%
    Super Sleuth             48.5%
    Shanghai Justice         48.4%     This must be a bug, the secondary part of
                                       a sidequest has a higher percentage then
                                       the quest itself?
    Smash the State          46.9%
    The Snake                43.8%     6.3% of people are stuck between the
                                       second and third bosses.
    Bar Tab                  43.7%
    The End                  42.3%     Only 1.5% drop off between the third
                                       and last boss fights.
    Trooper                  42.2%     .1% don't bother watching the ending.
    Corporate Warfare        41.1%
    The Final Countdown      38.8%
    Opportunist              37.5%
    Cloak & Daggers          36.3%
    The Last Straw           33.5%
    Conciousness is Overrated 32.1%
    Acquaintances Forgotten  30.3%
    The Throwdown            29.5%
    Guardian Angel           29.3%    2/3 of people make the ethical choice here.
    The Fall                 25.2%    The two ways of finishing this one are
                                      split half and half.
    Good Soul                23.7%
    Ladies Man               23.3%
    Deus Ex Machina          19.9%    People don't realize they can load saves.
    Talion A.D.              18.5%    See? It's so easy to miss.
    The D Project            16.3%
    Kevorkian Complex        13.5%
    Balls                    12.8%
    Hanger 18                 8.3%
    Old School Gamer          8.2%
    Sentimental Value         6.7%
    Lucky Guess               5.4%
    The Take                  5.3%    Good to see people only opt for this to get
                                      the achievement.
    Foxiest of the Hounds     2.8%
    Pacifist                  2.5%
    Doctorate                 0.9%    Apparently this is the hardest one of all.
       [ C ] CONTACT INFO
    a [underscore] bilogur [at] yahoo [dot] com. I don't want to put it in ordinary
    format because I've already recieved several rounds of spam asking for the use
    of my guides. How annoying.
       [ D ] COPYRIGHT
    This guide is (C) 2009 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission.

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